can you take more adorable pictures please

black cat pros: glorious sentient shadows to decorate your home with that double as companions

black cat cons: you can take exactly two kinds of pictures of them, and those are 1) normally lit cat in a too-bright background and 2) vantablack void with eyes flopped across your sofa

Jughead Jones | Breathtaking

Count of words: 952

Warnings: butt grabbing, self doupt, a couple of offensive comments, ‘baby girl’ mentioned (don’t know if that should be a warning but yeah hehe)





anonymous asked:

If you aren’t busy, do you mind writing a plus size reader x jughead imagine? Like someone(could be anyone) is making fun of reader and jughead swoops in? If not, thats fine!! I love your blog :)

It was just another simple day in Riverdale High. Students filled the hallways with life as they walked to their next class, while you were walking outside to a table. You had a free period and usually you spent those outside, on a table just being creative and all, or with your friends in the ‘common room’. This time you went with being creative. I mean it was a wonderful day outside. Pure bliss, really, to spend your void period closed between four walls. 

All your attention was turned on the paper in front of you while you were scribbling things down, without even thinking about them. It was predictable that, when Jughead and the rest of the gang sat down on your table, you wouldn’t realise. 

“What are you doing, love?” A deep familiar voice asked softly. “Just some stupid sketches,” you replied realising the voice belonged to your loving boyfriend, Jughead. His hand had already found your waist while his other was delicately hooking fries between it’s fingers and shoving them to his mouth. “Can you please stop chewing so obnoxiously in my ear? It’s disscusting,” you pleaded your boyfriend as he just laughed at you and shoved some into your mouth this mouth. “It’s not disscusting, it’s cute. And you look adorable like that,” he joked bringing out his phone and snaping a picture before the fries were traveling down your esophagous and into your empty stomach. “Can I have some more?” You questioned, feeling the hunger taking over. You didn’t have time to eat that morning so you just rushed to school with a coffee in hand. The coffee made it worse. “No,” you heard a bitter reply. It was the sweet blonde that said it, venom slipping from her lips. “Excuse me?!” “I said no,” she once again replied leaving you all shocked. 

You really didn’t know what had gotten into the girl. Just a couple of months ago you were like sisters, but ever since you and Jughead got together she started acting weird. I mean, you could understand that he was her ex but what you couldn’t understand was why she treated you like this.

“Betty, don’t be like this,” Archie invaded, trying to tame Betty’s stubborness and sudden rudeness. “No. I mean, you know me Y/N. I’m honest. So, I mean since everyone seems to hide it from you I think I should help. You need to lose weight,” she explained, making her point look as the most logical explanation. You winced at her words and gathered your things silently, leaving everything behind, your hunger and sketching long forgotten. “Ok, that’s it. You have been acting like this for about four months. Why you treat her like this?” Jughead fired at Betty, feeling his blood boil as he saw your current state. “I don’t understand what you mean, Juggie. I just simply tell her the truth,” she replied with an innocent smile, as if she didn’t cause severe pain to a girl. It was the last straw for Jughead, he couldn’t take it anymore. “Stop treating her like this,” he practically screamed hitting the table. “She doesn’t deserve it Betty. What did she ever do to you to deserve this?” He questioned, his face all red and flashed, as he was struggling to tame his anger. “She took you from me. She distorted, us.” “No, Betty. You distorted us. You destroyed me. I loved you and you broke me even more than I already was. She was there to mend me, and I do the same for her,” Jughead responded frustrated, leaving the scene behind him as he run as fast as he could to catch up with you.

By the time Jughead was close behind you you were almost by your house. Silently, you were mumbling to yourself, things no one thought you would say. You seemed like such a confident person, always accepting your imperfections. Loving them even. But there were times you just couldn’t live up to that expectation, one of these times being this one. “She is right,” you silently voice to yourself. “You need to lose weight. Hell, why’d you even think Jughead likes you. He does that to make her jealous,” you declare a little louder this time. “Hey, hey stop. Y/N, no.” Jughead called, just now realising he is close behind you. “What are you doing here Jug. You should be at school,” you argued trying to stop the boy from going any further with the conversation. “And you shouldn’t?! Baby, come here,” he said pulling close to him. “Betty was not right. She’ll never be. You look breathtaking. Your body is absolutely beautiful and you should never listen to people when they tell you otherwise,” he soothinly, strocking your hair as you finally let tears fall. “She is right Jug. I need to lose weight. I’m to fat. And you deserve better,” you cried out loud. “Baby girl stop! Just stop! You look absolutely perfect. You are by no means fat. Stop using that term. You are thick. And believe me when I say I’m glad that Reggie or his jocks couldn’t and still can not have you, yeah?! I mean, have you seen yourself in the mirror? You have some meat on your bones, and trust me, you are a man’s fantasy. Hell you are driving me insane!” He complimented. You just giggled at his outburst and the sudden public desplay of attention as he grabbed your butt to emphasize his point. “I love your body. I love your cute face. I love everything about you, love. And you are mine. And I love you,” he uttered showering you with pecks all over your face and neck.

