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freedom & escape

Where Sagittarius and Pisces are ruling on your chart can show where you want to explore and escape. Both signs are traditionally ruled by Jupiter, while Pisces is modernly ruled by Neptune. Where Sagittarius falls in your chart can show where you find your freedom. Where Pisces falls in your chart can show where you’d like to escape, in a realm that may not exist or be realistic. Jupiter and Neptune, being the rulers of Sagittarius and Pisces can show why.

If you have an interception in Gemini/Sagittarius in your natal chart, where Sagittarius is intercepted can often give a feeling of being caged. There is a feeling of not having any freedom, or any way to have freedom. Looking to where Jupiter is in your chart can show how and where you can get that freedom. There’s the feeling of, “I don’t know how to escape.” If you have an interception in Virgo/Pisces in your natal chart, where Pisces is intercepted can often give a feeling of being lost. Looking to Neptune can show how and where you can escape. There’s the feeling of, “I don’t know where to escape,” or “I don’t think I can escape at all.”

Sagittarius Ruling the Houses + Jupiter in the Houses

You find freedom through ___ but you can exaggerate to where you ___.

  • Sagittarius ruling the 1st: expressing yourself / are self-centered 
  • Sagittarius ruling the 2nd: what you value / stubborn
  • Sagittarius ruling the 3rd: your thoughts and words / are intellectually arrogant
  • Sagittarius ruling the 4th: your family and past / don’t focus on the future
  • Sagittarius ruling the 5th: your creativity / find your ideas scattered
  • Sagittarius ruling the 6th: the daily motions of life / are inflexible
  • Sagittarius ruling the 7th: your interactions with people / forget yourself
  • Sagittarius ruling the 8th: intimacy / don’t associate with others
  • Sagittarius ruling the 9th: exploring the world / get lost
  • Sagittarius ruling the 10th: your goals / forget where you came from
  • Sagittarius ruling the 11th: your friends and community / feel dispensable
  • Sagittarius ruling the 12th: your subconscious and dreams / can’t find reality

You want to keep your freedom because you’re good at ___.

  • Jupiter in the 1st: being yourself
  • Jupiter in the 2nd: valuing yourself
  • Jupiter in the 3rd: thinking and communicating
  • Jupiter in the 4th: staying comfortable and safe
  • Jupiter in the 5th: applying your inspirations
  • Jupiter in the 6th: going through routines
  • Jupiter in the 7th: interacting with others
  • Jupiter in the 8th: gaining intimacy with others
  • Jupiter in the 9th: exploring and learning
  • Jupiter in the 10th: working on your ambitions
  • Jupiter in the 11th: helping others
  • Jupiter in the 12th: healing others

Pisces Ruling the Houses + Neptune in the Houses

You escape from ___ but you ___.

  • Pisces ruling the 1st: yourself / are creative in expressing yourself
  • Pisces ruling the 2nd: your values / are unique in what you value
  • Pisces ruling the 3rd: your thoughts / are inspiring with your thoughts
  • Pisces ruling the 4th: your past / are strong from what you’ve dealt with
  • Pisces ruling the 5th: your passions / are beautifully imaginative
  • Pisces ruling the 6th: your daily routines / are creatively innovative
  • Pisces ruling the 7th: people / are kind and compassionate
  • Pisces ruling the 8th: your secrets / are empathetic and accepting
  • Pisces ruling the 9th: your discoveries / are open-minded
  • Pisces ruling the 10th: the world / are aware of the reality around you
  • Pisces ruling the 11th: your friends / can still be a good friend to them
  • Pisces ruling the 12th: your subconscious / are secretly aware of yourself

You escape because ___ can often be overwhelming for you due to your sensitivity.

  • Neptune in the 1st: your self-expression
  • Neptune in the 2nd: implementing your values
  • Neptune in the 3rd: thinking
  • Neptune in the 4th: recalling your memories
  • Neptune in the 5th: utilizing your creativity
  • Neptune in the 6th: the daily motions of life
  • Neptune in the 7th: other people
  • Neptune in the 8th: your secrets
  • Neptune in the 9th: your discoveries
  • Neptune in the 10th: your ambitions
  • Neptune in the 11th: your friends
  • Neptune in the 12th: your imagination
Betas Needed!

