can you see there's no order to this

  • Minseok: Oh my god can you like stop being a mother hen for five minutes! Stop mothering me!
  • Junmyeon: Mothering you? I don't 'mother' anyone! I don't even have kids to 'mother'!
  • Sehun: Hyung, me and Jongin are going out to see a movie.
  • Junmyeon: Ok but be back by 9.
  • Chanyeol: Hyung! Kyungsoo tripped me over again!
  • Junmyeon: Just play nice with each other for once, will you?
  • Baekhyun: Hyung, there's no food in the fridge.
  • Junmyeon: I'll go grocery shopping tomorrow, go order something for now, alright?
  • Minseok: ...
  • Junmyeon: ...okay, listen
  • Kathryn: Oh my god, can you stop being a mother hen for five minutes? Stop mothering me!
  • Tyler: Mothering you? I don't 'mother' anyone! I don't even have kids to 'mother'!
  • Amy: Tyler, me and Kathryn are going out to see a movie.
  • Tyler: OK, but be back by 9.
  • Mark: Tyler! Ethan tripped me over again!
  • Tyler: Just play nice with each other for once, will you?
  • Ethan: Tyler, there's no food in the fridge.
  • Tyler: I'll go grocery shopping tomorrow. Go order something for now, alright?
  • Kathryn:
  • Tyler: ...okay, listen-

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I work at a camp. The law is that you have to see a photo I'd of the person who is on the authorized sign out sheet in order to release a child to that person. Every week there's a handful of parents who throw a bitch fit because "I dropped her off why can't I pick her up without an ID? I'm her mother! Can I take her and her stuff to the car? I'm want to talk to your director!" Like this is your child's life that I'm legally required to protect. Fuck off and bring your ID. It takes 10 seconds.

Sonny Thoughts

Based on this script spoiler posted here by @minidodds​:


Thought 1: Is Rollins actually blaming a victim of abuse (a mother of an abused child, I’m guessing) for “letting” a man hit a child? Do the SVU writers think victim blaming is better when done by a female character? And can we get one single episode without a “bad” mother? And do Amanda’s issues run that deep, that she thinks every single woman (including herself) is possibly a terrible mother? What the fuck, writers?

Thought 2: Do we really need the male character to explain the cycle of abuse to a woman who’s probably had her fair share or run-ins with abusive assholes? Not to mention, a woman who’s suffered psychological abuse at the hands of her own family? If it were that easy to escape it, why has Amanda been completely unable to cut off her mother and my queen Kim? It’s one thing to have Amanda being judgmental about addiction (also troubling, but more consistent with a recovering addict who is trying hard to stay on the straight and narrow), but this? And, again, a man with no children chimes in to set her straight? What the fuck, writers?

Thought 3: What if the writers are attempting to retcon Sonny as a victim of abuse in his childhood?

(just spitballing here, of course, to balance out all the Barba theories with some Sonny ones)

Depending on how Peter plays that scene and if it doesn’t get cut and then posted as a “deleted scene" a week later, it’s a possibility. The text is somewhat suggestive, isn’t it? “It beats you up on the inside”? This would fit with Sonny’s anger (almost to the point of rage) when working cases with underage victims, and it might also explain why he’s always so sweet to children and teens.

It might clash with his early happy-go-lucky characterization though, and with the fact he’s always painted the picture of a happy family with a bunch of sisters and a dad who loved inflatable Santas. That, plus all the early interviews, when Carisi was first introduced, clearly stating that the “new guy” had a healthy family life, unlike Amaro and Rollins (and Barba). Then again, we have never gotten the slightest solid hint about Sonny’s home life (except when he said he never told his parents he was applying to college), and this type of retcon is nothing unusual for a network drama.

Or, what if Sonny sounds so knowledgeable because one of his sisters has suffered domestic abuse? And he tried to help her? Maybe when he was a teenager himself? What if she’s still struggling? That would be interesting, and it would honor the classic Carisi trait of saying “my sister…” every few minutes.

