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A Different Take on Transition Selfies for TDOV

My name is Amy (she/her)! I am pretty damn far along on my transition even after less than a year on HRT. I’ve changed a lot for sure, but there’s a point I want to get across by going backwards in my timeline with these selfies.

[March 2016] This is me now. I look a pretty damn good woman with that sidecut and blue/purple gradient don’t I? Look at how trans I am.

[February 2016] This is the first time I got high. I had a blast. My hair is noticeably solid blue, I look like a mess, and I’m not wearing a bra. Still trans at this point.

[January 2016] Look at how good my body looks! Estrogen has done wonders for me. My hair is orange this time (I like to mix up my appearance a lot ok). That lipstick mark is from my good friend and roommate @rosaceaex. I’m absolutely trans here.

[August 2015] Daaaaaaamn look at my makeup! My hair is a vibrant red here but it’s the same dye as the above pic - it just faded to that orange color. I’m not as curvy in this one, but I still look hot as heck. Still trans and still a woman.

[May 2015] Hey look my hair is the same color this time. It’s shorter for sure, but I’m wearing a pretty cute dress. This was also the month I started hormones! Yup, trans for sure.

[January 2015] Finally we are at the point where my hair is its natural color. I’m wearing a full on feminine outfit possibly for the first time. Though I’m not on hormones, I’m not curvy, and you can see a bulge in my skirt. But I’m still a woman at this point right?

[November 2014] My hair is definitely shorter here. And now I’m wearing a masc shirt! But hey guess what? I’m still trans, and I’m still a woman.

[September 2014] OK I look like I’m just trying too hard here. The makeup is kinda too much, and I’m wearing masc clothes even though they’re tight-fitting. But I still think I look good. And I’m still trans. Still a woman.

[May 2014] Very short hair, completely masc clothing, no curves whatsoever. I think I took this shortly after I came to realize I was trans. I’m still Amy here, and I’m still a woman.

[August 2012] Here I am at the Grand Canyon before starting my first semester of university. At this point I had no idea about the whole trans thing. I was still going by my birth name, he/him pronouns, and everything. But guess what? The person in this picture is a girl. Her name is Amy. She’s transgender.

No matter how far along you are in your transition, whether you’re closeted or not, your gender is still valid and you are still trans. You can still be proud on TDOV. No matter how late you figured it out or how much your identity has changed, your gender is still perfectly valid.


AN: I wrote this in the two and a half hour break I have between my classes. I’ve literally just been sitting here, in the middle of my universities student union, typing away at a fucking smut in public.

What have I become.

ANYWAY. It’s not my best, but it’s something xD Enjoy~

Words: 1,321

Genre Smut

 Everything is a blur. You don’t remember getting home and sitting on your couch. You don’t remember what you had texted Taehyung to get him so riled up—but what you do know is that the brown haired boy is striding towards you with promise for punishment in his dark eyes.

“Tae?” you ask, flushing red when you look down to see that you’re naked from the waist up, and the only thing covering your womanhood is a pair of sheer panties that you don’t remember buying.

The door to the apartment clicks shut as Taehyung’s footfalls echo into the dimly lit apartment. He passes into the living room, his hands moving to his belt—an inch of tan skin on his stomach revealed to you as he unloops the buckle and tugs the belt free. The sight of Taehyung alone has your gut flourishing, arousal slicking your wall, and yet—

“Taehyung? What are you doing here? I–,” you begin to say, confused and embarrassed as you hug the blanket which had been next to you to your chest. Saying nothing, Taehyung rounds the coffee table, folding his belt in his hands, and your press yourself into the back of the couch. You can see the bulge beneath his fitted slacks, the outline of his cock showing perfectly against his thigh.

“Up,” his deep voice finally speaks, and a shiver racks your spine. Is he serious? The question bleeds into your mind as your wide eyes look up at him, searching his handsome face for any indication of a joke. You can’t find one.

“Up. Now,” he speaks again, fingers tightening around his belt. Swallowing, nervousness and excitement muddling in your chest, you press off the couch and stand in front of him, continuing to hug the blanket to your chest. He clicks his tongue in disapproval when he notices, and with one swift tug any coverage the blanket had provided is gone, leaving you to grapple to cover yourself, pink embarrassment sneaking onto your cheeks and down your neck.

“What a cute, shy little princess,” he chuckles, reaching forward. He grips one of your wrists and leans in, his lips connecting to yours. The contact immediately has you swooning, all of your worries momentarily forgotten as you step forward and kiss him back. Taehyung hums in approval at your submission, his teeth playfully tugging at your bottom lip, and already you’re going insane with lust. What has gotten into you?

“Good girl,” he comments nonchalantly, tongue teasing into your mouth, and it’s at that moment that you realize your arms aren’t shielding your chest anymore. Instead they’re in Taehyung’s grasp, wrapped tightly with his belt, and when you tug at the bonds, they won’t even budge.

“Tae–,” you begin, surprised at the dominance he’s suddenly exerting, but yet again Taehyung cuts you off. He leans back in and captures your lips, his tongue snaking into your mouth and his large hands moving to press against the curve of your spine. Hands tied in front of you, you’re somewhat helpless to resist him as he pulls you in, caging your body against his. Taehyung then proceeds to kiss your breath away, and you moan at his touch, gasping when his hands slide down to your hips, his fingers teasing at your panty line.

“I’m gonna fuck you so good, princess,” he growls against your lips, and you gasp at his words, any remaining sanity flying out the window. You want nothing more than for him to follow through with his heated promises.

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Midnight Summer

Author’s Note: rainbow!pcy has messed me up in all the ways a person can be messed up, and so this had to happen. he is now my 80s daydream boyfriend. endless love to @kimnamwho and @suhotrashanon for being wonderful bit readers and betas <3 low key dedicating this to @the-porcelain-doll-xo who deserves all the PCY smut she can handle <3

Pairing: Chanyeol x Reader (oc; female)

Genre: shameless smut

Rating: NC-17

Warning: explicit language; explicit sex

Word Count: 4,053

Originally posted by rapnamjoon

Los Angeles in the summer is oppressive, almost aggressive in the way it clings to your skin and presses on you, making you feel like you’re forced to swallow its wetness whole. You always hated it, the way it slithers down your back in a drop of sweat, steals the moisture from your mouth and makes you thirsty; aching to be touched, yet untouched in the warmth. The only place you can feel any sort of reprieve is the Manhattan Beach Pier, one long expanse of wood and sea breeze removed from the neon of the city. Here, the metal railing cools your hot skin and your tongue tastes the sea, hair ruffling in the wind as your body starts to relax. Here, you let yourself be unmade - just a little. You relax into yourself and your tight dress. Here, summer doesn’t seem so violent or so long.

And here is where you met him.

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Suho imitating Hwan Hee’s pose in her movie. (Looking like a fish on land lol??) ❤

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Hi!! I've spent the last few hours just reading your work and omg I love the way you interpret the prompts! You're making the long hiatus so much better already and I can't wait to read more! I have a prompt request as well: friends with benefits to realizing they like each other (with some angst added in!) thank you!!! :)

First of all thank you so much, that’s so sweet of you! Second of all, here it is! This is more playful than angsty but I still hope it’s okay!

AU: Jughead never went to Riverdale High and never became friends with Betty and the gang the way they were supposed to. Archie, Jughead, and Betty were close in middle school, but once they parted ways and Jughead followed in his father’s footsteps of becoming a Serpent, their relationship was never the same.

Betty brushed past Cheryl Blossom as she hurried her way down the freshly-mowed lawn of Riverdale High’s courtyard, nearly snagging her baby blue sweater on one of Cheryl’s particularly sharp insect brooches as their shoulders slammed into one another.

“B, where the hell have you been?” Veronica called to her from their usual picnic table at the end of the quad, her prized set of pearls shining elegantly in the mid-afternoon sunlight.

