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This year going back to school I realized that my homophobic neighbor is entering. I'm a sophomore so they'll be there until I graduate. I don't know what to do because I'm extremely out of the closet at school and I'm always super vocal about it (literally I was there for band camp and me and my friends were yelling about how gay we are). My parents are also homophobic and my neighbor knows them so I don't know what to do. School was always a safe space but now I don't know anymore.

I’m so sorry this is late.

My suggestion would be to tell your guidance counselor and explain to them that you are not comfortable with this person in any of your classes. If this person makes you uncomfortable or feel endangered, they most likely will make sure you are not in the same classes.

Another thing you can do is tell your friends not to out you around your neighbor.

Do any followers have any tips?


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How would the 2ps react to their s/o getting bullied so much they refuse to go to school, and flinch or cry at everything and they don't tell the 2ps till they're having a breakdown?

(Ahhh yes, this brings back memories~)

2p Italy: “Bella, I want you to write down their names, and tell me where I can find them. They won’t bother you anymore~”

2p Germany: “Mein häschen, why didn’t you tell me???”

2p Japan: “Let me get my katana before we go.”

2p Romano: “Ohhhh no they didn’t! Let me take care of them for you, hon.”

2p Spain: “…That’s just fucked up.”

2p Prussia: “How dare they do that to you! J-just stay home and we’ll settle it tomorrow.” *cuddles them*

2p America: “Give me their names and what they look like so I can wring their fucking necks.”

2p England: “Dearie, please don’t cry. I’m here to help you. Now, tell me who these people are and I will handle it.”

2p France: “ *groan* What a bunch of immature assholes. Just stay home today, I’ll take care of it.”

2p Russia: “That’s it you’re being home-schooled.”

2p China: “Why the hell would they do that to you You’re amazing how can they not see that?! Tell me who is doing this to you and I will fuck them up.”

2p Canada: “Tell me who these assholes are right now.”

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hi, i've had symptoms of adhd since i was a kid and continue to see them as a teenager but i'm from an asian family so my parents just tell me i'm not trying hard enough and won't let me get tested for it. i'm smart so when i was younger even if i didn't pay attention in class or do my work i could still get good grades by just winging it on tests, but now that i'm in high school it doesn't work anymore and my grades dropped a lot. i really don't know what to do now

I’m sorry for taking so long for the response! I wanted to make sure I had as many coping mechanisms as I could find. 

First of all I would talk to your school counselor, especially if you’re in an American school. If you tell a school counselor that you think you have ADHD but your parents are pretty much denying you testing they can do something about it.

Now here’s the coping mechanisms!

  • Make the morning routine easier - find one specific place to keep your keys, phone, wallet, etc and you won’t have to worry about looking for them in the morning, it’s a good idea to get a bright phone case, key chain or wallet.
  • Do your homework as soon as possible - if you say, have math before a free period, do your math homework during the free period. You’ve got it done when you’re not completely out of it
  • Make sure you have a snack before you do homework after school
  • Caffeine - i would limit the intake, but for a lot of people with ADHD self-medicate with and caffeine helps a lot (it’s honestly how I made it through high school)
  • Notes - Some people find it’s easier to pay attention when you take notes, it forces you to pay attention and it gives something your hands too do
  • Study breaks - When doing homework or studying work on stuff for no more than 20 minutes at a time and take a five minute break between each thing
  • Exercise - if you’re able to, working out can burn all of your physical energy and make it easier to focus in class (the other thing that got me through high school)
  • Excessive reward (as needed) - if you know you’re having a really bad day and are seriously struggling to get things done, give yourself a reward that would usually be too much for what you just did. 
    For example, If I do questions two and three for my french homework I can watch an episode of the anime I just started.
  • Find the best place to do your homework - I usually avoid doing certain kinds of work in certain places, if i’m studying for a test I stay out of my room. If i’m writing an essay i’m sitting in bed.
  • Fun ways to get started - If you’re struggling to get started find something that’s kind of fun that’s related to what you need to do. I’ll do duo lingo before i do my french homework or I’ll watch crash course history before i do history stuff. 

And remember! You can still do well with ADHD. I know two college professors with severe ADHD. I believe in you!

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Have you ever struggled with questioning your gender? I don't know what to do anymore. Part of me keeps telling myself I can limbs happy just being butch, the other, really feels male sometimes. I'm so lost. It is even more frustrating that having coming out as lesbian recently, I was happy that I wouldn't ever have to come out again. Coming to the reality that may be trans scares the shit outta me.

