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fic prompt: Isak married even, a moment between Isak and his best buddy/man Jonas before the vows

“Man, I can’t believe you made it to twenty-four without learning how to tie a fucking tie. What the hell,” Jonas says, rolling his eyes. And it’s not like Isak can’t do it by himself—he’s just so nervous that his fingers had felt like lead. But he’s about to marry the love of his life, and that should be an excuse. Even always has this effect on him, no matter how many years they’ve spent together. It’ll be a dark day when the mere thought of Even doesn’t make Isak feel like a fumbling mess again, seventeen years old and learning what it felt like to fit in his own skin for the first time.

Isak takes a deep breath. He’d promised himself he wouldn’t get sentimental until the vows. Even’s no doubt going to be sappy as hell, and all Isak has is a sweaty index card tucked into his jacket. He’s written and rewritten them, but no words can ever capture all that Even means to him. Isak isn’t sure he even knows the full extent of it yet, not when they have years ahead to figure it out.

Jonas must sense his mood, because he chuckles as he puts the finishing touches on Isak’s tie. “Who would’ve guessed you’d be the first one out of all of us to get married?”

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Please do make that Eliot body language rant

I cannot tell you how many times I’ve forced people to listen as I extol the way Eliot touches him during the threesome scene, so I am DELIGHTED you’ve given me an excuse to do it again.

And really, that’s what gets me is just the way he touches Q. Yes, it’s a sex scene, so clearly they’re touching, but that doesn’t mean you touch everyone the same way. I really wish we had a shot of them from further out because it really sort of looks (to me, anyway) like Quentin is in Eliot’s lap for their kiss, but since we can’t see if he is or not, I’ll leave that bit of positioning alone.

Regardless, they’re close and despite the fact that I really don’t think what we’re shown is their first kiss, there’s this moment where they hover and stare before kissing like they’re taking a breath before taking the plunge. If you want to know why I don’t think it’s their first kiss… You can see their hair is caught together and there has to be a severe lack of personal space for that to happen because yes, Q’s hair is long, but it’s not that long. A strand of Q’s hair is stuck almost on top of Eliot’s head, which just makes me think he crawled on top of Eliot and it fell around his face and tangled with Eliot’s before they lifted back up together.

I am assuming they kissed during whatever they did to get close enough for their hair to tangle up, but maybe they didn’t. But what does happen is they’re lingering that close and Quentin’s holding his hands up like he doesn’t know what to do with them, like he isn’t sure where he can touch, but it looks like he leans in first and Eliot meets him open-mouthed.

It almost looks like Eliot wants to devour him and almost as soon as they start to kiss, Eliot has a hand on the back of Quentin’s neck, holding him in place and then squeezing like he’s making sure Quentin doesn’t pull away. You can see Eliot’s hand slide up and tighten as he presses in closer, rising up and kissing Q harder while Q finally figures out what to do with his hands and moves to settle them on either side of Eliot’s neck so they’re both holding on to each other.

The neck squeeze is important to me. It’s possible that this is just an Eliot thing, but I prefer to think it’s an Eliot with Q thing, an ‘I finally have him and I’m not letting him go’ thing. I cannot swear that Eliot never kissed Mike like that, but in the scene with Javier/Fen, he’d place a guiding hand on the side of their neck or let his hand slide along their shoulder(s), but there wasn’t the same neck squeeze. We see other people give Eliot the neck squeeze (Margo and Fen both, I believe), but Eliot only does it to Quentin.

And then there’s the morning after scene. You wouldn’t think there’s much reason to squeal over this except omg, yay, they’re in bed together, BUT YOU WOULD BE WRONG.

Eliot is in the middle of them and I don’t really care as much about why he’s in the middle as much as I do about what he does while in the middle. He was drunk, he just had sex, he probably just fell down wherever, the fact he’s in the middle isn’t a big deal, but it does let us see something. Eliot Waugh, while unconscious and vulnerable and stuck between his best friend and a guy he only met earlier that year, will choose to turn to the guy first.

‘But he’s drunk,’ you say! Yeah… I have no idea how intoxicated he still is by the time they’re done, but once he’s asleep, even if he’s inebriated, it seems like he’d want to turn towards the greater source of comfort/security. Forget terms of attraction, we know Eliot is perfectly fine cozying up to Margo and this is sleep, this is not sex, so don’t tell me the guy in bed is the logical choice. This is about the emotional connection. 

 Eliot Waugh is in bed between his best friend and the boy she once said he was obsessed with and given the choice between them, his unconscious mind chose to be close to Quentin. He doesn’t just turn towards him in his sleep, it’s more than that, he drapes an arm across Quentin like he’s trying to keep him close even in sleep, absolutely prepare to hold on and squeeze to keep Q from escaping his hold. Just let him hold on a little more.

Yes, he was drinking the night before. Yes, you can call him an emotional mess because of the emotion bottle, because of Mike’s death, because of the drugs used to deal with Mike’s death. You can say those affected his behavior in bed just like you can say it was just chance Eliot flipped to cozy up to Q instead of Margo. He had to cozy up to somebody, didn’t he?

Actually, no. Both times we see Eliot in bed with Mike, Eliot’s asleep on his back. 

We see Eliot kiss Margo, Mike, Fen, and Javier in addition to Quentin, but Q’s the only one that I spotted the neck squeeze with.

We see Eliot in bed with Margo and Mike as well as Quentin, but Q is the only one he turns to.

Yeah, you can dismiss it all if you want, but I’m still going to fangirl about it.

Shtpost #2


EXO is currently taking over my life. 

(i hear distant groans of agreement don’t lie i know we all are being dominated by a particular south korean family that sing and dance and do crazy stuff)

I wake up and the first thing I instinctively do is literally open my phone (no lie) and go on Instagram and search up chanbaek crap (hands up if you follow chanbaek_sister or chanbaek_idclub ayyyyy) because I am that fking deprived of EXO and also because international fan sTrugGLEs. 

Oh, i also heard rion (the ‘fan’ of suho who is always making him feel uncomfortable and exos disgsuted bc she did unspeakable things while obsessing over junmyeon) attended the manila concert.. yikes (i dont want this post to be negative so let’s just stop here and wish for. suho’s well-being) and then something else like an anti (i’m not going to spread names) bringing plush penguin toys to the concert and stuffing rocks inside them with the intention of throwing them at exo??? like, you’re just become absolutely petty and rude and dumb and i kind of want to laugh at these ‘fans’ bc they’re so… immature and sad (but hey, to everyone reading this, bts and exo and in fact, all kpop groups, are close-knit friends. they know what it’s like to have to practice for crap all day and they respect each other. i just want everyone to be positive and love because that’s how. we can end these disputes. i hate having to see ‘armys are just petty 13 y/o babies hating on exo’ or ‘exols are so loud and annoying don’t they get tired of screaming’ crap all the time on my feed. it wasn’t like this before. and we were a family once, we can be a family again. it’s not that hard. 



Who wouldn’t like these two beautiful beans?

Chanyeol loves Baekhyun so much that Baekhyun loves him back I-

And did anyone else notice that for their special stage Baekhyun and Chanyeol had MATCHING BRACELETS????!!!!?!?! I had to rewatch the stage because of a chanbaek fanvid (yes, that’s how I found most of my moments despite being a 2015-current fan) and I literally had to pause,

sit back,

look again,

lean closer,

and just:

me: bish what?

like, hello?

*asian voice* what, the hell?

okay please please please tell me they went on a little secret “boyfriends-that-do-a-lot-of-romantic-stuff-but-it-isn’t-platonic-or-anything” nights’ out and got each other bracelets like the ones in scarlet heart ryeo shkhsdkufhjh i love how they’re so intimate and lovely with each other *insert guttural noises*

another thing i realized is whenever baekhyun smiles or does something, chanyeol always seems to feel it and just copy his (boyfriend’s) best friend bandmate’s actions i stg they’re sOULMATES~~~

also, i’ve noticed that baekhyun’s movements are always so soft and gentle but if you notice, during concerts he’d always go the extra mile and have the perfect facial expression, hand gestures, everything, so that he’d look smooth af (probs why some call him daddy…(please don’t)) so when he’s standing beside this giant of a dork, aka the endorser of masks, baek always seems to small and cy always needs to protect him (although they probably hit each other and play lol all weekend)

i mean, just look:

you have their ridiculously weird side…

you also have their romantic yet fluffy side


but then you get this “???” aka “error 404?”

pcy…your hands. hands. hands to yourself, please. ( although i’m lowkey wishing that they had more skinship ;-;)

pcy where are your HANDS!! keep the awards pg-13 please!

(but baekhyun smirked so i actually have no idea what they are anymore hahahaha)

yeah so that was my rant because i just realized how. much i. love . exo . and chanyeol and baekhyun and exo in general like SEHUN, the baby that has a lot of respect, XIUMIN, the kind-hearted hyung who loves everyone and just wants to make everyone get comfortable, SUHO, the leader who never gives up and always laughs because he loves his members so much, KAI, the hardworking second maknae with the most contagious laugh ever (personal opinion), CHEN, the lowkey most observant vocal range god that everyone loves, LAY, the one who is selfless, innocent, and willing to try new things, D.O., our precious squishy bean who has the smoothest voice and the chillest attitude. EXO is such an important part of my life that I almost wish that I had never met them (it’s a good thing to think, almost like when the water is so cold it numbs you and you think it feels hot) 

So, kudos to all the exo fans who supported exo and stayed together no matter what happened because it’s only thanks to. you that i can be so blessed like this. love ya~

Bangtan Asks Meme

Ask meme series: BTS Songs Ask Meme | KPOP Bias Ask Meme | Red Velvet Ask Meme

Put a song title in my ask & I will answer the corresponding question.

2 Cool 4 skool

  • 2 cool 4 skool: When you were a kid, what was that one thing that everyone obsessed over? Did you like it too?
  • We are Bulletproof pt 2: What are 3 characteristics you pride yourself on?
  • Circle Room Talk: Are you an introvert or extrovert?
  • No More Dream: Tell us about a dream you had about your bias.
  • On the Start Line: What was your first job?
  • I Like It: 5 gifs of your bias, please.
  • Circle Room Cypher: Tell us about your BFF.
  • Path: When you die, how do you want to be remembered?


  • O!RUL82?: Tell me about a time you were late for something.
  • N.O: Tell me about your most rebellious moment.
  • We On: List your favorite TV shows.
  • R U Happy Now?: Tell me what your ideal paradise would be like.
  • If I Ruled the World: Tell me what you’d do if you were Ruler of the World for a day.
  • Coffee: Coffee or Tea?
  • Cypher 1: Boardgames or Video games?
  • Attack on Bangtan: F*ck, marry, kill (then name three idols)
  • Satoori Rap: Tell us about a custom from your country.
  • Luv in Skool: Tell us about your favorite school subject.

