can you stop with the face

“It’s very inconvenient, this caring stuff.”

“Wow. I’ve always wanted someone I love to tell me that. Thanks.”

“No - no!” Their face twisted. “I didn’t mean - crap. I just meant - I was going to say - It’s worth it, for you. It’s inconvenient, and annoying, and half the time I have a stomach ache in fear of losing you, but…” Their expression softened. “No inconvenience could make me stop.”

The silence stretched, stunned.

“I’ve made a mess of this,” they mumbled.

“What can I say.” A smile twitched at the other’s face. “You’re very inconvenient to me too.”

can you imagine all the times james tried to show off in front of lily

lily walks by

“moony can you believe this is going to be my 100th detention?!”

“james that’s not something you should be proud of”

“evans! guess who got his 100th detention today? that’s right, me!”

“shove off, potter”

during quidditch practice as lily walks by with marlene

“sirius! tell them to throw a bludger at me!”

“prongs, that’s a bad idea”

“just do it”

james unfortunately gets knocked by down a bludger and falls face flat in front of lily

in potions class

“wormtail i bet i can chop these ingredients faster than anyone”

“don’t hurt yourself james”

“james stop cutting youre bleeding on the cauldron”

“eVANS! look at how fast im chopping these!”

lily ends up having to take james to the hospital wing to get stitches

just some tips pt1

1. don’t trust everything you read on social media! just because you see that x,y,z is good for your hair/skin does not mean it is!!! do your research & stop wasting your money because someone w a lot of followers said it worked

2. APPLE CIDER VINEGAR! YALL FUCKING SLEEP! super fucking cheap, i use it as a toner & in my face masks & in my homemade shampoo & in my deep conditioners!! its pH level helps w acne & dark spots

3. STOP exfoliating every day! you are probably over exfoliating and hurting more than helping by stripping the face of what it needs, you arent supposed to exfoliate more than 3 times a week, however you can use a hydrating face mask as often as you want, so stock smartly

4. moisturize!! at least once a day, even if its a light cream before bed. when your washing your face 2x a day it needs to replenish

5. drink your water!! but don’t expect it to solve all your problems. your mood, skin & hair are all a product of what you put in/on your body. if you want a clear face or flatter stomach load up on those fruits & veggies

6. coconut oil is probably not helping you lol, it makes a great makeup remover! but it clogs your pores & kills protein in your hair (if youve noticed your hair feels drier when theres not coconut oil in it then stop! using it). cocoa butter is a great moisturizer (for your body not your face) and there are plenty of other oils/leave ins that will make your hair soft & shiny w/o killing it

7. exercise! start small, work your way up even if its just a jog around a block doing something is better than doing nothing& working out releases positive endorphins - putting you in a better mood

8. shop smart, look for deals, buy clothes off season and go to stores like TJMaxx & Marshalls where they have high end brands for a lower price. buy a lot of neutral colors with a few pop out pieces, makes your wardrobe easy to match on a day to day basis (neutral colors and simple designs are typically cheaper & you can mix and match to create a LOOK)

9. watch ted talks, follow political leaders/news sources on your social medias - surround yourself with knowledge and start paying attention, you probably know a lot less than you think & the first step to making change is being aware

10. CLEAN YOUR ROOM, UNFOLLOW PEOPLE YOU DONT LIKE, BUY THAT PHONECASE YOUVE WANTED FOR A LONG TIME clean out & organize every part of your life that you can. you WILL feel better

11. if you wanna go through a lifestyle change (going vegan, going natural) try it for 2 weeks, youll never be “in the mood” and you wont ever really feel “ready”, sometimes u just gotta jump in

12. if youre looking for a sign to do something, this is it

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Did Hannibal believe Will was going to shoot him? Would he have tried to defend himself if Jack hadn't stepped in?

Hannibal wouldn’t have stopped Will, and he cannot predict Will. So Hannibal was ready to let whatever might happen, happen. Though I am confident that if Hannibal wanted to take on someone with a gun he could have and survive the process.

So this happens on two identical on two occasions, the first in Savoureux, 

this is his face with Will shoving a gun in his face, curiosity is all I see. No fear.

and they continue this conversation in the same way in Yakimono,

Mads turning his face in this way is brilliant, I rewatched the episode the other day and that moment he turns away, it’s almost disappointment, distain. You can shoot me and I won’t stop you, but I won’t be a part of it, I won’t look you in the eye. And this is because Hannibal wants to take the rest of the journey with him, he wants to see what happens. So, again there is no fear, no attempt to stop him.

I think Hannibal wants to let Will decide to spare him, Will has to make a conscious decision to allow Hannibal to live and continue the ride with him

AND THIS IS WHY I FUCKING LOVE THIS SHOW AND THEIR RELATIONSHIP. I’m glad this question cropped up actually because I had a such I LOVE THIS SHOW moment watching Yakimono the other day when Mads did that. (And this is also a good time to remind people that seasons 1 and 2 are on UK Netflix, please watch them if you can!)

Mysterious Man

I’ve never met this man but he has so much charm and grace,
Just the thought of him brings a smile to my face.
He is a man with so much talent, compassion, confidence, but yet is shy,
This man I can’t stop thinking about and I don’t know why.
When I hear his voice he automatically becomes the best part of my day,
I am so confused as to how fast I can feel this way.
This man, I wonder without this man what will I ever do,
Who is this man you ask?? for this beautiful man, can be no other but you.

