can you tell i fail

Zack totally teased the two of them (individually) to get together when he found out the feelings were mutual meanwhile Jason is just tired of all the gushing he gets from Kim about the yellow ranger

Jason: “Kimberly Ann Hart, I swear to god if you don’t ask her out, I’ll-”
Kimberly: “What? Ask her out yourself? She’s not into you. Not even into guys in general. What are you going to threaten me with now, Scott? And how dare you full name me.”

Trini reverted back to using earphones so they could listen to music together, but someone always moved their head too much where the other’s bud always came out so she decided to get a splitter so they could still listen together, but have their individual earphones.

Zack and Jason (reluctantly) bet on who’s going to get their ass wiped during sparring between the girls during training each day because (one of them gets a little too sidetracked)

Their study dates are 20% flashcards and 80% ”if i fail this test tomorrow, you can tell the teacher why, Tri!” “that i couldn’t keep my hands to myself after i finally found your ticklish spot which took so long to find but it was so worth it though it may have resulted in a hole in your wall because you tried blindly kicking at me?”

Trini secretly loves when Kim plays with her hair, especially when she’s had a stressful day
she’ll collapse into her lap and let her do her thing, letting her caress her hair and gently scratch at her scalp

Kim watches her girlfriend go from grumpy cat to lazy sleepy content cat (she totally awes at the accidental purr that comes out)
Kim is the only one that’s allowed to unbraid/braid Trini’s hair

Here’s Kim’s words of advice and reassuring comments to Trini introducing herself as her girlfriend for the first time “Breathe. You’re going to do fine. You’ll be great. Just think about something calming, soothing, relaxing.
“Like what?”
“Think about me. Naked.”

Kim willing to fight anyone who insults or harms Trini in anyway and becoming furiously protective

Trini trying to bite back her words of anger and hatred when Amanda and her minions make a harsh snide comment to Kimberly knowing she won’t be able to stop any sort of aggression once it starts

Comforting each other about their
past and current home life

Instead of passing generic notes, they’re either playing tic tac toe, telling one another jokes or Kim drawing mini comics and Trini attempting to continue the story with her stick figures

Kim getting jealous when this new girl starts flirting with Trini and because this oblivious gay can’t tell the difference between a friendly compliment and I’m-trying-to-ask-you-out-on-a-date compliment, she unknowingly flirts back

Trini getting jealous when Jason asks if he can talk to Kimberly in private, when Kimberly cancels their plans because she promised to hang out with him and when Jason let’s it slip that Kim visits him in his room at night to talk about things that are troubling instead of talking to her

Kim volunteering to babysit Trini’s brothers with her
Discussing/”Making Up” stories about the Power Rangers with them
Trading embarrassing stories about Trini
Shyly but trying to act intimidating as they interrogate Kim to see if she’s good enough for their sister
Innocently asking if Kim and Trini are dating
Teasingly throwing the girlfriend word around the girls
Board Games
Movie Nights
Them and Kim getting competitive with one another during video games
Talking about their favorite superheroes as they show her their action figures
Questioning her if she believes in aliens

Kim sitting next to Trini or in front of her during Biology so they can reach under the desk and hold hands, y’know whisper in one another’s ears like losers, doodle in each other’s margin on their notebooks

Sneaking into each other’s rooms through the window

Both calming the other down after a nightmare
Kim stealing all of Trini’s flannels, jackets, hoodies. (Beanies are harder to get though she managed to steal her yellow one and replaced it before she was caught.)

Trini occasionally borrowing one of Kim’s shirts/tops

neck kisses
shoulder kisses
forehead kisses
nose kisses
cheek kisses
stomach kisses

Trini staring at Kim’s lips when she talks
Kim glancing at Trini’ lips when they’re sitting or standing too close

lip bites

Playfully bickering on who gets to be the big spoon always even though they switch it up all the time

Being able to keep up with each other’s snark, wit, sass, and sarcasm
Sly smiles
Knowing smug smirks
Suggestive glances
Amused arched eyebrows
Challenging one another

Trini resting her head on Kim’s shoulder

Kim resting her head atop of Trini’s

Trying out different cafés, bakeries, patisseries, coffee shops and learning and eventually knowing each other’s orders at all of them

jokes, innuendos, pick up lines, teasing, banter
eye rolls all the time
exaggerated eyelash batting
Kim flirtatiously winking
pleading pouting lips
Fake offended gasp
hugs from behind

Kim leaning her chin on top of Trini’s head or her shoulder

both being easily whipped and persuaded/convinced by the other

whispering sweet nothings before saying something dumb and stupid and playfully insultful to get rid of the cheesy, sappy, sentiment

Trini judging Kim’s music tastes and both of them trying to find a common genre

Finding places with the best views of the town/taking each other on random adventures

Late night car rides with the windows down

They frequent the cliff edge that overlooks the lake (swimming hole?) for a good view of the lights

If Trini can convince Kim to go hike up the mountain together in the morning, they watch the sunrise, but usually they watch the sunset after school/training

