can you stop ruining my life

Just because you are broken doesn’t mean you can’t be fixed. Stop telling yourself you don’t deserve something, stop holding back because you think you’re aren’t enough. Haven’t you ever heard that mosaics are made of broken pieces? You may be broken right now, but you aren’t ruined.

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Can you please stop trying? Just please. You're ruining my life with sexy Hanzo.


no… more hanzo…….then………….

it’s not like

i was drawing him at all

no siree bobby boy yo




The problem with reading Percy Jackson books is that when you start you can’t stop. So I read them all. About gods, the heroes, the teeny tiny books about their camp system. Everything. I read the Kane’s so I can read about the crossovers I read about Magnus Chase because Annabeth. Like shit. And all that happens in the mean time of my life does not exist. When I’m in school I don’t study like fuck studying this guy here *snort* study like what? No! Stupid mister study. I read fanfics look up fanpost headcanons pictures. Rick you’re ruining my life. And I love it. I get bad grades and I’m antisocial but Rick’s books help me they let me forget the reality for a moment and sometimes that can be a life saviour.

Let me put it this way:

I don’t, nor have I ever, or will I ever, follow the three fold law or anything similar, but even if I did, and even if cursing Nazis came back at me to ruin my life? I don’t care. 

I would gladly take what ever consequences the universe has for me if it means stopping a Nazi. 

And to any and all of you who suggest that I shouldn’t curse a Nazi based on the fact that it might come back around to me, you obviously have a clear lack of understanding of who I am as a person.

People have sacrificed their lives to stop these scum from spreading, so you can damn well bet I’m willing to sacrifice my “good standing” with cosmic justice to curse one of these mother fuckers. 

This is of course assuming the universe somehow considers it a bad thing to curse a Nazi in the first place. 

You fluffy bunny bullshitters always forget the “do what you will” part of the rede when it’s convenient for you. 

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Do you ever ust think, "Holy shit. Stephen Amell is so fucking hot i cant even.." cuz like I do. All. The. Damn. Time. Or I randomly think about the perfection that is olicity and openly (and maybe weirdly) grin, smile, or laugh in public. A lot.

My brain totally fried after “Holy shit. Stephen Amell is so fucking hot i cant even..”. Fangirl down!

You mean like when he does this thing with his face?

Or when he does things with his forearms? Like seriously who the fuck has sexy forearms?

Or when he does things with the suits he wears? And did I mention that face? The mention of the face and the neck and the veins and the eyes is default from now on.

Or the suspenders?

Or are you talking about the way he keeps tugs those drawstrings up?

Nah! You must be talking about this cruelty.

Or maybe this?

Or was it this?

Words fail me, I tell you. When it comes to this man,

It’s only because he can be doing something like this

or this (which is just heavy breathing for goodness’ sake)

And it would result in this. 

Every single time.  God was sipping the best wine when he created this man and unleashed him on us mere mortals. And the moment I decide I need to stop for a second, he’ll decide to look like this.

And this is a torture scene, for heaven’s sake! 

How is a girl supposed to live?

I need the season 4 trailer, like right now
  • Friend: Can I talk to you?
  • Me: Yeah sure...
  • Friend: I'm a little bit worried. You seem tired and nervous all the time. You stopped going out. What's wrong?
  • Me: Just a little bit tired lately, so much homework, you know?
  • Me to Me: (screaming and crying) THE SEASON 4 TRAILER HASNT DROPPED YET. I can't leave my room, I can't sleep. All I can do is stay awake, wait and rewatch all episodes.
Dear fandoms that I am in (not people),

With all due respect, I am sick and tired of the sleepless nights reading fanfiction, and there are only so many “canon” facts one can stand before crying.

I would greatly appreciate it if you would consider my personal health and stop ruining my life in the best/ worst way possible.

Lots of love (and a bit of obsession),

A distressed fan

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I don't know what to do seddm I need help... running with scissors is ruining my life I can't stop crying I cried at school I can't be happy I'm super depressed everytime I'm trying to avoid every image related to this episode I'm so sad I fought with everyone today I'm not kidding this show made me so happy and now I'm trying to sleep as much as possible to forget it

Woa, you took it harder than me! Try to focus on the good parts of the episode, like all the Starco and the possible positive developments for Marco.

And know that Marco is going to be back to normal starting next episode for sure. In Mathmagic, on Monday, he’s going to be in class, “Oooohing” at whatever Star did (refusing to answer to Skullnick’s question?)

In The Bounce Lounge he’s going to dance like the dork he is

In All Belts Are Off he’s going to be the same young Marco, trying to better and prove himself.

“Marco wants to prove to Sensei that he’s more worthy than Jeremy.” 

And in Just Friends he’s going to “Oooh-oooo” at Love Sentence’s songs at their concert.