Skool Luv Affair

  • Skool Luv Affair: What is the ideal way to woe you?.
  • Boy In Luv: What are your otps? 
  • Soulmate: Do you believe in love at first sight or soulmates?
  • Where did you come from: Talk about your place of birth.
  • Just One Day: If you had one day to spend with your bias, what would you two do?
  • Tomorrow: What do you aspire to be?
  • Cypher 2 Triptych: Who is your OT3 and why do you love them?
  • Spine Breaker: Do you enjoy exercising?
  • Jump: Do you like extreme sports?
  • Propose: What do you think about public proposals?
  • Miss Right: Who in your bias group is most compatible personality wise to you? 
  • I Like It, Slow Jam: Care for a dance? (Can you dance?) 


  • What am I to You: Describe yourself in 10 words or less.
  • Danger: What is the most dangerous situation you’ve ever been in?
  • War of Hormone: Tell me about your crush.
  • Hiphop Lover: What kind of music do you like other than kpop?
  • Let Me Know: Tell me a secret that someone in your real life doesn’t know about.
  • Rain: What kind of weather is your favorite?
  • Cypher 3 Killer: If you could kill someone without being caught, would you?
  • What are you Doing: What were you doing before you logged into tumblr today?
  • Would you Turn off Your Cellphone: Have you ever gone on a day without using your cellphone/computer, and what was it like for you?
  • 24/7=Heaven: Do you believe a heaven or afterlife exists?
  • Look Here: Post your best selfie.
  • 2nd Grade: Tell me about your childhood crush.
  • Does that make sense?: Tell me about something that confuses you.

The Most Beautiful Moment in Life pt 1

  • The most Beautiful moment in life: Tell us about your most beautiful moment in life thus far.
  • I Need U: What is something you can’t live without?
  • Hold me Tight: Do you like cuddles/hugs?
  • Expectation!: What are you like when you’re angry?
  • Dope: List your favorite songs this week.
  • Boyz with Fun: List your 5 vorite bias group moments 
  • Converse High: How many pairs of shoes do you own?
  • Move: Have you ever moved from one house to another?
  • Love is not over: Name one regret.

The Most Beautiful Moment in Life pt 2

  • Never Mind: Name something you’re trying to forget about.
  • Run: What is something you hope to accomplish this year?
  • Butterfly: Tell me about any collections you currently maintain.
  • Whalien 52: Tell me about the time you felt most alone.
  • Ma City: Name something you’re proud of about your city.
  • Baepsae: Talk about a time when you exceeded other’s expectations of you.a
  • One night in a Strange city: Where in the world do you most want to go?
  • House of Cards: List out your bias ranking.

Young Forever

  • Fire: If you were an element, what element would you be?
  • Save me: Tell me about a time when you saved someone or vice versa.
  • Young Forever: What was your YOLO moment? (a time when you just threw all caution to the wind and did something potentially dangerous)


  • Boy Meets Evil: What was your hardest moment of temptation and did you fall for it? 
  • Blood Sweat & Tears: Tell me about the time you worked yourself to the gbone for something. 
  • LIe: What was the biggest lie you ever managed to pull off? 
  • Stigma: Is there something about you that others stigmatize you for? 
  • First Love: Tell me about your first real relationship and what you learned from it.
  • Reflection: What is your favorite physical part of yourself? 
  • Mama: What is your first memory of your mother ? 
  • Awake: What is the first thing you do when you wake up? 
  • Lost: Have you gotten so lost you couldn’t find your way back before? What ended up happening? 
  • Cypher 4: Name three things you love about yourself.
  • Am I wrong: Have you ever broke up then  made up with a partner? 
  • 21st Century Girls: Post your cutest aeyo pic. 
  • two! Three: How many languages can you count to 10 with?
  • INterlude: Wings: What is your favorite place to escape to? It can be physcial, mental, etc.  

I thought I’d make a BTS themed one. Anyone of the tagged cool peeps who reblogs is bound to get at least one of these asks thrown at you. :D YES I’M WATCHING YOU  

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Hi, so I’ve noticed that in this particular fandom there is so much hate between ships. I am heavily displeased with ship wars, so what I’m about to do, is to put all my opinion about all ships in bsd in an attempt to somewhat make you understand how fucking stupid ship wars is. What we should do is support everyone in every way since in this fandom, we should love all and be loved. I will talk about as many ships as possible, look for yours or message me about your ship so I can put my trashy opinion on it. This’ll be long. Okay, let’s begin.

- I will be rating the ship’s popularity according to how much I see it on my feed, on Twitter, and some observations. My popularity rating is not canon in any way -

⊳ Soukoku [popularity: most popular] - I think Chuuya and Dazai are very very cute for each other. In our shippy world, what their relationship is seen as Chuuya getting mad at Dazai for every little thing but secretly (or not so secretly) loves him. Dazai is then this chill guy who would profess his love for Chuuya so recklessly yet sincerely — and it’s honestly so fucking cute. I also love how they can be cute and fucking smexy at the same time. Like shit. This ship can take my ass. Fuck me over man. But if we were to look into the sad sad canon world, their relationship could be two things; extreme friendship built on trust, or an unhealthy hateful relationship. This is how it truly is, please accept this. The canon world cannot touch us though. All hail, Soukoku!

⊳ AtsuDazai [popularity: very popular] - Two words; Sexily fluffy. Atsushi is an innocent doe no matter who he’s shipped with (I’m sorry bub), and even with Dazai on the boat, this wouldn’t change. A senpai and his subordinate. Imagine Dazai exploring every intimate thing between them, and Atsushi just being downright flustered. Christ. Take me to hell people. In the canon world though, there’s Atsushi admiring Dazai and Dazai being proud of Atsushi all the time. In the shippy world, or canon world: I’d say their relationship is pretty damn cute. I’m all for this.

⊳ AkuAtsu, Shin Soukoku [popularity: very popular] - Salt. Salty. Saltiness. This relationship is pure salt and bitterness in both worlds. Salt, that just needs a dash of sugar to taste okay. Akutagawa is this guy who’s envious of Atsushi, and Atsushi is this guy who just wants him off his ass; though the latter wouldn’t mind getting along with him, the former not giving fucks at all. Their relationship in the shippy world could be connected to the canon world, but in the shippy world it develops into something… more. Picture Akutagawa attempting to kill Atsushi with Rashomon, but then Atsushi dodges, comes in front and kisses him — then Akutagawa unexpectedly blushes and thinks about it for 4 months. That’s exactly what I’m talking about.

⊳ AkuHigu [popularity: popular] - I don’t give a fuck about what anyone thinks, this ship is one of my OTPs. This ship has a capability of being canon, and that’s what makes it more exciting to support. I love Higuchi’s character so much, she’s so relatable and adorable. Then there’s Akutagawa who’s stoic and brooding; imagine that cold ass attitude warming up to Higuchi. And how happy Higuchi would be, so happy that she hugs Akutagawa unintentionally everytime and Akutagawa pretending he doesn’t like it (inside he’s like, “Holy fuck her breast is pressing up against me, is that okay? She smells nice. This is unfair. How do you so this to me?”). Or another alternate relationship for them is Higuchi treating him like her own son. Now, wouldn’t that be cute?

⊳ AtsuLucy [popularity: fairly popular] - I honestly can’t fucking understand how this ship is so under appreciated! Their moments! That stark naked moment! I’m mad! Fuck! Do y'all have any idea how cute this is? Shy-but-tough Lucy blushing as Atsushi does something unexpected without meaning to. Both of them being clueless as what to do in a relationship. They’re just so shippable! I love Lucy. I love Atsushi. I love them both. I love them together. I need more AtsuLucy content! Draw me some fucking Atsulucy! Give me an AtsuLucy graphic! Please! I love this! Plus, the fact that this ship has the highest possibility of being canon; and when it “does” become canon, everybody can suck our asses. Ha!

⊳ AtsuKyou [popularity: popular] - Words can’t even describe how much I love this ship. Honestly, I could see them as a couple, or as siblings, or as BFFs and it would all be the same — motherfucking cute. Like! Just! Imagine! Kyouka calling Atsushi “Onii-chan”! Oh my God. Kyouka and Atsushi sharing a kiss through a piece of spaghetti noodle! Holy balls. AtsuKyou sharing BFF bracelets! My Lord. You could look at this ship in any way you want, romantic or platonic, and nothing would change the fact that they will always prioritize each other. They will protect one another no matter what. My babies. So pure, so sweet. I will personally kill any rotten bastard who hates on this ship just because of the measly 4-year age gap (The only problem is that she is a minor! Christ, people need to calm down. They will age! They are fictional!). Y'all shipped Sebastian (over 100 years old) and Ciel (13 years old) yet no one said a word (“Oh, because it’s gay and it’s cute!” Shut the fuck up lol). So we can ship AtsuKyou as much as we want. Sit yer fuckin’ ass down.

⊳ AkuDazai [popularity: popular] - Another ship that I am very ready to cry for. Y'all. Akutagawa is cute. The way he reacts to Dazai is just… it makes me want to smack Dazai’s head and tell him “You go and praise him, you lazy bastard! Stop your suicidal thoughts for a second and! Notice! Him!”. Though I think this ship would be really cute, you can’t deny that it would be a little one-sided. I could just imagine Akutagawa being that clingy boyfriend lmfao (“Who’s that? Are you calling someone? What’s under your bandage? Why can’t you see me? Ignore your new subordinate goddammit!”). But Dazai loves him as well. And in the canon world, I only see a very strong kouhai admiring his senpai and awaiting his every action. It’s cute, either way.

⊳ ChuuAku [popularity: fairly popular] - I don’t have much to say about this ship. The fanarts are super adorable. Chuuya seems like the one who’d tease Akutagawa to no end about his obsession for Dazai, but kisses him lightly once he notices that Akutagawa is offended. And as for a canon scenario, well it’s the same: minus the kissing part. Sigh.

⊳ Yosanpo, Ranpokiko, Ransano [popularity: fairly popular] - Another under appreciated ship! Another thing to be salty about! I need more of these! Can you all just imagine? A psychotic doctor dating a childish genius detective — it’s fucking perfect! Screw me over with this! Don’t even dare to fight me on this. Their child will be a fucking badass, I know it! Though, though; I could also definitely see them as two crazy people with the best friendship as well. It’s friggin’ cool. They have each other’s backs, and for that particular chapter; we can all surmise that they care so much for each other. It’s perfect. They’re perfect. I would support this wholeheartedly.

⊳ KunikiDazai [popularity: fairly popular] - This. This ship. This ship is one of the many things I love about BSD ships. They’re just. Mom and dad, you know? They’re like an old married couple! I love this ship as much as I love my parents. Like, I need more of this too. This deserves appreciation! Blind fuckers! Not only is their ship so shippable, I also really really love their partnership in the canon world. Honestly, Chuuya deserves credit as a partner, but so does Mom — I mean Kunikida! They work so well together despite being incompatible. And what I love about them is that they don’t hate each other. It’s refreshing. Kunikida just lowkey gets annoyed at him, and Dazai just lowkey wants to annoy him. God, I love it.

⊳ KunikiAtsu [popularity: fair] - All I can think about this ship is Kunikida calling Atsushi “brat”. I could see what these shippers love about these two. It’s like a mother-son relationship in the canon world, but in the shippy world I see it like this: Atsushi kissing Kunikida, and Kunikida saying he is “not gay” while blushing and unintentionally letting Atsushi do what he wants. Good shit, eh?