I’d imagine there’s a chance Sonny is just saying this because, like, he’s read it in a psychology book (also consistent with Sonny’s personality plus the writers’ aversion of giving anyone a personal storyline this season) or he had a friend of a friend etc, but still, he could be speaking from experience.

What do you guys think?

the iplier problematic fav: why u like them (analyzed)
  • Darkiplier: damn, that edgy manipulative stuff really got you. you want a guy who can 100% keep things on the dl, but conspire with at the same time. maybe feeling a new rush of uncontrollability is something you like, or prefer the control to be in another's hands. there's a power they have that you envy to have.
  • The Author/Host: the guy may be blind be he knows more about you than yourself. literature is appealing, a way one could manipulate words escapes you, or you admire it. There's a certain mystery that lingers, but it won't faze you.
  • Wilford Warfstache: the bubbly murder, his every reaction invites for response. carefree, yet troubled. you can relate, yet may not undersrand why. or maybe you just like pastel. an innocence that lies hidden or is broadcast far and wide, with something else always underneath
  • Googleplier: you want control. maybe you lack it. orders and commands appeal to you. they aren't necessarily witty, or sassy, but you know their response to a conflict will be neat and swift. no more and no less. organization is a must, regardless. there's the hint of evil that shows through, but you know in essence, it's harmless.
  • Dr. Iplier: the man has courtesy. he may not see it in every perspective, but it's there. you want someone more honest and blantant, but choosy with their words. there's a hint of compassion in what they do that you envy.
  • Bim Trimmer: he's got the enthusiasm. a bit confident, some might even say overzealous. sees their own importance, or what they can bring to the table. what do you want? pretty much all of that.
  • Yandereplier: finally, someone who might even yearn for you. a trait that shows unending care, with the cost of possibly too much attention, but that wouldn't matter to you. always gets what they want, no matter what.
  • Ed Edgar: he's got some sly wit, and you know they can make you laugh. possibly too honest, but satirical at the same time, their responses lack direction. maybe you know there's character in there, willing to share what they know. adventurous, maybe, and even enjoys a thrill.
  • Jim(s): their dry yet snarky comments add to a conversation. they've got facts, who know if they're true. you know the duo comes as a package, and you're willing to accept full force their attitudes, even if they are somewhat solemn
About the toaster knife thing
  • Jace: Imagine stabbing someone with this knife.
  • Izzy: It would instantly cauterize the wound, so the person wouldn't bleed, so it's not very useful.
  • Alec: If you want information it is.
  • Clary: And above, in order, we see a Gryffindor, a Ravenclaw, and a Slytherin.
  • Simon: Why would you stab a PERSON when you can have TOAST?
  • Clary: There's the Hufflepuff.
"There's way more than just 16 types of people"

Of course there are… We arent saying there are just 16 types.

There are 16 MBTI types
And 9 Enneagram types
Which combine to make 27 archetypes
And each archetype has 6 different stacking orders
And there’s also 3 different instinctual variants
Which can be stacked in 6 different ways

So let me see…


That sounds about right.

So yes, we are trying to fit you into one of 15,552 boxes and still account for free choice and level of emotional and mental health.

in poor handwriting, in no definitive order, with titles apt to change- ive got about 11 topics for my podcast planned so far, I’ll start very soon if my schedule allows it. I dont want to just keep going and going, because, well, frankly theres only so much meaningful knowledge you can sap out of me

Its mostly just story analyses with a few scifi-related topics sprinkled throughout, a few on hollywood and storytelling

[i hope i only think of one more topic, and if not that then 4 more. I dont want to end on a weird number. i’ll have to see, there may be 2 parters or I’ll see another movie i want to talk about or i may just end up constantly adding topics i want to go over anyways ]

Memory calls you to go back, while reality forces you to move on. 

