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Everyday (Negan One shot)

I definitely recommend giving “Everyday” by Ariana Grande a listen while reading this! Afterall it was the inspiration! lol Enjoy!

“Anytime I’m alone, I can’t help thinking about you
All I want, all I need, all I see, it’s just me and you”

Chelsea gazed out the window anxiously awaited his return to get back from yet another supply run. She couldn’t help but continue to think back to an earlier conversation between her and Sherry.

When she took up Negans proposal of being his wife, she politely demanded that she’d still be allowed to do her own laundry. Even before the apocalypse, she wasn’t comfortable with someone else handling her clothes. Call it a quirk. And now as she folded the last of her dry garments, she felt someone sit down next to her, Sherry. Chelsea and Sherry had an oddly endearing relationship. Looking over at the lovely brunette, she waited for her to speak.

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Request: Couple Fights and Blowhorns

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You were rather spiteful.
The guard could see why you and Caius were together, you both enjoyed the luxury of cruelty. However it was like being in the crossfire when you two fought. They hoped to avoid you more than him. You often liked to go out your way to make his life hell when you two fought. This was one of those times.
Not to be misleading, you showed kindness behind stern words. You were prickly and very new.
You hadn’t been around long and so the guard gave you the benefit of the doubt. Not even the twins were an exception to your attitude unlike Caius. This immediately made you the meaner one of the two.

Afton and Chelsea muttered slightly as they headed to your room.
It was their turn to watch you and do what you said. They knocked on the open door and saw you sat at your desk writing away. No one knew what you were doing, not even Caius knew what you did.
Well- except Aro but not even what he saw the sense. Your eyes flickered to them briefly before continuing.
“My name is (Y/N) (L/N), and before you dare say it you will not call me ‘mistress’. I am no one’s ‘mistress’ in any sense of the word and it makes me sound old. (Y/N), is fine or hell even ‘miss’ since the last few struggled with that.” Afton and Chelsea looked at each other in shock with the sudden dominance you held within the conversation.
“Pleasure to meet you miss, I am Afton and this is my mate Chelsea.”
You looked up again, eyes narrowing. “Have we met already?”
“Somewhat, you threw a book at us the first time.” Chelsea said.
“Oh, did I hurt you?” You suddenly seemed interested- perhaps in concern?
“No, no.” Chelsea smiled at Afton who returned the smile.
“Damn, well, there’s always next time.” You smiled.
Or perhaps you weren’t concerned at all.
“Word of warning, I won’t be remembering your names as of yet as I don’t seem it necessary. It’s not personal, it’s that I don’t care and don’t know who I will be seeing regularly. Well- except for two, those twins. So you,” you pointed at Chelsea. “You will be thing One and you,” you pointed at Afton “will be thing Two.”
The meeting was formal, business like and extremely uncomfortable -yet oddly familiar.
This was how they treated humans, now this human was treating them the same. “Now, Caius sent you to watch me however im not playing his games today. So now that we’ve finished introductions, you can bring me those twins.” They nodded and turned away.
“I don’t like them.” Chelsea whispered.
“Prickly is not the word for them.” Afton muttered.
“Hold it.”
The two froze and turned around.
“I may be human but I’m not deaf. You may want to learn how to lower your voices efficiently because I can hear you perfectly. Now you are idiot one and two. You two can also take the rest of the day off. How generous am I?“ You smirked before waving them off.
“I love them.” Chelsea said much lower.
“They’re great!” Afton grinned also lower.
You smiled slightly, they’ll get the hang of it eventually.

The twins stood at the doorway, staring at you.
“Already making impressions by not making your presence known and staring as though you’re entitled to being noticed. Whilst my mate and his brothers may tolerate it-i will not. You’ve lost brownie points.” You said before turning to the twins. “So, I decided that I wanted to meet you two today and so here we are. Don’t bother giving me names, I have no intention of remembering them. Lets just agree that you don’t torture me then I won’t torture you.”
The twins nodded slowly. “We are not permitted to hurt you to begin with.” Jane said fighting back anger of being talked down to by a human.
“Then life should be easy for you two. So, it’s no secret that I am fighting with Caius and I am really mad. You two are coming with me. Oh and before any protest, no you will not be punished for following my command.”
You went into your wardrobe bringing out a horn. “This is my ‘irritated horn’. I blow it when I get irritated. We’re doing rounds. But first nick names. You two are blondie and sassy- I’m sure you can figure out who is who.”
You turned to Alec. “Before you question your name, don’t think I don’t hear how you speak to the lower guards. Now roll onto my mate. I know him, you know him. He’s been talking. It’s no secret we’re fighting. Boohoo. Now why are we fighting?“
“You disagree.” Jane answered.
“Blondie, vague answers get you nowhere.”
“Because our master wants to follow routine by having you in the tower as to which you refuse.”
“Sassy stole the point, now why did I protest?”
“Because you were born in modern era which embarks on equality rights for women just as men. You also believe in independent, strong women who live by their choice and not in conformity of the rules your partner. Therefore you explaining your issue with our masters demands.”
“Behind every mother is a strong woman. Well done, Blondie stole the win. Now, let’s go.“

The first the trio saw was Felix, who was tormenting the secretary. You lifted the blow horn and the twins winced at the noise. Felix looked at you.
“BFG, you have better things to do than torment our receptionist, get to it.”
You moved forward to the receptionist, taking her pen and scribbling on a sticky note. You stuck it to her head and walked off. The receptionist peeled off the note and read the words. ‘i will not flirt with guards.’

The twins were very uncomfortable to witness you purposefully move Caius’ stuff to the most unthinkable places and simply because you could. You then marched into the throne room, right up to Caius.
“Get up, please.”
He did so with a scowl before being startled as you dragged his throne out of place.
“What on earth are you doing!?”
“You’re talking crap about our problems to the guard and everyone else in this castle? Then don’t mind me as I inconvenience you.”
“This is ridiculous.”
“Maybe, but now you’ll see how I feel when you go fishing out our problems for the world to hear. We’re not a perfect couple, I’m sorry, but you are deluded if you think I’m going to sit back and watch as you gossip about me to everyone here.”
“You say as though you are a saint and you don’t disrespect the guard.”
“Oh I do, sweetheart. Let’s not pretend you’re much better.“

Julian Albert One Shot

Julian Albert One Shot: Imagine being Barry’s sister and even though Julian doesn’t like your brother he somehow falls in love with you.

