can you say 'procrastination'

With as many kids as Bruce has adopted it’s highly possible that the media has made at least one reference to it, probably something along the lines of: “Bruce Wayne buys houses like he adopts children.”

Contrary to how his family feels (they think it’s hilarious) Bruce actually likes it. The first time he uses the phrase in reference to himself his family is Horrified (and in Damian’s case Offended). “I’ve been buying shares of Apple like I adopt kids.”

They all assumed it was a fluke, a slip of the tongue, until it happened again. Tim and Damian had been fighting and ended up ruining a set of Batarangs. Bruce sighed making a note to replace the set mumbling “I collect these like I collect kids.”

The line stopped Tim mid swing at Damian, both turning to stare slack jawed at Bruce.

“Father, I’m not sure you’re aware of what you’ve said.”

“What’s the matter with what I said?”

It gets to be a habit, and no one can figure out why he likes it. Has he become aware of his habit? Is he some how purposefully making fun of himself? Jason swears it’s to remind himself not to adopt any more children. At last they all corner him in his office, Bruce looking confused from his desk as his children march in one by one.

“Why?” is how Tim starts it.

“Why?” Bruce frowns.

“Adoption. Why do you keep making the joke?” Cassandra clarifies.

Dick adds, “You’re not embarrassed of us are you?”

If their question surprised him it doesn’t show as Bruce sits silent at his desk, watching his children for a moment. “It reminds me of how proud I am of each of you.” He let his gaze rest on each of his children, pausing a beat longer on Damian to remind his son that yes he meant him too.

After that it wasn’t rare to hear the Wayne kids making a joke about their father’s adoption skills.

afterwards, you stretch empty fingers
into dream-space, wishing
for your own adventure. you pray
your hand closes around a dragon egg,
a jewelled sword-hilt,
a bloodstained rose, a crown.
you keep your eyes on your shadow,
keep your eyes open
as night’s breathing slows, waiting.
the air smells like snow, sharp and clean;
you exhale hard, picturing smoke-clouds,
picturing flames. patience remains
fleet-footed as a nymph, her laugh
as mocking. renown lives in distant mountains
past realms unknown, but here,
beauty grabs your wrist as you pass,
a bright-eyed temptress draped
in frozen pine needles.
afterwards, you build your own story.
you name your favourite pen,
compare word counts like a kill count, argue
the merits of quality over quantity. palms
dripping dream-dust, you shape your own world,
your own adventure, chase magnificence
at the speed of thought — you know it is yours,
surely as the long-lost heirs of faraway lands
believe in a waiting throne.
—  glorification, for @mirrorsandwindowsabstractedfocus

THE SUPERNATURAL GIF CHALLENGE | savingpeoplegiffingthings vs. sketchydean
round seventeen | alternate universes | doctor au

AU: Dean and Sam are estranged brothers who are abruptly brought back together when Dean is taken to the hospital where Sam works, following a car crash. 

Hello! So I’m really new to the studyblr community, although I have been admiring it from the distance for ages and have been kinda waiting for the right moment to start posting stuff myself. Ok, yeah, I have been procrastinating about it, you can say it.

Anyway, here’s my introduction post.

I am Julia, slytherin, book and movie lover, also into anime and…well, basically anything! I am 18 years old and I am in last year of high school here in Spain (actually, last two weeks of high school😀). I have always wanted to study abroad, so I spent a semester in Canada last year and I am starting university in England next year, in UCL….if I get the marks they requested in my conditional application, which I will know in less than 24 hours. I’m seriously ANXIOUS about it!

Let’s just pretend I am already unconditionally accepted, ok? I will study a MBSc in biochemistry, starting September. So this blog will mainly be a sciblr, although I am also very interested in languages and programming (my plans for this summer!)

From my past lurking into other people’s studyblrs I have developed an addiction for masterposts, so be expecting a TON of those. I’m also slightly in love with study music, all sorts of playlists and ambient sounds and, in general, studying atmospheres. So be expecting a lot of that too!

Some of the blogs that have most inspired me have been @studypetals, @studylustre, @juliasacads, @wendystudies, @emmastudies, @stuhde, @circle-studies (btw, have you read silber? Because carpe noctem appeared there. If not…just pretend I didn’t say that!), @elkstudies, @studytherin, @minimaliststudy, @aescademic, @littleninjastudies, @equaticns, @aetudes, @einstetic, @ambedostudies, @study-cave, @sprouht-studies, @brainiakk, @studyquill, @ravnclaw, and @studyinginstyle. I really hope one day I’ll post as great stuff as you guys do! 💙

