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He stands at the counter, separating eggs. He thinks he’s alone in the kitchen so the dad-rock is on and Dex sings along. “It ain’t me, it ain’t me, I ain’t no fortunate one.” 

Nursey harmonizes, because he can’t help it.

Dex turns around, eggshell in hand. “Oh. I thought you were Holster. I don’t know why. Holster doesn’t even live here any more.”

“Bro,” Nursey says. It’s a combination of ‘Jeez you’re out of it’ and ‘Holster and I aren’t even from the same state, practically’ and ‘What the fuck, Poindexter’ all rolled into one eloquent syllable.

Dex crushes the eggshell in his hand and puts it in the garbage.

“Why did you do that?”

“So the witches can’t make them into boats,” Dex says.

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it’s actually so funny to see people being salty over portugal winning eurovision. Salvador’s song was very meaningful and it had a lot of feeling, if you actually took the time to listen to it and read the lyrics you would understand. it was the first time portugal won eurovision and everyone is incredibly proud. Salvador is actually a sweet human being and he cares a lot about his music and i believe it must have been even better for him because his sister wrote the lyrics to this song.
look, i love glitter and extravagant and gay acts as much as any other european, don’t get me wrong, i usually only ever watch eurovision for that, but i’m damn proud that Salvador won.
you can call him a hipster or fake deep because he says that you should make meaningful music or that he doesn’t make commercial music, but what’s wrong with that? that’s how he thinks and that’s the message he wanted people to get.
even if you didn’t like his song, please respect the fact that he won and let us be happy and proud for the first time when it comes to eurovision.
anyways, i just felt like saying this idk. i’m going to go celebrate with my family now, bye guys

Elias used to sit outside the NXT shows and play guitar as people filled in, until one time in Daytona the cops were called; they arrested Samson for soliciting, until the legendary Dusty Rhodes heard the story, came down and bailed him out.
—  Michael Cole on the Legend of Elias Samson, Raw 7/17/17

enchantingdefendorperson  asked:

Dexnursey soulmate au, where your first thoughts when you see your soulmate are printed on them(eg (cos idk if i explained properly)Person A thinks smth like Beautiful and thats on Person B)Dex realises first but is in denial but they do get together

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Thank you for sending me my first prompt!!! <3 I honestly don’t think this is what you were looking for… but I hope you like it anyways??? 

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Shit I've Heard In Class (Part Three):
  • "No one's hunting you."
  • "She's really smart, she just does it out of hate."
  • "All I'm thinking about is broccoli, cauliflower, and sex."
  • "Please try to like not do that."
  • "I'd like to retire and start doing walking pub tours instead."
  • "If that's your best parenting then put your kids up for adoption."
  • "I didn't lie, I told the truth as I knew it, but now I know the truth differently."
  • "What were you thinking promising to return my book to me tomorrow?"
  • "I'm gonna put this ladder on the trampoline."
  • "That's hurtful to my feelings and therefore I judge it as immoral."
  • "Are you saying I'm not a hipster?"
  • "Can I have a sign that that was a sign?"
  • "I hope I never have to live without you."
  • "Uh-oh, I think I might be killing someone today."
  • "Is bug spray okay?"
  • "Put that in your sovereignty and smoke it."
  • "You can just say 'yeah thanks—no'."
  • "Can you predict my behavior?"
  • "I'll deal with this person later, I know where she lives."
  • "IF the dead have feelings."
  • "You're still lazy and you're still stupid—no offense."
  • "We're all immoral when we tell our children Santa is real."
  • "It's almost not tomorrow anymore."
  • "Dogs don't lie to you, they have an innocence about them."
  • "Today may be your last day to have sex, eat a doughnut, drive fast..."
  • "The love and cherish things are a little iffy."
  • "Don't need condom."
  • "You will not leave."
  • "Jackasses are still people?"
  • "I swear to you I'm awake today."
  • "Can you promise to love someone?"
  • "You know what smarter creatures are doing right now? Stealing my car."
  • "Maybe we messed up our feelings."

Hipster Witch Says- You can demand they tell you all you want but honestly it just makes you look like a jerk. If ,by the person’s superb kindness and unending grace, they decide to tell you then you should listen carefully because it’s none of your business in the first place. Turns out if you ask kindly and not in a threatening manner, more people will be more willing to give you meaningful answers.

