can you stop being so sweet please

Anonymous said: ‘hey so I just read that fanfic for “feyre and rhys fight and make up in a week” and I was expecting it to end in fluff but it didn’t and i’m sad bc my mind won’t stop thinking about feyrhys growing apart like rhys’ parents did and it’s making me too sad to do anything so can you please write something nice? and fluffy? like spending a lazy morning in bed together (feat. shoulder+forehead kisses and maybe reading together) or anything else cute and sweet and otp worthy? this is ur fault; pls fix’

good morning by @kay-emm-gee

The morning after they made up, Feyre woke to spirals being drawn onto her back. She shivered in the crisp morning air and curled into the blanket that was still covering the front of her. Cold, wet trails from Rhys’ fingertips swirling short, thick streaks of–paint, she realized groggily–across her shoulder blades and down her spine made her grumble.

“Where did you find that?”

He chuckled, poking her lightly. “You’re running out of secret stashes.”

“I wouldn’t need secret stashes, or be running out of them, if you would stop stealing them to paint on me while I’m sleeping,” she muttered. While her voice was thick with sleep, Rhys’ wasn’t. She wondered how long he had been up, if he had gone out for a flight, if he had stayed in and watched her sleep instead. Feyre was too tired to actually ask, though, so she just let out a little groan as Rhys continued to trace wet shapes across her back.

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Based on the ask

Do you think you could please do a piece for me where he makes out with you while the class you’re supposed to be in and the one he’s supposed to be teaching are like next door. Thanks!

“Class starts in five minutes. You know how I feel about being late,” he mumbled against her lips.

She giggled and he swore he could taste the sweetness of sugar on his tongue. She was absolute magic. “You can stop any time you’d like,” she said running a hand through his hair.

“God, you just make it so hard,” He whispered huskily as his lips pressed against hers. His grip tightened around her waist. Everything he could ever want was right there in his arms. His fingers sneaked underneath her shirt to trail up her spine, causing goosebumps to rise.

The touch made her shiver, “I hate when you do that. It makes me feel like I have a spider on my back.” She said pulling away, scrunching up her nose.

“Yeah? What about when I do this?” His fingers went to her leg and softly traveled up her thigh. His fingernails grazed her skin and soon traveled up to brush just between her legs. She squeaked in response.

“Stop that! Do I need to remind you that the class I’m supposed to be in and you’re supposed to teach is right next door?” She said, taking his naughty hand in hers.

He chuckled, “Excuse me, but I’ve been trying to remind you of that! You just won’t let me go.”

She smiled and pulled him against her to kiss his lips. God, she dreamed everyday of kissing his lips. To think, there was a time she had never experienced how sweet he tasted. Or a time his hands never roamed her body, searching for every little indent, every little mark, and if there wasn’t one, he’d make one. She hated him for it, but now she was an expert at covering up the hickeys he left. On some occasions, she had to cover up the dirty work she left too. He didn’t mind as much as she did though. He loved having a reminder of her imprinted on his skin. 

His lips went to kiss her neck causing her to let out a breathy moan. His heart leaped at the sound. “How about I go in and say I got caught up in a meeting. Then, you walk in five minutes later, I reprimand you for being late, and give you a proper punishment after class.” He smirked, unclean thoughts wandering around in his mind.

She cocked an eyebrow, “You’re an idiot. Get to class.” She pushed herself away from him, and he grabbed his things. He began making his way to door but a slap on the butt made him stop in his tracks, and looked back at the young angel behind him. A smirk was playing at her lips as she shrugged.

“You’ve got the roles reversed, baby. Don’t worry. I’ll show you after class,” He winked and with that he was out the door.

Fictional Character Love Letter

So @iinkpools reblogged something asking for a love letter from the one and only Ignis Scientia.

I do apologize in advance as this is the first piece I have written in years.

My Dear,

Loving you is something I just can’t stop. There is no control over my heart as it has yearned for you for so long. In every cell of my body; in every corner of my being my love for you completes me.

Whenever I am with you, it is like all my troubles just vanish and I can truly be myself. Your small, elegant touches to the back of my hands while I cook sends shivers through my body.

I love you… Madly, sincerely, completely which in a way is blissfully wonderful. I love you for being yourself, I love you because of the person you made me become.

How blessed I am to care so deeply and more so to be loved as deeply in return.

Until we meet again,
Ignis Scientia

It’s Not Me Being Sad.// Draco x Reader.

Title: It’s Not Me Being Sad.

Prompt:#12 and #13 from prompt list two with Draco? Thank you!            

(“It’s not just me being sad, okay? You don’t feel the overwhelming feeling of wanting to be dead, you don’t feel the overwhelming feeling of not feeling wanted, but I do! I feel that way everyday! You can’t help me. You’ll only destroy me more! Please stop trying to help.” Person A crying and Person B freaking out over it. )

Pairing: Draco x Reader

Warning: talk about depression, very light talk. Sweet draco.