Hey everyone, as we draw closer to author sign-ups closing, we find ourselves with far more authors than betas. While we are so super stoked that we have so many author sign ups, getting fics beta-read is a mandatory part of this challenge.

So to help ease the strain, we’re asking for more beta-readers to sign up to help our authors. If you have a sharp attention for details and good spelling/grammar, please consider signing up as a beta. You’ll be able to see work before it’s released to anyone and have the opportunity to help the author make it as good as it possibly can be.

If you’re already signed up as an author or plan to sign up as an artist you can sign up as a beta as well.

Here’s where you can sign up to be a beta.


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I've stop producing a lot of Aphmau fanart because of all the stealing/reposting/retracing I was getting. I mean, I'm not that upset. I keep most of my drawing to myself now but now, whenever I post any art I start worrying about it getting stolen. Some of that art thieves can be understanding but others just flat out ignore you. It's really annoying and discouraging when it happens.

i know exactly what you mean, worst part you can sign it or watermark it and it can still be stolen, even if you report them and you’re in the right its a gamble to make sure ur actually listened to. im sorry this has caused u to back away from making aphmau fanart ;;

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An adorable modern imagine of Eren and his girlfriend winning prom king and Queen!

“I can’t believe you made me sign up to be a Prom King contestant,” Eren murmured as you two walked into the gym where prom as being held. You giggled as you hooked your arm with his.

“Of course I did! You’d make a perfect Prom King!” You smiled up at him, to which he responded by rolling his eyes, a blush painting his cheeks.

“I don’t want to be king if you’re not queen,” He retorted.

“Are you implying that I can’t win Prom Queen?” You squinted at him.

“I-uh-No, that’s not-” You interrupted him with your laughing.

“I’m just messing with you, Eren. Besides, even if I don’t win, everyone already knows you’re mine.” Eren chuckled and nodded.

“You’re right, you’re right.”

“Oh come on, you two,” Your friend Armin walked up to you two, “Everyone thinks you’re the perfect couple. You got it in the bag.” You felt your cheeks heat up slightly, as Eren’s were dusted a light pink.

You and Eren had been dating since the school year began, and everyone knew about it. You two were the perfect match for each other. It only made sense for you two to win.


The night was coming to a close and it was finally time to announce the winners of Prom King and Queen. Of course, you and Eren’s names were announced, a surprise to no one.

You both went up to the stage, faces red with all the sudden attention. All of your classmates were cheering and applauding, some of them wolf whistling and cat calling.

The crowns were placed on your heads, and a slow song started to play so you two could dance to it.

You and Eren made your way to the dance floor, where everyone cleared a space for you two to dance. Eren was beyond embarrassed at this point, staring at the ground, refusing to meet the other students eyes.  

You wrapped your arms around his neck and he placed your hands on your hips and you both started to sway to the music. “You look really cute in the crown,” You told him, making his blush even worse.

“Yeah, yeah,” He mumbled, a smile twitching at his lips.

“I told you, you would win!” You smiled at him.

“Well, I didn’t need this to tell me that you’re already a Queen.” You snorted at his comment, but couldn’t help but feel your cheeks heat up.

“Cheesy,” You taunted.

“I know you like cheesy.”


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Talking about pen names for authors... I won't ask the obvious question (how the bleep do I pick a good one??) but, rather how to market yourself with it in social media (because sometimes photos are included and people can track you back using them). And, when the book is distributed, if we want to avoid recognition,should we avoid a photo in the inside of the book? Should we avoid public meetings with readers and signings? P.S. no I am not writing smut or instructions on how to build a bomb ;p

Most writers I know who use a pen name don’t include their photo on anything. They usually have some kind of logo instead. It’s also been a LONG time since I’ve seen an author photo on a book, so if you nix one, no one would notice - you’d be in the majority. You can avoid public signings if you want to. That’s a judgement call. 