⊳ JunichiAomi, Tanizaki siblings [popularity: fair] - I don’t want to see them no more as siblings who care for each other. Honestly, this ship makes me uncomfortable. I’ve never been into that brother sister complex, especially not incest. I support them as family. That’s all. If they weren’t siblings, then I would definitely ship them. But, no. I can’t. Sorry if you support this, but I’ve nothing good to say to anyone who sees them romantically. I will just keep it to myself so I don’t hurt you, at least. They’re a NOTP for me.

⊳ RanZawa [popularity: fair] - I cannot see this more than a child wanting his father/idol’s attention. Ranpo’s reaction to his praises is cute. Fukuzawa is fucking daddy. But I don’t ship them romantically. Too much age difference there. 26 - 45. Hm. Not good.

⊳ MorElise, EliMori [popularity: unpopular] - Believe it or not, I’ve actually seen some people who ship this. And I am, thoroughly, disgusted. This! This man, is a father figure to the child! Let them rest! Let them be a family! It’s like shipping a baby bean with a watermelon! Please don’t. This is my official number one NOTP.

⊳ SteinCraft [popularity: unpopular] - I don’t know, this seems… a bit… weird? And just so platonic? But funny? But I love them both. So if you ship them, I shall be there to support you throughout your journey, dear one!

⊳ AkuKyou [popularity: fair] - AtsuKyou was considerable, but the age difference here kind of makes me want to back off. 20 - 14? If that’s acceptable in your eyes, then I’ll leave you at that. But I see them more as comrades. Good comrades, if Akutagawa treats her better. After all, he only wanted what he thought was good for her. Good for you, though. I’ll be with you through the bitter end.

⊳ NaoSano [popularity: unpopular] - Admit it, you NaoSano shipper there. You started to ship them when you saw that official art. With Naomi and Yosano looking hot. It was hot. I can admit. The gay was real, man. I think this’ll be a cute relationship, wih Yosano being the mature and controlling one. And Naomi just lowkey being mischievous. Like it.

⊳ KenjiKyou [popularity: fair] - Oh my Goodness! This ship is really cute. It’s like puppy-middle-school love. I love it! But seeing how oblivious Kenji is, and how expressionless Kyouka is; they would be a too-chill couple. I can imagine the two of them not texting, calling nor dating at all; but they’re still alright. Sharing cake and shit. In the platonic side, I see them as playmates. Strong ass playmates. Disaster.

⊳ AlFitz, FitzCott [popularity: fair] - If you ship this, then I won’t judge you. They are potentially cute together. Alcott is freaking adorable, and I can imagine Fitz protecting her. But since Daddy Fitz is married, I cannot, even for a moment, think of them romantically. More like a student to his sensei. That kinda thing. Because in shipping this, fiction or not, you’re disrupting a sacred marriage, you’re actually making him cheat on Zelda (whom he loves dearly). And as for me, I’d rather not.

⊳ YumeLise [popularity: unpopular] - I don’t know, I’ve seen one fanart of them togeher before so I included Yumeno and Elise. I can see them having cute kid crushes on each other, but at the same time, being psychotic friends; killing people with adorable faces and all that yandere shit. Cool stuff

⊳ RanPoe [popularity: fairly popular] - I cannot stress about how much I love this ship. And the ship name! It’s just so perfect! I mean, this sort of gives me the AkuDazai vibe with Poe idolizing Ranpo; but I seriously love this so much more! I’m so sorry. Poe is such an adorable bean pie cinnamon roll, I could just picture it all! Ranpo giving him riddles that he would get a kiss for if he answers right, and Poe desperately solving all those riddles just to kiss him. Poe being awkward at everything, and Ranpo loving every second of it. Oh God! I could even love their relationship in the canon world. They’re bond is that of literary geniuses, and it’s nothing like other.

╔That’s all of the ship I could think about. If you have any other ships, no matter how rare they are, even if they have no interaction at all (except in your fantasies); I am more than glad to talk about it! Message me/Submit the ship name to me and I will say my opinion about it. OR, IF YOU SIMPLY WANT TO TALK ABOUT ANY OF THE SHIPS HERE, I WILL BE VERY HONORED TO TALK ABOUT IT. SO MESSAGE ME. PLEASE. I’M DESPERATE.╝

╔Anyways, see what I did? I supported every ship (excluding the NOTPs) and I’m happy for them all — my life is fucking peaceful. So rather than putting salt in other ships, why not just love them all? IT’S. SO. FUN. REALLY. I also don’t think it’s wise to compare your ships, because no matter how large or small the fanbase is; your ship will be your ship. Live and be proud to ship it.╝

╔And stop ship hating. Except when it is really wrong. Even if it was wrong, you should just express dislike. I hate the word “hate”, see. If you’re a proud BSD trash, then be an honorable one.╝

╔Reblog to save a life.╝

Looking at Dazushi

Sort of a continuation of my previous post Lol

First up, I believe Dazai saw himself in Atsushi; a boy who had no one and was spat on by everyone around him. He, in a way, wants to protect Atsushi from that pain. To show and tell him, “Even though it’s hard, even though the world may come crashing down, I will still be here for you.”
And sure enough, Dazai has been there for Atsushi through thick and thin. They have moments sure, but what relationship doesn’t have those, no matter what type it is. 
Next is their understanding of each other’s pain. Atsushi might always see Dazai with a smile, but I like to think that he wonders what Dazai is truly thinking. I am sure he’d be a bit shocked to learn Dazai isn’t that much different then him, albeit he hides his sadness rather well. 
With Dazai’s wrists, I think we can all agree about what’s under those bandages. Knowing the horrible things he did, all the stuff he had to do, and at such a young age; he probably broke.

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Loveshot: An Ode to EunHae and True Love

Hello folks, Soompi is proud to announce a new series of original and reposted guest content from our favorite new site, The One Shots. The One Shots are fairly new but are already gaining recognition for their irreverent but clever insights into K-Pop, and you should definitely check them out. For our second The One Shots article, we have editor Michelle’s take on K-Pop fandom’s favorite unofficial couple, Super Junior’s Eunhyuk and Donghae. Enjoy!

When we nominated EunHae for Best OTP (One True Pairing) in our 2012 readers’ poll, we honestly weren’t sure if these guys could take home the prize, especially as we pitted them against some of the newer, trending OTPs of the year. But with a history like Super Junior’s Eunhyuk and Donghae’s, I guess we were fools to think that some of these noobs stood a fighting chance.

Now, let me make one thing clear before I get hoards of comments pointing out the millions of things I missed in this tribute to the arguably most-shipped couple in K-Pop. I am not an expert on EunHae, nor am I an expert on true love. Nevertheless, I’ve found that everything I’ve learned about true love, I’ve learned from the Fishy Couple. Here are some of the love lessons I’ve picked up throughout the years.

1. True love is finding someone to inspire you yet also boost your own confidence.

Let’s face it. Eunhyuk was not really known as a hottie when Super Junior first debuted, and unfortunately, there are still arguments over whether he is the ugliest member of the group, no thanks to fellow member Shindong fueling the fire. Imagine being constantly told on public television that you rank at the bottom of your group in the looks department. It must take a toll on your self-esteem. Fortunately, there was always one person who claimed that Eunhyuk was actually the most handsome and charismatic of the group. That person was none other than partner in crime Donghae. Eunhyuk is perfection in Donghae’s eyes, from his single eyelids and distinctive jawline to his variety show sense and sexy dance moves.

And to return the favor, Eunhyuk often praises Donghae as well, not that the guy needs many more compliments. But it sure is heartwarming to hear Eunhyuk speak of his love as if he is an inspiration, a boost of energy when times are tough.

2. True love is standing by your partner, even when there’s a third party involved.

Both boys have had their fair share of rumored romances with female celebrities over the years, the most recent one being the Eunhyuk-IU scandal, but these rumors clearly haven’t fazed the couple, as they continue to prove their devotion to one another with simple outings like coffee dates at Tom ‘n Tom’s. After all, who is to stand in the way of a relationship that the boys themselves have declared as real? It’s a relationship so tight-knit that some fans even celebrate the couple’s anniversary on July 18, the day that the two were supposedly married while backstage at Super Show 3 in Shanghai in 2007. Besides, it’s not like they aren’t open to a threesome: EunSiHae comes up quite often in their conversations, but when it comes down to a final decision, the EunHae love always prevails. Sorry, Siwon.

3. True love is inspiring others to write epic fanfictions and start extensive Tumblr blogs about you.

Here’s an exercise for you. Type in “EunHae” on Google. What are your results? Fanfictions and Tumblr blogs, right? Pages and pages of them. If your relationship can generate so much buzz and cause innocent fangirls and fanboys to devote that much time to exploring all the intricacies and possibilities of your romance, there really must be something there. True love is something that we human beings strive for and dearly hang onto once we obtain it, so it does not strike me as surprising for these fans to obsess over a love that appears so real. Perhaps it gives them hope or inspires them to find a love as great as EunHae’s. Whatever the case, I find the EunHae saga hard to dismiss as pure fantasy when so many people find it so worthy of talking about.

4. True love is excessive amounts of skinship and flaunting your relationship for all to see.

When you are that much in love, I suppose it’s sometimes hard to keep that love locked away behind closed doors. Call it a fanservice if you’d like, but the EunHae couple is notorious for being one of the most affectionate OTPs out there, making those fanfiction writers’ lives that much more interesting. From holding hands and hugging in public to taking naked photos of one another in the shower to pure physical abuse, the examples of skinship are just endless. Even when things get rough, the other members just acknowledge the abuse as a sign of their love for one another. So here’s a side lesson for you: the more you love someone, the more you beat him. In K-Pop, at least.

Now, put them on center stage, and it all gets magnified for the fans to enjoy. These dance machines perform the greatest couple routines, complete with pelvic thrusts and strip teases. They show that they are proud of their partner’s body and gladly flaunt it to the rest of the world, as if they are saying, “This boy is all mine, and you can’t have him.”

The two are inseparable and seem to want to spend every waking moment with one another. They’ve even got their company on their side. It started with some simple dance solos in their promotional tracks. Then, when Super Junior-M needed a revamp after the departure of the subunit’s leader, Hangeng, SM Entertainment immediately picked Eunhyuk to join his partner so that the Chinese-speaking countries could also enjoy more EunHae interactions. Things became more exclusive when the official EunHae subunit was born with the “Oppa, Oppa” era; there’s already talk of a follow-up track this year. 2013 promises to keep the boys close together for a while, and judging from their sleeping habits, I’m sure they don’t mind at all.(WATCH VIDEO)

5. True love is finding that special someone who you can be absolutely ridiculous with and not have a care in the world.

If that Shindong-directed “Oppa, Oppa” music video–or rather, that whole “Oppa, Oppa” concept–wasn’t ridiculous enough for you, I’m not sure what is. No other OTP could have pulled that song off the way EunHae did. From the random use of English words to those horribly funky get-ups to those cheesy dance moves and, oh hey, more physical abuse, you can just tell from the way they feed off of each other in their performances that there’s no other person Donghae or Eunhyuk would want to share the stage with. And there’s no other person the fans would want to take their place. While a part of me suspects that SM Entertainment may have a hand in the marketing of the EunHae couple, a larger part of me wants to believe that the Fishy Couple really are willing to don those ridiculous fish hats for concerts and that they really do enjoy pulling pranks on one another.

