can you say no to this face

It fucking hurts him to do this. It really does because they’re like family. Blood brothers or some shit term that they learned after watching a movie when they were nine and made them feel closer than anything.

So it hurts.

But Sana is his actual sister. His baby sister who has spent the past few nights walking around the house like a zombie without an ounce of the sass he’s come to adore. This is Sana and Sana comes above all.

Yousef: hey bro, can I come over and chill?

Elias lets out a breath of air, thumbs moving absently as he puts just a fraction of what he wants to say to his best friend in text form.

Elias: i dont think so. we can go out or whatever later, but you need to keep your distance from my place.

There are several long seconds of silence and Elias can almost picture Yousef’s face as he blinks at the screen. Usually texting a warning that he wanted to come over was courtesy. Usually they didn’t even do that and just showed up at each other’s place. So yeah, he can only imagine the look of confusion.

Yousef: the other boys were there earlier… has something happened? I won’t eat in front of you guys or anything if that is what you’re worried about. I actually haven’t eaten all day. Habit i guess.

Elias thins his lips. The door next to his own opens and Sana walks out and pads down the hallway, not even sparing him a glance through his opened door.

Elias: No. 

Yousef: Elias? what the fuck?

Elias remembers the ways in which the boys teased his earlier this afternoon- the way they chanted “jealous” and laughed, rightfully ignorant of the real reason he is struggling with wanting anything to do with Yousef right now. 

He types out, sana is the best person in the world and then deletes it, and then i hope noora is worth the tears on my sister’s face, and then deletes it again.

He sighs and scrapes a hand over his head when Sana pads back to her room in silence; a ghost in her own home.

Elias: just stay away from us right now.


I don’t think the phrasing in the Bellamy/Raven scene at the end of 4x13 was an accident. Raven actually said those words herself just two episodes prior (in 4x11), see here:

It can’t be a coincidence that we see almost the exact same sentence (”You’re always with me.”) in her conversation with Bellamy. I want you guys to pay attention here:

Look at Raven’s face after he asks this:

Before Bellamy asks the question, Raven’s face is smooth, but as soon as he gets the words out of his mouth, her head turns to him sharply, her eyebrows crease and she looks…concerned.

You know why? Because the last time she heard these words (or something similar) she was saying them to her imaginary Sinclair, right when she realized she’d never be able to “see” him (at least not like this) again. And Bellamy says this to her as she deals with the fact that she has lost one more important person to her (Clarke), literally as she watches the world burn. 

So when she says this:

to Bellamy, it’s a recall of her conversation with Sinclair. She fills in the missing “always” in his statement. Raven has already lost all of her family, Finn, Sinclair and she’s now lost Clarke (who-even though the show doesn’t show us this much anymore-is her friend, one of her closest). 

This statement is Raven telling Bellamy that just as Sinclair is always with her, she will always be with him. It’s not a fluke that this conversation is an almost exact replica of one she just had with the ghost of her lost father figure. It’s the show telling us that Bellamy is her family now, too. 


What type of tea do you want ? You can choose between Green Tea and Lemon, and Apple and Cinnamon.

  • me when friends are nervous about showing interest in someone: Do it! The worst they can say is no! You have nothing to lose! Be confident!
  • my hypocritical ass, when faced with the same situation: *leaves number on a very small piece of paper in a hard to find location and sprints away like a UPS delivery person*
GOT7 Reaction: You get a lip piercing

sRequest:  Hi !! I loved your bts lip piercing scenarios a lot, and was wondering if you could do the same with GOT7? Your blog is amazing by the way !

A/N: hello lovely, I am sosososososo sorry you had to wait half an actual eternity for this, exams are v stressful but it still shouldn’t have taken me this long so I’m super freaking sorry. Also to any other wonderful people who have requested things I promise I will do all the ones I can do ASAP, please just be patient with me as I do still have exams until the end of June >_< <3 


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‘Wow…’ he’d say unable to take his eyes off your lips, the way it kind of transformed your face but still left you as beautiful as ever astounded him. ‘You really suit it Jagi… you should’ve got one sooner’ he’d smirk, tugging at his own lip a little. 