Drive In Movie Theater which either results in Kim being totally invested and Trini taking a nap or having a popcorn catching contest

Sharing Milkshakes

They always share the last donut and have a showdown on who gets the last piece

Taking selfies in those In N Out hats when they go out for burgers

Trini finds Kim singing into a hairbrush and dancing around her room one day as she blasts Top 40 Pop Songs
It takes roughly about 15 seconds to get her to begrudgingly join in
But she’s just in awe at the girl’s voice and so is Kim when Trini starts singing
They’re both panicking

Racing one another just for fun (of course where no one will see)

Snowball fights

Behind the bleachers, rooftop, girl’s bathroom on the second floor or in a quiet vacant hidden corner in the library is where you’ll find them alone ditching class and being unusually couple-ish (The janitor’s closet was just downright disgusting and smelled of cheap chlorine bleach and sanitizer even with their superhuman powers, chemicals still had some effect on their body)

Squeezing each other’s hand for comfort or reassurance along with rubbing their thumb over one another’s knuckles

Trusting one another more than anyone

taking turns resting their head on the other’s chest

Trini resting her head in Kimberly’s lap as she’s sprawled out on the couch

Zack giving Kimberly the shovel talk and Jason giving Trini the shovel talk even though they care for both girls
It’s a ridiculously lovable somewhat annoying act

Trini calling Kim “Princess”

kissing one another’s palms and wrists

both being in utter awe that someone as amazing and beautiful wants to date them

rubbing soothing circles on one another’s hands when the other gets nervous/anxious

Kim tracing abstract patterns on Trini’s back when she’s sleeping

long walks or hiking up those mountain trails
talking to each other all night and even when one falls asleep the other doesn’t hang up the phone, lovesick idiots

When Kim asks Trini what she did to get into detention this time, if she isn’t sending a death glare towards Zack and groaning like she’s suffering through hell and back, she just gives a sheepish smile and a nonchalant shrug because she’s not going to admit that she volunteers to go to this and the teacher could care less

Taking photographs

Kim’s mirror is covered in polaroids and Trini has a secret album

Trini finding out that Kim can do an absolutely believable flawless British accent (you figure out the details)

Kim mouthing the lines to movies and tv shows and Trini’s not even paying attention to the screen anymore like always

God forbid, they have hidden poetry/song books about one another that neither of have told them about.

Tickle Fights

Kim complimenting Trini all the time just to see her blush

The only time they will ever carry each other without being a stumbling blushing mess or arguing over the position in carrying is when one of them is injured or asleep

Star Gazing on top of Kim’s roof

They totally had the same idea of kissing in the rain even though they both know it’s a fricking cliche because a) they can’t get sick and b) they’re saps and hopeless romantics even if they won’t admit it

Having a snowman contest

Kim pushing Trini into the pool and Trini pulling her in with her

Kim booping Trini on the nose and Trini is just bewildered

They take turns bringing each other drinks and donuts for breakfast during the school week (Jason scolds them about needing to eat a healthier breakfast)

They meet up before first period then always text each other before their next classes/during passing periods/hallway traffic jam to complain or give them a heads up about things instead of walking one another to class

Stealing from another’s food during lunch
though it turns more into a game of sorts

Whoever gets out earlier from class waits by the other’s locker after school

Let’s just say the Rangers can’t get drunk so they inevitably try to drink themselves to death, but a body shot and a lap dance ensues

“Do you trust me?”
“Not with my water bottle and definitely not over a cliff.”

“If she goes, I go.”

“You’re an idiot.”

“That’s just your way of telling me, you love me. I’ve cracked that code a long time ago, Hart.”

“Will you please just shut up for a second and stop doubting yourself and listen to me! You’re beautiful.”

“Why did we agree to play Seven Minutes in Heaven?”
“Did they just tell us to go fuck in a closet?”
“The irony hasn’t escaped me.”

“I hate this town. I hate these faces. I’m just so tired of everything, except you. Never you.”

“You’re not short,you’re just tiny.”

“I don’t remember falling in love with you. I just remember you grabbing onto my hand and squeezing way too hard when we were about to be pummeled to our deaths by a train and in that terrifying second I couldn’t process anything except a single thought which was, “You’re dying just admit you’re gay and pretty girls make you weak.”

“You’ve been shutting everyone out that genuinely cares about you”
“Not everyone, not you.”

“Do you think the world could suddenly end on a night as quiet as this?”

“Let me ask you something. Do you think there’s such a thing as a perfect day?”
“A perfect day. Start to finish. When nothing terrible or sad or ordinary happens. Do you think it’s possible?”

“We spend our whole lives stuck in the labyrinth, thinking about how we’ll escape one day, and how awesome it will be, and imagining that future keeps us going, but we’ll never do it. We just use the future to escape the present. Truth is, we’ll never actually be rid of Angel Grove, we’re still Power Rangers and just like any other superhero we’ll end up staying exactly where we are. Unfortunately our home isn’t a city.” “Well, at least it has you.”

“You were not meant to simply be pretty. You were meant to fight back, so get up and face it.”

