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So I was supposed to post this like a week ago but my computer decided to break down because I have awesome luck. 

Anyways, this is based off of @parfaitperi‘s How to Train Your Dragon au which is absolutely splendid and I love it a lot so please go check it out here.

I don’t know why people jumped ship because of a gunshot Ed clearly regretted. I wouldn’t have jumped ship even if Ed had full-willingly purchased a neon green bazooka and laughed maniacally while shooting it off in Oswald’s general direction.


so my brother and I came to an agreement that this year I’m gonna give up tumblr for lent. i’m leaving the blog as of tomorrow in the “capable” hands of my brother until april 13th. I’ve informed him that he needs to tag stuff if he reblogs any posts and he will make sure to like all the posts I’m mentioned in so that I can take a look when I come back! (and yes feel free to send messages to him bc he really looks forward to talking to you all without me sitting there lol)

mutuals if you wanna keep contact my twitter is tobiohchans and you can message me directly for my kik or snapchat if you want it!! thank you and see you soon!!! this message will be reblogged a few times i’m sorry!

Why Bad Shit Makes The Face Of A Fandom

Or, Why Sturgeon’s Law seems to be a thing in the first place. 

In a small fandom-of say six people- if one person starts being a dick, then it’s still small enough for the other five to just say “we’re gonna play with our toys elsewhere and we don’t want to hang out with you.” and they go on their merry ways still enjoying themselves.

But when your fandom is twelve people, suddenly theres two assholes who are making bad content and being jerks, and theyre sharing it with each other. And while theyre isolated from the other ten, now theyre self sustaining. One asshole gets bored of being an asshole eventually if theres no one to make upset or to humor him. Two assholes are self-perpetuating.

By the time you reach 600 people in a group theres a hundred assholes all sharing content and making the other 500 have to look at what they produce. And all of it might not even be bad, so to the untrained eye they don’t even look like assholes. Then there’s good people suddenly eating up what they produce because they don’t know what to look for, because not all of it is bad. Because what these assholes lack in quality and decency they make up for in being REALLY FUCKING LOUD until shit becomes the baseline for Major Fandom Content.

I call this “Reverse Sturgeon’s Law”. Sturgeon’s Law dictates that 90% of anything is garbage but that 10% is worth dying for. Reverse Sturgeon’s Law dictates that only approx. 17% can be garbage but it makes the other 83% not worth your time. That 17% of bad is REALLY LOUD, so it actually drowns out all the good, and suddenly 100 people making asses of themselves and each other, and trying to hurt other people, starts looking a whole lot like 600. 

i was freaking out the entire time

anonymous asked:

hey! i think you've mentioned that you've moved around a bit in life and i was just wondering how you've dealt with friendships and other relationships (family etc) when moving? do you keep old friends, do you make lots of new friends in the new place, how does it work? thank you so much!

the only thing I think that had an effect on my friendship skills because we were always moving around every year or so and going to lots of different schools is that I don’t really invest too much in friendships most of the time, because I never really had to. I have a few very dear friends who I’ll always love and be there for, but that’s after a long struggle of learning how to actually invest in friendships. So I’m more of a quality than quantity person lmao.


I decided to mess around with some screenshots from the plane cutscene and now I kind of regret it