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‘Oh damn’ he’d say as soon as he saw it, rushing up to you and inspecting it with pride. ‘I didn’t think you’d actually go through with it’ he’d smirk. He’d been considering getting one himself given he had so many ear piercings and seeing you with one may have just swayed his decision positively a little. 


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‘Babe please calm down you’re more nervous than me I swear!’ you would chuckle squeezing your boyfriend’s hand in the chair as you prepared to get your lip pierced. ‘But… that needle is going through your lip!!’ he’d exclaim, wiping his sweaty hands on his jeans. Needless to say he wasn’t much help.


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When you got home and showed Jinyoung your piercing the only thing he could ask was how much it hurt, whether the person sterilized everything and only winced when you made sure to go into excruciating detail about how the needle felt. 


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‘Wow, it looks hot!’ he said, surprised by how sexy it made you look, but still cute. ‘Mind if I..’ he would lead quietly before kissing your lips gently, careful not to be too aggressive. ‘Yeah I could get used to this…’ he would chuckle lightly.


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Just you try to get this boy off your lips now like damn. You thought he was clingy and into you before? You ain’t seen nothing yet. The minute your piercing healed he would be all over it, using it constantly during your make out sessions. It may be your piercing but boy did he get some use out of it.


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He would be so for you getting this, your biggest cheerleader 100%. He’d go with you to see you get it, hold your hand and rub his thumb over your knuckles, telling you how brave you were. He’d help you pick a piercing out and only just managed to convince himself not to get one.

Celebrity Pretend Relationship AU: Three Arguments

Their first fight is about craft services. He takes the last of the hot water that she wanted for tea, and she chases him down to give him lecture about the importance of her cuppa. He gives her an odd look, squeezing lemon–and just lemon!–into the styrofoam cup, like he’s taunting her.

“They can boil more water for you,” he says evenly. 

“That’s not the point,” she huffs, put off by his lack of anger at her confrontation.

Cassian leans in, closing in on her personal space, and he almost jerks away until she remembers there are eyes on her. “Remember, we’re supposed to be pretending to fall in love on set,” he says. “This doesn’t look good.” 

She grits back, “It’s a enemies to lovers thing then. People love that shit.”

He pulls back, but then reaches out and caresses her face, leaving her reeling in surprise. “If that’s how you want to play it.”

She finds a Starbucks instead and sucks down a skinny vanilla latte, still fuming, her cheeks still burning.


The second time they butt heads is off set.

“You lied to me!” she says at the entrance of his house in the Hills.  

“You’re drunk,” he says tiredly, rubbing his eyes. “I’ve seen this before.” But she’s not drunk, and he knows that.

They’ve been fake dating for three weeks now, except it would seem that Cassian forgot about that part and was photographed kissing another woman during a hike earlier this afternoon.

“When you said to Bodhi that you couldn’t do join me for this charity drive this afternoon because you were feeling ill, you were, in fact, making out with yet another twenty-five year old at a dog park!” 

“I was getting some air. I ran into an old girlfriend.”

“And found her tongue in your mouth?”

Even the crickets grow quiet at the pitch of Jyn’s anger. 

“Are you jealous?” he asks incredulously, and sees her face shift from rage to shock to disdain.

“You humiliated me,” she says. “It doesn’t matter that this is fake. It’s real to everyone else. And when this gets into the tabloids, it’ll humiliate me again and again until this contract is over.”

“Come inside,” he tells her. “If we’re going to do this, let’s not draw more attention to it.”

She’s still furious, but she walks into his house.

“The event was important to me, Cassian. And you being there could have given it a lot more attention. And instead, all people are going to talk about when they talk about me tomorrow is not the charity work that I do, but that my fake boyfriend cheated on me.”

He hangs his head because he was in the wrong. “I’m sorry, Jyn.” 

But she’s still burning, her green eyes almost black with rage.

“How do I make this up to you?’ He’s thinking maybe another charity event to make up for this, maybe dinner, a show of outward affection that can be leaked to the press–maybe her trailer full of flowers, but she surprises him again.

