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Here's a thought: Lance although cocky about his looks is low key self conscious of himself so Keith gives him little butterfly kisses all over while telling him why he's beautiful and special.

Lance has a strict skin care routine, and he wouldn’t let menial things like living in a ten thousand years old alien castle ruin it for him.

He’s found things that suggest alteans too care about their beauty, and skillfully used his resources to put up a fight against dry skin and dirt. The fact that he also found a literal giant bathroom full of cosmetic products inside the Castle helped, too.

Keith, actually, couldn’t care less about all that. He’ll wash himself if needed, and that’s it. But it’s nice to bathe with Lance, and to feel gentle fingers applying masks on his cheeks, touching the slope of his nose, slow and wondering, even if Lance sometimes likes to call him “greasy boy” and makes him wash his hands in weird occasions.

Lance also doesn’t talk about his problems, if he specifically doesn’t have to address them, but Keith is more observant than you’d give him credit for.

The baths are already enough of a telltale - because for all his boasting, Lance seems to be unable to look at him, keeping his mouth stretched in a big grin and his eyes downcast, his stance weirdly rigid and the pitch of his tone a little off. Only when they’re fully submerged he seems to gain back his ability to snark him to death and Keith is glad, but piqued.

He brings it up on one of the night where Lance is loose, and happy, talking a mile a minute in that chatty, endearing way of his, making every dumb topic seem vastly more interesting and exciting than it should really be. In one of their bored strolls through the Castle, they found a room with glass walls, overlooking the immensity of the universe around them, and now they come here late at night (they think it’s night, anyway) to watch the stars. It’s cheesy, but whatever.

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There is no “right” way to be a woman. I mean this in the positive cheesy way that says you can do what you want, but also the way that is soul crushing that says you shouldn’t. What other explanation is there for how it is horrible to be too sexual or not sexual enough, devalued to be too feminine and marginalized to be too masculine, how there is different kinds of street harassment and sexual predation for different kinds of women, how the punishments come no matter how we move through the world so long as it is as a woman. There is no way to do it right.

Questions I wish Gullruten interviewers would have asked:

- Henrik you played a bipolar character. What was that like? Did you do any research for that?
- Tarjei what has it been like playing Isak for 4 seasons? What do you think of Isak’s character arch?
- What is it like working with Julie?
- Do you have any other acting projects upcoming?
- What were your favourite scenes to film together?

Questions Gullruten interviewers did ask:

- Were you popular in high school?
- Tarjei why aren’t you on social media? You’d have millions of followers.
- Can you look into the camera and say a cheesy pick up line?

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BTS as your boyfriend Part 2


• cuddles

• he’s always busy with something but finds time just for you

• foReHEAd kISSes omg definitely

• drives to your house when he needs a hug from he’s little one :(

• always praising you

“you’re so gorgeous… ah seriously can’t you stop it”

• buys you things for 3dollars bc ain’t no money enough to payback your love (he’s just a cheap ass)

• he still loves you like no other tho

• sex with Jin would be just so vanilla most of the time cause he’s the type to get tired pretty easily

• but it’d be so intense and slow and imagine scratching his back and shoulders :(


• music exchange

• buys airplanes tickets for you to visit him on tour

• supports you in everything you like and has to do

• gets shy when you compliment him randomly and gives you that gummy smile of his

• gives you advices

• asks for your opinion on important things

• this little fucker would be so into kissing you while cuddling

• fell asleep once while listening about something that upset you at work bc of the intense practice he had that day and he felt so guilty after that he spent two weeks bringing gifts to you after work

• sex with this guy would be either lazy or slowly intense

• but he can be a freak if he’s mad at something you did… Or just needy


• dancing while cleaning the house

• likes taking showers with you

• always hugging you

• keeps telling you lame dad jokes even when you tell him to stop

• cooking together

• pouts when you deny something he wants badly

*casual voice* “i think hobi deserves a kiss since hobi has been such a nice boy”

• dates at the café

• hoseok would put his dancer hips to work and torture you with slow moves during sex