Ignoring the icy glare that Cheryl tossed in her direction, Betty maneuvered her way through the crowd of chatting classmates to slip her way onto the bench of the picnic table next to Kevin, just as Veronica turned to narrow her eyes at Betty. “I’ve had to listen to Cheryl’s incessant ramblings regarding the subpar quality of her brand new Louboutins for the past half hour and trust me, when I reach the point of boredom beyond repair talking about designer shoes, you know there’s a problem.”

“Sorry, something came up,” Betty mumbled, shrugging off her pale pink backpack and placing it on the wooden surface in front of her.

“There have been a lot of things ‘coming up’ lately,” Veronica pointed out. “If I didn’t know any better, I’d say our little, not-so-innocent Elizabeth Cooper has a man in her life she’s been hiding from us.”

“Yeah, right,” Betty scoffed, unzipping her bag and rummaging through its contents to find the salt and vinegar chips she didn’t eat at lunch. “You know how terrible I am at keeping secrets. Remember your surprise birthday party last year?”

“How could I forget? You asked me to come over to help you with an English paper,” Veronica recounted the event in question, shaking her head in shame at Betty’s failed attempt at such a classic form of surprise. “The day Betty Cooper asks Veronica Lodge for homework advice, you know there has to be something else going on.”

Betty’s lips curled into a slight smile, her expression distant as she reached into the bag of chips and popped one into her mouth, repeating this process for several minutes without blinking or acknowledging that there were other people sitting at the table with her.

“Kind of like now,” Veronica mumbled, waving a perfectly manicured set of nails in front of her in an attempt to snap her out of the trance she had fallen into. “Look at her face, Kev. There’s something wrong with it.”

“You’re right, V,” Kevin concurred, leaning in close and tilting Betty’s chin towards him with a flick of his thumb. “There’s an actual smile on it. Hell must have frozen over.”

“Hey, I smile!” Betty defended herself, her too-tight ponytail nearly smacking Kevin in the face as she whirled around to look from Veronica, to Kevin, and back again.

“Not since Polly-” Kevin started to explain, but before he could get the words out, Veronica lunged across the table to place a hand over his mouth, nearly knocking various textbooks and papers onto the grass in the process.

“Shhh!” Veronica quieted him. “Kevin, we agreed that bringing up such events should be handled as if one were at Hogwarts and in the position of saying the name Voldemort - you just don’t do it!”

“Sorry,” Kevin shrank back onto his spot on the bench. “Let me rephrase. You’ve been a little down the past few months, but lately-”

“You’re happier than Kevin during a Brad Pitt movie marathon,” Veronica finished for him, her eyes dancing wildly as she leaned in to point a finger in Betty’s direction. “And that can only mean one thing.”

“Betty Cooper: number one in her class, editor of the Blue and Gold and all around girl next door, is getting a little ‘Fifty Shades of Freaky’ with one of Riverdale High’s finest young bachelors,” Kevin concluded, his arms crossing in front of his chest as if he were proud of himself for solving such a complicated riddle.

“I am not!” Betty protested. “You two have way too much time on your hands if you’re speculating why I’ve been smiling more lately.”

“What kind of friends would we be if we didn’t notice such things,” Kevin pointed out, his gaze suddenly leaving his friends to focus on the parking lot in front of them. “Kind of like how I’ve noticed Jughead Jones’ massive biceps lately, holy hot and bothered Rolling Stone-meets-Abercrombie you can actually see them bulging through that leather jacket.”

The boy in question stepped out of his midnight-black 1968 Plymouth Roadrunner, his dark hair falling effortlessly over his eyes as he moved to shut the driver’s side door.

“Joining the Southside Serpents has really sat well with his upper body muscles,” Veronica admired, her mouth hanging open slightly as he pulled out a cigarette and lighter from his jacket pocket like he was plucked straight out a scene from the Outsiders. “Too bad he doesn’t go here anymore, I would love to run my hands up and down those-”

“Veronica!” Betty’s eyes went wide as she turned to glare at her friend, whose mouth was practically watering as she took in Jughead leaning against the classic car and taking a drag from his cigarette like she was watching the most sensual thing she had ever laid eyes on. “Last time I checked you still have a boyfriend, or have you forgotten about our good pal Archie Andrews. You know, captain of the football team, lead singer of his very own rock band, Riverdale High honor student. Ring any bells?”

“Oh please, I’m allowed to window shop as long as I resist throwing anything into my basket,” Veronica muttered, picking up her copy of The Sun Also Rises and fanning herself with it, even though it was a perfectly cool fall afternoon that didn’t even come close to meriting such actions.

“That’s wrong on so many levels,” Betty mumbled, pushing her half-eaten bag of chips away from her and wiping her greasy fingers down the front of her sweater.

“What’s Jughead doing here anyway?” Kevin wondered. “I thought he and Archie stopped talking once he moved schools a few years ago.”

“He’s here to see me actually,” Betty admitted, turning in her spot on the bench to look at Jughead for the first time since he had pulled into the parking lot. “He was the best writer we had at the the junior newspaper in middle school and no one’s ever come close to filling his shoes, so he’s helping me out a few times a week after school at the Blue and Gold.”

“You sure he’s not helping you out with a few other things too?” Veronica wiggled her eyebrows at Betty suggestively, her lips creeping up into an amused smile as Betty narrowed her eyes at her.

“Just friends, Veronica,” Betty assured her. “Jughead isn’t Archie’s favorite person right now and after everything that’s happened with their fathers - I just - I wouldn’t do that to him, okay?”

“Whatever you say, B,” Veronica shrugged, still looking unconvinced as she reached underneath the table to retrieve her cheer bag. “Okay, I have to go find Cheryl before River Vixens practice so I can warn her that the choreography she’s been throwing at us is too 90′s cheer routine and not enough Beyonce video like we were going for.”

“Yeah, and I have to go witness the bloodbath of bitchy, yet impressively clever insults that is sure to occur as a result so we’ll see you later, Betty,” Kevin followed Veronica’s lead as she made her way away from the picnic table, the giddiness in his expression made even more evident by the enthused squeal escaping his lips as he bent down to pick up his backpack.

“Bye, guys,” Betty called out to them, shaking her head in amusement as she watched them round the corner to head back into the school.

Betty kept her gaze focused on the chemistry textbook resting open in front of her as she saw the movement coming from the parking lot out of the corner of her eye. Jughead had pushed off his car and was slowly making his way onto the sidewalk leading up to the courtyard. Her breath caught in her throat as he took a step closer. And another. And an-

“And then there was one,” Jughead announced, his leather-clad sleeve brushing the soft fabric of her sweater as he slid his way onto the picnic table next to her. “What’s it like without chatter mouth one and two attached to your hip?”

“I don’t know,” Betty sat up straight, turning slightly on the bench to quirk a challenging eyebrow in his direction. “What’s it like without your manhood to back up that newfound edginess that drives all the girls crazy? Wanna find out?”

“Betty Cooper,”Jughead beamed, one leg tucking underneath itself so that he could turn his body to face hers completely. “Throwing the banter back at me like we’re in a 1940′s black and white screwball comedy. I like it.”

“You’re early,” Betty noticed, her eyes focusing back on the periodic table displayed on the inside cover of the chemistry book.

“I ditched the last two periods,” Jughead shrugged nonchalantly, scooping up the abandoned bag of chips on the table and tossing back a handful into his mouth. “I figured that I’ve already learned as much as I needed to know about 17th Century England and the Taming of the Shrew to pass with at least a C in both history and English and still function in the real world like an adequately intelligent human being so why not skip out early and come see you?”

Jughead crumpled up the now-empty chip bag and tossed it behind him, missing the trashcan completely as he looked back to watch it roll onto the grass. Leaning in close, Jughead rubbed a hand on her knee resting underneath the table, his breath tickling the exposed skin of her neck and nearly causing a thrilled giggle to escape her lips.

“Jug,” Betty warned, reaching down to remove the hand slowly creeping its way up her thigh and turning to give him a leveled glare. “We agreed, remember?”

“You agreed,” Jughead corrected. “I said friends with benefits was a dated form of emotional torture that benefits neither party in any meaningful way.”