The signs that the sign likes you

*probably check Venus as well*

~ shy but extremly excited
~ talks to you 26/9
~ isn’t as stubborn with you
~ lame pick up lines and random compliments
~ want to do things and go places with you

~ shy aF
~ lots of eye contact
~ laughs at your jokes
~ more touchy with you
~ shares EVERYTHING with you

~ will talk to you like a.l.w.a.y.s
~ and if not to you then ABOUT you
~ becomes more touchy
~ makes fun of you, but in a good way
~ always joking around and tries to make you laugh

~ asks you for advice and help (because they trust you that much)
~ shy flirter
~ always makes sure that you’re happy and nothing’s bothering you
~ isn’t afraid to talk about their emotions in front of you
~ caring mom

~ acts to you as if you were their best friend
~ wants you to pay attention to them 24/7
~ caring and loving even at their worst
~ buys you cute gifts and food
~ always wants to look good around you (tells you what they’ve acomplished and stuff)

~ always willing to help you with ANYTHING
~ tired but never of you
~ moves out of their comfort zone just to spend time with you
~ more goofy and talkative around you
~ will do cute little things for you to show you they like you

~ wants to take you everywhere with them
~ often reminds you of how amazing you are
~ flirty and romantic, but not too much
~ always seems happy around you
~ makes you laugh

~ talks with you about deep stuff
~ much more talkative around you then they usually are
~ maybe the strongest flirting out of all the signs
~ on and off towards you

~ wants to do everything with you (not everything but like… you know what i mean)
~ random (but really nice) compliments
~ bullies you in one minute, cuddles you in second
~ pays more attention to you then they do to others (in public for example)
~ honestly you will most likely KNOW because they won’t really try to hide it

~ lets you in their world (= is more openminded about their emotions)
~ more goofy, excited an talkative around you
~ romantic (!)
~ talks to you about your passions
~ shares their favourite music with you

~ talks about you with literally EVERYONE except you
~ talks to you a lot and pays a lot of attention to you
~ bullies you
~ lip flirting (smiling, biting their lips,…)
~ isn’t that afraid to talk about more deep stuff with you

~ stares at you a lot and can also be touchy
~ wants to know everything about you
~ shy shy shy
~ always super protective
~ want to help you with whatever you’re doing

Rising sign Vibrations

Every rising sign has a reason to celebrate. Each of you has a distinct look that is beautiful in the eyes of another. Inspired by an anon on @disneystrologie account who mentioned that “the risings aren’t really appearance. It’s more so the vibe that you give out that enhances your genes”. I think, whoever you are, that was a very sagacious observation on your part. Hope you don’t mind me elaborating some more.

Aries | Loud and proud, you won’t miss these individuals in a room. They ooze life out of them as if the next big race is about to begin. When you look at them you see someone who knows where they are trying to go. Direction and drive is thrilling to watch. It’s beautiful to be a part of so there’s no shortage of individuals clamoring for an Aries rising’s attention.

Taurus | Old school beauty in a new package. What is old school depends on your heritage. Taurus rising’s know where they’ve come from and have the willpower to expand on the comforts of their past. You see it in how they carry themselves. It’s as if royalty from all walks of life have graced you with their presence. Make sure not to hit your head as you bow down.

Gemini | Lively individuals with a fairy like disposition. Lithe, young movements. It’s like watching your childhood crush race you to the river. It’s like watching your brother’s older friend tease you mercilessly. Gemini rising have a youthful beauty that makes you think anything is possible. 

Cancer | The watery vibe of cancer risings is like a siren call. Coy is what you think of when you see a cancer rising. There is something beneath the surface with them. The changeable nature of a cancer rising lends itself well to human nature’s constantly fluctuating desires.

Leo | It’s hard to deal with the voluptuous quality of a Leo rising, but thankfully we all manage. Something about them is bigger and better. Each Leo rising works that quality like there’s no tomorrow. They are larger than life. A cinema masterpiece you are willing to watch over and over.

