can you please keep your hair like these forever

Things People Don't Understand About Being an Irish Dancer During St. Patrick's Day

1. I am exhausted so any down time I have is most likely spent napping or listening to music or just being with myself (especially because I’ve been with people all day).

2. I don’t have time. For any of it. Your texts or Snapchats are the furthest thing from my mind so please don’t get frustrated with me because I simply do not have the time.

3. I’m tired of the jokes. You may think you’re the most hilarious person who’s walked this Earth, but in reality you’re insulting something that I deeply care about and is actually a big part of my life. Forms of joking may include (but are not limited to):
A. Pretending to Irish dance
B. Comparing Irish dance to Toddlers and Tiaras

4. St. Patrick’s Day is the one day a year when Irish dance is recognized as the coolest thing ever and I need to savor the day, so if you don’t hear from me, I am not sorry. My day is my day and I’m not taking time for anything petty.

5. It!! Is!! A!! Wig!!

6. I am not a conceited diva princess (@ all the clerks of restaurants I visit after performances). I wear this makeup and hair and crown because it is apart of what I love to do!!!

7. I will not “Leprechaun Kick” for you.

8. School is pretty much irrelevant.

9. If I personally ask you to attend a performance, I would appreciate if you didn’t blow it off like it’s nothing. It is important to me and if I ask you that means you are important to me.

10. You can look and admire but if you touch me I will cut your hand off. My wig takes forever to look decent, so please keep your grimy hands to yourself. Also, personal space??

Anyway, these are a few things I came up with that I feel like non-Irish dance people just don’t understand.

please john *repeatedly taps on my screen* please, keep your hair long forever, never cut it off, i know i said i really liked your hair short like how it was in November of 2015, but i can live with your long hair, since u like long hair, because your emo sk8r kid phase is eternal and you wanna flip your hair for fun


Request: well it’s Monday where I am haha, can you do please do an imagine where sam and Dean have a younger sister, preferably a teen, who needs a haircut but is refusing. cas tries to figure out why while sam and Dean try to convince her, but she’s really stubborn about it. Maybe a traumatic backstory?? Some fluff, but mostly big-brotherly teasing. Thank you so much, I love your writing!!

Request: I loved loved LOVED your sister fic! You are an amazing writer, I was just wondering if you could do a spin off of the sister one where Dean and Sam actually make the reader cut her hair and she’s not happy about it and she’s really mad at them and you can end it however you want. :)

Request: Hey! So it’s Monday! Whoop! Can you please do a oneshot where the reader is quite tall and has really curly long brown hair. And she keeps on getting it stuck on things like door handles and stuff and things stuck in it like pens etc. lots of fluff please and some cutesy TFW stuff thankies >.<

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Can you do any kind of fluff with the GOM + Himuro please? BTW your blog is majestic, keep up the good work! :3

sorry this took forever omg its just tough when its so vague! 

Akashi’s palm graced yours, palm to palm, fingers to fingers as you walked in circles. Then you turned the other way, touched other hands and walked the opposite way. You smiled at him. 

This was a big event, a gala for his dad’s company and he was dressed to impress. He had a white tux on with a red bow, his hair was neatly combed and he looked like perfection had taken a human form.  

Once the song had ended he led you to a table where your name cards sat folded quaintly on top of china dinner plates. You fell into your seat with a happy sigh and a smile. These dress clothes were dragging you down, you would admit but you’d never feel tired when Akashi was willing to dance with you.

“Thank you for coming with me. It makes it worth it to be here.”

You laughed softly, “Seijirou are you actually enjoying something like this.”

He returned your laugh, “It isn’t awful this time.”

You screamed as the boat took a sharp turn and nearly sent you flying out of the inter-tube. Aomine grabbed your arm, grinning, and held you in place. “You’re screaming so much, are you even enjoying this?” He asked.

You laughed loudly as water sprayed up at the two of you as you hit another wake, “I am! I’m just scared I’ll fall i-” That was it. You jinxed it.