Dating S.Coups Would Include

“Hello , can you please make a “dating would enclude” for Youngbae and Scoups. Thanks (^-^) P.S. I love your paige SO FUCKING MUCH. Please do more bigbang reactions ♡♡ “

Originally posted by mountean

(if you don’t think he’s fucking adorable u frickity fracking lying to yourself)

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crystalgem18  asked:

Hello! I was hoping if you could help me. I'm trying to make a fic about the RFA + V finding out that MC is a single mother to a five year old boy and I can't find a way to have their reactions be different without making them the same and since I love the scenarios you've created, I was wondering if you can help me if you have the time. I would appreciate it if you did but I totally understand if you can't. Thanks 😊

First I want to apologize for taking so long to reply, I’m so sorry! I kind of wrote a little blurb for each character about their reactions but if you need more please feel free to ask! I would absolutely love to read your fic, if you’re okay with that, whenever you finish it! I’m sorry again for taking so long and I hope that this helps!! ^^

Side note I freaking adore your profile picture! Fruits Basket is everything and that’s a super cute photo of Tohru!! :3

Yoosung would be very surprised when he’d first see your child. He really couldn’t comprehend that you loved someone else before him and had a child with him. But Yoosung would quickly shake those thoughts out, knowing that he loved you now and you loved him, that’s all that matters. Yoosung would become fast friends with your son, playing video games with him, teaching him how to cook, and always being a shoulder for him to cry on. Overall, Yoosung would be very surprised at first when he found out that you were a single mother to a five year old boy but he’d quickly get over it since he’s always wanted to start a family and this is a great start!

Zen would be somewhat jealous and angry when he’d first see you already have a child. Those emotions wouldn’t be directed towards you, rather the bastard of the man who left you and your son to fend for yourselves. Zen wild honestly want to hunt the man down and give him a piece of his mind but he knows that taking caring of you and your son is more important. It would take Zen a little while to warm up to your five year old since they aren’t blood related but when he does, he makes an amazing father. Zen will teach your son how to sing and dance, but most importantly, how to treat and respect women. After accepting the fact that you have a child, Zen would become a loving and doting partner who makes a superb husband and father!

Jaehee would be sympathetic when she sees you and your five year old son for the first time. She’d be willing to do absolutely anything to help you and your son out, whether it be a warm home to stay at or lending an ear for you to talk to. Jaehee would want you to live a happy life with your little boy and if she could be apart of it, it would make her ecstatic. Around your son, Jaehee would be strict but kind, showing discipline when needed but always giving him a loving hug afterwards. She’d teach him how to brew the perfect cup of a hot drink and some self-defense judo moves to help him kick butt when needed. Jaehee would treasure the two of you and would become supermom!

Jumin would have a flurry of emotions go through his head when he finds out that you have a son already. He’d be very concerned and upset about your son’s father’s whereabouts but even with his mixture of emotions, he knew that the father’s location wasn’t important. Jumin would offer any assistants that you desired, after all he wanted the best for you and your son, even if your son wasn’t his. Seeing your son’s bright, friendly face would help Jumin open up as a person, he’d teach your son the beauty of cats and how to run a business. Jumin would smile so much more because of you and your son, he would ensure that the two of you would have the best life possible!

Seven would feel conflicted with a small sense of guilt when he saw that you had a son. He’d feel awful for not realizing sooner about your five year old son and you and would track the father down to question why the heck he’d leave someone as amazing as you. Seven would stop trying to push you away since he knew that your son needed a father figure and Seven wanted to be that for him. Your son would learn computer skills, pranks, and he’d develop a very unique sense of humor thanks to Seven’s parenting. Seven would love you and your son, promising you now that the wedding at the space station would have to come sooner!