When night gets rough (Works for nearly any gay pairing)

“Are you okay?” he asked in the late night, sleepy. He turned his head only to find the back of his loved one.

“Yeah, Don’t worry” the other said with a voice, so low so the other man wouldn’t know what he hides deep within.

“Well if you say so” the first one answers. He is still starring at the back before turning his head and closing his eyes for sleep. The other man is still awake and as soon as he can hear the calm breathing like every trouble is gone and the light snores he hugs his pillow. He hugs his pillow like life depended on it. Then he burrows his face in the pillow. Suddenly a sob breaks out in the quiet and dark night. The sobs didn’t stop it became more and more and suddenly he was full out crying silently. It was enough to wake the other up.

“You aren’t okay” he says. He knows though, that his lover won’t talk about it. He just hugs him and makes him the little spoon. The cries dies out and soon they both can sleep peacefully for this night. Like life wasn’t so hard and like all the wars, terrors and other stuff were completely gone. All thanks to that small love.

Telling time

I’ve broken bread at all the wrong tables
Written life into a story of exaggerated fables
Held hands with death and watched it run away
Held hands with friends at the last breath they take
I’ve seen skies break open pouring hatred in my eyes
I’ve been humbled by love and the pain I’ve felt inside
I’d be lying if I said I always knew wrong from right
The truth is with this life you always have to fight
Kick in those doors being slammed in your face
Whether you’ve been told or not this life is but a race
Not to the top but to times end giving chase
The clock never stops and mistakes you can’t erase


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Fic title: Myth-staken Identity

this would 10000% be a fic where jim and bones are part of a first contact mission and when they get down to the planet, somehow the population mistakenly thinks bones is a god because he looks EXACTLY LIKE all the depictions of their god of love and his arrival matches a prophecy from their ancient times (in the way that you can basically match up any old prophecy with a modern day occurrence, you know?)

so everyone is basically worshipping him and jim finds it HILARIOUS and bones is basically a big ball of ‘wtf’

and while they eventually clear up the misunderstanding (though there’s still a fringe section of their society that will always believe that he was truly a god) in the mean time they have to deal with a bunch of shenanigans. so they all hole up in their capitol building for the duration bc bones’ handsome face causes riots whenever he steps outside

but this doesn’t stop the people inside the castle from sidling up to bones in a nonchalant manner and basically pestering him about their love lives until it’s a regular old ‘dear abby’ thing going (even tho bones is basically doing his best to hide from anything and anyone (jim is just sO AMUSED by all of this))

when he finally gets sick of it, he just starts giving bullshit nonsensical answers to people when they beg him to help so maybe they’ll see he’s not what they think he is and leave him alone… but the thing is his bullshit answers actually end up WORKING????

and basically jim is making fun of him the whole time, calling him cupid and shooting fake arrows at him, but on their last night there, there’s a big ol’ party and they both get a little drunk and they go back to bones’ room and jim can’t help but comment on how much bones has actually helped the people around them and then he straightens up and looks at bones all serious and says, ‘hey, maybe you can help me out’

and bones is just like, ‘fuck. not you, too… im not the fucking god of love!’

and jim just smiles at him and says, ‘what would you tell a guy, who’s been in love with their friend for five years but hasn’t said anything yet’

and bones, a little snappish, says, ‘i’d tell them to shit or get off the goddamn pot’

jim nods seriously and leans over like it’s the simplest thing in the world and kisses him. when he pulls back, bones goggles at him

‘so you–’ bones says

‘i’m not getting off the pot,’ jim replies, then frowns a little. ‘that’s not a very sexy idiom.’

‘no,’ bones agrees.

‘so…’ jim trails off

‘i guess when we tell our kids how we got together we’ll have to leave that part out,’ bones says

jim beams and then leans in for another kiss.

bones kisses back.

(it’s a very good kiss)

Friends. They are like ice cream, there’s many different types, but all are absolutely amazing, and they all make you feel good inside. How many times have I wished for an angel, waiting to see it appear, but instead I find myself getting a message on Tumblr:

“Hi! How’s it going? You don’t seem to have posted anything in a while, is everything going good? Hope you’re well!”

We share too many words because stolen glances and hidden smiles weren’t in our fate. You ask how I’m doing because you can’t see it in my eyes but you can hear my heart through these silent screams that are a secret between you, me, and the pages that bind us. You are the friend that knows about the deepest parts of my soul yet you haven’t seen the way my face curves when I laugh at a joke that everyone stopped laughing at minutes ago. You love me and you trust me, and you understand the strength it takes to give away a part of yourself to hundreds of strangers, while you’re sitting behind the computer screen at 2 am with masterpieces ringing through the church that is your mind. We are friends that have grazed each other’s soul without ever needing to speak because friendship doesn’t need a face, just a mind that is willing to learn mine and a heart waiting for home.