Julian Albert x Reader

“I brought coffee and donuts” Chelsea announced as she entered the lab with two steaming cups of coffee and a box. She placed them on Julian’s desk and sighed disappointed at his empty chair.

-Looking for me?-she heard his brother’s voice speaking from his desk.

-You wish, dumbass-she laughed as she turned around to face him-Have you seen Julian?-

-Why do you want to see him?-he asked frowning. - -I have to speak with him about the last case, the judge has request the report-

-And you bring coffee and donuts?-he sighed-Chelsea…-

-I know, I know….you are going to give me the big bro speech now right?-

-Of course not!!I know you can take care of yourself, you have always been able to, since we were young, what I mean is that he is my co-worker and I hate him-

-I know Barry, but he is so hot and he has that superiority aura when he is talking and let’s not speak about his British accent-she sighed dreamily biting her lip-he turns me on-

Chelsea had been dating Julian three months now but she didn’t know how to tell his brother so she was trying to make him accept that she liked him. She preferred his brother to think that she only wanted to have sex with him, not that she had fallen in love.

-Chelsea that’s disgusting-he exclaimed with a disgusted face-And this is exactly why I don’t want you to talk to him-

-I don’t care what you think big brother, I like him and you aren’t stopping me from flirting with him-

-Flirting with who?-said a British voice from the door.

-Julian-Chelsea’s smile brightened when she greeted the blonde British man. -Chelsea, you are here for the report, am I wrong?-

-Exactly, the judge needs it-

-Here you have-he said as he handed it to her-Is that coffee?-

-Yes-she she shook her hair playfully as she approached his desk-I bought it for you and some donuts if you are hungry-

He smiled -Thank you Chelsea-

-So….how is everything going?-she sat at his desk and started a random conversation with him. She heard her brother groan behind her.

-Not bad actually but I’ve being having some problems with the latest cases, the meta humans are getting more complicated-

-I heard something at the office-she mumbled distracted.

-I cannot keep watching it anymore-Barry said as he left the lab.

-Finally-she sighed in relief and walked towards him and sat in his lap.

-I thought he would never leave-said Julian before kissing her.

She wrapped her arms around his neck-I love my brother but sometimes he is like a child-

-I hate him, I can’t see any similarities between you two-

-I can’t neither-she said as she started playing with the buttons of his shirt.

Not here darling, your brother could come in any moment-he smirked and kissed her slowly.

-I don’t care-she whispered against his skin, kissing his neck.

-NO WAY-Barry’s voice screamed from the door.

-Barry!!-she exclaimed

-Allen!!-Julian said

-I should have known-he hissed-How long has been this going on?-

-Three months-Chelsea slowly started to get up from her spot in Julian’s lap

-And you didn’t tell me-

-I wanted to! But I know you hate Julian…- -She didn’t want you to get mad at her- Julian explained.

-Shut up, Albert. You were snogging MY little sister in MY lab. No one asked your opinion- Barry looked like he was going to hit Julian.

-Don’t you dare talk to him like that Barry!!-Chelsea went forward his brother and confronted him even though he was taller.-It was my fault, I was the one who started flirting with him.I met him the first time I came to talk about the case. We talked about politics and your incompetence at work. I liked him since that. The next day I came, he asked me to take a drink, and this is how all started-she explained his brother.

While she explained it Julian had placed his arm around her waist.-I knew I loved her since I first saw her, she was so independent and strong minded, she wasn’t scared to say her opinion. Not to mention how sexy she is-he smiled lovingly and kissed her cheek-She walked through the door like she owned the whole world-

Barry sighed, he knew he couldn’t go against his sister desires, she always got what she wanted since she was a child.

-I actually understand it-he started slowly-My sister has dated more boys than I can remember, many different kinds of boys but all of them were gits. At least you are a git with money-

-Barry!!-she laughed-you should really try to get to know him, he is amazing when he isn’t rambling about how perfect he is-

-I’ll take it as a compliment-said Julian with his cute British accent while he crossed his arms.

-I love you dork-she laughed and kissed him.

He immediately put his arms around her waist and kissed her back.

-Puag-Barry said with a disgusting face-I think I’m gonna go and let you two enjoy..whatever you want to do-

He stopped at the door-Take care of her, Albert-

-Don’t worry, Allen. I don’t intend to lose her-

You Make Me Wanna

Reid x reader

You make me wanna leave the one I’m with
Start a new relationship with you
This is what you do
Think about her and all the things that come along with
You make me
You make me

You’d had that song stuck in your head on repeat for the past six weeks. You knew what had triggered it and you just wanted it to fuck off. Everytime you found yourself humming it, you felt yourself getting more and more confused. It was like the damn song was mocking you.

You’d been singing it at work earning strange looks from Spencer, and you’d been singing it when you were at Chelsea’s apartment, earning curious looks from her.

“Didn’t know you were an Usher fan?” she’d asked you one night, wrapping her arms around your waist as you washed the dishes together.

“He’s okay….” you’d shrugged her off, feigning a headache and that you needed to be at work early the next day and heading off to bed.

You didn’t technically need to be there early, but Spencer was always there at least an hour before everyone else was so you’d started going in at the same time so you could spend longer with him away from the team.

Which was bad.

So bad.

You told yourself that it was just because you didn’t get to spend that much time alone with him now and that you missed your best friend. But you knew you were lying to yourself. And you were lying to Chelsea. And to an extent, you were lying to Spencer as well. Your mornings together were no longer full of the fun and witty banter, they were a tinged with a slight awkwardness. But you still couldn’t stop yourself going in early and everytime you did Spencer was waiting for you with your favourite coffee and pastry ready for you. He couldn’t stop either.

