can you tell i gave up half way in

I kinda gave up half way through can you tell

This is for @wittyy-name and @wolfpainters klance soulmate au The Marks We Make check it out its really good

This is my first time doing art on a tablet I only ever do art on paper but this so my first time doing it on an electronic device so I’m still getting used to it.

Fun fact: I drew this all with my fingers bc I don’t have a tablet drawing pen thingy and it was so hard i was about to cry :’)

Also lance has no face bc its for affect and not bc I can’t draw facial features cOUGH.

Title: The Wingmen (Reader x Steve Rogers)

Summary: Steve goes to his closest pals; Bucky, Tony, and Sam for advice on how to confess his feelings for you and ask you on a date. They each- of course- have vastly different ideas.

Word Count: 1205

AN: This was so much fun, omg. I love Steve and I think the three stooges trying to give him dating advice is HILARIOUS. Oh, btw; The next week and a half will be CRAZY hectic for me since our performance of The Nutcracker is coming up. I’ll try to keep up with posting/writing as best as I can! But, enough about that, I hope you enjoy!

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You Are More

For the anon who asked for something to cheer her up from her breakup. Hope this helps! <3

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You checked your phone for the umpteenth time within an hour, still no response. You sighed and put your phone down again. Loki looked at you with some concern and you gave him a half hearted smile before looking anywhere but at him. Loki wordlessly moved closer to you.

“What is wrong, Y/N,” Loki asked you.

“It’s nothing, Loki,” you said as you tried to put a smile on your face.

“I know something is wrong. You can either tell me now, or I will find my own ways of finding out.”

“It’s really nothing.”

“Alright then,” as Loki said this he pulled you phone over to him. He tapped on the screen and tried some other maneuvers with it. “Why won’t this device grant me access. Open for me. Open. Unlock. Unlock for me, device. I am Loki of Asgard and you shall open for me you blasted device.”

You laughed at the man as he tried with all of him might to get access to your phone.

“At least I got a real smile to grace your face,” Loki told you, momentarily pausing from his efforts.

You blushed and looked down.

“Ah, it has given me access.” You looked at Loki in confusion trying to guess how he gained access to your phone. “Why are you showing me my face? What does this button do? Y/N I do not understand what is going on. Will you please explain to me what this device is doing?”

You leaned over to get a better look at the screen. Loki had somehow opened your camera and was inadvertently taking selfies with it. You laughed and Loki looked at you quizzically.

“You’re taking pictures, Loki, see.”

You smiled at the camera and took the picture. You then pulled up the picture for Loki to see.

“You look happy but at the same time not happy. How can that be, Y/N?”

“It’s truly nothing, Loki.”

Loki gave you a look and you sighed.

“It’s my stupid boyfriend. I’ve trying to reach out to him for awhile now and he hasn’t responded in at least three weeks. I’m just pissed and confused and just a whole bunch of emotions.”

“He hasn’t talked to you in three weeks?”

“Not a word,” you confirmed.

“Then leave him. He is not worthy of you if he does not see you for what you truly are and cherish every part of you.”

“And what am I?”

“Smart, kind, beautiful, graceful, compassionate, shall I keep going?”

“No,” you said with pink coloring your cheeks, “That does quite nicely.”

Loki lifted your chin to have your eyes meet his.

“You should be with someone who sees you as all those things and more, and he should help you to see that you are all of those traits.”

“Oh, yeah. Who would be willing to fill those shoes?”

Loki answered by pressing his lips to yours in a searing kiss. Your lips moved in harmony together before you pulled back to catch your breath.

The next couple of weeks were some of the happiest you could remember. You broke up with your sorry excuse of a boyfriend and started a relationship with a certain god of mischief. You didn’t mention to anyone the bad luck he seemed to have recently, but you made sure you gave Loki extra love those days. The best part, besides getting a better relationship, was the picture Loki took on accident became your new phone background and greeted you every time the screen lit up reminding you that you are loved and you are a god damn amazing person.


Season 2, Episode 18: Kitty and Eric’s Night Out

This is such a great moment with the Forman Family. We get to see Eric not only showing that he loves and appreciates Kitty but he wants to spend more time with her. And to Kitty, a mother of teenager who are growing up and feeling like they don’t need her anymore, that has got to mean the world to her. The little goodnight kiss is really sweet. Based off Kitty’s reaction I have a feeling it’s been sometime since Eric voluntarily gave his mom a goodnight kiss.