V would feel nothing but unconditional love towards you and your five year old son when he met the two of you. The fact that you have a son doesn’t change V’s opinion on you in the slightest. He feels like the father is missing out on an amazing woman and a great son. V love teaching your son all about photography and about gardening, especially cacti. Seeing how V interacts with your son makes your heart soar as you’re incredibly grateful for his immense kindness. V ends up becoming the best father figure in your son’s life and husband in your life, he really is your dream man!


Do it for Obi Wan

Peter Parker x Fellow Fem!Nerd

Your fingers skim over the keys at lightning speed and your eyes are darting all over the screen, desperately looking for a way in. Your brain is going into overdrive, calculating a million different solutions in your head with every changing detail in the code. You curse under your breath at every failed attempt until you can’t handle it anymore.

“Damn it!” You slam your headset on the desk next to your keyboard, the sudden outburst causing Ned to jump in his seat. Noticing this, you quietly apologize to him before burying your face in your hands, your elbows resting on top of the desk.

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anonymous asked:

Ray uses Leonard's squishy tummy as a pillow and someone, maybe Lisa, takes a picture of them asleep together like that.

Leonard’s half-asleep on his couch. Raymond is curled up on top of him, head pillowed on Leonard’s soft stomach. Leonard’s eyes are half-shut as he lets the noise of Pacific Rim–they’re both suckers for giant robots fighting giant aliens–wash over him as he absentmindedly runs his fingers through his boyfriend’s hair. 

His eyes flutter shut and his hand stills, and he can feel himself drifting off into sleep when he sees a camera flash. His eyes flick open to his sister, her phone out, snickering. 

“Lisa,” he groans, “why?”

Raymond stirs, nuzzling his face into Leonard’s stomach, whining. 

Lisa grins and takes another photo. 

“What time is it?” Raymond asks in a sleep-rough voice, and Leonard throws a glare at Lisa for waking his boyfriend up. 

“It’s like eleven at night,” Lisa answers, “and you two are adorable.”

“Go away, Lis’,” Leonard says, in an attempt at a commanding tone, but it just comes out in a mumble. 

“Did you take a picture of us?” Raymond asks, his words slightly slurred from sleep.

“No,” Lisa responds. “I took two!”

“Can you send them to me?” Raymond asks, smiling against Leonard’s stomach. 

Lisa nods and texts them over to Raymond. Leonard feels Raymond’s phone buzz against his leg and Raymond reaches into the pocket of his sweatpants to fish it out. 

“Yeah,” Raymond says, opening the pictures. “We’re adorable, Leonard.”

Leonard rolls his eyes, but rubs his thumb along Raymond’s jawline. They are pretty adorable. 

anonymous asked:

Your dog is adorable!! What's his name? Can you give him more pets when he wakes up? Please?! Also can you post more pictures of him? I will also take this time to thank you for the gift of hanella. It is my absolute favorite pairing and you voice them so well. I love it so much. Thanks for the amazing work and time you put into your writing!

:) Thank you Anon.

I will put more about my dog under the cut so anyone that doesn’t need to see the cutest dog in the world can skip over it.