At the end of the day, you can’t help but say, “Get a room” when you scroll through the EunHae Tumblr tag, and that’s the way it’s meant to be. I can only hope for a love as great as theirs, but I shall keep that hope alive.


Fanfic Prompts Masterpost

Mainly for me cause I’m always browsing my blog to find them back. Hope you enjoy too.

Oh God I’m So Sorry AU Prompts - wintergrey - post

  • we were playing a pickup game of basketball and I elbowed you in the face and that’s a lot of blood I’m so sorry
  • I was in a hurry and I ran into you outside the coffee shop while you were carrying two lattes and it turns out they were both for you except that now you’re wearing them I’m so sorry
  • this is my first job waiting tables and wow these plates are heavy but I’m doing my best which apparently isn’t enough to defy gravity I’m so sorry
  • I love hockey, I am Ruler of the Rink and apparently I don’t know my own strength because I just crushed you into the boards I’m so sorry
  • running is supposed to be good for your health except I seem to have sprained my ankle and I took you out with me I’m so sorry
  • I was in the middle of a sick skateboard trick when you walked into my path and I couldn’t stop in time I’m so sorry
  • being a bike courier is great for my legs and it makes me good money and I meet hot people by running them over I’m so sorry
  • these super powers are so awesome it’s so exciting but I have zero control over them and I’m so sorry
  • you look a lot like my good friend so I ran up behind you and grabbed your ass with both hands in front of everyone I’m so sorry
  • I was hired to walk up to you and kiss you in public for the paparazzi and I only did it because I’m broke but you are a good guy and a good kisser I’m so sorry
  • I am the worst at parallel parking I mean I am so sorry about your fender I really hope one of us has insurance I’m so sorry
  • formal events are not my thing these shoes are new and this is a very long staircase at least you were at the bottom to break my fall I’m so sorry

Some AUs - peggyicarter - post

  • ‘you’re a celebrity incognito trying to hide from paparazzi and you’re sitting right next to me and i’m the only one that recognizes you’ au
  • ‘someone starts a rumor that we’re dating so let’s turn the tables’ au
  • ‘you made an obscure literary reference and i’m the only on that got it’ au
  • ‘we were both late to class and walked into each other in the hall and oh god do you have a concussion? i’m so sorry’ au
  • ‘oh my god you’re my ex’s other ex’ au
  • ‘we’re both actors and keep showing up for the same auditions’ au
  • ‘i keep overhearing you make fun of me so i finally try to stand up for myself and it actually had nothing to do with me at all i’m sorry i never meant for this to happen’ au
  • ‘we’re both teachers and all our students ship us’ au
  • ‘i kissed the wrong person on news years’ au
  • ‘i’m yelling to my friend about how attractive this celebrity is and then plot twist you’re the celebrity and in front of me wtf’ au
  • ‘the only two people in the movie theater’ au
  • ‘we showed up at a party wearing the same exact outfit. this is awkward.’ au

Cliche fanfic trope - teenagefrankzhang - post

  • Spin the bottle
  • truth or dare
  • friends locking them in a closet together
  • lab partners
  • one tutoring the other
  • nerd and jock
  • rival sports teams
  • blind date
  • stuck in detention
  • arguing but secretly being kind of turned on by it
  • P R E T E N D I N G  T O  B E  D A T I N G

AUs Ideas - doctordirectioner5 - post

  • ‘we work on the same floor and you always break the printer’ AU
  • ‘I went to the shelter to buy a cat but you want the same cat’ AU
  • ‘we are in the same cooking class and one time you forget to put the top on the blender’ AU
  • ‘I always sing along to the song you are playing on the piano in the apartment below’ AU
  • ‘we are on the same bus and you always read my favorite book’ AU
  • ‘In my art class you are a model that the class has to draw/paint/sketch’AU
  • ‘I was walking down the street and saw you doing something very suspicious so i followed you’ AU
  • ‘We are apartment neighbors and you snore really REALLY loud’ AU
  • ‘I was dancing in my room just to realize my window was open and you live next door’ AU
  • ‘We are in the same bird watching group’ AU
  • ‘I go to a medieval festival and you are one of the knights there’ AU
  • ‘My water bottle wouldn’t open so I threw it and it hit you’ AU
  • ‘I got to comic con and you are dressed as the character that many people ship with the character I am dressed up as’ AU
  • ‘ I was walking down the sidewalk and you fell out of a tree just as I walked by’ AU

AUs for when your OTP are both assholes - jonahryan - post

  • You drive a massive SUV and steal my parking spot all the time and I was just heading out to leave a strongly worded note under your windshield wiper but oh no you’re hot AU
  • I’m a barista and you’re the obnoxious customer who comes through and orders a venti macchiato while talking on the phone the whole time so I misspell your name in increasingly creative ways every day AU
  • I’m a busy businessperson and my barista keeps misspelling my name in increasingly disrespectful ways, honestly, who does this person think they are AU
  • We were both playing wingman for our friends who have now decided to go home together, and after five minutes of conversation we fucking hate each other, let’s bang it out AU
  • I saw you trying to hit the “door close” button in the elevator but I made it in and then I pushed every single button to make you later for work, but now we’re stuck in this fucking elevator as it stops at every single floor and I don’t know what to say other than “you started it” AU
  • I asked for your help getting a book off the top shelf and and you laughed at my taste and called me a nerd so I shoved you into a table of nonfiction best-sellers and that’s how we both got banned from the quirky community bookstore AU
  • I take my grades very seriously and you’re the lazy asshole who asks a ton of off-topic questions to distract the professor and I might be a foot shorter than you but I swear to god I’ll fight you AU
  • You tried to barge into a private conversation so I said something devastatingly witty and dismissive but you came back with something even meaner and more clever AU
  • Shouting match over the last Thanksgiving turkey at the grocery store AU

AUs age appropriate - haydenbyerly - post

  • We’re in a project together at school so we exchanged numbers but you accidentally butt dialed me and I found out that you kinda sorta like me a little bit au
  • You fell asleep in class and I covered for you even though we’ve never talked au
  • We take the same bus to school and there weren’t any more seats so you had to sit by me au
  • You moved after elementary school but came back for hs and we picked up right where we left off au
  • We follow each other on tumblr and decided to meet and it is actually the kid from my school that I always thought was a jerk au
  • I heard you talking shit about my fav so naturally I came to yell at you but found out you weren’t talking about the same show and you actually love the same character I love au
  • You laughed at my joke/pun in class when everyone else groaned and now you wanna hear more au
  • My parents told me to get a tutor in math so asked you for help bc I know you’re smart but the only thing I’ve learned so far is that you are cute au
  • You didn’t even know me but you saw I was sad and tried to cheer me up au
  • I noticed you looking at my test answers and I pushed my paper closer to you so you could get a better look au
  • We used to be friends in elementary school but we grew apart and now we’re in high school math together and you said one of our inside jokes out loud au
  • You’re a trouble maker so the teacher thought that changing seats so little perfect me was sitting next to you was a good idea but now we both get in trouble au
  • Meet in detention au
  • You saw me drop a lot of papers in the hall and were the only one who helped me pick them up au
  • We were both late to class and you asked me if I wanted to skip with you and I said okay au
  • We have a class set of books and when I opened mine I saw what you wrote and I wrote back so we’re kinda pen pals au
  • We don’t have any classes together but we smile and wave at each other in the halls au
  • You said something in class that made me realize you have the same secret obsession with (Zac Efron) as I do au
  • I saw your dog and ran to pet it w/o noticing who the owner was but now I see you and wow au
  • I created a hot sim in The Sims 4 and it looks EXACTLY like you au
  • I was reading fanfic on the school computer and you saw and realized it was yours au

Bad at dating - notallbees - post

  • I can’t tell whether this is a date because you asked to see a movie but I’m still not sure you’re queer, and I’m toeing the line because maybe you’re just trying to make friends
  • One of us thinks this is a date but the other thinks it’s an informal job interview
  • I decided to flip a coin about every decision in my life for a week and that’s how we ended up on a date
  • We’re both meant to be going on blind dates with other people but we sat down at the wrong table and got our hopes up
  • We took each other’s underwear from the laundromat by mistake
  • I got drunk and sent a sexy naked pic to my ex but I sent it to you instead by mistake
  • We had one really bad date and never spoke again and now our friends have set us up on a blind date
  • I’m calling to cancel our date because I’m actually in the ER right now, sorry. …I mean, sure, I guess you can come down here, but… okay…
  • We had sex at the office party but we’re both workaholics so we don’t normally date
  • We’re going on a blind date - but wait a moment, aren’t you that went down on me in a back alley behind a club year ago? … what do you mean “which one”?
  • You bought me at a charity auction and you’re probably a serial killer
  • You’re my waiter and I’m on a really crappy date with an asshole
  • Your appointment with a sexual therapist was right after mine and we got talking in the waiting room
  • We’re on a blind date, but wait a moment… aren’t you that guy who gave me a hand job at a Renaissance Faire a year ago?… what do you MEAN “WHICH ONE”?
  • We both picked the same power ballad at karaoke so we sang a duet
  • We’re both trying to take advantage of the unlimited appetizers deal on separate dates at TGI Fridays and I got the mozzarella sticks and I’m on my sixth plate and I want to die, can I PLEASE swap you for some of your wings?

AU - ironinkpen - post

  • “You’re a celebrity and I’m a paparazzo, sorry friend I have to take pictures of you to pay my rent next month” AU
  • “You’re a store clerk and oh shit I just spotted my ex please let me hide behind your desk-thing” AU
  • “I don’t know you but I need some place to stay for the night, my roommate’s getting some” AU
  • “I’m helping my niece’s girl scout troop sell cookies and hell no, fuck off soccer coach, we were here first” AU
  • "This has been a very bad week and you just grabbed the last box of my favorite comfort food at the supermarket” AU
  • “You’ve locked yourself outside of your apartment and there’s a storm rolling in and I pity you so I’ll let you into mine” AU
  • “We’re neighbors who don’t really talk but your cat might have gotten my cat pregnant?? We must raise this little kitty family together” AU
  • “A toddler broke your nose and I may or may not have snapped my thumb during a very intense game of Mario Kart and now we’re both sitting next to each other in the hospital waiting room” AU

If anyone wants something remove or added just message me. 


What’s your OTP?

Admin OTPs:

1. Wolfstar (Remus Lupin/Sirius Black)- Harry Potter

I absolutely adore this ship (both Marauders era and present-day, though the gif above is of MWPP-era.) I love reading Remus/Sirius fanfic but only really read Marauder-era; my dream is for a Harry Potter Marauder-era book to be published and for Wolfstar to be canon. Fun Fact: I can’t describe the pain of their story without bursting into spontaneous tears.

2. Merthur (Merlin/Arthur Pendragon)- Merlin

One of the most heartbreaking OTP ends in world history but I will go down with this ship so fuck you all. The end of Merlin makes me cry every time, and while Merthur is pretty much basically canon (I mean come on) I still feel like lighting myself on fire when Arthur dies and Merlin lives on forever.