“What’s inside is what matters. You are so much smarter than they give you credit for.”

“I am aware that I am less than some people prefer me to be, but most people are unaware that I am so much more than what they see.”

“I feel lost inside myself.”

“I’m not perfect, but I’m original.”

“Tell me every terrible thing you ever did and let me love you anyway.”

“The happiest people, don’t have the best of everything, they just make the best of everything.”

“Perhaps, I want nothing more than to fall asleep next to you.”

“My life will end someday and so will yours, hopefully we die roughly around the same age, not that I want you to die ever but I don’t want you suffering of heartbreak like some depressing Hallmark movie so just kiss me anytime.”

“Thank you, for making me feel less alone.”

“I stopped explaining myself when I realized people only understand from their level of perception.”

“You are alive. You are not a sad story.”

“I love you, but don’t know what to do.”

“You can’t love someone unless you love yourself first.” Bullshit.
I have never loved myself.
But you
Oh god, I loved you so much I forgot what hating myself felt like.”

“Why did you do that?”
“Because I love you.”

“I would never let anybody or anything hurt you.”

“I don’t know for sure what I’m feeling. I don’t think you know exactly what you’re feeling either. This is all new or maybe we’ve felt this way for quite sometime, but refused to acknowledge them. What I do know is that, whatever mutual feelings we have for one another is not going to jeopardize our friendship.We’re not going to let that happen.”

“Just talk to me.”

“What is wrong with you?”
“I’m crazy, remember?”

Kim noticing that Trini has bad social anxiety especially when she’s seated or standing in a public closed in crowd so she always makes it a priority to get seats near the windows in the corner or a seat where Trini’s back is covered
Kim trying to learn Spanish on her own not just to impress Trini (that’s just an added bonus) but to make it easier for Trini’s brothers and dad to communicate with her. She manages to even impress Trini’s mom and manages to have forge somewhat of an acquaintanceship, but she’s still wary.

They’re in love, that’s all I’ve got to say.

The Doomsday Clock was created in 1947 to representing how close we are to a global catastrophe. It’s maintained by the members of The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists’ Science and Security Board.

The group of scientists, including 16 Nobel Laureates, announced this morning that we have moved dangerously close to all-out disaster. The Clock’s recent advance to two and a half minutes means that scientists and experts agree that we are teetering on the brink of societal collapse or an apocalyptic scale nuclear war, which symbolically occurs at midnight exactly.

In the years since the Clock was created we have only been this close to midnight once, in 1953 when the Hydrogen Bomb was first tested. Further, the minute hand has only changed nineteen times since the Clocks creation.

This is not an announcement to take lightly or brush off – these scientists are all renowned geniuses in their respective fields and they have never been known to change the Time casually or without very strong reasoning.

To those that are sick of politics and don’t see the point in discussing the current state of the world: THIS is the point. THIS is the result of widespread apathy, lack of education, and disinterest in current events.

Once upon a time Rome was a magnificent and powerful empire, but it still crumbled to the ground at the peak of its glory. As an Archaeology student I can tell you that those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

The final sentence in the Doomsday report this morning gave a warning, “Wise public officials should act immediately, guiding humanity away from the brink. If they do not, wise citizens must step forward and lead the way.”

how does ben platt sing through tears like i cry when i sing just because my eyes tear up but if it gets bad i sound like a fucking goat. this man gets up there and sobs his fucking eyes out every night what the fuck kind of witchcraft bullshittery is this

I might have to pick a different object for Chalo’s “send to target” – one with less of a history of me encouraging him to tell hilarious dog jokes. (I do so love his jokes, though.)

In physics, the law of conservation of energy states that energy can be neither created nor destroyed. But it can change.

I don’t claim to understand physics anymore than I ever understood you, but maybe that’s why I didn’t feel it when you died. Why my heart kept beating, out of sync without yours.

Maybe I get to have a reason for the ache you left in my chest. For the hollow spaces between my ribs, where your hands once lingered.

You exist, still. You must.

—  as a memory, as a ghost | p.d
[NSFW] Distraction

Dick Grayson x Reader


4. “please, please let me come.”

6. “what do you want me to do, kitten?” 

8. “if you want it, beg for it.”

15. “you can handle more than that.”

25. “i want you to ride me.”

30. “don’t cry, baby girl. it’s almost over.” 

Warnings: Dirty language, swearing, pussy eating, riding, blowjob

Word Count: 2,724

Note: It was a request.

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hopefulmagazinebouquet  asked:

Can you write a fic about Jason finding out he has a daughter? Maybe Jason x Reader? IDK, you can spin that however you want.

Sorry it took some time but I was definitely inspired by the idea that I wrote a lot of pages. So this is the first part of the fanfic hoping you’ll like it. I tried to make something a bit different that what I used to read on the same theme.

The Child of The Red Hood/Jason Todd x Reader (PART 1)

           He had failed. He had failed everything. He had failed Gotham. He had failed his friends. He had failed his family. The Red Hood was a failure. Jason Todd was a failure.

