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Howdy, same anon here, Look up Ambrose Jakis on the search bar and you'll find only your shit, so don't you sit and tell me I'm misspelling something, cunt.

Hello again, anon!

Since I’ve never once tagged any of my art “Ambrose Jakis”, you can hardly blame me for this anomaly, can you?

My deepest apologies that you’re having trouble sifting through your preferred fandom material by virtue of me having an oc with the name “Ambrose.” Perhaps you should redirect your complaints to @staff instead, since they’re the ones optimizing tumblr’s search algorithm. :)

Since you seem very upset with seeing my presence in your tumblr searches, I’ll do us both a favor and block you.  Problem solved (hopefully)!

Have yourself a relaxing night, anon!

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1) How many works in progress to do you currently have in progress? The short answer? Three. The long answer: One I actually intended to finish todaaaay, but that’s clearly not gonna happen because I’m sloooow af even though it’s short. The other two… no idea if I’ll ever even post, and if I do it’ll be in a long time ><

2) Do you/would you write fan fiction? Now that’s a crazy idea *sweats*

3) Do you prefer paper books or ebooks? If I can get my hands on a paper version I will, but I don’t especially mind ebooks. 

4) When did you start writing? Just last year tbh :’) Telling stories though, I’ve loved since I was young. 

5) Do you have someone you trust that you share your work with? Ya :D It took a while, but I can’t not (over)share everything I do with @chiruchill sooner or later. And Idk how I earned @sugarplum-senpai‘s trust nor why I possibly deserve it, but since she shares her work with me, I’ve learned to share my WIPs and ideas with her in return ^^

6) Where is your favourite place to write? I’m not too fussed… I guess my desk is my go-to, but I used to write in class if the mood struck, or on the train.

7) Favourite childhood book? Anything by Pierre Bottero. That was early teens really but I can’t remember any book especially standing out before that.

8) Writing for fun or writing for publication? Definitely for fun only!

9) Pen and paper or computer? I used to prefer drafting on paper before typing it up, but suddenly scattered papers started really bugging me, so everything on computer now!

10) Have you ever taken any writing classes? Nupe. Never even considered it, since I never even thought I’d ever write before I suddenly did.

11) What inspires you to write? People. Things they make me feel, things I see. Tbh if I haven’t written in so long it’s probably because my relationships with people got really rocky for a bit (well on top of being busy), so I just wasn’t inspired. I think things are getting better now though n_n

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hello! i was just wondering if you knew any good female ballerina fc's (or just dancers in general) with a decent amount of resources? preferably early 20's

– hey! so as a former dancer i was so excited to see this request! i’ve divided up the suggestions into 2 categories; actresses who are/have been ballerinas in the past and then those who could make good ballerinas.

former ballerinas;

  • alicia vikander (28. (i think she could play younger))
  • bailey de young (27. (definitely can play younger))
  • elle fanning (18)
  • julia goldani telles (22)
  • zendaya coleman (20)

who could make good ballerinas;

  • emmy rossum (30. (i would use resources from phantom for her tbh))
  • naomi scott (23)
  • alia bhatt (24)
  • jessica sula (22)
  • courtney eaton (21)
  • madelaine petsch (22)
  • bang minah (23)

you really can’t trust Straights with knowing your sexuality cause the moment you mention you’re gay or bi or pan fucking Heterosexual Jimothy is interrogating you about your entire sexual history like he’s digging for wank bank fodder 

I hate the way we can’t just like or dislike things anymore. Everything has to be a debate. If you dislike a thing, you have to prove that it’s objectively bad, preferably by calling it whatever-ist or whatever-phobic. And if you like a thing, you better be prepared to defend that preference against people who’ll tell you it’s whatever-ist or whatever-phobic.

Screw that. I like things because I like them. I dislike things because I dislike them. I don’t have to justify anything if I don’t want to, and other people sure as hell don’t have to justify anything to me. It’s okay to like different things. That’s why the world is so full of stuff, so that there’s something in it for everyone.

basic things you should know about your main characters
  • how is their relationship with their family
  • what are their beliefs, if they have any
  • what is their motivation (preferably something unrelated to their love interest/romantic feelings, bc people care about other things, too, kthx)
  • who were they raised to be vs. who they became/are becoming
  • what are their plans for the future, if they have any
  • how do they feel about themselves and how it affects their behaviour (i mean. you can’t tell me a character is shy then have them do things shy people wouldn’t do, like?????)
  • how do they feel about things they cannot control? 
  • and last but not least: 

imagine jim telling jaylah straightaway that spock goes by “spocko” or something ridiculous like that

so jaylah goes around yelling, “spocko” on the bridge and over comm channels and spock is too socially awkward to correct her

and then it becomes a kind of running gag

“i beg your pardon, jaylah. did you just refer to me as…’spockolicious’?”