A/N: if any of you need help my dm is opened. Don’t be scared to ask for help or something.

Being happy was nver your strong suit. You never really knew how to feel about anything, and when you met Draco your whole world flipped upside down. Draco was the best thing that had ever appended to you. So when he asked you out, you made sure to keep your depression to yourself. You had been put into Slytherin, and your family thought you were following in their footsteps.

Be in Slytherin

Rule Hogwarts.

Become a death eater.

Have loads of money.

Those were the four things you needed to do to make your family love you endlessly, but when your six year had come around and your family started insisting on you being a death eater, you said no. That’s what broke you. That’s what brought your depression crashing in back.

You and Draco were sitting in his room, talking about something stupid. You both messed with each other’s fingers, smiling he told you a stupid joke - something about muggleborns. You didn’t hate them, you loved them actually. They taught you the songs from the muggle world, it always made you smiled. You looked at Draco, your smile slowly faded as you saw a mark on his arm. You blinked a couple times, not wanting to cry in front of your boyfriend. Images from the night you told your parents no, eyes still watering. You looked down at your lap, pulling your hand from Draco’s cold ones.

“Are you okay?” he asked, you nodded, taking a deep breath, “Just, something, um, it do-oesn’t matter. O-Okay?” you smiled at him, your tough shell slowly breaking. “Hey, hey, what’s wrong?” he asked as he went to knell in front of you to get a better look at your face. Your lips were still curled up in a soft smile. Draco’s face was soft and he had put his hand on your knee.

“Please tell me what’s wrong,” he whispered as a couple tears fell from your eyes, “Why did you choose to be one of them?” you asked, “You didn’t have to,” your voice cracked and you closed your eyes from meeting Draco’s.

“Why are you sad over it? It’s nothing.” He smiled faintly.

It’s not just me being sad, okay?” you laughed softly, “You don’t feel the overwhelming feeling of wanting to be dead, you don’t feel the overwhelming feeling of not being wanted, but I do!” you threw your hands up, “I feel that everyday!” you cried out, Draco shook his head, blonde locks flying in front of his face, “I could help you, I could make you happy again.” You shook your head, “You can’t help me! You’ll only destroy me more! Please stop trying to help me.” you whispered the last part. Tears pooling from your eyes. Draco shook his head. “I want to help you. I don’t want to damage something so beautiful

  • Taylor is basically assaulted by a man who manhandled her……….. and the world claims she was attention seeking for coming out against him in court…….
  • She therefore does not publicly speak out on this subject for Kesha to avoid such a reaction again…………….and so is called a ‘fake feminist’ (which, by the way, is not a real fucking thing).

  • Taylor, instead, makes a private donation to help Kesha without the public knowing so she can’t be called ‘attention seeking’………………..but instead people call her ‘phony’, claiming she is simply offering money and not support.
  • (Clearly these people have no comprehension of the ridiculous fees that are involved in defending oneself in a corporate/criminal lawsuit when you have no source of income because, in Kesha’s case, in order to work you would have to be forced to WORK WITH YOUR ABUSER).

This basically demonstrates Taylor literally cannot win and it makes me so fucking angry because this is my friend you’re talking about. 

Taylor Swift is a sweet, wonderful generous human being. Most importantly, she is a human being. She has feelings that deserve to be respected like anyone else so please stop assigning her labels when you feel like it as though she is nothing more than public property.

(I stand with you, Taylor. Thank you for being such a careful person and such a great role model to look up to. Thank you for helping Kesha and therefore helping to stand up for women everywhere. Love you) 


Maddie sent Mark Meismer’s daughter a package with maddiestyle clothes, this is so sweet! And then you have her and Melissa in the comment section also being super sweet and then there is, quelle surprise, Abby, throwing in her two cents and not making any sense as usual. Can this woman stop, please.

[F] New Message (1)

Title: New Message (1)
Pairing: OT13
Length: 1,730 words
Summary: Seungcheol invited all of his friends into the chat room. Seungkwan can’t stop using hashtags, everyone bags on Wonwoo, Jihoon just wants to leave, and, wait, aren’t there supposed to be thirteen of them in the chat?
A/N: Reads like an IM group chat. #1YEARWITHSEVENTEEN 