           He looked at his red dusty mask between his hand, staring at his own reflection. He was not the handsome young vigilante he used to be. He had salt and pepper hair now and even some crow’s feet in the corner of his blue eyes. Hell, even his brown leather jacket looked old and damaged. But most of all he had lost all of his mischief and his signature sarcasm.
It made him laugh mirthlessly. How pathetic he was. Time had definitely fucked him up. Or was it rather the alcohol? or his miserable life? or perhaps a bit of everything?

           He put down the mask on the table nearby when he heard the sound of footsteps behind him.

 “ Todd. Believe it or not I’m glad you are here” Damian Wayne. He had changed too, but in a good way. Lucky him. He was not the little obnoxious brat anymore. He was a tall man with broad shoulders and an undeniable self-confidence, the spitting image of his father. No wonder people believed Batman was immortal. In that costume, Damian could fool anyone. Bruce would have been proud.
“ I still don’t get why I’m here though.”   
“ You know Grayson. He’s never been good at making plans but he wouldn’t have called you with no reason.”
“ And I do have a reason.” A weirdly croaky voice said in the back.

          Jason’s eyes widened when he saw the man he used to envy back in the days he was young and reckless. Dick Grayson. What had happened to him? Condemned to spend his last days in a wheel chair with an amputated leg and the memories of the good old times when he was still able to jump from rooftops. Time had screwed Jason up but the battle had made Dick lose his wings. Nightwing was no more. But he was still fighting and this is why Jason thought he was still better than him.

           And he still had people by his side contrary to him.

           Jason glanced at you. You were accompanying Dick; a beautiful young lady, probably in her early twenties, with long [Y/HC] hair tied in a silk ponytail. You were wearing a black, red and yellow costume with a bird symbol on the chest. The similarity with Nightwing’s costume was striking and that is why Jason immediately assumed you were Flamebird, the girl Dick had taken under his wing few years ago. He had heard a lot of rumours about you. Apparently you were not the kind of girl that tends to do things by half.
You went to stand by Damian while Dick approached a table placed in the middle of the room. The new Batman glanced at you with a smile. A smily Damian? That was new.

           A hologram of Gotham appeared on the table.
“ Luke sent me information concerning the Kanes’ new project. Apparently they released their robotic soldiers in Gotham’s underground to flush us out.”          
“ How could they find us? Drake conceived this hideout so that no one could enter without prior authorisation.”       
“ I guess they somehow found a breach when they tortured Tim to death. They aim to blow us all with a bomb”       
“ So what’s the plan. We leave?”   
“ We could but the explosion will make the underground foundations collapse and Arkham Asylum along with them.” The mention of a potential explosion made Jason shiver. “The bomb is remote controlled from Wayne Tower according to Luke. I need a team to infiltrate the tower and hacked the system to prevent the explosion.”  
“ That doesn’t explain why I’m here.” Jason said a bit annoyed. You glared at him, definitely not happy to have him here. “ That should reassure you. Perhaps you won’t be needed after all.”     
“[Y/N]” Dick sighed. “What? I don’t see why we would need this coward.” 
“ A coward?” Jason was offended. “Listen to me, little girl. I was doing this job way before you were born and I lost so many things, so many people I loved to do it. You can tell me I failed them all but don’t you ever call me a coward again.” You remained still and stern, definitely not affected at all by his words or ready to give him right.
“ Tim died. So did Bruce and Barbara. Dick lost his leg and God knows what happened to Stephanie. But you, you left the fight, you abandoned us. If that’s not being a coward, what is it? You don’t deserve to be among us.”
“ All right that’s enough” Dick yelled. He immediately coughed and started hyperventilated. You ran towards him to give him his Ventolin. “I’m sorry.” Dick patted your shoulder and kissed your forehead tenderly. “It’s okay [Y/N]. Damian can you keep going?” 
“ Sure. I’ll lead the infiltration with Cassandra. I know the place by heart. We should be able to defuse the bomb and handle both Colonel Kane and Kate. [Y/N] and Todd you’ll stay here to repel the enemy and prevent them from setting the bomb.”

You groaned discreetly not liking this plan. “Why can’t I come with you?” You asked disappointed and bit offended not to be part of the biggest part of the mission. Jason raised an eyebrow. Okay you didn’t like him but that didn’t mean you had to be so despicable.
“ I’d rather want you here.” Damian said grabbing you by the hands and staring at you right in the eye. Talking about proximity. “Fine.”            
“ I didn’t say I agreed to do it.” Jason said. You had this defying look that everyone noticed though you decided to remain silent by respect for Dick. He was like the father you never had. He had taken you in when you were still an infant, raised you and taught you everything.
“ Jason, you’re the only one I trust that can do this. If there had been someone else then I would not have bothered you.”  
“ Pretty sure I can handle the A.I robots on my own.” 
“ Oh really little bird. How?” 
“ I can fight. I don’t need some old outlaw with two guns to back me up.” 
“ You mean you’re the one who’s gonna back me up, kiddo”
“ We’ll see that, old man” You said before leaving the room with a defying and satisfied smile.

