can you tell he is my favorite character

Favorite Features - Avengers Preference

Trying something new lol
I want to expand my writable characters
I’ve included all of the AoU Avengers (bc why not) 
Tell me if you guys like it :-)

Tony - Smile
The billionaire never settles for anything less than perfection, and when it comes to your smile, he always thinks it’s perfect. Your smile may not be the straighest or the brightest, but Tony just loves the way you glow when you smile. The only thing he can do when you is smile back and fall in love.

Steve - Laugh
Call him cheesy, but Steve loves your laugh. He finds it absolutely infectious, and every time you laugh, Steve finds himself laughing along. His heart flutters just a little bit when you laugh. He claims it’s like a little drop of sunshine. Steve can’t help but fall in love all over again when you laugh at one of his corny jokes.

Bruce - Voice
Bruce was never big on music, but when you speak, he swears it’s better than Mozart. He loves the way you can spin a sentence, and he especially loves the way you say his name. Your whispers alone are enough to calm him down if the other guy decides to show up. He doesn’t know why, but every time you speak, his heart races a bit.

Clint - Hands
Maybe it’s creepy, but Barton has no shame in the fact that he loves your hands. Every where you go, he’s holding your hand. Just the way your fingers lace together with his is enough to make him grin. The archer claims your hands fit together perfectly, like how an arrow notches a bow string, and therefore you’re meant to be. Regardless, he can’t go very long until his hands find yours.

Thor - Hair
Though the God of Thunder has his own luscious locks, but he loves yours so much more. No matter the style, length, or texture, Thor is constantly playing with your hair. It’s become a habit by now. He loves how your hair shines in the sun, and how it suits your face so perfectly. He says the not even the gods have such beautiful hair.

Natasha - Lips
Natasha’s not one for PDA, but she can’t deny the fact that your lips are perfectly kissable. In general, she loves they way they fit your face and how they move to reflect your emotions. Sometimes when you talk, she finds herself staring at your lips rather than your eyes. She just can’t get enough of them, and takes every opportunity to kiss them.

Pietro - Butt
The platinum blond never settles down, but he’ll take a couple minutes to check out your butt. There are plenty of moments where Pietro will zoom by, slapping your bum in the process. He always leaves with a grin on though. Sometimes when you go running, Pietro will let you run in front of him, just so he can get a few more glances.

Wanda - Eyes
Considering the fact that eyes are the windows to the soul, it’s no surprise that Wanda loves your eyes the most. She loves they way they light up when you smile, and how clear they always are. She knows your eyes will always tell her the truth. It’s not uncommon for Wanda to get lost just staring into your eyes.

Vision - Personality
Vision can never seem to completely understand your personality, and that’s why he loves it so much. Although he has a fairly good grasp on it, your personality is one of the few things that Vision is unsure about. He enjoys the surprise, however. Vision is constantly making notes, trying to figure you out, but unconditionally loving every part he discovers.


Happy 51st Birthday to my favorite screenwriter/director alive, the ONE person in the world I completely trust on writing or directing anything! With his clever dialogues, believable three-dimensional characters, great ensemble castings and his unique way of storytelling that has this amazing ability to make you switch moods in a millisecond, from laughing out loud to crying your heart out. Whether they’re vampire with souls or Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, Joss Whedon tells stories about people, and he can really make you care about these people. With Buffy The Vampire Slayer, he’s completely changed my life and vision of the world. Let’s appreciate this brilliant guy today. In Joss we trust. #JossWhedon #BTVS #BuffyTheVampireSlayer #Firefly #Serenity #InJossWeTrust #JossWhedonIsMyMasterNow #Avengers #TheAvengers #AgeOfUltron #AvengersAgeOfUltron #Marvel #Whedonverse #Birthday #HappyBirthday #MarvelCinematicUniverse #Buffyverse #MCU #Buffy #BuffySummers #Spike #WillowRosenberg #MalcolmReynolds #MalReynolds #JayneCobb #ZoeWashburne #Browncoats #CaptainAmerica #IronMan


favorite last names for Fenris, go

(I can use Leto if I absolutely positively have to, but if I can’t find a good one he’s honestly probs going to end up Fenris Smith-Jones and put an end to it) 

(Edit: completely forgot about Sabrae, thank you syzara and @sadnakedandafraid for that excellent point! Merrill you are no longer an immediate source of my AU problems.)