And then there’s the Red and Kitty moment in the second half. Watch Red in the background as he enters the room and you can see that he can already tell that Kitty is upset. The way he stops in his tracks is so great and so the way he assumes Eric is the reason behind Kitty’s tears, thinking they are unhappy tears.

This moment is another perfect example of how protective Red is of Kitty.

It’s sort of like a reflex reaction for Red, he sees Kitty crying, assumes she’s upset and automatically wants to kick the ass of who’s ever behind it. Even if that someone is their own son.

Luckily Kitty stops him by letting him know that Eric had done nothing wrong and that’s when Red understands her tears are happy ones. It’s really sweet the way he wraps his arm around her shoulder and stays sitting with her on the sofa.

Who Knows: Part 1

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Swearing

 You turned the corner of your bathroom wearing nothing but a simple black lace bra and panties. You were drying your hair with a towel. You had just gotten out of the shower. As you rounded the corner, you bumped into Dean. “Dean, what the Hell?!” You jumped back, using the towel you dried your hair with to wrap around your half-naked body. “What are you doing Dean? Knock!” You looked up at him after making sure that you were securely covered. You noticed his eyes lingering on your body. “Dean.”

     He looked up, dumbfounded. “Um, I was coming to tell you Sam called. Turns out there is a case. It’s another angel thing. He gave me a motel address. So, get dressed. We can eat on the way.” He walked to the door, but paused. He turned around, leaning on the door frame. You noticed, and raised your eyebrows. “Really? Lace on a hunt?” You scoffed at him and quickly walked over to your dresser, not letting him see the heat rise in your cheeks. He chuckled at your reaction and walked away. “Chop, chop. I’m gonna pack the car.” You dropped your towel and reached in the drawer. You unfolded a pair of low-ride dark denim jeans. You were buttoning them when you heard Dean’s voice again, echoing through the bunker. “And, uh, pack for about,–” But he stopped. You were standing still in your bra.

     “Dude! We really need to work on your knocking.” You pulled up your shirt covering your chest. “What were you saying?” You asked pulling the tank top over your head.

     “Uh, to just,” he cleared his throat. “Tell you to pack for about a week. Sam said it could take a while.” Dean scratched behind his neck. “I’ll, uh, be packing up the car.”

     “Okay.” You grabbed your half-packed bag. You filled your bag with clothes, always packing extra, because when you’re a hunter, things get ripped. Along with your FBI monkey suit, you packed the locked box filled with all of your fake IDs. Never knowing which ones you would need, you guys always brought all of them. But you couldn’t find your FBI badge. The one you used a majority of the time.

     You brought your bag outside. Dean was leaning against the hood of the Impala. “You ready to hit the road?” He asked gruffily, like always.

     You shook your head. “No.” You dropped your bag off of your shoulder and put it in the back with Dean’s. “I can’t find my badge. For FBI. I looked everywhere, at every single badge in that box.

     Dean pulled himself off of the hood. He walked up to the passenger door and opened it. He easily slid into the seat and leaned over. He felt around underneath the glove box and pressed a button. A secret box popped open holding every single badge that the Winchesters’ ever owned. Each. From CDC to FBI. “Sam found it in the library. Just stashed it with the rest, I’d imagine.” He handed the badge to you, his hand lingering on yours. He winked at you. “What would you do without me?” He joked with a smirk on his face.

     “Hmm. Most likely not have to fake my damn death once a month.” You smiled, which caused him to smile, causing you both to look down with rosy cheeks.

     It was silent for a while, you and Dean both still looking down. Dean finally broke it though. “So you ready to head out, kiddo?”

     You scoffed. “I’m only two years younger than you and I can kick your ass. Quit calling me kiddo, asshat.” This caused Dean to smirk.

     “Oh? You can kick my ass, can you? We’ll see about that.” You could read what he was about to do. He reached out him arm to grab you side, but you read into it faster. You grabbed his arm and flipped him over. But Dean reached out for you with his other arm and wrapped it around your waist, pulling you down with him.

