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We’re In This Together Now - Kyle Spencer x Reader

REQUEST: Can you please write a cute fluffy Kyle imagine were yn is helping him get back to himself after accident please — sent by anonymous


You woke up on your bed, wrapped tightly in Kyle arms. You head on his chest, listening intently to the sound of his heart, which weeks before hadn’t been beating at all. You closed your eyes again, lulled by the steady rhythm. Things had been pretty good for the two of you. Sure, you still had a lot of work to do with him. But the love in his eyes when he looked at you made the struggle that much more worth it. 

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anonymous asked:

I love your writing SO MUCH and ive been craving some stucky angst can you please write some

Steve straightened his bowtie for the fifth time in the mirror and smoothed his hair down. Tonight was the night, he was certain of it. It was Valentine’s Day and Bucky was taking him out. It could only mean that Bucky was finally going to face what was going on between them, Steve was sure of it.

Ever since they had been kids there had been this bond between them. Steve knew he wasn’t the only one that felt it. Bucky had been his best friend and was so important to him. All those frozen nights curled up together, whispering secrets, always the most important people to each other. Now they were finally going to confess their feelings.

“Come on, pal,” Bucky called out from the bedroom. “You look fine, quit messing with yourself.”

“Hold your horses,” Steve shouted back, taking a moment to look at himself one last time. He was still small and skinny, not much he could do about that, but he could look his best for Bucky.

The moment he stepped out of the bathroom his stomach twisted up into knots. Bucky looked like a movie star, all confident and strong looking, his hair slicked back with just the tiniest little strands coming loose near his forehead. Steve couldn’t believe his luck that this guy was his Valentine.

“Looking sharp, Steve,” Bucky said, grinning at him. “The girls are going to love you!” 

“Girls?” Steve echoed, trying to keep his face neutral.

“Yeah, the girls at the dance hall,” Bucky said, throwing his arm around Steve’s shoulders. “Your dance card will be full the moment we walk through the door. No better day to find a dame than Valentine’s.”

“Oh, right,” Steve said, looking down at his shoes. “Of course.” He pursed his lips to keep them from trembling. He wasn’t going to get upset because then he would have to explain himself and he couldn’t. He couldn’t tell Bucky what he had thought tonight was going to be.

“Don’t look so glum, Stevie,” Bucky said, pulling him in close. “I promise to find you a girl before the night is through.”

“Thanks Buck,” Steve said as genuinely as he could.

They stayed close together on the cold February night as they made their way to the dance hall. They chatted about nothing in particular on the way and Steve watched Bucky smoke a cigarette, his lips forming around the end of it, the curl of his mouth as he blew out the smoke. It made Steve hot under his collar. 

Once they made it inside, Bucky was immediately surrounded by girls begging him for a dance. They’d come here a few times before and Bucky was known for being a good dance partner. Steve retreated to the bar for a drink, not wanting to watch. He felt so stupid for thinking that tonight they would confess their feelings - feelings that clearly only he had.

It was a good hour before Bucky made his way over to Steve, finally making excuses to get away from the group of girls that wanted his attention. Steve was still nursing his beer, not wanting to drink too much and feel even more like a fool.

“What are you doing, Stevie?” Bucky asked, sliding onto the stool next to Steve. “There’s plenty of pretty girls here tonight. Why not ask one of them to dance?” 

“No one wants to dance with me, Buck,” Steve told him, looking down into his glass. “I think I might just call it a night.”

“Don’t do that, pal,” Bucky begged, cupping Steve’s chin and forcing him to look up. “You don’t want to be alone on Valentine’s Day, do you?” 

“I’m already alone,” Steve spat out bitterly. “What difference does it make whether I’m here or at home?” Steve hopped off of his stool and slammed down a few coins to pay for his beer. He gave Bucky a hard stare, as if daring him to try and stop him, and feeling it lessen as Bucky did nothing. “See you at home.”

