can you see the rainbows

Larries who can admit they have been wrong all this time and apologise for it are way stronger than Larries who are already back to making theories on Harry being at the X Factor, Louis’ shirt and the pap pics of Harry taken when Jay died. I really don’t know what else has to happen to make you realise Larry isn’t real. Freddie didn’t change your mind, but that even this doesn’t stop you from hurting Louis even more, I don’t get it.

Yesterday, Louis didn’t even say anything, just listened to what Simon said about his mum and he already was so close to crying. How can you watch that and then go online and speculate about what it means that there are colours on his shirt, not even a rainbow.

How can you see the sadness and the loss in his eyes and decide to add even more to his hurt? How doesn’t that make you disgusted of yourself?

I don’t get how you prefer to believe Louis would rather keep up babygate and be on another continent to pretend being a father for the sake of his gay relationship when his mum was in England, terminally ill. How can you be so sick to think that Louis, who loved his mum the way I haven’t seen a lot of sons do, would be so selfish and heartless to do that?

How can you believe they’d lie in Jay’s death message by naming Freddie? How can you believe the family picture, the last picture of them all together and maybe the last picture in which Jay was healthy enough to be in it, was taken with the stunt in mind, because Louis is holding Freddie?

How can you turn this incredibly sad passing of a loving, protective, amazing mother into something that proves how well Harry is taking care of Louis? How can you not realise it must hurt Louis to even see this being turned into something Larry related?

Just because your name is added to some hypocritic project doesn’t mean your behaviour is excused in the slightest.

How can you all be so heartless towards a boy whose heart is the biggest of all?

The Signs As Snakes
  • Aries: Kenyan Sand Boa
  • Taurus: Coral Snake
  • Gemini: Brazilian Rainbow Boa
  • Cancer: Royal Python
  • Leo: Milk Snake
  • Virgo: Western Hognose
  • Libra: Corn Snake
  • Scorpio: Rhino Ratsnake
  • Sagittarius: Bamboo Ratsnake
  • Capricorn: Sunbeam Snake
  • Aquarius: Calabar Burrowing Python
  • Pisces: Green Tree Python
Exposure - Masterlist

A Min Yoongi/Suga Fanfiction

Summary:  Exposure determines how light or dark an image will appear when it’s been captured by a camera…So why can you only see rainbows when you look at him.

Type: Majority fluff, and bits of smut (just a general good time!) ;) 

Status: Completed

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Ever since my friend Graham post his summit photo of Mount Baker’s shadow I’ve been driven to go capture one of my own. This is Mount Cheam’s shadow. If you look closely you can see the Brocken Spectre casting a ring shaped rainbow around the peak.

i’ve watched the Justice League Flash teaser trailer and I still can’t get over how awesome that shot with Barry!! I love how sparks formed when he put his hand on the ground. Also, his surrounding is moist and someone pointed out on twitter that you if you look closely you can see rainbows formed just as he run? There’s also an afterimage when he left!! I love how much detail Zack and co. put in the scenes?  like he didnt have to put that small rainbow that’s barely noticeable but detailsss! i love zack so much.

Showing wonder woman and the head of athena in the same shot and going “Wiser, united.” as the caption of the teaser trailer is just wonderful and witty.

Also, Batman standing on gargoyle was probably the most iconic batman shot i’ve seen(aside from the doomsday fight in bvs when he used his grappling hook.)


Request: I’m so excited that requests are open! I know you said that you don’t write death but idk if this will be okay: Do you think you could do a Bucky X Reader where the Reader is dealing with a recent loss of a family member and she keeps breaking down but she’s afraid someone will see her crying because it makes her feel weak and then one day Bucky finds her crying and comforts her and it all leads to fluff and cuddles? Thank you! And if you don’t wanna write this then it’s fine. Have a great day!

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A/N: I lost my grandfather nearly two years ago, so I sympathize with this loss; I understand how it feels and I hope you can move through. It helps me to see things like a rainbow, like he’s saying hi, or have a little laugh when something happens and saying it’s his way of “I’m here!” like when my transmission went out on his birthday week. That vehicle used to be his.

Warnings: Reader has lost a family member.

Word Count Total: 597

Short Imagine #110

Title: Loss

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“Never knew loving could hurt this good and it drives me wild“  


credits to yourssincerelylarry for being nice & making the font <3

Paint by Numb-Her

“I’m going to do something experimental,” I say, as I instead find an excuse to spend 85% of my time drawing the hair, as I usually do.

the signs as weather
  • aries: the rain with the wind howling loudly, messing up your hair as you take a step outside
  • taurus: a winter day where the sun is shining but it's 0 degrees; cold and hot at the same time
  • gemini: the first rain of the fall; the kind of weather that you drink coffee by the window in
  • cancer: huge fluffy clouds covering the sky so that you can't see the blue; warm enough for shorts
  • leo: partly cloudy as well as sunny, a chance of scattered showers just as likely as the clouds clearing up
  • virgo: a cloudless day, sunshine beating down on you and warming your skin
  • libra: when it's so misty outside you can't see in front of you; warm and cosy
  • scorpio: the rainbow that appears after a huge storm with the smell of the rain still lingering in the air
  • sagittarius: thunder and lightning without a single drop of water falling from the clouds
  • capricorn: the hottest day of the summer, the kind of day that makes you want to go to the beach
  • aquarius: the hurricane that passes over your town in five minutes, intense but quick
  • pisces: an unexpected snowstorm; piles and piles of frosty white falling on the ground in a matter of minutes

I drew this on paper a while back, and since my scanner isn’t working, and I really wanted to do something with it, I just took a picture with my phone and played around with it in photoshop.Sorry for the bad quality and lack of motivation to do it properly ahahh

I will probably remake this properly when my scanner is working because I really love them here *-*