It wasn’t like you were doing anything wrong by spending time together. Not technically.


When did this all get so fucking complicated?

Rossi’s annual fourth of July party, that’s when. Chelsea hadn’t been able to make it, she’d been called away on a business trip. So you and Spencer had ridden there together, sharing a cab there and home again.

You’d invited him in for a night cap and you’d lounged on your couch together, your head in his lap. You’d carried on drinking, watching crappy late night movies together and you both fell asleep. When you woke up later, you’d managed to twist positions and you were lying side by side. With just the light from the TV you’d found yourself studying his face, his eyes searching yours. There’d been no words between you, but you suddenly found yourself pressing your body against his, your hand tracing his jaw bone, his own hand lightly skimming up and down your arm causing your hairs to stand on end.

This was your best friend, the person that had introduced you to your girlfriend of eighteen months. She’d been a member of a book club he was part of and Spencer had known that you were bi, it wasn’t a secret.

This was the man you bitched about her to when things got a bit rough, the person you made you laugh so hard that you cried. He was the person you knew you could count on out in the field, who would come and hug you when a case had gotten too hard.

In the three years you and Spencer Reid had known each other, you’d become the best of friends. You’d learned everything about each other and had become each others rocks. You could tell him anything.

Yet that night on your couch there was one thing you couldn’t tell him. And that was that at the particular moment, you’d wanted nothing more than to press your lips to his and to kiss him. From the look he was giving you and the stroking of your arm, it seemed he was having the same thoughts. You’d lain together for what seemed like an age, just looking at each other, your breathing growing heavy as you both waited.

Nothing happened. You didn’t end up banging each other. You didn’t even kiss. But there’d been a connection there deeper than friendship. You’d communicated with each other through the small actions of your bodies that night. His fingers trailing on your arm, you gently caressing his jaw, his eyes closing as you ran your thumb over his stubble.

It was….weirdly intense. But that small moment had changed everything.

Before anything came between us
You were like my best friend
The one I used to run and talk to when me and my
Girl was having problems (that’s right)
You used to say it would be okay
Suggest little nice things I should do
And when I go home at night and lay my head down
All I seem to think about is you
And how you make me wanna

Since that moment, all you could think about was what Spencer would be like as a boyfriend. You weren’t picturing him between your legs or anything like that. Not all the time at least, although there had been one heated night alone in your bed where you may have let your imagination run wild.

You were imagining going home with him and curling up on the couch. Taking him home to meet your friends and family, spending holidays with him. You were imagining him doing everything you and Chelsea would be doing together. And in your imagination, you were happy. So fucking happy.

You weren’t certain of what exactly was going through his head, but you knew him well enough to know that SOMETHING was. His eyes would linger on you for longer and when you’d sit next to each other on the jet or in the meeting room, he’d press his leg against yours or find some reason to touch you.

And then you’d heard that bastard song on the radio one day. And the whole song resonated with you.

You make me wanna leave the one I’m with
Start a new relationship with you
This is what you do
Think about her and all the things that come along with
You make me
You make me

Spencer and you needed to talk about this. And soon. But you didn’t know how to approach the subject, what to even say?

“Hi, I know we’ve been friends for years and currently I’m in a relationship with someone you introduced me to, but I’m fairly certain I love you and I think you might feel the same?”


That was not how to do this.

But you had to something. It wasn’t fair on anyone, especially not Chelsea.

Things hadn’t been great recently, even before that moment on the couch. You’d been drifting apart, not spending as much time with her as before. And now, when you were with her you wished you weren’t.

You couldn’t even pin point what was wrong, it just wasn’t the same anymore. But you couldn’t bring yourself to do anything about it. You both kept trying to make it work, because you did still love her. She was a great girl and for the most part, your relationship had been great. She was kind and considerate, funny and loving, and the sex was unbelievable.

Except you hadn’t let her near you since that moment on the couch and that was six weeks ago. You didn’t dare. You couldn’t trust yourself not to close your eyes and to fantasise that it was someone else doing those things to you.

Did he sit at home wondering this same things?

Now what’s bad
Is you’re the one that hooked us up
Knowing it should’ve been you
What’s sad is I love her but I’m falling for you
What should I do
Should I
Tell my baby bye-bye
Should I
Do exactly what I feel inside
‘Cause I
I don’t wanna go
Don’t need to stay
But I really need to get it together

You were minutes away from leaving work for the day and you’d just finished up in the ladies restroom when Emily walked in as you were washing your hands.

“Hey Y/N,” she greeted you.

“Hi Em,” you gave her a smile back. You liked Emily.

She was about to go into the cubicle when she paused, turning to you at the last minute.

“Y/N. I don’t wanna pry but… You know I’m here for you if you ever wanna talk about something right?”

She must have seen your face drop in shock. How did she know?

“You’ve not been yourself lately babe, that’s all. You’ve been quiet and I can see those cogs turning behind those big eyes of yours. Is everything okay at home, is it you and Chelsea?”

Oh god. This was why working with profilers was the absolute worst sometimes. But still. Maybe a fresh perspective could help. And Emily wasn’t one to judge people.

“I don’t know Em, that’s the problem. I just…..oh fuck, it’s all a bunch of shit,” you were struggling to hold it together now and your friend walked towards you and rested her hands on your shoulders, squeezing them lightly.

“Hey… Just breathe okay. You don’t have to tell me, just know that I’m here for you.”

“Em… I… I… think I’m in love with someone else. I haven’t, I haven’t cheated on Chelsea, I swear. But… If the opportunity arose, then I’m not sure I could stop myself again. I love her but… I love him too.”

“Oh honey.” She pulled you in for a hug, smoothing your hair down, “Does this other person know? Do they feel the same?”

“I think so. I can’t be sure because I haven’t actually asked them. I’m scared of the answer.”

“Y/N, I can’t tell you what to do here. But I remember someone saying once that if you fall in love with two people, pick the second one. Because if you truly loved the first person that much, then it wouldn’t have happened. You’re sure it’s love and not obsession or infatuation?”