“Don’t think you can just talk your way out of this,” she says, and she leaves, slamming the door shut behind her.


The third time they get into a fight, he’s the one who’s angry.

They’re in the middle of an intense scene, one of the most intense in the movie, and the room they are in is intimate and small. Their characters–Laura and Javier, are in the middle of an argument, and the tension between them is high. On the fifth take, when Javier is jabbing his finger into Laura’s chest, screaming, Jyn goes rogue and flies off script. She makes Laura push Cassian’s Javier into a wall, and just when Cassian is trying to get back on script and roll with the punches, he feels her hands slide up his back under his shirt and her mouth hot and wet against his. She pulls away then, eyes gleaming, then continues with her lines as though nothing was different from the previous four times they had done this scene.

Draven’s cut sends Cassian into a fury, and he drags her by the arm off the set for a talk.

“What the hell was that?”

She smirks at him. “I was improvising. Draven said I should go with it if I found something I thought might work.” Jyn throws a look back at their director who apparently was happy with the take. “He said he hired me because I was good at that kind of thing. Seems like he was right.”

“That was unprofessional of you, Jyn!” Cassian seethes.

“Mr. By-the-Book angry?” she says, taunting him about his reputation for perfectionism on the set, for being stringent in his interpretation of his roles.

“If you want to improvise, you talk to me first! You don’t just do it!” 

“Don’t be such a stick in the mud, Cassian. It tarnishes your playboy reputation.” She says it with an edge, and he wonders if this is revenge for the way he had embarrassed her weeks ago. 

“I’ve been in this industry since I was six years old,” he says. “Don’t think I don’t know how to do my job.” When she tries to leave, he turns heel and blocks her way. “You want to try something different, just talk to me next time.

“Would you have agreed with what I did?” she says boldly, and she hits on something.

“No,” he says, but not for the reason you think.

“Oh, this should be rich.”

“I don’t like how you played that scene because I don’t like the idea of violence being … sexy like that. You sell the idea that fights like these are foreplay and it sends a bad message. I don’t want that normalized. I don’t think it’s a good choice, even if it feels like it might be for that scene or for those characters. It feels irresponsible. It’s not the kind of movie I want to make.”

Cassian watches Jyn’s face, expecting more anger that he questioned her choices, but there’s something soft that flits across her expression and in the way she blinks at him rapidly. The way she looks at him makes his chest suddenly feel tight, and he takes a step back and takes a breath. 

“Ok,” she says, nodding more to herself than to him. “I’m … glad you explained yourself.” She looks up. “And I’m sorry. Let’s me talk to Draven. We’ll shoot the scene again.” She walks off then, determination in each step.

He watches her go, anger turning to confusion turning to respect, then turning to something new that he can’t quite name yet, something slow and warm, something that he feels like has been creeping up on him so gradually that it had itself wrapped around his heart before he even realized it was already there.

some lil javid moments in newsies live:
  • “you’re really good” aka the canon moment davey starts crushing on jack
  • when medda tells them to stay jack has a hand on davey’s shoulder and they both have hands on les’ shoulders like what a fucking family right there people
  • their need to get up in each other’s faces before world will know 
  • “you following me?” *jack immediately hides behind davey*
  • i really wished they chose a different angle for this moment but when jack says “you’re gonna wanna snap a picture of this!” he actually runs over to davey and it looks like grabs his shoulders but it cuts before u can tell
  • “Jack!” “I hear ya” before the main part of seize the day
  • them fighting wiesel’s guys together
  • davey’s face of relief when he sees jack in medda’s theatre
  • davey smacks jack on the ass with a newspaper in HD (2017) 
  • and he does this whilst saying one of the most iconic javid lines “there’s no escaping us pal, we’re inevitable”
  • not exactly little but in wwh reprise they changed the tone of davey and jack’s argument so it’s more angry/serious and just… that angst tho
  • davey pulling spot off jack when the fight breaks out in the rally
  • again not exactly little bc i never stfu about this but the Look Of Disappointment davey gives jack at the end of the rally and jack tries to call after him but davey runs off
  • that look of love davey gives jack when he says “it’s good to have you back”
  • all them glances in pulitzer’s office
  • jack looks so proud when davey says “so what does that make you?”
  • when roosevelt and jack shake hands and immediately he turns to davey like “omg ow”
  • when pulitzer asks to speak to jack alone you can hear davey say “i’m not-” and jack says “it’s okay” so i’m pretty sure davey is about to say “i’m not leaving you alone” or similar and honestly i cry  

