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The Queen of I-75

(OR: This Never Would Have Happened at Dairy Queen)

—So uh, there is historical precedent that says the easiest way to get me to write something for you is to shower me with compliments and then drop a prompt on me while batting your eyelashes, so… this is @queensandkingsofattolia‘s fault (with a bit of @wolf-thecontradictorysentence as well). based on/inspired by this post

I wrote almost 2000 words in a little under 5 hours while working my customer service job, so here, enjoy this customer service AU in which no customers are served.

Irene has been the manager of the McDonald’s on the I-75 exit since she was 17 years old, and if Nahuseresh thinks he’s going to take over this restaurant like he did the Long John Silver’s across the way, he’s got another thing coming.

She stares into Kamet’s longsuffering face and says, “Does he think I like you better or something? I’m still not signing anything for him.”

Kamet doesn’t look like he thinks anyone likes him at all, much less that they could like him more than his charming, handsome boss. “He just wanted me to deliver a message,” he says tiredly. Kamet doesn’t get paid enough for this. Kamet doesn’t get paid enough for the job he was actually hired to do, which was frying hushpuppies. Playing messenger in Nahuseresh’s game of fast food corporate intrigue was never in the paperwork.

“Speak,” Irene commands.

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i-dont-know-what-is-going-on  asked:

Kat showing mainstream music to Adena

hi, thanks for the prompt! 

i thought about this ask for a little bit and came to the conclusion, based on my own headcanons/characterizations, that adena probably has basic familiarity with U.S. popular music (i assume that’s what you meant by mainstream). not only has she been living in the states, but from what i know American music has a pretty large international reach. perhaps folks disagree with me, but those are my thoughts.

so instead i’ll leave you with this:


“Hey, do you have a CD reader?”

“Hello to you too, Kat,” Sutton answers, putting the phone on speaker in the living room so Jane can hear too. “You’re on speaker, Jane’s here.”

“Great. So, CD reader?”

Jane looks over at her, confusion on her face. “Sorry, what?”

“I have a CD and nothing to play it on,” Kat answers, sounding frustrated. “My Mac doesn’t have a disc drive and I never bought the extension because I stream everything now like a normal person.”

Jane suppresses a laugh and Sutton’s smiling when she says, “Why do you have a CD?”

Kat is quiet on the line for several seconds before they hear, “Because Adena gave me one.”

“Oh my god, did she make you a mix tape?” Sutton coos, while Jane laughs in the background at Kat’s predicament.

“I hear you laughing, tiny Jane. S’not my fault Adena has apparently never heard of Spotify,” Kat huffs.

“And they say romance is dead,” Jane shouts, so Kat can hear her.

“I have a CD player, babe,” Sutton soothes, because she thinks Kat might hang up on them if they tease anymore. “Feel free to swing by if you want to pick it up.”

Thank you.”

“Any time.” Then, “You better tell us about that mix tape once you’ve listened to it.”

She thinks Kat might be smiling on the other end of the line when she answers, “I make no promises.”

Fun House Mirrors

Hey, y'all! This is a little morcia fic that I wrote for anon! Now, it’s my first non-reader insert cm pairing fic to post on here and it’s my first morcia fic I’ve ever even attempted to write so please go easy on me :)

Garcia is feeling down about her appearance and Derek reminds her of how amazing she is.

Originally posted by kate--beckett

When Penelope woke up in the morning, she was alone. The sheets beside her were cool and empty and she was shocked with a spark of anxiety before the repetitive sound of water slapping against the ground relaxed her nerves. He was in the shower, just the shower. But that feeling had lingered, that out-of-place fear that the man she had rapidly been falling in love with had left her, and Garcia perfectly well knew why she thought it.

She passed by her full length mirror with its flowery, pink sticker stuck around the edges and she stood in front of it, frowning decidedly.