But there’s also the friend who doesn’t need any words because stolen glances and hidden smiles were in our fate. The one who can see the rhythm of my speech and combine it with theirs. They say that if you hang out with someone long enough, you start picking up little things, like the way they say hello, with a slightly chirpy ring, or how they tap their nails on the window when it’s raining, and you start to add those things to you. I guess that’s what happened with us. Sometimes the reassurance of a person just sitting there with you when you need, is all you need. This friend will pass me the tissue when I’m crying and then threaten to beat up the person who made me feel that way. We knit memories together into a sweater so we would stay warm when life gets a little cold. That’s the other kind of friend. One has held my hand first while the other has held my mind. I can’t compare both of you. Sometimes one of you is the sun and the other, the moon, but then you somehow switch roles and even that looks good on you. Like I said before; friends. They are like ice cream, there’s many different types, but all are absolutely amazing.
—  Friends
It’s The Hardest Pill To Swallow

Summary: A one sided love, but best friends through it all. Yoongi’s always been there for you, through the heartbreaks, through the pain, and through the tears. He’s your number one fan, and always by your side. But as he sees you in your wedding dress, walking down the aisle, he can’t wrap his head around the fact that this is happening.

Word Count: 3200


Molly - Lil Dicky

Wedding Dress - Taeyang

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3,2,1 and the directors finger gave everyone else the go single to begin. The bright lights were flickered on, facing down on them, and the cameras started rolling. Another day, another interview. But this time, you were behind the camera, while your best friend was in front of it. BTS was doing an interview for your company today, and you were so excited to see Yoongi. Even though you make coffee at home before arriving at work, you stopped at a cafe just to pick him up an americano. And, even though Yoongi already had one in his hands, he gladly accepted yours as well, with a pat on the head, and a gentle smile.

The interview was going great. You were laughing behind the camera, and feeling all the emotions each member was feeling when telling a certain story. You loved this group beyond words, and not just because your best friend was a part of it, but because they were so down to earth. You knew them all too well, each story you have heard thousands of times, but you will always love hearing them over and over again.

“Onto our next question!” The host had said as he crinkled the sheets of paper in his hands. Each BTS member stopped their laughing, and were listening intently to what the next question was. “A lot of fans, have been asking this question. If it’s too personal, no need to worry about it. But, your fans are asking about your first love. How did you know it was love, was it hard to let them go?”

And that’s when Yoongi felt his stomach sink, his whole body went numb in the chair. The host was still talking, but he wasn’t making any sense of the words leaving his mouth. Yoongi twiddled his thumbs together, and looked up to see you nod your head at him, and look back to the host and the members discussing what the fans want to be answered.

First love huh? Yoongi had to talk about his first love, while she was in the room with him, standing behind the camera, with a wedding ring on. He can do it, right?



“Yoongi… Yoongi?” He felt a light shove at his shoulder again. “Yoongi!” He jumped at his name and held his heart.

“Hobi you scared the shit out of me.” All of the members were in a back room, getting their suit jackets put on for this special event. Your wedding, a day to remember, a day where you’ll be saying ‘I do’ to the love of your life.

“You just seem out it. Are you sure you’re alright?” Hoseok started buttoning his jacket while looking at himself in the mirror, staying focused, staying on time.

“I’m alright.” He fidgeted with the handcuffs of the suit, he wish Y/N were here right now to help him like she always does. She’s good at this, but he can’t see her right now, he doesn’t want to risk bad luck. “Just nervous.” A worried smile was left on his lips as Namjoon patted his back and told him everything will be just fine.

With the buttons all buttoned up, and the wrinkles all smoothed out, Yoongi tugged his jacket one last time, and turned around to see the guys all ready to go, and waiting on him.

“Well this is it.” And with that, the guys walked out of the door, and Yoongi waited for them all so he could turn the light off. His future is about to begin.

They all walked down down the aisle of the beautiful church, with smiles on their faces, and little hellos were being exchanged. They finally got to their spot, and filed in one by one. Yoongi was on the end, closest to the aisle, on the side that you’ll be walking down on.

Yoongi couldn’t help but be sick to his stomach. He was nervous, he was frustrated, he was holding back tears and replacing them with a smile. He was beyond happy for you. His best friend and the love of his life, was getting married today, while Yoongi sat in the stands and watched.

You and Yoongi became friends back in high school, and were constantly with each other, even if it was just to run errands. You two were inseparable, and people wanted a relationship like yours. Everyone always asked if the two of you were dating, but with a simple head nod, you always responded ‘no’. You and Yoongi had those conversations about dating and you always took it as a joke saying you could never see yourself with him because you only thought of him as a friend. But Yoongi thought more of you. Yoongi fell in love with you along the way. He couldn’t say anything because you thought of him as just a friend. So when you came to him one day saying you had a new boyfriend, he congratulated you with a smile on his face, but went back home that night, and screamed out in frustration.


Yoongi remembers the night when you came over to the dorms at 3 in the morning. He opened the door, and you hugged him right away, your arms around his neck and your head buried into his chest. He wrapped his arms around your waist, and a little smile took over his face.

“What’s all this about?” And before he knew it, you held up your left hand where a new gold band with a studded diamond got to call home on your left ring finger. Yoongi’s stomach dropped, he felt all of the blood leave his face. He grabbed ahold of your hand and stared at the ring. A beautiful and simple ring, for a beautiful and simple girl.