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Tony trying to catch bumblebees and both his soldier helping him (Because that is such a cute picture which I couldn't get out of my head)

“Why on God’s green earth would you ever want to actually catch a bee?” Steve asks.

Tony gives him his best bitch face. “Because I can!”

“Honestly Tony that is ridiculous and needlessly stressful for the be–”

“I caught one,” Bucky says, holding his metal hand out to show where a fuzzy bumblebee is sitting in the flower he’s carefully picked.

Tony snaps a picture.

(”…Why… why are Steve and Bucky running around and then letting Tony take pictures of their hands?” Clint asks, cup of coffee clutched to his chest. “Am I… am I still drunk?

“Must be an experiment of some sort,” Bruce murmurs. “Maybe I’ll ask him later.”

“Mmhmm,” Natasha says, tapping the heart on each new Instagram photo of bumblebees that shows up in her feed.)

EXO’s Reaction to Their GF Dancing Sexually w/ Another Guy...

Cont: …and finding out he was gay. (also I changed it from crush to GF SORRY but i thought it would be a bit more easier to apply and relate to. if you want i can always write another where you’re their crush


Even after you explained to Xiumin that your friend was gay, he wouldn’t budge on his position. “Don’t touch him like that–and don’t let him touch you like that either. I’m your boyfriend. Not him,” he’d say, his face showing obvious annoyance and dissatisfaction at the situation.


“Jongdae, he’s gay,” you’d explain to Chen for the fifth time. “I don’t care, jagi, he’s still got a penis,” he’d respond, clearly unhappy about you dancing with him. Despite you repeatedly explaining that your friend is most definitely not interested in females, he’d ask you to not dance on him any longer.


Though certainly less than pleased with the situation, Baekhyun would try to be understanding and let you do what you want with your friend. You could see that he wasn’t happy about it though, and would hold off dancing with your friend, which Baekhyun would quietly thank you for later.


Chanyeol’s pretty protective about other guys, gay or not, and would pull you aside to have a talk with you. Though you’d reassure him that you friend wasn’t interested in females, Chanyeol would still politely ask that you stop grinding on him out of respect for your relationship.


More disappointed in you than anything, Lay wouldn’t really bring it up himself. You could sense something was wrong though and ask him about it. He’d confess that it made him uncomfortable to see you act like that with other guys, regardless of their sexuality.


D.O would be pissed and very open about it. The first thing out of his mouth when he pulled you aside was, “What the hell?” When you told him your friend was gay, his position wouldn’t change. “I don’t care. Don’t dance like that with anybody but me,” he’d say, his face stone cold.


Always trying to see things from different perspectives, Suho would try to be okay with you grinding on another guy–after all, he was gay, right? Nonetheless, Suho would ask that you stop because seeing you on other guys made him uneasy.


Kai would be more confused than anything. “Why are you grinding on him though? I’m right here. I’m your boyfriend. What are you doing?” he’d respond when you told him your friend was gay. You’d later apologize and he’d forgive you, as long as you promised to not do that again.


Not super confrontational, Sehun would give you the silent treatment for the rest of the day. When you finally cracked and asked him what’s wrong, he’d tell you he was pissed that you were dancing with another guy like that. “Sehun, he’s gay,” you’d tell him, but that wouldn’t change his attitude about it.