Modern AU, Haytham sees an illusion of Shay as he looks up into the mirror.

Note, I did not intend to frame a love relationship in this one, I just thought maybe Haytham would miss one of the best assets in his order, whom he sent away on that endless journey. But I can’t control what y’all think. Assuming this appears in the tag as it should be and people actually see this.

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Where the heck did black!Harry come from and why are people so obsessed with racebending? And when people do racebend, why is Ron the only one kept white?

it isn’t anything new, i’ve been in the fandom for 17 years and racebending has /always/ been a thing, I promise you. people aren’t obsessed (i mean, in general. im sure there actually people who are obsessed but for the most part thats not whats happening) people are just much more vocal now about the way they see characters, because society has opened up a bit in that respect. Its only been in the past few years that everyones been hitting the lack of diversity in media pretty hard, we’ve been /needing/ it for ages. But it’s taken this long.

anyway, you might feel that people are obsessed with it because you’re just seeing so much MORE than you’re used to, or would have years ago. But it’s not because theres more of it, its because people are finally feeling comfortable bringing it forward. and you know, naturally people like to see themselves represented in their favorite things. So they may racebend in order to make it happen.

And i think the reason Ron is generally kept white is because the weasleys are pretty much described that way, where as harry and hermione are ambiguous and have darker features and i think i saw a post once about how the ginger gene is most common in white people? like it can happen in other races for sure but its far less likely, so the fact that the /entire/ weasley family are ginger makes less sense if they’re anything but white. I dunno. That is a science i did not research, but its possible so if you care look it up lol


Okay we've had Malcom Tucker as The Doctor but imagine Jamie Mcdonald as his companion:
  • Jamie: Was it you?
  • Davros: Was what me?
  • Davros: Was what me Jamie? I have no idea what you're talking about.
  • Jamie: You sent Daleks to my planet, now...tell me you sent them. I know the command came from this dalek right here *walks over to dalek*
  • Davros: No, there's no way.
  • Jamie: Do you.. do you see what I'm doing to this Dalek? *knocks it over*
  • Davros: Jesus Christ...fuck... Jamie.
  • Jamie: *Stomps on Dalek* Do you see how angry I am *stomps again* with the lump of tinfoil *another stomp for good measure* that sent the command.
  • Dalek: *screams in agony*
  • Jamie: *stomping through the armor and into the brains* Now can you imagine how angry I am with the person who ordered the command?

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okay, i like this blog but want permission to follow as i'm not big on full blown communism (i don't like capitalism either so don't worry about that) i know that is a very central part of this blog so i thought i'd be polite and ask.

whoever the fuck wants to follow or unfollow or block or whatever can do whatever they want, i don’t make the rules, theres too many of you for me to keep track of. 

And look, see, my opinion on communism I think is often misunderstood, 

firstly I’m an anarchocommunist, which means I believe in the eradication of all nation-states as communist endgame. I believe in order for there to be a classless society with the elimination of capital and private [not personal] property, one must eliminate the state. I believe this to be a fact.

Secondly, I do not believe this can happen overnight, I do not believe it will happen in my lifetime, and I do not believe I can just snap my fingers and make it happen. I believe it is a good goal to work towards, much like we rely on the mathematicians from thousands of years ago for computers to exist, did they think they’d help invent computers? No it was beyond their grasp. just as anarchocommunism is beyond our grasp.

Do I think we are at a point in history where anarchocommunism is feasible? No. I do not. What I do think is possible is to boost education accessibility, and get more people working towards a better society. My goal is to better society in any way I feasibly can. My endgame is not representative of what I believe to be possible today, but rather what I believe COULD BE possible eventually.

I am a large believer in education, and I believe the more people we have working on these socioeconomic issues, the faster we get to solving them, which is why I think more people need to study this shit, because do we have all the answers on how to perfect the balance of anarchocommunism? No we fucking don’t. Someone can say they do, but I do not see any political feasibility in it currently. 