You nodded, now you’d said those words out loud, you knew it was true. “It’s love, Em.”

“Then you need to have a conversation with Chelsea about this. It’s not fair on her and you’re not being fair to yourself either. Even if this other person doesn’t feel the same, although if my suspicions are right about who it is, then I’m fairly sure they do. But even if they don’t, it’s not fair on either of you for you to stay in a relationship with someone if you have feelings that strong for someone else.”

She released you from her embrace. “Talk to Chelsea. And then talk to Re… him.”

She knew, and the flicker in your eyes as she started to say his name just confirmed it.

“I… I will. I’m just scared to. I don’t wanna hurt her.”

“Y/N. You’re hurting both of you by not doing anything about this. And you’re hurting him to. I’ll be home all night if you need someone to talk to, or to cry on and to feed you wine and ice-cream. Okay?”

“Okay. Thanks Em. I know that you’re right.”

You make me wanna leave the one I’m with (oh baby)
Start a new relationship with you
This is what you do
Think about her and all the things that come along with
You make me
You make me

You’d pulled yourself together and had gone back out into the bullpen, gathering your things ready to go. A shadow fell across your desk and you looked up to see Spencer stood there, his messenger bag over his shoulder.

“Any chance I can get a ride?” he asked softly and you nodded. He didn’t live far out of your way.

The drive to his apartment was silent. The whole way you could hear you both going to start a sentence so many times and then stopping. This was not going to be easy, at all. As you pulled into a parking space outside his building, you took a deep breath. Staring straight ahead and not looking at him, you blurted out.

“What would happen if I wasn’t with her? If we broke up?”

He didn’t speak for the longest time, but he made no move to exit your vehicle.

“I think….I think… It depends on why you broke up,” he said quietly.

“Does that matter?”

“Yes. Because… You might be ending it because you’re just not happy with her. That doesn’t mean anything for m….. I mean, I’d be sad for you and her, but I don’t know what would happen.”

Okay. You could see what he was getting at. He was asking for a reason you’d end it.

You shifted in your seat and turned to look at it.

“What if it ended because I had feelings for someone else. Feelings I don’t want to hide anymore, feelings that have probably been there for a lot longer than I’d care to admit but only came to light recently… Say on the fourth of July.”

Theres was no way you could be anymore obvious here without coming out and saying it. But you didn’t want to, not whilst you were still in a relationship.

“Then I’d… I’d be happy. And… I think that you and this person would be wonderful together. It’s probably all he’s been thinking about for a while now too, but he’s just not wanted to say anything. He was scared of having his feelings rejected and he knew that it would be wrong to say something because you’re with someone else.”

Nicely done Spencer. Refer to yourself as ‘he’ so as to avoid actually saying it.

God this was so fucked up.

“Spence… Are you… Are you in all weekend?”

Because there was a definite chance you’d be turning up at his door.

He nodded. “All weekend. Doesn’t matter what time it is.”


“Okay….Y/N…?” his brown eyes connected with yours as he opened your car door.

“Be sure she’s not what you want. And be sure that he is…..” He gave you a pained expression as he slid out of the car and shut it, not looking back as he walked into his apartment.

You drove around the streets for an hour after that. You needed to think, come up with a speech. You went back and fourth in your mind, still not sure what to do even though you knew you had to do something.

Emily was right. It wasn’t fair on anyone.

Finally, you found yourself outside Chelseas building, not even remembering driving there. You trudged into her building and up the stairs, not using your key to open her door. It didn’t feel right anymore.

You knocked and she answered a few minutes later, a smile plastered on her face.

“Y/N, hey! Did you forget your key?”

You held up your hand to show her it, already separated and off your key ring. Her face dropped when she saw that, and you felt your heart begin to break.

“Chelsea… Can we talk?”

At this point
The situation’s out of control
I never meant to hurt her but I
Gotta let her go
And if she may not understand it
Why all of this is going on
I tried
I tried to fight it but the feelings just too strong

Three hours later and you were now outside another apartment door.

That had been one of the hardest things you’d ever had to do. Your eyes were red and puffy from crying and your make up was streaked down your face, but here you were.

She’d asked, of course she’d asked. “Is there someone else?”

You couldn’t lie to her, not now. “Yes. But we haven’t done anything, I swear.”

“It’s Spencer, isn’t it. Who would have thought it, the man that introduced us, being the man you leave me for. Guess I’ll be changing book clubs.”


There’d been shouting, she didn’t believe that nothing at happened. Spencer had apparently been acting off around her the last few times he’d seen her. You couldn’t blame her for not believing her. You weren’t sure you would either if it were the other way around. Finally, you’d left. She’d pack up the things you kept there and leave them at the front desk of your building and could you please do the same.

You’d nodded sadly, hating every minute of this. She looked so…. Broken. And you’d caused that.

But you needed to do it, and when you walked out of the building, you felt like a weight had been lifted.

You hadn’t intended on going straight to Spencer’s either, you’d go home or to Emily’s. But ten minutes later and you were outside his door, waiting for him to answer.

He did, quickly; almost as if he’d been waiting for you. His eyes raked over your face, taking in your tear stained cheeks. He went to open his arms to you and then hesitated.

“It’s done Spencer, me and her are over,” you whispered, watching as he breathed a sigh of relief having the confirmation he needed, and then pulled you to him enveloping you in his arms.

You make me wanna leave the one I’m with
Start a new relationship with you
This is what you do
Think about her and all the things that come along with
You make me
You make me wanna leave the one I’m with
Start a new relationship with you
This is what you do
Think about her and all the things that come along with
You make me
You make me

It was done. You could say it.

“I think I’m in love with you, Spencer.” You murmured into his chest.

“I know that I’m in love with you, Y/N.”

Heat Of The Moment

[Summary]: You get tipsy and spend an amazing night with Steve Rogers

[Warning]: Some swearing and drinking

[Pairing]: Steve x reader

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A/N: I was inspired by @mangosoldier‘s “Accidents Happen” for this. Thanks Jessie :) And this is the first one I’ve wrote that has alcohol mentioned, so go easy on me for I’m not one that really drinks.  Feedback is appreciated!