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  • a self-proclaimed china prince who’s brimming with over-confidence and charisma.
  • he’d take one look into the mirror and flips his brown fringe from his eyes and he’s already like, “i’m so beautiful that even aphrodite will be so jealous of me.”
  • and other times, he’s like, “how can i pull off these clothes so well? they look so expensive since i’m wearing them.”
  • and looking at fashion magazines like, “i’ve probably walked out from these magazines.”
  • yEAP.
  • though he may look like all he cares about are his face and hair and clothes and basically HIMSELF,,
  • but really, he is actually very compassionate and loving.
  • especially when it comes to you, his dear girlfriend whom he loves so dearly.
  • like he’d love you so much that most of the time, he forgets to love himself.
  • “gongzhu, i plucked some pretty flowers on the way here. they reminded of you, so here you go, beautiful.” he’d grin while handing you these beautiful yellow flowers that you didn’t even know of.
  • awed, you take the flowers from him with a touched smile, “oh, jun. you didn’t have to — wait, whAT HAPPENED TO YOUR HANDS?”
  • apparently, the guy got himself injured while trying to pluck the flowers off and now he has small cuts all over his palms.
  • and you’re like freaking out because jun literally cares about his well-being because quotes him, “i need to stay beautiful and flawless so the world could appreciate this art.”
  • “junhui, you’re hurt! why didn’t you say anything?!” you exclaim, holding his hands to examine the flaws that are now etched on his palms.
  • and jun just has this gentle, reassuring smile on his face as he says, “i’d go through sharp thorns and vines to make you happy, gongzhu.”
  • and you’d end having to treat this selfless boy before class starts.
  • “you know that i meant it when i said i’d go through anything for your happiness, right?”
  • “jun, value your safety before my happiness, pLS.”
  • “i can’t. i just love you too much.”
  • “well, try loving me less, maybe?”
  • “but that’s impossible.”
  • (-_- )
  • only god knows just how huge jun’s love for you is. and it’s not like you don’t appreciate his feelings, it’s just because of his love to you that he couldn’t take care of himself well.
  • like also this one time when he walks you home in the rain with his umbrella held over you only and he ends up drenched from head to toe.
  • “i can’t let you be wet, gongzhu.”
  • “oh, god. not again.”
  • and the next day, as you expect, he’s down with the cold and couldn’t get off the bed without having to complain of his bad headache or his sore throat.
  • but he couldn’t help but to imprint this huge, happy beam on his face when you come visiting his room with a sigh released.
  • “i told you to share the umbrella with me. but you never listened.”
  • “gONGZHU!” literally throws himself all over you.
  • and again, you’d wind up having to take care of this guy again.
  • like when you’re feeding him his porridge, he’s smiling like an idiot and says, “have i ever told you how lucky i am to have you?”
  • “for like a millionth time, yes. sIGHS. but you should learn to set yourself as a priority instead of me, jun. because you keep on taking care of me first, you always end up getting hurt.”
  • “are you worried for me, gongzhu?”
  • “yES, YOU IDIOt!”
  • “oh, gongzhu. i love you so much. i’m sorry for making you worried.”
  • “you should be POUTS.”
  • “… i think i have recovered by the sight of that adorable pout.”
  • not only you who is well-aware of jun’s priority of you. even his friends are worried by how much he pampered you like a queen.
  • chan: “junnie hyung, y/n noona has hands. she can feed herself.”
  • you: “i couldn’t agree more…”
  • jun: “but i want to feed you. say ahhh.”
  • you: щ(ಠ益ಠщ)
  • jun likes bringing you to his apartment just to cook for you some traditional chinese cuisine and hopefully waiting for your reaction as you eat.
  • “it’s delicious, jun. thank you.”
  • “… come again?”
  • loves having you in his bed — not to do anything nasty nOPE. he just likes having you next to him so he can be as close to you as possible and watching you sleep.
  • like he LOVES watching you sleep.
  • at one time, he snaps a photo of you asleep and posts it on sns like, “she’s so beautiful ♥ i am the luckiest man alive.”
  • seungcheol comments: “what happens to posting your selfies and claiming yourself as beautiful?”
  • hoshi: “guys… i think he’s falling way too deeeeeeeep.”
  • seungkwan comments: “junnie hyung. SNAP OUT OF IT.”
  • wonwoo: “is nobody going to comment how he takes a picture of y/n sleeping on his bed…?”
  • jisoo: “oh my lord.”
  • seokmin comments: “why do i feel like you’ll get smacked in the head once y/n noona sees this…?”
  • and you did.
  • “trust me, gongzhu. you’re still beautiful to me.” (✿◠‿◠)
  • but the picture has already been viewed by the whole school and everyone’s just like, “THIS COUPLE IS GOALS!”
  • and you’re like, “no. stop. please. take down the picture.”
  • make-out session with jun can be described with one word: FIYAHHHHH.
  • being a passionate person in everything he does, he’s even more passionate when it comes to kissing you.
  • like he rarely gives any room for you two to breathe. he just wants to feel the pressure of your lips on his longer while he cradles your face like some valuable vase.
  • and it’s just so hot and furious when kissing with jun.
  • but v v pleasurable wink wonk.
  • loves it when you wear his clothes like he always think you look adorable and small in his sweaters.
  • and he just couldn’t stop hugging you because of how cute you look.
  • and you’re like, “jun, i need to use the toilet. jun, let me go now. wEN JUNHUI.”
  • and cuddling with jun be like,
  • “god, i love you so much. how did i get so lucky?”
  • “i think that’s my line, junhui. thank you for always loving me.”
  • “… i think my heart just exploded.”

click to view: masterlist / boyfriend!seungcheol / boyfriend!mingyu / boyfriend!wonwoo / boyfriend!hoshi / boyfriend!woozi / boyfriend!joshua / boyfriend!jeonghan / boyfriend!vernon


2017/06/01 Blog post by Keiko 『顔トレの時間だよ』

It’s time for our face training

It’s June 1st, 2017 is going by way too fast!