• he’d be pretty rough and dominant when it comes to sex and he probs has a kink


• always shopping

• always apologizing for forgetting something

• needs endless love and affection

• pda gets him shy but he loves it

• tries to impress you but ends up getting injured

• Netflix and chill

• keeps getting hurt on purpose just so you kiss and take care of him :(

• book exchange

• namjoon would be either fucking dominant or a whiny mess during sex

• but his role doesn’t matter to him as long as he gets to hear your soft moans as you fuck and he falls for you even more at the end


• protective

• always trying to touch you, it doesn’t matter if it’s a kiss or just a hand holding

• calls you before important performances when you can’t be with him just so he can hear your voice and calm down

• says cheesy things to you after fights to try and melt your heart such as “I wish we could meet again just so I could fall in love with you twice”

• he’d be so into giving you hickeys just so people can see that you’re his and he absolutely loves when you do the same

• hugs you and tells you sweet nothings when you’re sad

• shows he loves you everywhere bc he just can’t keep his love to himself

• places his hand on your thigh as soon as you sit beside him

• dirty talking yES

• he would be so into spanking your ass while taking you from behind sWeEt jEsUS


• brags about you

• pets your head

• serenades you narutos ending ‘wind’ even if it’s not exactly romantic bc his voice sounds nice in it

• takes you to sightseeing

• random deep talks

• you’re the best person alive for him

• he just loves you so much like he does anything and everything for you

• sometimes he giggles while looking at you cause he feels so lucky to be with you

• this motherfucker would be so into spanking your ass he’d do it even when you weren’t having sex

• he’s a dom most of the time but he likes it when you take control every now and then


• very shy when you start dating but after a while he can get really laid back

• holds your hand a lot

• neck kisses

• wants you to pet his head

• praises the shit out of you even if he’s not that good at it

• needs endless love and affection pt2

• he loves showing people that you’re his but he gets shy often so it doesn’t happen frequently

• sings for you to sleep and dances randomly to cheer you up

• sex with this big guy would be as good as everything he does like he would put a lot of effort to make you feel as good as he does

• he’s definitely a switch but most of the time he’s the dom and he loves it when you’re a brat

some fool: all modern pop music is horrible

me: (angrily gestures towards Sia, Rihanna, Ellie Goulding, Hayley Kiyoko, and Carly Rae Jepsen)

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Can you do dating Roman Bürki eoul includes ? 😊

- Beach holidays (Ibiza being Roman’s favorite)
- Getting another dog and arguing about which breed (Roman wants another toy dog like Cliff, which makes you eye him incredulously); in the end you win by adopting a huge mixed breed dog, which ends up melting Roman’s heart because of its sad rescue story; after all, Roman has a soft spot and you love that about him
- Your Instagram/Snapchat story featuring Roman during your dates and holidays, also Roman with your two dogs (in other words, your three babies)
- Music anytime, anywhere: while driving, while on the plane, during sex, after sex, while cuddling in lazy mornings, while working out and/or running, while preparing breakfast or dinner, when it’s raining, when it’s snowing, when it’s sunny, etc.
- Sending each other newly discovered music; “Let’s play this the next time we have sex;” “Yeah, you mean tonight?”
- Lazing with him on the open deck of your house (with background music of course 🙄😂)
- Said lazing around turns to making out, especially when he starts teasing you
- Dreaming about going to Coachella together
- Waking up and seeing Roman naked beside you still feels like a dream after all this time because daaaaamn
- Lots of staring because daaaaaaaaaaamn 😩
- Teasing each other by whispering naughty things in public (Roman loses every time because it can be hard to hide that bulge, can’t it?)
- Cuddling; Roman loves to cuddle and spoon you especially on bad days; he can be such an adorable puppy
- Not to mention taking care of you when you’re sick and giving you massages when you’re stressed with work or studies
- And this:

“Are you ready?” You wriggled your eyebrows at Roman as you pulled him towards your bedroom.