“I’m engaged Yoongi!” The smile wasn’t leaving your face, and your smile was so damn contagious that Yoongi was even smiling, even though he wanted to slam the door in your face and cry. His best friend, the girl that he has loved since day one, is engaged, and not to him. His world had just shattered into millions of pieces, and it’s taking every ounce of his will to hold it together in front of you right now.

“Wow Y/N! That’s such great news!” His voice came out softer than he wanted, more calmer than he wanted. He tried his best to sound excited, but he just couldn’t find it in him.

“I know! I was not expecting it! I couldn’t just text or call you about this, I had to come over and tell you! I’m sorry it’s so late but we had dinner with our parents and…” Yoongi held a hand up to your face to indicate to you to stop rambling and explaining to him what you two did.

“It’s fine Y/N, I’m really excited for you. But I think it’s time for the both of us to get some sleep, I have schedules tomorrow and you just had a fantastic night that should be spent with your fiance.” He couldn’t believe that he just used the word fiance in a sentence. You must have been taken aback by what Yoongi said because he saw how your mood shifted.

“Uh, yeah. Good night Yoongs.”

“Congrats again Y/N.” And he shut the door, to only slide down it, with his hands covering his face, and frustration taking over his body.


And now, Yoongi is here watching as your fiance and soon to be husband walk down the aisle, and take his spot at the altar waiting for you to walk down. A big smile is plastered on his face, with his hands laced together down by his stomach.

And then the piano starts playing, indicating everyone to stand up. Yoongi looked at the ground for the longest time, until he heard people gasp, and camera flashes were going off repeatedly. He tilted his head up and saw the beautiful you, in your stunning white ball gown and veil with a bouquet of flowers in your hand. And Yoongi couldn’t help but fall for you even harder, which made his heart hurt even more knowing that he can never have you after today.

The ceremony was beautiful, with hand written vows, tears, and laughs. And now it was on to the after party, and that’s when the drinks started to be handed out a lot more than usual. BTS had their own table in the middle of the room, and Yoongi seemed to be carrying back drinks a lot more than sitting down and talking.

“Hyung, I think you’ve had enough.” Jimin tried to take the glass of whiskey away from him before Yoongi shot him a glare and grabbed it back. “I’ll know when I’ve had enough.” Yoongi sipped on his drink and laid back in his seat. He loosened his tie, and undid his buttons on his suit jacket. The guys all knew how upset he was, but he was handling it well until the actual wedding ceremony arrived.

You tried your best to make your rounds to everyone that came to talk to them. You heard the same thing all night, ‘You look so beautiful!’, ‘The ceremony was gorgeous!’, ‘Congrats Mrs. Y/L/N!’. You left the dance floor to get some air, when you saw Jungkook and Taehyung sitting at the table, eating some cake, and talking.

“Hey guys! Have you seen Yoongi? I know the others are dancing but I haven’t seen him all night.” Jungkook wiped his mouth with his napkin as he finished chewing.

“Yeah, he’s outside getting some fresh air right now.” Jungkook pointed towards the door that Yoongi went out of, and nodded your head at him and smiled.

“He’s a little drunk so be aware.” Taehyung half yelled at you as you were leaving.

You opened the door and were greeted by the backside of Yoongi with his hands in his pocket, surrounded by flowers, and looking up at the night sky. He must have not heard you come out because he didn’t even turn around to acknowledge who was behind him.

“Hey Yoongs.” And your voice brought him out of his little trance, and he turned around to be greeted by a now married Y/N. Even after a busy day, you still look beautiful as ever in your dress, and your makeup was still on, and a smile was still on your face.

“Hey Y/N.” He stumbled a bit, and regained his composure. “What are you doing out here?” You walked up his side and crossed your arms in front of your chest.

“Well Kook and Tae told me you were out here, I haven’t seen you all night. Is everything alright?” You were curious on why he was secluding himself, he should be with his friends, and you, dancing, drinking and eating together, not alone.

“Yeah everything’s fine! Just a little hot in there.” You saw his loosened tie, and his undone buttons on his jackets. He looked like a mess, you could smell the alcohol coming off of his breath.

“Not because you’re drunk or something?” You giggled and he looked at the ground and kicked his foot.

“I might be a little drunk then.” Yoongi rarely gets drunk, and when he does he wants to forget something, because something bad had happened. So what exactly was he trying to forget at your wedding?

“Well are you having fun at least?”

“Yeah I am.” He turned to look at you. He couldn’t help himself but stare you, his eyes were glued on you, you looked like a princess. “You are so beautiful Y/N.” He said to you, and your face went red as you smiled.

“Thanks Yoongs.” You patted his arm, and slid your hand down to meet his hand. “We should get back inside, and enjoy the night.”

“You go first, I’ll be back in soon.” Yoongi flashed you a half smile and you opened the door and walked back inside. You were the life of the party tonight.


*End of flashback*

You had been married for 5 months now. The ring on your finger was still shining brightly, and you loved your husband dearly. Your last name may have changed but everything about you stayed the same. Yoongi was still staring at you, watching as you focused on everyone else, not paying any attention to Yoongi.

“First loves are the toughest.” Namjoon began, and you nodded your head along, agreeing with him. “For myself, it took awhile to get over her, and I literally thought my world was crashing down, but you have to learn on how to move on, and be happy for them.”

