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Scott “Leave My Tessa Alone/You’re Full of Bullshit, Tess” Moir’s reaction to Tessa’s Sportsnet photo shoot.

Scripted Swap, 5

In the world of actors and spotlights, Mike Schmidt awakens to find nothing makes sense and some weird blind purple guy sounds like he’s the craziest of the bunch. But when he discovers his whole world has been destroyed, it may just be Mike himself who has finally fallen over the edge to insanity.

Based on the modified Reborniverse and the It’s All Scripted AU created by and expanded on by rebornica and mysticbaconslice.

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Stuff to survive a long hospital stay

Look, this assumes you know to bring pajamas and clothes and books and your laptop and your phone charger cords and nonskid socks/slippers and a bathrobe and your own pillow/blankie. Under this cut is a list of other items that has been really good to me for the last few weeks. Use it however you want; most of you are young and may not need it yourself, but if you bring one or some of these things to a friend in hospital, then you might win an award or something. It could happen. 

If you want to add stuff of your own: god, please do. It looks like (fingers crossed, wood knocked, self crossed, candles burnt, abject begging, etc) I am headed home soon, but there’s another week coming probably in October, so more strategies to try are good. And if you want my best clear liquid diet tips: hit me up. I have become one with the clear liquid diet. 

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kirks-double-fisted-neck-punch  asked:

Sometimes even cleaning for 20 minutes seems too much, and ten minutes doesn't feel like long enough. What can I do then? Sorry if you've already answered this. I can't figure out how to see that on mobile.

Ten minutes is absolutely long enough! Five minutes is enough. Two minutes is enough. 20 is great, because you can get a shitload of stuff done in 20 minutes, but if you physically can’t, or if you don’t have the spoons to do 20 minutes, do what you can. Even if it’s only a few minutes, making the smallest bit of progress is always going to be a good thing. And then maybe tomorrow or next week, you’ll feel up to doing 20 minutes.