So can you follow this blog and not be a communist, absolutely, but I feel my stance as a communist is misunderstood. I’m not an idealist. I see hard political facts of today. I see us needing to work on a lot of different sociopolitical issues before we can ever have a class uprising to end capitalism. 

There is a lot of work to be done, and a lot of people need to engage with this. Communism can’t happen overnight.


a/n: AND SO A SURPRISE BF!JENO TO MAKE UP FOR MY LACK OF POSTS FOR LAST WEEK!! also hmu in the asks guys i rlly wanna know u guys hehe ——– •so dis kid
•aka my third bias
•Lee JenoPE
•okay hes such boyfriend material fite me man
•i hope i dont swerve too much gotta stay loyal
•so this kiddo was most probably the one who confessed to you in high school after being bestfriends since forever
•like in a rlly romantic way
•correction : cheesy romantic way •like its last period and ur at ur locker and u find a note written in rlly beautiful cursive and a really nice rose pasted to it saying “meet me at the music room
•also i think you guys wld be that sporty couple in physc ed class everyone looks up to
•swimming? you both rock it
•boxing? hell yea
•soccer? yea boi
•also i think he wld also have a bit of a motherly side
•if you were sick he wld go to your house everyday to check on you
•hed probably even climb thru the window at 11 pm to check ur temperature lmao this cute :”)
•also taeyong and doyoung wld instantly become your other moms too
•if you were over at the dorms with jeno after sch and theres no one there tae prolly cooked somthing for you to eat or if he was rlly bust he wld have ordered takeaway before he left
•the dreamies wld hardcore ship you to death
•and of course haechan teasing you too
•hed definitely love it if you came to watch him practice like you wld be his source of motivation and he wld feel more encouraged to dance to make you proud!!
•tbh i do not see any fights
•dis boi is rlly mature as from what i can tell
•im getting rlly tired rn shit
•and yes when he knew that his smiles help empower you as cheesy at his sounds he knew his reason to have a good day and to smile is for you to have a good day and be happy
•but pls love Lee Jeno senk you
•also i want his hair from first and last era
•have a wonderful day/night my little beans
•or just hmu in the dms or asks :)

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I love you guys! Non-cosplay question: how do you keep your cool? You just answered an anon who wasn't the nicest. I've been working real hard on being like you (it's about how you interpret things right?) But I've had others taken advantage of my will to serve and kindness so I can get real um uppity lol. Any guidance? 💗

Muting your interpretation helps, yes. But sometimes we get anons and hate mail thats so undeniably negative and obviously deconstructive that theres no need for trying to see through to a miscommunication. 

So we always respond in the way WE want to be spoken to. 

It’s a reminder. 

I was taught, when dealing with loud kids, kids that scream and interrupt, that if you talk quiet, and slowly get quieter, consistantly, they will eventually slow down and quiet their own voices in order to hear you. It’s patience and its a reminder. 

We talk to hate and negativity in the way we expect to be spoken to. To remind others what we expect in return. 

If that fails, and no changes are made, then we reply in silence. 

Bcause we’d rather not be spoken to at all, then spoken to disrespectfully. And nothing is worse to someone looking for a reaction, then no reaction at all. 

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Okay (btw i love that mcspirk one) but maybe with idk, space sirens? Like they attack the ship and as siren they should have to pull them out in space and let them die (and they eat them too i guess) but jim/bones siren can't because the other is very attractive so they sort of save the other's life (maybe through a kiss bc those who are kissed by sirens can breathe in space?) And optionally some other sirens maybe try to eat/kill them anyways but the other fights them off and all?