Who’s to say that young girls who like pop music - short for popular, right? - have worse musical taste than a 30-year-old hipster guy?
[…] How can you say young girls don’t get it? They’re our future. Our future doctors, lawyers, mothers, presidents, they kind of keep the world going. Teenage-girl fans – they don’t lie. If they like you, they’re there. They don’t act ‘too cool.’ They like you, and they tell you. Which is sick.
—  Harry Styles for Rolling Stone
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  • me: I'm the cunt you followed. The only time you liked yourself was when you were trying to be someone this cunt might follow back. I'm not a quitter, I'm that cunt. I made edits for you; who else can say that? You think you'd be happy with a nice hipster blog? No way, baby! I'm it.
Fic: maybe Monday, maybe not

All Blaine wants is to find a nice, reasonably attractive, twentysomething gay guy who will laugh at most of his jokes and hold his hand sometimes and not make fun of his sweater vests.  Is that really so much to ask?  AU, PG-13, ~13,500 words.  [AO3]

Written for the klainebingo prompt blind date.


As with most of the bad decisions Blaine’s made in his life, this one starts with alcohol.

He and Sam decided to invite a bunch of people over for one last end-of-summer get-together.  Blaine’s starting his last year at AMDA next week, and a lot of their friends’ semesters will be starting soon, too, which means they’ll all have less time to hang out like this, sprawled around his and Sam’s living room, arguing about whether Tony Stark is a better businessman than Bruce Wayne.

There was some talk of going out earlier, but at this point, they’re all several drinks in, and it looks like it’s going to be another long night of drinking games and falling asleep in uncomfortable positions on the floor.

At some point, the conversation somehow turns to Blaine’s love life – or lack thereof.

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EXO reaction when their girlfriend spontaneously says “Kkaepsong!”

I do this sometimes and my mom is like….What?!?! ~ 사랑해요 Chas

/I don’t own any of the gifs used, unless stated otherwise/

Beginning for each:  *You shout out Kkaebsong all of a sudden*


Yeol: “I see that Baekhyun has now accepted you as a best friend too!”

You: “Whoa! So, when he says you can say this word you’re his best friend? But What about Jongdae?” (You will see in Jongdae’s reaction)

Yeol: “He does that just to get on his nerves. But really Jongdae is also his best friend.”


Fan: “What the hell?”

You: “What?”

Fan: “I know I miss some of the members but I don’t need a reminder babe.”

You: “You say it in your sleep.” -_-

Fan: *Realizes that he has been caught and starts to laugh a little*


Hun: “You are not allowed to say that around me.”

You: “Why not?”

Hun: “Because…well….you’re only supposed to say Yehet and Ohorat!”

You: “But those are your words.”

Hun: “Exactly.”


Tao: “Are you trying to be Baekhyun?”

You: “Yo, he is killer with the phrase.”

Tao: “Please stop trying to be hipster too. Only Baekhyun can say that. 

You: “But you’ve said it a couple of times too.”

Tao: “Touche” 


Nini: “So, you also agree that he needs to have a song with that word in it?”


Nini: “The title song can be called Kkaebsong.”

You: “And like, all of the songs on there should have at least the word in it or talking bout it!”

(I really would buy it though. What about you guys?)


Minnie: “Did Baekhyun teach you that?”

You: “Yeah Why?”

Minnie: “You are to not hang with him”

You: “WHAT!?!?! WHY!”

Minnie: “Because he is turning you into him.” *Whispers this part* –> “He let you say it and not me.”


Baek: “I was wandering how I could love you even more and you just gave me a reason.”

You: “Is this a good thing.”

Baek: *Serious look* “YES!”


Han: “Have you been watching Showtime again?”

You: “Nooooooo…..”

Han: “Says the one who started back with Kkaebsong again.”

You: “IT’S CATCHY!!!”


Dae: “Did Baekhyun teach you that?”

You: “Yes he did.”

Dae: *Calls Baek* “Why teach her and let her say the word but not me?”


Soo: “You’ve been hanging with Baek too much.”

You: “It is a catchy word.”

Soo: “I know it is. Why do you think I stay away from him. I might catch the Kkaebsong Disease.” 


Xing: “Are you sure your not Baekhyun in disguise?”

You: “I think I hung out with him too much while we were there for the Monster and Lucky One comeback.”

Xing: “It’s okay! I like it!”


Myeon: “I see that Baekhyun has taught you his special word.”

You: “Yes he has!”

Myeon: “That’s good. That means you have officially gotten into his friendship heart! In other words, you are his best friend.”

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Sparks Flew - Chapter Four

AUTHOR: freudensteins-monster
GENRE: Humour, Drama, Angst…
FIC SUMMARY: Loki is magically shackled to his brother whilst he serves out his community service sentence as an unofficial Avenger. He doesn’t make it easy for Thor, or Jane, who turn to Darcy to take over as his babysitter warden.
WARNINGS/TRIGGERS/AUTHORS NOTES/FEEDBACK/COMMENTS: Thanks for all the love and please forgive me for the irregular updates. xoxox

Previous Chapters - 1 | 2 | 3 

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