Roman’s eyes ran up and down your body, and even if you’re still fully clothed, you can see the lust clouding his dark brown eyes. You smirked in satisfaction.

This was his fault after all. Oh wait, maybe yours. Three weeks ago, while cuddling after sex, you studied his tattooed arm draped around you.

“What if I get a tattoo?” you said aloud.

“Hmm?” Roman opened an eye to look at you. He had almost drifted to sleep.

You traced his tattoos thoughtfully. “I think I want one.”

“Okay,” he said, smirking as he played along.

“I’m sure of it!” you snapped. “I’m not even scared of the pain.”

“That’s my girl.” Roman pulled you closer and kissed your forehead. “Let’s get one together?”

“What? You want another one?”

“Why not?” he said, shrugging. Then he propped his head on his arm and looked at you, his eyes twinkling. “Wait, I have an idea. Let’s get one separately and when we have sex on our anniversary, the challenge is to look for it.”

“You and your ideas!” you said, laughing as you pinch his cheeks. “That’s three weeks from now, can you handle it?”

“It makes it more exciting, you know,” he said, grinning. “So how about another round since the next one is in three weeks?”

Fast forward to your anniversary. Roman lay you on the bed, kissing you while fumbling with the buttons of your shirt. You decided to wear it and your tight jeans so that it would take some time to take it off, therefore building the excitement. True enough, Roman groaned in frustration as he tried to tear it out. As for him, he wore a simple white shirt and his usual ripped jeans, which were already on the floor.

So that means his new tattoo is not on his arms, you thought as you kissed him back hungrily. Ah fuck, why do I even care?

Roman looked like he had forgotten about your challenge after all. He lay on top of you, trailing his lips along the crook of your neck and down to your shoulders as he slid off the straps of your bra. You let out a low moan. Roman quickly took off his boxers and that’s when you saw it.

“The Vitruvian Man? Really?” you exclaimed.

“Huh? What?” he asked, disoriented. He followed your gaze, which landed on his left thigh.

“Oh yeah. Cool, huh?” he said, grinning. “Got it during the first week of our challenge.”

You wanted to wince, but you quickly masked it with a laugh, not wanting to ruin his mood. He looked so proud of it. And anyway, you still love him even with his apparent weird taste in tattoos.

“Show me yours,” Roman urged excitedly.

You held out your wrist and showed him your sun tattoo.

“It’s beautiful,” he said, rubbing it with his thumb. “Why the sun?”

“Because we both love the sun,” you said as you wrapped your arms around his neck and pulled him close to peck his lips. “And because you are my sun. You always brighten my day.”

He beamed widely and kissed you softly, tenderly.

“We never got to talk about what the winner of this challenge will get,” you said when you broke for air.

Roman traced a finger from your forehead down to your lips. “I will never stop shining for you.”

marriage au ch 10 first draft is complete


also surprise snippet:

Marinette rolls her eyes. “Papa. I don’t know why you’re always so dramatic. You’re such a drama queen.”

“Ah, my love, but the best men for you are men like your papa. We are romantic and I’m sure Adrien is the romantic sort, yes, son?”

Adrien slurps his broth a little too quickly and burns his throat. “I guess you can say that. I’m more cheesy if anything.”

“Marinette loves cheese! It’s her favorite danish! And fondue is her favorite too. As well as smelly cheese,” Tom happily adds.

"Of course,” he snorts. “Good to know.”

Marinette shrugs. “What? I’m a lover of all things salty. And cheese is God’s gift to man.”

Sabine presses her lips together. “Marinette, when in doubt, you still can’t survive off cheese.”

“No, Maman, I can’t survive off sweets. I’ve tried.”

Sebastian's Sexual Pick Up Lines #2

Sebastian: Hey, young master. I got you a riddle.

Ciel: Okay then.

Sebastian: What has 132 teeth and holds back the Incredible Hulk?

Ciel: Uhhhh… Teeth? I don’t know… I don’t know… -frowns- What’s up with that stupid riddle anyways?!

Sebastian: -smirks- The answer is my zipper.