Originally posted by sincerelysaraahh

It had been a long time since you had a boyfriend, let alone actually went out on a date.

Your friend kept insisting that you come with her to these parties she was always invited to but you knew it would lead to the wrong thing; too much drinking and a one-night stand with someone.

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I wanted to share some work in progress shots from one of my paintings (sorry for terrible cell phone quality). This is  ‘View from the High Line - 26th Street’, completed late last year. 

The painting is based on photos I took from the High Line park, which is a repurposed elevated railroad track that runs through parts of the Meatpacking District and Chelsea on the west side of Manhattan. I love the High Line because it is covered in lots of interesting plants, but the views are pretty great as well. From this vantage point, you can see the Hudson River and Jersey City at the end of the street in the far distance. The large building at the end of the street with the horizontal bands of windows is the Starrett-Lehigh Building. Built 1930-31, it is an interesting early example of International-Style Modern architecture in an industrial building. This was historically a very industrial area, but it is now the heart of the Chelsea gallery district. The buildings on the left and right foreground, along with most of this block, are home to several high-end galleries. 

For the painting, I worked on Arches Hot Press 300lb watercolor paper. The size of the art is roughly 18 x 26 inches. I start with a detailed perspective drawing of the entire scene in pencil. As you can see from the progress photos, I worked from left to right, nearly finishing each section of the painting as I go - but always going back and polishing previous sections as needed. This strategy of moving across the painting helps me keep track of how much progress I have made, but i do not focus in on each little section and mechanically copy inch by inch from the photo. As with all watercolor, the painting generally starts light and the darkest colors and finest details are added last by necessity. I use a mix of watercolor tubes, most of which are Winsor Newton brand. I didn’t use any gouache or opaque white. I usually use a small amount of masking fluid and masking tape but I don’t think I needed much for this painting.   From start of the drawing to finish, this painting took about one month to complete - working on average a few hours a day.

I approach the overall process of a painting like this as if it were a traditional landscape painting. I am most concerned with balancing lights and darks, color vibrancy, warm/cool, etc. throughout the whole painting so that the final product is harmonious and compostionally pleasing. Balance was incredibly important in a composition like this one, which is so dramatically split down the middle. 

Sorry for rambling on, hopefully someone finds this interesting!

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💖 chocolate, rocky road, butter pecan, dark chocolate, fudge

when was your first kiss?
december of last year (fun fact i didn’t know what i was doing so she stopped and was like babe u gotta open ur mouth now)

favorite songs at the moment?
i can’t decide - scissor sisters
chelsea dagger - the fratellis
welcome to the jungle - guns n roses

favourite songs for life?
true trans soul rebel - against me!
thank you for the venom - my chemical romance
i wanna be a witch - teen suicide
dear percocet, i don’t think we should see each other anymore - frank iero and the patience

turn ons?
frank iero tbh
also people that are taller than me bc i like bein Small
lowkey collarbones

turn offs?
not being funny
not being a respectful decent human being

Keep Holding On:Calm Before The Storm

Originally posted by fotokopicibierkek

This is the fourth part of a series which is written for @sdavid09​ TaleTeller’s Winter Writing Days Challenge. I had to have a winter theme and set it in a Mechanic AU with the song Keep Holding On-Avril Lavigne.

Characters: Y/n, Dean, OC Chelsea, Mary, John, Sam, Jess

Pairing: Dean x Y/n (MALE READER)

Warnings: Fluffiness, kids, adorableness, violence, angst, problems, secrets!! 

Word Count: 1908

Summary: Y/n discovers a secret Dean has been hiding from him, which could change everything. 

A/N: Part four of this series. It’s a lot of angst and drama basically. The song Keep Holding On will be a theme all throughout the series, so u know, hold on and stay strong through the problems and stuff. That kind of thing. Hope u liked it. P.S.Italics are flashbacks, bolded italics are flashbacks within the flashback. 

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Keep Holding On Masterlist

“Lexie, Matt. Come on babies, wake up now”.

Y/n shook the toddlers, finding it adorable that they still slept in the same bed.

They were twins, doing almost anything and everything together, no matter what.

He loved that his kids were so attached to each other, it made his heart warm. Of course, sometimes it meant they’d make a whole load of trouble together, but he wasn’t going to change any of that. His kids were perfect the way they were. There was no changing them, not in his eyes.

“Dean! Get breakfast ready please”, y/n yelled over his shoulder.

“No need to shout. Right here baby”

Y/n looked up, Dean smiling down at him.

“Sorry, thought you were downstairs.”

“Nope. Right here.”

Y/n rolled his eyes as Dean squatted behind him, his arms wrapping around y/n’s waist and pulling him back

“Dean”, y/n squealed as he went backwards, landing on his bum, his back to Dean’s chest.

“Whoops”, Dean chuckled, holding y/n close to him, both men stretching their legs in front of them.

They stared at their kids, so peaceful and quiet in this moment.

“God, I kinda just wanna let them sleep forever. Some peace and quiet for once”.

Y/n sniggered.

“True. But then you can’t see their adorable little faces. I mean, you’d never see them running around and building forts together, Mary wouldn’t be able to take her grandkids shopping, you couldn’t teach either of them soccer. So really…which would you prefer?”

“Fine fine. You’re right. Always are.”

Dean leaned forward, kissing y/n’s neck sweetly and resting his chin on y/n’s shoulder.

“We really did get lucky with them, didn’t we?”

Y/n smiled, leaning back on Dean’s shoulder.

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Been a very quiet 2017 for me on here - a lot of crap has been occurring at a near constant level - but today this Tumblr turned two. My baby is now a toddler.

Thank you to anybody who’s ever looked at anything I’ve posted, let alone liked or reblogged. Thank you also to my Chelsea troll who’s actually gone quieter the more successful their season has become (odd, right?). One final thank you to Emre Can for that goal last night. Did you see it? Fuck. Me.

