can you say perfect boyfriend

I imagine Yoongi is the kind of boyfriend who won’t laugh at your mistakes when you speak his language

“What does it mean to be happy? Sure, everyone says they’re happy, but are we really? Does “happy” mean you’re passing all your classes? Does “happy” mean you have everything you want? Does “happy” mean that you have the perfect boyfriend? 

I think I can say I’ve learned a few things about happiness thus far. Happiness, I know for one, isn’t perfection. If you’ve got perfect grades but you’re stressing out all the time, that’s not happiness. Having everything you want is nice, sure, but is that everything you need to be happy? Not even the perfect boyfriend can make you happy if you’re not happy on your own. 

Being happy on your own is something I and a lot of people struggle with. We look for happiness in other places and somehow are disappointed when we don’t find it. It’s not because it doesn’t exist, it’s because we’re looking in all the wrong places. 

Is there something about you that you would change? Do you hate your hair, or your face, or your weight? Do you wish you were “smarter”, or “more talented”? Is there anything about you that you don’t like?

You’re thinking the wrong way. God made you just the way you are and he worked really hard to make you that way. Have you ever thought about how unique DNA is? There’s no one like you. Not a single person. Just think about that. No one else will ever be exactly like you. We’re unique individuals and that’s what makes us special. We have to love ourselves.

Loving yourself is the first step to being happy. You have to be happy with who you are first. 

thoughts 10.14.16

Boyfriend/Girlfriend Tag (Jack J.)

*I got requests for this so here you go!*

“Hey guys, it’s (Y/N) and I’m here with my boyfriend Jack.” You say, patting his leg. 

“You’re like hitting me.” Jack laughs. 

“No I’m not. It’s out of love.” You giggle.


“Anyway, as I was saying, we’re doing the boyfriend tag and Jack is going to get all the questions right." 

"Correct.” Jack smiles. 

“First question, where did we meet?” You say, looking over a Jack.

“Should I say where we really met or where you tell everyone we met?”

“I tell people where we really met.” You gasp.

“Well, (Y/N), says we met when we met through a mutual friend, but the real story is I met her at a party and I’m not going into the details." 

Your face goes red as you remember the party you try so hard to forget. You had been extremely drunk and ended up throwing up in Jack’s car.

"Technically we did meet through mutual friends.” You say. 

“Whatever, next question.” Jack says, laughing.

“Where was our first date?” You smirk. 

“I took you to breakfast.” Jack says, clapping his hands together and then leaning back in his chair. 

“Good job, babe.” You say.

You lean up to Jack and kiss his cheek. 

“What was your first impression of me?” You ask. 

“I was intimidated because you’re beautiful, but once I got to know you I thought you were so chill and you didn’t make me as nervous.”

“I made you nervous?” You laugh.

“Yeah, I was trying so hard for you to like me and it was scary. I’m surprised I didn’t shit my pants.”

“That’s very interesting.” You look over at Jack and you guys stare at each other for a while before you break out laughing. 

“When did you meet my family?” You ask. 

“I mean we were friends before we dated, so I met your mom at homecoming, for group pictures. I met the rest of your family on your birthday after I finally asked you out." 

You nod your head and place your hand on Jack’s thigh. He smirks at you and you start laughing. 

"How long have we been together?” You giggle. 

“A year and 3 months. You impressed I knew that, babe.” Jack says, wiggling his eyebrows. Jack starts leaning over towards you.

“You’re so wierd.” You say, sticking your hand out to block him. 

“Woman, I want a kiss.” He says. 

You take your hand down and kiss him. 

“What was the first thing you noticed about me?” You ask. 

“You’re smile, it’s contagious.”

“Such a charmer.” You say, patting his knee again. 

“Abuse. Abuse” Jack yells. 

You roll your eyes and read the next question, “What do we argue about the most?”

“We don’t really fight.” Jack says. 

“We did have one big fight, do you remember what it was about?”

“Oh yeah, I got back from an event and she missed me a lot and I didn’t come see her right away and she was upset. We fixed it though.” Jack smiles. 

“Who wears the pants in the relationship?” You laugh. 

“I wear them most of the time because you were skirts and dresses a lot." 

You couldn’t hold in your laughter. You start laughing like crazy. 

"We share the pants.” You say, once you finally calm down.

“What is something you do that I wish you didn’t?”

“Uhm bite my nails and eat all your food.”

You nod your head. That was very true.  

“I don’t like when you pretend you’re asleep so you don’t have to get up and get something.”

“Works every time.” You smile

You look up at Jack and he leans down to kiss you. 

“What kind of cake would you bake me on my birthday?” You ask.

“Red Velvet.” Jack says confidently.

“He actually made me one once.” You smile. 

“Actually my mom did. I just claimed it as my own.” Jack laughs. 

“Actually, Mrs. Johnson made me a red velvet cake once and it was delicious.” You say, emphasizing the word delicious. 

“Do I play any sports?” You grin. 

“You use to play soccer and softball. Bet you didn’t think I knew that but I did. Boom.” Jack yells in your ear. 

You roll your eyes and continue.

“What can I spend hours doing?" 

"Sitting on the internet.” Jack says, taking his arm and wrapping it around your shoulder.

“That’s correct. Well as you can tell Jack got all of those correct, so you could say he’s a pretty good boyfriend.” You say, leaning into him. 

“I’m a perfect boyfriend.” He says, pulling you closer to him. 

“He kinda is, make sure you go like this if you want me to do more videos with Jack." 

You lean up and kiss Jack’s lips before shutting off the camera. 

"I can’t believe you got all those right.” You say.

“What can I say, I’m a perfect boyfriend."