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What I’d like for my 24th Birthday

Hello Tumblr, not entirely sure who still pays any attention to this ol’ washed up blog, but in about 1 minute I’m going to be 24 years old. I don’t want any fanfare, no fuss, no muss.

If ya’ll aren’t already aware, I am a proud Armenian currently living in Canada, and for the last day or so, I’ve been blogging about a movie that was released very recently. “The Promise” starring Christian Bale (Batman) and Oscar Isaac (Poe Dameron.) It’s a movie out of Hollywood about the Armenian Genocide, the very, very first of its kind. 

The only thing I want for my birthday is for you, all of you, to get on imdb and give the movie a ten star rating (You can sign in with your facebook to do so.). This is to offset the ignorant thousands (Essentially Turkish 4chan) giving it a one-star before it had even been seen by that many people, in their effort to suppress the movie’s success and hide the Genocide from the rest of the world, something the Turkish Government has been trying to do since the atrocities of over 100 years ago, on April 24th, 1915. (Great Birthday for an Armenian, don’t you think?)

That’s all I ask, really. All I can really ask. Being in the industry, I can tell you this movie is an exceptionally well made piece of cinema, no expense was spared, and in my opinion, it’s Oscar Isaac at his best. But it is not a nice movie. It take places during a Genocide. And it’s not light handed about this fact. If you’d like to see it as well, then thank you for that. That would make me so happy. It would make my entire community happy. I thank you all in advance.

Alright, back to tumblr with you all. Shnorhagalem kez. Shatt Merci. Thank you.

Less Than Three DHJ Video Project

You’ve seen the title. Due to a previous shitstorm against David Haydn-Jones on Twitter and him being really hurt about it (see here), me and @wayward-mirage came up with the idea to make a video for him to show him how much we love and appreciate him

And for that we need your help!

Please send us your signs of love for him in forms of

  • a picture of you holding up a sign saying “We less than three you, David!” (you can decorate it however you want, or just any sign that shows you love him)
  • a small video around 5-10 seconds with a small message
  • a small text if you wish not to show your face
  • another picture or something that shows your love to him

If you wish to participate, send in your pictures, videos etc to this email

The deadline is Monday May 1st. I know it’s quite early but we shouldn’t drag this out for too long.

And please, even if you won’t participate, share this. On Twitter or whatever you like BUT don’t mention David. It should be a surprise.

Depending on how I get to edit, finish and upload it the video will be up Tuesday or Wednesday.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask me here on tumblr or my twitter @queenxfheii or Toni!

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“Their like ants, you see one in your house and there are a dozen you can’t see.  And I can’t afford and exorcism right now.” 

bad qualities of the signs:
  • <p> <b>capricorn:</b> 100% born of salt<p/><b>aquarius:</b> you can't disagree with an aquarius<p/><b>pisces:</b> play innocent while they secretly play you<p/><b>aries:</b> slightly indecisive<p/><b>taurus:</b> stubbORN AS FUCK<p/><b>gemini:</b> too quick to cut ppl out of their lives, whiny<p/><b>cancer:</b> suspicious™<p/><b>leo:</b> 3bitchy5me<p/><b>virgo:</b> has all of ur fucking receipts and will never let you live anything down, literally remembers EVERYTHING that has been done to wrong them<p/><b>libra:</b> too much energy or too little (depending on which way the wind is blowing)<p/><b>scorpio:</b> openly a petty bitch, at the same time doesn't own up to the fact that they're a petty bitch<p/><b>sagittarius:</b> too judgemental and secretly hates E V E R Y O N E<p/></p>
  • <p> <b>Nora:</b> hey jaune can you sign this mission report for me<p/><b>Jaune:</b> sure but since when do we sign mission reports<p/><b>Ren:</b> uh jaune that's adoption papers she just adopted you<p/><b>Jaune:</b> what the fuck nora<p/><b>Nora:</b> watch your mouth mister go to your room<p/><b>Jaune:</b> ren do something<p/><b>Ren:</b> mind your mother son<p/></p>

Sign Ups Open In One Week On April 30!

Les Mis Summer Hols Exchange is an anonymous gift exchange for fans of the book/movie/musical/etc Les Miserables. It runs from May to August and both fanart and fic are welcome.

This is an AO3-centric exchange so you must have an AO3 account to participate! (If you want to participate and don’t have an AO3 account, let us know and we’ll do our best to get you an invite!)

Please read the FAQ and Rules for more info and if you still have questions, the askbox is open or you can email!


30 April: Sign Ups Open
28 May: Sign Ups Close
31 May: Assignments are sent out
25 June: Mandatory Check In
16 July: Submissions/First Drafts are due
30 July: Final Submissions are due
6 August: Works are revealed
13 August: Creators are revealed
Abacomancy - fluorescentgrey - Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

here is the first of my charitable challenge fics - abacomancy for @alivingpart. if you liked listeneise this is up your alley. it’s another canon-era five records fic taking place during PoA. 

abacomancy is the process of predicting the future by using patterns in dust or ashes. 

enjoy and more coming soon! you can still sign up for my charitable challenge if you are interested

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Signs when playing Uno please?

Um, I’m not sure if you still want me to write a post about this. 

What I think happened is that you meant houses and just got mixed up, but if you really do want the signs I’m afraid I can’t help you.

I’ll write this anyways, hope you’re okay with how it turns out

It is nice to go to a bookstore and say, “I’m a local author and…” and before you even finish the sentence their eyes light up and they ask what you write and you say “LGBTQ+ romance” and they actually BOUNCE IN PLACE and take your name so they can get your books for themselves. And of course they give you contact info so you can maybe set up book signings for yourself and your local author buddy.