“yes. james t and leonard bones have assured me that this now is your preferred designation.”

and whenever spock gathers up the courage to politely correct her, someone else on the ship has told her to call him something new, and he can’t keep up. bones and jim end up cry-laughing about it every single time.

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Can you do a blurb where Gemma and Anne don't like Harry's girlfriend and think she's using him for money. Harry doesn't know and then finds out and is really upset about it


“Harry, how many times do I have to tell you?”

“That I’m the fittest bloke you’ve ever laid eyes on?” She could hear the smirk through the speaker of her phone, knowing that he knew damn well what she was talking about. “As many times as you want.”

“You know what I’m talking about.” She wasn’t angry, per se- just overwhelmed, for lack of better words, at how much he spoiled her. “Just because I remarked how nice a bracelet was last week doesn’t mean I wanted it.” She sighed, the sparkle of the diamond on said bracelet catching the sun from where she had it laid on the kitchen table in front of her. “And if I did happen to want it, I could buy it for myself.”

“Know you could.” He didn’t sound the slightest bit phased because she put up an argument every time. “Just wanted to spoil my girl,‘s that really such a crime?”

“Yes.” She was quick to answer. “I don’t want you thinking I’m only here for the gifts and the money.”

“I know you’re not.” He shook his head, despite knowing she couldn’t possibly see him. “But it’s my way of showing you how much you mean to me.”

Admittedly, it warmed her heart how much thought and love was behind each and every gift, none of them were ever just a splurge of money because he felt like he had to buy her over.

“And I’m really thankful, but I honestly don’t need gifts to see that you’re genuine about us.” Her voice was much softer now. “Just- promise me you’ll stop spending your money on me all the time? I really do appreciate it but it would make me much happier to see you spend it on one of your ridiculously expensive scarves or something.”

“A’right I promise.” He sighed jokingly, as if she was asking a lot off him. “I hope you know I’m only going to go crazy on your birthday and at Christmas, though.”

“I guess I can live with that.” She reasoned and he chuckled.

He was one of only a few others sitting in the departures lounge of the airport and he was thankful for his own space in the corner, happier to bicker with his girlfriend than to make small talk with anyone else. After speaking for a little while longer, the voice on the speaker announced his flight, notifying him that there was only five minutes until the gates closed.

“I’ve got to go love but I’ll see you later on.” He stood up, throwing his carry on over his shoulder and making his way towards his gate.

“Ok, call me when you land safe.”

“Will do.”

“I love you.”

“I love you too.”


On her way to the airport, (y/n) decided she could kill a bit of time by calling in with Gemma as it would beat sitting on an uncomfortable metal bench for god knows how long until Harry’s flight came in. She also figured she could pick up his charger that he mentioned leaving there last week.

Having only been with Harry for just under 10 months, she had met Anne and Robin four times, Gemma three and Des just once. There was the whole formal ‘meet the parents’ meal a few months in and, afterwards, it was a rare occasion that she was able to travel with Harry to see them on his time off- she did have her own work commitments after all.

Despite that, she wasn’t entirely nervous about meeting with Gemma again; she seemed easy enough to talk to when Harry was present so she was sure going solo wouldn’t make a huge difference. After pulling up to the apartment block and being allowed to walk on ahead through by the security guard who had come to know who she was, she made it up to the fourth floor in a matter of minutes and gave a light knock on the oak-wood door.

“Hi!” She greeted the female clone of her boyfriend as soon as the door opened. “I was on my way to the airport to get Harry but figured I may as well drop in to say hello and pick up his charger for him.”

“Couldn’t he have done that once he landed?” She tried to ignore the bitter tone to her voice, deciding instead to laugh it off.

“He’s usually too tired to function after a long flight.” She laughed.

“I know.” She gave her a pointed look. “He’s been my brother longer than he’s been your boyfriend, y’know.”

This time, she decided to stay silent and chose not to address the bitterness in her voice. Without any further word, Gemma trudged back through her flat. Not knowing if she was welcome to follow or not, (y/n) hovered awkwardly by the doorway before deciding to just follow her anyway.