Garcia felt bloated and immature in her hot pink pajama bottoms with its matching floral top and another shot of anxiety rang out through her. She fought the tears bursting at her eyes. Her blonde hair with all its knots swayed depressively  as she pivoted, examining herself in her mirror from all sides. Her frown sunk deeper. She didn’t even notice when the water in the bathroom stopped or the shower door opened or when a towel-clad wet Derek Morgan stepped into her bedroom or even when he started to say her name.

“Pen? Pen? What’s up?” He stepped forward, into the background of the mirror, snatching her gaze as his hands wrapped around her waist, “What’s going on, baby girl?”

She tried to force as bright a smile as she could muster but it was much too weak to be a Penelope Garcia smile and gave her away instantly (plus, Derek Morgan is a profiler who knows everything about her, she was at a distinct disadvantage from the start).

“Oh, come on, baby, you can tell me anything.” He begged, watching her eyes in the mirror.

Garcia sighed, resigned to her fate, “Its just… I walk up and you weren’t there and that scared me for a second and then…” She stammered, unsure how much she wanted to give up.

Penelope Garcia was not usually one for looking into mirrors and feeling sorry for herself but every once in awhile she would take that peek and not be able to look past the insecurities she had learned to hide so well with her bright colors and high heels and vibrant laughs. Today had unexpectedly become one of those days.

“Hey,” Derek murmured, painfully noticing the sadness on her face. He lifted her chin with his forefinger, “What are you talking about? Girl, you’re amazing.”

“I-I Just look so…” She struggled to find the write word until her lips fell on, “different…” And the word sunk dejectedly.

“You’re kidding, right? Penelope, look at me.” He waited for their eyes to meet and collide, until he had all her attention, “You’re perfect.” He whispered and she felt herself melt.

She sighed, finally allowing a true smile to breathe out, “Dammit. Derek Morgan, you have done it again.” She eyed his towel, “How long until we have to be at work?”

Derek let out a loud, barking laugh, “We can make some time.” And he wrapped his arms around her, his lips moving to her ear, “I love the pajamas, Pen.”

And then she giggled and they were both left with smiles and so much more.

Finding Home (4)

Summary: Avengers High School AU. Gender neutral reader-insert. You, the new kid, just want to be left alone. But instead, you get the Avengers gang – and maybe, a new home too.

Warnings: Cursing. Drinking / alcohol. Campfire. Tons of feels and angst. Slight ScarletVision. Mention or implications of bullying, thievery, drugs, domestic abuse, bystander effect, parental death and porn. Lots of references from the movies and a few from the comics.

Author’s Note: THIS TOOK SO LONG OMG, and it’s SO LONG. Sorry, I couldn’t help myself. So, keep in mind that the backstories they mentioned here are just the backstories I come up in parallel to what they’ve experienced in the MCU, mixed only a tiny bit with their origins in the comics. I only hoped I balanced all of them well, they’re so many. Have fun with your Avengers gathering! 💖️

Finding Home: Part #1: beginning. Part #2: accusation. Part #3: restless. Part #4: coin.Part #5: haze.

4: coin

n. a flat, round piece of metal

Holy shit. Arms around yourself, you stopped pacing as a limousine – a limo, of all things – slid down the road with the ease of T’Challa and the swagger of Tony Stark, glistening beneath the orange glow of a nearby streetlight. It stopped right in front of you.

A large man in a suit stepped out from the driver’s seat, and approaching the passenger door, gave you a nod. “G’evening,” he said, then clarified your name. You bobbed your head in return, and he beamed. “Name’s Happy. Tony sent me.”

Your wide eyes swept across the length of the vehicle. “This is really unnecessary,” you said, just as he opened the back passenger door.

“Tony wanted to show off,” he said, shrugging a shoulder. You stepped inside, and sitting on the plush, black seats, you scanned its stylish and elegant interior, all black and grays and silver, and –

“Uh, hi.”

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anonymous asked:

Hello! I want to ask you one about Seven working as an agent AND being bi. Imagine MC walking with RFA or V or Saeran somewhere around town, when suddenly they see - omg, Seven?? Maybe different outfit and hair, but definitely him? And he's sitting in a cafe across some man, looking at him sweetly, their fingers entwined; is he on a mission? Is it a date? What would their reaction be?? Thank you!


