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Honestly I am so much more afraid of the people who are going to vote third party than I am of the people voting Trump. 

Those are going to be the votes that tip the balance in Trump’s favor. The bigots and the ignoramuses have made up their mind. They know they’re voting for Trump. But every time I hear someone say they are voting third party THAT is when I start to get worried that Trump will actually win. 

Because if Trump does win it will be those voters that tried to make a political statement and in doing so split the vote that we need to stop him.

Hey you. I know you feel alone as the world is constantly writing the saddest letter to you. You pick apart every sentence because there is truth trying to hold your hand and there are lies trying to bend you backwards. You slim down your waist because they slip their hands through your thoughts with such simple words. I’m sorry that you’re alone, I’m sorry that you feel all alone. I can’t be there and I’m sorry for the way wind feels on your skin, you always tell me to keep trying, but you were never any good at taking your own advice and yes, we’ve been trying to heal our scars, but each dark alley was forgets to light us a torch, so we must walk through it with cautious eyes– I’ve been meaning to give you mine because you never see you like the way I do. I know you feel broken as the people you’re surrounded by keeps asking you what’s wrong. What’s wrong? I’m just another person you won’t be attention to. I’m just another person you won’t remember. I’m just another person you won’t miss. If it makes you feel something, if it makes you feel anything at all.

I’d miss you.

It keeps writing. It writes everyday. We have some many chapters spilled to destroy us that we do it before reading through the book. We burn the pages before it gets a solid chance to harm us and sweety, that’s the mountains speaking. It’s breaking into your bones and you’re trying to reach but no one is there.

I’d miss you.

Being this lonely with trillions of souls we haven’t touched, being this depressed with so many different versions of us that we’ll never get to love because we gave up too soon, I’m sorry that you’re hurting and I’m sorry that you’re going through this inside of your head and yes, there’s nothing lonelier than facing the world with an empty smile when you’ve been trying so fucking hard to find a reason to go on…

The sad part is you know it might get better. It frightens you. You’ve been dealing with this for so long that the idea of something being placed in front you that can help… you’d reject it. You’d laugh at it. You’d bury it with you.

You, your broken heart and the many ways you’ve seen red drip down those drains.

You’ve been trying. No one sees it.

But you have.

And no, it won’t get better tomorrow.
Maybe not even next week.
Maybe not even next year.

But as long as you keep trying.

Something has got to give.

You’ve been writing this last page all by yourself. You’ve been wearing your skin inside out, you’re exposing yourself and crying for help. No one pays attention. No one notices.
No one gives a real fuck. No one can understand your pain. No one can write it.

There will be nothing in this life if you give up.
There will be nothing left to fight for.

You’ll be alone most nights,
but as long as you’re willing
to put up a fight.

As long as you’re willing to try.

I’m here to tell you that it will.

You will blossom into many different things, but dying will not be one of them.

It must be your glowing days that will make it all worth the struggle. You’ll cry most nights, you’ll say that this isn’t much of a life.

But as long as you’re here.
But as long as you’re breathing.

I wouldn’t have to miss you.

I’d be right here and it’s such a small thing to be there for someone, but I hope in this situation that it’s big for you.

We all need support eventually.
Don’t be afraid to accept it.

—  I’d miss you.

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*whispers* u promised a fluffy targeting extra like a week ago and im not lettin u forget😁😁❤️

OK!!!!! this is not as good as you all are expecting. lol. (this IS what i meant by “follow-up to the Bathroom Scene™”) … but ……. FLUFF!!!!!

Targeting: sometime after Bucky’s appointment with Claire.

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I’m curious, all the other aces/aros who follow me, have any of you come out as/mentioned to someone that you’re ace or aro and had them respond with basically “no you’re not”?

Also for the non-aces/aros who still fall within the category of “not straight,” do people do that to you when you mention it? Is that a thing people do to aces or just anyone who doesn’t fit their picture of the world?

Q: How was your first day on set [of Harry Potter]?
Domhnall: I nearly wet myself. I didn’t, but… I was really, really nervous. But it was really lovely. Everybody was incredibly welcoming. And you can tell the new guy on set, well, if it’s me, ’cause he’s got a wand in the corner going like, “Pew!” doing the sound effects… It was amazing though. 

Q: What were your thoughts when you read the 7th book, like was there any scene where you thought, “I have to film this…” 
Domhnall: I didn’t know I was going to be in the movie, so the first thing I did was call my dad [who plays Mad-Eye Moody] and said, “Dad, you’re dead by page 20.”

Trans people answer questions on ABC's ‘You Can’t Ask That’
Tonight’s episode shows frank, informative and sometimes hilarious answers from a diverse mix of trans people from across Australia.

Transgender people get asked all sorts of rude and inappropriate questions all the time, and now on the ABC’s illuminating show You Can’t Ask That, they’re giving the own answers.

An array of questions came in from anonymous people online:

  • Have you had the surgery? 
  • How does sex work after your transition? 
  • What’s it like experiencing both genders? 
  • Which toilet do you use? 
  • When do you tell someone that you’re dating that you are trans?

Asked when she realised she was trans, Dr Rosemary Jones from Adelaide said “I thought I better go and see a psychiatrist about this. ‘Oh,’ he said, ‘don’t worry my boy, you’ll grow up, go and get married and have some children!’ And that’s just what I did.”

But her discomfort living as a man continued, and she later transitioned from male to female in 2007, at the age of 68.