Virgo | Where Gemini rising is youthful and lively, Virgo risings are youthful and somber. There is an energy about them that is contradictory. You know they are calm, yet a restless spirit hides within them. A knowing smirk is a common characteristic for these rising signs and they wear it so well. It could make the most hardened minds curious as to what they know.

Libra | So charming, it’s honestly hard to be around them. You feel like you would do anything for them. In fact you truly want them to like you! If a beautiful creature such as this likes you, surely you’ve done something right. Lovely, full features.

Scorpio | It doesn’t matter if you consider them cute, sexy, beautiful. Hell you could actually think they might be ugly, but the enticing nature of a Scorpio rising is hard to miss. Their actual genetics are enhance by pluto’s glow and penetrating stare. You really can’t help but look at them. You won’t ever want to look away once they are done with you.

Sagittarius |  Nothing can go wrong with these individuals around. Didn’t you know that Jupiter watches out for his own? They are brass and loud and so much fun from a single glance. You know that you’re in for a good time when you encounter a Sagittarius rising.  Do it big or go home and that includes their appearances. They take up space with their shining light

Capricorn | Sharp or strong features are common with this rising.  Even without the features they are known for, there’s something commanding in the way that they move. Something about that screams power to those around them. Power is beauty in the eyes of many.

Aquarius | Trendsetters who know no bounds. Aren’t we lucky we have them? There’s something about them that’s different. Different is good because who else would we base our art off of? Who else would inspire us. An Aquarius rising knows and understands this. Even if they aren’t conventional, they certainly have a way of making us fall for them.

Pisces| A soothing wave over your soul, you’ll feel like you’re drowing in the touch of a Pisces. It is hard to get them out of your head. Their energy is elusive, yet endearing. We as humans want to figure out what makes other works which is why Pisces risings cause so much obsession. What is going on with that beautiful vibe?

Crystals for the Signs


  • Carnelian brings you confidence
  • Citrine is useful in manifesting your dreams
  • Garnet enhances your energy


  • Peridot inspires you to be courageous and trust your instincts
  • Carnelian energizes you to move forward
  • Pyrite bestows blessings upon you 


  • Jade removes negativity and brings peace and balance
  • Rutilated Quartz connects to your highest spiritual state
  • Carnelian promotes joy and personal power


  • Moonstone harnesses your ruler, the Moon’s, energy
  • Red Jasper enhances your endurance and stability
  • Abalone Shell makes you more perceptive to what others are feeling


  • Tiger’s Eye assists in your soul’s evolution in becoming wiser each day
  • Garnet ignites your inner fire and fuels your passions
  • Carnelian strengthens your personal power and stimulates your creativity


  • Kyanite brings energetic protection, allowing you to go beyond your comfort zone
  • Red Jasper grounds you and keeps you centered
  • Jade brings you abundance and prosperity while simultaneously keeping you down to earth


  • Labradorite clears and protects your aura
  • Citrine promotes optimism, balance, and confidence in the decisions you make  
  • Lapiz Lazuli helps you make solid decisions 


  • Citrine invokes feelings of joy, happiness, and serenity
  • Malachite turns negativity into positivity, facilitating emotional healing
  • Amethyst brings peace of mind


  • Bronzite acts as a powerful catalyst for change and adventure
  • Citrine helps you reconnect to your inner self and stay true to who you are
  • Turquoise enhances your natural intuition


  • Peridot cleanses your energy and removes feelings of envy, aiding your relationships
  • Garnet rejuvenates your spirit and brings serenity
  • Azurite helps stimulate your divinity


  • Yellow Jasper can heal the wounds that burden your mind
  • Aquamarine strengthens your ideals of community, making you more forgiving
  • Amethyst brings your mind, body, and spirit into cooperative balance


  • Aquamarine brings insight, especially when you’re questioning your intuition
  • Chrysocolla can help soothe a broken heart as well as help you work through and express your feelings
  • Amethyst can help calm and relax you
Signs as the 12 common archetypes

Aries: the Ruler: “Power isn’t everything, it’s the only thing.”