The rainy season is supposed to start next week in the Kanto area, it’s already very humid. During this season my cleaning mania increases even further *laughs* For some reason, if I don’t clean more than usual I can’t feel refreshed.
As the humidity gets worse, please be sure to take measures against mold and various odours (^ ^)
I wonder if any new cleaning goods have come out recently … I will try to find some soon ♪

Well, tonight we have an established practice! Let’s all do some 「Face Training」 before heading to bed! ♪
Here’s today’s face exercise!
Even though all of you said it’s totally okay to make weird faces and you even requested we should make much stranger faces *laughs*, this is all we could come up with. Please take a look at our picture!
I failed and ended up smiling normally *laughs* I couldn’t jut my chin forward *laughs*

Well, only two more days till our 「9 + ONE」 Tokyo performances! Our tour started back in April so it feels like we have kept you waiting for a long time ♪ Finally the time has come when we can meet, I am really looking forward to it ヽ(´ー`)ノ

Keiko’s hairstyle is too cute for words <3 Please continue with these adorable kiddy hairstyles. Wakana is actually doing a pretty good job here, she almost looks like the model in the calendar XD

sarah-doodles  asked:

May I request a headcanon of the SCM gods, perhaps relating to a theme of "guilty pleasure" or "embarrassing photos" or just something humorous in general? If you're feeling up to it, of course~

Haha of course you can request darlin, I gave the embarrassing photos a go, hope it’s ok :)

Embarrassing Photos of MC

“I cannot believe you used to wear pink frilly dresses like that!” Leon said after finding my baby photo album in one of my drawers.

Naturally, I had tried to get it off of him, but once Leon had his mind on something, he wouldn’t let it go. In the end, I just let him browse through the embarrassing photo album, slumped back on the sofa in a huff.

“Oh come on, don’t be like that” he said, but still not putting down the album.

“I can be like however I want Leon” I muttered.

“These photos are cute! You used to wear such girly things” he said, flicking through more pages.

My cheeks glowed red in embarrassment until Leon became suddenly very quiet, silent actually.

“What?” I asked, finally leaning over to look at one of the photos.

“Who’s he? Why is he kissing your cheek?” he asked, staring at me with a huge glare.

Oh, was he jealous at the younger me having a childhood sweetheart? I smirked up at him.

“He was a friend” I explained briefly.

“A very close friend it seems” he almost growled, turning to me.

“Leon, I was 6! Don’t get me that look, you know I’m yours now” I laughed but he quickly kissed me, hard.

“I’ll make sure you know you’re mine now” he said, tossing the album aside to kiss me harder.

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BTS reaction to you wearing your glasses

Thank you for the request♥ I kind of imagined this like when they first see you with glasses and they didn’t know you need glasses.

Jin: ‘Hey you look really cute even with glasses on.’

Originally posted by parkthejimin

Rap Monster: ‘I like you with glasses it really suits you.’

Originally posted by armyfanclub

Suga: ‘I haven’t seen you with glasses but you look great with it.’

Originally posted by comfyjimin

J-Hope: ‘How did I not know you wear glasses, you look even smarter with it.’

Originally posted by holdmettightbts

Jimin: ‘Wow, I almost didn’t recognise you, you look really different with glasses, but it’s adorable.’

Originally posted by bangtannoonas

Taehyung: ‘Can I try them on please, I promise I won’t break it, I need to take a picture.’

Originally posted by bts-x

Jungkook: ‘You look really cool with glasses, you should wear them more often.’

Originally posted by donewithjeon

-admin Bae

Where's My Cartinelli "Imagine Me and You" AU?

