can you spot the sarcasm

theangelbaby98  asked:

Sometimes I can tell when you’re being sarcastic.

The ability to spot sarcasm is an indicator of intelligence.

The ability to make people question if you are being sarcastic or not means you are really really good. 

In the future, if someone asks me why I really like this man and his work, I will show them this picture. Why? Well, let me explain it to you.

So: First of all, let’s look at that overall janitor’s uniform. Now, not many men (or women) can wear something like that well. But by God, he can. The belt snugly secures the overall in one place and gives him a more defined body-shape. It accentuates his hips and allows the contrapposto (assymetrical pose or counter-pose) to become more prominent. 

Evidently, his left leg is acting as the engaged leg (the leg carrying his body weight) and his right leg is free to move as it wishes. This and the crossed arms give him such a level of sass, that Robo!Sam could never even dream of achieving. Oh and those crossed arms? I dare you to not stare at them. I dare you. 

Moving on to the unbuttoned shirt: no actually, I’m ignoring that because I’m sure that I’ll give someone a heart attack if I start describing that area. 

The ¾ portrait view of his face gives us a small insight into what sort of man he is, or what sort of man he is currently portraying. That small pout, the skeptical raise of his eyebrows and the casual quiff of his hair only further support that sassy disposition that is mirrored in his entire body. 

You can easily spot that easy wit and sarcasm that is just waiting to burst out of his mouth; you see it in his eyes, you see it in the way his mouth forms that pout, you see it in his hips (and tbh, general body language). 

So yeah, I kinda like this pic (and man)