can you say random

Things you can say in response to literally anything, when you have nothing else to say:
  • As the prophecy foretold.
  • But at what cost?
  • So let it be written; so let it be done.
  • So…it has come to this.
  • That’s just what he/she/they would’ve said.
  • Is this why fate brought us together?
  • And thus, I die.
  • …just like in my dream…
  • Be that as it may, still may it be as it may be.
  • There is no escape from destiny.
  • Wise words by wise men write wise deeds in wise pen.
  • In this economy?
  • …and then the wolves came.

An adorable squish
That’s the first thing you’d see

If he opened his mouth it would either leave you dumbfounded, make you laugh, shake your head or want to hug him

How he thinks might confuse you every now and then, it’s alright you’ll figure it out

It may take a while before he actually lets you in but it’s worth the wait

Almost everything he does will seem cute - from the way he talks too fast to the way he smiles

You’ll find yourself wanting to make him smile more often

He’s a geeky little goofball don’t let his poetry fool you
But my god it will make you smile every single time

He’s not always happy, he won’t always respond
You’ll talk anyway just in case any of the random shit you say can pick his mood back up

He doesn’t think he’s even close to perfect but you’d argue that if there was anything in this world that was perfect
It would be him

He’s flawed but he’s real and you’ll love that

He’ll break a promise every now and then but you’ll forgive him in a minute or two

You’ll always be proud because he always tries again

He’ll say he’s broken and you’ll argue that he’s just bent
You just want him to be happy

You’ll want to protect him from anything that can hurt him
You’ll get mad at anyone who hurts him
But there’s not much you can do so you’ll just be there for him

No amount of words could describe how much he means to you
So he’ll never really know
But you’d swear if he could meet himself through your eyes
He’ll love himself more than anything

—  //The shattered flower
// s h e  w a y  o u t //

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she way out + hoseok

// i’ve never seen her dance moves, dancing like she way out //

It was no secret that Hoseok was an amazing dancer. It was simply breathtaking how seamlessly he was able to make his body move and flow to music. Honestly, it was enough to create jealousy in anybody…including you.

“How does he do it,” you mumbled under your breath. You were intently watching an old video Hoseok had sent to you of him testing out some choreography, and, of course, he looked so fluid and just…flawless. You had to admit you envied the way he made his body move so beautifully.

With a sigh, you click off the video and go to your music app. “I can’t be that bad,” you say to yourself, clicking on a random song you knew had a good beat. You sat your phone down on the coffee table and began moving your head to the music. Eventually, you were full-on dancing…if that’s what you wanted to call it. Your arms flew around haphazardly and your legs were stiff as you jumped around. You shook your head from side to side, trying your best to sway your hips.

You kept up with your dancing until you heard a string of giggles. Freezing, you turned around slowly to see none other than your boyfriend, Hoseok, standing by the front door with a massive smile on his face.

“Babe, I can say with absolute certainty that I’ve never seen anybody dance like that before,” he teased, shedding his jacket. You stuck your tongue out and threw a pillow from the couch at him. He let it hit his stomach as he laughed again. He slipped his tennis shoes off and strode over to you, wrapping you in a bone-crushing hug. “You have to tell me who taught you to dance like that. I’m a bit jealous.”

You groaned and swatted at his bicep. “We can’t all be dancing geniuses, Hoseok.”

“That is true…” he trailed off, releasing you and picking up your phone. You watched him scroll through your music library, eyes scanning the song titles. He finally settled on one and you were surprised to hear the beginning of a slow song. “Dance with me.”

“You just made fun of my dancing,” you reminded him, crossing your arms for emphasis. He shook his head and took your hands in his. “Plus, I don’t even know how to da-”

Hoseok cut you off by pulling you to his body tightly, picking you up a little so he could slide his feet beneath yours. “Just follow me,” he whispered in your ear. Calmness instantly settled over you and you rested your head on Hoseok’s sweater-clad shoulder, relaxing in his grip.

He moved his feet only slightly, swaying softly with you in his arms. It was relaxing to be with him in this moment and you were only more grateful that he was the one doing most of the dancing.

“I love you, Y/N…” he murmured against your temple. You hummed and pressed a small kiss to his neck. “…even if you’re a terrible dancer.”


A rant that I need to get off my chest. Please don’t take any of this seriously, this is just a ramble that I need to calm myself down..Soooo All of this is just my personal opinion. You may have yours, which is fine. Write down what else do you think about this situation?

So. I’ve been a fan of a small show that has grown into one of the best animated show’s ever…not Steven Universe. NO, Star Wars Rebels.

During it’s first run, it has been known throughout the community as the worst thing to ever happen and no one gave the show a chance for it to shine and it did. It’s now becoming very popular in the SW community. That and the show has gotten good ratings on Disney XD, but also seeing that there are shows that get lower raters due to Disney XD being more for teens but that’s not really the main focus. 

I’ve seen ships and fanfiction throughout the net. I’m glad this it’s gotten the love and attention it deserves but there was a time when it was hated and it still is. I don’t know why but I may have to explain. 