Another 2Doc Moment
  • 2D: Hey, Murdoc.
  • Murdoc: *sighs* What is it, Face-Ache?
  • 2D: I just realized something. How come your lips don't touch when you say "touch", but they do when you say "separate"?
  • Murdoc: 2D, that's like me wondering how you manage to live without a brain. It can't be answered. Now, go away!
  • 2D: Wait, wait! I got another one! If you're waiting on the waiter, wouldn't that make YOU the waiter?
  • Murdoc: ...
  • 2D: What?
  • Murdoc: You were looking at those rubbish memes again, weren't you?
  • 2D: YUP! *runs out of the room laughing*
  • Murdoc: *growls and runs after him with a Converse shoe* GET BACK HERE, FACE-ACHE!!
Slowly Dying in Someone's Arms Sentence Starters
  • [ Requested ages ago. Sorry for the wait! Warnings for death, obviously ]:
  • "It doesn't hurt...Not anymore."
  • "I don't regret it."
  • "It was worth it to protect you."
  • "Please don't cry."
  • "I don't want to leave you..."
  • "I love you more than anything or anyone."
  • "Remember me when I'm gone."
  • "Say my name, so I'll live on."
  • "Tell them about me and what I did."
  • "If I did nothing else, at least I loved."
  • "I love you...Live for me."
  • "It hurts so much..."
  • "I-I can't breathe..."
  • "I wish it would hurry up and happen..."
  • "I want to die so bad..."
  • "At least yours is the last face I see..."
  • "I'm so sorry..."
  • "Live your life...I'll be there when it's your time..."
  • "This isn't goodbye...This is see you later..."
  • "I don't want to die...I can't..."
  • "I have so much more I want to do..."
  • "Please don't let me go..."
  • "Hold me until the end."
  • "I love you. I've always loved you..."
  • "Until we meet again..."

For the person who asked for headcanons on 2D reacting to finding out his S/O runs an imagines blog based around him, I think Tumblr ate your ask, but here ya go anyway!

  • Is fucking FLATTERED
  • Immediately starts scrolling through
  • Then he pauses, grins evilly, and searches for posts tagged with ‘NSFW’
  • He has the biggest shit eating grin on his face, and if you ask him what he’s looking at, he’ll just say “oh, nothing, nothing”
  • Underneath it all though he’s like holy shit???? You can write??? This is amazing???
  • He practically gets off on reading about himself kissing…himself?
  • But he always just imagines that it’s you, naturally
  • Ngl he probably gets off to all of them
  • He keeps it quiet for a while, and just secretly watches as you write and update
  • He’d probably send in some really weird obscure request and watch you on your laptop as you frown and mutter under your breath, knowing you’ve received it
  • When he FINALLY tells you that he’s discovered it, he’s grinning like a jackal and chuckling evilly
  • He’d never let you forget it, and he definitely would never let you delete the blog

Oh hey look, my entries for this year’s @merlinreversebang ! What can I say, I have a thing for handfastings and the arranged marriage trope! 

Was inspired by DA:I cards, and I’m really happy with the results, even with faces deciding to take the week off, but hey, who needs ‘em amirite

Thank you much for @thedaughterofkings for writing a beaaaauuuutiful fic!! Go read it, go go go!!

–> Ao3 link 

BTS Reaction to thier girlfriend using drugs

Anon Requested:  Can you do a bts reaction to their girlfriend using drugs

I hope you like this!

Jungkook: He was shocked if anything else. Seeing you flick your thumb having the flame come up on the lighter and you inhaling from your small pipe just utterly shocked Jungkook. He couldn’t believe that you were actually smoking weed let alone with others in your apartment. He couldn’t say anything, all he could do was stare at you as you let out a big puff of smoke.

Taehyung: The minute he saw the line that was on your kitchen table disappear he immediately grew angry. His face was stoic and he immediately tugged you away from the table making you stumble into your room. He slammed the door and that’s when he erupted. “Are you fucking kidding me?! You’re going to do..that?! Are you stupid?!”

You knew he was pissed, you knew you shouldn’t have done this but it wasn’t the first time. “This could put my whole career at risk! Do you not understand that?” His chest heavy up and down, he was furious with you and all you could do was lay down in bed as you were too high for anything.