The inter-tube capsized and knocked both of you into the air before crashing into the water. Your lifejacket did it’s job however and you bobbed back up to the surface. Aomine swam over to you smiling, his dark hair in a mess over his eyes. “You okay?”

You nodded and he grabbed your hand, “Let’s get back on then.”

The boat circled back around your friends driving it laughing as he had to help you back onto the floaty for another go.

Kise’s voice drifted into the living room, where you sat, from the kitchen. He’d been banging around in there for a while, you figured he was cooking.

Your suspicions were confirmed when he sung “Everybody wants to be a superstar! Rock the world and make the cover at The Times~” at the top of his lungs. He always listened to the same playlist when cooking.

You grinned and hopped off the couch, making your way to the kitchen then leaned against the doorway. He continued whisking something in a bowl and nodding his head to his music “Cause everybody’s happy when they’re playing the guitar!”

“Everybody wants to be, Everybody wants to be,” You pulled out his headphones and sung the last line with him. he smiled at you, his eyes crinkling slightly.

“Are you in the mood for cupcakes?”

You flopped onto the floor, taking a short break from clearing out the attic and watched Kuroko walked past you with so many boxes piled in his arm you were worried for his safety. And your worry was well founded as he toppled over a misplaced book, the boxes raining down and remessing up the space you’d just cleaned.

“Tetsu, are you okay?” You asked. He groaned.


You leaned forward and picked up the book he’d fallen over and were surprised to see it wasn’t a book after all. You’d flipped it open to find an album documenting all of Kuroko’s childhood. 

He moved over to sit by you as you flipped through it, smiling at every other picture with a story to tell, the attic forgotten in memories. 

Midorima walked through the curiosity shop in his daily search for his lucky item. Only one this was different. This time he brought you. You were excited at first, curiosity shops were always filled with fun trinkets and such! 

That was true… But there was also a mermaid (probably fake (but you weren’t going to say for sure cause of course there are probably mermaids) but very real looking) carcass hanging from the ceiling. 

You grabbed onto Midorima’s bandaged hand with your own as he looked up and down the shelves. Then clung to his arm with all your might and a surprised squeak when you came across a very ancient warped mirror that had distorted your image so much you didn’t recognize yourself and had given yourself a fright.

Midorima noticed your discomfort and swiped something off the shelf before proceeding to the check out. After he’d payed, you exited the shop with a sigh of relief when he threw something over your head and around your neck. A brass compass hung there, swaying slightly as you walked.

“Thanks for coming with me.” he muttered, looking the other way when you grinned up at him. 

You slid down the zip-line with an innumerable amount of whoops and squeals as you came close to the trees on either side of you. When you made it to the end of the zip-line and hit the platform Murasakibara smiled lazily at you. 

You were still in your harnesses but attached to the ring around a tree platform while waiting for the rest of the people to come down so you could head to the next zip-line. 

“______-chin came pretty close to some of those trees.” He murmured a hint of worry in his voice. Of course if you’d come close to the trees than the giant Murasakibara was definitely at risk. He’d actually skinned his knuckle on the way through. He leaned back, his feet on the end of the platform and his zip-line harness pulled taught so he leaned over the landing.

“Atsu, be careful.” You sighed shaking your head, “And don’t worry, I didn’t hit any!”

“Good! If _____-chin had gotten hurt that would be awful.” He said with a childish pout and he leaned in to kiss your cheek. 

“Are you sure it’s okay? No one will know it’s us?” You mumbled as Himuro worked on something in front of you.

He laughed softly, “It’s just our initials, no one will know.”

“Yeah but-”

“There we go!” He interrupted your worries and leaned back. Carved into the wooden telephone pole in front of you was a small heart with a pair of initials inside it. Your initials. It seemed like such a cliche romance thing to do at first, but now it just seemed like that would be there forever. Like a promise. 

He put his arm around your shoulder, as you admired the unspoken promise. He spun the pocket knife around his finger and kissed the top of your head. “Come on, let’s go home. You didn’t want to be caught, right?