Sebastian: Sooooo?

Ciel: …. Sebastian, sometimes you’re just a pain in the arse…

Sebastian: Then how about adding some lubricants?! -laughs- Eh? Eh? -wink, wink- -nudge, nudge-

Ciel: -glares-

Sebastian: Oh come on! That was better than the old one!

Ciel: -still glaring-

Sebastian: -sighs- Fine! I’ll get back to work….

Here you go my love, hope you enjoy!💋

“I could have walked away years ago!”

“No you wouldn’t!”

“I could have—”



That shit started coming back to you and it had you packing your things faster than he would have liked. Joshua stood by the bedroom door watching the way you fumbled with throwing in anything you could find into that same small duffle bag you’ve had for years now. He wondered what your next move was going to be seeing as it couldn’t hold much, had you plan to come back home the next day?

He felt his heart becoming heavier and heavier. His breathing was irregular, he wanted to just collapse. “Where are you going?” He asked this while pulling his sweater over his hands and gripping onto the material tightly.

You sighed harshly, “I don’t know.”

“When are you coming back?”

Too many damn questions. “I don’t know.” You snapped at him, staring at him with mean eyes before going back to collecting some of your things. You were finally done, you put your toothbrush in and zipped the bag, and threw it over your shoulder. “I’ll text you when I reach.”

You didn’t know why you left the apartment quite frankly, but it staying in that house right now with him would be toxic. You had to admit, the argument broke your heart, as you could see the hurt in him. Isn’t a mug such a trivial thing to argue over? It had little importance and it could easily be replaced. Who would have thought that a mug would have you revealing some heavy things to him.

You vaguely remember the day he told you he was accepted to become a trainee at some stupid place in another country. You were proud of him, you had been the one who gave him the push to audition after all, but you couldn’t help but think of your own needs and wants from him. You wanted him to be there with you, to hold you, kiss you, to have the relationship with him that you’ve always had. So when he made a plan to take you with him and all he needed was for you to say yes, and you did.

Love did that to a person, it made them blind and vulnerable. It made you feel like you owed the person because they had completely changed your life. You thought that you owed him because he made you love him so much that it hurt at times. You could have said no, you could have walked away, but how could you leave the one person who gave you a reason to want to wake up?

You shut the door and slid the chain on the door to keep some creepy fuckers from making their way into your space. Sitting on the bed made you realize that you needed sleep. It wasn’t as comfortable as the one at home but it would have to do for tonight. You desperately wanted to forget about him just for a few hours but you couldn’t. Your mind was on him rather than sleep, and you hated it.

“I am absolutely in love with you, and I love it.”

“I’m in love with you too.”

“I’m going to marry you one day, you’ll have the most beautiful ring, we’ll have a house and kids. Anything you want.”

“I just want us to be happy.”

You opened your eyes and sighed deeply getting rid of all the stress that was piling into you. You wanted to go to sleep but your beautiful mind had other plans.

“Nothing has ever scared me more than being with you.”

“Why? What the hell do you mean?”

“You make me go crazy, I don’t think I can do this anymore.”

“Okay, that’s fine, call me when you stop being a pussy.”

You laid in the bed staring up at the ceiling, the last message you received was from Joshua telling you to come back home soon. Why did the universe make you love him so much? You closed your eyes and thought about his cat eyes and the way he covered his mouth whenever he laughed at your jokes. How he loves to hold your hand even when there was no reason to. He wasn’t anywhere near perfect, but he was all that you needed.

It was three in the morning when Joshua rouse out of bed upping hearing the sound of the door opening. He crept around the corner and watched as you lazily took off your shoes and jacket and threw them onto the floor. You couldn’t sleep in that room alone, especially after having an argument with Josh, it didn’t feel right so you took a bus home. The couch looked about right—climbing into bed at this hour would be awkward to explain—so you here you were convincing yourself that the couch was fine.

“Y/N?” He emerged from the dark hallway and stood feet away from you with nothing but a shirt and boxer briefs on. “You okay, what happened?”