Yoongi listened to Namjoon’s words and nodded his head. Even though he wasn’t over you, he still let you have your happiness. When you’re happy, he’s happy, all the emotions you feel are what Yoongi feels.

The other guys said something along the lines of what Namjoon said, giving their advice to fans on what to do, and how to deal with it.

“Yoongi how about you?” The host looked at him and Yoongi played with his ear before clicking his tongue and finding the right words to say.

“Well I agree with Namjoon, first loves are the toughest especially if they don’t return your feelings.” The host nodded his head, and the guys were now all tuned in onto what Yoongi was going to say. They knew exactly who he was talking about. “If they don’t return your feelings like my first love, be supportive. Always make them happy, be their best friend you know?”

“So your first love didn’t return your feelings, and you stayed best friends?” You were confused on who Yoongi was talking about. He told you everything, but this story you have never heard in your life.

“No she didn’t.” He chuckled. “And I couldn’t cut her out of my life, she’s a great friend and a great person.”

“Wow, ARMY must be inspired by your strength. It’s tough to do something like that.” The host was surprised by Yoongi’s answers.

“But I do have something to tell ARMY’s.”

“Well go ahead!” The host pointed at the camera, where you were at. And Yoongi looked straight into the camera, took a deep breath, licked his lips, and said:

“Never fall in love with your best friend.”

Your face went pale, and your stomach was doing flips. You knew exactly who he was talking about now. It was you. He’s been in love with you this whole time. You got through the whole interview, and packed up your things like always, but this staying silent. Yoongi didn’t even have the nerve to come up and talk to you. You were angry at him, that he had to say something so personal like that in front of all the fans before he said it to you.

Yoongi walked past you as you were zipping up the case for the camera, and you blew a strand of hair out of your face. You stood up and were speed walking to get to him. It’s like he knew that you were following him because he walked faster.

“Yoongi!” You yelled and he stopped in his tracks. “What the fuck was that!” Your voice could be heard all throughout the studio, and people looked at you, confused on why you were yelling at an idol. You took big strides toward him and started pounding his chest. “WHAT” hit “THE” another hit “FUCK WAS THAT” and more hits to the chest were heard. He grabbed your hands in his, and saw your anger through your face. You were red, and your eyes were forming tears.

“Y/N, I was just telling the fans about my first love.” He said it so calmly that it bothered you to the point that you wanted to slap him across his face.


“I know you are Y/N.” He sighed. “You are my best friend, and my first love.” Your stomach dropped, your heart was breaking, your face went white, and time seemed to stop. He was confessing to you right now, at this moment, why couldn’t he have done this earlier in life?

“Yoongi why now? Why are you just telling me this!” Now it was his turn to get angry.

“Because Y/N! You always thought of me as a friend! I didn’t want to risk anything and lose you!” He screamed at you and walked you towards a wall where you were leaning against now. You placed a hand on your forehead and slid it down your face. “I was always there for you, I was happy for you, I was your shoulder to cry on, it was always me and you, I didn’t want to risk it Y/N.” His voice grew quieter, as he went on.

“Maybe you should have Min Yoongi.” His head popped up and looked you straight in the eyes.

“What are you talking about.”

“11th grade, 4th hour chemistry, we were chemistry partners, and as I watched you write down notes on your paper during our lab, I knew that at that moment I loved you.” Yoongi’s whole world stopped. You had loved him too, and yet, you were also too scared to tell him.

“And why didn’t you say anything Y/N?”

“Because I was waiting for you too.” He rolled his eyes at your answer. “But I was scared of losing you Yoongi.” He shook his head at you.

“And to think the best friends actually fell in love. It should be us Y/N, not you and him.” You could feel the tears starting to form. This wasn’t supposed to happen. Not today, not tomorrow, not ever. Yoongi wasn’t supposed to tell you that he loved you and you weren’t supposed to confess to him.

“It shouldn’t be though Yoongi.”

“What do you mean?” He put his hands on your shoulders. He saw a tear slip from your eye and wiped it away.

“I love him so damn much Yoongi. If we weren’t scared when we younger, maybe things would have played out differently. But I love my husband, I love my life, and I love you as my best friend.” There it is, the term best friend being used yet again.

“And maybe you’re right.” He pulled back his arms and put them down at his sides. Someone was calling his name telling him that it was time to leave.

“But just know Y/N, that it killed me when I saw you with a ring on your finger, it killed me when I saw you in a white ball gown saying ‘I do’ to him, it kills me to know that you share his last name, and it kills me that you get spend every single damn day with him.” The tears started falling even more.

“But just know Y/N, that I will never stop loving you.”

And with that, Yoongi walked away from you. Your first love was Min Yoongi, and unlike him you got over it.

Peter Parker- Save As Draft

So I take a deep breath and I save as draft.

“Hey Ned” I say as his face pops up on my screen.

“Hey!” He calls out, another face popping up.

“Hey Y/N!” Peter says and I wave with a smile.

“You should come over and hang out” Ned says.

“Ahh I can’t” I lie, I was planning on coming over.

“Why not?” Peter friend and my heart aches to tell him the truth.

“Babysitting the neighbors kids” I say and he nods, frowning.