Title: Not A Crush

Author: kokkoros

Rating: PG-13 for Kageyama’s bad language

Characters/Pairing: Kageyama/Hinata

Summary: He’s been telling himself for the past few months that the flippity flip thing his heart does every time Hinata smiles does not mean he has a crush.

Author’s Note: Kagehina is like my favorite otp but I was only able to spit out this short fanfic haha. Hope you like it aweekofkagehina!

It starts off innocently enough.

Well, as innocent as wanting to kiss the living daylights out of your volleyball partner can be.

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You can find Robert Carlyle fans anywhere!

I just got off the phone with by bank to let them know I’m traveling overseas.  When the lady asked me where I’m going I told her I’m starting in London, up to Glasgow, and ending back in London.

She then tells me her favorite actor is from Glasgow and I pause and ask…

“Is it Robert Carlyle?”

She excitedly response yes and I say he’s my favorite too.  We geek out together and she says she loves all his characters and has pictures of them all over her computer.  She even sent something to Canada to try to get his autograph and wants to travel and see the shooting.  We talk for a few minutes and she takes my information and wishes me good luck in seeing him in Glasgow :D

I love fangirling over Robert Carlyle.  Best call to the bank ever!!

I bought the sketchbook. Now, I’m not going to repost the art here, because that would be super rude, but I CAN tell you that within those hallowed pages, there’s full-color art of Hwyermzgirl’s and Manlizard’s spirits.

That page alone is worth $5.

Also, there’s a pretty large bara-Forge, some concept art of Isaac when he had a different spirit, and another heavily-possessed Consortium agent that will be my favorite character as soon as they’re shown in canon.

Get the sketchbook here.

I have no words to describe, how much I loved this book! (4.5/5)

It begins as a man is forced to shelter at a strange, grim house during a snowstorm. There he discovers the events that took place years before; the love between Catherine Earnshaw and Heathcliff, her betrayal of him and how his revenge continues in the present.

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So I drew some TBoI things..Featuring two of my three or four favorite characters, Judas and Isaac! First pic, if you can’t tell, there are some words saying “grumpy” and pointing at the normal Judas.

Second pic is basically Isaac hiding from my persona… ask-isaac-reborn was the blog I had been scrolling through recently, so I kinda thought of that Isaac as I drew that… Also please excuse it I got bored and just…ideas. I’d never, EVER HURT ISAAC HE IS TOO PRECIOUS TO HURT! …anyone who does gets a sword in their thr- I MEAN HAH ANYWAYS.

Enjoy this because I am TBoI trash and absolutely LOVE this game…too bad this operating system is crap and won’t let me play any games…I got so far, too! Up to Utero. *sigh* Anyways…yeah. Take my art, but do NOT claim it. If you do you are absolute shit and deserve to rot ever so slowly and painfully. >->

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Commander whatever the fuck his name is wishes he was on your level. Tell his irrelevant ass to sit the fuck down and learn how to read. Like Jfc Sakura isn't even my favorite character and I know for a fact she can whoop ass because kishi literally shoved it in our faces how strong she is and how far she has come over the years.

I wasn’t going to publish this but fuck it. No comment on what you said. 

You all can talk about how cruel is John Green for killing off main characters and breaking your heart, but the worst thing I’ve ever read is The Last Battle. Yeah, Chronicles of Narnia.
(akward pause before I start screaming)
Alright, I just hate that.

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How come only sunggyu got really popular through variety all of infinite go on and are funny Though I have to admit when I got into infinite woohyun was my bias and then sunggyu came and hit me like a ton of bricks and I don't know how He probably uses sorcery I tell ya

lol yeah there could be some sorcery at work

but yeah I agree with you that they’re all really funny on variety shows but Sunggyu has a very unique character on shows and it’s one that I think the public enjoys. I’ve been saying this about him that like he’s somehow both super humble and has a huge ego at the same time.. it’s a weird mix for a person to have. He also has a very dry type of humor at times which is a personal favorite of mine.

I can’t always tell if he’s serious or not… like when he says things like ‘I think my butt is precious’ he said that right? I think he did lol And then he does things and it doesn’t seem like he’s trying to be funny… but he’s hilarious. I think his face might have a lot to do with why he’s so popular with variety. His expressions alone are hilarious without him trying to do anything

And like I’ve said before he’s just fun to pick on which is so important in variety. I mean if you ever watch an episode of running man the humor basically revolves around them laughing at each other and poking fun at each other. Sunggyu is fun to poke fun at.

idk anon… he’s just funny

Just finished rewatching The Politician’s Husband. So that’ll tell you which fic I’m working on first of the 14. GUH. Aiden… Probably one of my favorite DT characters simply because David makes super competitive and possessive look hot. Gorgeous. And then he cries and I can never deal with that. 

