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  • Me: I love Arizona Robbins and Calliope Torres. I am obsessed with Calzona even though it's no longer current.
  • Also me: I love Arizona Robbins and Eliza Minnick. I am obsessed with Ariliza (or whatever ship name you call Arizona x Eliza).
  • Any questions?

I’m not sure how to respond to multiple replies simultaneously and I feel horribly awkward bringing attention to myself and my feelings even when acknowledging that my blog should be my own space. But I just wanted to thank you all (instead of disappearing as per my usual) for caring enough to comfort me over a vaguely worded text post. I’ve been incredibly depressed for the past few weeks- accounting for lack of posts lately- that I was overwhelmed that you’d be concerned with a random stranger (especially me, who interacts so rarely on this site that I don’t come off very friendly). I knew it was something incredibly trivial to be upset over, especially being so ambiguous, but with so many simultaneous doubts, I kind of just broke down crying. Embarassingly, I’m still kind of upset haha, but much better for your words.

gosh you guys are so nice ; - ;

I’m working on reaching out to people more, although I feel more hesitant than ever to initiate conversations, so I hope to actually get to know you all this time around :’)!

so, get out was amazing - very well done, very creative, jordan peele is gonna go farther than he already was with his very productive career in comedy, daniel kaluuya is amazing and i can’t wait to see more of his career (also great american accent) - it’s a great story and very well directed 

for people who aren’t big on horror and want to see it, there are a few jumpscares but they’re no used excessively or cheaply and all the more gore elements are shot in a way that you know what is happening but you’re not seeing explicit gore 

Little underrated Perc’ahlia detail from last week:

Percy initiates The Treasury Moment by calling Vex “little elf girl.” Vex chuckles in response, because she knew it was a joke, but then warns him about “the danger zone.” To which he responds by immediately dropping the gag and moving on to his much more enjoyable proposition. 

It’s such a nice “show don’t tell” moment. That little exchange is really all you need to see to know that they’ve talked about their relationship and boundaries and how to let each other know what’s Too Far and how Too Far it is without using more than a few words.


Welp… It was funny until it got too serious… Oh well. I’m sorry @somefreespirits but I kinda had to. I would NEVER want to have smex with you tho, ew. Sorry to @smolkittyxoxo too if she thought an anon was flirting real hard with her gf. I literally laugh my ass off for an hour tho.

Thanks to my lil’ sis for not blowing up my cover tho. We really laughed our ass off until it became too much serious 😂.

Annoying Anon : @msatrash
The Anon eating popcorns : @xxchayloxx