Jimin: He grimaced looking at you as you continued to laugh on the floor with your best friend. He was absolutely disgusted with your behavior and what you had just done that he couldn’t even look at you. So he left, he left you on the floor of your apartment and went back home trying to forget what he had just witnessed. 

Hoseok: If he was being honest he didn’t know what he was feeling when he heard the bubbling of the water and you inhaling and exhaling the smoke. He saw all of the smoke disappear into the air yet you just smiled looking at him. You smoked a lot yet never told him, his first time seeing you like this and he just felt blank, he didn’t know what to feel. 

Namjoon: He wasn’t going to lie, he was incredibly upset. He was upset that you decided to do this to your body, he was upset that you never told him you did this and he was upset that you proceeded to giggle upon seeing him and his reaction. Namjoon was overall upset about everything that was going on but he knew taking care of you was more important, so he had to grin and barret.

Yoongi: Yoongi wasn’t going to stand for this, seeing the joint in your hand pissed him off and he immediately slapped it away. “You are not fucking doing that. Do you understand that if someone took a picture of you that my career could be jeopardized? You can’t be fucking doing this (Y/N)!” You were upset that he wasted a joint but seeing how upset he was made you realized that you caused this which upset you even more.

Jin: Jin was absolutely confused. He didn’t understand what the white powder was until you started to act funny a few moments later. He was completely and utterly confused as to why you felt the need to do any of that. He looked at you puzzled as you swayed back and forth smiling at nothing. He didn’t understand any of this and frankly he didn’t want to.

Come fly the friendly skies

The Cabin Pressure/Holby City crossover that literally nobody one person asked for. It’s four years since Martin left for Swiss Air and a year since Serena came back from her sabbatical. What could possibly bring this eclectic group of characters together?

Carolyn is sitting in her portacabin poring over the calendar when the phone rings.

“OJS Air, Carolyn Shipwright speaking. How can I help you?” She nods, checks the calendar and makes a noise of assent. Grabbing her notepad she starts scribbling down details, a smile growing on her face.

“Well that all seems straightforward enough,” she says finally, “We’ll see you then, Ms Campbell.” She hangs up, leans back in her seat with an unusual grin on her face; is still smiling when Herc comes in.

“Hello darling,” he says, then spots her expression, “What’s come over you?”

“Catch,” Carolyn throws the notebook at him. He scans her notes quickly and then chuckles, “Come over all romantic in your old age have you?”

“I’ve warned you about using that word,” she replies.

“What, old?”

“Romantic,” she snorts.

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the world in my small town is not big. not big in a luxury way, not big in a there’s-so-much-to-do-here way and definitely not big in a i-have-so-many-to-hang-out-with way either. big things happened here. heartfelt and heart-wrecking things like flickering fireflies and a heated highway of flames, burning through the past.
this is the place i loved the sparks in your soul like hymns, but they were never singing in the right key. they were dancing up and down in fragmented amber-like hallucinations. it was soft, but not entire. it was delicate to say the least, but there were never hints of forever, harmonizing the most ambrosial days.
this is the small world we made big.
and now i blame myself for not being awake enough. i blame myself for not noticing the streets when you were heart-rending them.  
i can’t face the earth with these traces of half-moon. i’m a worn-out chapter, an outpouring flashlight on a small river. i am here for the universe in front of my feet. but it’s not brave enough to enter.
it hurts in seconds, but i feel the love in eternities. and maybe that’s something.
maybe i’m walking through oblivion with fingertips touching my lungs, dots from each drained rainbow on my skin. 
i break from the chains, as i swim to the coast and build the brim with my breath.
and there’s still a religious tune in the back of my head. i’m just learning how to sing it for the present, not the longing ache of a time gone by. 
if this town knew about the way you made me feel… maybe it wouldn’t become a galaxy of its own, but it would become something so very close.
—  tina jaxén // our small town

Zevran never really gives anyone a straight answer, all his words are honeyed and calculated because that’s how he’s had to survive. It’s really easy to miss, because almost all your other companions are so honest with you (Leliana comes close but is pretty honest because she wants to change), but yeah, you really have to think about what he’s telling you.