     You both just ended up laughing hysterically. Dean took his chance. He climbed on top of you grabbing your wrists and pinning them down next to your head. You were still laughing, which made him laugh harder. You realized you had an open opportunity. You kicked his legs out from under him, slipped out of his grasp, and flipped him over. You pinned his wrists above his head with two hands. After hunting for so long, you had only gotten stronger. Between that and him laughing, he squirmed against your hold. Dean groaned through his laughter. “Come on, that’s not fair. Taking a man while he’s weak.” He laughed to himself.

     “What are you talking about? You did the same to me!” You groaned, rolling off of Dean. You two just lied there in the grass for about another 10 minutes. Then Dean stood.

     “Alright, kid–,” he stopped himself. “Y/N. You ready to hit the road?” He outstretched his right arm to you.

     You sighed. You reached up to take his arm. “But only if,” You pulled his arm down, flipping to get on top of him. “Only if you agree that I totally kicked your ass. “You raised your eyebrows. “Huh? And no ‘If you ever tell a living soul, I’ll deny it’ crap. Alright?”

     After a few persuading looks from you, Dean finally gave into it. “Fine, but don’t ask me to drive.” You fake pouted. He rolled his eyes. “Maybe, maybe, on the way home. Maybe.” Your eyes widened. Dean rarely even let Sam drive Baby. But he knew that you loved Baby nearly as much as he does. “So,” he looked up at you. “You gonna get off of me and do this all over again, or can we actually get going?” You raised your eyebrows. You stood over him, your feet below his hips. You put your arm out. He raised his hand slowly and looked at you uneasily.

     “Oh, relax, would you?” You rolled your eyes and leaned down to pull him up. He brushed against you on his way up. You were standing incredibly close to one another. You never really saw the elder Winchester like this. He was standing tall. His eyes a bright forest green that glowed in the sun. And you knew that he was tall, but this close to you, he just seemed taller. You both stood like that for a while.

     Dean looked down at you and said, “Well, we left an hour later than we were supposed to, you ‘kicked my ass’,” He put quotation marks in the air with his fingers. “ And I got a grass stain on my favorite jacket.” You slightly chuckled. Bad idea. “I don’t know why you’re laughing. You’re covered in them too.” You looked down. He picked you up at your knees and threw you over his shoulder.

     “Dean!” You gasped, pounding on his back with your fists. “Put me down! Come on, Dean. This isn’t funny.” You tried to act serious, but you were laughing too hard. “Put me down.” You continued pounding on his back. “I’ll throw up on you.”

     “Alright, alright. No need for threats,” he joked. Wouldn’t want to get your panties in a twist.” He said with an English accent. He slid you down through his arms to the ground, never once breaking contact.

     You looked up at him. “So, let’s get this crazy ass show on the road, shall we?” He smirked.

     “Yeah, let’s go.” But Dean didn’t move. You had to squeeze out of his grip. Once you did, you strut over to the passenger door. You looked behind you at Dean.

     “If you don’t hurry, I’ll have to drive.” You winked. Dean grinned and jogged over to the driver seat of the Impala. You both looked at each other over the top of the car. You raised your eyebrows. “I need a coffee. Stop on the way?” He nodded. You slapped your arm on the top of the car, but not harsh enough to cause any damage. You winked at him again and slid inside the passenger seat. You closed your door. You leaned over and looked up at Dean through the window of the door. “You coming or what? Kiddo?” You grinned at him and started scooting over to the driver’s seat. “I guess I’m driving.”

     That caught Dean’s attention. “No. No. No. No, scoot your ass over.” You smiled, doing so. He finally got into the car. He started patting himself down. “Keys?” After a few more seconds of watching him panic, you held up your hand and whistled. You held the keys by their ring. When he tried to reach for it, you moved your hand just slightly out of his reach. “Come on, don’t be stubborn.”

     “Why? I’m so good at it.” You lazily smiled and threw the keys onto his lap. “I’m driving on the way back.” You announced. It was clear, that you weren’t taking ‘no’ for an answer. He turned the key in the ignition, and the radio blasted AC/DC through the speakers. You and Dean sang along the whole way to the motel, sneaking glances at each other here and there. And when your eyes sometimes locked, you both chuckled softly and looked down. You guys were stopped at a red light, and both of you looked out of your window and noticed a small little diner that had ‘Pie’ glowing on the sign.

     The both of you exchanged glances. And at the same time, you both said in sync, “Oh yeah.”