“I’m sorry that I woke you.”

“It’s okay I couldn’t sleep too.” He was a man who was soft with his words, he spoke in whispers when you both weren’t trying to kill one another. “I-I’m sorry. I never knew you resented me. I should have known, I should have accepted it. I’m just so scared for us, because I do love you and I want to spend the rest of my life with you but if you don’t feel the same way then I won’t hold you here.”

Seeing him break down in tears was the most excruciating thing ever. Joshua was never one to show his vulnerable side, he preferred if people not learn all the ways to kill him slowly. But here you were in front of him, your face showing too much worry for your age, your eyes started to become ridden with sadness, and fear plagued your heart of where your relationship with him would end up.

“I don’t resent you…anymore.” Your voice croaked a bit, but you found strength to continue. “I love you, I want to be with you, but there has to be things we need to discuss.”

You sighed and rubbed your face, “we can do this, we’ve been together for what? Four or five years, we can make it to a decade. And Joshie?”

He perked up at your sudden tone, your nickname for him making him smile. “Yes?”

“Your not holding me here, and you’re right I wouldn’t have walked away and I didn’t mean to say that I would have, I just wanted to hurt you. I want to support you, your happiness is my happiness. That’s all that matters.”

“Can I say something cheesy?”

“No our happiness matters.”

Laughing you rolled your eyes at your boyfriend, “come kiss me loser.” You pulled him closer to you and pressed your lips against his, his arms tightly kept you close to his body. The two of you weren’t done speaking about the matter, there was a lot more to discuss about how to move forward with each other in life. There were lots of times you’ve questioned reality, but goddamn you loved the kid, and you weren’t leaving him for a long time.

—Tee 👑

Morning (Husband!Jimin)

Plot: Mornings with husband!Jimin

Word Count: 668

A/N: so before I start this, I wanna say a h u g e thank you for 5,200 followers !!!! It’s so weird to think about but I’m so so s o grateful for all of you and I can’t say thank you enough without sounding really cheesy but then again, this is a pretty cheesy cutesy drabble bc I am a cheesy cutesy loving bitch but thank you again!!! As I mentioned yesterday, I am currently in the process of moving so I had to just write a bunch of easy ideas that sounded fun to me bc shit is chaotic rn, this is kinda a build off of the honeymoon!Jimin post I did the other day (click here for that post) but it’s also a lil sneak peek of this series I wanna do that’s basically just mornings with ~!BTS, so if you guys like it, let me know !! The link for this is husband!Jimin (here

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There wasn’t much that was more beautiful to you than your husband of a year. You would think after five years of being together, two of those spent living together, you would be used to waking up next to him but it still took your breath away every morning. The mornings you woke up before him were rare, due to his early schedules as well as his love for mornings, but they were your favorites. He was never slow to wake up once he felt the bed shifting but there were a few minutes where you could admire him before you would hear his voice, deepened from a lack of use during his sleep, make a joke about you staring at him.

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🌸 Number Request 🌸

Send me a number and a character from 13 Reasons Why, and make your request:

#1- “You’re jealous, and you know it’s true.”

#2-“You’re such a dork saying cheesy things.”

#3-“You can lie to everyone, but not to me.”

#4-“Something is happening, and you know you can trust me.”

#5-“You can go, or you can cuddle with me.”

#6-“There are somethings that i don’t need to spill it out.”

#7-“If going means leaving you alone, then you can forget that will happen.”

#8-“I’m just afraid that my mind got me in some kind of trick.”

#9-“I watched what happened to her, there’s no way I will watch that happening to you too.”

#10-“You better back off before I hit you.”

#11-“I love you, and nothing will happen to you under my sight.”

#12-“It doesn’t matter, I will always watch over you.”

#13-“Even if costs my social life, I will never let you down or let you go away from me.”

#14-“No one can change the past, I can’t change the past.”

#15-“Every time I look the stars, I just can remember you.”

#16-“There’s nothing wrong loving somebody that were used to be alone.”