Cos. Just. Like. Peggy marrying Steve and them being absolutely perfect together, but then she locks eyes with the woman who did their desserts (instead of flowers, because Angie’s a waitress, duh) and then everything goes crazy. It’s such a great excuse to write Steve/Peggy domestic fluff but also steamy Cartinelli stuff.
And then, Steve stuck in some government job, not getting along with his boss, Nick Fury, who believes the end justify the means. All he wants is to go on adventures and write some sort of art book (idk, he’s always an artist in fics) and just generally be a good guy. Because he’s perfect and wonderful and we all want him to be happy.
Their best friend who keeps hitting on lesbians is obviously Howard Stark. Obvvvvviously.
And instead of Peggy having parents it’s just her bff Jarvis (and Mrs. Jarvis?). Because then Jarvis is taking care of little Tony Stark, which is perfect in so many ways, but mostly in the obsessed with Steve Rogers way. Please just picture little Tony Stark telling a sad Steve Rogers that when he’s old enough they can get married. Pls. Also his school project about space being something outrageous. Must have.
Oh, and Angie’s best friend is Dottie, because she’d be adorable waving at Steve and Peggy across the supermarket, and also more Dottie in everything always.
Like, literally, just a carbon copy of “Imagine Me and You” but with the MCU. It would be so easy to write, and then I’d love you forever.
Besides, I’ve already got the closing scene for you.
Steve is on a plane, and he finds his seat next to a man with dark hair and a prosthetic arm. The man is Bucky, guys. It’s Bucky. They smile awkwardly at each other like the flipping dorks they are. They keep making stupid eye contact before Steve says, “Just, um, making some notes for this book I’m writing.” And then he looks down all smiley cos we all know that’s his tell when he’s flirting.
And then Bucky is playing it so cool, all, “You’re writing a book? Good. Cos I can read.” Completely mortified. And it’s Bucky, you guys. Just, Bucky. Being a horrendous dork. Guyssss.
What are you doing? Why aren’t you writing this for me? Doooo ittttt.

L.O.V.E. is for the way you...
Frank Sinatra
L.O.V.E. is for the way you...

L is for the way you look at me

External image

O is for the only one I see

External image

V is very, very extraordinary

External image

E is even more than anyone that you adore can

Love is all that I can give to you

Love is more than just a game for two

Two in love can make it

Take my heart and please don’t break it

Love was made for me and you

External image

Pictures are not mine. I just created the sequence and that’s all. :D

I love this song. I really love it.

Frank Sinatra and U2: I’ve got you under my skin
Hoobastank : The Reason
Michael Búble : You and I 

In honor of supporting Leslie Jones

I’m gonna take free Patty x Holtzmann commissions until this Monday on this sideblog . I’m very happy you guys liked this picture I made on my main blog and I am willing to make more. 

I will pick a select few and please don’t make the request too complex

If you missed this opportunity you can always get a paid commission of this adorable couple for  $5.00 off 

(info here )

thank you and keep on supporting Leslie Jones (。・ω・。)ノ♡

going on a picnic with ashton and you’d be lying on a blanket in a beautiful park looking at the clouds float by but you’d get bored and start fiddling with the little daisies growing in the grass and ashton would chuckle and ask what you were doing and you’d be like “wait a second and you’ll see” and a few minutes later you’d place a flimsy little flower crown on his head and he’d giggle and go “cute!” with his adorable dimples on show and you’d take a picture for instagram w the caption “can he get more hippie” and he’d post the same picture but the caption would be something like “nature is beautiful! please help preserve our wonderful earth” it would be so cute

As most of you probably know, Jennifer Morrison has been getting lots of undeserved hate for some comments that were made at the Monte Carlo TV Festival. Unfortunately, we can’t stop the hate. But what we CAN do, is send her even MORE love instead. 

Beckah and I have decided to do “OPERATION: AURA FLUFF 2.0” in which we will make a video filled with YOUR pictures and videos expressing your love to JMo. We will also include some adorable JMo moments as well!! We did this before during the Comic Con fiasco and she received it!! (x)

So what do you need to do?

  1. Take a picture of yourself holding a sign expressing your love for JMo OR record a short video clip of yourself saying something sweet to her. Please keep the video at least under 20 seconds. We can cut it down if necessary.
  2. Send that picture or video (please upload it to youtube and send us the link) to the email WELOVEJMO@GMAIL.COM.
  3. Please include your Name/Country (and age if you’d like) in your vid or on your picture, so it’s more personalized! :)

And that’s it! We would really like for lots of people to get involved so JMo can see how many fans support her! Once we make the video, we will need your help tweeting it to her like crazy! And we would REALLY appreciate some signal boosting since this is a last minute thing!

PLEASE help us give JMo the love and support she deserves!! Let’s take all this hate and turn it around to kindness! If you have any questions, be sure to send an ask to either Beckah or I. Credit for picture above.


5SOS Preferences #1 ~ Jealousy



“That makes four.”

Ashton’s head shot up from his plate, spaghetti falling out of his mouth as he mumbled a ‘huh’. You sourly stared at your chicken, twirling your fork around the top of it lazily.