She could hear her talking to someone in the kitchen, but couldn’t make out – and didn’t really have an interest in- what they were saying.

“Hi, Anne.” She gave her a warm smile once realising who the voice belonged to on her arrival to the kitchen. “It’s lovely to see you again.”

“Thanks.” She gave her a tight lipped smile, not bothering to maintain any eye contact.

“I’ll just get that charger then-“

“New bracelet?” Anne nodded to the diamond link on her arm; the brand new one that had only arrived from Harry mere hours ago.

“Oh.” She looked down at it. “Yeah.”

“How’d you afford that?” The harshness in Gemma’s voice was painfully obvious now and (y/n) didn’t miss how her mother winced slightly at the tone she had certainly not been brought up to use, but she didn’t bother reprimanding her.

“Harry got it for me.”

“Of course he did.” She laughed a dry, bitter laugh. “Just like everything else you own.”

She was taken aback to say the least and couldn’t find any words to answer with, because what exactly could she answer with?

“What she means is that you seem to be getting an awful lot off Harry lately.” Anne tried to ease the awkward atmosphere in the room but didn’t back down on defending her son from someone she thought was taking advantage of him.

“I don’t-“

“I mean, if it’s not him taking you out everywhere and paying the bill every time, it’s you getting these expensive gifts off him.”

“I don’t ask him to.” She was making a poor effort at defending herself against the two strongly opinionated women, sounding nothing short of timid and nervous. “I don’t like when he buys me things all the time.”

“Sure you don’t.” Gemma rolled her eyes. “Listen, Harry’s an adult and neither of us two can tell him who or what he spends his hard earned money on. But we just wanted to make it clear that we can see you for exactly the way you are and we’ll never accept someone into the family who takes advantage of him.”


“No, Mum.” She snapped. “You said it yourself. Harry only thinks he’s in love and she’s taking advantage of that.”

She looked to Anne for confirmation that she hadn’t said such a thing after being so nice when Harry was there, but when her head stayed bowed down, eyes focused on the table, she took a deep breath and stuttered out a quiet “I’m sorry.” Before bolting to her car where she would be able to let out the hurt she was feeling.


Landed safe. Just getting my bags xx

In the café x

“Boo.” (y/n) jumped, startled from where she was in deep thought and didn’t have to fake the smile on her face when the familiar feeling of her boyfriend’s arms were engulfing her. “Well, somebody certainly missed me.” He laughed, placing a kiss on her forehead.

“I did.” She mumbled into his shirt.

“C’mon, let’s get home, yeah?” He suggested.

“Do you want a coffee before we go?” She asked, pulling a note from her purse that would cover the price of a coffee each.

“I’d love one, actually.” She stopped him when his hand went to the pocket of his jeans where he kept loose change.

“I’ll get it.”

“Love, ‘s only a coffee.” He smirked. “Am I not even allowed to treat you to that now?”

“Not when I’m fully capable of buying it myself Harry!” Her volume had increased slightly, but not to the point where she was drawing any unwanted attention to them. “I do have a job, you know.”

“I’m aware.” He spoke slowly, trying to read her expression.

“And could you please take this,” She pulled the bracelet off her wrist. “back? I’m sick of you throwing away all your hard earned money on me.”

“Whoa, whoa, whoa.” He placed his hands on her shoulders, forcing her to stay right where she was until he figured out what the hell was going on in her head. “What’s this all about? Where did you take this notion?”

“I’m not taking advantage of you.”

“No one said you were, poppet.”

Everyone says I am!”

“Well I don’t care what everyone says,” He shrugged. “I know you’re not.”

“You only-“ She took a shuddering breath in. “You only think you love me.” His face fell at her statement. “And I’m taking advantage of that.”

“No this isn’t-“ He shook his head. “This isn’t you. Is this the fans? I’ve told you not to look at what they’re saying.”

“No, it’s not the fans.”

“Who, then?”

She didn’t want to tell him; didn’t want to be the reason for a possible argument with his mother and sister. But the desperate look on his face made her want to take away all his worries.

“It doesn’t-“

“Who, (y/n)?” He was more stern now.

“Your mum and Gemma just pointed out a few things.” She swallowed. “I don’t blame them for thinking how they did.” He looked confused, angry and hurt that two of the people he cared most about were saying such things about one of the other people he cared deeply for. “It could be true-“

“It’s bullshit.” He asserted. “Complete and utter bullshit.”