#17-“What if I desapeared today, what will you do?!”

#18-“I would never forgive myself if something happened to you.”

#19-“You can’t just make something like that to yourself and leave me alone here.”

#20-“That baby is mine too, and I love him the same way I love you, and I will never leave you two alone.”

#21-“There’s something I need to say but I don’t know how.”

#22-“Don’t be mad at me for something like that.”

#23-“There’s something wrong, and you can cry if you want, I will be by your side.”

#24-“There’s so many choices you can do, but that’s far from the better.”

#25-“I don’t care about the time, I care about you and your well being.”

Soaking Wet

In which you’ve had a horrible day, and Harry just wants to make you feel better.

A/N: FINALLY!!! I’ve kept you waiting long enough and I am the worst person ever.  This has been like, two weeks in the making so I hope its worth it. ;)

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Dating Junior would be like:

-even though you were alone with him when he confessed to you you still feel like dying from embarrassment every time you remember it

-because you still can’t believe someone can say something so cheesy with such a confident smile

-and to this very day you’re still not sure if he did on purpose just to see you blush he did and you’ll never know how much self control he needed to hold back from kissing you right there

-big fan of hugs and his personal favorite are back hugs which can be noticed whenever you get up to get something and he kind of just clings to you, his arms around your waist, and expect him to follow you like that wherever you planned on going

-because if you’re not near him when you can be then he’s going with you…and if he’s going with you then he better still be touching you

-he likes whispering into your ears while he’s hugging which never fails to make you shiver 

-unless it’s just ‘’i ate that pudding you left in the fridge’’…which usually ends up with you chasing him around the apartment

-sitting between his legs while reading a book , and you have to possible scenarios: he’s either reading with you or just distracting you by placing gentle kisses on your neck and then chuckling after seeing your reaction

-members being more confused than ever- ‘’Do we have two moms now or what?’’

-he’s the type to reach out to pull you closer to his body even though he’s in deep sleep

-actually enjoys teaching you their dances…he can use showing you moves as an excuse to touch you more so that might be the reason for his sudden enthusiasm when you mention their dance routines

-whenever you’re visiting them at practice you experience ‘’death by eye contact’’

-and recently not just on practice but during most random situations too…like, you could be talking about changing the light bulbs and he would be staring at you like he’s playing ‘’Confession Song’’ in his head again or thinking about some really inappropriate things 

-found it extremely amusing when you called it his ‘’inviting eyes’’ once

-constantly worrying if you’re sleeping enough and if you’re eating enough so when he goes on tour most of your conversations begin with like hundred of his question and you can’t continue before he makes sure you’re drank like 8 glasses of water today

-him bringing you breakfast in bed is not a surprise…but it can lead to various cheesy conversations so you had to learn how to eat while dying of cheesiness

-he would be really into these quiet night when you’re just watching a movie while cuddling, taking a challenge to eat everything from your fridge and then have random sleepy conversations

-always chasing him around and trying to get him to go faster

-sometimes you just can’t wait for him to finish showering because it seems like he’s trying to create water in there instead of using the ones he has so you just grumpily join him which he extremely enjoys

-if you’re not feeling well he would turn into his ‘’mother mode’’ and there’s no escaping until he decided you’re ok again

-gentle and romantic sex, but him being totally dominant

-loves doing romantic things for you and the sight of him waiting for you with flowers is not rare…or the scenarios you like the most: him, bath, candles

-won’t show his jealous just like that, but the day after his shirt would wait for you on your bed and you’re like ‘’oh well’’

-both of you are going to enjoy it so why hesitate

-he would the one to constantly remind you how much he loves you, not just with quiet whispers at night but also through his actions and he’s the one to notice all these seemingly unimportant things about you and make sure to how how much he loves them

Our Story’s not Over~Part 3 of How it all Started (Final-James Potter)

A/N: OHMYGOD I AM SORRY. I posted something yesterday saying this would be up last night and went to finish it and I FELL ASLEEP. In my defense, I was exhausted and it was 11pm

Summary: You are found and once you come back home, James tells you he found the letters.