“Isn’t that the point?” Betty reminded him. “To not get attached in a way that lets you mean something to the other person?”

“I think that ship has sailed,” Jughead admitted, his eyes flicking to hers with a vulnerable state of truth-turned-worry when he realized that she might night have felt the same way. “At least on my part anyways.”

“You know that we can’t be anything more than what we are,” Betty explained. “At least not right now.”

“Because Archie blames me for my father’s involvement in his father’s shooting and he would love nothing more than to see me strung up on the mantle of his nice and cozy family-sized home,” Jughead recalled, his eyes rolling backwards dramatically sliding his leg back underneath the table and facing the empty set of picnic tables across the courtyard. “Yeah, you said that when we first started - whatever you want to call this. Doesn’t mean I understand it. And it doesn’t mean I have to like it.”

“Juggie,” Betty whispered, resisting the urge to reach out and caress his cheek affectionately the way she had grown accustomed to since they had started their relationship nearly eight weeks before.

“You know how I feel about you, Betty,” Jughead told her, his eyes softening slightly as his head turned to smile weakly down at her lips. “And I think that if you were being completely honest with yourself, you know exactly how you feel about me too.”

Betty knew he was right. She knew that she felt more than just lust, coupled with the added bonus of orchestrating their clandestine meetings, for the boy from the Southside who was more than just his leather jacket and tough demeanor. But she couldn’t risk her friendship with either boy in her life by making things official. Not yet.

“This is the way things have to be right now,” Betty sighed. “At least until Mr. Andrews gets out the hospital and everything just - settles down. Please, Jughead. I don’t want to lose you. But I don’t want to lose him either.”

Betty held Jughead’s gaze, her bottom lip jutting out slightly as her teeth automatically reached out to bite down on the tender skin there, a habit she had formed around the time she had started seeing Jughead in a little-more-than-just-friends kind of way.

“God, why do you have to do that thing with your bottom lip,” Jughead mumbled, his eyes flicking down to her pink lips with a fleck of longing in his gaze. “You know that drives me insane.”

“I know,” Betty beamed, her eyebrow quirking flirtatiously up in his direction. “Why do you think I do it so often?”

“Okay, if we’re still playing by these ridiculous rules you’ve set in place then we better get to the Blue and Gold room because I’m feeling the overwhelming urge to kiss you,” Jughead breathed, his heart beating wildly as Betty’s leg brushed against his, making his palms sweat in the best way possible. “Now.”

“Then what are we waiting for,” Betty leaned in close to Jughead as if she were going to meet her lips to his, but swung her legs out from underneath the picnic table at the last second and stood in front of him with her hands on her hips. “Race you.”

“You’re on.” Jughead grabbed Betty’s bag off the table and sprinted after her, not even noticing that there had been a figure lurking in the shadows who had witnessed their intimate exchange with a devious smile plastered on her flaming red lips. Turning on her less-than-adequate Louboutin heel, Cheryl let her waist-length red hair swing playfully behind her as she sauntered her way to cheer practice, already scheming and plotting how she was going to use this juicy new development to her advantage.

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I just love ur fafic! U r a really good writer!! I kinda have a weird request it is okay if u won't write it Can I have a chanyeol and rapmonster threesome That would be hella hot oh god I need holy water Thank u in advance


“You rappers are something serious.” You complained looking up at the crumpled-up paper that had lyrics jotted down on it.

“What do you mean we rappers?” Namjoon asked with a slight growl. Chanyeol lifted his head in your direction with an eyebrow raised.

“I mean you guys are making me work on this stupid ass song when I have no inspiration.” You grumbled rolling over on your stomach staring down at the paper. Namjoon lifted a hand to reach over your body and slap your ass cheeks causing them to jiggle as he smirked.

“Your lyrics were good, that’s why we told you to keep them. Get a few more inspirational ideas and you’ll have it.” Chanyeol said soothingly rubbing a hand up and down your leg before him and Namjoon started to go back to working on their own pieces. You all had been good friends despite working under different labels. While the boys were popular and well known, you were a rookie about to debut in a few more days with a few more girls in the group. But here you were and you couldn’t think of what to say and nothing that you did gave you any inspiration. You felt hopeless right now. Looking between the two males you smirked softly biting your lips.

“Oh Chanyeol~” You cooed out crumpling the paper back up throwing it onto the floor.

“Y/N. No.” Namjoon started with a slight growl.

“You don’t have to play, I asked Chanyeol anyway.” You stuck out your tongue at an angry Namjoon who scoffed and went back to his work. Chanyeol on the other hand watched you with nervous eyes. Licking over his lips quickly he didn’t say anything to you but you could see all the unspoken words in him. Smirking you crawled over to him on your hands and knees until you were pushing your hands up on his broad chest and around his shoulders playing with the hair at the nape of his neck. Letting your legs wrapped around his waist, and slowly you started to grind against him. Moaning out at feeling him under you, Chanyeol sighed in defeat already leaning back against the seat he watched you with his hands on your hips. He would always give into your every demand. It’s been like that since you were all younger, let’s just say that you were each-others first in some way or another. And you had gone to do whenever you needed them and they never disappointed you always giving you what you want.

“Daddy.. I need motivation. Won’t you give it to me?” You asked with pouty lips circling your hips slowly feeling his bulge starting to poke you through your pants right against your crotch. Chanyeol moaned softly gripping harder at your hips he brought you closer to him gripping your hair with one hand pushing your foreheads against one another.

“Don’t do it to me.” He groaned softly pleading almost.

“I need you.” You softly whined grinding hard against him giving out a particular high pitched moan that you normally gave out when you were close to cumming.

“Fuck.” He growled crashing his lips against yours, tongue licking on your bottom lip sucking on it as he sealed your lips off with a kiss. He groaned snapping his hips up against yours feeling your center become hotter he knew that you were going to become needier by the second.  Throwing you onto the couch, he got on top of you, his hands gripped at your pants pulling them down quickly with a huff. Not even moving them all the way off your feet, he gripped at your panties trying to get them off of you as quickly as possible. Looking down at your pussy he moaned leaning close to you he sucked on your pussy lips slowly licking up and down your slit pulling back. He sat down on the couch wrapping one arm around your waist to grab under your thigh he spread your legs wider looking over at Namjoon who was gritting his teeth trying his hardest not to look at what you two were doing. Chanyeol rubbed two fingers up and down your slit, knowing that you liked the burn he slipped both fingers inside of you thrusting them quickly, curving them instantly to hit your spot and earn a cry of approval from your lips.

“Come on hyung don’t give into her.” Namjoon sighed feeling his own dick throb into the confines of his own pants.

“I know you want her too. You can say you don’t but I can see that bulge. We might as well give her inspiration. Besides it will give her something to work for, and you can give her mouth something to get inspired on as well.” Chanyeol winked at Namjoon starting to shake his hand side to side to get you wetter your juices sliding from your pussy as you cried out squirting onto his hands after a few minutes of simple playing around.

“Touch me baby. Give it to me.” He rasped against your ear hotly biting on the lobe. Your hand reached over shaking lightly pressing against his bulge rubbing it with your palm. Fingers moving up to drag down the zipper and unsnap the button you shoved your hands into his boxers gripping his shaft stroking it slowly. Moaning against your ear Chanyeol kept up the speed of his hand and you matched his pace causing you both to moan on the couch your body slouched lightly in his hold you let your heard roll back so that you could chant his name out. Namjoon couldn’t take it, the both of you moaning and his mind wasn’t helping aid his dirty thoughts about what was going on but even a little side of him got curious and he wanted to see though his more responsible side of the brain told him not to look. And he wished he would have because as soon as he looked at the both of you his restraint was lost. Your parted lips and face full of pleasure though sweat dripped down your quivering body. The sounds your pussy made, how your tiny hand tried to wrap around all of Chanyeol’s shaft and get him off.