“That’s four times she has looked at you in the past minute.” It came out sullen and childish but you knew, you KNEW it was a valid point. Your waitress had made it a point to stare at him, address only him, and lean over him like she was trying to tell him her boobs were on the menu.

“What? You’re being silly, come on now.” Ashton smiled at you and you bit back the urge to return the favor.

“I’m being serious! She keeps looking over here, and it’s not for me.” You snuck a side glance at the petite blonde once more and sure enough her eyes were on your oblivious boyfriend. She licked her lips and you felt your face burn in anger.

Ashton laughed suddenly, jolting you out of your seat. You narrowed your eyes.

“What the hell is so funny?!”

“You’re cute when you’re jealous.” He giggled into his napkin. Your big eyes widened even further and a blush spread across your face and neck like wildfire.

“W-what? No I’m not, stop it.”

“It’s fine babe, I think it’s sexy.” His large hand squeezed your knee under the table as he winked playfully. You squirmed under his touch but still pouted in response.

“Do you think she’s prettier than me?” The question tumbled out without intent and you cringed, mentally reaching forward to pull back the insecure words.

To your happy surprise, Ashton leaned in and murmured, “No one has ever been or will ever be prettier than you. I am the luckiest guy in the world and I won’t forget that. Ever.” Mollified by his words, you leaned forward and kissed him quickly, savoring the taste of tomato sauce and his own personal favor combined.

Needless to say, the waitress received a very small tip that day.


He was pretty sure he had been continuously chewing on his lip piercing for the past hour. Like he didn’t remember ever letting it go. But then again, how could he relax right now?!

Luke’s head snapped up as he heard the hotel door open and you called out for him. Swallowing the lump in his throat and nervously running both hands through his hair, he made his way out to the living room area to greet you.

“Luke!” You pounced on him, wrapping your slender legs around his skinny waist.You leaned forward and pecked his lips twice before nuzzling against his neck. However he remained stiff in your grip like a statue, blue eyes stubbornly trained on the ceiling.

“Luke?..” You peered up at him, frowning. “Is something wrong?” You released his waist and your feet hit the carpet with soft thuds.

He hesitated, bringing his gaze to yours and then almost immediately to the floor. He could tell you but then you might get mad which is why he hadnt texted you about it earlier… But then again if he didn’t tell you he would lie and you always knew when he was lying…

At this point your boyfriend was chewing so harshly on his lip ring that you were sure it was going to fall off. You snapped your fingers quickly in front of his face until icy orbs met yours.

“Hi! Yes I’m still here.” You giggled awkwardly. “Now what’s going on?”

He stuttered out something unintelligible before whipping his phone out of his pocket and showing you a photo on Twitter of you in an affectionate hug with a tan brunette boy. You couldn’t help but to snicker at the caption “Y/N’s got a cute boo on the side- damnnnn girl! #HavingHerCakeAndEatingItToo ’.

You glanced at Luke, who was still avoiding eye contact with you like it would kill him, and it all fell into place.

“Oh my god, Luke…” You tried to contain your laughter, but you simply couldn’t. A snort turned into a giggle, a giggle into laugh, and laughter into absolute hysterics. You were bent at the waist, downnright cackling at the look on the confused singer’s face.

“He’s… He’s my b-brother.” You managed to say after a few long moments. The shade of red Luke turned was more than enough to send you into another fit of giggles.


You giggled and pushed your boyfriend away as he once again nipped at your ear.

“Stop ittttttt, we’re in public!” You playfully whined as he crushed you to his body, attempting to feel your bum in the process.

“You love it,” he smirked. “Don’t even try to deny it.” You rolled your eyes and kissed him lightly, just barely ghosting your lips against his, before firmly pressing them toge-

“CALUM!” The two of you jumped apart in surprise as three girls in matching crop tops came running up to you. You both smiled at their obvious excitement, but yours shrank  as the leggy brunette subtly pulled down her shirt, showing a little more boob than needed.

“Can we take a picture with you? Please please please?” Her curvy blonde friend asked, smiling innocently at the young bassist.

“Well yeah of course!” He grinned and immediately wrapped his arm around the girl, making an adorable duck face. Next was the shorter brunette who almost began crying when Calum hugged her, and your heart went out to her. It was an intense experience, meeting a hero. But he handled it like a pro, hugging her tighter and telling her how much he and the rest of the boys loved her. You grabbed her hand on impulse and squeezed it, and she beamed at you. The fans truly were beautiful.