I absolutely have. I spent most of my childhood being really confused about being a girl. In college and grad school I did a lot of work (I was an art major) about gender performance. It’s something I still think about. Honestly, I “came to terms” about being a woman in my mid 20′s. I think if it’s something you are wrestling with in your own mind, look for some books or movies (”Venusboyz” comes to mind) and maybe also seek out a trans men’s support group? You might be able to gain a more positive perspective and discover more about yourself and how you feel about your identity. 

Also, if you are trans or not, BOTH are awesome. It’s a gift, not a negative thing. Yes, it will be hard to deal with the people outside of yourself BUT if you can accept the fact that being L,G, B, or T is a fun and amazing thing, more people will be on board with you.

Good luck my friend!

'legally blonde: the musical' starters
  • "I'm doing this for love, and that's how I'll survive."
  • "I grew up in the [city] slums, with my mom and a series of bums."
  • "You know why cheerleaders always get the guy and keep the guy?"
  • "A girl sweet as you has a future."
  • "That's a good school!"
  • "He's a lucky guy."
  • "Mazel tov!"
  • "I think he should be shot."
  • "Three words - spring break cabana!"
  • "It'll wreck your senior spring."
  • "You're breaking up with me?"
  • "How is this helping?"
  • "Is he gay or European?"
  • "This wouldn't work if I tried all day."
  • "Just try it once, and he'll buy you a drink!"
  • "Happy people don't just shoot their husbands! They just don't!"
  • "Whoever said tangerine was the new pink was seriously disturbed."
  • "I thought you were proposing!"
  • "Each time [name] walks in the door, your IQ goes down to forty... maybe less."
  • "Bring that ring back and show it to me!"
  • "It's 99.99% effective on straight men."
  • "I'd never sleep with a man in a thong!"
  • "Sure, I broke his nose, but I got to spend 4 and a half hours with him in the ER and in the ambulance! It was the most romantic time of my life!"
  • "Look, do it, and I'll go away."
  • "It was a move designed by cheerleaders to break the will of the other team."
  • "I see the problem here, and it's not physical. It's spiritual."
  • "Don't forget, I got into this school, too."
  • "Now, you may have heard the same rumors I did. '[Name] is ruthless, s/he bathes in the blood of sheep!' Well, rest assured, those rumors are only partially true."
  • "My word means something."
  • "Check, please."
  • "Keep it positive!"
  • "Fine, I'll pay your way if you get in."
  • "Back the hell out of her way!"
  • "When I'm wrong, then I say I'm wrong, and I was wrong about you."
  • "I think I'm here to stay."
  • "I crash and burn ten times a day."
  • "Cheerleaders scare me."
  • "He's gay! Totally gay!"
  • "We'll never look good trying to make each other look bad..."
  • "I may be in love, but I'm not stupid."
  • "I bought a new salon. We also feature dog grooming!"
  • "Now we have two kids - and one more on the way!"
  • "I'm not quite sure where this metaphor's going."
  • "Maybe [name] saw someone who was sleeping her way to the top, but I see a woman that doesn't have to."
  • "The answer could take weeks..."
  • "It has not worked out well. I wish that I were dead."
  • "Love led you here?"
  • "How many yachts can one man own?"
  • "I got through law school by busting my ass."
  • "[Name] quit. Said s/he makes more modelling anyhow."
  • "Omigod, you guys!"
  • "I need to marry someone serious - less of a Marilyn, more of a Jackie."
  • "I hoped that you'd understand..."
  • "Depending on the time of day, the French go either way."
  • "Hey, don't look at me."
  • "I've got a package."
  • "[Name] scares the crap out of me."
  • "Oh, so I'm not good enough for you?"
  • "What rich, romantic planet are you from?"
  • "I'm from [city]! I'm not exactly trailer trash!"
  • "No man/woman should be denied his/her dog!"
  • "You stalked some guy to an Ivy League school?"
  • "You're a perfect match, 'cause you both got such great taste in clothes."
  • "Pull her hair and call her 'whore'!"
  • "That's so sweet!"
  • "I haven't slept since [year]."
  • "You're fired."
  • "They're just like that couple from Titanic - only no one dies."
  • "Two jobs plus law school?!"
  • "That's it! I'm not covering for you anymore!"
  • "You can laugh, but she's made tons off her DVD and book."
  • "See if you can place a little sense in the space between her ears."
  • "This isn't some little sorority thing!"
  • "[Name] has trouble trusting me."
  • "There s/he is! Intern of the year!"
  • "I don't speak MTV."
  • "I don't go to parties a lot."
  • "Could it be the real thing in your way is the very guy you're trying to impress?"
  • "Didn't your mother ever tell you not to judge a book by its cover?"
  • "People have judged me my whole life."
  • "You know I'm right."
  • "I'm not about to celebrate."
  • "I gotta go get my asthma spray."
  • "If there ever was a perfect couple, this one qualifies!"
  • "We love you guys!"