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when you can’t get your dumb problematic crush to stop ranting about his stupid book

commission for unnatural-red! They asked for a sweet powen moment but these two aren’t much good at sweet (owen’s fault) so here’s owen bein caught off guard. i like to imagine him being a pale little redhead means his face burns as red as his hair and takes ages to go back to normal when he gets blushy huhu

i really hope you like it! please le tme know if you want anything changed :>

my message to people i know as the signs
  • aries: you are so beautiful, so much more beautiful than you think; please don't let yourself shrivel up because cruel people tell you to stop blooming
  • taurus: all three of you have hurt me so much and i don't think you even care or try to worry about me. stop being so fucking selfish. i know you can be better than this
  • gemini: thank you for always being there for me, even when i fuck up and disappoint you. i love you forever and always (and don't worry, i'm not going anywhere)
  • cancer: i miss you so much, your sweet smile and your constantly happy and cheery disposition. you were a ray of sunshine in my weird life back home
  • leo: maybe we could work? i wish you could see me as more than just "me," i'm not just someone you should use when you need me
  • virgo: i'm so glad we've gotten closer this year, you are so logical and clever and i adore that about you. you motivate me to work harder
  • libra: you were my first love; thank you for making and breaking my heart and i still appreciate you because i learned so much from you (even if it hurt - it burned me inside for a year)
  • scorpio: you are a magnet and i'd like to be around you but i know it's smarter not to be because you told me yourself you destroy everything you touch
  • sagittarius: i wouldn't have made it past the first 4 months of junior year without you by my side always; you are the most amazing friend i could ask for
  • capricorn: i'm glad we made up after our big fight and put everything aside. i'm so happy everything is going well for you - i learned how to not be selfish and hoard your happiness for myself, aren't you proud?
  • aquarius: we have drifted so much and it makes me sad that you can't even remember our old jokes from half a year ago
  • pisces: next year i will talk to you, i will find a way - we had a connection from the beginning, let's not make it fade away
probably common conversations between the sense8
  • everyone to lito: WHERE ARE YOUR PANTS NO DON'T CRY
  • everyone to riley: sweet precious child i am bored please play music for me to listen to
  • everyone to will: willllllllllllllllllll
  • everyone to cap: have u ever watched any other movies except for van damme movies
  • everyone to kala: can u stop being so adorable please PLEASE IS IT POSSIBLE??
  • everyone to nomi: first off all how does wifi work
How virgos view the signs

Aries- your cool af but kinda insane
Taurus- your so funny and I love you but stfu once in a while
Gemini- your precious & talkative but kinda sensitive
Cancer- I can’t do emotions plz stop
Leo- you’re v fun but I don’t know many of you
Virgo- nope your all weird and different in a bad way
Libra- your an adorable cinnamon roll & your so easy to talk to ily
Scorpio- your amazing and a really good listener
Sagittarius- you’re all really attractive but eh
Aquarius- you’re determined and understanding
Capricorn- I hate cap boys please stop being so immature but girls your awesome
Picses- your a bit intimidating but your actually sweet as can be

The Signs According to my Friends

Aries: V secretive, and please chill why you always mad?

Taurus: Aggressive BUT ONLY when they want to be. Okay no you’re too sweet omg thanks for taking my jokes

Gemini: Haha amazing! but really though, stop changing I can’t keep up

Cancer: Um they’re always warm? even though idk why but you scare me

Leo: Y’all are creative and super chill keep being gorgeous muffins

Virgo: A little bit of everything…but do I even have to tell you you’re precious angels. You just gotta stop being so critical and negative w ow

Libra: Soft af? You’re sweet and beautiful you just have to speak up more

Scorpio: Afraid of mistakes…I don’t really know what to tell you- but if I did you probably wouldn’t listen to me anyway

Sagittarius: Always surprised and surprising also please chill go follow your dreams

Capricorn: Imaginative but really. Mind your own business gosh dangit.

Aquarius: Fearless…who knows? You’re allowed to be sad omg just don’t hide it okay you beautiful

Pisces: Quiet…UNTIL YOU KNOW THEM !! But y’all are gorgeous cinnamon rolls everyone loves you I promise

Wow, guys! Thanks to you, I have reached another huge milestone! Gosh, you’re all so wonderful and sweet to me! You all make me so happy every time I check tumblr, and your comments and messages make tumblr so much fun! Please know that each and every one of you mean the world to me!

For a long time, I was trying to think of something to do to repay you guys, somewhat of a gift for you all! It’s not much, but I want to happily offer gif requests to you to show my appreciation! (Get it? GIFt requests?!?) I’ll stop… So please feel free to message me with a game, a scene, a character, a pairing, or anything else, and I’d be so happy to make a gifset dedicated to you and your request! It’s the least I can do to pay you back for being so sweet to me, so don’t be shy!

Again, thank you all for making tumblr a wonderful place for me!♥

I feel really awful with what’s going on with @truthinyourleyes like guys please fuck off. Stop treating her like shit and thinking that by being an insensitive sass you’re better, because newsflash, you aren’t. Celly is sweet and nice and would never mean to hurt anyone yet there you guy guys, you’re hurting her. 

Also, other than that, what I really dislike is that you guys think you can talk about a topic you yourself were not a victim of. So just shut up, alright?

I am very literally almost in tears because this was such an unexpected and wonderful surprise to get in the mail today! My mood has been lifted 1000%, seriously.

I don’t know who this is from (message me please so I can tell you how much I love you!!!) but you are such a kind human being and you made me very happy today 💛💚💛💚💛💚