 (Also it’s long sorry ;A;)

It was about time everyone decided to take the day off, and spent it together! It took a lot of planning, time, and convincing on your part to get everyone out and about the town!

When you suggested some time together, just simply walking around town, seeing sights, window shopping, there were…a few mixed reactions.

Yoosung was so excited!!! Absolutely loved the idea of walking around with you! Maybe the two of you could walk next to each other, maybe walk closely… Accidently bump hands together… It could lead to hand holding!!! What if a few of his friends see the two of you walking together?? Will they think the two of you were dating??!! He’s so iN ON THIS IDEA!

Zen thought it’d be great to see everyone! Except, maybe Jumin. But you!! He’s happy to see you! Super excited to take you to some of his favourite stores, maybe buy you a flower or two, and take you to his friends kebab place! He was too busy planning things he wanted to do with you that he might have…forgotten… it wasn’t just to two of you.

Jaehee was just as excited as Yoosung! She barely gets time off so she was happy for that, but she was also happy about spending time with you. The two of you go window shopping as often as possible, it’s one of her favourite things! Every now and then, however, she’ll splurge on ANY Zen merchandise she comes across. She has no shame. She doesn’t care if Zen’s attending as well, she’ll buy it in front of him- she’s a fan expressing her appreciation for his work!!

Jumin was more intrigued than anything. Commoner shops? He’s ready. Not so excited for commoner food, though. He’s hoping that he can prove to you he’s not some… stuck up corporate heir, he can be laid back, for your sake! Just wants you to think highly of him! Tells himself that he’ll pay particular attention to you throughout the day, if there’s anything you really like, he’ll buy it for you. What is window shopping? Why do we need to buy windows?

V was just happy to see everyone else happy!! He’s brought his camera, and he’s so excited to take pictures of everyone!! Also secretly hoping to himself that he can get a lot of adorable candid’s of you. The smile you get on your face when you’re surrounded by the people you love is so bright and innocent and he loves it!!! Not to mention, he can get great shots of everyone enjoying themselves and make a photo album to gift to you!!

It took a lot of convincing to get Saeran out of the house and around town with the group of you. He only agreed to go because you gave him the puppy eyes he can’t resist. He only agreed to go if he could stay by you the whole time so you were within arm’s reach if he needed you. He wasn’t too excited to be surrounded by everyone else, but as long as he was with you, he guesses it won’t be too bad?

The group of you meet up at a coffee shop and figure out which way you all were going to go first! You look around at everyone and notice a certain red head is missing. You turn to Saeran with a look of confusion that he immediately returned. “What?” He asked, as he watched you take another look at everyone.

“Where’s Saeyoung?? Is he late?” you questioned, turning back to him. He rolled his eyes and crossed his arms in a huff.

“He kept talking about work or something. I don’t know, I wasn’t paying too much attention to him. So he’s not coming.”

“Oh…okay,” the sadness in your voice was contagious. Everyone started to feel a twinge of gloom just seeing you look down at the ground. You flipped a switch, however, and threw your head back up, wearing a huge smile, turning around with a little pep in your step. “That’s okay! He’ll just have to have fun with us next time! Let’s go, guys!” You lead the pack down the street, stopping every now and then in front of a store is something catches your eye. The whole day was full of smiles and laughter, mixed with bickering between Zen and Jumin. Everything was going so well! Everyone was happy, and having so much fun!

All of a sudden, you stop in your tracks. Yoosung, who was walking behind you, ran into you and started to apologize profusely. Your hand shot up, telling him to quiet down. You pointed towards a couple sitting at an outdoor cafe.

The two of them had their elbows on the table, leaning in towards each other. The woman wore a long, red sundress and her long black hair danced behind her as a breeze blew by. She reached out towards the man, caressing his face softly before interlacing her fingers with his own.

“Um, MC? Why are you pointing at them? What is it?” Yoosung asked, looking between you and the couple in question.