Anyway, normal service is hopefully going to be resumed around the end of the season and we go again. Sure the one or two people who like me will be delighted with that, the rest of you can start fearing now.

Again, thanks to anybody and everybody..


Here’s some Foster AU damcrazedotakushipper and jupanuma!

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4

  • Ever since Thalia’s visit, Jason couldn’t wait to get adopted. She didn’t call or try to make any communication with him.
  • At dinner, Sally made some of her boys favorite foods, which Nico and Percy had no problem digging right in.
  • “Wow mom, this is amazing.” Percy said with a mouth full of chicken. 
  • “Well I had to make a special dinner. I have some special news.” She smiled.
  • The three boys stopped eating and looked at her.
  • “What is it mom?” Jason asked.
  • She looked at each of her son’s face. “Well, I just put in the adoption papers for Nico and Jason. And if everything goes well, by the end of the month, they will officially be a Jackson.”
  • “W-What?” Nico stammered. “You’re going to be my mom?”
  • She nodded. “I’m going to be your mom.”
  • “Jason and Nico will officially be my brothers?” Percy asked.
  • “Yeah.” She smiled. She looked at Jason who hasn’t said a word. “Jason, how are you feeling about this?”
  • “Um, I’m…I’m shocked.” Jason told her. 
  • “We’re all going to be brothers.” Nico told him. “That’s what we wanted, right?”
  • “Yeah, I love you being your brother.” He told them. 
  • Sally looked at him. “It’s okay. You’re probably overwhelmed with emotions. But I’m excited to finally have you two part of my family.”


  • It was Saturday morning, which meant Percy had swim practice and Jason had little league practice on this nice spring day.
  • It was also, Nico’s favorite day. Ever since Sally started fostering him, he loved going out to Saturday brunch with her. He always felt like he was invisible, but Saturdays he wasn’t.
  • “So, where you you like to go today?” Sally asked as they ate.
  • “Can we go to Chelsea Market?” Nico asked. He started taking home economics this semester and absolutely loved the cooking unit they were doing now. “We don’t have to buy anything. I just want to visit it. Maybe Hell’s Kitchen too?”
  • Sally smiled a bit. “Sure, why do you want to go there?”
  • He finished swallowing the piece of food in his mouth. “We’re doing a cooking unit in home ec and I really enjoy it. And I want to try cooking more. So why not see the famous market in the city and the place that has some of the best food.”
  • Sally grinned. “Maybe we can plan that for next week’s brunch. But I think we should plan out dinner for tonight and let you do all the cooking.”
  • “R-Really?” He asked. “You’ll let me cook tonight?”
  • “Yeah.”
  • “But what if it comes out bad?” He looked down.
  • She placed a hand on his. “It won’t be bad. I’ll be right there to help you.”
  • He smiled a tiny bit. “So, you’ll have pizza on back up?”
  • “If that’s okay with you.”


  • Jason and Percy looked at the food in front of them. It wasn’t something that they were use to seeing. 
  • “What is this?” Percy asked.
  • “Spaghetti bolognese.”  Sally replied. “I wanted to try something different.” 
  • Her and Nico made a deal. She would say that she made the dinner. That way if they didn’t like it, she would take the blame. If they liked it, she would tell them that Nico made it.
  • The two older boys took a bite. 
  • Nico’s heart was pounding as they ate. He tasted everything as he cooked, like a good cook. He thought it all tasted really good. 
  • Jason and Percy’s face lit up. 
  • “Mom, this is so good!” Percy exclaimed. 
  • “Yeah! It’s so good!” Jason took a huge bite. 
  • She grinned as she looked at Nico. “Well I didn’t cook it. Nico did. He created this whole meal.”
  • The two boys looked at Nico. 
  • “Bro! This is so good!” Jason said with a full mouth.
  • “Not as good as mom’s but it’s up there.” Percy told him. 
  • Nico had a tiny smile. He was glad that his brothers loved his cooking. 
  • The phone rang and Sally went to answer it.
  • The boys started to stuff their face with food as their mom talked on the phone. 
  • She came back a couple of minutes later. “So, I got the approval. And tomorrow, we go to the courthouse for the adoption.”
  • The boys looked at their mom. All of them started to have smile grow on their face. 
  • Finally, they’ll be a family.

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hey I'm looking for tumblr clothes that are pretty cheap, can you help me out? thanks bb

I’d recommend these stores because they all come with free shipping ♡

I also love the store TRENDYCO because their tees are fabulous, they’re having a sale right now and you can use the discount code LAZYPACIFIC for an additional 10% off anything you buy xxx

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Hi, I am considering quitting art school. I don't find myself getting the kind of education I thought I would and feel like the money is better spent elsewhere. I know you mentioned you didn't go to art school. Do you have any tips for self teaching? or any specific resources I could use? Thanks!

Hello, I did an art school for 6 months and quit it too. I don’t really have real tips for self teaching, it only depend on your self motivation. The only thing I can say is that I used to be very pragmatic, and practice a lot of exercice like if it was a sport, so sometimes it was boring. Find something that motivate you, for me it is telling my own story with comics.

Few ressources I used to use for learning: » drawing on the right side of the brain was the first book that teach me that everybody can draw and it is just a tool. » for warming-up and learning how to see fast. » I only followed a lot of nude’s photographer this way every morning I have new anatomy observation. But I guess now with tumblr you can do it too.

Vilppu’s video» His anatomy’s video are very good.

Scott robertson’s video» I learned a lot about ellipse with him !

Perspective! for comic book artists  by David Chelsea» very good book about perspective ! learned a lot too.

Alla prima by Richard Schmid » really good book about painting.

and the most important to me : drawing from observation !

but these might not work for you, just find your own way , with motivationyou’ll find out !

EDIT: I forgot to mention hitokaku :

spent a lot of hours on this website too ! such a pity I can’t read japanese !