3. Cherik (Charles Xavier/Erik Lehnsherr)- X-Men

Why do all my OTPs cause my tears? I tried to describe Charles and Erik’s relationship to my dad at the end of First Class and couldn’t help but cry while he looked at me funny and wondered what the hell I did with my life (FYI: this is what I do with my life. All of this is all of my life.) I can’t wait to see Apocalypse (I’m the biggest X-Men fan in the world) but I don’t want to hope for any Cherik moments because my heart is already too fragile.

4. Halex (Hank McCoy/Alex Summers)- X-Men

I think I love reading Halex fanfictions the most. Their relationship (start to finish) just sings to me and I still totally want them together (even though I can’t help but kinda want Hank together with Raven in the films!) They’re my two favourite characters and I would like to marry them both. I absolutely love Nicholas Hoult and Lucas Till, they totally made X-Men for me.

5. Bethan (Benny Weir/Ethan Morgan)- My Babysitter’s a Vampire

I watched the entire series of MBAV on Netflix in one night with bmmrw (cried fitfully at the ending) and fell in love with these two. They are totally bromancing all over each other and though there isn’t much Bethan fanfiction out there, I feel as though I have read each and every one of them.

6. Stucky (Steve Rogers/Bucky Barnes)- Avengers

Possibly the only ship on Avengers I can go along with (I mean what were the writers thinking when they tried to pair Natasha off in every single film) Stucky is a ship that has such deep emotional recesses that I can’t help but burst into tears every time the Winter Soldier Bucky remembers Steve.

7. Panlix (Peter Pan/Felix)- Once Upon a Time

Another fanfic favourite of mine, I find the idea of Peter being incredibly protective over Felix all manner of hot. And I don’t care what anyone says, Peter totally brought Felix back after he ripped out his heart. If you try to tell me any different, then come over here and fight me, bitch.

8. Captain Swan (Emma Swan/Captain Hook | Killian Jones)-Once Upon a Time

While I am a true slasher at heart, I can’t help but aggressively ship this couple. I even got my little cousins obsessed with these two getting together when I stubbornly refused to watch anything else on their TV. Killian is one of the hottest men alive and Emma is all kinds of fit in that jacket too- they are definitely one of my OTPs and I hope they stay together.

9. Destiel (Dean Winchester/Castiel)- Supernatural

I suppose I couldn’t do an OTP thing without including these two. They are absolutely adorable and I love Destiel fanfiction but I do have a confession: I really don’t want it to become canon. If it became canon, we all know how the writers’ would butcher it up and I don’t want them to ruin these two beautiful cinnamon rolls.

10. Johnlock (John Watson/Sherlock Holmes)- Sherlock

And of course, the detective couple that nobody can help but fall in love with. They’re basically already canon, and I can’t help but watch for those little looks and touches they give each other. My mum is determinedly oblivious to every Johnlock moment when we watch Sherlock- but we all know it’s there.

11. Sabriel (Sam Winchester/Gabriel)- Supernatural

Gabriel is by far my favourite angel (even more than Lucifer and Balthazar) and while I never really see Sabriel on the screen, I love to read Sabriel fanfiction because, well, we all know fanfiction has a world all of its own. I honestly couldn’t say I ship Sastiel romantically because they are my favourite-most BrOTP in the world.

Send us in your OTPs! We’d love to see just who you adore to see together!

It can be your OTP, your BrOTP or whatever, but send them in and we’ll see if we can find a follower favourite. Stay tuned, we may post some pairing fic recs, imagines, oneshots, etc. etc.


Top 5 (Edit: 10) Ships You’ll Go Down With To The Bitter End!

Tagged by the lovely @gruvia-lolu-nalu-jerza!! SO TERRIBLY SORRY! I didn’t get any notifications for this (T-T) I was scrolling through my activity feed when I saw this! FORGIVE ME! *hugs and cries anime style*


YOSH! So this is not in order cause I love them all so much (maybe the first ship a bit TOO much….ANYWAYS)!!! Don’t bash me if you don’t like any of these ships!

Sorry if I have more then one or two gifs XD

1. Ichigo Kurosaki X Rukia Kuchiki (Bleach)

CAN YOU TELL HOW MUCH I LOVE THEM?! I AM OBSESSED *tries to stay calm* be still heart, be still…

I shipped them (before I even knew the term “otp”) when episode 1 first came out! They just…belong together. Like, I could type a 10 page essay on why they are perfect together; however, I will not do that. They understand each other. They care for each other (a bit TOO much on Ichigo’s part lol although Rukia is getting there). They are literally the KING and QUEEN; DEATHBERRY; WHITE MOON/BLACK SUN. But, the most important thing about this ship is the way the look at each other - at least to me it is. That eye smex tho 


2. Hitsugaya Toushiro X Karin Kurosaki (Bleach)

Originally posted by michichans

Originally posted by tash-yuki-jellyfish

Originally posted by liztree26

Now, I know you guys are probably like “WTF is wrong with you, steph?!” or “Why the hell do you ship them? They never meet in the manga!!” BUT!!! They had TWO episodes that mainly focused on them! I don’t care if they’re filler! Kubo could’ve made those two episodes about other things, like Ichigo and the gang or what goes on in Soul Society other than fighting or even Kannoji! *coughs* anyways…

I think they’re amazing together! They have great chemistry. Plus, I love it when Toushiro protects her from danger! (^3^) I’m just weird like that lol Just look at the HItsuKarin tags and see why I love them!

3. Okita Sougo X Kagura Yato (Gintama)

Originally posted by parfaitfangirl

Originally posted by madmansknowledge

Honestly, you have to read the manga/watch the anime to understand why this ship is so so SO cute and obvious! You can even read some of the tumblr users posts about their moments!

4. Natsu Dragneel X Lucy Heartfilia (Fairy Tail)

Originally posted by grovylle

Originally posted by lamelucyheartfilia

OH.MY.GOD  THIS FREAKING SHIP GIVES ME SO MANY FEELS I CAN’T STAND IT BUT I LOVE IT XD They’re SO meant to be and it’s obvious with the moments they had together!! I can’t explain these feelings lo it’s an emotional roller coaster ridel! They just need to kiss and make babies right now!!!!

5. Gray Fullbuster x Juvia Lockser (Fairy Tail)

Originally posted by zephiiaa

Originally posted by rinmatzoukas

HNNNNNNNG this ship is AH-MAY-ZING! (yes I know how to spell lol) I just love the development between these two. The reason why I chose gifs of mostly Gray is because of his development in the ship (if that makes sense….? Idk if does but whatever) 


6. Hinata Shoyo X Yachi Hitsuoka (Haikyuu!!)

Originally posted by cilecile

Originally posted by seijuromikoshiba


THIS ADORABLE SHIP!!! I will seriously go to the ends of the earth with this ship! 

7. Kuroo Tetsurou X Kenma Kozume (Haikyuu!!)

Originally posted by padwan

Originally posted by kurotssuki

Originally posted by dailyhaikyuu

OMG WHO WOULDN’T SHIP THESE TWO!?! Like holy shit man! You can easily tell Kuroo cares about him A LOOOT (same goes with Kenma but it’s more obvious with Kuroo maybe it’s just me).

8. Haru Nanase X Rin Matsuoka (Free!!)

Originally posted by mackervel

I swear they seriously need to make out or more cause they way the look at each other…*whistles* But, seriously watch the anime if you haven’t in order to understand what I am talking about XD

9. Sora X Kairi (Kingdom Hearts)

Originally posted by thelightawakens

Originally posted by lightwithinthedarknessu

Shipped these two since Kingdom Hearts I came out lol hardcore shipper for these two!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

10. Namine x Roxas

love love love love love these two!!! I hope we see more interaction from them in KH3!!!!!!!!!!!!


I had so much fun with this!

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Why Sebastian has feelings for Ciel.

(Can you see the punctuation mark, I’m not fucking around right now.)

So I will now show every last one of you why Sebastians has actual feelings for his master, and does NOT see him just as some food.
You ready folks? OK. Here we go.

First of all, yes I’m aware of the fact that Sebastian is a demon. And yes I’m also aware of the fact that demons aren’t the most lovey dovey creatures walking around, but let’s just start with some basic Sebby informations here. To love Ciel, or just having some deeper feelings for him, he must be able to have some feelings (besides anger and similiar ones) in general right? Right. So let’s just take a look at how he loves cats.
(Oh yes my little humans I’m actually doing this)

Do you see the look on his face?
Does he look like he want’s to eat the cat? Definitely not.

Does he love cats ? Hell yes!

So we now know that he is able to feel affection. ( Don’t try to object, he’s always focused on doing everyting perfect, but when a cat walks by…. well we all know the story.)
Now let’s take a look on how he acts around Ciel.

In the first seoson, his behaviour is more like one of a cat, which likes to play with it’s food. He’s hungry, Ciel is tasty. And also he’s a fucking showoff.

But nevertheless he would do everything to protect his young master.

He get’s hurt.

Not just once.
And yeah I know that you will say: “ He’s a demon, it’s not like it’s dangerous for him or anything”. And I will answer you: SHUT THE F*** UP HUMAN I’M STILL NOT DONE HERE!
Because let’s make a little jump into season two and listen to something claude says:
So it IS dangerous for him.
I’m not saying that Sebastian loves Ciel in season one, I’m just saying that he developed an unhelathy obsession with Ciel(s soul).
I don’t have to mention his rage over the fact that he couldn’t eat him do I?
He destroyed the whole fucking island! I know how crazy someone can go when he’s hungry ( I saw the snickers commercial) but seriously man.. he just smashed that thing.
Ok but let’s go a bit deeper into season two.
You could still say he was so pissed because someone stole his food. All that work, all that stupid human bullshit for nothing! BUT when he went to get Ciels soul back, he definitely didn’t act like some hungry demon. He did everything to make sure Ciel would remember all by himself, that the contract was already fulfilled, and that no one else helped him with it. (That's  much work for just a meal you know.. I mean I myself am too lazy sometimes to just shove a pizza in the oven so I rather eat the Candy from last christmas… but whatever..) I think you have to keep in mind, that Ciel is not the easiest master one can have.

Let’s face it.. he’s a goddamn brat.
But he still puts so much effort in all this.
And he doesn’t even want someone to touch or look at him.

Remember how Sebastian slapped Claude some food in the face for looking at Ciel?
Of course you could say no one likes it when someone touches their food, but remember, Claude (even when he developed a “little” obsession with Ciels sould himself) doesn’t care about Ciels wellbeing, he really just sees him as some food. Of course Ciels soul is a very delicious and extraordinary one (that’s why he get’s a little crazy over it). But even though he doesn’t want Ciels precious body getting hurt, and he admires his beauty, he totures him to get what he wants, something Sebastian would never do. (I’m pretty sure of this, because if he would be more like Claude, he would have just eaten Ciel just after he got his soul back.) Of course Sebastian and Claude are two different demons, but Claude actually says that Sebastians obsession with Ciels soul is rather unusual.

