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Fatphobia runs deeper than conventional beauty standards and what clothes we “can and cant” wear.

Fatphobia is so internalized and we’re so aware of that. Me and any of my friends that are also bigger can’t even eat around people because of the looks and the judgements we’re scared we’ll get from people. 

Hell I can’t even go out in public, i can’t dance, I can’t hang out with my friends, I feel like I can’t do anything without being some sort of laughing stock. 

because somepoint, in my life, ive seen a video or soemthing of a fat person doing something that’s just a normal part of life as something that’s funny, that if i were to do some silly every day thing, it’s funny specifically because I’m fat.

so yeah. you can reblog your “fat is beautiful uwu” posts and then turn around and reblog a post thats supposed to be funny because a fat person is eating weird, dancing, or just having fun because you think its funny that their fat even though you wont admit thats the reason. 


when keith has already confessed his big ol gay crush for lance to shiro, shiros dad/brother instincts kick in and he does everything he can to be as embarrassing as possible around lance when keith is nearby and one day hes like completely out of ideas so he just takes keiths bag of chips he was abt to open out of his hands and places it between his pecs and pops it open by flexing before handing it back to keith and goes “there u go buddy :)”.

Just a heads up that Steam Summer Sales means RPG Maker software are at semi-affordable prices, in case you missed their humble bundle packs. >u>

So right now: 

  • RPG Maker 2000: Originally $25, currently $5
  • RPG Maker 2003: Originally $20, currently $3 (yes, RPG maker 2003 is cheaper than 2000 somehow)
  • RPG Maker XP: Originally $25, currently $5
  • RPG Maker VX: Originally $40, currently $8
  • RPG Maker VX Ace: Originally $70, currently $14
  • RPG Maker MV: Originally $80, currently $28 

VX Ace is probably the most commonly used version right now!  This is the one I mainly use, it’s very simple to use and there are thousands of tutorials for it. Most of the scripts you can download to do fancy stuff are for VX Ace. I’d recommend it for adventure/point and click games, but not for actual rpg games (mainly because there are no side battlers unless you download a script for it)

You can get RPG Maker VX Ace Lite for free, and there’s no time limit. You can make your own games, but you can’t make them for profit and you have less resources.

Note that RPG Maker VX Ace and RPG Maker MV are pretty much the same, but MV fixes a lot of stuff that was wrong with Ace (side battlers are back along with an extra layer) and lets you port to mobile devices. It also allows you to have the game on a website since it makes use of Javascript instead of Ruby (basically get MV if you have experience using RPG Maker, hated VX Ace, plan to make a game for Android or iOS, or if you are experienced in Javascripting). Also, MV’s tiles are bigger!

Out of the most affordable ones, XP is very similar to VX Ace and has a straightforward layering system and easy fog effects. 

Edit: Previously I mentioned this might make XP better than VX Ace in some aspects, but it’s been brought to my attention (thanks @rukomura for pointing it out!) that’s really only the case with the mapping system, and that the event system can be pretty buggy, so take care!

I haven’t tried RPG Maker 2003, but some of the most popular games were made there, like OFFYume Nikki, The Huntress of the Hollow and Pom Gets Wi-Fi so you can still do a lot with it! 

And… I actually have no idea about 2000 and VX. If you guys have experience with either, please reblog with more info.  >u>” 

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Reblog it you a PRISM(Blanc7)

Reblog if you a VAMPZ(VAV)

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Reblog if you a SUNDAY(it is undecided but I love the name)

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Reblog if you a STARLIGHT (VIXX

Reblog if you love and stan underrated Kpop groups.

I felt like doing this because all the fandom’s I listed feel dead so reblog if you are part of one of these groups and of you never heard of them be nice enough to watch their MV

Let’s all take the time to remind ourselves that there are more Kpop groups out there. Just gotta look

And if there is more underrated Kpop groups out there let me know cuz I like to explore shit.


Edit: Hiiiiii~

So I looked up all of your fabulous bands and lemmeh tell ya


I looked up Map6, Cross Gene, U-kiss ecccccctttt++++ and I’m just so happy

I really apologize to the igot7s please don’t hate me. Tiny fetus me was stoopid.