I don’t think my morale was down, but it plays on your mind a bit. Everything went so well in the past. This year, not so much. But you have to tell yourself that football is like that. I’ve had more ups than downs in my career. All you can do is keep working. You still have to take enjoyment out of what you’re doing and things will turn, and my smile has always been there. In good moments and bad. I’m somebody who can laugh even at myself. That happens now and again, when I’ve made a mess of really simple things. I say to the other guys in the dressing-room: ‘Bloody hell, did you see what I did then?’” [x]

road trip

Thank you to staringatthesky for this plot funnybunny! Basically, an AU in which the Cullens made a run for it in BD instead of standing there waiting for the Volturi to come kill them. The Volturi are forced to rent a bus and embark on a road trip, chasing the Cullens all over North America. Demetri is driving since he’s following their mental trail.

Felix: Are we there yet?

Afton: Why would the Cullens have made a pit stop at the Mall of America?

Santiago: I’m sick of country music! Can’t we listen to some Latin Pop?


Sulpicia: Ooh look, there is another WalMart! Let’s stop and have a look.

Aro: *miserable* They’re all the same, dearest.

Sulpicia: Well, we won’t know that unless we stop and make sure, will we?

Demetri: Alec, for the love of Zeus will you please take away my hearing so I can concentrate?

Alec: *tries*

*bus swerves on highway*


Felix: Are we there yet?

Athenodora: I don’t see why we couldn’t have done this in the airplane.

Corin: I don’t believe they allow airplanes on the highways here, my lady.

Athenodora: What a wretched country! I’m going to drink the blood of their king for this.

Demetri: Uh oh. I think they went into this forest to hunt squirrels or whatever.

Marcus: Good, can we go home now?

Caius: NO! We are not giving up! All you Guards get out and carry the bus through the woods!

Chelsea: I do not carry buses. *alters Caius’ loyalty* Get out and carry it yourself!

Caius: Yes Ma'am!

Felix: Are we there yet?


When you see Lavati’s footwear, it’s like overcoming those agonizing moments when you can’t put a name to a familiar face. The sneakers and Chelsea boots on the feet of Zayn Malik, Steph Curry, Post Malone, Lewis Hamilton, and Kevin Hart have probably swamped your vision, much like that one guy, who’s in that one thing, and now you can finally put a name to the familiar footwear: Lavati. 

That attention to detail has left their clientele impressed. “What we love about it is that Steph and Zayn have worn our product more than once,” Shertit says. “They both wore it on their birthdays. They wore it in a couple interviews. So they’ve both been seen in the product three, four, five times at least publicly. So that’s a good feeling: that they weren’t just wearing it once.” Malik even wore the brand’s footwear during his recent cover shoot with Complex.

read full article here

How To Make The Fanciest, Most Restaurant-Worthy 3-Course Dinner For About $15 A Person

There are two things you should know before starting this post, because it is long and full of detail. One, these are the easiest and most rewarding potatoes you will ever make in your young culinary lives, so I hope with all my being that you will put this recipe to good use at some point. It’s my own recipe – doctored up and figured out over the years – so the measurements are imprecise. But so is life! You’ll probably need to adjust it as you go, and I encourage you to. Enjoy the flexibility that is cooking (as opposed to the rigid, scientific scariness of baking, but more on that later).

Two, before you embark on any food journey, you should know about the most fabulous website in the world – which Marc introduced me to, I cannot take credit for this – because it will change your life. Wines Til Sold Out, a discount online wine store, presents the user with one bottle at a time and sells a bunch of them at INSANELY LOW prices until there are no more. Because of this website, our house has a wine rack that is constantly full in the most flossy, ostentatious way with at least 20 different bottles. (And since you buy several bottles of each type at a time, we are able to stock the stuff we like.) Get on this site. The bottle we’re drinking tonight cost us a mere 11 dollars – discounted from over 30. (For the recipe, I am also using another bottle of cooking white wine that I always have on hand, it costs about 9 bucks and gets used over time.)

So, first and foremost, let’s break down what this dinner entails:

-An aperitif (the best part of any meal, which Americans need to latch onto in our cultural narrative). I believe that one should have at least one full drink whilst nibbling and awaiting the real meal, so that is what we’ll do here. Count a glass of the red you’re going to be having later as part of this, or have a bit of white, a beer, or a cocktail. Whatever you have on hand. Something light if possible.

-A full dinner with roast meat, potatoes, and a vegetable.

-A nice, simple, elegant dessert.

And to do this, you will need (rough estimates on prices for two people, things like salt/pepper/oil I won’t count because YOU SHOULD HAVE THIS):

-A nice, crusty loaf of bread – $2

-Olives and peppers for the aperitif – $3 if you fill your Tupperware up judiciously at the olive bar

-Yukon Gold potatoes, enough for two (ACCEPT NO SUBSTITUTES, WHITE POTATOES ARE FOR THE WEAK) – $1.50

-Green beans (frozen are fine, but fresh feel fancier) – $1.50

-One yellow onion, medium size – $.75

-One bulb garlic –$.50

-A light, thick meat of your choice for two. (Could be chicken breast, pork loin, or whatever. This time I’m using pork butt because the butcher recommended I try it, though I usually use pork loin, but it’s a really adaptable recipe and can use most white/pink meat. ) – ~$9

-Herbs de provence (you get them in a jar, any supermarket. You should always have a jar of this on hand, they are nature’s most versatile herb blend)

-Black pepper


-Olive oil

-Some cooking white wine (that you should also have on hand, but if you don’t, add about 7-9 bucks to this cost)

-A handful of berries, I chose blackberries – $3

-A slice of cake from the bakery where you got the bread – $3.50


So there are your prices! A little more than 15 per person, but just about! And there are things you can skimp on if you are in a pinch. So let’s get down to the food itself. First on the list, and coincidentally, most simple: The Aperitif.

As you can see, there isn’t a whole lot of work that goes into this. Break off a piece of crusty bread, have some olives and peppers (or cheese, or hummus, or whatever you like here) and a nice drink. The aperitif is not supposed to be substantial in terms of food (the point is to get your appetite going), and it’s much more about the experience than the actual course. So take this time to linger, have an olive or so, dash in and out of the kitchen, and generally revel in the criminally-underappreciated “before the actual meal” period of the evening. It will make any dinner instantly feel a million times more luxurious.