Pairing: James Potter x reader

Word Count: 2662

Warnings: Blood, swearing, fluff, mentions of death

Other Parts: How it All Started-How it All Ended


She loved him. She really loved him. These letters showed that. Painfully, but very clearly. She had loved him for a very long time and he hadn’t even realized. The tears running down James’ face were not silent. By the end of the last letter, he was nearly sobbing. The other three boys could hear him and it took an hour for Sirius to get up and see what was making his friend cry so much. Surely, they were all sad, but they could usually get hold of themselves after a little bit.

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Boyfriend Nakamoto Yuta
  • My fave minion humper 
  • Would probably rather confess than be confessed to but either is fine with him as long as the end result is the same
  • Tries very hard to please you at the start of your relationship, to the point that it might be a bit over the top
  • Gets more relaxed and honest with you as your relationship progresses
  • Loves your smile as much as you love his
  • Tries his best to make you smile just so he can see your smile
  • Roasts you out of love
  • Sometimes he says something cheesy after roasting you to try and make up for it but then he roasts you again 5 seconds later, the cycle could repeat but he’d usually make sure to end it with something cheesy
  • Randomly super cheesy 
  • Likes making you flustered
  • Spontaneous dates that aren’t always actually spontaneous
  • He plans some of the “spontaneous” dates beforehand then acts like he didn’t
  • Lots of outdoor dates, especially to the mountains
  • Brings Winwin along to hang out with you sometimes
  • Guess who’s the third wheel spoiler: it’s you
  • Lots of subconscious skinship, he’ll reach out to hold your hand without even realising he’s doing it
  • Sometimes gets embarrassed when he realises he’s subconsciously initiated skinship in situations where he usually wouldn’t
  • Almost always touching you in some way when you’re together, even if it’s only lightly
  • Can be a bit possessive and gets jealous quite easily but trusts you enough not to act on it too much
  • Sends you lots of pictures of himself and anything around him that he thinks is pretty
  • Would want you to go to concerts with him
  • Loves showing you the music he likes and would want you to show him your favourite songs as well
  • Steals your phone to take a picture of himself then sets it as your wallpaper
  • Though he’s a bit teasing he’d overall always be super nice to you

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EXO Reaction to: You Being a Famous Vlogger

Xiumin: is impressed that you’re creative and talented enough to not only create vlogs but be famous for them. he likes watching and re-watching your vlogs when he’s on tour, so he can see what you’re up to and hear your voice

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Luhan: is reading the comments. “what? jagi, you should block these people. look at the disgusting things they’re saying about you!”

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Kris: it’s a way for him to know you’re okay while he’s away, without him having to call or text you 24/7. he watches them before bed, since it helps him relax to know that you’re fine

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Suho: *watches the vlogs he’s in and cringes at how corny he can be* “do I really say those cheesy things?”

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Lay: “so you film your life and people sit at home, watching you have fun? why don’t they just go outside and do those things themselves?”

“who cares?” you say. “it’s how I make money”

“fair enough”

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Baekhyun: “I’m guessing you want me to appear in some, right? to up your views?”

“no, thanks, babe. I’m already famous. I don’t need you dragging out some crazy fan girls and ruining that”

“but I’ll make the video better?”

“no you won’t”

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Chen: “let’s face it, jagi. the only reason you got so famous is because of that one video where I was about to take off my shirt”

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“that’s my vlog with the least amount of views” you inform him


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Chanyeol: “why do people find this so interesting? you’re just eating your breakfast and walking our dog?”

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D.O: “so you’re making videos where people get to see you bare faced, in pajama’s and with morning voice? that’s great, babe” jealous, jealous, jealous

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Tao: “oh, you want me to be in one?” *completely acts up and steals the spotlight from you*

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Kai: “I’m really proud of you but make sure you talk about me a lot, so people know you’re taken!”

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Sehun: thinking, ‘I can’t believe I’ve never been asked to appear in any of these vlogs’

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