And for the Starlights can I get a whoop whoop because it’s August and VIXX has not gotten plagiarized?????


also can I also get a whoop whoop because VIXX LR is coming back????????


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hiyo !!! thank u guys sm for supporting me and my art; i recently reached another follower milestone and thought i’d do another small raffle for you guys !!

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How To Save a Kingdom

Clarke sputters an indignant laugh as he takes her elbow and steers her away from the doors. “You won’t let me out of the palace and you’re calling me a difficult person? You,” she fumes, “are insufferable.”

Bellamy merely grins. “Now that’s no way to talk to your husband.”

Clarke forces herself to stalk away before she can give into the urge to throw her glass of wine at him. She doesn’t know why she bothers, though. Somehow, none of their guests seem to notice the clear antagonism between the king and queen, or maybe they just don’t care. And why should they? The two of them are just husband and wife.

They’re not actually expected to like each other.


AU. Clarke marries Bellamy for a political alliance.

WC: 34k. Rated M. A/N: i promised i would write this if bob morley won the alpha male madness 2017 poll, and he did!! so here we are. Now, this is technically a prequel to my fic How You Stay Alive, but you can read it as an independent, historical arranged marriage AU if you so choose. A huge thanks to @readymachine and @wellamyblake for beta’ing; they spent so much time on this and truly saved my ass. so without further ado, i hope yall enjoy! :)

Read on AO3 or

ask-cosplayer-tae ----> daily-namseok

Hey guys! I’ve got a fuckton of news so take a seat if you feel like reading it. I’m not going to continue on as an ask blog anymore, which I get some people won’t want to continue following me to which I say, go on. Because in all honesty I can’t keep up with asks ;;. However! I’m restarting this blog to be a more silly and cute place for doodles and my favorite underappreciated ship namseok. The premise takes a lot of inspiration from @daily-chishimondo in the sense of everyday I’ll choose a prompt or theme out of my inbox and draw it for these two. You can also send in stuff for either one, its honestly just to play around with stuff! I hope you guys like it and continue to support me. Thank you all so much!!


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I decided to host an ART RAFFLE FOR ALL OF YA!

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R U L E S:

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✅ I will draw only Undertale related stuff (OC’s, fan characters, couples, etc.)
❌ I won’t draw mecha, animals, nsfw and anything that makes me uncomfortable.



Shiro grid icons! 

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hey i hate doing this but just found out that in 9 days i have to pay £300 to be able to go to university and move out of abusive household. going to uni means moving away from my extremely abusive mother but also being able to progress towards going on t and getting medication. 

im a mentally ill trans boy who depends massively on my boyfriend, this uni is my only chance of getting to live with him and if i cant afford it then he will be the other side of the country and only able to see me twice a year. 

thankfully due to savings i’m able to pay half money on my own but it will leave me unable to eat or travel to college to complete my course giving me the degree needed to get to uni along with still not being enough to pay my deposit. my paypal is and just the tiniest bit of money will really help me out or if you can’t afford to then just reblogging this will help me a lot too!

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Hey everyone I’m trying to get back into commissions so I can get enough money to one; help my boyfriend @cometstormice with money troubles he has and also for my commute to school and other expenses.

If you’d like one just hmu on either tumblr or my email or just donations are good enough. My paypal is my email or

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Full body: 20$

Waist up: 15$

Base color only: 12$

Chibi: 10$

Icons: 5$

here’s the thing about the whole Valentina deal, I am a Latinx and I feel represented by her and I fucking adore her because my country FINALLY is talking about drag queens thanks to her, you know how huuuuuuge is that for us? so yeah she IS a really big deal for us latinxs and I feel kinda down every time people here look down and make fun of her meanwhile reblogging things about how cruel are people with other queens. and with this I’m not justifying how disgusting are her stans, (because they are) but she has addressed that (see Trinity video), she is learning and the fact you still made fun of her even after that speaks volumes about what kind of person u are…. u can preach to respect other queens but at least be consistent about it….