So why the heck are there only eleven fics on AO3 tagged Aiden Hoynes? That’s just wrong. Wrong. We need to fix this. Pronto.

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001 Gurren Lagann!

01 | Send me a fandom and I will tell you my:

  • Favorite character: God damn it this is impossible uuuggghhhh Yoko and Kamina and Simon and Kittan and Nia and Viral I can’t choose
  • Least Favorite character: Guame
  • 5 Favorite ships (canon or non-canon): Kamina/Yoko, Simon/Nia, Kittan/Yoko, Viral/His dream wife, Dayakka/Kiyoh
  • Character I find most attractive: YOKO
  • Character I would marry: Yoko (also Nia)
  • Character I would be best friends with: Viral probably, after he lost his antagonist angst
  • A random thought: Why does the animation randomly get really shitty in episode 4?
  • An unpopular opinion: Can’t think of one
  • My canon OTP: Kamina/Yoko
  • Non-canon OTP: I think they’re all pretty much canon
  • Most badass character: KAMINAAAA
  • Pairing I am not a fan of: Viral/Adiane
  • Character I feel the writers screwed up (in one way or another): No one, in any way worth mentioning at least
  • Favourite friendship: Kamina and Simon forever!!

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this is all possibly very predictable but here goes for the meme! 001 Gintama and 002 horrible...exorcists... (hahaha)

Oh geez Gintama.  Well, with the disclaimer that I’m only 83 episodes in (”only” haha *cries*) and thus that my opinions may very well change later …

001 | Send me a fandom and I will tell you my:

Favorite character:  Probably Katsura when he’s onscreen.  The rest of the time … Gin?  He’s kind of a problematic fave at times but then so is pretty much the entire cast lol. And it’s fun trying to figure out what he really thinks.

Least Favorite character: Hm.  Probably Kondo?  Just because I really, really don’t like the “stalker guy who won’t take no for an answer” trope.  (He does have his redeeming features.  And I do appreciate that he never backs her into a corner she really can’t get out of – you know he has enough power that he could pull it off if he really wanted to.  But if Tae ever does get together with him I will probably dig up your table-flipping conveyor belt gif and use it. A lot. At the creator’s face.) 

5 Favorite ships (canon or non-canon): Tempted to plead “I can’t decide that until I’ve finished”, but here’s my current thoughts: 

  • Gin/Katsura
  • Tae/Kyuubei (after they do some more growing up and dealing with their issues)
  • … Kagura/Okita??  (I think they would have a blast teaming up and terrorizing the living daylights out of LITERALLY EVERYONE ELSE.  Less sure whether I think it would ever evolve into anything romantic.) 
  • Gin/Hijikata???? (I think they’ve got a lot of fun team up / I’ll fight you until WHO THE HELL ARE YOU TRYING TO INTERFERE INTO OUR FIGHT moments that if played right could probably be developed into something shippy?  Definitely if I had to choose I’d lean more towards Gin/Katsura though sooooo.)
  • Gin/Sakamoto????? (They’ve got some history going for them, and I’ve liked their dynamic the few times Sakamoto has shown up.  But I still don’t feel like I’ve seen enough either of Sakamoto himself or of their dynamic to say for sure.  Also, has the same problem as the previous pairing. :) )

Character I find most attractive: Well uh.  I would have said Katsura but uh.  … I think Kyuubei might be winning now. >.>

Character I would marry: Errrrr.  I can’t even imagine what sort of person I’d marry in real life so I think I’ll punt on this one. :) 

(Not Tae though because I hate cooking and I don’t think we’d survive if she was primary cook in the house.)

Character I would be best friends with: Probably Shinpachi haha.  We’d kick back and make smart remarks while everyone else is running around being batshit insane.

a random thought: two for the price of one!

  • I really appreciate that in episode 83, Kyuubei looked about as comfortable in hostess clothing as Gin and Katsura did in their crossdressing episode
  • I kind of really want to see Kyuubei and Katsura meet and react to each other now.  Hopefully in a suitably entertaining situation.