Namjoon stood up taking off of his leather jacket, moving to sit beside the both of you, Namjoon gripped at your chin roughly smashing your lips together, eliciting a whimper from your lips as the kiss was made with mostly teeth and biting. “Ruining my work.” He growled out into your mouth rubbing his fingers against your clit. Your hips snapped against his fingers feeling immense pleasure from Chanyeol’s and Namjoon’s fingers combined. Namjoon dominated the kiss claiming your mouth letting his free hand move to unzip his pants and pull out his dick from the confines of his boxers. He was so hard his tip was swollen red and precum leaked out from it.

“Suck off Namjoon baby girl.” Chanyeol urged shifting your body a bit. You obeyed breaking the kiss you leaned your mouth down you licked across the tip of his shaft but before you could tease he roughly grabbed your hair and shoved his dick in your mouth. He started to thrust his hips up and down at a rapid pace face fucking you. You were choking spit quickly falling from your parted cheeks. Your eyes burned but you flicked your tongue against the underside of his dick against his sensitive vein trying to give him pleasure. Namjoon was loving it watching you he aided Chanyeol sliding two of his own fingers inside of your pussy thrusting them in and out when one pushed in the other slid out fucking you and scissoring you open. Your pussy was throbbing and wrapping around both of their digits you were wet. You were so closed to cumming but your cries of pleasure were swallowed by the choking sounds that you were delivering onto Namjoon’s shaft. Your eyes drifted shut as you continued to suck him off as he controlled the pace. Your hand worked faster on Chanyeol’s dick and he was thrusting his hips up into your hand, his orgasm getting closer and closer to the brim. The whole room was filled with grunts and cries of pleasure. Of course, you were the first to cum with the fingers jamming into your spot it was too much to take, releasing on their fingers your body shook between the both of them. Once you rode out your orgasm Chanyeol came next tick white ropes onto his pants and your hands. You felt the warm cum warming up your hands and fingers. Next Namjoon who was pounding his dick down your throat almost loving how you were crying he spilled his cum into your mouth not lasting long at all because he had been so hard. He jerked his hips harshly against your lips pausing while he emptied his load into your mouth. You licked it up greedily trying to make sure that everything was cleaned up. Namjoon let your head go slowly and looking at him with blown pupils you brought your hand up to your lips that were covered in cum to lick it off while watching him. Chanyeol was about to pounce on you but Namjoon stopped him removing his hand and licking your essence off his fingers.

“Don’t Chanyeol. She was a bad girl and she needs to know not to do that again. This was her inspiration. If she finishes, then she can have her reward.” Namjoon glared down at you and you retreated sinking into the couch. Chanyeol moved his hands nodding leaning over to kiss your jaw he slapped the inside of your thigh slowly.

“Get cleaned up and get to work baby girl. I need to get cleaned up as well, don’t get in trouble while I’m gone.” Chuckling he winked at you as Namjoon straightened up and lifted an eyebrow moving to his area once again.

“You could’ve at least helped me get dressed.” You muttered reaching down to grab at your pants.

“Well, if I even touched you again then we would be on the floor right now making a sex song and I’m sure our labels won’t be agreeing to that right off the bat don’t you think?” He teased with a smirk and gleeful eyes.

…”so, what do you think son?, no more board shorts kid”…”Dad!, wow, you can see the bulge of your dick and your balls with those”…”Well, it’s just us son”…

The Neighbors (5/?)

Summary: You’ve been in New York for about 3 years now moving here looking for a new experience. You grew up in a small town with you parents and siblings, so your new experience was city life. You began working at a hospital doing patient records and a moved into a cute little apartment in a mostly safe neighborhood in Brooklyn. After being at the hospital for a few months, you were presented with an amazing offer to switch from patient records to shadowing nurses, you just had to take a few classes outside of work while you worked with them. Since then, your life in New York has been great. But will it stay that way once you meet your new neighbors across the hall?

Warnings : swearing,  flirting, a little angst & fluff

Pairings: Sam Wilson x Reader, Bucky Barnes x Reader, eventual Steve Rogers x Reader

                                     Chapter 5 : Sleepovers & Forts

      The tension is getting thicker in the air by the second. You’re still staring at Steve, trying to figure out what his angle is.

“Wait, Steve Rogers? Captain America?” Nick asks. Steve nods and Nick’s jaw nearly drops to the floor. “You are dating Captain America?” he asks dumbfounded.

 Steve answers for you, “Yes she is.” You look up to Steve, a wide smile on your face. He winks down at you, a blush appears once again. Nick starts laughing and shaking his head. The bartender shows up with your shots, finally, but Steve requests that a server takes them to the table. You look over and see Sam and Bucky watching with wide eyes also.

“You know y/n, I shouldn’t be surprised, you always did love Captain America.” You snap your head towards Nick as he speaks. Oh shit, no no no. Steve shoots you a confused but ‘oh really?’ look. You awkwardly laugh and shrug your shoulders.

  “Oh you didn’t tell him did you? Dude, she has always had a crush on you.” Steve is going to think I’m a psychotic stalker now. Fuck, Nick ruins everything.

  Your eyes open wider than ever, you can’t even look at Steve. A loud, hearty laugh makes its way out of Steve, adding confusion to your embarrassment.

  “Good thing she finally has me, I’d hate to think of such a sweet girl being stuck with someone like you.” It was your jaw that almost hit the floor this time, Nick just looks pissed off. What the hell is Steve doing?

“Excuse me? You don’t even know-” Nick stars to defend himself but Steve shuts him down immediately.

  “But I do know, Nick. You’re the one that cheated on her correct? Numerous times? Then proceeded to try and get her back when she moved on with her life and came here, to me. If memory serves correctly, and it always does, she asked you to leave her alone. I don’t think stalking her in a bar was what she had in mind. So if I were you, I’d back off before you really make me angry.” Holy fucking balls. I don’t think I’ve ever been so turned on in my life. I completely forgot I told the guys about Nick last week.

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  Nick starts to argue again, but then Steve does something to surprise you even further. He moves his hands to cup your face, and places a gentle, lingering kiss on your lips. You place your hands over his, cradling them in yours as he kisses you. Oh my God.  The butterflies in your stomach are bouncing off the walls, the spark shooting through your body is your new favorite addiction. Steve pulls away, but you find your lips chasing after his. When you open your eyes, his are already looking at you. You look around, seeing that Nick’s vanished from his prior spot. Steve puts his fingers under your chin, moving your face back to his.

“I hope I didn’t overstep any boundaries, you just looked so uncomfortable when I looked over here Y/n. I’m- ”

  “Don’t you dare say you are sorry, Steven Grant Rogers. Thank you for bailing me out of that. I think I might have cried if you didn’t save me,” you say. Steve pulls you into a hug, kissing the top of your head softly.

You both make your way back to the table. When you arrive, you’re welcomed with smirks from Sam and Bucky. You explain to them about what happened and how Steve saved your ass from being stuck talking to Nick. Bucky slaps Steve proudly on the back while still smirking. You try to stifle a laugh but barely contain it.

   “See Barnes, that is real 40’s charm,” you say, winking at Steve. You all laugh and continue drinking and talking about random things. Before you know it, you are trying to be a wing woman for Sam, while Steve and Bucky watch the scene before them. You’re both somewhat drunk by now; you had talked Sam into a tequila shot contest an hour ago. You won by 3 shots and you’re slightly regretting it now. Your wing woman skills are a little off, but you manage to help Sam get two girls numbers. After that, you two head back to the table, surprising Steve and Buck with the fact you actually completed the task. They suggest it’s time to head out after having to stop Sam from ordering more tequila for the both of you. On the way out, you feel eyes on  you. You glance over your shoulder and lock eye contact with Nick. He sends you a wink and blows you a kiss. You turn back around and connect your arm with Bucky’s since he is next to you.

 You finally make it back to your building, only feeling a little tipsy now.

   “So guys, we going to talk about that kiss that we saw earlier?” Sam asks, his words slightly slurring together. Way to be weird about it Sammy. You blush red, noticing Steve doing the same.

 "How about we don’t and we build a fort instead?“ You ask as you all step off the elevator onto your floor. Sam snaps his eyes to you, smiling like a child.