          When you left, Jason frowned a bit dubious. “Did I just accidentally accepted just to shut that little girl’s mouth?” 
“ I believe you did, Todd.” Damian said. “ But don’t worry [Y/N] often tend to make everyone do that.” And he left with a smile that let Jason a bit sceptical. 
“ I’m glad you’re in and I’m sure [Y/N] is too.”
“ I doubt it. That kid despises me.” 
“ Just give her a chance. She might surprise you.” Jason stayed silent for a short while. Bruce had told him the same thing: Give people a chance. They might surprise you. That’s how he ended up being a member of a family again. 
“ She got spunk. You’ve got to admit it.”
“ Yes it’s even surprising for someone who’s your sidekick.” 
“ She inherited it from her father. The power of the genes.”
“ … doesn’t always do people good.” It made Dick chuckle. “What?” Jason asked. 
“ Doesn’t she remind you of someone?” 

           Yes, you reminded him of someone. You reminded him of him, when he was playing sidekick on rooftops with the big bad bat: same youth, same boldness, same problematic temper.
His beloved wife had told him when she was pregnant that their daughter would be just like that too, that she could feel it in the way she was kicking in the womb. “We’ll have to manage.” He had joked. Though he never got the change to manage, as they were both taken away from him in a tragic explosion.
After that, he just threw the towel and packed up his red hood in a box.
And today, he had it back in his hands and had just agreed to wear it again because of an insolent little brat. What the hell? 


bunny-loverxiv  asked:

Could you tell us more about Ton and his story?

Ton isn’t that developed yet but what I can tell you is that he’s a failed sith-in-training who fled Korriban after being very nearly terminated by the other much more capable acolytes. He’s scraping by in neutral space somewhere, trying to avoid as many other actual full-fledged sith lords as he can so he doesn’t get murdered on the spot or dragged back to Murder Land. (also he’s got freaky-deaky healing powers!)

anonymous asked:

nancy and jonathan separately please <3

romantic/domestic hc’s coming your way! (sorry if they seem ooc, first time writing for stranger things!)

jonathan byers

  • you met through photography class, and were assigned as partners
    • he was always daunted by you because you’re gorgeous and smart and pretty much everything he’s not
    • but once he actually talked to you and saw how nice you were, that changed everything
      • he found himself talking more to you and to the people in class
      • and he also found himself spending more and more time with you outside of class
        • (usually it was at a little diner in town, or at your house)
        • (your parents were a little wary of jonathan because he was so quiet, but it changed as he came around more)
  • you realized you liked jonathan when you were both in the darkroom at school, developing pictures of each other that you had taken for a project
    • you’re not quite sure how it happened, but you ended up standing on your tippy toes to kiss him softly
    • he was super tense for a second because he’d obviously never been kissed before, but he soon melted into you
      • you’ll never forget his face when you pulled back; you don’t think you’ve ever seen him smile that hard before!
  • from then on, you guys are inseparable
  • jonathan was really excited to introduce you to joyce & will
    • (joyce was even more excited to meet you)
    • (will was THRILLED when he found out you liked lotr & the hobbit, and proceeded to tell the boys about jonathans awesome new girlfriend)
    • joyce is totally the mom who whips out old baby photos to embarrass jonathan
      • mom! please, please don’t!” “sweetie you were the cutest!”
    • you spend a lot of time at their house, helping out jonathan when joyce is busy 
  • hand holding!!!
    • jonathan absolutely adores holding hands; it’s the pda he’s most comfortable with
    • his hands are soft and big and your hand fits perfectly in his
    • he’s totally the type that traces small circles on your hand with the pad of his thumb
  • he brings you flowers at least once a week, don’t fight me on this
    • he’s like the gif of peter parker in tasm when he holds it up to his face all flustered
  • jonathan is a cuddler
    • he likes holding you close when you’re watching movies or just hanging out at home
    • if you fall asleep in his bed, you usually wake up a couple hours later to jonathan just wrapped around you

nancy wheeler

  • barb totally harassed the two of you to get together when she found out the feelings were mutual
    • nancy wheeler, i swear to god I will date her if you don’t get on it!” “shut up barb, i don’t want to jeopardize our friendship!”
  • you can remember your first kiss clear as day
    • you were both sitting atop her bed, heads at the edge of the mattress; feet propped up on the headboard, cyndi lauper playing softly in the background
    • it was nearing two a.m. and she was just talking about something she loved, and she looked so goddamn beautiful you couldn’t help it
    • so you moved to kiss her softly, and you were more than surprised when she didn’t stop you
  • barb nearly cheers when she finds the two of you at school the next day holding hands
  • nancy’s parents already love you, and are a little shocked when they find out; but they’re more than accepting
    • mike is excited, because he’s been betting with the boys as to when you were going to start dating
  • your study dates usually just end up as make out sessions
    • ”if i fail this test tomorrow, you can tell the teacher why, (y/n)!” “oh, i’ll tell him exactly what you were doing, nanc!”
  • NANCY LOVES WHEN YOU PLAY WITH HER HAIR, especially when she’s had a stressful day
    • she’ll collapse into your lap and let you do your thing, letting you caress her hair and braid it languidly
  • she likes to cook for you, and her specialty is cupcakes + cakes
Organic Chemistry

Originally posted by love-buckybarnes

Summary: The reader is studying for her final in Organic Chemistry and Bucky offers to help her study.