  • Sirens don’t work like most predatory creatures roaming space. They don’t attack humans or other aliens outright, instead they’re much more like vultures. Waiting for others to attack, and then picking off the scraps. Luring doesn’t work so well when nobody hears you through the thick walls of space ships. With humans in Klingon territory, that’s usually very easy dinner. Humans in their own, not so much. And sometimes, when hunger strikes enough, sirens will attack those smaller supply shuttles.
  • Jim is part of the group that attacks two small shuttles on their way to bigger ships, like the Enterprise. Jim’s seen it pass multiple times. The lights, the speed, the pure size of it magnificent. But these vessels won’t ever make it there, because his family is breaking the shuttles apart and dragging victims outside.
  • He doesn’t usually think twice about it, until now. His eyes find Leonard immediately, when the hole in the shuttle drags his body outside and tumbling into outer space. Jim is quick to get to him, but something stops him from his usual habit. Leonard looks at him, eyes dark and angry - not even necessarily terrified. Just intimidatingly mad, and somehow, Jim feels like he needs to keep this man alive. He doesn’t know why yet, but it’s a gut feeling. And so he reaches out, cupping Leonard’s cheeks, and he leans in to kiss him.
  • “What. The fuck?!” Is the first thing Leonard shouts at him, and Jim smiles fondly at him. “I saved your life,” he says. “Like hell you did,” Leonard says, and Jim tries to stifle a laugh at how helplessly the other floats without Jim holding on to him. Humans are weird that way. “Why can I breathe here?” “The same way fish breathe in water,” Jim explains. “… No,” Leonard replies. “Yes,” Jim says. “I’m going to die here,” Leonard mutters to himself. Around them, nothing but some debris from the shuttle, and otherwise a whole lot of nothing. “You’re not going to die here,” Jim promises. “And if I die,” Leonard continues, blatantly ignoring Jim, “so will hundreds of others. I can’t believe this. Fucking space.” “Wait, what are you talking about?” Jim asks. “I’m a doctor, damn it, I was traveling to a ship that would take me to a planet suffering a bad epidemic.” “Well,” Jim says slowly, “shit.”
  • Leonard’s arms are strong around Jim’s shoulders as Jim swims - or flies, however you’d call it - through space. It’s not unpleasant, but the odd feeling in Jim’s stomach is guilt, and maybe the excitement of having something to do other than simply surviving. If he can get Leonard to that nearby ship, then maybe he could still save all those people. And if that meant never seeing this man again, not having him as his own, then so be it.
  • They do get Leonard back on a ship, but not the way Jim had intended. Leonard uses his comms to signal the ship, and to beam just himself aboard. But when he mentions Jim’s a siren, Jim gets beamed on board, too. The sudden surge of oxygen around them makes him gasp for air, though his body is quick to adapt to it. What he’s not adapting to, though, is the force pushing him down to the ground, arms quickly tied behind his back. “Wait,” he hears Leonard call out, “Jim’s not harmful. Let him go.” But they don’t, and Jim’s knocked unconscious.
  • He wakes up in a small room with zero gravity and little oxygen, more accomodating than the ship itself, but it’s still a prison. Theres even a guard in front of the glass window, doing his best to ignore Jim when the other knocks on the glass. “Please,” Jim says, “I just wanted to help. Let me go.” “I cannae,” the guard says, a weird accent Jim can barely understand, “we have our orders.” “I will die in here,” Jim says. “No you won’t, the captain’s delivering you to the collector.” “The what?” “It’s like a zoo,” the guard explains, though that doesn’t really explain anything to Jim at all.
  • “Leonard,” Jim says when the doctor comes to see him. “Are you okay?” Leonard asks, but Jim shakes his head. “No, Leonard, I don’t want to be here.” “I know,” Leonard says, “I’m sorry. I’ll see what I can do for you.”
  • Jim doesn’t know how long he’s been there. Must be a while, because every time Leonard visits him he’s wearing a different outfit. He does his best to try and persuade the captain of the scavenger ship to let Jim go, but apparently Jim is worth some good money. At least the guard, Scotty, is nice. Gives him most of the meat on his plate and chats to him about building things. More ships, and stuff like that. Jim is still miserable, but in the presence of these two men, a little less so.
  • “How are you doing?” Leonard asks, “are you holding up alright?” “No,” Jim says, “Scotty explained to me what a zoo is. I don’t want to be put on display, Leonard. I don’t… This is what I get from saving your ass. I should’ve just eaten you.” “Why didn’t you?” Leonard asks, and Jim shrugs. Hesitates, before he answers. “You were beautiful.” Leonard looks at him blankly for a few seconds, then; “What?”. “I thought you were beautiful,” Jim says, “eating you would’ve been a waste.” Leonard sighs, quiet for the longest time, and then he bangs his fist against the glass dividing them, hard enough to make Jim jump. “Damn it,” Leonard curses, “fine. Ima smuggle you out of here.”
  • The roles are reversed, now. Jim’s arms are tightly around Leonard’s shoulders as the other carries him through narrow corridors. Scotty helps them, for no reason other than the goodness of his heart. Also partially because their plan is to escape in a small cargo ship, and Scotty wants to fly it. Doesn’t really like his job here, anyway, he says. And thankfully, Scotty knows just which corridors to take, who to avoid, and how to get to the docking station relatively unseen.
  • By the time they fly out, they’ve shot a few people, but no one rang that alarm. Not yet, but Scotty suspects they will, soon, and he sets course to hide the ship amidst a meteor shower. “Are you nuts?” Jim overhears Leonard yell at Scotty. “They won’t look for us here,” Scotty says. “Because we’ll fucking die,” Leonard counters. “I know how to fly a shuttle, doctor! We won’t crash.” Though he’s barely finished his sentence when they do hit a rock nearby. “Starting now,” Scotty finishes his sentence.
  • The scavenger ship passes the meteor shower without looking at them, and Leonard lets out a relieved sigh. “I think we’re in the clear,” he says, sitting down next to Jim, and he gently squeezes his arm. “Where do you want us to drop you off?” “Well, where are you going?” Jim asks. “That planet I mentioned before, they still need help. After that, back into space, probably.” “Can I come with, when you go?” “I mean, if you want to,” Leonard says. “Then yes, I’d like that,” Jim says. Leonard helps him up towards the exit of the shuttle, but he makes sure he’s secured tightly himself before considering opening that door. “Thank you,” Jim repeats, and he leans in to kiss him. “What was that for?” Leonard asks. “Just making sure you can breathe in space, when that door opens,” Jim says, throwing him a small smile. “You already did that.” “Hmm,” Jim agrees, hands on Leonard’s cheeks and he shamelessly repeats his actions. “Again?” Leonard asks, though Jim smiles when he feels the other’s arms around him. “Maybe one more time,” Jim says, “just to be sure.”