“Let’s go home.”


Much later that night, Harry crawled into bed after having a shower and could tell by how his girlfriend was breathing that she wasn’t asleep, but was still facing away from him. He decided to give her space but laid one hand on her hip, tracing mindless little patterns.

“I called mum earlier.” She didn’t respond with words but he seen how her shoulders tensed up. “I made sure she knew how wrong that was of them to say such things about you.” Still no response. “She just worries sometimes but I’ll not let them speak to you like that again.”

“You didn’t have to do that.” Her voice was cracked with the emotion that had built up inside her all day.

“It’s because I love you.” He placed a kiss on her shoulder blade. “And I know I do.”

I can’t stress how important it is for you to start watching Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu anime.

This series is one of the most complex and emotional series I have come across. It’s multi-layered in the topics it aims at addressing. The story it is telling is so heartbreaking, humane in all of its corners. It’s a historical drama that manages to touch your entire core. 

Please do take the time to watch this formidable work. I know most of you prefer works with fanservice, comedy, action… overall anything that is light. It wouldn’t hurt if you give a try to one of the few breathtakingly realistic works out there. 

it’s a beautiful thing, the silence, and the way it expects nothing in return. because the silence can’t talk back with a sly tongue and sharp insults and broken promises. the silence can’t steal kisses under the moonlight only to give them back in the breaking of the day. the silence can’t hold my hand under the table only to snatch it back when i run my thumb against its warm skin. the silence doesn’t have a temper and a mouth to match. the silence can’t storm out in the middle of a fight, slamming doors and shattering glass without a second thought. the silence can’t shout and scream and tell me that it doesn’t love me anymore and maybe it never really did in the first place. you see, the silence can’t claw my heart out of my chest, leaving me broken and bloody in a heap on the ground, but you can. and you did. and so the next time someone asks why i prefer the solitude, i’ll make sure i start with the story of you.

eira s. | silence speaks volumes

Real Studyblrs

In honour of @academla‘s post, I just wanted to add to the real studyblr movement to welcome those who are starting new studyblrs. 

Don’t worry about having all the stationery, spending money to study at cafes and owning macbooks. 

As a student that has always performed well academically, I can tell you that my favourite pens are Papermate Inkjoys and Kilometricos, and I prefer the 0.38mm gel pens that I got in a 20-pack for $3 on eBay over any Muji pen (they’re actually kinda scratchy). 

Although I love pretty stationery, it’s something I buy as a gift for myself from the money I earn working part time since I don’t really spend on things like eating out, makeup or clothes shopping outside uni expenses, and even then I try and shop around to get a good deal. Even though that puts me kinda in the middle of the studyblr spectrum, I would never tell anyone that you need any of this to succeed academically. 

In fact, I never had any of it when I actually was in high school (Muji wasn’t even in Australia then). I only started buying small things after I got a job, and even then it’s sparingly. I know for a fact that I spend less than 1% of the money I earn on stationery, and less than 5% of all I earn on everything leisure related (learned money management from the best after all!). And I know all the Saving Money Tips about uni :) (see Part 1 here and Part 2 here).

My favourite time management and organisation method? It’s actually not my planner or bullet journal, it’s Google Keep (here I expound upon its virtues), and it’s completely free. 

My study desk? It didn’t use to have anything on it, I gradually added one special thing at a time to it over the years. Bought the whole flower bouquet for $1 on eBay, had the ribbon lying around at home, the hourglass from Target was something we’ve had in the living room for years. I am a music lover who listens to music everyday without fail, and I love the cheap speaker my dad bought me (works really well). 

The one actually expensive thing, my Kikki.K calendar, my friend bought me for my birthday because she said that I wouldn’t splurge my money on it and she wanted to treat me. 

Laptop and phone? Bought my laptop at the beginning of uni (not a MacBook); 4 years later it’s a bit short on battery life (can’t even last 3 hours on a charge when I have 4 hours of lectures) but still works really well; I’m never intending to buy a new laptop since I’m graduating after this year. Phone is a Huawei, don’t own a dslr camera. But I’m happy with both of these, especially when I’m not someone who texts all day and night. 

Writing pretty study notes? I basically don’t, but the few times I start, I write one page, just to motivate me to continue. After that, I just go back to typing on my computer and save some paper and my own time. And I actually hate mind maps, sorry mind-mappers. 