Like he’ll say “the Crows aren’t so bad” and obviously at face value it means he didn’t mind working for them but if you listen to the rest of the sentence and the context you can tell he’s full of shit. Like he does acknowledge the cons, but still always tries to lump in positives (like calling them a “gilded cage”. Admitting it’s a cage, but still caling it gilded). He distracts Wynne and Morrigan with dirty jokes when they hit too close to home with their evaluations of him.

I have no idea where I am going with this but basically I just think it’s really sweet that Zevran eventually finds it in him to be frank with the Warden, to actually say what he means and no just divert the attention away from the hard stuff

The Signs as Unnecessary Mogai Orientations

Aries:  polar-Feeling that, at any given time, one either feels extremely strong attraction, or strong repulsion and no attraction, with no middle ground. / This is cause y’all are extra af.

Taurus: dread-An orientation that fluctuates between feeling no attraction and feeling attraction. When attraction is felt, it is accompanied by a strong feeling of dread or anxiety. / Since Taurus people are hella predictable so is their mogai sexuality.

Gemini: idem-Experiencing a type of attraction as identical to platonic attraction, but separating the two based on other factors. / The two-faced sign gets the first one i saw with “two” in the description. 

Cancer: abro-An orientation that is constantly changing, never stable. / Saw something saying cancers can ride the waves of change without being harmed so,,,

Leo: aego-An orientation that is centered around people other than yourself. When you enjoy the idea of a particular kind of attraction, or when that attraction is being experienced by other people, but do not experience it yourself. / Apparently Leos are saints or something so they get an orientation about others

Virgo: thym-Feeling attraction which varies in intensity or object depending on one’s emotional state. / This is entirely based on how my boyfriend acts. He’s a virgo. sorry.

Libra: singulu-Only capable of experiencing one type of attraction towards a person - for example, not feeling sexual attraction to the people you are romantically attracted to, etc. / When one side of attraction goes up the other goes down, just like a scale. idk either. 

Scorpio: choix-Experiencing a type of attraction as a choice, as if they must consciously decide to be attracted to someone and do not experience that type of attraction otherwise. / The website im getting the traits from says Scorpios choose to chase love a lot so…

Sagittarius: requies-An orientation where someone feels little or no sexual attraction due to emotional exhaustion. This exhaustion can be from any source. / because sags are tiring. 

Capricorn: borea-An orientation that revolves around one person. / Website said Capricorns are a bit too worried with their own adventure to slow down.

Aquarius: sapiosexual-the feeling of attraction towards the intelligence of the other person / Aquas are supposed to be smart n shit

Pisces:  akoi(ne)- & lith-An orientation where:a person feels a particular kind of attraction, but does not wish to have it reciprocated / Pisces are sensitive and don’t want to get hurt or something i don’t know.

Friends (The Heirs! Youngdo) Pt7

Type: Angst Fluff

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Request: Part 7 for Friends on which Youngdo and Y/N move in and their friends help them and after that they invite them to eat pizza and talk about silly things

“How is your wardrobe so bland?” Bona asked as she hung your sweaters in your closet. You sent her a look before rolling your eyes “it’s not bland” “I haven’t seen a shade passed tan yet” she told “oh” she says. She held up your panties “you wear these kind” she mumbled “Youngdo must like them" she continues as you sigh. “He’s never scene them” “I have now” you hear your fiance’s deep voice say from the door. A smirk was clear in his face “can’t you knock?” you ask him as his knuckles bounce off the frame of the door lightly. “Wow” Myungsoo steps into the room looking into the box “I didn’t know they made so many patterns” Youngdo yanks him forcefully from the box “don’t look” he hissed “it’s not like I was peeping” Myungsoo defends and you got up and took the pair from Bona and the box.

“Worse than Youngdo” you mumble “leave” you order as the males put their hands up and begin backing out. Soon Eunsang came into the room with your bedding “they’re talking about thongs” she says after passing the males. “My gosh” you groan shutting the drawer “so who’s your maid of honor going to be?” Bona asked as you looked up at her “what?” you asked “have you started planning your wedding at all?” Eunsang asked. “Well no. Aren’t you guys getting married right after high school?” Bona throws out “I don’t know” you answer. “I can plan your wedding. I mean it won’t be as great as mine with Chanyoung but I can make it perfect” Bona says as she claps.