Taurus: the Caregiver: “Love your neighbor as yourself.”

Gemini: the Rebel: “Rules are made to be broken.”

Cancer: the Magician: “I make things happen.”

Leo: the Hero: “Where there’s a will, there’s a way.”

Virgo: the Innocent: “Free to be you and me.”

Libra: the Lover: “You’re the only one.”

Scorpio: the Orphan: “All men and women are created equal.”

Sagittarius: the Explorer: “Don’t fence me in.”

Capricorn: the Sage: “The truth will set you free.”

Aquarius: the Jester: “You only live once.”

Pisces: the Creator: “If you can imagine it, it can be done.”

The Sign’s Handwriting (Mercury)

**Mercury rules communication, speech, and writing, so it also determines handwriting. You can also check your sun sign for this.

Aries: big letters, gets sloppier as they get farther along—although it may not have been neat to begin with. bares down hard, breaks pencil tips easily. 

Taurus: rigid. classic. doesn’t venture far from the standard letter writing techniques. probably really good at cursive and calligraphy. 

Gemini: constantly changing the way they write letters, switches back and forth between print and cursive. probably good at imitating other people’s handwriting. pointy letters.

Cancer: pretty handwriting. simple. easy to read. letters are spaced kind of far apart. most likely to dot their i’s with circles or hearts.

Leo: big, fanciful letters. has a unique, creative way of writing. they probably do some odd little thing that most people find strange. most obnoxious signature ever. 

Virgo: small, neat, precise letters spaced kind of close together. writes in perfectly straight lines. letters don’t slant. judges people for their sloppy handwriting. 

Libra: teenage girl handwriting where every letter is the same size and height. really neat and aesthetically pleasing to look at. 

Scorpio: possibly sloppy handwriting. curly letters that aren’t always the same size. doesn’t stay inside the lines.

Sagittarius: writes quickly but neatly. doesn’t bare down very hard. writes just above the line and spreads their words out. probably developed really good shorthand for taking notes.

Capricorn: carefully and methodically writes every word. perfect print handwriting. perfect cursive. simple and clean. straight lines. no slants or curves. maybe a little bit boring, as far as handwriting goes.

Aquarius: 75 percent neat. 25 percent sloppy. gets worse as they lose motivation. words may be spread out. Starts writing certain letters differently because they feel like it. has pretty handwriting but always says they don’t.

Pisces: words slant either to the right or left. words are kind of spaced out. doesn’t bare down very hard. handwriting has a dreamy sort of quality. rounded letters. the type to write in half cursive, half print. 

Positivity about the signs

My gemini sun is taking over and so I’m feeling filled with positive things to say!!

Aries: These individuals are so fiery and fun to be around. They’re the friends that’ll volunteer you to do something you would have never done otherwise but have fun doing anyway. They give off these lovely energetic vibes and are some of the most outgoing people you’ll ever meet. Even if they are shy, they still show their amazing lively personalities in one way or another.

Taurus: These people are so down-to-earth and are actually secretly so caring and sweet it’s fantastic. Their the person you want to go out to a movie with and yes they actually will share their popcorn, stop with the stereotyping guys. Their also so level headed they’re just the right people to talk to when you need advice.

Gemini: These guys are so much fun to be around omg they’re always so humorous and playful it’s just great. They’re the best people to hang out with when you need a good distraction from life. They give off such optimistic vibes it’s just great. Even if they’re a shy Gemini you can just tell by their laugh that they are full of fun. And they always have the best topics to chat about! They’re great at keeping awkward silence away. 

Cancer: These people are so sweet and pure omg I love them. I swear they’re even cute when they’re pissed. Sure they can be a bit emotional but that just means you’ll never have to worry about them hiding something from you. They’re some of the most kind people I have ever meet and honestly I really hope my next girlfriend is a Cancer!

Leo: You are so kind and generous and yes you are a bit prideful but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing! It’s lovely to have people around who like themselves, it brings positive vibes. I always find that there is something magnetic about a Leo’s personality which makes everyone just love them which I am super jealous of, you guys are so lucky!