Word Count: 1808

A/N: Well, I have done two Dean Winchester stories, I thought I would put out a Bucky story and see how that goes!

*gift not mine*

You were sitting in the study with all your notes, flashcards, textbooks, and laptop spread out over ever inch of the table you were sitting at. You had been staring at all of your Organic Chemistry material for almost five hours and you were about to crack. You decided to turn on some music around hour two to see if that might help you relax, but it only made you annoyed that you had to study for a class that you were forced to take.

After reading the same paragraph Carbon-13 nuclear magnetic resonance for the tenth time, you slammed your book shut. You closed your eyes as you rubbed your temples, “Screw this class,” you said.

 “I’m guessing the studying isn’t going too well?” you heard someone ask you.

You knew that voice anywhere, and as soon as you heard it you were at ease. You opened your eyes and looked over at the door to see your boyfriend Bucky leaning against the doorframe.

You let out a sigh, “I am just ready for finals to be over.”

 “Me too,” he said as he pulled up a chair next to you.

 “Oh, are finals just kicking your ass too, Winter Solider?” you asked with a chuckle.

He let out a weary chuckle as he flipped through the notes sitting in front of him, “No, but I know they are kicking your ass. And you are spending all your time studying,” he looked up and gave you a small, sad smile.

You placed your hand on his cheek and rubbed your thumb over his cheekbone, “I know, I’m sorry, Buck. I haven’t really been there for you.”

“Hey,” he grabbed your hand and kissed your palm, “don’t be sorry for being a great student. I just miss you is all. I’m use to seeing you more than 20 minutes a day.”

You leaned in close to him, “Are you feeling needy, solider?”
He shrugged, “I mean, I guess,” his lips brushed yours.

You leaned back in your chair and smiled, “Well, that’s what you get for dating a girl who is in college.”

 “Well, at least I can say I am dating a college girl,” he smirked at you.

 “I’ve got a question. How does a 95 year old man get a college girl to go out with him?” you asked as you propped your legs up on his legs.

 “I’ve got a better question. Why does a college girl agree to go out with a 95 year old man,” he smiled as he rubbed your leg.

“You are pretty sharp for an old man,” you let out a chuckle.

He laughed, “Well, I just came in here to see if you needed anything. And to see how much longer you would be? I mean it might be nice to have a meal with you and possibly go to bed at the same time.”

You let out a sigh, “Honestly I have no idea how much longer I will be, baby. I’m sorry. Only 13 more hours,” you tried to give him a convincing smile.

He nodded and patted your legs, “Do you want some help?”

You raised your eyebrows, “You want to help me study for organic chemistry? HYDRA gave you a lot of organic chemistry training did they?”

 He smiled, “No smart ass. But I could quiz you from you notecards, if you want me to. I read an article that said it helps you retain the material if you recite it and if you talk about the material to someone. So you could talk to me about it, think of it like you are teaching me organic chemistry.”

You looked at Bucky in surprised. Here is a trained assassin who is willing to spend his time helping you study for your final. You sat up and put your hands on each side of his face, “Where did you come from James Barnes?”

He raised his eyebrows, “Brooklyn?” he answered confused.

You smiled at him, “You are so amazing, do you know it? You actually want to sit here and listen to me talk about organic chemistry?”

He smiled at you, “You need to study. I need to see you. So I figured that we could both benefit from it.”

 You kissed him and wrapped your arms around his neck, “God, I love you Bucky.”

You felt his arms tighten around your waist, “I love you too, doll. Do you want to start going over the material?”

 You pulled back and shook your head, “No.”

He chuckled as he tucked a stray hair behind your ear, “Well, the sooner we get going, the sooner you can go to bed, doll.”

You groaned, “Fine. Alright here are my note cards. Quiz me.”

He looked at the first note card and his eyes got big. He looked up at you, “I don’t even know how to say some of these words.”

You nodded, “Welcome to my world.”

After studying for two more hours, you were tapped out. You were drained from the day of cramming for the last final.

You threw your arms up in the air, “Carry me to bed,” you whined.    

 He chuckled, “Of course my love,” he picked you up as if you were a feather.

You ran your fingers through his hair as he carried you up to the room you two shared.

You changed in to your pajamas and curled into bed. Bucky pulled you into his arms and he rubbed circles on your back.

You leaned up and kissed his cheek, “Thank you.”

“For what?”

“For helping me study tonight. You didn’t have to do that.”

“I know I didn’t, but I also know that if I wanted to see you, that would be the only way I would get to.”

You let out a chuckle, “11 more hours and it will be all over.”

“11 hours,” he replied and kissed your forehead, “Go to sleep my organic chemist.”