“Ahh stop growing you’re gonna make me cry” I jokingly pout into the screen, his face immediately lightening up and smiling.

We talk for a bit more before I decide to go to bed, hanging up and turning my light out, staring at my ceiling and just thinking for a while.
Thinking about him.
The same boy that makes my heart race when I see his smile, my face break into a smile when he laughs, and the same boy that makes my face what yo by a simple compliment or brush of his skin against mine.


“Hey Y/N” Peter’s familiar voice makes me look to my right as Peter grins.

“Hey Pete” I smile, shutting my locker.

“Nice shirt” he compliments and I look down to see my shirt with the Eiffel Tower.

“Thanks” I smile, my face beating up.

“Are you okay? You’re burning up” he says, placing his hand on my forehead.

Oh god Peter, you don’t know what you’re doing to me.

“Yeah-yeah I’m fine” I say, him laying his hand down.

“Hey Peter” Liz says, coming over and kissing his cheek.

She begins talking to him before turning to me.

“Hey Y/N” She says before tugging Peter away, making me sigh.

“Karissa” MJ says and I nod.

“I know I know” I sigh.

“But I can’t” I tell her and she sighs, shaking her head.

“He deserves to know your feelings for you” Ned jumps in.

“No he doesn’t, it’ll just mess things up for him” I say.

“Maybe, but he should know now before something happens” Flash jumps in, us all looking at him.

“What?” He asks and I raise my eyebrows.

“It’s obvious! I’m just.. saying” he says before walking off.

“I’ll think about it” I tell the two before shifting my backpack strap onto my backpack nervously, walking away.


“I’m gonna do it” I mumble, looking at the send button by the message that I’ve typed so many times before.

“I can do this” I say, closing my eyes and sending the message.

“Look I’ve typed this message a million times before because I know it’ll affect us. I like you. Or sorta love? I don’t know what love it 🤷🏽‍♀️ but I really like you. I’m sorry”
Read ✔️

I quickly drop my phone into my bed, getting out of the chat and holding my head in my hands, letting warm tears come out of my eyes.

“Why did I do this?”

Shadowhunters Masterlist: Alec Lightwood

Alec Lightwood

  1. Nice to a mundane
  2. Kidnapped
  3. Fighting over you ft Jace
  4. Lessons bow & arrow
  5. In love with you
  6. Caught ft Jace
  7. Fascinated
  8. Protective
  9. Flirt
  10. Tiptoe
  11. Comfort
  12. Trust and injuries
  13. Stutter
  14. Carry home
  15. Lap nap
  16. Back up ft Izzy
  17. Party grouch
  18. Cuddling
  19. Against
  20. Progress ft Izzy
  21. Daydreaming
  22. Stop flirting ft Raphael
  23. Forever
  24. Doesnt deserve
  25. Puppy look
  26. Mistakes
  27. A Lightwood ft Izzy
  28. Staring
  29. Love interest
  30. Awaken
  31. How to fight, a tutorial by Jace and Alec
  32. Meeting his mom
  33. Silent help
  34. First one to notice
  35. Overhears
  36. No ft Izzy and Jace
  37. Fine
  38. Team up & sassy remarks
  39. Praising ft Magnus
  40. First date
  41. Complaints
  42. Can’t stand bullshit
  43. Glad
  44. Worries
  45. I know you lie
  46. Approval ft Izzy
  47. Mad
  48. Funny faces
  49. Stumbling
  50. College ft Izzy
  51. Perfect team ft Izzy
  52. Admit he loves you
  53. Pretend to lecture you
  54. Help you
  55. Guarding your things
  56. Plans ft Jace
  57. Freeing you ft Lydia
  58. Can’t decline
  59. Speechless ft Izzy
  60. Death glare
  61. Blocked him
  62. Nervous ft Jace
  63. Starting to trust
  64. Knows you better ft Jace
  65. Human world
  66. Temper ft Luke
  67. Secret friend ft Jace
  68. Back to reality
  69. Hard time
  70. Wingman
  71. A lecture about vampires
  72. Holding you back
  73. Worried sick
  74. Glad anyways
  75. Overheard ft Izzy
  76. Tease gone wrong
  77. OTP support ft Magnus
  78. Punish
  79. Unable to
  80. Grateful under all these layers
  81. Reunite ft Magnus
  82. older sister ft Jace
  83. Prevent
  84. At your place
  85. Faith
  86. Hurry
  87. Your safety
  88. Member
  89. Team tease ft Magnus
  90. Stop the nonsense
  91. Perfect advice
  92. Calls
  93. Working together ft Clary
  94. Scaredy cat ft Magnus
  95. Support

It’s been two years. Letters and reports sent into the village, so, he knows his comrades are alive but he misses them.

The last letter the two sent Naruto was telling him they were coming home. For good. Hinata hadn’t seen him so full of excitement since she told him she was pregnant with Boruto.

But, there was unspoken words in each personal letter Sasuke and Sakura sent their friend. News that would be obvious once they are all face to face.

Naruto and Kakashi waits at the Konoha entrance. Smile stuck on, because he hasn’t stopped since the letter came in from Sasuke’s bird. Figures in the distance start to sharpen.
“It’s them Kakashi Sensei! I can see pink hair!”

