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Some digital sketches and design concepts for my SU fan fusions (+Some chibi designs). As you can tell, some of these sketches are reeeally old. Hopefully this gives some insight as to how I go about designing things.

I’ve already posted some of Unakite’s concepts, I’d say that she went through the most drastic changes out of all of them. Links to the finished designs:

Rainbow Quartz ~ Milky Quartz ~ Cherry Quartz ~ Spectrolite ~ Spirit Quartz

  • Recommending a film/show to my friends and family: The plot is so well developed and interesting, the acting is great, the costumes are amazing, the screenplay is brilliant and there isn't cliché. I found the psychological introspection very deep and realistic, you should watch it.
Primaverenart’s Cell Shading Tutorial

i was asked how i shade so…. i hope this helps?

color your flats like normal. i merge them all into one layer after i color. put it in a folder with your lineart and anything else (as you can see i put the gold hat trim in there as well)

clip a layer to your folder, and fill it with your selected color. i used this mid-tone indigo, but you could conceivably use any hue or shade depending on the mood and color scheme of the piece. i indicated the bean in red of the range of colors that i normally use.

set the layer to multiply and fringe. you can obviously go back and adjust the colors now. my opacity is usually set between 50-75%, depending on the effect i want.

begin erasing where you want your “highlights” to be. i usually use the default pen tool set to transparency (the checkerboard below the color swatch). i’ll sometimes blend out some parts of the shading (the bridge of the nose, etc). i’ll also erase the shading on the eyes but that’s obviously not necessary.

tada! we’re not done yet though. preserve the opacity of your shading layer.

plop on some colors, i used a pure aqua and a mid-tone blue, however like i said before you can conceivably use any colors depending on what effect you want.

blend those out.

make a new layer and clip it to your folder. set it to luminosity, and i’ll usually set the opacity between 5-50%.

plop on some glowy highlights. i used that pink shade and the default airbrush set to 20 density. erase the parts where it intersects (?) with another part. example below.


now i boost the colors. as you can see i added that rainbow smudge, the light blue, and light yellow, all set to overlay. 

and we’re done! yaaaay

The thing about life with Jesus is not that every day is sunshine and rainbows. It’s that there are days when the storm is all you can see, but you can still remember what the sunshine and rainbows look like, you know they’re coming again because of your Father’s promises, and you know without a doubt that they’re on the other side of the storm waiting for you.

You remember being a little kid looking out the car window? Seeing the pouring rain, overflowing. It seemed like it would never stop. But then in a second, it changes. The sun shines brighter than ever. You can even see a rainbow. I think life’s like that, the storm ends and gets replaced with something better in the blink of an eye.
—  killernarwhals 
{ feeling of freedom, of seeing the light }

pairing: hamilsquad x reader

prompt: soulmate!au. you see the world in black and white until you meet your soulmate. then you see color!

t/w: none!

a/n: thank you for 1,550+ followers! i’m so thankful for each and every one of you. 

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You had grown up in a world of black and white. Color was unknown to you, but you remembered how your parents described colors to you to make you feel a little better. 

Red is like fire. You know when you feel angry or frustrated? It’s like that. It’s hot and bold and angry.”

“Yellow is warm, bright and friendly. It’s the color of the sun, love. Makes you feel like someone wrapped you up in a blanket on a cold day.”

“Blue is the color of water. It’s cool. It’s cold. I think you’d like it quite a lot.” 

This wasn’t abnormal. You wouldn’t get to see the colors your parents’ got to see until you met your soulmate. You knew it would be a long time until then, but hearing your parents describe the colors to you was enough for the time being. 

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The Signs As Snakes
  • Aries: Kenyan Sand Boa
  • Taurus: Coral Snake
  • Gemini: Brazilian Rainbow Boa
  • Cancer: Royal Python
  • Leo: Milk Snake
  • Virgo: Western Hognose
  • Libra: Corn Snake
  • Scorpio: Rhino Ratsnake
  • Sagittarius: Bamboo Ratsnake
  • Capricorn: Sunbeam Snake
  • Aquarius: Calabar Burrowing Python
  • Pisces: Green Tree Python

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Half of the prompts are literally already SnowBaz but could you do them for 1?

“Basilton Grimm-Pitch, that is the fifth time I have seen that tree are you sure you know where your going?” Baz gasps, clearly offended.

“Of course I know!” He presses the gas petal a little harder, accelerating them forward. As much as he hated to admit it, Simon was right. He had no idea where we were.

“I knew it we’re lost,” Simon says, resting his arm against the window, looking up at the trees, the sunlight dancing across his face, his bronze curls shimmering in the fading light.

“We are not lost, Snow, I just decided to take the scenic route,” Baz says in a vain attempt to cover up the fact that they were lost in the woods, somewhere in New Jersey with no way out. Going to the U.S. was supposed to be a non-stressful trip with him and Simon hitting all the sights in one long road trip, staring with seeing Penny and Micah again all the way up in New York City and driving all the way to LA to see Agatha. Plus, there was supposed to be a special surprise in between there and Baz would be damned if they missed it.

“There’s that tree again,” Simon says lazily. Baz clenches the steering wheel.

“Snow you can’t just say that every few trees we see. We’re going to get to Virginia if it’s the last thing I do.” Simon sighs.

“Baz how about we just stop at that hotel coming up and pick up in the morning, okay?”



“We are making it to Virginia, end of story.” Simon sighs and pulls out his smartphone.

“What are you doing?”

“Getting directions.”

“I. Know. Where. We. Are.”

“No you don’t we’re doing it this way.” He types in the address and the phone starts to give directions, which Simon repeats. After many eye-rolls, Baz just does what he says.

After what feels like forever, finally, finally, they make it to Washington D.C., the last bits of daylight still visible. Just enough time.

Instead of going straight to the hotel, Baz parks the car in a parking deck and drags Simon towards the Washington Monument and the Cherry Blossom trees, still, thank Crowley, in bloom.

“Geeze Baz we don’t need to see it all today we can go tomorrow…” They stop in the middle of the sidewalk, the trees around them on one side and a large body of water with the sun setting over it on the other. Baz runs his hands through his hair, taking a deep breath.

“We can’t do this tomorrow. I don’t know how long the trees will be like this and–” He runs his hands through his hair again and takes Simon’s hands.

“Look, I’m going to admit, this trip wasn’t just about seeing Penny and Agatha–”

“Of course not. It’s our road trip,” Simon says, confused. Baz takes a deep breath, not believing that he’s doing this.

“Yeah yeah yeah. Look I just… when I did this, I wanted it to be someplace different, someplace special. Not just in any old street in London or in our flat. I wanted it to be… special.”


“Look Simon I just…” Baz was at a lost for words, which never happened. His hands shaking, Baz let’s go of Simon’s hands to pull something out of his pocket.

“Simon… you’re the best thing that has ever happened to me. I never though–” he gulps– “I never thought I’d live to see the day I do this but…” He takes a deep breath gets down on one knee.

“Simon Snow; every day without you is greater than the curse of being a bloody vampire. I don’t want to spend a moment without you. So will you do me the honour of… becoming my husband?” All the blood inside Baz rushes to his cheeks as Simon stands frozen in shock. He gets down on his knees too, so they’re both at the same height.

“R-really?” he says, tears in his eyes. Baz feels them prickling in his as he nods and doesn’t stop until Simon takes him into his arms and kisses him until his mouth is sore.

The petals of the Cherry Blossom trees fall around them, catching in Baz’s hair and the sun turns the sky pink and purple. Neither could hope for a better moment.