You see. Not everyone is STILL taking the purchase of Lucasfilm too lightly and has gone far as to say that the fandom will forever be tainted. BITCH that’s been happening since the prequels and I know that they’re not good movies, but I still like only a few things to come from it. There’s good things and bad things from everything. Nothing is perfect. So let the prequel lovers love it!

*Clears throat*

I like the show, is it perfect? no of course not. I have my problems with The Clone Wars but that doesn’t mean that its superior over Rebels, not exactly. Rebels and TCW are equally good. I remember watching TCW when it started to become popular and I started getting into the SW fandom during that time. By then I started wanting to watch anything Star Wars related. Even the prequels (even though their mediocre in my eyes but they could be better in script. The script was shit). In my eyes, I liked anything that came out of the fandom. I also remember TCW not being very good during it’s first season run, and now that it’s gone on to have 6 seasons, it’s not good for some odd reason. This is why I still won’t get the fandom and it’s spoiled fans. Once something new has been made with different characters and a different setting. Now here’s where the rant starts and how it just when down hill from there. 

By the time of my graduation in 2014, Disney announced that all of the Expanded Universe material is now considered non canon and rebranded as Legends. The fandom went into flames over this. I couldn’t believe that they would erase most of our beloved stories and characters. Now I understand why they needed to be wiped away. For one thing, there was a shit ton of contradictions and another is giving the freedom to write whatever the fuck they want with the characters, and most of the time, they end up either lame, stupid and or OP AF! Either way, I’m glad that it’s wiped away. Do I want some material or characters to be canon? Of course! I’m not saying every piece of good material should be canon. I’d much rather have it worked into the actual canon. 

I’ve seen many posts bashing Lucasfilm, sending out death threats and it was insane. Who the fuck has the audacity to be a terrible person that has no control over you? I mean seriously. Just chill. Disney is doing a good job of taking care of the canon. They have writers and on lookers in Lucasfilm to make sure that nothing contradicts each other and has the freedom to go all out on what they want. Not what the fandom wants, only time when someone has a petition to get something canon. So the fandom was really in rage. I didn’t understand the commotion cuz I haven’t read any Legends material up until recently. I never understood why so many people hated the fandom or still hate it to this day. All just because Disney wanted to go in a direction that fans weren’t anticipating. I’m glad it’s like that. If you please ALL fans, then there wouldn’t be any imagination left to write. Having an open mind is a good thing, and that what Disney wanted. They wanted to go in their own direction, they wanted to make Rebels and that got hate for no damn reason just because Disney wanted to make another 3D animated show that was like TCW when the only reason why it never got a proper conclusion was the purchase of Lucasfilm. TCW was airing on CN and CN isn’t owned by Disney. If they did decide to remake it and finish it, then I’ll be happy but being patient is the only answer to what the fans want. 

I hate it when a show gives the audience what THEY want, it’s ruining what I love about shows and writing. I love it when creators don’t give a fuck what the audience want. That’s why Game of Thrones has such a massive fanbase is because George R. R. Martin is someone who doesn’t specialize in pleasing everyone. If a show is running out of idea’s, it may be a good time to end it. I love it when creators know that if a fanbase is ruining or doing good (for the most part) job of being a balanced fandom. The only reason why I left the DW fandom was because it wasn’t for me anymore. It gave me what I wanted to see in an adventure in time and space and I still love the show, but the problem is that once you’ve done everything that you wanted. What do you do now? Do you continue and get more money? Or do you end it and say that’s it. That’s the main problem with what I have with this show. Is that once you have all of the idea’s told, that’s it really. 

For Star Wars it’s the same. Legends was good at making planets and giving us good characters and an few excellent stories that were recognized by George Lucas himself. Timothy Zahn is just one of my favorite authors that hasn’t lost touch with who they are. If you look up his interviews. You can tell that he’s just so humble, he just has a lot to say. That’s what I love about a person who’s still continuing their passion. So he’s has a fanbase of his own. That goes the same for the entirety of Legends ALL of it is fan fiction, and some pretty damn good ones if I do say so myself. 

Speaking of which. I think the point I’m trying to make here is that. Once a team is doing something that you don’t personally want. That’s totally ok, but some just had to be a bitch about it. Thrawn is canon, Are you happy that he is? Let me talk about Thrawn for a second. I’m going to be honest, I never knew who he was and what his back story was. I just known him in Legends and passed it off as just a character. Now Mara Jade. I knew who she was. For Thrawn, I didn’t know how his character worked and now that he’s canon. It made me want to look him up. I read about his character in Heir to the Empire and loved it. (I’m still waiting to get Dark Force Rising and it’s taking me a while). Now I’m obsessed with his character. It puts me in the shoes of someone who has grown up with these types of stories and seeing them being wiped away…it made me sad. I understood how the Legends community felt. 