An unpopular opinion: Don’t think I know the fandom well enough to know which of my opinions might be unpopular yet.  

I suppose I do wish they toned down the gratuitous-violence-played-for-laughs.  Tae in particular seems to end up the focus of those AND THEN GIRL GOES INSANE AND EVERYTHING IS DESTROYED moments and I recognize no one is actually seriously permanently harmed because that’s just part of this world’s schtick, but … could they maybe not? :\  It’s one of those categories of humor that just really doesn’t work for me.  

(Also I thought Katsura’s shorter hair in the Benizakura arc was super cute and I wish it had stayed that way for a while? I doubt that’s an unpopular opinion though??)

my canon OTP: No canon pairings yet AFAIK? 

Non-canon OTP: Proooobably Gin/Katsura.

most badass character: In terms of screen time it would pretty much have to be Gin. Can I say the Gin-and-Katsura combo?  Because they really bring out the best badassery in each other. 

pairing I am not a fan of: Tae/Kondo.  Hopefully that’s not actually a thing?

character I feel the writers screwed up (in one way or another): Nothing that really springs to mind yet?  I tend to get a bit flinch-y in the episodes that involve crossdressing- or otherwise gender identity-related storylines, because it tends to get about 70% right (as far as I can tell p.s. I’m not an expert) and 30% “ugh why did you just say that”.  But that’s usually pretty evenly spread across the characters.

And OTOH I like that those episodes exist because I feel like they still do better than most anime I’ve seen at addressing the subject?

(Though. Would Hijikata really throw a battle just because he realized his opponent was a woman?  Really?  Like, he was in pretty bad shape, why not just have him legitimately lose as a result of that?  Did we really have to pull in obnoxious chivalry tropes?  Really?)

favourite friendship: Gin/Kagura/Shinpachi.  Or Gin/Katsura in the non-shippy sense.

character I want to adopt or be adopted by: Uhhhh but that would involve actually being in the Gintama universe / being involved with Gintama characters, which seems like a bad plan for my continued health and sanity.  So … Tae maybe?  I could rock being a not-super-competent samurai and making smart remarks with my bro Shinpachi. 

002 | send me a ship and I will tell you:

when or if I started shipping it. Well, Special Chapter 15 planted the seeds to be sure.  But I don’t think it really became a full-fledged ship of mine until I joined the horrible exorcists bar here on tumblr. <3

my thoughts:  Haha I’ve been involved in so much fun crying over this pairing for the last several months that it’s hard to distill it down.  

I think the two of them make a fascinating combination; how they’re fundamentally very similar, but have chosen to deal with their deeply ingrained distrust of tbh everyone and their need to keep people at a distance in very different ways:  Natori with his acting job and his sparkly smile and his over-the-top lines and his “I threw that away a long time ago”; Matoba with his forbidding exterior and his family name and his probably telling himself that he didn’t need to throw anything away because no one would dare be familiar with the Matoba clan head in the first place. 

Their almost-but-not-quite connection in special chapter 15 just makes me want to see them successfully connect because it feels like it would hold so much more weight, with how much they had to go through to get here from there. 

I think they would be terrifying to go up against if they teamed up.  Like, malicious youkai would just surrender because seriously, they’re scary enough on their own, but together?? 

And in their private lives, they’re still the same prickly, awkward, highly opinionated people they’ve always been.  It would take a lot for them to get together, and a lot more for them to become comfortable with the fact that this thing might actually be here to stay … but I wouldn’t want to be the person who messed with either one of them – either before or especially after.  

I think the biggest problem – after, y’know, getting them together to begin with – would be reconciling their attitudes towards youkai.  Especially once we start thinking about post-Natsume Natori.  Tbh I still don’t see him honestly having a problem with things like the Matoba clan leading on the youkai after the clan head’s eye (he’d probably argue for exorcism because he hates the idea of it targeting Matoba


, but he’d see the benefits to stringing it along).  Or with exorcising the truly dangerous, malicious ones.  (Or even the malicious ones in general.)

But what happens when he encounters another situation like with Kai?  Would he be able to successfully convince Matoba to soften his views?  Would they have to agree to disagree?  What if it was Matoba who had taken on that request?  Would he interfere, or just stand to the side and watch and try to convince himself that there was nothing he could have done?

With two such strong-minded people, you just know their disagreements – especially about the things that really matter to them – would be epic as well.