So yeah! I have always strongly believed that education is for everyone. So all you studyblrs out there, don’t ever doubt yourself!

Joker Imagine - Just Kill Me!

Anonymous said:Can i request one where joker and reader have been fighting and he abuses her and the reader just had enough so she tells him, “either you just let me leave or please, please just kill me i can’t take this anymore.” and the joker realizes all his mistakes and he’s so torn that she’d rather die than be with him SORRYYY I KNOW THIS IS LONG BUT I JUST THOUGHT YOU WERE THE BEST WRITER TO ASKKKK 😅😅💕💕💕

/Aw you’re so sweet. Thanks for requesting, I really hope you like it! :)

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Your P.O.V.

Once again I found myself in a very uncomfortable situation with my boyfriend Joker, or as I simply called him J.  Tears were trying hard to come out of my E/C eyes, but I really fought against them. We were in the bedroom, fighting over a mission that nearly failed because of me. Of course, me, because I’m the worst according to him. 

‘’I’m sorry J! But we still managed to get through it well. Nothing bad happened!’’ I defended myself and started to feel very stressed. His green hair was a mess and he was obviously fucking angry at me. ‘’Yeah but little do you know Y/N that you nearly got Frost killed!’’ He growled loudly and then grabbed a lamp from the nightstand, smashing it against the wall like it was nothing. He was really losing it this time.

‘’I didn’t mean to..’’ I stated more quietly than him. His head snapped to  look at me and he walked over with heavy steps. ‘’You didn’t mean to do it? Well damn it Y/N I don’t give a fuck whether you meant it or not. I thought you were a better criminal!’’ He spat right into my face and made me back away. Then I was against the wall, just hoping that he’d calm down. 

‘’Sorry J, but I don’t want to keep talking about this. No one got hurt, okay?’’ I sighed, hoping that my words could speak some sense into his head. But it did the opposite. I flinched as both of his arms hit the wall on both sides of my head, only centimeters away from hitting me. ‘’Don’t talk to me like that’’ He hissed and started to breathe heavily. 

His right hand moved from the wall to my body, holding onto my jaw tightly so it hurt. ‘’J p-please let go’’ I whispered, being forced to stand on my feet so it wouldn’t hurt so much. He looked at me darkly and I felt his anger in the air -so tense and anxious. ‘’Hmm.. does it hurt?’’ He fake pouted in a mocking way. A silent tear rolled down my face, nearly making the rest spill. Then he clenched his jaw angrily and pushed me on the floor harshly.

A scream left my lips because it startled me and I hit the floor with a hard impact. I landed on my side and my neck snapped a little, making the muscle hurt. ‘’You can’t come on the next mission’’ he said bluntly and stepped closer to me. His legs were on both of my sides and he looked down with hate. Sadness washed over my body and then I started crying. ‘’Please J! I w-won’t do it again’’ I promised and tried hard to swallow my tears.

He reached down for my hair and pulled me up on my feet. It hurt like hell! ‘’Stop it!’’ I screeched out in pain and started sobbing. He just pushed me against the wall again, making air escape my lungs from another hard impact. ‘’You can’t come and that’s the end of that story! You’re already crying you weak ass bitch!’’ He spat loudly and slapped me. My cheek stung from his hit and I was completely shocked. He had never treated me like this, not this bad. Yes we had fought and he might have pushed me and held my arm tightly, but nothing like this.

 My body was trembling and I felt devastated. I gave my entire life to him only to be treated this way. It was depressing to think about. ‘’Either you just let me leave or please, please just kill me i can’t take this anymore.’’ I whimpered and let the tears ruin my make-up. My arm hurt from him holding it so tightly, but as I said those words, his grip loosened and it wasn’t so harsh anymore.

Fear had taken over me and I was too scared to face him. I just kept my face this way, looking away from him because I was scared. ‘’What?’’ He breathed out and let go of me completely. Very slowly and nervously I tilted my head so I could face him. He didn’t look so angry anymore. He seemed shocked, shocked that I said that.

‘’You heard me! I..I have nothing else to live for J. If you really hate me just kill me already. Or leave me, leave me to die alone somewhere’’ I pleaded between tears. My heart was shattering in my chest. I, Y/N the queen of Gotham was nothing without him. ‘’Do it! I know you want to s-since I’m so useless..’’ I cried out weakly. ‘’No’’ He told me sternly and cupped my face. I winced in pain because my cheek was sore. He noticed immediately and his touch got more gentle. 