Now you could all be like: “ Yeah but Ciels soul is not like every other soul, you said it yourself!” Yes.. yes indeed little creature I did. But let me bring back to your mind that Claude is the one who acts “normal” for a demon, and not even he really cares about Ciel, not even after he had a little jizz in his pants moment after tastig Ciels blood. He want’s to eat him ( maybe bang him) but like I said, he doesn’t give a shit about his wellbeing.

So Sebastian doesn’t even have a little obsession, ( that would be that strange shit Claude does) he’s acting totally unusual for a demon.
Not to mention he even put his butler aesthetics over a “free” life. He stays by his masters side FOREVER. Because Ciel was also turned into a demon. Yeah I know Sebastian takes his job seriously, but come on.. no demon EVER would stay by his masters side just because of such stupid fuck some other big boobie demon lady was responsible for. He already fulfilled his part of the contract in season one, there was no reason for him to still follow his masters orders in the first place, so why bother?
But let’s just take a look at season 3..
I mean..

I don’t kiss my food on the head.

Or pet it.
And I REALLY REALLY LOVE FOOD. I do. But look at all the other situations..

I don’t hold my food like this.

Or look at it like this.

Or like this.

And I never did something like this for my food. Trying to make it happy and shit.

Look at this scene..

I wouldn’t look like this if one of my chicken nuggets would get an asthma attack.
Or like this.
Or to say it with the words of my girlfriend, I wouldn’t give a pinky fluffy damn.
If you still think Ciel is just some “food” to him, or a nice little toy, just tell me, I will make an even longer post. With even more pictures, and more gifs. There are ENDLESS. I can’t even tell how much. Don’t argue with me bro, to interpret the relationship between some characters and to construe their actions is the biggest part of one of my main classes in school. Don’t fuck with me man, I know what I’m talking about.

Now go little human, go and spread the love of these two cuties~

Uprooted by Noami Novik

My Rating: 5/5

“Our Dragon doesn’t eat the girls he takes, no matter what stories they tell outside our valley.”

Forget everything you think you know about folklore and enter Novik’s realm of dark fantasy in this stunning debut full of lush and terrifying fiction. Uprooted is easily a unique masterpiece with plots and characters unlike any others in its genre. I started off reading this book as one would begin a thrilling but harrowing task. I’m never one to be put off by the size of a book, however at first glance Uprooted seems like a monstrosity of small fonts and lengthy pages, something that can make any reader feel threatened.

Do NOT let this fool you, for once I began to invest my time into the chapters, the pace quickened so much so that I devoured two-hundred pages over the course of a few hours (which for me, and my ADD, was remarkable)! In a strange way, I felt that the book was almost too good for my brain to keep up with everything…if that even makes sense. I like to thoroughly take in every detail of any story, and Novik is a wordsmith goddesses, so of course I was bit overwhelmed by my own sheer exuberance. There’s enough space between her phrases to leave room to the imagination, a feat that I respect when it comes to how an author writes his/her story. But in my case, I was just so excited to read the book that I wound up thinking about reading the book…instead of actually reading the book…(*insert face-palm*). Nevertheless, this piece of fiction is exceptionally crafted and brimming with strong protagonists. This is all I want in an epic fantasy, and I have a feeling you will want it too.

“It comes, I suppose,” I said thoughtfully, speaking to the air, “of spending too much time alone indoors, and forgetting that living things don’t always stay where you put them.”

We start off our journey with Agnieszka, a young peasant living in the quant village of Dvernik which borders the deadly, malevolent Wood. Her dearest friend, Kasia, emits strong beauty and bravery―qualities of which the Dragon sees fit enough for a new servant. The Dragon is an immortal wizard who protects the villagers against the dark magic of the Wood, yet each decade he takes the most promising girl to live with and serve him for the next ten years of her life. He des not harm the girls, and each one never returns to their meager lifestyle in the valley once they are put back into the world―instead going off to greater cities pluming wealth and prosperity. Kasia has known since she was a child that she is more than likely to be chosen by the Dragon. Agnieskza has known as well, and the thought of losing her aquatinted-sister is maddening. Until the day of the harvest comes, and the Dragon does not choose Kasia.

*It is now three-o’clock in the morning and I just finished Uprooted after binging the book for the previous forty-eight hours. My head is still spinning. That was without a doubt one of the best books I’ve ever read.

The plot was enchanting with all its twists and turns, especially considering the abstract idea of the antagonist―and I only say idea because this antagonist was not a person, rather it was a forest more eerie than the one found in Snow White. The Wood, as it is known amongst the characters, is a giant shadow of land that lurks within reach of the village inhabitance, constantly picking off children and others who wander too close. It spreads like disease and can corrupt those who’ve never even been to the outer reaches of the valley, simply by plaguing someone and sending them back without seemingly any traces of evil. Novak has created such a compelling image of darkness, and it is all the more ingenious because this wickedness does not reside within a single person. The antagonist is not governed by what most living antagonists are contrived of―no, this antagonist is literally Mother Nature in full fury.

To defeat such a villain, Agnieskza must learn quickly of who she was destined to be, and with the begrudging help of her mentor, the Dragon. The most shocking of all the subplots was undeniably the stories that came from the Wood and it’s origin. You’ll meet characters so wonderfully crafted, and they’ll tear your heart to pieces. This is not your average folktale. It’s so, so much more.

But the best thing by far were the characters and the relationships held between each of them. For starters, Agnieszka is not written as some beautiful damsel with a fate that will make or break the becomings of the universe― she’s simply a peasant girl who cannot go ten minutes without ripping her skirts or getting dirt in her hair. Her bravery, cunningness, compassion, and humorous whit are what makes her character so compelling. I fell in love with her, and that’s not very common for me and the main protagonists because I usually find some flaws that cannot be cast aside to be unnoticed. Raw and so wildly foreign, Agnieszka is all I’ve ever wanted in a strong heroine.

What makes her even better is the relationship she shares with her dearest friend, Kasia. I cannot begin to express how pleased I was that Novik didn’t touch upon two jealous friends who bicker over boys and beauty. I’m so disgusted with the trope of girls unnecessarily loathing one another, and this book was such an overwhelming breath of fresh air that their sisterly friendship actually did bring me to tears on a few occasions. Also, Kasia wasn’t left behind in the grand scheme of the books commencement. I won’t tell you what becomes of her because that would involve spoilers, but it’s pretty freaking awesome. Kasia is a courageously loyal friend, and a sharp sword when needed be.

The Dragon, much like Agnieszka, is not the average brooding male protagonist you might have expected. He’s refined and well-spoken, but also incredibly sarcastic and exasperated with the nonsense he has to put up with. Wizards, especially those who’ve been lingering for more than a century, have grown cold to the ways of endearment. The Dragon cares about the health and safety of his people, and those outside of his borders, but that doesn’t mean he wishes to tether himself to them in fear of being hurt through their inevitable deaths.

What I love most about him is how he treats everyone else around him, even those who we’d consider enemies. He’s not malicious or hot-headed, in fact he’s quite the opposite. The Dragon (and you will find out his true name int he book!) is very wise and very alone. Agnieszka enters his realm of brick towers and barriers and forces them all down in a heartbreakingly, amusing adventure full of bickering, snipping and name calling. I’m a sucker for platonic friendships, but I’m downright obsessed with those friendships that flourish into platonic romances (which then harvest into something even more beautiful as time goes on). So to surmise, Uprooted, although not heavily focusing on romance of any sort, enraptures all I want in a perfectly imperfect OTP (One True Pairing).

This story, although making my heart swell, was nonetheless dark and complicated. I don’t know if I’d truly classify this one as YA because there are moments where violence and explicit content are used as the foremost points of development. Perhaps it’s better as a NA novel? Regardless, I wouldn’t mind the rating at all so long as some of these entities don’t disturb you. I’m not quite certain what thrilled me the most; the romance, the battles, or the Wood. Every aspect of this novel was carefully delivered with an underlying tone of bitter darkness that halfway reminded me of tree rot or moss…not that I’m being nostalgic or anything (I totally am). I’ve studied forestry for a while and the organic diction and prose of this story had me swooning. The setting was delightful, and the writing style was one of the best I’ve ever come across. It kept me engaged from prologue to epilogue.

But for all the emphasis I put on the world-building and characters, one of the best things about this story was truly the aesthetic of wizardry and witches. I didn’t know I’d be reading about witches, specifically ones arranged so whimsically. The spell-language, as the Dragon called it, is lyrical even though my tongue tripped over the strange words more than a few times. The magic is so vividly described that it makes you feel as though you can brew the potions and cast the spells as well. This book presented a look inside the makings of wizards in such a new and darkly romantic angle, and I couldn’t have been more pleased.

Uprooted is brilliant beyond words, an old artwork that had been lost but newly found and restored to life. It was everything I had hoped it would be and MORE. I’m proud to say that Naomi Novik is now one of my favorite authors and I can’t wait to see what else she’ll gift us in the future. I recommend this book to everyone! It deserves all of the stars, the moon, and the planets.

And, like all the books I love madly, I made a playlist for Uprooted which you can listen to HERE. I hope it inspires you to read the book, or if you have read it already then I hope it delights you!

Willow Tree March- The Paper Kites, From The Woods- James Vincent McMorrow, My Lair- Bear’s Den, What The Water Gave Me- Florence and The Machine, English House- Fleet Foxes, You’re a Wolf- Sea Wolf, Garden- Cold Weather Company, Stubborn Beast- Bear’s Den, April- Nick Mulvey, Anchor- NOVO AMOR, Coins in A Fountain- Passenger, Autumn Tree- Milo Greene, St. Clarity- The Paper Kites, Magnolia- Wilsen, Blood (Mree Cover)- The Middle East, Weather- NOVO AMOR, Bodywieght- Annie Eve, Switzerland- Daughter, Goat- French for Rabbits, Fairytales and Firesides- Passenger, I Follow Rivers (Marika Hackman Cover)- Lykke Li

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Dad!Quinn Headcanons

Because I have so many feels about parent headcanons. We’ll just pretend that KotFE didn’t happen, shall we? Have some mostly fluff, @jedimasteramell! :)

  • Imagine Quinn thinking about having children but not daring to mention it, terrified that he ruined it after the Transponder Station.
  • Imagine his relief when he finally finally brings it up (”and perhaps our children someday”) and waits in agony until she responds and the sheer joy as her response. (Side note: I didn’t realize it until I looked it up but the answer “perhaps” has him say “I want nothing more. If you desire it, it will be. I am ready.” and it’s super cute.)
  • Imagine Quinn thinking about how likely it is that they might have a child and suddenly realizing that he knows nothing about parenting.
  • Imagine the “Infant Contingency Report” being compiled in a moment of panic, of research… but he also can’t help smiling at the thought of a child. Their child.
  • Imagine, when she finally tells him that she’s pregnant, that they’re having a baby, the way his face lights up, the happiest she has seen him since she accepted his proposal.
  • Imagine Quinn obsessively baby-proofing everything, every corner of the Fury - even the cargo bay, which he has no intention of letting their child into - and every room in their stronghold(s).
  • Imagine Quinn devoting himself to SW’s every beck and call as the pregnancy continues and becoming increasingly protective of her, even though he knows she can take care of herself.
  • Imagine Quinn trying to think of long missions to send both Pierce and Broonmark on once the baby is born.
  • Imagine Quinn scared to hold the baby at first (They’re so small!) but falling in love with them instantly.
  • Imagine Quinn determined to give them the best childhood he can, with joy and discipline… and never-ending love.
  • Imagine Quinn losing her in KotFE and thinking about what they could have had together.
Kill Me Heal Me appreciation post

So Kill Me Heal Me ended yesterday and the last episode was soooo beautiful (withdrawal is gonna be bad). The show did so many things right and I’m gonna talk about them…let’s go!