*Wipes away a tear and clears throat again*

Let me talk about Rebels for just one second. I love this show. Does it have problems? yes. Not every show is perfect but for a show for me to love and watch is more different than what I do. I look and criticize what I’m watching. Is it a bit too kid friendly at times? Yes. What did you expect from a TV-Y show? Hehe. Anyways, the show has gotten hate the first time it was announced. When I read the comments on some of the SW’s YouTube videos on Rebels. It breaks my heart to see that they haven’t given it a chance, now when season 2 was announced. They started to see that it had some potential and watched it. I was super surprised that they wanted to watch it. Now that season 3 is here (AND IS ON HIATUS AND IT’S KILLING ME!! ><) Thrawn is announced to be the main antagonist. That’s when the flood gates of the Legends community spilled to the fandom and thanked Lucasfilm for giving us back our blueberry Grand Admiral. I’m happy that he’s canon. He’s the perfect character for our hero’s to go up against. He’s a great antagonist and I can’t wait for the novel to come out. I bet Timothy Zahn is so happy that he get’s to write Thrawn again! :D 

Now this is also where the hypocrisy lies. There have been fans complaining of the lack of “quality content” (which is bullshit) and that Legends is SOOOO much more better than the actual canon and that Rebels is stupid and Oh…Thrawn’s in Rebels? OH SOOOO NOW YOU WANT TO WATCH THE SHOW JUST BECAUSE THRAWN IS IN IT?! WTF? REALLY?! THAT IS A LOAD OF HORSE SHIT! Are people this egotistical or just assholes IDK? But that part pisses me off the most. Some fans clam that Disney is not going to do a good job of holding the mold of the canon and it’s going to get messed up like Legends were, and they don’t take a moment to think of what they just said. Disney is a BEAST of a company, so they’re going to make sure there aren’t anything left out of place. They just don’t have faith in the continuity of Star Wars and it makes me sad beyond belief. 

I thought the show would suck, but I watched it and I love it. I think Rebels has a lot of things that surpasses that of TCW and vice versa. I love Kallus’ character. I thought he was a good villain, now he’s developing as a character and it’s nice to see that the team and Filoni is making a good show and taking care of the characters. If it was a bad show, then they wouldn’t have these explanations that I’ve mentioned above. It would have poor ratings, bad character development, terrible CGI, and awful writing. It would be spread through out the community as a bad as it is, but it isn’t. There are fans flocking to see what happens next, and now that there’s the hiatus…K. You got me there hehehe. They’re just doing some touch up’s and that’s good right? Keep a show running smoothly is to make it better. So even though I don’t mind the hiatus…I’M JUST DYING TO SEE WHAT HAPPENS WITH SABINE! FILONI WAAAAHHHYYYYY!!!?! ;-; 

 fijodfiohhkdf h; ag rhiorg oih4weijeworji.kfrz.kjewg dbjgs dkfesdhkjaegrihk

That’s how I feel about now. I may be cynical, but I’M A CYNICAL FANGIRL! WOOO!! I’m like an old man sometime…heheheh. I’m like old man Rex.

I’m not forcing you to watch the show. I’m asking for those who haven’t gave the show a fucking chance. DO IT NOW before you pull some random bullshit out of your ass. I always have everything to support my opinions. This isn’t really a rant on just Rebels but just the fandoms views on Disney and how they’re being ‘effected’ even though none of them contributed to writing anything good from Legends. Sooo…

Like I said. I’m cynical ;) doesn’t mean I can still enjoy something. 

I think I’m done with this rant. Hope this was enlightening on my opinions on the fandom as a whole. If you want me to rant on anything else. Leave me a reply and I’ll see what I can do. I’m pretty good at rambling. 

welcome to the one direction fandom where unlike the standard fandom keeping up with one direction requires a week of review (by videos and masterposts) so that you’ll fully understand what’s happening and unlike the standard fandom you must always stay woke cause anything can happen at any given time

things i learned about/how to do in elementary school:

  • start fires using sticks and string/lighter and steel wool
  • build a tipi-like shelter (as well as how actual tipis are built)
  • identify animals by their poop
  • identify a poisonous snake (vs, yknow, a non poisonous one)
  • dust/lift finger prints using commonly available materials
  • accommodate people with various disabilities
  • various native american/mexican cultural traditions
  • environmentalism/conservation practices
  • grow food in my area/making butter by hand
💐Yamanaka Or Inuzuka🐾?

Kiba Inuzuka Or Kiba Yamanaka?

Ino Inuzuka Or Ino Yamanaka?

Ino Inuzuka Or Kiba Yamanaka? (Let That Names Soak In & Embrace The Feels)


140707 TLJ fanacc - call from Hae:
Hyuk just finished shaking hands with a Japanese fan when he got a call from someone. he didn’t even put his phone on his ear but just pressed answer and screamed at the speaker “wae!!!! wae wae wae wae wae wae!!!!!” turned out it was donghae, they talked a bit then hae video-called him kkkkkkk the fan said hyuk looked nervous and self conscious when he got the call.. 

 Missing You  ಥ_ಥ //  D-616 ❤ D-618

👏Please👏 let 👏Sungwoon👏 have 👏his👏 own 👏face👏

I understand you may think they look similar but lets please appreciate Sungwoon for the unique person he is. Im not trying to overreact but im tired of people shoving Sungwoon into Jimins shadow.