“FORT AND A SLEEPOVER?” He half shouts. You almost fall over laughing at how excited and drunk he is.

 "As long as your roommates don’t mind.“ You both send Steve and Bucky puppy eyes. They agree to a sleepover. You and Sam sprint to their door, he fumbles with the keys but finally unlocks it. You head straight for the couches and begin your night of fort building and laughs.

Time skip  3 hours…

  It took an hour to successfully turn the boys entire living room into a fort. Pillows stacked ridiculously high, blankets draping over as much of the room as they could. You’ve been laying in it for a while, watching Parks & Rec on Netflix. You hear a tiny snore and look around the fort. You see Sam and Bucky sleeping side by side. You cover your mouth with your hand so your laugh doesn’t wake them. Steve is still awake beside you, so you nudge his side and point to the boys. He shakes his head, trying not to laugh at the sight of them almost nuzzled together. You quickly take your phone out, snapping at least 20 pictures of them. Steve quietly starts to make his way out and you follow. He helps you to your feet, watching your tug the bottom of your dress back down. When you look up, his hands rubbing the back of his neck.

Nervous habit returns.

"You want a shirt y/n? You probably want to get out of that dress,” he says. His eyes instantly go wide, realizing that might sound like he was implying something.

You smile, letting out a quiet giggle. “Actually yeah, that would be great Steve. You just keep on saving me tonight, don’t you?” You ask playfully. He blushes in return and leads you to his room.

He picks a navy blue Brooklyn shirt out of his drawer, similar to the one Bucky wore tonight. He hands it to you  and shoos you toward the bathroom. Once you close the door, you realize you don’t have any pants. You shrug it off, and strip out of your dress. You look in the mirror. Steve shirt is a little shorter than your dress was on you, leaving your black cheek hugging underwear peeking out. If Steve’s uncomfortable, he’ll say so, right?

You walk out of the bathroom and your heart starts racing. Steve is laying on his bed, in only flannel pajama pants. His chest is on full display, making your mouth go dry. You can see every one of bulging muscles, making dirty thoughts swirl around your intoxicated mind. He sends you a shy smile, fidgeting with his hands in his lap.

“If you’re not okay with this-”

“I was actually going to say the same thing to you about my lack of pants. I think we can both manage to not be weird about this, right Captain?” You ask innocently. You see a flash of something in Steve’s eyes, but it disappears soon after. Fuck, I could die happy after tonight. You drop the dress and your bra into a pile on his floor & crawl into his bed next to him. He turns his lamp off and pulls the blanket over the two of you. You’re not really sure who moves first, but you eventually end up snuggling into his chest, while he pulls your body against his. You nuzzle your nose in the crook of his neck and can feel him shiver. How did we even end up here? I don’t think I’ve ever been this lucky.  As you’re about the fall asleep, you hear Steve’s voice.

“So…You’ve always had a thing for Captain America, huh?”

“Oh my God.” You shove your face into his chest, trying to hide the embarrassment on your face. You feel his chest start shaking from his laughter. “Please tell me you don’t think I’m a stalker Steve, because I swear-” You’re interrupted by his lips meeting yours in soft kiss. Your lips melt against his, the kiss switches from soft to a little more demanding. Steve shifts both of you so that his body is hovering over yours. His breath is fanning across your face as he takes In your appearance.  For the love of all things Holy, please just fucking kiss me.  As if he read your mind, he leans down, connecting your lips once again. You lace your hands in his hair, trying to deepen the kiss as much as possible.

  When he parts his lips from yours, you take the opportunity to flip positions. Steve is now underneath you, with wide eyes. You smirk down at him as you straddle him, and bend forward as you reconnect your lips in a heated kiss. His fingers are holding onto you hips hard enough that you are positive you’ll have bruises, but you never stop him.  You can feel him already hard underneath you, so you slowly grind yourself down on his erection. He groans into the kiss, making the heat in your core flare up even more. You nip at his lip before you move away from him. I can’t screw this up. What if he doesn’t want to move this fast? You move to cup his face in your hand, he leans into it while smiling up at you.

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“So you’re not weirded out?” You blurt out. Wow, I’m so smooth. You mentally face palm yourself at what you just said.

He chuckles, squeezing your waist a little tighter. You slip out a little moan, immediately covering your face with your hands. I really need to learn impulse control. You peek through your fingers at Steve, and he still has a goofy smile on his face.

“You really stopped kissing me to ask if it weirds me out that you have a thing for Captain America?” He playfully asks.

You roll your eyes and place both hands on his chest to hold yourself up. “I just…I don’t want you to think that is the only reason I like you. I like Steve Rogers, not just Captain America,” you say quietly.

“Not a lot of people see a difference between the two.”

“Well I do. I’d take the boy from Brooklyn over America’s golden boy any day.” You shove your finger in his chest as you speak. He laughs and lifts you off him so you are back on the bed.

“You sure this isn’t all the tequila talkin’, Ma'am? ”I can’t believe I’m turned on by him calling me ma'am. Seriously, how much cuter can he get?

“I sobered up as soon as I walked out and saw you in bed, Rogers.” He lets out a snort at your response.

“We’ll talk about this in the morning, Doll.”  Well, I can add Doll to the list with Ma'am now.

He pulls your body back to his, you rest your head on his chest once again. You tangle your legs with his and lay your hand on his stomach. Steve moves his hand, lacing your fingers with his. Yours eyes drift close as you fall into a warm, comfortable sleep.

     You wake up to the smell of bacon and coffee. When you move to stretch, you’re stopped by Steve’s arm holding onto you tightly. Some time during the night you must have shifted, because now he’s spooning you like there’s no tomorrow. You wiggles your back against him and feel his erection press into your butt. You stifle a moan at the feeling. You hear him grunt and he tightens his hold on you. He shoves his face into your hair and you release a small giggle.

  “And what are you giggling at?” His voice is gruff and filled with sleep.

   You turn yourself in his arms and plant a kiss his nose. His bedroom door flies open, revealing Sam with an apron on. You snort and being laughing at the sight. Steve groans at the interruption and rolls to his back.

“Well good morning you, too. I wasn’t interrupting anything, was I?” he asks while wiggling his eyebrows. Bucky shows up behind him smirking.

“Well well well, what do we have here? Doll, I’m hurt,” He pouts. You roll out of Steve’s bed and stand in front of the them. You kiss them both on the cheeks.

  “Good morning boys,” You purr as you walk towards the kitchen. Need. Coffee. Now.  As you walk away you hear a whistle behind you. You turn and see all three men’s eyes on your ass. Oh Crap. Pants. I forgot pants. Steve clears his throat, shaking the other two out of whatever thoughts were rolling through their minds.

  “Well sweetheart, I can honestly say I didn’t think you’d have a tattoo.”  You’ve got to be kidding me. How did I even forget. Your hand goes right to your right buttcheek, covering the black heart tattoo that occupies it.

  “Son of a bitch,” you mutter under your breath as you finally make it to the coffee pot. The boys follow suit, smirks playing on all their faces. You lean against the counter, holding the cup to your mouth.

“Jesus Sam, how much bacon did you make?” Steve asks as he stares at the mountain of food on the counter. You can’t believe how much Sam cooked either; there was a giant plate of bacon , pancakes, and hashbrowns.

  You hear Sam scoff, “I’m sorry, have you met you and boy wonder over there? You both eat like starving elephants.” You almost snort out the coffee in your mouth. The soldiers grumble as they start eating. You grab your own plate and seat yourself with them at  the table. As you’re all eating, you hear someone pounding at someone’s door. But it wasn’t the boy’s door. You realize it’s too loud to be on another floor, so you assume they are at your door. You place your plate down, making your way to the door. Steve is right behind you, when you stop he runs right into you. You send him a ‘what are you doing?’ look, but he just rubs the back of his neck.

  “Just making sure everythings okay.” You roll your eyes but open their door and peer your head into the hallway, trying to get a glimpse at whoever your visitor is. When you pop your head into the hall, you feel your blood begin to boil. The jackass pounding at your door at 10 am is Nick.

