can you pls make a heart for me too

  • dinah: im hungry
  • lauren: then go make a sandwich
  • dinah: but im too lazy to stand up. can you pls make me one?
  • lauren: thats your problem and no, im not going to make you a sandwich
  • dinah: whatever. im just going to ask walz
  • lauren: dinah
  • dinah: shes in her bunk right?
  • lauren: dinah
  • dinah: what?
  • lauren: she already left us
  • dinah: ... oh, right
Not Close Enough: Too Close Sequel (Angst/Fluff) || Park Jaehyung

Request(s):  OMG, it’s perfect! I really like it! This’s what I expected ❤ If you have a time can you make a part two? But with fluffy end? I’ll be grateful ❤ @jaepark-soul​ ||  PART TWO PLEASE @briannatrbl​ || Too Close jae scenario part 2??? Angst, but a happy ending pleeeaaase. Your killing me😢😢😢 (Anon) || Hiii! I was too affected by your ‘too close’ scenario of jae, so im here to request if its okay with you to have a second part of that? Like where they make up? ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ (Anon) ||  oh my god, i love 'too close’ so much! will you do a part 2 (pls pls pls)? my heart is racing for the couple, omg, love your blog! (Anon) ||

Genre: Angst-ish? I guess kinda in the beginning but there’s fluff this time and also drama because I am T R A S H

Warning: Swearing (can you believe it because I can’t)

Word Count: 1960ish

A/N: Thank you so much to everyone who liked the first part of this scenario! I am so grateful for all of you and I hope you enjoy this one just as much, if not more than the last!! Also I altered the prompt a bit to make it a little messier and more dramatic oOPS! ENJOY!


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           It had been 3 weeks since your fight with Jae. Therefore, it had also been 3 weeks since you two broke up and you stormed out of your shared apartment. Not seeing him was killing you, although sometimes there was a familiarity to it. It reminded you of a time before you had to stress over someone finding out about your relationship and spreading it to the public, successfully ruining his image and his career. But nonetheless, you felt a dull ache whenever you entertained the thought of his smiling face or his stupid, stupid jokes that never failed to make you laugh.

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Send this to the 12 nicest people who you know or seem to have a good heart. If you get five back then you must be pretty awesome! ♥ ♥ (You can't make me on anon for this.)

-facedown into floor scream- Thank youaauihdaiudhajiowdaojpyderfsd

Hithren pls you’re too nice I don’t deserve

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BTS reacts to you cook and bring the food to them since you know they would skip meal since they're busy practicing/composing pls (i thought of this when i found out Yoongi skipped meal whenever he composes music and it broke my heart) ㅠ_ㅠ


Kookie: /is just excited because food and stuff it down his throat/


Tae: “You cooked for me? You’re the bEST!~” 

Jimin: /shy/ “Did you know I wasn’t eating…?” 


Hobi: “HALLELUJAH YOU BROUGHT FOOD!” /can’t contain excitement/

Rapmon: “Sorry for making you worry about me…” 

Bonus: “I appreciate it though… you’re a good cook.” 

Suga: “Thanks… you knew I’d skip, didn’t you?” 

Jin: /touched/ “Next time, we can cook together~”

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- Devi (〃´∀`)

LISTEN. atlantis

I. i can’t save us, my atlantis, we fall. II. it feels like there’s oceans between you and me. III. i promised i’d be there but you don’t make it easy. IV. i’m ready to go, can’t do it alone. V. i want to touch you, but i’m too late. VI. two feet standing on a principle, two hands longing for each others warmth. VII. before our hearts decide it’s time to love again. VIII. is there something that we could’ve said? would it have made a difference?