Asked how much she has spent on her transition, Kelly Star from Perth replies “I’ve spent quite a bit of money on my breasts and also full surgery as well. I could’ve spent around $200,000. Even up to $250,000.”

Harvey Zielinski explains that now, identifying as a man, he can be “as frowny and loud as you like” and that “assertiveness is rewarded”. He describes identifying as a man after living as a woman for so long as a “hands on experience of male privilege.”

Insightful, irreverent, moving and unpredictable, this episode sets the record straight about what it’s really like to be transgender.

Catch the episode of You Can’t Ask That tonight (Wednesday 28 September) at 9:10pm on ABC. It can then be viewed online here via iView.

Gratitude Wednesday?

Evidently I hit 3,000 followers while I was sleeping. Wow!

It’s endearing that I’m still gaining followers even now when I feel like I can’t push myself as hard as I want to at the gym, my back feels like a bowl of jello but also like stiff rubber bands being stretched for the first time, and I’m getting down on myself because of all of it. I suppose what I would tell anyone else is to take care of the back pain first, don’t push it, do only what the physical therapist says, and let it begin to heal. Slowly work back up to regular workouts and don’t be discouraged that I can’t do as much as I want to right now. Maybe take this time to focus more on nutrition.

So that’s what I’ll do. It sucks a bit right now and I feel kinda broken, but it’s all part of the journey. Thanks to all of my wonderful and supportive followers for hanging in there with me, rain or shine! You all are truly the very best.


I've been very worked up about this election recently. Here's why:

Because I honestly believe that this election will be the tipping point that decides whether or not the US has another civil war.

If Hillary gets elected, she will attempt to start taking away people’s guns, while importing more Muslim refugees and other immigrants without vetting any of them. The violation of people’s rights combined with worsening race relations and terror attacks becoming more frequent, can, and likely will, lead to an armed uprising. And no matter what anyone tells you, the US citizens can most definitely win a civil war against the government, with or without military aid.

And while that might be an interesting topic of discussion, that situation becoming reality is not what I want.

Which is why Trump is the one that I’m voting for.

Any potential uprising against him would consist largely of people on the left who are mostly either unarmed or untrained, and could be easily quashed. Without the rising immigration of terrorists or illegals, terrorist attacks within the US can more easily be prevented, and crime would go down. Any “war” under Trump would most likely just be with ISIS groups, since he is not nearly as quick to anger as anyone says.

This country is dissolving into a state of anarchy. We’re importing Islamic terrorists and other criminals, meanwhile our President is endorsing a black terrorist group that has ransacked every city it has been to (Black Lives Matter), and we cannot afford to let Hillary continue to do the same.

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It is okay to not be okay. It is okay to feel like life is against you. It's okay to feel things. But it's never okay to give up. I love your poems. I love how you can express yourself. I don't know what's going on in your life, but it think you're amazing. You are not as ugly as you think you are. You can do this and if you don't believe in you, I do. I'll tell you that little white lie like our parents only it will become truth. You will be okay. Not today. Maybe not tomorrow. But some day. ❤️

Ahh you’re copying me. It’s cute. ☺️

Them: Why are you so obsessed with this character?

Me: Because, I really feel like this Character has the same struggles as me. They struggle with Anxiety, and Self-Hatred and yet they don’t want to tell anyone because they don’t want to be labeled. I really get them. And it’s nice that someone created a character that I can understand and that gets me






Me: I mean, they’re super hot ya know? 

Okay, Leopold Actual Piece of Shit Fitz needs to fucking die or so help me god.

I haven’t been this disgusted by Fitz since “Ragtag”.

Like who are you? Who did you lose? Daisy lost her friend, both her parents and her boyfriend and she thinks it’s her fault.

Fitz is like that part of shitty fandom that insists Daisy is selfish even though she does everything for others, even though the episode literally tells you she is obsesed with righting all the wrongs in the way, even though is clear the reason she can’t be with the team is because she is afraid they’ll get hurt.

I mean for what he did in “Ragtag” he got almost killed, I’m hoping death is his reward for treating Daisy in such a spectacularly shitty way.

God, I thought I couldn’t hate Fitz more but hey, I could.

Does the show pretend we have to keep liking Fitz after he said this about the protagonist, a character we love? It’s a miscalculation. Just like having Fitz defend Daisy’s Nazi abuser to her face was a miscalculation and I never forgave him for that. I can’t forgive him for this shit either - it’s perfectly in character, I have to give them that (unlike Mack). He made Daisy’s terrible trauma (the violation of her agency, her guilt, her loss) ALL ABOUT HIMSELF. Classic Leopold Fitz. God, I hope that beautiful robot skins you alive.

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Heya! Which members of the Sister Location crew like to tell silly jokes the most?

Funtime Freddy Even Tells Puns!

This blog is an Ask Blog where you can ask animatronics from FNAF1 to FNAF4 and Sister Location. I can’t wait for the asks to come! Feel free to ask me anything you want! I’ll answer any questions.


When I came in for a checkup, I was not expecting this. Meet Rowlf, one of the two green eyed rescue Minis from the center that I have recently adopted.

As soon as the two met, it was impossible to separate them. When it came time to go home Snitter just clung to the frail, skinny guy. It was just too adorable.

“Mommy, he’s just like me. Please, can we take him home?”

How could I refuse that sweet face? Tell me, how. You can’t, you just can’t.

I named him Rowlf, after the other dog in The Plague Dogs. The two just absolutely adore each other. It’s so sweet.