1. That acting tho…

I think I can safely say we all agree Ji Sung deserves every FREAKING AWARD! He successfully portrayed 7 personalities, all with their own individual fashion styles, manner of speaking and facial expressions. Seriously I thought they hired extra actors. Hwang Jung Eum did a spectacular job portraying Oh Ri Jin, the strong willed, comedic, happy psychiatrist who helps Cha Do Hyun with his DID. She managed to blend a gentle but firm demeanor which is exactly what the 7 personalities, who often get out of hand (-cough- Shin Se Gi, Yo Na -cough-) She was the reliable rock Cha Do Hyun needed but was also not afraid to lean on her family for support.

I loved them both so much in Secret ( a drama where they portray possibly one of the most melodramatic couples ever-seriously it will rip your heart out) I was thrilled to see they were paired up again portraying a somewhat lighter couple.

The rest of the cast was incredible, no matter how small the role everyone really worked hard and did their best to produce an incredible drama.

Special shout out to the child actors who portrayed very difficult roles and mini CDH did an amazing job showing us his Shin Se Gi.

2. That OST tho…

Hands down one of the best OSTs of all time! Auditory Hallucination sung by Jang Jae In and rapper NaShow was beautifully raw and powerful. It blended a killer rap and healing ballad (see what I did there) that really portrayed the shows theme of Cha Do Hyun’s struggle and Oh Ri Jin’s soothing guidance.

3. Those second leads tho…

Feel free to disagree with me but the second leads didn’t feel like true second leads. Usually second leads prove to be a heavy impact on the main couple, often even pulling them apart or making the leads doubt if they are with the right person. This was not the case here. 

Our first lead Han Chae Yeon is Cha Do Hyun’s first love that never was. Though he had a huge crush on her he never asked her out because of his DID and she went on to date his cousin. When he returned to Korea he only ever talked about her fondly since he was able to care about another person freely before DID took over his life. However he doesn’t instigate any romantic contact with her and he’s only concerned for her because Shin Se Gi will try to hurt those close to him. She on the other hand seems to enjoy the idea of having a pining love because when CDH doesn’t show any interest in her she becomes angry and tries to keep him tied to her by showing up unexpectedly at his house, breaking up with her BF, and secretly trying to get them engaged. She gets shot down hard and CDH sees right through her for the manipulative, possessive person she is.

The second lead is Oh Ri On, Oh Ri Jin’s adopted “twin” brother. Though it was established in the beginning that he had romantic feelings towards ORJ this was pushed aside to focus on his brotherly support and protectiveness. The only time he intervenes between the couple is when his sister is kidnapped. Fearing for her safety he demands that CDH stay away from her so she will be safe and no longer have to deal with the pain of her past. However when ORJ decides to stay with CHD because she loves him and wants to help him uncover his past he respects her decision. Though it pains him he decides to put her first and just become the best brother in world. YOU RULE OPPA!

4. That OTP tho…

Cha Do Hyun and Oh Ri Jin how do I love thee let me count the ways…

My babies, my sweet beautiful babies whom I love and hold in my heart forever. They portrayed a beautiful couple with a painful past and managed to turn it into a beautiful future. Their fate was tied when they were kids and sealed when they met again as adults. The reason why I don’t think there were any true second leads was because of their devotion to each other right from the beginning.

(This is the face that says “i like you”)

When they meet again outside the hospital Cha Do Hyun’s interest and attraction is obvious as is hers thought they both do there best to keep it from each other. As the drama progresses and they end up living together they become comfortable with each other and show skinship easily. Their romantic destiny is sealed when CDH ignores Shin Se Gi’s warning to stay away from ORJ and goes in for not just one but two kisses ( a rarity in the KDrama world- AND NO ONE AWKWARDLY WIDENED THEIR EYES AND KEPT THEM OPEN AS THEY KISSED!!!!) The fact they are open with each other, help each other and overcome great obstacles seals this couples fate as one of the greats in Kdrama history. 

5. That Oh family tho…

Oh Ri Jin’s adopted family is one of the greatest families ever. From Mama Oh’s gruff but gentle love, Papa Oh’s silly but wise words and Oh Ri On’s teasing but protective affection proves that imperfect but happy families can exist. They rescued their daughter from a life threatening situation and swear to raise her and protect her. They never once treat her less than own their flesh and blood child and support ORJ’s choice about her career and her love life while never being overly intrusive. For raising and protecting a beautiful child kamsamida!

6. That medical accuracy tho…

Medical done right. One of my many issues with medical dramas (and it’s little tiny minor thing with a HUGE IMPACT) is the fact they bulldoze right over the doctor patient confidentially. Yes I understand you need to progress your dramas plot line by having the doctor reveal the secret illness but work hard to think of a more creative reveal. KMHM main psychiatrist read the oath and wore in on his chest, never telling CHD family why he had been visiting him for so many years. They also take their time in explaining DID and how each of the different personalities work. Also since ORJ is a psychiatrist she was easily able to identify that CDH had DID. Thank you for not dumbing down a smart character for sake of the plot.

7. The child abuse…

One of the most serious themes of this show was the physical and mental abuse CDH and ORJ went through as children and the main reason for their trauma and CDHs DID. It was powerful and I think I was not alone in the anger I felt watching CDH’s father abuse ORJ in order to punish his son who ends up having mental damage. Abuse is not a topic that was glossed over lightly and it showed that everyone involved in the abuse, even those who just watched and ignored it were guilty of the crime (basically why I hated the entirety of Seungjin Group). When CDHs father woke up from his coma CDH didn’t allow him to play the victim for a moment and made it clear he wanted nothing to do with him. ORJ as well told her abuser if she ever forgave him it would be for the sake of bringing peace to Shin Se Gi and Cha Do Hyun who had to suffer and atone for his sins. It would never be for his peace of mind. 

Thank you to all the fans that came together to donated a little over $20, 000 to abused children because of this show. You are all amazing and have my deepest respect.

8. Those personalities tho…

Like I would forget to talk about the 7! All the personalities were amazing like I said earlier Ji Sung did an amazing job and I cried when each one left in order to give CDH peace. 

(I also do fan service ;) kekeke)

Shin Se Gi the personality who was the most hurt because he took all the painful memories of the past was aggressive but with the heart of a little boy who just wanted to be loved. This character was cool, sexy, and stylish. He and ORJ shared many deep and hilarious moments (rap scene anyone) He proved to be ORJs protector and grudgingly left only after CHD promised to remain strong and protect their girl. “You are me, I am you”

Yo Na won everyone’s heart (except her Oppa’s) with her antics and pink lip gloss and school uniform.She became so popular they even had real fans showup to cheer her on as she chased Oh Ri On down the street. Obsessed with handsome oppas (especially Oh Ri On) she took on CDHs stress. She and ORJ had a dueling sisters relationship, calling each other wench. After taking picture with her oppa and kissing him Yo Na departed to join her twin Yo Seob and it was sad to her go. I was happy to see her back in the body of a real girl who of course fell in love with her Oppa right away chasing him out of the bookstore.

Yo Seob was the suicidal but genius personality. Unlike his twin sister he’s introverted and prefers book and classical music. The gentlest personality he is the reason ORJ decides to become CDH personal doctor. Because CHD tried to kill himself at 17 Yo Seob was created and I wish they had also touched on this topic but with so much going on I understand why they didn’t. His goodbye happened early in ep 18 and he waited for his twin to show up before leaving permanently. 

Perry Park was the bomb making, boat obsessed, just trying to have one beer personality. The oldest personality Perry was fun and turned out to be the representation of CDHs father before he became abusive. Being the first to leave he dispenses wisdom to ORJ telling her to “be healthy and live freely” with CDH. His antics were hilarious and I was happy he finally drank his beer.

Nana the youngest personality was created in memory of ORJ. She was created at the same time as Shin Se Gi but only surfaced when CDH met ORJ. Born from the guilt and belief that she was dead Nana only ever appeared as a bear who turned out was the real Nana (talk about plot twists) and her real name was Cha Do Hyun (the plot twist that has us clutching our hearts and gasping for air).

Mr. X the mysterious personality finally showed up in the final episode. Dressed as a magician with a briefcase he was created to guide Nana as he was her father. Though his appearance didn’t have a huge impact on the already tied loose ends he was the “father” of ORJ and CDH promises to protect and cherish ORJ. Satisfied he and Nana leave together.

Thank you to entire cast and crew of Kill Me Heal Me you all worked so hard and it shows through the amazing fans you have! You all deserve all the awards!!!!

My Thoughts on the Owari no Seraph Finale

There’s always an episode or chapter in the life of a shipper that you can say “This is it! This is the one that’s won me over”. I can safely say this was that kind of episode for me. The one that turned MikaYuu/YuuMika from a casual ship to an OTP. Not only did I find it really suggestive, I also think the way these boys’ feelings for each other were reinforced was absolutely perfect.

First of all, Yuu crying tears of joy after he wakes up and realizes Mika is alive. How dare you make something so freaking adorable?! I think it was so beautifully animated, the way he moves his head around and his eyes glint and finally he starts crying. Nonono too adorable, too much for my heart. I actually teared up because it was like this boy’s love for Mika (even if it’s still platonic at this point, it’s love you can’t deny that) was pouring out of the screen.

It only kept escalating from there. Yuu didn’t even care if Mika turned out to be a foe. For Yuu, Mika’s life is much more precious than that.

But still, I don’t think Yuu meant he wouldn’t give a shit if Mika was “evil”. Yuu knows Mika, so it’s not like he wouldn’t believe Mika had a reason for doing what he’s doing. And even if he had the wrong reasons, I’m pretty sure Yuu believes he can reach out to Mika at any given moment. So I think even if Mika was walking down the wrong path, Yuu has faith in him and believes Mika will come back to him.

Also, there’s something I’d like to point out. I could be wrong, since Shinoa’s sister died so this could’ve been triggered by her memories of her sister, but considering the idea of her apparent crush on Yuu was floating around, this is the impression I got. Shinoa smiles when Yuu tells her that Mika being alive is enough for him right now, but then she looks down (looking kinda sad?) and remembers staring in the direction Mika had been taken away.

Like I said, the impression I got, is that maybe she’s considering their feelings for each other as something other than platonic? In the subs she says “Yuu”, but if you listen to her she actually says “Yuu-chan” referring to the way Mika calls Yuu. So to me it’s as if she’s noticed how close they are and how important they are for each other. And I think she was looking sad because of her possible crush on Yuu and realizing there’s someone else he considers precious to him? Yeah, I know it may have something to do with her sister, but the way it played out between the mention of her possible feelings for Yuu, it just strikes me as something else. Just another suggestive scene if you’d like to call it that.