lalody replied to your post “Do you think that the sns fans who are anti-ending, have more Problems…”

As an SNS shipper I want to say that theres a huge difference between fighting to kill someone that is in your way and actually about to do it to fighting someone because theyre trying to stop you from chasing power and not be able to kill them (see end of Part One) and fighting that person again later because you have to lose what is most precious to you in order to have enough anguish to unlock the next stage of the sharingan. IDK how you can compare them…

Why do so many people keep on regurgitating this tired notion of Sasuke “not being able to kill Naruto”, as if it’s even a valid point? Sasuke explicitly clarifies his reasons for sparing Naruto’s life while he was making his way to Orochimaru’s hideout. It wasn’t because Naruto was too special to Sasuke for him to kill. No, it was because Sasuke simply didn’t want to gain power in the same way that Itachi had done.

He remembered Itachi’s words about the importance of killing your best friend:

And Sasuke deemed that he wouldn’t allow himself to become Itachi’s puppet; he wouldn’t give Itachi the satisfaction of doing as he said:

Sasuke was determined to follow his own path and to gain power in his own way. Thus, when he eventually would defeat Itachi, the victory would be completely of Sasuke’s own making. That’s what he yearned for:

And that’s why Sasuke spared Naruto’s life. He says it himself during their first reunion, that he spared Naruto’s life “on a whim”, not due to some profound reason of Naruto being too precious.