“It’s impolite to point, MC, please stop,” Jumin requested, coming up behind you and gently pushing on your forearm to drop it. Saeran squinted towards the couple before groaning and covering his face. You kept staring with a bewildered look on your face, and Jaehee stepped up beside you to see what you were talking about. After careful examination, she let out a soft “oh” before turning a light shade of pink.

“Woah, she’s kinda cute. Are you just going to point out cute girls the rest of the day, MC?” Zen asked with a slight laugh, checking the woman out from afar. Jumin crossed his arms and slightly shook his head, an irritated look sweeping across his face.

“Do you really need to stare at any woman who crosses your path?” He quizzed, as Zen immediately jumped into an argument with him. V wasn’t too sure what was going on, so he put a hand on your shoulder and gently asked what was wrong. After a short period of silence, all eyes were on you, waiting for an answer.

Your hand shot up, pointing at the woman again. “Saeyoung,” was all you said, as all eyes shot towards her.

Saeran shot a glare his way, because he recognized him immediately after you pointed the first time. He had no words because he was absolutely used to seeing his brother dressed up. But why, of all times, does he need to run into his idiot brother when he’s trying to enjoy a nice day out with you. He thought he said something about work? That wasn’t working.

Yoosung immediately turned bright red when you pointed out it was Saeyoung. He knew his friend liked to dress up but he didn’t know he’d see him out with a man. How did he not recognize him at first? He makes a pretty woman… Was it a date? Does he like this man? Why can’t he just be himself!! Love is about being yourself!!! Has to fight with his inner conscious to stop himself from running over there and telling him that!

Jaehee stayed quiet, still a little light pink. Saeyoung was an adult, and was free to do whatever he wished. It didn’t bother her any at all. She was surprised at you for recognizing him right off the bat, however. You must really recognize faces well to have caught that with just a glance.

“Where’s Saeyoung? MC, that’s a young woman, not Saeyoung,” Zen started off, until you looked back at him, eyes wide. “It’s…. a young woman… isn’t it? MC, isn’t it?” He started turning pink, suddenly realizing that it was, indeed, Saeyoung. His embarrassment grew, as did his blush the moment it clicked in his mind, and you burst into a loud giggle. Now he was bright red because of the sweet sound of your laughter, or that’s what he tried to play it off as.

“Interesting. Is this considered work for him?” Jumin pondered out loud. How could a date be a job? Would MC like a job like that- going on dates with him? No no, that’s ridiculous. He did applause Saeyoung’s talent though, at first he was convinced that he was a real woman. His resemblance to a young woman was uncanny, it was no surprised that no one recognized him at first- well, everyone except you. You must be very analytical to realize so quickly, he liked it.

Click. The sound of V’s camera shutter interrupted your laughter. All eyes shot to him as he lowered the camera. “What,” he asked, cocking his head to the side, “It was a nice view, I couldn’t pass it up”. His camera gave you an idea! You pull out your phone and take a picture of yourself, making sure you can see him in the background, and point up at him while you sent the camera a wink.

“There! Now, watch this, guys!” You bounced a little in place, as you sent the picture to him, the accompanying text telling him to have a nice time. The group of you watch as the man excuses himself, and Saeyoung checks his phone while he waits. His head shot up and looked around quickly, looking for any sign of you. You threw your hand up into the air and waved it around slightly, catching his attention. He turned bright red as you sent him a bright smile, while his brother face palmed, Yoosung slightly waved, Jaehee and Jumin both nodded in his direction, Zen almost as red as Saeyoung himself and pouting, and V’s camera clicked another time. You watched as he fumbled to use his phone, and get a call from him and put it on speaker.

“WHAT ARE YOU GUYS DOING HERE??” He shouted into the phone, why did he bother calling if you could hear him yelling clearly from across the street? “THIS ISN’T WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE, LISTEN TO ME, MC,” he said in a slight panicked tone. You giggled and waved a little back at him.