“Son of a bitch.” You hear Steve mumble under his breath.

Why can’t I ever just have a normal day?

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hanzo, so strained and stressed and tense that you can actively see his neck veins bulging out and his shoulders stiffened: do you meditate? 

mccree, infinitely more relaxed and taking a pull from a whiskey bottle: uh, nah. not really my style

hanzo, scoffing: psht. idiot. I do everyday and look at how in control of my fluid body I am. you are an infant, Jesse McCree

Assumptions (M)

Yoongi assumes and you make him a deal. He agrees.

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader

Word count: 2.2k 

A/N it’s smut, my first smut wow. so ye it’s pretty vanilla, since it’s my first i gotta play it safe. but yeah i’ve been wanting to write smut for a while and here it finally is (if I’m gonna post this) and it’s with Yoongi… duh. and ofc it ends with fluff bc who doesn’t love fluff. so, uhm, have fun reading and tell me what you thought of it? It’s my first pls be soft on me lol.btw use protection kids!

Warnings/contains: riding, cream pie, bruising, teasing (only a bit), hair tugging.

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You lean into your boyfriend’s chest when the after credits appear on the screen of your television. It’s a friday night and you and Yoongi are sitting in your living room in your apartment, snuzzy snuggled against each other. He came to your house earlier because you had texted him you felt lonely. Not 30 minutes later he was already knocking on your door smiling at you as you open the door. He probably had something else in mind, though, something more heated. Because when he arrived, he had a surprised look on his face seeing you holding multiple DVD cases. It seemed he had assumed wrong and it appeared you just wanted to watch a movie with him. When you heard he hadn’t seen your favourite movie yet, as it was one of the DVDs you were holding, you gasped. You quickly grabbed his hand to drag him to the couch to watch it. He struggled - of course he did - but when you told him you had a proposition he quieted down.

“I promise we’ll do what you assumed I wanted after, but first you’re going to sit still and watch this with me. We got a deal here?” you had asked and Yoongi agreed disgruntledly making you grin and peck his cheek. You knew you had power over him. Your friends never cease to tell you that he’s obviously weak for you. You’ll never deny that you’re proud of it, because you are. Yoongi may look unapproachable to people but he’s actually the softest being. Well, to you at least. To others he could be a jerk, but never to you. You grin to yourself at the thought.

“Did you like it?” you mutter as you lay with your head on his chest and you can hear the calming sound of his heart. He hums a “yeah” and kisses the top of your head lazily. You smile in satisfaction and move your body slightly to be able to softly kiss him on his lips. You rest your forehead against his’, smiling at him softly.

“So, what were you expecting when you got here after I texted you?” You ask him teasingly. He grabs your hips and pulls you onto his lap making you straddle him. You giggle and automatically place your arms around his neck.

“Something more, you know, sexual?” Yoongi offers with a snort and you laugh. Of course he did.

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Bang PT 2

Rated: Hella Smut

Bang PT 1 

He was already close to the door and you were hoping that bastard walks faster so he can leave your sight. You don’t want him to be anywhere near you because how dare he stop your orgasm. Probably can’t finish what he started hah, you smirked at your own remark. 

He notice that you were smirking and he knew he wasn’t done with this chase yet. He reached the handle and instead of opening it, he locked it. You were just staring at him, how quickly he moves when he wants to grabbing a chair and making it lean towards the window door handle. Well holy fuck, he really wants no one getting in. Your imagination was running wild with vivid memories of how his tongue slowly made its way down your neck as if he  was trying to taste every skin cell on you. The wetness of his tongue made you close your eyes for just a brief second and you wish you hadn’t. When you opened them you saw Saeran in front of you, slowly stripping as if he was provoking your imagination of what his cock would look and especially feel inside you. 

“You see Princess, only this” he grabbed his bulge through his pants “can make you see heaven” he grinned giving a devilish laugh. Funny how the devil himself could possibly know what heaven looks like. You continue to pierce your eyes through him watching how his fingers slowly unbuckles his belt. He slid of the belt and walked towards you signaling yourself to extend your arms “ Lets play a game babe, lets see who foils first” he grinned while wrapping his belt around your wrist. You were willing to play his game even if it meant playing with your best friends brother. What Saeyoung doesnt know wont hurt him right? 

Saeran guided you to the couch and you sat down wondering what in the world he was going to do to you. He leaned in licking his lips and you breathed in heavily taking his scent into your body. You expected him to give you a passionate kiss when in reality, he only kissed your forehead. He smirked and leaned in closer to your ear “Remember princess” he dragged out the s as if it tasted like sweet honey to him “You don’t deserve this for now” and you were feeling your pussy beg for mercy. Why did you agree to this game. He walked to the table in front of you and he took of his shirt quickly and you noticed his tone yet lean body glistening with sweat. You swore you already saw heaven just by looking at him but when the light hit him perfectly, you noticed all the scars he had all over his body. Your heart was yearning for him while your pussy wanted his cock, you were very conflicted of how to take this. The scars he had look deep but you were taken out of your haze when you heard him moaning. 

He was just in his boxers having his hand playing with his cock. You could see him slowly stroking it through the fabric and your body was going to lose it. When you notice the bulge growing bigger, you let out a soft moan just imaging it plunging inside you. “Do you want my cock baby? Does your pussy want to feel how my cock slowly stretches you out?” He was tilting his head back a little moaning in pleasure with just his own hand. He grabbed the hem of his boxers and slowly pulled it down and you noticed his pre cum on his v-line and another moaned escaped from your mouth. You were losing control you needed to touch yourself, to relieve yourself from the pleasure he was making build up inside of you. He kept lowering his boxers till his whole cock sprung out. 

“Holy fuck” you whimpered impressed with his length. You were like a dog panting for its treat. He kept stroking himself and the room was starting to fill with pleasured moans and pants. You envied him of how he can have his release. “Fuck (y/n) go faster baby please” he started to stroke his length even faster and you swore to the lord almighty you were going to fucking lose it if he continue talking the way he is. “(y/n) please, fuck please make me feel good, tease me baby please” and he started to slow down and only rub his tip gently. The moans coming out of your mouth was unintentional but the growing pit in your stomach was becoming too much. He noticed you closing your eyes and how your skin was flushed with just a hint of pink everywhere on your body. Your nipples were erect and ready to be sucked on. 

His cock was already twitching and you knew he was going to cum and you were waiting for his v line and abs to glisten with his seed. You were just imagine how good his skin mixed with seed will taste. However, your dream was shattered when he stopped his own orgasm to walk slowly towards you with his erect cock. God he looked beautiful. He kneeled down infront of you biting your inner thighs harshly and you let out a sharp shriek.

 “(Y/N) IS THAT YOU!!! WHERE ARE YOU !!!!?? WE ARE GOING TO LIGHT UP THE CHRISTMAS TREE SOON AND THEN THERE WILL BE FIREWORKS HURRY UP LETS GO ILL WAIT FOR YOU BY THE TREE” you heard Saeyoung screamed but thankfully he ran off not wanting to miss the fireworks. 

 Your mind was brought back to reality when you felt hot kisses being trailed up your inner thighs. “ I wish you a merry christmas” he sang while kissing your inner thigh, giving it one big lick “I wish you a merry christmas” and he slid his tongue all the way to your pussy lips “And a haaappyyy new” he licked your panties and you felt the tip of his tongue play with your clit through the cloth. “Hahahahaaaha” you looked down at him and notice his sunset eyes turn darker. 

“Let the games begin”

CYOSTODA-Dean Picks Truth

Our fearless leader, @littlegreenplasticsoldier started us off with Part 1 here

@gemini75eeyore followed with part 2 here

@deandoesthingstome came next with part 3 here

@klaineaholic part 4 is here

Characters: Sam, Dean, Leah, Y/N

Setting: Another no-tell motel, Crappsville, USA

Dean doesn’t respond at first so you say his name, louder this time. “Dean!”