As if that wasn’t evidence enough, those claims that constantly try to dismiss SS by saying that Sasuke always had a deep and profound reason for wanting to kill Naruto (as if that makes it any better), whereas he wanted to kill Sakura simply because she was a nuisance - are again rendered completely null and void by this one panel:

Sasuke clearly states here that he intended to kill Naruto simply on a whim, simply because he felt like it. There was no elaborate reason behind his murder attempt here. In this instance, Naruto was simply a nuisance, just like Sakura apparently was during the Land of Iron arc. And he was only stopped by Sai, the person least likely out of all of them to have prevented his attack.

Sasuke was more than willing to take Naruto’s life when he impaled him with the Chidori during their first fight, and again when he tried to stab him during their first reunion, and again when he tried to use Kirin on the lot of them, and again during their second fight when he was about to use the Chidori on him, but Naruto countered. So can people please stop saying that Sasuke couldn’t bring himself to kill Naruto? Because that’s simply not true; it’s just that something stopped him from doing so each time.

Lastly, Sasuke didn’t fight Naruto again in Part 2 in order to lose what was most precious to him so he could unlock a higher power. He fought Naruto again because he was in his way. Fighting Naruto wasn’t Sasuke’s goal, it was never his goal. In fact, if it were up to Sasuke, he would have just wanted Naruto to simply leave him alone, because he clearly grew to be very frustrated since Naruto just kept on interfering with his affairs:

And so they fought because Naruto wouldn’t stop getting in his way. It wasn’t about Sasuke trying to rid himself of his most precious person, it was about ridding himself of the last person who stood in his way.

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Do you know any good Jikook angst fanfics?? Like ones where there married or something?? They can have a happy ending or not

Ooh Jikook angst huh 👀👀👀 but what is this correlation between marriage and angst 

In order of relevance I guess (they’re not married in all of them but still angsty):

White T-shirt and Brown Timberlands

this drabble

Forget everything you know about love

Little Boy, Fat Man, ?


Let’s See Where We Wake Up Tomorrow

The Last Snowfall

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Hii. I haven't recived my pre order as well. And when you send them a report they tell you that there's nothing they can do and you should wait 25 days after the day it was supposed to be deliverd and then it's officially lost in the post and you should contact them again. I just hope they solve whatever problem they have soon. But thank you to you for talking about it. It helps to see that I'm not the only on still waiting. X

Well Tuesday is 25 days (since pre-orders should have arrived on the release date), so hopefully everyone that still hasn’t received their order will file a report and get another copy sent to them.

I’m sure HSHQ is not happy with Sandbag as a distributor because of this, and I’m sure Sandbag is not happy with whomever they chose as their distribution chain for deliveries. 

As much as I’m sure everyone waiting is mad as hell, trust me that there are heads rolling somewhere along the supply chain because of this. Sandbag’s reputation is on the line and they may lose Harry as a client because of it.

And if they aren’t being responsive as of Wednesday (the 26th day), I suggest tweeting the hell out of them and Jeff and making a big stink about it. That’s literally the last thing they want because in their business, it’s all about reputation and they (or their distributors) have literally not done the exact thing they were hired by HSHQ to do. 

That’s something you have every right to complain loudly about!

  • (about the toaster knife thing)
  • Chanyeol: Imagine stabbing someone with this knife.
  • Xiumin: It would instantly cauterize the wound, so the person wouldn't bleed, so it's not very useful.
  • Sehun: If you want information it is.
  • Chen: And above, in order, we see a Gryffindor, a Ravenclaw, and a Slytherin.
  • Jongin: Why would you stab a PERSON when you can have TOAST?
  • Chen: There's the Hufflepuff.