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my kj name is Fairy Dust-that one headfirst for halos lyric about skull fragments falling like pixie dust got me thinking cause that's dark as fuck right and weirdly sexual and just a plain bad image, and fairy dust in myths can do awesome things or terrible things but where does it come from? Is it skull fragments? Pixie secretion? and you know how they call each other by one name sometimes - ghoul or poison? Depending on which you say it can have a very different meaning I'm procrastinating rn

there are so many things to discuss in this ask….

a) what the fuck is sexual about skull fragments falling like pixie dust

b) pixie dust being made of fairy skull fragments is the coolest fucking idea?? catch me reblogging this post to my writing blog for insp

c) fairy dust is a good killjoy name 

d) …..back to that first one im kinkshaming

ISTP day summary

I wanted to do some kind of hands on project today, and I had a few options in mind:

option 1 - do something, anything, about a pair of shoes that I love but that only stay on because of a flimsy velcro buckle that comes undone every five steps

option 2 - make some kind of artistic display out of my piles of movie ticket stubs

option 3 - find and/or create a notebook or binder that will actually work with my creative process

what actually happened: hit a minor mental health snag in the morning but tried taking a more detached viewpoint as I waited it out. went to work. took a little more time than I was inclined to to figure out how to do something specific with the printer. felt no obligation to socialize more than I normally would. after I got off, stopped by a big craft store and did about 15 minutes of window shopping, but decided that for each of my projects, I either already had everything I needed or I had to do some more planning before I bought supplies. turned the music volume up in my car until it felt immersive. went with my mom to the mall just so we could be out of the house and moving. wrote out some ideas for my projects on my phone at about midnight.

honestly, aside from actually making the effort to walk myself into the craft store, the thing that felt most like a shift in my thinking was that little standoff with the printer

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maybe I'm lame but I think it would be awesome to see Jace, Alec, and Izzy as a runed parabatri (probably not a thing in the SH universe but still)

now see that’s a concept i can totally get behind!! not lame at all but unfortunately as far as i know that’s not a thing in the sh lore (although the show changes everything why not that’d be dope)

Tips for my followers in high school

I’ve decided that, as a senior, I might as well pass along some of the stuff I learned. Especially now that I’ve learned some of you are so young and too precious for this world

  • Do your homework. I know it’s boring and all, but just even doing it will help bring up not only your homework grades but you’ll learn a little bit (hopefully) and that’ll help with your test grades too.
  • Don’t judge people
  • There will be random rumors about you that pretty much came from out of the blue. Remind yourself that they’re not true. Don’t act on them. Don’t let them mess with you because they’re not even true. The people that believe them aren’t worth hanging out with.
  • Don’t act on a rumor you heard about someone. Just don’t.
  • Don’t be that person that starts rumors because you can really hurt someone with a rumor.
  • Try new things. You never know what you’ll find you like. I had no clue I would enjoy swing dancing so much.
  • It’s okay to be smart and get good grades.
  • It’s okay if you’re struggling with school. 
  • It’s okay to ask upper classmen for help. We’ve been through the stuff you’re struggling with and are totally willing to help
  • Seniors will only bite if you’re screaming in the hallways while they’re trying to relax and eat. 
  • Homecoming will not decide what will happen with your life. If you don’t get asked just go and have fun with your friends.
  • If you had a really bad night and couldn’t get homework done, talk to your teachers and more than likely they’ll understand and give you an extension.
  • If you have trouble in school or with getting homework done or just trouble in general, talk to someone, especially your counselor. They’re actually pretty nice and won’t bite off your head.
  • Don’t talk too many AP classes. College like to see kids taking advanced classes, but if you take too many your grades will suffer and you’ll have a really shitty year. 
  • Be nice to people.
  • Give people complements. You can honestly make their day.
  • Don’t do drugs. I know boring senior, but drugs are honestly bad for you.
  • If you’re going to do drugs, don’t ever fucking mix drugs, it can easily kill you.
  • Don’t leave your drink unattended at a party.
  • It’s okay if you’re a virgin.
  • It’s okay if you’re not a virgin.
  • Boys are dumb and girls are silly.
  • Don’t have sex; you will get pregnant and you will die.
  • Just kidding. But don’t have unprotected sex because you will get an STD which can actually kill you.
  • Also don’t have sex with a random person for the sake of having sex so you’ll be cool. If you’re gonna do the do, do it with someone you care about.
  • If a boyfriend/girlfriend/datemate wants you to change then dump their ass because you should not change for anyone.
  • Talk to new people.
  • Don’t let anyone give you shit for the things you like.
  • Volunteer. Not only do colleges like it, but it’s actually a ton of fun.
  • It’s never too early to look at colleges.
  • It’s okay if you end up at community college.
  • Get help, whether it’s because you’re feeling suicidal or anxious or depressed or struggling with school.
  • Do not kill yourself. You are so worth it and you’re an amazing person with so much to look forward to.
  • Don’t procrastinate (I say while I procrastinate the 14 essays that are due for me in a week). I realize I’m being hypocritical, but procrastinating can give you anxiety.
  • A teacher saying you can’t write your term paper the night before is not a challenge to you. You can’t write a term paper the night before.
  • Skip the introduction on your essays and write it after you’re done so that you know where you went with the paper.
  • Go outside to at least do yoga or blow bubbles.
  • Gum will make you very popular but so will stickers.
  • You’re not worthless if you drop out.
  • It’s important to try hard in school but it’s also really really important to let yourself have fun.
  • Don’t EVER change yourself to try and get the attention of someone.
  • Senior year is a lot of fun if you don’t try and overdo it with hard classes. But also don’t just take the easiest classes you can find because you will have absolutely no motivation.
  • Take the ACT or SAT early your Junior year (like September) so you can see how you do and what you should work on. (Also the science section on the ACT is really just reading graphs and don’t read the sections first because half the time you don’t even need to read it.)
  • You’re going to fail a few tests and that’s totally okay.
  • Appreciate your family while you’ve still got them because you’re going to really miss them if you go out of state for college.
  • Also learn to cook before college because living off ramen is not exactly healthy. 
  • And don’t ever forget that you can always come to me with anything ever, whether it’s because you’re stuck in a low place or you need school help. I’m always here for you guys. :)