You snorted and you fell into a deep sleep almost instantly.

 “Doll,” Bucky gently woke you, “it’s time to get up.”

You turned away from him and groaned, “No,” you pulled the covers over your head, “Not getting up.”

He chuckled and crawled over close to you. He pulled the covers down and kissed behind your ear, “Sweetie, you final is in three hours. You said you wanted to get a last minute cram in before you took the test.”

You threw the covers off your body, “I hate organic chemistry.”

Bucky laughed, “I know you do, baby.”

You turned your head to look at him, “Will you still love me if I fail this test?”

He sucked in some air through his teeth, “I don’t know. If you fail this test, you fail the class. And if you fail the class you wont be a college girl anymore. And you know I like me a college girl.”

You hit his arm and sat up, “Shut up.”

 He wrapped his arm around you and pulled you close to him, “Baby, of course I will love you if you fail this test. But can I tell you a secret? You aren’t going to fail this test. You are going to kick this test ass. You know how I know it? You know what you are doing, and you know the material.”

You sighed, “If only I had that confidence in myself.”

He kissed your cheek, “You will do great. Now go take a shower, I will get you some breakfast going so you can eat while you do some last minute cramming.”

You took a quick shower and got ready before you headed down to the study where breakfast was waiting for you. For the next hour and a half you crammed as much as you possibly could before your alarm went off to let you know it was time to leave.

 You grabbed all your stuff and trotted down the stairs to the entertainment room where Bucky was, “I’m leaving Buck,” you hollered as you walked past the door.

“Hey! Wait,” he got up and ran after you, “You aren’t going to give me a kiss?”

 You gave him a quick kiss, “I gotta go if I’m gonna catch my train.”

 “Good lucky, Ace,” Steve yelled from the entertainment room.

“Kick ass, kid,” Sam followed.

 “Thanks guys,” you turned to Bucky who was smiling at you, “What?”

 “I love you,” he kissed you again.

You kissed him back, “I love you too.”

 “Good luck, baby. Call me when you get done.”

You smiled, “I will.”

Two and a half hours. It took two and a half hours for you to take your final. Your professor told you all that he would have your test graded by tonight. You called Bucky and said told him you were headed home.

When you got home you went straight to your room and caught up on the sleep you had missed the last week.  

Bucky curled up in bed next to you and wrapped you tight in his arms while you slept.

 When you finally woke up, you smiled when you saw Bucky lying next to you watching TV. You tighten your arms around him, “Hi, Buck.”

He smiled down at you, “Hi, doll. Did you have a good nap?”

You nodded and yawned, “What time is it?”

 “Uh, 5:47.”

You shot up and ran down to the study.

 Bucky quickly followed, “Y/N, what is going on?”
 “My final grade!”

You logged on to your computer and to your web campus to see if he had posted the grade. You scrolled till you saw the notification. You stared at it.

“Well? Did he grade it?” Bucky asked.

You nodded.

 “What did you get?”
 “I don’t know,” you stood up, “Bucky you open it. I can’t look.”

He rolled his eyes and sat down.

You had your back to him. You bit your nail as you waited for him to tell you.

“I failed didn’t I?” you asked, continuing before he could reply, “Oh God, I failed! I will have to take it again next semester and it will mess up my whole graduation plan!”

He stood up and turned your around. He had a smile on his face, “Doll, you got a 93%!”

“Shut up!” you yelled, “Let me see!”

When you looked at the screen you saw it. Organic Chemistry final score was a 93%.

“I passed!” you squealed as you jumped up and down.

“I am so proud of you baby,” he wrapped you his arms and swung you around.

You laughed as he put you down, “Thank you, Buck, for everything.”

He placed his hands on your cheeks, “Anything for you. Hey, I’m just glad that I got my girlfriend back!”

           You laughed and kissed him. You both celebrated by sleeping for another ten hours

firelover0525  asked:

It's very exciting to see a new fe blog and I wish you the best of luck! Would it be alright to get some Kliff and Lukas hcs celebrating their s/o's late birthday? (Mine just passed) Feel free to ignore if you want.

ahh thank you so much!! also happy (late) birthday i hope your day was wonderful!! 💕💕 also i hope im understanding it correctly but as in late im assuming you mean that they are celebrating your birthday late if not please shoot me a message and tell me what you meant!! hope you like these.


  • Its not uncommon for Kliff to forget important dates. He’s just so bad at keeping track of dates and stuff, like sometimes he even forgets what day it is.
  • So when he forgets your birthday it’d be two days later and he immediately panics and feels awful. He calls himself an idiot multiple times and just wants to yell at himself for forgetting your birthday!!
  • Gray and Tobin would probably tease him and give him shit for it and which will just end up making him mad.
  • but don’t worry kliff will try to make it up to in way possible. he’d go out and buy you a few things and he’d attempt at making you a cake and kind of sort of failing at. and you’d probably end up walking in on his baking disaster and he explain himself.
  • He’d say, “Oh my gods ________, I’m so sorry I forgot your birthday. I tried making you cake but as you can I tell I completely failed at it…but I did buy you that outfit you wanted and those two books you were eyeing when we were in that town…” he’d mumble shyly as he went to go grab the things. His face would be dark red and he’d be sweating a little from how embarrassed he was.
  • he’d try to make it up to you in anyway and tell you that you can slap him for forgetting your birthday. he would always feel bad about it but you can bet that he won’t be forgetting your birthday any time soon!!