(… Also they’re both super pretty in nicely contrasting ways. >.>)

What makes me happy about them: Uh, basically everything above. :)  Their parallels, their divergences.  Their issues.  How great the payoff would be as a result if they can ever see past their issues to each other. 

(… again, mostly Natori, since I’m firmly in the “Matoba knows exactly what he feels, he’ll just never act on it since he’s convinced he knows how that will end” camp.) 

Just.  Horrible exorcists. Being horrible.  But together.

What makes me sad about them:  That them never happening was essentially foreordained, because of the lives they’d lived so far and the attitudes they held when they met. 

If Matoba just hadn’t been quite so abrasive, or Natori hadn’t been quite so defensive or hadn’t had quite so big of an inferiority complex.  (Mostly the latter, haha.)

If Natori had been able to see that Matoba already thought he was good enough.  

But of course he didn’t.  He couldn’t

So they crossed paths and continued on their separate ways, and maybe they encountered each other later on – well, of course they did, in a world as small as the exorcist world it would be nearly impossible not to – but each time they met they’d just settled deeper into their own personas, and the crack in their relationship-that-could-have been created by their first-encounter-that-was just kept widening with time and distance.  

So they might exchange a few barbed words, but soon enough they’d be on their way again.

(And maybe it’s for the best that Natori didn’t end up getting dragged into Matoba business, because he’s got a dubious enough attitude towards youkai as it is.  But you can’t help but wonder, what might have happened if –?) 

(In other words:  Special chapter 15.  That’s what makes me sad.  ALL OF IT.)

things done in fanfic that annoy me: OK.  So this is super, super petty of me.  And more a “me personally being anal about POV” thing than a thing specific to this pairing.  But it kind of annoys me when a fic is from a close-in 3rd person perspective of one of them and still uses the surname of the POV character.  Or when there are thoughts / conversations where they probably would use given name, and surname is used instead.  

I can understand logical reasons for doing it – probably not nearly as many people are familiar with their given names, so it can be jarring to use them.  But sticking with surnames only just feels … off. imo. 

(/slinks away and tries to stop being judgmental.  it really isn’t a huge issue.  It’s just one of the things I tend to focus on in my own stories and I … have a hard time turning my editor brain off sometimes. >.>)

things I look for in fanfic: Um, nothing super specific.  Good writing, in character (or OOC for a good reason / in an interesting way).  Per the below I tend to avoid smutty stuff unless it’s a small part of something that’s otherwise really good. 

For this pairing in particular, I guess the big thing would be feeling like the fic kept their sharp edges intact.  (Even if they’re fluffy to each other, I sincerely doubt that change in attitude would bleed out to encompass the rest of the world.  A bit blunter, perhaps, but I can’t see either of them ever losing their edge entirely.)

My kinks: (copy-pasted from the other answer because they’re pretty much the same. :) )

Not sure if this answer counts since I’m an asexual prude who tends to either avoid fics with explicit scenes or cover my eyes and scroll past them.  But I love hopeless pining => slow realization of mutual interest => tentative touching like they’re afraid this isn’t real.   (Like, touching the face or gentle close-mouthed kisses or holding hands or whatever.  Not touching in the “getting to some base” sense of the word.)  

Alternately, comfortable established relationship adorableness. Lovingly sniping at each other. That sort of thing.

Basically if it’s sweet/adorable I’m probably there. :P

(Except +100 to loving sniping / using actions instead of words because they’re both shit at talking about their feelings.  and +2000 to hopeless pining because special chapter 15)

Who I’d be comfortable with them ending up with, if not each other: The options are uh, kind of thin on the ground …

I guess in the previous ask I confessed to my shameful occasional flirtation with Natori/Natsume, so that would probably be my second choice for Natori.  (Again:  assuming after a long enough timeskip that the age gap isn’t squicky.) 

Or have Natori just be aromantic and not end up with anyone. 

Matoba … I’ve got nothing.  Arranged marriage for the good of the clan that turns out to be tolerable I guess??? 

(For some reason I have a much harder time seeing Matoba as potentially aromantic.  Maybe because I’ve got too much invested in his hopeless pining lol.)

My happily ever after for them:  They’re still busy with their own business.  They’re still sharp-edged.  They don’t always agree.  But they’ve built a home together, and they’ve learned to trust that the other will be there for them, and that no matter how far they travel, they’ll always circle back to each other.  