‘’I’m sorry..I didn’t mean to..Y/N’’ He seemed to come to his senses. It was too much. I reached out for his gun that was on the nightstand and then pushed it against his chest. ‘’Take it! I know you want to’’ I whimpered and bit my lips so I wouldn’t start crying out loud. Then I looked deep into his eyes in agony. J grabbed the gun so it wouldn’t fall on the floor because I let go.

‘’I won’t shoot you’’ He declared and threw the gun on the bed. Fine. I wiggled away from his touch and headed out of the bedroom. But of course he never let me. J grabbed my hand and pulled me back. ‘’What?’’ I groaned and tried to say something more, but he pressed his red lips against mine. It took me by surprise, but it was easily better than being hit. He pulled back and wrapped his arms around me. ‘’J just quit it, I know you hate me-’’

‘’Shut up please..’’ He begged while hugging me. I gave up fighting against him and completely broke down into his arms. I hid my face into his chest and the tears stained his shirt. He was rubbing my back softly as I cried against him, letting everything out in the form of tears. J was quiet and I bet he was speechless. He was never good with words.

The crying and being abused like that made my head ache and I groaned. ‘’It hurts..’’ I whispered quietly. ‘’I’m sorry’’ He apologized and sounded guilty. That was special for him, guilt. He was never guilty.  ‘’I know I’m not a perfect lover’’ He said a little sadly and then  looked at my face. He was kinda dull. There wasn’t any kind of an expression on his face. Just blankness and a tiny hint of pain in his icy blue eyes.

‘’But please don’t leave..’’ He begged and softly played with a strand of my hair. I sighed and shut my eyes, trying to focus. J picked me up in his strong arms and I grew a little tense.

‘’Relax, I won’t hurt you anymore’’ He explained and started walking. I stayed quiet and let him take me away from the bedroom. A little later we were in the master bathroom where we had a big bathtub. He placed me on my feet and then started to fill the tub. As it got filled, he undressed me quietly. I just stood there, letting him take off my clothes.

That’s when his blank expression turned a little sadder. He looked at my skin covered in bruises and I knew it bothered him. ‘’I’m so sorry’’ He whispered and traced his fingers over some of the bruises just to see if it was real. He really wished it was an illusion, but no. He sighed and then walked away behind me. I watched as he grabbed a bottle of rose soap and put it into the warm water where it foamed.

‘’Get in babe’’ He told me while undressing himself. I just stepped into the big bathtub and sat in the corner. The warm water felt good and it actually relaxed me with the sweet smell of roses. A minute later J joined me in the bath, wrapping one arm around me. ‘’Let me make it up to you doll..I don’t want to hurt you anymore’’ He explained while gently touching my hips underwater.

‘’I know I’m a dickhead, kinda cruel and everything. But you’re the one person I truly care about, both at work and outside work. I don’t know how, but you made me change. I don’t want to treat you like others princess. You’re the only one I have’’ He broke the silence after a few minutes. Those words from a person like him was very special and it made my heart flutter in my chest. I sighed and put my hand on his toned chest and leaned against him. ‘’It’s ok Puddin..’’ I tried to assure him ,but he shook his head no.

‘’No it’s not. I hurt people because they’re bad and I don’t care about them. I can’t hurt you Y/N’’ He told me seriously. I just stayed quiet and let him speak if he felt like it. For now I appreciated being next to him. For now..

PART 2 //

To any artists, especially those who are young or new to art, please know that realism isn’t the end all be all of art.

I was on Instagram and I saw a post about this and there were people trying to argue that realism is superior by nature and cartoon/anime style is easy by nature. Yeah…screw that shit.

Having your own opinion about which is better or easy or requires more skill is one thing. Saying that realism is inherently better than cartoon work is just ignorant.

Imagine being like 13 and watching a show like Sailor Moon and thinking “I wanna do something like that” only to have a bunch of people tell you “you can do that, but you’ll never be as good as someone who draws realism.” Talk about dream crushing.

As someone who does both, I can tell you that realism and cartoonism have their pros and cons. Personally I prefer cartoonism, but I find realism MUCH easier. There’s no one true rule to all this, it all just comes down to each artist’s personal preference. 