  • Lukas is very good at remembering things especially important dates.
  • so when he forgets your birthday he’d be so busy trying to train some of the new recruits and trying to keep Forsyth and Python in control. He’d be so overwhelmed and stressed trying to keep the Deliverance in check and making sure everything is running smoothly.
  • Python would remind him a day after your birthday had pass and he’d have a little smug smirk on his face and say, “Oui Lukas aren’t you forgetting something? A special little someone’s birthday has pass…can’t believe our favorite ginger forgot his partner’s birthday.” And lukas would suddenly remember what day it is but stay calm, “Ah, Python thank you for reminding me. I was so busy babysitting you and Forsyth that I had forgotten the date.” And he’d walk off leaving a laughing Python and Forsyth behind.
  • He’d wouldn’t freak out about it but he’d feel bad and tell you that he’s sorry for forgetting your birthday. He’d hope you understand that he’s been overwhelmed and just had forgotten what day it was and that he hopes you can forgive him.
  • He would go into town and buy you a bouquet of your favorite flowers and he had already bought you a necklace that you were eyeing in town a while back and he bought it not that long ago for your birthday and was planning on giving it you.
  • So he’d go find you and pull you aside away from everyone and tell you how sorry he is for forgetting your birthday and give you your gifts and he’d promises that once the war is over he will go and take you and him on a proper date.
  • He’d give you a kiss and spend the rest of the day with you doing whatever you wanted.
Can I Help?

Taehyung x Reader

Word Count: 5,439

Genre: Smut

This is definitely a re-upload :) sorry it was deleted!

I don’t like school. You may ask, “well, duh, who’s enjoying this hell hole?”, but nobody asked you. I have to force myself to go to class every day, and my English class just makes it worse. The teacher is amazing, he’s my favorite by far, but the teacher’s assistant? He is easily the cockiest, rudest, most disrespectful man on the face of this planet. He’s only 3 years older than me, 21-years-old, and so the childish “look how hot I am” persona is still there. Don’t get me wrong, he is definitely hot—too hot! They shouldn’t allow men like him into the world, does things to our bodies. Anyway, today we’re getting our results back from our last test and I already know 100% that I failed. My teacher keeps saying I should get a tutor, but that sounds so gross. Mr. Jeon walked around handing back the tests while Mr. Kim, sin himself, stood smirking at everyone, his eyes lingering on me for a second too long every so often. UGH. “Y/N”, his voices startled me, my eyes darting up to meet his. I frowned, taking my test from him as he sighed, “I won’t say it again, you should get help for this class. I don’t want you to fail”. I nodded slowly, “I don’t really know who to ask”. He smiled slightly and gestured over at his TA, “that’s quite literally what he’s here for”. “No, that’s okay. I will find someone else”, I murmured, the bell ringing right after. Everyone got up and filed out, but I took my time. “You would be willing to help her, right, Taehyung?”, Mr. Jeon asked him politely, no hint of anything in his voice as he packed up his desk. Mr. Kim grinned, nodding without hesitation, “of course, Jungkook. Anything to help your—I mean our students”. H gave me a subtle smirk without Mr. Jeon seeing, so I rolled my eyes. “Gross”, I whispered, turning to Mr. Jeon with a smile, “sure, I’d love the help. Thank you”. He clapped his hands together and smiled, “does tomorrow after class work for both of you? You can use my room”. We both nodded and I left quickly after thanking my teacher again so Mr. Kim couldn’t say another word. No thanks! Not today! I got home and tried to focus on anything other than tomorrow. Kim Taehyung, you better keep your comments to yourself.

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Yo, I just passed the 100 follower mark after about six weeks!!! Actually, I have 101 followers, which is amazing and incredible and it shows how blessed I am. I have to thank all my mutual’s (and quite frankly blog recs for everyone reading this) who are:

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To celebrate 100 followers, I cannot do amazing shit you guys can with edits and gifs and graphics. All I have are my fics, which hopefully you guys aren’t just lying about liking.

I do want to play a fun game! I can’t do blogrates because I’ll give everyone a good score, but I have seen a fun guessing game going around to celebrate follower count, and I would like to do that. So as long as you:

Then be a part of the game. The rules are simple. I’ll have a list of my top favorite characters in ASOIAF and you’ll need to guess each person. If you're right, you get a fic (at least 1K) long about whatever prompt you want to give me (that doesn’t ask me to bash a character or ship, if you don’t want one in it, let me know and I just won’t write them). The prompt does not have to be for ASOIAF, so if you want options, let me know and I’ll tell you what I can do.

(if this fails, we forget it okay?)