I know that it was an unexpected episode that many fans didn’t properly digest, but only the good things coming from it are going to stick for the rest of the show.

“Stop putting your freezing hands on my face.”

“I’ve been waiting for this for ages and I’m not about to let you ruin this for me.”

“What you’re currently petting like a domesticated animal is actually a beast. You know that, right?”

“I know your first instinct is to tell everyone you know about  this, but don’t. This could cost me my life.”

“You know, fake records don’t come cheap.”

“I thought you were just really good with animals, but no, apparently, you can really talk to them.”

One of my goals in life is to become well-known enough to be on panels someday. And when/if that happens, I would like to start a tradition that one person at every event (which allows questions) will ask me, “Quoth the Raven?”

And at every event, I will have something different and snarky that the Raven has said.

“Your decorating sucks, you emo bastard!”

“UGH, who even CARES about this stupid poem anymore?!”


“Thanks for ruining Eighth Grade English for everyone who can’t memorize, jerkwad.”

“Goth girls are going to tattoo me on themselves for centuries because of you…”

“Omg, it’s not Nevermore, it’s PHIL, okay? Fucking PHIL.”

“If you don’t stop moaning over this Lenore chick, I will literally go and get someone’s eyeball to throw at you. Might be hers, might not be. Write a poem about THAT.”

“You gonna share any of that absinthe, or….?”

“Wow, man, your posthumous biographer was a DICK!”

Life goals. Somebody make this happen.

I worked all night for this lol. Man, I’m just NON-STOP. Guess who’s Hamil-trash nao? HEHEHEHEHEHEHEHE.

I just can’t stop listening to “Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story?” and, okay. Just. I feel bad for Eliza, okay? She’s a poor cinnamon roll who’s been through much. She could’ve been satisfied if her hubby was, too. But when he dies, she’s the one workin’ non-stop and I just- *CRIES*

CAN I PLEASE JUST GIVE ELIZA A HUG?!? And Angelica, too, ‘cuz the woman deserves it TT^TT

And this… well… this is just my interpretation of the very last part of the song when Eliza breathes her last. ‘Cuz in the play, she sees Hamilton on the other side, as if reaching out to him. I thought it’d be nice to draw that :3


I know I messed up on some parts lol. And if any of you caught that “H” Easter egg at the end of the sentence, kudos to you -3-

It’s all SKAM’s fault.

When you are studying Norwegian and feeling that you are about to get into the “focusing state” but this comes up

and all your concentration gets fucked up by your fangirl feelings thinking about how fucking beautiful this moment in Evak’s relationship was

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and then you can’t stop thinking about how fucking great this show is and how grateful you are of having found out about it 

Annoying your friends online and in real life after joining that one fandom that ruins your friends lives forever.

Me: Ahem *prepares self*

Friend(s): Oh no


Friend(s): Nonononononoo


Friend(s): Stop!




Shout out to the fans of Strange Magic. I recently watched this movie and I love it so much. I can’t stop listening and singing the songs (neither can my brother). Unfortunately the soundtrack isn’t available on the Australian iTunes store. But that won’t stop me from annoying my friends every chance I get. (I love you guys)

- 1runw1thwolves212

"I don't like when we fight." (Ethan)

Anonymous: “an imagine where you guys have an argument and he walks out but then something happens and he comes back”


The request didn’t specify which twin, so I wrote it with Ethan. :)



“Ethan, you can’t keep doing this! You’re ruining everything!” (Y/N) shouted.

“Ruining what? The thoughts your parents have of the perfect life with your perfect boyfriend who will eventually be the perfect husband for you? Well, y'know what, I’m not perfect. I’m sorry I’m not rich, and I’m sorry I don’t fit in with the people you’re parents always have around.” I shouted back. I pulled my duffle bag out of the closet and started throwing clothes into it.

“Ethan, stop. What are you doing?” (Y/N) asked.

“I can’t stand it anymore. Your parents treat me like shit, and I’m not going to let them step all over me anymore. I’m leaving.” I said. I finished packing, grabbed my keys from the counter and stormed out to my car.

“You know what, fine. Just leave. You’re real good at leaving when you don’t get your way.” (Y/N) shouted from the porch. I started my car, pulled out of the driveway and sped down the street. I had no idea where I was going, but I knew I couldn’t stay there. Her parents never liked the fact that (Y/N) and I were together, just because my family wasn’t rich like them. And clearly, their feelings about me weren’t going to change any time soon.

I had been driving for thirty minutes when my phone started buzzing in the cup holder. I looked down and saw Grayson’s name flash across the screen.

“Hello?” I said when I answered.

“Why did (Y/N) just call me crying saying you left her?” He asked.

“Because I did. Look, I really don’t want to talk about this over the phone.” I said.

“Well, come over then. I cant have my brother driving around town all night with no place to sleep.” Grayson said.