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I'd love to see how Dan would react to you having to stay up all night to study for a big final, smut not necessary, but preferred 😜

Warning - Smut
By the power of requests Smutty Sarah has been summoned. Your wish is my command in a non kinky way. “Smut not necessary but preferred” I like that ;) Tell me if you enjoy my writting!
What are you doing this late at night?“ Dan said as he entered the gaming room. You sat on the desk with the room dimly lighten. Tomorrow there was a big final that counted as 50% of your grade, but since you procrastinated all week and didn’t study now you had to sacrifice your sleep.
“Studying for an exam tomorrow” you responded biting the cap of the highlighter as you took notes from your book.
“You should have some rest Y/N” he pleaded sleepily as he massaged your shoulders.
“No Dan, I don’t deserve it. I was a lazy ass idiot that didn’t study when I needed too.” you retorted more harshly than you intended.
“As the king of procrastination, I say you can set an alarm one hour before the exam” he purred behind your neck.
He began kissing your chin softly going down to your neck. Already knowing were your good spot was, he began sucking and biting it. You continued to study like nothing was happening biting your bottom lip trying to hide all the moans that were trying to escape your mouth.
“You are trying to play hard to get? huh?” Dan said as he slowly slid his hands under your underwear. Rubbing your clit with his thumb he slipped a finger into you making a moan scape your mouth.
“That’s what I like to hear” he murmured satisfactorily.
Thrusting hard and fast with two fingers now, you were reaching your peak. “D-Dan I’m gonna-” you mumbled putting your fingers through Dan’s hair.
“Cum on daddy’s fingers baby” he whispered in you ear. You moaned and rested your head back feeling the bliss of your orgasm. Dan licked all your juices out of his fingers “Shit you taste so good” he muttered.
Dan crashed his lips against yours with pure neediness in his eyes. Your tongues fitting for dominance as your clothes went flying everywhere.
Your back was now against the floor since phil had broken the black sofa. Dan tugged his boxers down and exposed his erect cock. Your core now throbbing with excitement of what was going to happen next.
“Daddy Daniel is going to make you feel so good” he said in a husky voice. He pinned your legs down, before pushing into you. You both sighed at the ecstasy you were feeling. Dan started slamming his dick all the way. He was hitting your g-spot every single time not missing once. He started rubbing your clit making you squirm in pure delight “Fuck Y/N you are so tight” he deeply groaned against your skin as he attacked your lips.
“I can’t hold it any longer” Dan grunted reaching his climax, which triggered yours as well. Your moans and profanes filled the room, while dan slowly rode his high. He pulled out from you and laid next to you wrapping his warm arms against your skin.
“I should probably get studying-” you mumbled but Dan put his fingers on your lips and shushed you. “We still have 4 hours till 5am there is no hurry” he chucked.


“our pleasures are shallow, our sorrows are deep" 

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Sooo I wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas, and I saw a few of my lovely friends do something like this and decided that I should do one too, to just show my love for the wonderful people I’ve met. And I want to say THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR EVERYTHING!! OH oh also we celerate 2 days o f Christmas here in the Netherlands so you cant say that im too late  Also pls don’t mind the ugly art i’s actually the first thing i post and i didn’t want this to be just a text post

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