“Huh?” He mumbles, looking dazed.

You look over at him, and you realize Dean Winchester is looking at you like he’s seeing you for the very first time.

You know how he feels. You have crossed some invisible line with the boys tonight, and there is no going back.

“Truth or Dare, Dean.” You whisper, still feeling his hand on your ass, and you bite back the moan that threatens to spill out.

You look over at Sam and he smirks at you, his knowing eyes hot and teasing. “Yeah Dean. Truth or Dare?”

Dean stalls, indecisive. Truth has always served him well, but the dares have been pretty hot so far. Dare. He’d choose dare. But Y/N was sneaky.

The horrific vision of him running around the room naked clucking like a chicken suddenly popped into his head. “Truth, I choose truth.” He blurts out before he can change his mind.

“Truth, huh?” Y/N says, and Dean knows by her tone he’s in trouble.

You turn and wink at Leah. Then pausing a moment to think, you lean forward, lick your lips and say to Dean, “so what’s your favorite thing when it comes to oral sex?”

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trusting-my-insanity  asked:

So I'm gonna be that person, since I'm currently Swapfell Trash, how would the SF skelebros react to their crush seeing them without a shirt?

(*I was wondering if anyone would notice they weren’t in the last one. xD  Here’s a bonus with the SF!bros from the S/O sees the skeleguys shirtless imagine. )


You call for Sans, but he doesn’t answer, so you go upstairs to his bedroom and knock.  

Still no answer.

You know better than to waltz into his bedroom without permission, so you’re about to just turn on your heel and go find Papyrus, but.. as soon as you take a step, you hear “COME IN!” from the other side of the door.

Well, okay.  

You walk inside to discover Blackberry sans-shirt and sprawled across his bed (*which resembles the Death Star, by the way–yeah, strap in because this is now my SF!Sans bed canon).  As soon as he spots you, he lets out a stage gasp.  "HUMAN! YOU CAUGHT ME IN THE MIDDLE OF CHANGING!“

Uh.. “But you said to c–”


You stare.  Mostly because you’re confused, but also because you’re interested in his bones and he’s not moving to hide them beneath a sheet or anything.  


It doesn’t sound like a question, and you’re unsure how to answer.  Is he trying to give you control? That’s not really his style.  There must be something more to this.

“OR.. MAYBE NOW THAT YOU HAVE OOGLED ME FOR SO LONG, WE SHOULD MAKE THINGS EVEN.”  He stands up from the bed and crosses the room, his grin suddenly seeming devilish.  When he reaches you, his fingers reach out to grip the hem of your shirt.  

There it is; there’s the “something more.”  You can choose to pry his fingers away or let him divest you of your shirt, but either way, you’re going to end up making out with Sans on that Death Star bed.  That’s a fact.


You spent another night on the Swapfell brothers’ couch and wake up to the terrible smell of.. breakfast burritos.  You groan, rolling over and burying your face in the cushion in an effort to block out the scent.  You don’t know if you can stomach Sans’s cooking this early in the morning.  


“There will be even if we are,” you mumble under your breath, pushing yourself off the couch.


“I said, okay!” you call back, marching toward the stairs.  You’re a little grouchy when you first wake up, especially after sleeping on that lumpy couch, so you swing open your bonefriend’s door without even knocking.  "Hey, Pap, ti–“

Your voice cuts off.  He’s sleeping shirtless on his mattress, a single sheet half tangled around his legs, half pooled in the floor.  From the look on his face, it doesn’t seem like his sleep has been peaceful, but you’re honestly too busy staring at his ribcage.  You had always wondered what he would look like without that fluffy jacket and sweater, and you’re not disappointed.  You find yourself drawing closer, gravitating toward his bed, all the while holding your breath lest one wrong move wake him.  

Your fingers move of their own accord, stretching out toward the exposed bone.  You can see little cracks, little scars marring the ribs, bulging ossifications across a few spots that seem to have healed crooked.  As much as you want to trace your fingertips across each spot, each imperfection, you also want to desperately hug him, as if that could retroactively take away whatever pain he endured in the harsh Underground. 

Your hand is barely an inch away when you notice his eyesockets are wide open, and he’s watching you with a guarded expression.  "Shit, ‘rus!” you gasp, quickly withdrawing your hand and stumbling back.  Your heel catches on a discarded shirt on the floor, and you slip backwards with a tiny shriek, prepared to land unceremoniously on your ass, but.. the impact never comes.  Instead, Papyrus has teleported to catch you, one arm around your shoulders, the other grabbing one of your flailing hands.  

“you ok?” His concern gives way to a slight lazy grin. “you’re actin’ kinda cagey there, darlin’.”

“Y-yeah, sorry! I just..”  Your gaze starts to slide back down to his ribcage, but you manage to correct yourself and meet his gaze again.  "I came to get you for breakfast..“  Your voice sounds tiny suddenly, and his grin widens a bit.  

"ok, thanks.”  He lets you go, and you realize your face is absolutely burning.  Quickly, you turn around and leave his room, and in the next moment, you realize he’s following you.

Still shirtless.

Breakfast is awkward, and he wears a shit-eating grin the entire time.

  • pairing: soryu oh x MC.
  • rating: mature.
  • word count: ~3700.
  • requested by: anon.
  • content notice: oral on both sides, soryu popping mc’s cherry :<)
  • a/n: you requested super fluffy soryu smut, & MC having her first time with him was the first thing that came to mind. i hope that works for you, though it turned out a bit more spicy than i’d intended lol. enjoy~

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The Park with Daddy

One morning, my daddy comes into my room and tells we he is taking me for a walk in the park. He lays out my clothes and tells me he will be back soon, so to get ready. I am excited, because I don’t get to go out with my Daddy often. He says I am his special girl but doesn’t want to share me yet. Daddy left me a loose cotton dress that dips really low in front, but no panties. I get ready quickly, making extra sure I am my best for my Daddy. I don’t want him to be embarrassed with me and not take me out again. When daddy comes back, he tells me to bend over on my bed because he wants me to wear his jewelry. I am unsure of this, but he tells me not to worry, as I will love it and he would never hurt his special girl. I feel wet dripping on my tiny hole then pressure and something large feels like it is splitting me open, then slides deep. I feel so full and tell daddy this as he lifts me to my feet. You will get used to it. It is time to start your extra special training. As we walk down the stairs, I start feeling wetness dripping from Daddy’s special place and am embarrassed because Daddy hasn’t touched me yet. When he puts me in the car and buckles me in, the thing slides deeper and I can’t help but close my eyes and moan. When I open my eyes, Daddy is smiling at me. I knew you would love wearing my jewelry he says. When he gets in the car, he reaches over and lifts my dress so he can see his special place. Then he spreads my legs wide and sees how wet I am. Yes, yes, you like it, don’t you baby girl? Yes Daddy, I do.

We arrive at the park and daddy helps me out of the car, smoothing my dress down my legs. He takes my hand and we start walking on the path. There are trees everywhere close to the path and benches also. Daddy pulls me off to the side and says he just can’t wait any longer. He touches my shoulder which means he wants me on my knees, ready to please him. I smile so big, because I love pleasing my daddy. I love how big his cock is and when it fills my throat. Daddy grabs my pony tail and starts fucking my open mouth, being sure to slide down my throat often. I am sitting back on my feet, so every time he does this, it pushes my foot into his jewelry which makes me moan and suck harder. I can feel Daddy start to swell and anticipate the taste of him but then as he starts to cum in my throat but pulls out mid stream and cums all over my pussy. He puts me back on my feet and we start walking again, my dress is stuck to the front of my pussy and his cum is dripping down my thighs. He walks with his hand on my back holding my dress up showing off his jewelry to anyone who walks by. My dress has a deep V in it and when I walk, it slides to each side showing my hard perky nipples
As we continue on our walk, we meet another older man knows my Daddy. As they stop to catch up, a few minutes later, my daddy pushes me to my knees in front of his friend. I know what to do, because I can see how hard his friend is behind his pants. I take out his cock and begin sucking him off. It’s so big and thick. My daddy tells me if I do a good job and make his friend happy he might let him fuck me!