“Fine. I’ll be there in like ten minutes.” I said. I hung up the phone and drove over to Grayson’s apartment. I knocked and he answered not even five seconds later. “Geez, it’s like you were watching the peep hole to see when I got here.” I said, trying to ease the mood. Grayson let out a small laugh and we went into the living room, an awkward silence between us.

“So…?” He asked.

“So, what?”

“Are you going to tell me why you left (Y/N)?” He asked.

“Fine,” I sighed, “I just, couldn’t take it anymore. Her parents are always talking down on me, and they’re always trying to find someone who comes from money to replace me. They’ve never liked me, and now it’s starting to rub off on (Y/N). She told me the other day that she thought it would be a good idea if I started looking for a better paying job. I’m just tired of them treating me like garbage.” I explained, trying to hold back the tears.

“Ethan, I am so sorry that this is happening. I’m not good at consoling people, but if you need a place to crash, you’re more than welcome to stay here.” Grayson said. I looked up at him and forced a smile.

“Thanks bro, I really appreciate it.” I said. He nodded and led me to the guest room.

“Well, I’m sure you wanna get some sleep, so I’ll leave you be. G'night.” Grayson said. I nodded and he walked off, back to his room. I changed into some sweats and a tshirt and got into bed. I checked my phone and saw that I had a million unread texts and missed calls from (Y/N). I cleared out all of the notifications and just tried to push her out of my mind and sleep.

* * *

It had been a few days since Grayson took me in, and I haven’t heard from (Y/N) in any of that time.

I couldn’t lie, I missed her like crazy, but the breakup was still fresh. I didn’t want to lose her, but at the same time, I wanted her to realize that I wasn’t going to let her family treat me like shit.

I was laying in the bed in the guest room when there was a knock on the door.

“Hey, E, there’s someone here who wants to see you.” Grayson said. He moved out of the doorway and (Y/N) was standing behind him.

“Hey Ethan.” She said quietly.

“I’ll leave you two be.” Grayson said, shutting the door behind him.

“(Y/N). What’re you doing here?” I asked awkwardly.

“I came to talk to you,” she began. “Look, I know that you were upset about the way that my parents were treating you, and I was too.” She said.

“Didn’t seem like you were upset, by the way you were acting that night.” I said.

“Ethan, I know, and I’m sorry for that. But, having you gone were the worst couple of days of my life. You make me happy beyond words, and I will do anything to have you back home.” She said, starting to cry.

“(Y/N), come here.” I said, hugging her. “I love you too, you know that. And I always will. It just hurts, knowing that your family doesn’t want us to be together.”

“I have no doubt that hurts, and I’m really sorry for that. But, you know what. This relationship involves you and me, nobody else. All that matters is what you and I think. Who cares about what anyone else thinks.” She said. God, I loved when she got all preachy.

“You know what, you’re right. I want to be with you, you want to be with me. And we make each other happy.” I agreed.

“Screw what my parents think. They’ve never liked anyone I’ve brought home anyway.” She said with a smile. I kissed her softly, she pulled away and smiled. “Mmm, I’ve missed those.” She said, kissing me again.

Later that night, (Y/N) and I were finally back home, in our own bed, I wrapped my arms around her and hugged her tight. “I really don’t like when we fight. I get scared with the possibility of us not making up, and I hate feeling like that.” I said, kissing her forehead.

“I don’t like fighting either. Let’s not fight anymore. At least, not over small things like this.” She said.

“Agreed.” I said. I turned out the light and felt (Y/N) lay her head against my chest, and her breathing start to slow as she fell asleep. I smiled to myself and thought about how much I truly loved her, and how grateful I was to have someone like her in my life.

I Have To Suffer Through This In My Head So You Do Too (Fresh Sans Playlist)

Our fav eyesore belongs to @loverofpiggies 

Join me in the suffering I can never hear Bruno Mars ever without bursting out i laughter my life is ruined.

24K Magic by Bruno Mars

Watch the video. Just do it. Okay now mentally replace Bruno with Fresh and proceed to die. It doesn’t help that Bruno is wearing shades the entire fuckin time, even at night. Like what?? Did Bruno get infected or something. 

Uptown Funk by Bruno Mars & Mark Ronson

Same rule, superimpose Fresh on Bruno. Except now, choose the most enthusiastic background dancer and the least enthusiastic person in every scene and imagine Fresh dragged Ink and Error in to shoot the music video. At any scene where someone is sitting down, imagine Error looking pissed and tied in his own strings just stuck to the chair while Fresh jams it out.

Treasure by Bruno Mars

This one’s for y’all Fresh fuckers. You know the rules. Enjoy yourself as the raddest parasite ever kind of aggressively serenades you. 

That is all. Thank you for listening and proceed with your ruined lives.