Then of course there’s the scene that completely won me over and made my heart swell with otp feels.

First of all, Yuu, how dare you?! I mean, did you see that?? “If he’s alive, I can do anything.” COME ON! It’s like, that line makes it seem as if finding out Mika is alive gave something back to Yuu. Something he thought he had lost when Mika “died”. It’s as if Mika’s the source of Yuu’s strength, he’s someone irreplaceable to him and stab me in the heart because that’s just precious!

And if I thought the scene couldn’t get any gayer, boy was I wrong. The background music sounded like something they play in movies when there’s a couple having a romantic dinner at a restaurant or something. They’re both looking at the moon, thinking about each other. For a moment I was like “AM I LOOKING AT A TELENOVELA OR SOMETHING?!”, because it felt like a cliche’d romantic scene, but of course I wasn’t about to complain. Be gay all you want, my lovelies. I encourage it!

Then, the cherry on top…

HOW FREAKING DARE YOU GIVE ME ANY MORE FEELINGS THAN I ALREADY HAD?! That forehead boop that forehead boop that forehead boop!!!!! *explodes* I didn’t expect that scene from the opening to be recreated this way, so it was such a pleasant surprise. And just knowing that at that moment they were thinking about each other, maybe wishing they could be exactly like that, so close to each other… my heart jumps like crazy.

The determination in their eyes… *explodes again* They both believe the other needs saving, so one thing’s for sure: Mika believes Yuu can only be safe by his side, and Yuu believes Mika can only be safe by his side. It’s like a vow to protect each other, support each other, and love each other unconditionally. No matter where their paths take them and no matter what happens, they know they belong together. *starts crying*

Ah, fuck. I can’t say I wanted this, because honestly, another OTP to obsess over was the last thing I needed. But I loved this episode way too much, so I don’t regret anything. I know how falling hard for a ship goes, so sign me the fuck up, I’m on my road to MikaYuu hell.

Now onto find good fanfiction and start reading the manga. Hell yeah.

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i really love that in Chamber of secrets Draco is angry that everyone mistreats Harry or were afriad of him like harry realized draco's mood and ron thought it was because Draco was the "heir" and was "dying to tell everyone and i am in my bed thinking omg otp

Well, Anon, I have a few thoughts about them in CoS, because this book is more important than people realise, to be honest. It’s way underrated.

1. Draco knows Harry is harmless

I don’t think he was mad that everyone was mistreating Harry. He always liked that, actually, and I think the reason is a mix of envy of his fame and jealousy because everyone wanted to be friends with Harry and he couldn’t.

But let me tell you what I like the most about Draco in Chamber of Secrets: pretty much everyone at some point thinks Harry is the heir, except Ron and Hermione. His friends, the teachers, etc.

Anyone really looking could see Harry was not the fucking heir. That cinnamon roll wouldn’t hurt a fly. He’s friends with muggleborns! But no one is really looking. I mean, would you? He’s just another classmate, no one cares he’s Harry Potter anymore.

Unless you’re Draco Malfoy, of course.

Meanwhile, Draco is like “nope, impossible” and that is so telling. He fucking knows Harry so well it’s not even a possibility for him. You know? And let’s remember: Lucius thought Harry might be the next Voldemort and all that, so it’s not something he learned from someone else, it something he learned from observing.

‘Saint Potter, the Mudbloods’ friend,’ said Malfoy slowly. ‘He’s another one with no proper wizard feeling, or he wouldn’t go around with that jumped-up Granger Mudblood. And people think he’s Slytherin’s heir!’

See? He doesn’t think Harry could be the heir, not even for a second. And once again, he makes it clear that it’s Harry’s associations that are the problem, not who he is.

2. He watches Harry all the time

This book is gay as fuck and you know it. Here’s a great moment:

Harry didn’t even care that Draco Malfoy was making loud, snide remarks about his new jumper from the Slytherin table.

Whoa, hold up??? Can you imagine the remarks?

“Potter’s jumper is so ugly and big hahahahaha I wonder if he forgets his own initial *muttering under breath* it looks so soft I wish I was in it with him”

Maybe it’s my imagination, but maybe it happened. Who knows?

3. He is obsessed with Harry’s fanclub

‘Everyone queue up!’ Malfoy roared to the crowd. ‘Harry Potter’s giving out signed photos!’

‘No, I’m not,’ said Harry angrily, his fists clenching. ‘Shut up, Malfoy.’

‘You’re just jealous,’ piped up Colin, whose entire body was about as thick as Crabbe’s neck.

‘Jealous?’ said Malfoy, who didn’t need to shout any more; half the courtyard was listening in. ‘Of what? I don’t want a foul scar right across my head, thanks. I don’t think getting your head cut open makes you that special, myself.’

Oh boy, Colin fucking knows! He’s the only person to identify that Malfoy was jealous (in any sense of the word you see fit). Hahaha Colin, you boy genius!

And you know what happens afterwards? Draco remembers Colin. Oh yeah, he does, the little shit.

‘A decent Headmaster would never’ve let slime like that Creevey in.’

Malfoy started taking pictures with an imaginary camera and did a cruel but accurate impression of Colin: ‘Potter, can I have your picture, Potter? Can I have your autograph? Can I lick your shoes, please, Potter?’

HAHA Draco seriously? One minute you’re talking about Dumbledore and mudbloods, the next you’re back to Harry Potter. He knows Colin’s name, my pals. That is too funny. He’s so pissed off with what Colin said and the fact he’s in the fanclub!

And let’s not forget the best Draco moment in this book. Harry gets his singing Valentine (and by the way, he’s terrified Malfoy will listen because he still cares about his opinion), and Draco tries to get Tom Riddle’s diary, but Harry disarms him:

Malfoy was looking furious, and as Ginny passed him to enter her classroom, he yelled spitefully after her, ‘I don’t think Potter liked your Valentine much!’

Ok, try to explain it to me in any way that makes it less gay, please. Because I have a list of reasons why it’s so fucking gay:

  1. Draco knows Ginny likes Harry. It took Harry another 4 books to figure this out. How he knows? Because he fucking watches everyone in Harry’s fanclub. No other explanation.
  2. He humiliates Ginny and makes sure she knows Harry doesn’t like her or her Valentine. If that’s not out of jealousy, please explain why god why?
  3. I still think he wrote this damn song. Who the fuck calls Voldemort the “Dark Lord”? And Ginny was possessed, she was otherwise preoccupied, so no time for writing Valentines, I would say.

There. Gay. Drarry is real™.

OTP Challenge | Day 2

The moment I started shipping them: Arrow 1x11 (21:52)

This is it. ONE LOOK, and I crossed the bridge into hardcore shipping from which there is no return: this gooey, goosebump-inducing gaze of a man uncontrollably falling for a woman who makes him happy, who makes him feel safe enough to be human again.

Prior to 1x11, I wasn’t opposed to the then far-fetched idea of Oliver and Felicity making a good couple. They seemed like just the right blend of odd and opposites that it could hypothetically work. Yet up to this point, Oliver hadn’t really offered much to make me think he was worthy of pursuing her in that way, and in the way she deserved to be pursued. (After all, he was supposed to be trying to rekindle things with Laurel.)

Then, as has become a weekly occurrence, Oliver pleasantly surprised me. When presented an opportunity, Oliver takes a brief moment to watch Felicity; and we get to experience his raw admiration and contentment as he studies this babbling ball of sunshine. (Anyone see Tangled? You know the moment on the lake when Eugene watches Rapunzel while she’s daydreaming, staring up at the sky? Someone asked, “Why don’t guys ever look at me like that?” And another tumblr user gave the perfect response: “Because, like Rapunzel, you’re never looking when they do.” THIS MOMENT was like that for me. What can I say? I’m a hopeless romantic.)

I remember thinking, “Oh wow, he likes her.” Watching his eyes scan over her, I saw the flicker of pure happiness—and I could tell it was real, because unlike many of Oliver’s expressions, the spark originates in his eyes, not his lips. (Bravo, Amell; someone give this blessed man an Emmy already!) I honestly think I fell in love in this moment, with Oliver and with them as a couple.

The reason I ship Olicity so adamantly is because Oliver convinced me these two belong together. His actions and reactions to her are such a contrast to his other personas: the way his entire countenance, posture, and facial expressions soften when he’s in her presence. He’s just so light around her in this early stage. Why does he keep coming back? He’s addicted to how she can draw decency out of him like no one else can. After five years in hell, having to shut down all that makes you human, who wouldn’t crave that?

“Is that your way of saying you miss me?” he asks her with a smile and a bounce in his step. Yes, Oliver, welcome back to the world of humanity.

I am fixated on every detail of their exchange. I remember his little head bob as he struts into her office, like he’s been interrupting her life for years now. I remember her eating Chinese and her adorable, flustering straightening of her workstation at his sudden appearance. (It’s like they’re already dating.) I love the way her head swirls when she says “No” and his honest chuckle in response. I’m obsessed with her entire look—from her gentle ponytail to her bright lipstick to her simple top. Nothing extraordinarily “sexy,” but very Felicity, sweet and sophisticated. Their banter here is almost flirtatious, and we get a glimpse of Felicity crushing on this man with her giddy smile as he walks away. We also learn that Felicity loves RED wine. (Holla to the color red!) 


Of Big Sisters and Speeches

Sherlock folded his hands on the table and narrowed his eyes at his charge. Her wide brown eyes stared back with determination.

Clearing her throat, 7-year-old Georgina shifted in her seat and mirrored her father’s posture, folding her hands before her. ‘Father,’ she began, her voice high and sweet. ‘I assume you know why I have asked to speak with you today.’

He tilted his head slightly, resisting the urge to smile and making a mental note to limit her time spent with Uncle Mycroft. He was beginning to have too much of an influence on her vocabulary and, by the spread of notes before her, she was mimicking her uncle’s obsessive need for a plan of attack.

‘As a matter of fact, Georgina, I do not.’

Glancing over her papers, Georgina began her speech. ‘Well, as you know, I am an only child.’

‘I am aware,’ he said with a slight smile.

‘Uncle John and Aunt Mary have Claire and Harry. And Auntie Anthea and Uncle Mycroft have Richard and the twins.’

Understanding rushed over him and he grinned broadly. ‘Yes, they do.’

With a determined gaze fondly reminiscent of her mother, Georgina looked over her crayon-written notes and then back to Sherlock. ‘According to them, having more than one kid is ‘wonderful’, ‘amazing’, and ‘magical.’ Although, that last one was Uncle John’s word and seems highly hyperbolic.’

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I blame our obsession with shipping on the things that we watched as kids

growing up, the tv shows we watched had incredibly obvious love stories. You can tell from the first interaction people have whether or not they will be romantically involved. All it really takes it one look shared between two characters for everyone to go “yep they’ll get together”

Its because of this that now, when we watch more mature tv shows, we still take that one shared look to mean that the two characters are going to fall in love, no matter how platonic their characters are written to be.

If these were childhood movies, this 


would be the obvious signs that those two people are going to fall in love

So can you really blame us for shipping anything two things that move? Its been ingrained in our minds since we were little that when people share moments like these, theyre meant to be together forever. Just blame everything we watched as kids for our obsessive shipping