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For those of you who actually care, I’m going to be trying out a new name: Em (or M, either works). I just have been feeling kinda weird about Morgan recently and would appreciate if you guys stopped using it for a bit. :) Additionally, I kinda think I’m starting to refer they/them pronouns to she/her, so that’s also something to consider. Sorry if this is weird for you guys.

Because I’m a nerd I want to bring up the fact that all of these doodles in the MV:

Are the actual structures of the four nucleotides that make up DNA:

Bighit, I’m impressed. Oh, and one more thing:

The four main colours of this MV’s concept I’d say are probably red, yellow, blue and white, or something along those lines yeah?

Well with DNA, Cytosine and Guanine (C & G) and Thymine and Adenine (T & A) match up. Meaning that if we were to substitute the four colours I mentioned to the closest nucleotide from above we’d end up with:

Cytosine = white

Guanine = blue

Thymine = yellow

Adenine = red

So that means we’d end up with white and blue being paired up, and yellow and red doing the same. And if you look closely at the floor:

White+Blue and Yellow+Red?

C+G and T+A?

I’m sorry guys idek what this post is, it’s 12:30am I should go to sleep.

Hey you! Yeah, you!

Boys can play flute!
Girls can play trombone!
Boys can play viola!
Girls can play drumline!
Boys can play bells!
Girls can play electric guitar!
Anyone can play literally whatever the fuck they want!

Don’t give in to the trap of gendering instruments! Anyone can play any instrument, and your instrument doesn’t invalidate your gender!

Bayard Changes

I haven’t seen any posts about this yet, so I thought I’d throw one together real quick while doing some other research for paladin armor. Bayard upgrades!

We have 2 notable examples of what happens when a person swaps bayards, with both Lance and Keith. The speculation is over: bayard forms are individual-specific, and not Lion-specific. This means that the red bayard does not always form a sword; rather, a sword will always be the standard weapon form that Keith has. Lance’s standard weapon is a gun, although his has some variation (more on that later).

That said, the change in bayard color DOES still bring in some notable visual changes! And more than just color to boot.

More below the cut, because there’s quite a few screenshots.

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Tbh I need more Langst focusing on Lance thinking he isn’t important to the team–

Like give me a Lance dealing with intrusive thoughts on missions

Give me a Lance who thinks the only way he can protect his teammates in close quarters combat is by acting as a human shield

Give me a Lance who cares for his team so much but feels he can only give so little

Give me a Lance who breaks down because he feels like the 7th wheel who offers nothing