Now, onto the preparation of the main course. This meal is called

Roast Meat Of Some Sort With The Sumptuous Chelsea Winetatoes And String Beans

As you can see, this is all incredibly fancy and French. But don’t let it intimidate you! The preparation is extremely simple, all you need is a large cooking dish (like the one seen here), a pan, and a pot in which to blanch your beans. All in all, this recipe takes about 2.5 hours from start to finish, but the vast majority of that is spent enjoying the aperitif while the potatoes roast away. The secret to my potatoes being so unbelievably delicious is in the name – they are cooked with white wine. This renders them tender, aromatic, and the perfectly rich kind of savory. Combined with the herbs, garlic, and onions, you are in for a serious potato-y treat.

To prepare the taties:

-Preheat your oven to about 400 degrees.

-Cut your yukons into nice little cubes about half the size of your standard ice cube, as shown in the photo.

-Cut your onion into nice frito-sized “onion chips,” and mix them all around with the potatoes in your pan.


-Mince about four cloves of garlic into a nice, fine mince.

-Put your minced garlic into the bottom of a drinking glass.

-Top with a few teaspoons of herbs, and a generous amount of salt and pepper (several good pinches of each), as seen here:


-Add in about a glass’ worth of white cooking wine. You can (and maybe will) add more to taste as you go.

-Add about three tablespoons of olive oil.

-Add a little bit less than a glass’ worth of water, enough to fill the drinking glass entirely. It will look strange and unappetizing once it’s all combined and strirred up, but fear not!


-Take about half of this tincture and coat the taties lovingly, as seen here.


-Place the potatoes in the oven and let them slow roast for about an hour, stirring them occasionally so that they are nice and evenly coated/caramelizing, and adding a bit more of the tincture if they seem dry and sad.

(They will look more or less like this after an hour)


Now! Onto the meat. (This will happen during the hour that the tates are in their first roasting round.)

One word on this: I’m using pork butt here as I mentioned before, but I would recommend a beginner use loin. It’s a little easier to work with, as it’s a much less marbled cut of meat.  Butt (or shoulder, basically the same) has an excellent flavor that I really love, but if you’re a beginner, keep it simple. Chicken breast and loins (medallions of lamb or pork are also great here) are as simple as you can get.

Anyway. You’re going to want to rub both sides of the meat with a little salt and pepper, and leave the meat out long enough that it can get a bit dry. (As Julia Child taught us, meat must always be dry before searing, or it won’t get all nice and wonderfully brown.) 

Once your potatoes are starting to feel a bit cooked (but not brown and crispy yet, this should be like the above photo, after about an hour), go ahead and sear your meat in a medium-hot pan for about 2 minutes on each side, or until it is nice and brown and sear-y on the outside but still has much cooking to go within. (This will depend on the thickness of your roast, of course. If you are doing chicken breast, be even more judicious about how long you sear, because the breasts cook quickly and can get tough.)

While the meat is searing, and you are still awaiting your potatoes, you can snip the ends off your beans and blanch them in boiling water for about 4 minutes, or until nice and green and lively. Just enough to get them not crunchy and weird before you give them a quick once-over in the pan with a bit of butter and salt (and maybe a squeeze of lemon, if you’re feeling daring).

Once your meats are seared, transfer them to a little cubby you make in your potatoes, and add the rest of the tincture, as seen here.


Continue roasting for approximately 60-75 minutes, or until cooked through. (Mine took a long time, as it is a big piece of butt!) This will be enough time for your roast to be juicy and well-cooked within, your potatoes to be nice and brown, and your onions to be positively caramelized. Use your judgment here, you’ll know when it’s caremelly and wonderful. It’s not a science, it’s an art!

In the meantime, sautee your string beans in a pan with a pat of butter and a decent sprinkling of salt. You should be able to eyeball this, I trust you.


Now, take out your roast, and gaze upon it.


Now plate! Served with a nice glass of red (or white) and a hunk of crusty bread, it’s the perfect, most aromatic and satisfying meal. Enjoy!

Onto the dessert. 

I’m going to be really honest with you here: I am terrible at cooking dessert. To be kind, is not my specialty, and I have burned more tarts than I have saved. The precision of baking – as I mentioned before – alienates me, as I tend to experiment and wing it when in the kitchen. I wish that I were better at desserts, and I hope to progress in writing this blog, but for now I am terrible at them. So what do I do? I get a nice, big slice of cake at a bakery (where I got my bread), and some berries to spruce it up and make it look a little more homemade. (I also love the way the tartness of berries contrasts with the rich, creamy sweetness of the cake. It’s a great combination, and a great end to a meal.)

Cut the slice in half – I find a bit of cake goes a long way – and serve. Nothing complicated here.


Now, the two of you retire to the couch to watch a profound foreign film and digest the whole thing over a glass of whiskey, and cuddle the night away. (Or, if there are a lot of you, you let the meal run long into the night with great conversation and after-dinner drinks and coffees.)

Despite the length of this post, it’s an incredibly simple meal to execute, and it always feels as indulgent as going out for a big dinner on the town. I am forever an advocate of the dinner party – whether for two or ten – and this has been one of my standby meals for a long time. I hope that you will enjoy it (if you make one of these things, please let me know!), and most of all, I hope you will join me in finding more frugal ways to enjoy a great meal than always going out to restaurants and overpaying for mediocre pasta.

Going out for dinner can be great, yes. But there is a deep satisfaction in knowing you can make something just as good at home – and for a fraction of the price.

Bon appetit! 

With You

Fic Request: Stiles and Lydia go to the bar together. They aren’t interested in finding someone to go home with. They just wanted a night away where they could drink and dance and not worry about anything supernatural. They’re just friends, but they bail each other out when a girl won’t stop hitting on Stiles despite his polite decline of her offer, or the creep at the bar starts getting a little handsy with Lydia, or the bartender gives them a hard time.

Rating: T

Genre: Romance, Comfort

Author: you-make-me-wander

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