Steve pushed his way through the crowd towards the exit. When he got to the door and it shut without Bucky trying to stop him, he felt his heart ache. He thought it was always going to be him and Bucky but that wasn’t the case. Bucky would find a woman and start and family and Steve would always be on the sideline, loving his friend.

He got home and dug the bottle of whiskey out from under the sink. He was home now and no one was around to make himself look like a fool in front of. It didn’t matter if he was drunk or not. 

He had to stand on his tiptoes in order to reach a glass and he cursed Bucky for not being around and for keeping the glasses on such a high shelf. 

Steve downed his first whiskey and began pouring himself another one when the door opened. Steve would have recognized the outline of his friend anywhere. He felt a small bit of satisfaction that Bucky had followed him home instead of staying at the dance hall.

“What are you doing, Stevie?” Bucky asked, stepping into their apartment and slamming the door shut. 

“Drinking,” Steve answered curtly.

“I can see that, pal,” Bucky responded, walking over and taking the glass out of Steve’s hand and then snatching up the bottle of whiskey. “What is wrong with you?”

“Nothing,” Steve answered, standing up and glaring at his friend. 

“Yes, clearly it’s nothing,” Bucky said with a snort. “Why are you acting like I did something wrong?” 

“Because you’re dumb,” Steve said, shoving him in the shoulder. “Now give me back the bottle.” 


“Give it to me, Buck!” 

“You don’t need a drink.”

“You don’t know what I need,” Steve shouted, lunging for the bottle but Bucky spun out of the way in time to keep Steve away. 

“Calm down, Steve, you’re going to give yourself an asthma attack!” Bucky warned, putting the glass in the sink and the bottle back underneath it. Then he stood in front of it stubbornly with his arms crossed. 

“You’re so annoying!” Steve huffed at him and stomped towards the bedroom. He began angrily removing his clothes, kicking off his trousers and yanking at his bowtie. 

“You looked nice tonight, Stevie,” Bucky said softly from the doorway. 

“Don’t start, Buck,” Steve told him, undoing the buttons on his shirt. “Just leave me alone.” 

“What did I do, Stevie?” Bucky asked, running his fingers through his hair and tousling it. “Usually I know but tonight I have no clue.” 

“You didn’t do anything.”


Steve sighed and crawled into his bed. “Don’t worry about it,” he said, turning his back on Bucky. “Everything will be fine in the morning.” 

Steve felt the bed dip as Bucky got in with him, his arms coming to wrap around Steve. “Hey Stevie,” he whispered softly, his breath tickling Steve’s bare neck and making his eyelashes flutter closed. “Be my valentine?” 

Steve’s eyes snapped open and he spun around, shoving Bucky off the bed. Bucky stared up at him from the floor in surprise. “I oughta slug you for that!” 

“What the fuck is wrong with you?” Bucky shouted from the floor.

“Me?” Steve asked, his hands curling into fists and his heart pounding. “What the fuck is wrong with you? How can you tease me like that?”

“I wasn’t teasing!” 

“Then why would you say something like that?” Steve challenged, pushing the covers back and swinging his legs over the side of the bed. He leaned down so that he was directly in Bucky’s face. “It’s not funny!” 

“I wasn’t trying to be funny,” Bucky insisted, sliding closer. “I was trying to tell you how I feel about you, you great big idiot!” 

“And how do you feel about me?” Steve asked, crossing his arms over his chest defiantly. 

“I love you, Stevie,” Bucky shouted, grabbing Steve by his undershirt and hauling him off the bed. “Don’t you know that?” 

“No I don’t,” Steve responded, grabbing Bucky by the hair and yanking. Bucky groaned as his neck was pulled taut. “How could I with all the skirts you chase after?” 

“It’s to keep people from talking!” Bucky insisted, batting Steve’s hand away. “It’s to keep you safe!” 

“That’s not your job, Buck!”

“Of course it is,” Bucky said, pulling Steve closer so their chests were pressed together. “It always has been.” 