Virgo: Ahhh you guys are so kind and organized I LOVE YOU. I love that while you can be super kind and caring you also can be real and serious and just get to the damn point it’s awesome of you. You’re also such hard workers and I can really appreciate that! 

Libra: I love how kind you guys are and omg may I just say that you are all so pretty! You make such fun, nice, and funny friends. You may not be my favorite sign but I can still find plenty of things I love about you guys. Like you give off such great vibes <333

Scorpio: You guys are so hot and yet so cool and that is awesome. I love your sarcastic sense of humor and your powerful presence. Sure you intimidate me a bit but hey I still think you guys are wicked cool. You’re always like that badass friend that people are always just aspire to be!

Sagittarius: YOU ARE SO MUCH FUN TO BE AROUND OMG. I love adventuring you you guys you are so exciting and yet so chill and omfg I just love how accepting you are of everything. Idk why but I just love your good vibes and your explorative attitude and how you take initiative.

Capricorn: I absolutely love the energy you put towards your work. I mean I absolutely aspire to be like you in that aspect! Sure you can be a bit serious at times but I’ve seen that you can still be really nice! You’re also just so much more level headed than the rest of us plebeian non-Capricorns that like honestly I bow down to you.

Aquarius: Ahh I love how unique you guys are! You groove to your own beat and that is just fantastic, I really wish I could be more like that! You’re also so smart like that is so great. I also always have so much fun when i with you guys like I really appreciate your presence.

Pisces: Oh my you sweet little thing I know you’re really sensitive but you’re so kind and empathetic it’s just so lovable. You’re so caring and your smiles are always just the most heartwarming things. Ah I may not get along with some of you due to your sensitivity but I still really love this sign and your cheerful, calm, caring vibe.

anonymous asked:

can you say something positive about this show bc i truly feel horrible and all i see are negative comments

sure thing fam! I’ve got a million and one great things to say about shadowhunters! 

the cast

  • let’s start with the cast…..oh man the cast, have you ever seen or heard of a lovelier group of people? a sweet and perfect redheaded angel? a cow-loving  farmer sunflower man? a sexy british rapscallion? a latina goddess who is the sweetest angel in the world? a hilarious but also very profound and extremely talent soft brooklyn hipster? the most talented dancer/human to ever grace the world who is also a complete wondeful dork? the sweetest and funniest and most wonderful person who ever did wear an ascot? they’re perfect 
  • nothing makes me happier than their friendships with each other and just their general sweetness :))))
  • i mean every dynamic of theirs is adorable and hilarious? kat and alberto’s friendship, domberto’s antics, the parabatri feels, dom’s lil crush on matthew, the esther/shelby/shumdario friendship! em being an older sister to kat!! how lovely are they all!!
  • and of course, of course, how earnest they are towards the show because they know how important it is to all of us, and it’s heartwarming to see all the effort that they put into the show, as well as the amount of respect and compassion they have while interacting with fans is the most wonderful thing 
  • and of course, the fact that the people behind the show always listen to and respond to fan feedback, positive or negative! they really care about us, and it’s lovely to see :) 