There is no doubt now that the two figures are Sasuke and Sakura. Naruto can’t see Sakura as clearly now, because she is walking behind Sasuke. “Sasuke, Sakura, I’m so happy to see you both!” Naruto can’t hold his excitement anymore, as he goes in to hug Sasuke. Frozen at first, embarrassed and surprised, but slowly a lone arm wraps around the blonde uzumaki.

A sound. Something that makes Naruto quickly unhooked from his oldest friend to give a questionable look to. “Sasuke, I know you’re happy to see me but.. you don’t have to go all baby talk on me.” A raised eyebrow to the uchiha, while the inked young man’s eyebrow twitches with annoyance.
“It wasn’t me you dobe.”

Naruto doesn’t process the words quickly. Not until he notices Kakashi speaking with Sakura and extending a hand out to a bundle of blanket. “She is beautiful Sakura.” Sakura beams with pride and happiness. “Thank you Kakashi Sensei.”

Blue eyes widen and lock with mismatched ones. “Sasuke..?” A small nod is returned. “I’M AN UNCLE AND YOU DIDN’T TELL ME?!”

A small cry comes from the blanket. The pink-haired Uchiha closes her eyes with sheer anger radiating from her. “Naruto, you idiot you better not make her start crying.”

“Dear, will you please hold Sarada.”
As Sakura rattles Naruto around for waking Sarada; and Sasuke coos the crying babe, Kakashi steps closer to Sasuke and places a hand to his back.
“I’m proud of you Sasuke.”
“Thank you. Kakashi.. Sensei.”

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How would you go about putting on a full face of makeup everyday (for school) and then transitioning to a more laid back routine? For some reason I feel self conscious without it. I'm going to start college soon and want to be able to feel comfortable going to class without it sometimes??

to be honest youll fall off yr routine 2 weeks into college probably like who the hell can keep up consistently doing their makeup for class,, but If You Insist i would stop either foundation or eye makeup first that would save you A LOT of time like if youd do skin and just mascara and eyebrows with a lip or just concealer and blush with mascara, brows and a lip Mayhaps. Honestly minimal “daytime” makeup is all about Looking Clean and those sharp clean lines and edges it takes Strenght not to go overboard

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I like big butts and I cannot lie

You other brothers can’t deny that when a girl walks in with an itty bitty waist and a round thing in your face you get sprung want to pull up tough cause you notice that butt was stuffed deep in the jeans she’s wearing I’m hooked and I can’t stop staring OHHHH baby I want to get with cha and take your picture my homeboys tried to warn me I can’t remember the rest

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Max, I want to be pure, but I don't think I can be? I'm very nervous about ascension & everything... ; v;

He put a hand on their shoulder. 

“I didn’t think I could be pure, either. I didn’t want to be pure! But Daniel showed me the light and helped guide me to purity!”

His smile was so sweet and innocent, as if he hadn’t done awful things.

“I remember being a real grumpster, just a grouch and a half about everything! Mister Frowny Face, I’d call myself now, if I were talking to myself then. But Daniel built the sauna, and everything changed for the better.”

He giggled. 

“Can you believe it, I actually tried to stop him from purifying us!”

my original plan tonight was to spend it stuffing my face with pizza and also eating this weird brownie cake thing alone (fuck you i worked hard today and i deserve a giant brownie) and then crash the hell out. but i just got a phone call from a good friend inviting me to chill at her place and watch movies and i know its 10pm and i have work at 10am tomorrow but like

fuck it. im gonna go watch movies and stay awake until 3am. I’M AN ADULT AND NO ONE CAN STOP ME FROM BEING AWFUL.

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I can't stop cackling over that picture! Normal people standing in the face of the DD/GA dynamic is endlessly amusing to me. Also, that TV Guide picture has been ridiculous for like 25 years.

That TV Guide shoot was AMAZINGGGGGG (and ridiculous). I think I bought like 10 copies of it. 

But yes, it’s always weird for me (but amusing as hell) when Outsiders observe D&G. I feel sort of like WAIT YOU CAN SEE IT TOO? Heehee. (This is just a photoshoot, not like, life, but still.)

Edit: I’m also just cracking up now remembering what a HUGE DEAL TV Guide used to be. I mean, when X-Files was going to be IN TV GUIDE (which happened a few times), it was a major thing! Of course much of the anticipation was that they did their own interviews and photoshoots and it wasn’t like someone would just call them up for 2 minutes and then use preexisting publicity photos. But still, they had the budget to do that (maybe they still do, I don’t know) and they had the status to get the network to use David and Gillian’s precious time doing these elaborate photoshoots. “On the cover of TV Guide” was a major thing. And yet the name of the publication was TV GUIDE! That is funny! And it was a thing that tells you what is on TV every minute of the day in a grid! We don’t need that anymore! Poor TV Guide. Their glory days are behind them. No wonder they had a midlife crisis and bought that boat.

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“You can’t go in there!” promptz

Jack shrieked as a large, purple exercise ball was thrown at his back, causing him to tumble to the floor.

“Oh shit!” Felix said, his laughter stopping as he realised what his playfull action had done, “you okay?” He asked worriedly as he sprinted over beside Jack.