Steve stared his friend down, looking for way hint that Bucky was just fooling, but Bucky’s eyes were soft and sincere looking. “If you’re lying to me, I’ll never forgive you.”

“I’m ain’t lying, Stevie,” Bucky whispered, kissing him softly on the lips. “I love you so fucking much. Now say you’ll be my valentine before this damn day is over and we miss it.” 

Steve smiled and kissed him again. “I’ll be your valentine.” 

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Me and You

word count: 1.3k

a/n: gif is not mine so if you know who made it please tell me so I can credit them! this includes a lot of language, fighting, and throwing things in arguments so just forewarning you all. [feedback is appreciated and tell me if you want a part 2!]

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It was times like this where you wanted to hide away and forget about all of the responsibilities that you held, and all of the people that you had to face. Luke would be getting back any minute and how would you tell him this news that would rock his world; “Hey babe in about 9 months I’m going to be giving birth to a baby and you’re the father so congratulations!”

Getting pregnant wasn’t a thought in your minds since you religiously took birth control pills, and Luke wore condoms whenever he remembered. Yeah, you and Luke have talked about having children, but they were always years in the future, and now you had to tell him that your life plans were going to be moved forward a few years. Now you were carrying a little Hemmings inside of you which terrified you deeply because their careers were continuously growing, with no signs of stopping, and there was no way that Luke was going to be taking this information lightly.

Your bouts of nausea and migraines were easy to blame on jet-lag and exhaustion, but now that you weren’t travelling across the country anymore the symptoms of your progressing pregnancy were going to be harder to make up excuses for. Tonight was the night that you were going to show him the little plus sign on the white stick that showed him that he was going to be a father even though the timing was horrible and you both were very young, it was happening.

As you stood at the balcony, watching the lights and stars of the city you were currently in, you heard the hotel door click making your stomach churn while your nerves kicked in high gear, and before you were able to turn around and grab the small stick on the bed before Luke got ahold of it he already had it in his hand looking at you as if you were the most beautiful thing in the world, but also as if you were the worst.

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anonymous asked:

can you talk about the "tell me about paris" scene please?

Ohhhh nonny yes I can! Okay so this scene is one I almost included in the massive top 5 scenes post I did recently, but it was already at over 4k words and I decided that would just be insanity to make you guys suffer through anymore of my rambling at the time, but since you asked so nicely… ;)

Okay so the happily reunited viking husbands are sailing from Wessex back home to Kattegat, and Ragnar is looking a bit mopey…

I don’t wanna go home. I wanna stay on my ship with Athelstan so we can explore together and maybe we’ll find a magical land inhabited by nothing but baby goats.

And he is in desperate need of a distraction…

bb, you know how much I love your stories, especially when it’s the same one you just told me fifteen minutes ago.

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Help a poor trans kid out

Hey everyone. Lavi here. 

So, I recently moved, and I learned my vial for my testosterone broke. 4 months worth of T is completely unusable now, and I need to do my injection by tomorrow or Tuesday at the latest. 

I’m going to try and get a new prescription tomorrow, but it’s gonna set me back as far as money goes. At the worst, it’ll be around 200 dollars (at best is still 100 which isn’t great since I’m poor af). 

With that being said, I’d like to remind everyone that my commissions are open here and you can view my previous commissions here and here. I’ll draw pretty much anything under the rainbow for y’all. 

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Thank you for your time and help! <3

Sitting down, Alex was carefully holding the baby, idly rocking him back and forth and smiling as the kid started to coo at him.  He seemed to have adjusted pretty well so far which was a relief and Ramsey had done pretty well with the kid, but now he and Gunner had to decide on what to name him.  Alex had three names in mind, although he was going to jokingly suggest ‘Hamish’ to Gunner, since he knew how much his boyfriend loved his middle name.  There was no way in hell they were going to name the baby that, though, as far as Alex was concerned.  “You know, coming up with names to suggest for you really shouldn’t be this hard.”  He muttered, glancing down at the baby with an amused little grin.