Half-Price Books, I love you so.

so another year has gone by and i’m having another birthday, as you do

  • and birthday shenanigans are about to happen
  • so if you are down for a multi-chapter PWP Geomione featuring explicit and perhaps not altogether vanilla themes
  • head on over to my fanfiction account and look out for something called:

Coitus Interruptus

  • yep that’s what i meant
  • in which hermione is presented with an opportunity to try something outside her comfort zone
  • if the title and mention above didn’t suggest to you that this will be highly r rated in nature
  • then consider this a warning
  • continue at your own risk
  • you signed a waiver
  • i can’t be held responsible
  • etc etc

i start posting chapters at 9am pst on tuesday april 25th

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What kind of classes are you taking where you get to make PowerPoints on anal?!! ... Where can I sign up?

Human Sexualities class -___- but the class is literally a joke. The teacher only reiterates on the stuff they brush on in middle school and she cancels 1 out of the 2 classes we have each week so we have met maybe 10 times this semester and had 2 homework assignments. My teacher literally doesn’t give a shit lol

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people in this tag are so damn sensitive... if you preach about how "toxic" the tag is just because we don't like ya'lls faves then maybe this isn't the place for you. go to bbreddit or some shit if you can't take criticism of your faves who SIGNED UP to be criticized!!!

Honestly. Like if you have a reason for not liking someone then okay that’s your opinion, but stop acting like you’re some martyr because y'all doin the most

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With all this people ranting about kpop I would like to tell you about a thing that happened to me once xD So, I was just chilling in my room, watching some romantic kdrama, and my mom came in without knocking, she stared at the screen for like five minutes and then she asked: "Why are you watching chinese movies? You like martial arts? I can sign you up to judo if you want!" Idk I just found it really funny at that moment xD

That is a little funny 😂

Mun & Muse Reference

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NAME: Riven
NICKNAME: Voidborn, Rivet (Diana), Exile (From time to time), Demon, Cat
ZODIAC SIGN: Capricorn
GENDER: Female
FAVORITE COLOR: light pink and purple 
HEIGHT:  5′9″


NICKNAME:  But you can call me Kana or DJ  o3o
GENDER: Female 
HEIGHT:  5′6″

The signs that the sign likes you

*probably check Venus as well*

~ shy but extremly excited
~ talks to you 26/9
~ isn’t as stubborn with you
~ lame pick up lines and random compliments
~ want to do things and go places with you

~ shy aF
~ lots of eye contact
~ laughs at your jokes
~ more touchy with you
~ shares EVERYTHING with you

~ will talk to you like a.l.w.a.y.s
~ and if not to you then ABOUT you
~ becomes more touchy
~ makes fun of you, but in a good way
~ always joking around and tries to make you laugh

~ asks you for advice and help (because they trust you that much)
~ shy flirter
~ always makes sure that you’re happy and nothing’s bothering you
~ isn’t afraid to talk about their emotions in front of you
~ caring mom

~ acts to you as if you were their best friend
~ wants you to pay attention to them 24/7
~ caring and loving even at their worst
~ buys you cute gifts and food
~ always wants to look good around you (tells you what they’ve acomplished and stuff)

~ always willing to help you with ANYTHING
~ tired but never of you
~ moves out of their comfort zone just to spend time with you
~ more goofy and talkative around you
~ will do cute little things for you to show you they like you

~ wants to take you everywhere with them
~ often reminds you of how amazing you are
~ flirty and romantic, but not too much
~ always seems happy around you
~ makes you laugh

~ talks with you about deep stuff
~ much more talkative around you then they usually are
~ maybe the strongest flirting out of all the signs
~ on and off towards you

~ wants to do everything with you (not everything but like… you know what i mean)
~ random (but really nice) compliments
~ bullies you in one minute, cuddles you in second
~ pays more attention to you then they do to others (in public for example)
~ honestly you will most likely KNOW because they won’t really try to hide it

~ lets you in their world (= is more openminded about their emotions)
~ more goofy, excited an talkative around you
~ romantic (!)
~ talks to you about your passions
~ shares their favourite music with you

~ talks about you with literally EVERYONE except you
~ talks to you a lot and pays a lot of attention to you
~ bullies you
~ lip flirting (smiling, biting their lips,…)
~ isn’t that afraid to talk about more deep stuff with you

~ stares at you a lot and can also be touchy
~ wants to know everything about you
~ shy shy shy
~ always super protective
~ want to help you with whatever you’re doing

i just.. . can’t get over sign of the times. there is so much feeling in it - hope, desperation, strength, vulnerability, pain, love, bravery - and all of it is so palpable, i feel like i can taste it in the air while the song’s playing. he pulls you in at the very first note and tangles you into his soul with every note after that. the energy in his voice just. it washes over you, wave after wave, like an ocean of electricity and emotion. 

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I'm sorry, but Erwin is 28cm taller than Levi. That jacket isn't his.

Isayama confirmed that it wasn’t Levi’s jacket, saying:

Isayama: “…That jacket is…He put on something that had been left near him. On the spot, you could say… it was usually worn by someone else.” (x)

so!!!!!! whose jacket could it be then? who is tall? and would need a suit for special occasions? who would be near Levi a lot? who would Levi feel comfortable enough around to just grab and wear their jacket? also, who would later appear in black suit pants with their military jacket.. almost as if someone else was wearing their black suit jackethmmmm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!