“Yeah, I’m good,” Jack said as he rolled over onto his back and stretched out his arms, putting his thumbs up. Felix seemed to breathe a sigh of relief, then he turned back to face the camera.

“Well it seems I’ve killed the jackspedicy, so we’re going to end this here,” Felix shouted at the camera, walking closer to it as he did so, “so, sister fister!” He mocked, pushing his fist towards the camera. He then reached around behind the back of the camera and stopped the recording.

Jack giggled as he propped himself up, the energy from the video they recorded still surrounding him. Felix walked back over to him and stretched out his hand, which Jack was quick to take, then pulled the Irishman up off the floor.

“Sorry for almost killing you babe,” Felix chuckled.

“Eh, it’s no big deal. It just startled me is all,” Jack shrugged, gesturing over to the exercise ball that had wedged itself into the corner.

“And now the fun part, cleaning up this shit!” Felix said sarcastically, making giant hand motions as he gestured to the mess of a room they were in.

“Haha, yeah” Jack laughed, “just gimmie a second to use the bathroom first,” Jack said, looking around Felix’s living room to see if there were any doors that looked like they belonged to a bathroom.

“Yeah sure,” Felix said, walking away from Jack and picking up one of their toys that they had used in the video.

Jack looked around him and spotted what looked to be either a closet door or a bathroom door, he couldn’t tell which. He walked over to the door and twisted the handle, and began to pull it open. Just then, Felix looked over his shoulder and saw the door Jack was beginning to open, and he instantly filled with dread.

“Wait!” Felix shouted frantically, sprinting over to the door, “You can’t go in there!” He shouted, shoving his hand against the door and slamming it shut, ripping the handle out of Jack’s hand as he did so.

To say Jack was surprised was a major understatement. He looked over at Felix, his expression practically dripping of utter confusion. Felix looked at Jack’s expression, then began to nerviously laugh, trying to play off the situation.

“Hehe, u-uh. The bathroom is down that way, actually,” Felix said, pointing down the hallway, his voice shaking from his nerves. A silence passed between the two.

“A-alright then,” Jack said confusedly, backing away from the door slightly. He turned and walked down the hallway, still incredibly flustered.

Once he got to the real bathroom and closed the door behind him, his curiosity kept poking at him.

“I wonder what’s in there that he doesn’t want me to see,” Jack whispered to himself as he went about his business, “is it just super important or is he ashamed of whatever it is?” Jack continued to think, “Oh, I’m sure it’s none of my business,” Jack tried to finish the thought, not wanting to stick his nose into Felix’s personal things, “he probably has a good reason for not wanting to show me,” he thought.

“But still,” Jack couldn’t stop himself from continueing to think, leaning against the counter, “why doesn’t he trust me enough to show me whatever it is?” He thought. He knew thinking this way wasn’t healthy, but he couldn’t stop, “no, I’m sure Felix trusts me. So… A quick little peak wouldn’t hurt… Right?” He pondered, “… No, of course not. A peak won’t hurt him… Especially if he doesn’t see me do it,” Jack had made up his mind.

He opened the door slightly, peering out at the living room. Felix was nowhere to be seen. He slowly opened the door, careful to not let it creek, then tip-toed his way over to the door that Felix had slammed earlier. He checked his surroundings again, just to make sure the Swede had not returned. Thankfully, he had not. He slowly twisted the handle and pulled the door open slightly; just enough to allow him to shimmy through. The small amount of light from the open door was all he needed.

He looked around in what appeared to be a closet, but the whole thing was practically empty… Save for a teddy bear that sat on the ground, facing the wall. That had to be the thing Felix was hiding. Jack picked up the fuzzy stuffy and examined it, trying to see what Felix might be hiding about it. Seeing as there was nothing of interest on it’s back, he flipped it around. Then he was stunned.

The small brown bear wore a knitted green sweater, with the words “To my Jack” sown onto the front in a gold coloured string. In the bears hands, was glued a small, black, square box.

“No way…” Jack breathed to himself, his heart pumping faster as he thought of what the box might hold.

Taking the bear in one hand, Jack reached for the small box and, while slightly shaking with excitement, opened it.

A silver ring with a green strip around it sat in the box’s cushiony inside.

Jack slappes his hand over his mouth, trying to hide his squeal of delight. He slightly bobbed up and down, as if trying to quietly jump for joy.

“Oh my god!” Jack whispered to himself, shaking. His heart was beating so fast he just couldn’t believe it and-

“Jack? Are you done yet?”

His heart dropped into his stomach. Felix could NOT know he was here. Quickly, he shut the box and placed the bear back where he had found it, then sprinted out of the room. He grabbed the handle to the closet and swung it closed, but quickly stopped it before it could completely close, then twisted the handle and closed it completely and quietly. He jumped away from the door just as Felix walked back into the living room.

“There you are! Took you long enough,” Felix said, shaking his head in mocking disapproval. Now it was Jack’s turn to laugh nerviously.

“Hehe, uh yeah. Sorry about that,” Jack apologised, casting his eyes down to the floor.

“It’s fine. Here, help me put this stuff away,” Felix said, picking up another toy off the ground and turning to carry it into the other room.

“Yeah, sure” Jack said, going to help Felix clean up.

This could work, right? Jack had kept secrets before, so he could surely keep this one hidden from Felix.

… Right?