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Okay but in the 1D church AU, who is the over-enthusiastic youth pastor? Who is the hipster worship leader? Who's in charge of community outreach? Is someone a PRAYER WARRIOR? Basically, just please elaborate on this idea. The world needs it.

omg okay SO we have BRESSIE as lead pastor and everyone loves his sermons. always lets out on time so everyone (and him) can get to lunch.

LIAM PAYNE is the worship pastor who is a great leader but likes to do riffs that no one else can follow sometimes. also the designated prayer warrior and his mum is definitely the one to coordinate and start the prayer chain.

NIALL HORAN is the enthusiastic youth pastor who loves his teens and is famous for eating weird food literally any opportunity he can. they play a game called “anything for a pound” where they chuck random food in a blender and whoever drinks it gets money. plays guitar in the worship band sometimes. he’s very intentional in what he does with the teens.

HARRY STYLES is the children’s pastor and does lots of very silly singing but also really teaching all the kids bible stories. he wears flowy tops and brings mindfulness in whenever he can (but not yoga, not out loud at least). he lets anyone braid his hair when they’re bored during playtime.

LOUIS TOMLINSON is a lot of things but also runs the nursery because he loves the babies and he’s about as energetic as a three year old. the toddlers all adore him. during the combined service he sings louder than the little ones and purposefully does the wrong motions so harry gets flustered and finds it hilarious.

NICK works in the front office (secretary? no one knows) but he knows ALL THE GOSSIP and ALL THE PRAYER REQUESTS and EVERYTHING ABOUT THE CHURCH. he also does announcements up front and occasionally works sound (but never on children’s church days because he messes with the system when louis is talking, partially to get back at him for being mean to harry and partially because louis gets mad and it’s hilarious). liam gets all the prayer information from him. he’s always the first to volunteer when louis or harry need help with the little ones.

JESY helps coordinate fundraising and finances for the church. PERRIE and JADE are the community outreach leaders and they focus on vbs a lot. every night in vbs they do a musical number and it’s just incredible. LEIGH ANNE works in the church office with nick and runs all the social media. we’re not sure about the missions yet, but if you have any ideas, let me or @lord-spoopy know!

Y'all when Jyn says “I’m not used to people sticking around when things go bad” my heart melts

This is such a moment of incredible vulnerability for Jyn. She has spent years keeping everyone at arms length specifically for THIS REASON. She’s never had someone who stuck around for her. Saw may have loved her but to Jyn his abandonment was something she couldn’t just overlook. He left her just like her parents did and no apology is going to completely wipe that away.

It’s cassian who stays. this guy she’s just met, who has seen her at some of her worst moments and he’s seen her spit fire and insults his way without a single hesitation. But none of that has managed to push him away. He’s there for her. And yes, it’s not just ab Jyn. I believe Cassian would have gone to Scarif without Jyn if he needed to. But she did help inspire him and remind him why he keeps fighting. Her own growth was interwoven with his and its magical to watch. They’re what each other needs.