-Speed doesn’t equal quality. Just because realism often takes a while, doesn’t mean it’s better than a cartoon. You can spend hours on a realistic portrait and it can still turn out like shit. It’s also very possible for an artist to spend a long while on a cartoon drawing. (I don’t even know why people kept bringing up the speed thing, because it makes no sense)

-A good cartoon style is not easy. There’s a reason why every random fuck on the street who draws a cartoon isn’t working for Disney, and that’s because there’s more to a cartoony style than just ‘draw some random person with big eyes and a small body’ or whatever. If you can see that Sailor Moon and Princess Jasmine wouldn’t look right in the same picture, then you can understand that every single cartoon/anime style has rules that must be conformed to for the drawing to be cohesive. That’s not something you can just pick up as a beginner. It takes time and hard work.

IDK how to end this, so I’ll just say again that realism is not the end all be all of art. Don’t be that one asshole who tries to say that realism and cartoonism aren’t equal, or that one asshole who puts down artists for what they draw or how they choose to draw it. There’s no one good way to do art, it’s all down to taste.

MBTI and Fitness?

So I’m currently obsessing over Pure Barre after having Soul Cycle withdrawals. I was just thinking it would be really interesting to see what exercise habits might occur over MBTI. I know that it’s more or less behavioral, but I think there’s something about the regimented, structured classes of Pure Barre and Soul Cycle that I love while someone who isn’t a Te-dom might prefer a more free spirited workout. 

So just reblog or answer with your MBTI type and what kind of exercise you enjoy/prefer. Running? Barre? Zumba? Yoga? You can even tell me you hate exercise! I’m just really curious and would love to have enough data to make a post about how workouts might correlate with our cognitive functions and personal biases/motivations!

So – how do you like to get fit?

- ESTJ Mod


Do you think it’s possible to do an older Damian Wayne imagine where him and the reader get into a fight (I don’t really have a preference on what it is) and it be kind of angst-y then fluff at the end? If not or if you need mores information that’s fine. Sorry it’s so vague

A/N.  ZHere we go Anon if you want me to rewrite it I can and all I ask is that you tell me if you liked this or not. I haven’t really wrote for Damian besides my Rocky fic so if this is a little pic tell me. I also apologize for the lack of dialogue in this fic as well. I mean I am pretty happy with the way this is so eh?

A dumb fight ended a five year relationship. How many times have that been done you wondered as your boyfriend moved out of your shared apartment.How many times have the wrong things been said.Your mother always said loving someone was like giving them a knife and showing them every weak point you had, and saying please don’t cut here. If she only knew how right she was. All you had been was worried that he would get hurt that he wouldn’t come home.Damian was always stubborn.

You had noticed that him and his brothers were already gone. Not realizing that you were to caught up in your thoughts that you never noticed that they left. Perhaps it was better this way not saying goodbye. Who knows looking around and noticing how empty the apartment was when it hit you about how real this all was. That it was over that Damian wasn’t going to slip threw the window any more after patrols,or walk through the doors after coming home from the manor after a long day of dealing with his brothers. It caused you to take a step back in to the wall sliding down it whimpering.

Wondering if it was to late to run out the door and try and get him back. You laughed at yourself for being naive he was long gone. Besides you doubted that he wanted to see you after all that happened. You walked towards your room but stopping before you got there after realizing that it the bed would be to cold without someone sharing it with you.

Deciding that it would be a better option to sleep on the couch.Not that you would be getting any sleep tonight any way.

Few weeks had passed since Damian moved out. You had tried to go back to your normal routine not that it helped. All of your family that you saw asked where was Damian? You told them you broke up they always replied such a shame you two were such a lovely couple they always sounded condensing. Almost as if they knew it would never work out you were starting to think that they were right. They probably were.

Your friends showed you a news article that showed him with his arm around a pretty girl. That was quick they said almost as if they thought he would have waited a little while longer. You flicked your hand dismissing the thought simply stating that he could do what ever he wanted he was an adult.

You sighed to yourself as you walked home wondering how the week could possibly get any worse. Oh how you were wrong. You had simply forgotten that this was Gotham after all the city that had a high crime rate. So when a large man jumped out at you weren’t really surprised. What surprised you was that the fact the man never got a chance to get a word out before he was knocked out. You quickly noticed who it was Robin aka Damian. Him not saying a word as he pulled you close and buried your face into his chest and his face into your hair. Mumbling into you hair. He quickly pulled back and checked to see if your okay even though the man never even got a chance to say something let alone hurt you

“ Are you alright my love.” Muttered worriedly placing both of his hands on either side of your face. You saw it in his eyes he was worried you never had seen him this worried. Not in the entirety of the five years you had dated. All it was a simple mugging, and the man never even said a word to you. How did he know where you were any way was he following you. “Damian were you following me.” You asked slightly concerned.