I want to please my Daddy, so of course I try my best. I open my throat and take him deep until you can see his head bulging my throat. My daddy grabs my pony tail and holds me there, a smile on his face, so proud. The mans cock throbs in my throat as I swallow hard holding the friends cock in. Good girl he says. Then tells me to let go.
I do, then he picks me up and bends me over the bench, I am still dripping my daddy’s cum from earlier as his friend slides deep in my pussy. His cock pushes against Daddy’s jewelry making it extra snug. He only lasts a short time before he blows and fills my pussy up again. Daddy is so proud of me. He helps me to my feet, making sure to push my dress down and against my pussy. As we walk away from Daddy’s friend, he reminds him about the poker game that night. His friend says he would miss it.

We walk a little longer and run into another one of Daddy’s friends. As they are talking, I start wandering away looking at the pretty flowers. I know I’m not supposed to do this, but I forgot. The next thing I know, I am being bent over Daddy’s knees and spanked hard for disobeying him. I am crying out, embarrassed because Daddy’s friend is watching all of this. When daddy sets me on my feet, he tells me that he was going to let me play with my puppy when we got home if I was good, but now he isn’t. Daddy please! I will do anything to make it up to you. I am so sorry, I was just bored waiting while you talked. Bored, he says? Yes, Daddy. I will give you something to do. He bends me over the bench and without warning, his friend slams his huge cock in my pussy. Daddy is big, but his friend was a lot bigger! It hurt and as I opened my mouth to scream, Daddy’s cock was shoved so deep down my throat, I could do nothing but swallow! Then, I felt a hand slap my ass with another spanking. It was Daddy, but I heard Daddy’s friend tell him that I might need a bit more discipline and my daddy agreed! No no no, I am thinking! The next thing I know, I am being filled with so much cum and swallowing Daddy’s cum as fast as I can. But Daddy pulls out half way and sprays my breast and face with his cum. As his friend is pulling out, he tells my daddy his jewel is nice. Daddy says that’s the winning prize at poker tonight. He says he will be there for sure. They part ways with a handshake and we continue our walk.

I have my head down, when daddy pulls my ponytail back. Be proud you are on my arm baby girl. Yes Daddy, I say. With cum dripping down my legs, on my face and on my breasts. Daddy spreads open my top showing my perky hard nipples. My daddy is smiling as we walk, he taps on his jewelry, reminding me it’s there. We seem to be at the end of our walk, when we run into one of his coworkers. Daddy starts to put me behind him, when the guy says, no no, it’s okay. I know and approve. I am working on my own right now. They start talking about different scenarios and how to ease into things when daddy asks if he would like to see how I please him. Oh yes, the coworker says. Daddy touches my shoulder and I drop to my knees waiting for him to give me permission. Wow the guy says, then daddy nods and I open him up and swallow him deep. Daddy groans and let’s me play! I am hungry for my daddy so I try extra hard to get his juice fast. When it comes, I moan in ecstasy and I love the taste of my daddy so much! When he pulls me off I am licking my lips. Then daddy pulls me up and asks his friend if he wants to try me out? The guys eyes are wide open? Are you sure? As he his nodding yes. Daddy bends me over and the guy looks at my raw and gaping pussy dripping with cum. He fumbles quickly undoing his pants and then slides in with a groan! OMG she feel so good! I’m not going to last long. Daddy chuckles and says neither did the others. Can I, can I cum in her. Daddy laughs and says be my guest. He unloads the most cum out of all of them. Daddy mentions this and the guy says he was saving it up for when he got his own girl, but he couldn’t resist me. Then daddy invites him to the poker game that night. He says he will be there!

As we are walking out of the park, daddy tells me he is pleased with me and my behavior. We get to the car and he puts me in, buckling me up safe. On the ride home as daddy is playing with my wet pussy, he tells me I can play with my puppy when we get home. I squeal so excited. Bouncing on the seat, I say thank you thank you thank you daddy! We pull in at home and he gets me out and through the door. He whistles for Rex, our large German shepherd, who comes running and sits right in front of us. Daddy gives another command to Rex and he starts licking my pussy clean as I begin to orgasm and squirt onto Rex’s tongue. Then daddy takes me into the living room to the large pillow on the floor. I kneel down, ass in the air. I ask daddy about his jewelry and he says I need to be stretched, so it stays in. Then he gives Rex another command and he mounts me. I sigh in happiness, because I love the feel of Rex fucking me so deep and sliding his huge softball sized knot into my pussy. Then his hot puppy cum fills up my pussy, but his knot locks it in so none can come out. This time though, I scream because Daddy’s jewelry is so big and Rex’s knot is as well. Daddy pets my hair and tells me to relax and be his special girl. Yes Daddy, I will. Rex stays knotted and I feel his hot cum filling me full. I sigh again, because it feels so good. Once knotted, daddy tells me he has to go set things up for tonight. He leaves and while Rex is knotted, Rex and I kiss. I love feeling his tongue slide over mine, it also makes his knot push a little deeper each time. Just when daddy is returning, Rex is slipping out of me. I feel sad, but I am tired. Daddy takes me to my bath and tells me to relax and rest, he has a big night planned for me. Smiling, I can only say, yes Daddy.

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why are you looking at me like that. come on, i love you, you know that–oh, why are you pointing that gun/sword/knife/blaster/etc. at me. put it…put it down nice and gently. i love you, please don’t do this. put it down. you’re not in you’re right mind, they’re controlling you, pLEASE DON’T KILL ME. I LOVE YOU. COME ON, PLEASE PUT IT DOWN YOU’RE SCARING ME THIS ISN’T YOU prompt with jason?

Warnings: Heavy Violence. Read at your own risk.

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how's minor trio cocks?

The sin is back, gurl! See you all in hell!

How do minor trio’s dicks look like? (NSFW)


  • Do identical twins have identical dicks? Not necessarily, especially if you consider growing in different environments.
  • But the difference shouldn’t be that huge (lolol)
  • So this dick is also a short thick guy
  • But not as veiny as his brother’s
  • And the curvature downwards is way more noticeable
  • Don’t ask me what environment conditions made those differences possible, tho


  • The tall messy guy
  • Pretty long, not that thick
  • The shaft and head are same-sized, kinda like a pencil
  • Uncut
  • It’s messy because of the great curvature, so it wiggles a lot towards every direction when it’s getting hard
  • Yeah… not that impressive, but we can’t say the same about his tongue and fingers


  • Ohohoho, this dick is such a show off
  • Even with his underwear on, you can see a pretty impressive bulge
  • The head is slightly bigger than the shaft, but it doesn’t look like a mushroom or anything
  • Cut, and the fact that he shaves everything (because he’s so neat) only makes it look bigger
  • Slightly veiny, and pretty curved downwards
  • It works great for basically every position (yes, you’ve tried a lot of them to know that)
Ivar the Boneless - One Shot

Ivar x Reader/Slave

Warning: NSFW, Pure Smut

“It is your turn”, the other slave whispers into your ear as you both stand hesitantly before the door,

“It is Alva’s turn, not mine”, you hiss back

“Alva is not here, and I did it last time. It is your turn” she turns and scurries away from the Great Hall, leaving you no choice.

You walk inside, keeping your head bowed low as you collect the last of the empty chalices and plates from the feast that had been held that night. He sits at the top of the Hall, in the throne, as he does most nights. You had seen him crawl inside after everyone else had left, and you had heard the stories of how cruel Ivar could be if a slave stared at him for too long, or simply in a way that was displeasing to him.

You try to pretend he isn’t there as you balance the stoneware in your arms, but it is easier said than done when you can feel his eyes burning into your skin.

“What is your name?”

His voice sounds suddenly through the silence, making you jump, and you gasp as the plates crash loudly to the ground. You crouch on the floor and try to quickly gather the plates up, forgetting Ivar had spoken to you.

“I asked you a question, slave”

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