“Uh huh, sure it isn’t. Have fun Saeyoung! Remember to tell us all about it later today!!” You spoke into the phone before hanging up. All of you could hear him yelling at you not to hang up on him, and you shouted a goodbye back at him before turning around and making your way back up the street. On the way back, everyone had a discussion on whether it was an actual date, or if it truly was just some undercover work. You spent the rest of the trip smiling at your phone from time to time as Saeyoung texted you, in all caps, trying to explain what you witnessed. The more you didn’t answer, was the more he texted you, until you heard a groan from Saeran, that’s when you knew that you wouldn’t have to suffer the texts alone.


The “Draw Your OTP” like this challenge (?). As you can see from my drawing and the screencap, you can tell where I gave up on the background, also the arms for Adrien are wonky hahaha! This was a lot of fun though, you guys should try it out too if you want! Have fun! <3 Alyssa

A Little TLC

After a rough work week, Sherlock comes to Molly’s rescue after a long couple of weeks of his own.

The last bit of dialogue was inspired by this post on @sherlollythoughtoftheday 

               Molly collapsed on her sofa after walking through the door. She had been having a stressful time at work, and in addition, Sherlock had been out of the city for the past couple of weeks on a case assigned by Mycroft and she was missing him. They would text whenever he had a free moment but she missed having his arms around her as she slept. She missed the sound of his rich baritone voice that would always calm her after a long day. Sitting up slowly, Molly decided a nice, warm bubble bath was just what she needed.

               After she gathered her things for her bath, a key turning in her door’s lock alerted her. Sherlock appeared looking just as exhausted as she felt.

               “You’re back early!” Molly exclaimed with the first real smile she had all week.

               “Solved it quickly,” Sherlock smirked proudly. She noticed the dark circles under his eyes indicating that he had hardly slept at all the past two weeks.

               “You look like you need to unwind,” she remarked, moving closer to him. He wrapped his arms around her in a tight embrace and kissed the top of her head.

               “Mm, as do you,” he added.

               “Together then?” she suggested.

               “Together,” he agreed.

               Only moments later was Molly lying back against his chest, her hair up in a messy bun, as they both soaked in a warm bubble bath. She had a glass of wine in her right hand and Sherlock had interlaced their left hands together. He pressed a tender kiss against the spot just below her ear that she loved so much.

               “I missed you,” he spoke softly.

               “I missed you too,” she replied, turning her head to kiss his cheek but could only reach his neck. He chuckled lightly at her attempt.

               “Having trouble?” he asked.

               “Hush,” she scolded playfully. “Are you laughing at me?”

               “Mm, maybe just a bit,” Sherlock smirked, placing a kiss on the tip of her nose. She scrunched it up in that way he adored. Molly unlaced their fingers to reach her arm up around his neck and pulled herself up to snog him properly. He felt as if he could drown in her; ironic considering the bathtub setting. These little moments with his Molly were his favourite. She made him feel happy and loved. He knew he did the same for her.

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I didn’t get your name

A/N: Hiya! This is my first fanfic i’m posting on Tumblr… I’m a little nervous but, its now or never I guess! Anyway, Hope You like it! Feedback is Highly appreciated!  I might make other parts to this but it depends.

Warnings: None really? Just cussing. Underage Drinking.

Summary: (Jefferson x Reader) You’re Alexander Hamilton’s little sister (one year younger). He’s a senior in High school, and he FINALLY lets you go to a party with him. You meet some new people, One being Thomas Jefferson. 

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a little comic from one of the scenes that killed me in @i-am-thornqueen‘s fic a werecat in london i was originally going to do the whole scene, but i lost my motivation halfway through when i reread the scene and was like “oh god, this comic will never match the poetic beauty of this scene what am i doING!?” i abandoned it for a little while, but decided to color what i had done, and it turned out pretty ok! (although i’m sure there are about 50 things i got wrong haha)

considering the name of this blog, I had to make this my first post. I’ve always imagined Ford Prefect to look like someone who always smells of weed, I mean, the guy hitchhikes for a living.