In other words:  *cough* this fic. :)

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*Very shyly offers url*

Sᴇɴᴅ ᴍᴇ ʏᴏᴜʀ URL ᴀɴᴅ I’ʟʟ ᴛᴇʟʟ ʏᴏᴜ

My Opinion on;

Character in general:  You got a great taste in muses, bruh. What can I tell about Bigby? Specially our favorite version - TWAU Bigby? Gotta love the old dog.
How they play them: I love reading your interactions, to see how much thought you put in every single of Bigby’s actions and how he reacts to the situations. I can see he breathing (and cursing under his breath sometimes )

The Mun:  Precious cinnamon roll, too pure and precious for this world let me luv ya and hug ya. You are cool! You are awesome! And if for a moment you think otherwise come to me and I’ll luv you even more 

Do I:

RP with them:  Yup!
Want to RP with them: Oh I have to reply to that…encounter 

What is my;

Overall Opinion:

**Note: Mun’s answer are all to be completely honest. Don’t send url if you don’t want brutal honesty

11 questions!

Rule 1.) write down the rules.

Rule 2.) answer questions from the person that tagged you .
Rule 3.) make up 11 new questions and tag 11 new people.
Rule 4.) tell the people you tagged that you tagged them.
Rule 5.) tell the person who tagged you that you

I was tagged by fantastic-mister-bugbug!!

1.) if you could live anywhere, where would you live?
Definitely in Europe! My favorite place in the world is probably Annecy, France. I would love to live there if I could magically learn French
2.) Who is your favorite character and why?
IS THIS EVEN A FAIR QUESTION? I really don’t think I can pick just one, but maybe the Doctor because “he’s like fire and ice and rage. He’s like the night, and the storm in the heart of the sun. He’s ancient and forever. He burns at the center of time and he can see the turn of the universe. And… he’s wonderful.”
3.) do you play any instruments?
I do mallet percussion (MARIMBA <3) and I’m learning piano
4.) pets?
Yes, I am a cat lady with two lovely cats: Nutmeg and Winter.
5.) Are you currently in a relationship?
Nope, I’ve only had one serious boyfriend and he turned out to be a douchelord
6.) if you could be someone else for a day, who and why?
Ohhh I like this. I would love to be Florence Welch and use that beautiful voice of hers, or maybe an Olympic gymnast so I could experience what its like to be able to move like that
7.) what was the last song you listened to?
I am listening to Either Way by Beta Radio right now
8.) last person you texted?
my roommate from school
9.) Last thing you ate/drank?
a biscuit with sausage gravy and water
10.) do you like roller coasters?
Yes they can be fun
11.) Worst and best years of school and why?
My best year of high school was hands down junior year because it was the first point in my life where I really started to understand and love myself and I made some good friends. In college, last year was a blast I loved it because I got really close to my college friends and I made the deans list for the first time.

My questions:

  1. If I gave you a plane ticket to a destination of your choice, where would you go? 
  2. What are your top five favorite songs?
  3. What is your favorite animal?
  4. Tell me about something cool that you did once!
  5. Do you have any pets?
  6. What is your biggest fan obsession?
  7. Would you rather be fluent in five languages or be a professional athlete?
  8. Are you in school?
  9. What are you hungry for right now?
  10. Describe your ideal date!
  11. How do you take your coffee/tea?

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My fellow borderlands lover, I choose Mordecai for the meme.

Oh my gosh, he’s like my favorite character ever. <33

✓ would rather pet birds than have sex
✓ is rude and bitter for no apparent reason (he has a reason tho but still)
✓ is a weak nerd with a best friend who is like twice their height and could probably hug them to death (kjersti i’m looking at u)

✖ i’m not an alcoholic (and i hope to stay that way)
✖ i don’t own a bird of prey who makes my enemies explode (YET)
✖ i can’t hit shit

Send me a character and I’ll tell you three things I have in common with them and three things I don’t

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While I love Ginny and Jen, I think Josh is the best actor on the show. He is just so natural. He used such different mannerisms and stances for EF Charming, Prince James, AU Charming, cursed David, Fear Personified and current SB David that you can tell even in a picture which character he's playing. He's just so underrated, probably because you forget he's acting because he becomes his characters.

I can understand. Personally, he’s one of my favorites of the main cast, along with Ginny, JMO, and Colin, but I can see why you prefer him as the best. :)