the show 

  • personally, i think the writing of the show has gotten amazing! season 1 was fantastic, but all of the sort of cringey dialogue and ‘wow, nobody would actually say those words’ is gone and everything is much more textured and real, and it’s really really really living up to the potential of its premise! 
  • it’s got a gritty NYC setting and its about badass angelic soldiers fighting a demon apocalypse, all while battling these insidious problems inside their own society as well, with no real moral high ground to be achieved, but really just a scramble for survival and trying to do the right thing,  and the tone of the new season is JUST PERFECT for that 
  •  i think the show has such amazing and dimensionalized relationships like i haven’t seen in a lot of much more highbrow fiction - the romantic stuff too, but i love how important and well-written platonic and family relationships are in the show! 
  • you look at a family like the lightwoods, and they’re so real - not just the love that they have for each other, but also the issues that they face, and the struggles between parents and children and siblings. amazing. well-written AS FUCK 
  • the bonds between alec and izzy and jace!! are so well-written, so well-acted!! the relationships between luke and clary/simon/maia!! astonishingly good
  • there’s so much texture and richness to all of them it’s crazy 
  • but not JUST those super close familial relationships - every single interaction has me floored with how great it is, including ‘rare’ ones like jace and magnus, or clary and alec, or clary and magnus, or magnus and izzy
  • every character has such great acting chemistry with one another, and so every relationship just comes across as rich and real in a way that a lot of lesser shows can’t accomplish 
  • let’s talk about acting! how amazingly has every cast member improved over the course of the show? even if they didn’t start off the first season as amazing, can you believe how great everyone is? how beautifully kat captured the grief of losing jocelyn in 2x05? how amazingly dom is portraying jace’s inner struggles and suffering about valentine and his identity? how much dimension and depth harry can give us in just one glance? how matt perfectly portrays the inner conflicts of a man who was never allowed to show his true feelings on his face? how beautifully alberto shows the struggle of not belonging anywhere that you used to call home? with what grace emeraude brings us izzy’s trials and suffering? how perfectly isaiah depicted not only the grief over losing everything - his world, his parabatai, the woman he loves, but also the struggles of having to get up from the pain and be there for his children? amazing. hats off to all and emmys all around 
  • every character also has so much - so much - dimension?
  • like, not a single one of the characters is the type of YA-fantasy caricature than you see so much in this genre - each of them is fully fleshed out with flaws and strengths, and each character interacts and copes with the horrible events of their lives in completely different ways, and it’s just lovely to see that kind of commitment to character even on a fantasy/action-driven show, and that not all of it has to be directly addressed and shoved in your face, but can be communicated through subtleties of acting and writing 
  • and each of them has their own critical/crucial role to play in the story? none of them are incidental or disposable and i love it! 
  • the special effects in season two are SO! damn!! good!! holy hell did you see the warlock fight this episode? beautiful! astonishing! 
  • i love the mythology of the show! it’s so crazy interesting to explore this world, because it’s not the type of world you see in a typical YA-low-fantasy type of setting - the shadowhunters’ society is such a new and refreshing mythology, with all of their customs and their ceremonies and their laws and myths and angels and runes - i love seeing them unveil more and more of it, because it’s honestly so original and interesting 
  • like did you see the rune ceremony in this ep? it was almost haunting b/c i just love thinking about this ancient order of angelic warriors and of course all of the complications of the societal hierarchies in relation to the other types of magical races
  • and don’t get me started on the other types of mythologies, especially warlocks! i love the idea of all these esoteric spells and potions and crap that shadowhunters don’t even know about and can’t even imagine the power of - it’s so interesting and i love how they’re fleshing it all out bit by bit 
  • and i love the merging of the regular urban NYC setting with the shadow word, in locales like the jade wolf, the hotel dumort, and even the insitute - how interesting and seamless it seems sometimes? it just gives the world so much texture
  • and of course, the romance is great! like i said, every actor has fantastic chemistry with each other - even if they’re not endgames like simon/maia or climon, they’re so well-acted and well portrayed 
  • malec is fantastic - i’ve almost never seen a relationship on a show portrayed with such gravitas and realness! i love how they didn’t let either character get subsumed by the relationship, but they’re also not ignoring the existence of it to give the character their own storylines independent of it 
  • and of course it’s so darn cute :) and harry and matthew put so much time and effort into it and im so thankful for them 

anonymous asked:

I'm sorry, but Erwin is 28cm taller than Levi. That jacket isn't his.

Isayama confirmed that it wasn’t Levi’s jacket, saying:

Isayama: “…That jacket is…He put on something that had been left near him. On the spot, you could say… it was usually worn by someone else.” (x)

so!!!!!! whose jacket could it be then? who is tall? and would need a suit for special occasions? who would be near Levi a lot? who would Levi feel comfortable enough around to just grab and wear their jacket? also, who would later appear in black suit pants with their military jacket.. almost as if someone else was wearing their black suit jackethmmmm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!