“Sure why not. I don’t think Youngdo or I wanted to plan anything” “my price is being the maid of honor and Chanyoung being the best man” “you have to ask Youngdo about the best man thing. I don’t care what you are” you mumble. “Good” she says as she starts pulling out books “so many. Is all you do is read?” she asked “no there’s kids movies in the same box I’m sure” “I’ve seen every Disney movie at least once I swear. My brothers love them so much” you ramble. “Which brother is going to be the ring bearer?” Eunsang asked “the cuter one duh” Bona says “that’s wrong” you say before you chuckle.


“What’s in this box?” Myungsoo asked as Youngdo made a sound “don’t mess with that” he calls. “You’re already buying baby furniture. Are you planning on getting Y/N pregnant right away?” Tan teased looking at the bouncer “her mother gave it to me alright. She said her baby brother never used it” Youngdo defends “sure sure” Myungsoo teased picking the box up and taking it down the hall. “Why are you in a rush to get married and live with her?” Chanyoung asked “are you being serious?” Youngdo asked. “Really though why rush?” Tan asks “because I want to be with her. I know I’ll be with her and she’s not some high school romance I’ll pass up” Youngdo says “you guys have been dating longer than I have and I doubt you think ahead” he mumbles “I’m not rushing into anything” Tan says “neither am I. It’s going the pace it wants to. I guess I’m just more confident than you all” he teased walking into his room.


By the time you were done even Rachel had come along and helped with Hyoshin at her side. “I didn’t think we got along this well” you spoke to Rachel who looked up from her phone “we don’t but you’re becoming family” she mumbles. “Why did you order so much pizza” Hyoshin spoke to Myungsoo “10 boxes isn’t much” he shoots back “this isn’t a party” Hyoshin told him. As many pizzas were sat down on the living room table.

After 10 minutes or so the room was filled with laughter as you guys were talking about just your high school lives. “Oh yeah I brought your guys a house warming gift” Myungsoo says as he passes a bag over to you. You peaked inside before throwing it back at him. “What was it?” Youngdo asked not being able to see what was in it. Myungsoo started laughing as you launched pillows at him, Tan reached over picking up the bag “dude really? How in the world” Tan asked “what is it?” Youngdo asked again. Tan went to pass it to him before you grabbed it “take it back” “it matches what else you wear” Myungsoo says as he shoves the bag back at you. Youngdo grabs it from him.

He instantly smirks “you make it out to be so bad” he says “what is it?” Hyoshin asks as Youngdo bites his lip staring at you “I’ll leave right now” you say as he gets up taking the bag with him. “Its lingerie” Myungsoo answers “must be lonely” you tell him “what?” “You’re the only one who can’t get a date” you continue as his smile drops. “Shut up I could get one” he defends himself as Youngdo comes back out grabbing more pizza and reclaiming his spot “sure sure” you respond. “I was spicing up your love life” he told “by picturing me in dirty clothing?” you ask. “Change the subject” Bona calls out. “The wedding” Eunsang says “oh yeah Chanyoung is going to be your best man” Bona tells Youngdo “what?” he answers. “She’s planning it” you tell him taking another bite of pizza. “It was my deal” she says. “I should be best man” Tan says “you’re someone I tolerate now” Youngdo says as Tan makes a face. “Honestly I should be best man” Myungsoo tells. “Best man sleeps with the maid of honor” you spoke as everyone looked at you. “Never been to a wedding? That’s usually how it goes” you explain. “Bona’s the maid of honor. So if you want to sleep with her good luck” you continue not looking up from your slice. “Yup I’m okay with not being best man” Myungsoo spoke up as everyone started laughing. “Neither of you have many friends” Hyoshin says as Youngdo and you share a look “like everyone who can tolerate you two are here right now” he continued “well then. Enjoy being important to a wedding then” Youngdo defends.