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I just watched the Lexa scenes again (ep 3x07) and I can't stop crying, when Titus was taking her away, he was taking my life too. I don't know what to do really, I'm just so sad that nothing I do makes sense anymore... I feel like someone next to me died, Lexa took my life away :'( Please tell me something kind, because I can't handle it anymore, I didn't even go to school

Look at your hand, palm up. Run a finger over it. Feel the lines under your fingertip. Feel the tickling sensation on your palm. Can you feel your heart beating? Can you feel all that? You are real. You make sense. You have a life in front of you filled with smiles and grinning eyes and so much happiness. Filled with people. Lexa is gone from the show, but she’s in your mind, in my mind, in people’s hearts, on Tumblr giftsets, in fans’ art, in fanfiction. Just because we saw her die, it doesn’t mean she really did. Because that’s the beauty of a fictional character. As long as we keep writing her, drawing her, giving her life, she’s very much alive. Just because canon says she died, it doesn’t mean she really has. We still think of Anya as living and breathing; the same for Costia; Gustus still lives in many of our stories too. Just because they say Lexa is gone, it doesn’t mean she is. She still matters. And above all, you matter. You are so important. They didn’t take her away and they sure as hell didn’t take your life away too. She only dies if you let her. Don’t. I most certainly won’t.

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I feel like complete shit.. I failed two of my classes my first semester of college and I don't know what to do. People have been telling me to quit because I'm too stupid for college.. And I just seriously just don't know what to do anymore

college is hard. I consider myself fairly intelligent and ive failed college classes before too, its a big step up from high school. but if you’re determined enough, you can succeed. your college probably has tutors that your tuition pays for and study groups for classes, and your professors will have office hours. don’t listen to the people who say you’re not good enough. Prove them wrong bc i KNOW that you have the capability to succeed in college. take the failed classes as a learning opportunity. if you think you spent too much time online, cut some of that in place of studying. if it was not grasping the material, try different ways of studying. some people are better with visual learning, words, videos, by doing it hands on, etc. you’ve got this pal

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I let my students do a creative project in class. And one students complained about how he didn't know what to do and didn't want to do the project in school. I told him that the grade will also depend on his working spirit but he refused and told me that he would do it at home. So yesterday they should hand their projects in and he was like "Sorry I forgot it at home, am I allowed to hand it in later?" - I just don't know what to say to that student anymore... Do you have a gif for an answer?;)

uggggh.  i feel ya.

first, hopefully you have a structure in place to deal with late assignments (eg. 5% off final mark per day that it’s late or something).

second, call home, talk to the parent to tell them the assignment is late and if they could ensure the student brings the assignment to school the next day.  that’s what i’d suggest.

and if he makes more trouble you can show him this gif


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Can I ask you something? I'll change schools this summer and I'm really excited, I can start again and nobody knows me, but I don't know how I want to be. I want to be a hippie, a grunge girl, the quirky fun girl, the bad girl, a poet,... I don't know who I am yet and I have to figure it out until summer because then I won't be as shy anymore and idk help me please :( Please don't tell me to "be myself", I don't know myself and I love everything

Who says you have to be just one, everyone has different sides to them, I. Summer I live in dresses and lace and actually quite girly things but in winter I’m straight black and burgundy heavy weight clothing, change, try everyone in the summer go thrifting and buy clothes that’ll fit any person you want to be :3

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Donnie I can't stop crying I hurt Raph's feeling I'm a horrible person if I can do that I'm the meanest girl to ever live on earth . If you hate/dislike me your choice is good... I don't think I can live anymore!

You had me up until the last sentence.

If you send me an ask telling me you can’t live anymore because my brother got angry at you, then I have a mix of concern and pity for you.

Please do not be serious. If you are serious, you need counseling, stat. Like right now. Tell a parent, a friend, your school counselor. Wanting to kill yourself over a mutant turtle on tumblr you don’t know is just wrong and you need to talk to someone. Need to. There are numbers you can call. There are friends you can talk to. 

If you are not serious then stop. Don’t even joke about that. That is not cool to do. Don’t EVER send as ask as a joke saying that you can’t live anymore over something. 

I have  no choice but in good conscience have to treat this as though this is serious. Because it’s hard to sort the attention seekers who are using self pity to get compliments from the people who are honestly truly suffering. I know I don’t want anyone hurt, and I don’t want anyone to feel really horrible.

But I don’t know anymore. With all the asks like this I get, and how many of them do end up being attention seeking and bullying, it’s so hard, so hard to know exactly how to respond.