All he did to answer you was nod his head slightly at that. “What the hell man I thought we had broken up.” You said raising your voice in anger at the thought. How dare he. What is wrong with him? You thought to yourself Damian never acts like this not even when you were in danger from the like of the Joker. This was a simple mugging what could have him all riled up. I took a moment for you to see the ting of green on his suit.

“Damian what were you doing before this.” You asked worriedly think Damian might be hurt in some sort of way. Damian nuzzled closer to you wrapping his arms around you almost as if he was in a daze.

“Dami what’s wrong sweetie?” You asked again starting to slowly panic. He pulled you closer as if you weren’t close enough as it was. Shifting trying to get out of his grip. Damian started to whimper as if you being away from him caused him pain.You thought about your options and deciding that the best one was to bring him back to your apartment. You started pulling him towards the direction of your apartment knowing that if any villains were to see you taking Robin to you apartment it wouldn’t end well. For any parties involved.

You had finally managed to drag him to your apartment which was more difficult than you first thought.
Damian had stopped every few feet to whisper how much he loved you, and that if you asked him for the moon he would retrieve it for you. If something wasn’t seriously wrong with him you would have been touched before you remembered that you two had broken up.

Once you open the door you were greeted by Bruce dressed as Batman. He helped me carry Damian in to the apartment ,and to help him settle on the couch. Bruce was quite he was always some what quite, but he seemed even more so almost has if he was avoiding speaking with you. You asked him what was wrong with Damian. He replied with a two word answer Poison Ivy. You laughed and hit your head realizing that it explained every symptom. It explained it all away knowing all that didn’t help you like you thought it would. If anything it hurt more. A part of you really wanted nothing to be wrong and for him to mean what he said on the way back to your apartment.

You watched as Bruce picked Damian up and carried him out of the window with out so much of a goodbye.

Damian showed in your apartment a few days later uninvited. You came home from work to see him lounging on your couch like he owned the place. He noticed that you came in he looked at you and smiled. It’s been weeks since you seen him conscious ,not counting a few days ago when he was a walking love bug. You opened your mouth to demand to know why he was in your apartment. Before you could Damian walked over to you wrapping his arms around your waist ,and pulling you close to him.

You started to wonder if he fought Poison Ivy again ,but before you could ask why he started to apologize. He apologized for everything.


So many of us have made the connection in History Maker that it starts with Yuri’s POV and after “my dreams will come true” it’s from Victor.

Now switch it. It starts with Victor and changes to Yuri. It makes complete sense. “Can you hear my heartbeat” Victor falling in love. “Tired of feeling never enough” Victor realizing he can’t surprise the crowd anymore. “I close my eyes and tell myself that my dreams will come true” Victor just wants to be happy again, preferably with Yuri. Because Yuri taught Victor life and love.

“They’ll be no more darkness when you believe in yourself you’re unstoppable” Yuri pulling Victor from his depression. “Where your destiny lies dancing on the blades you set my heart on fire” OBVIOUS. Yuri said himself that Victor is the reason he skates competitively. And we know Yuri loves Victor.

I’m a train wreck, I wasn’t expecting this to happen. Shoutout to the banquet scene.

Being Remus' sister and dating James would include:

Being Remus’ sister and dating James would include:

Warning: Adorable gifs

  • Remus being super shocked when he found out.
  • “Y-you’re what!?”
  • Him being really mad about the whole thing at first.
  • “Remus, calm down”
  • “Dont tell me to calm down Jalmes! You’re dating my sister! You’re fucki- THATS MY SISTER”

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  • But after sitting him down, giving him some chocolate and talking to him
  • he finally comes around.
  • “I can’t believe i’m agreeing to this” He would sigh
  • “Not that i have a choice”

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  • Him being really grossed out whenever you would kiss
  • or hug
  • or cuddle
  • or hold hands.
  • “Will you cut it out!?”

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  • But you only deepen the kiss
  • because annoying Mooney was your favorite hobby.
  • “You’re the worst little sister in the world.
  • "I try”

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