can you see the sequence tho can you

Announcing Semi-Hiatus

(Translated: Storyboard - sequence design and storytelling)
This is my shedule at school for this month.
If I wasn’t that present before thanks to my internet connection, now I can officially say “See ya next month!”
School finishes at the end of July, so who knows what’ll happen next month.
So goodbye, thank you for everything ;v; .
And I’m so sorry for the persons who’re still waiting for their commission, I can’t work on them at the moment. I will e-mail you one by one, so there won’t be any misunderstandings. As soon as I finish school I’ll work harder than ever!
Announcing officially this semi-hiatus, who knows, I may upload something once a week, if I can.
That being said, gotta go work! ☆
(Can’t believe connection survived till the end of this post!)