For the most part, anyways.

“Is it okay if I kiss your cheek for the picture?” The tall one practically purred, batting her long eyelashes at him. You felt yourself tense at the request, even though you’d heard it from girls before. This girl looked like a blue-eyed Cher Lloyd- how the hell were you not supposed to be jealous? The ridiculous flirting wasn’t exactly appeasing the overwhelming envy.

Oblivious to the mental daggers you were sending their way, Calum allowed the girl to kiss his cheek (did she really need to be THAT close to his mouth?!). However he caught your eye as he handed the phone back and was quick to end the conversation with the increasingly touchy young fan. After promising to follow them all on Twitter, the two of you began making your way to the hotel, him more than a little confused and you still scowling over the cheeky girl.

“Okay, okay, stop.” His fingers gently circled your wrist to stop you. Yo huffed angrily and glared at him, anger intensifying at the sight of her lipstick stain on his tanned face. Growling, you reached over and without asking began to wipe it off aggressively. He cringed from your harsh actions but his lips curled up into a smirk.

“Not one damn word, Calum Hood, or I swear to god you will not get laid tonight.”


Date night was always fun with him, whether it be full of video games or drinking or random spontaneous outings.Tonight was movie night and Harry Potter was the immediate choice. The two bags of extra-butter popcorn had long-since been devoured, although plenty of kernels had been lost in the tangled pile of sheets and limbs, but youwere too engrossed in the film to care.

“This is my favorite one.” You sighed happily, rubbing your leg against his. Michael’s head turned towards you from the other side of the loveseat.

“What?!” He gasped. “This is the one where Dumbledore dies!”

“Yeah but they show a lot of Draco in it, and he is yummmmmmm-y!”

He mumbled something in response but you had already refocused your attention on the blonde Brit on the screen, feeling your heart break a little for him as he broke down in the bathroom at Hogwarts. You sighed, drowning in the Malfoy feels.

“I’ll be right back.” Michael ripped his legs from around yours and abruptly strode out of the room. Perplexed, you frowned and tried to concentrate on the film.

Twenty minutes later you padded down the hallway to Michael’s room, blinking in surprise when you saw him sprawled out on his bed and texting away.

“Hey, what’s up?” You hopped on the bed and crawled next time him, nuzzling against his chest, but he said nothing and moved away from you. Hurt, you sat up and stared at him.

“Michael?” Tap tap tap tap tap… His fingers continued dancing across the screen without so much as a glance your way. Huffing in annoyance you batted the phone out of his hands and onto the bed.

“Watch it!” He snapped and went to grab it back, but you were faster. You sat yourself in his lap and grabbed his hands in yours. He let out an exaggerated sigh and let his head fall back onto the headboard, childishly staring at the ceiling instead of your pleading eyes.

“Michael come on…” You murmured coaxingly. ‘Talk to me!“

"Why? It’s not like I’m Draco.” Surprised by your boyfriend’s rather silly problem, you froze and sat back in his lap. You could see the blush spreading across his face and you tried not to coo at it.

“Michael… Michael I love you, not some blonde mommy’s boy.” Half-serious and half-teasing, you released his hands and began massaging his scalp. He swallowed thickly and tried to stay mad, but you weren’t playing fair. He could NOT give in this easy, no way.

You leaned forward and left a trail of open-mouthed kisses across his cheek, down his jawline, and continued down his neck. You pushed your hair out of the way so you could gently scarpe your teeth against his pulsepoint. WIthout meaning to Michael groaned out loud.

Smirking against his neck you continued your journey downward, very thankful he had gone shirtless. He tensed as your kisses got dangerously low and sloppy, self-control wearing thin. You tugged at the band of his underwear and he snapped, grabbing under your thighs and flipping you backwards.

“You’re not gonna remember anyone’s name but mine when we’re done.” Michael crushed his chest to yours and sucked harshly at your neck, earning gasps and moans from you.

You managed to bite back the urge to make a pun about his “wand”.

I totally forgot to post this - This is a picture I took of an absolutely adorable girl at Hyper Japan last November!

She was really cute, her outfit is mostly KOKOkim and Chocomint too ! ♥

If you’re reading this, I’m sorry I looked so rough ;; I had a really horrific flu at that time, and had already wore myself out by the time I saw you, and wasn’t wearing fairy kei at all ; v ;’ 

If this is you, please let me know so I can credit you 🎵