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Summary: a bad day means lots and lots of cuddles with Bucky. || modern AU

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Word Count: 1610

A/N: Here’s my entry for my lovely Erin’s [ @theassetseyeliner ] writing challenge! I combined my prompt with a request I received, so I hope you all enjoy! | masterlist

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‘’Don’t get any wild ideas.’’ Ch. 3

A/N: So the scene with the quote is one of the first I wrote for this series and I’ve been very excited for it. I stumbled a bit with the first part though. I really hope you like this chapter and don’t be afraid to give me some feedback! Please note that english is not my first language so there might be grammar mistakes.

Pairings: Bucky X Reader

Prompt: Bartender Au / You’re not sure what started it but one thing is for sure, Bucky Barnes is a person you can’t stand and he’s not particularly happy with you either. What do you do when your feelings towards your annoying coworker during the preparation for your best friends’ wedding suddenly shift to a different direction, leaving you terrified.

Warnings: Mention of alcohol

Word count:

Part 1 / Part 2

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‘’Are you sure these are the flowers that they had picked out?’’ Bucky sat cross-legged by the small coffee table, absentmindedly glancing though a stack of birthday cards. ‘’I didn’t take Nat for a yellow lilies at her wedding kind of girl.’’ He added monotonously, his attention somewhere far away from the small flower shop you were situated in. You drew a deep breath trying to calm yourself in this situation. 

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Can u please do a piece about teaching Penny how to kiss for the first time? Silly, cute, fluff, creepy doesn't matter. Thank u

  • So Pennywise kissing for the first time would not be the best thing since you’re going to end up with drool all over, and you’ll possibly choke
  • At first he’s gonna open his mouth and lets his tongue and teeth out while you’re like “Wtf, put it back”
  • When you teach him how to do so, you make sure to grab his face and gently peck him before letting go and you see that he’s pretty, amazed?
  • You giggle but stop when you feel his hand grab you face and he practically forces your lips onto his 
  • While you’re struggling, Pennywise keeps on pressing himself a bit too roughly and he’s not letting go which leads to you running out of air 
  • He doesn’t realize any of this and is drooling all over your face as his mouth open and that tongue comes out again and pries your lips open
  • We love when Pennywise kisses the hell out of us, but in this situation it’s a now because he’s literally shoving his tongue down your throat
  • Eventually you start smacking the side of his face and he immediately lets go before realizing that you’re pretty much wheezing at this point
  • Once you’re better, you explain things a bit more thoroughly and that he needs to chill, though he gets pretty hyped that there are times when kissing can get a little heated
  • He follows every one of your orders and you have his face in your hands again, but he pushes them away when he remembered that he’s watched TV a few times!
  • So, Penniboi grabs your waist and pulls you right into him while you freak out but….he’s not making you lose your breath and it feels really good???
  • The kiss is something you didn’t expect for Pennywise to do and it’s shortened when he pulls himself away and sees your face in a daze because come on, he may be pretty clueless but he’s seen enough couples throughout his years 
  • “Did I take your breath away?~”

loving isn’t difficult. life isn’t difficult. that’s what i was told. and am still being told. and i agree. it shouldn’t be difficult. but sometimes it is. sometimes life is hard. it throws unexpected things and surprises your way. one minute you’re fine and the next minute you don’t know how to cope with anything. you feel like you’re losing yourself. you feel like your life has no purpose. you feel like living is pointless. yes, there are so many things and people to be grateful for. yes life is beautiful. but it can also be so ugly. people walk in and out of your life as they please, and treat you like you didn’t matter. life can be difficult. when you think you actually have it all together, something can come and break that process altogether. this isn’t complaining. this is being upfront. this is the truth. and love? god. this word. thrown around and used to control and manipulate people. i hate the people that love to break others with love. they know what they’re doing. they know how to make you fall for them. love them. cherish them. devote to them. then they leave you once they’re done. longing for someone doesn’t have to be sexual. emotionally, and mentally you become so attached. you feel like apart of you is missing just because they left and it sucks. because you still love them because that’s the only thing you feel good at. the only thing you know that works. loving is so simple yet so destructive. life is so beautiful yet so ugly. and there are no rules when it comes to these two things. life and love are two things, that you have to figure out on your own

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kira malibu

five letters sansa didn’t send and one she did


The North is different without you. Colder. The people are getting more restless by the day, I fear the worst is coming soon.

Littlefinger has something up his sleeve. I don’t know what but I know that it’s not good. He’ll try to sway me with his pretty words but know that I will never break the trust that you have given me.

I saw you before you left for the South. You came out of the crypt, Littlefinger behind you. Did you hurt him Jon? If you did I fear that he’ll try and make your downfall quicker and more painful. Please Jon, don’t do anything irrational, I know your temper can get the best of you sometimes.

Stay safe.

I miss you.


Arya is home. I missed her.

She’s different than before, though I guess everyone is. She’s scarred and seen things that I wished and prayed she would have never seen. Her eyes though seem to be void of emotion are swimming in rage and sadness.

Arya’s stronger, I’m very proud. Though I fear for her and dare I say it, a piece of me is afraid of her too. I can’t bare to think of what she’s done to survive, I do know it’s not pretty though. Maybe she and I are more similar than I thought.

Littlefinger is curious about her. If I know him correctly a plan is taking place in his mind. I need to put a stop to it. I need my family here. I need you here.


You betrayed the North. Your family. Me. I don’t know if you understand how much I went though to make sure we get our home back Jon, our home. How much I bled, how much I cried and screamed for it. It was so easy to give though, wasn’t it? Gift something that I bled for easily.

I trusted you. You were the only person I trusted, Jon. The person that I put my hands to, showed my scars and told my unfortunate stories, yet I bet that was never on your mind when you bent the knee and gave her the North, did you? Tell me, is the Dragon Queen so beautiful that you forgot your loyalty to the North and your family.

Do not think that the North will forgive this easily Jon. You may be able to sway them to join you into the battle, but after that the war for the North’s independence will rage. Whose side will you be on?

The North remembers, do not ever forget that.


It’s hard not to watch you watch her, it’s hard not to notice the lingering looks you share. It’s hard not to notice my heart hurting every time you do so. Tell me brother, why are my feelings like this? Am I no better than Cersei Lannister? Am I truly fashioning my life after the woman who caused our family’s demise?

It aches, Jon. It shouldn’t though, shouldn’t it? If my feelings truly are sisterly for you.

Even when I deem to hate you I cannot. Hating you should be so easy after what you’ve done…so why is it so hard?


Aegon Targaryen. Are the Targaryens so crazy that they’ll name two sons from the same family the same name? That’s not your name. Not to me, Arya, Bran, Sam or Tormund, not to those who know you, the real you. Your name is Jon Snow, you belong to House Stark, you have Stark blood running in you.

I told you once that I considered you a Stark and I will always mean that.

Rhaegar Targaryen may have placed his seed into Aunt Lyanna but it was Father that raised you, that taught you to be the person you are today.

The Northern Lords will not be pleased but I will be there for you, so will the rest of your family -the rest of your pack.

You will always be Jon to me.


I thought we would never see Spring. I thought I would never hear the laughter of the children again, or the flowers in bloom. See genuine smiles upon the faces of people.

It’s there now though. It’s because of you that happened. No matter how much you try and say that everyone did it, it was you that led them to defeat the Army of the Undead. Who told everyone, who feared for everyone’s safety in Westeros.

I’m proud of you Jon and I know that Father would have been too.

There are talks of you going South with the Dragon Queen.

Don’t go.

Arya and Bran needs you. I need you here, with me in the North trying to rebuild what’s ours. The pack needs to stay together, to survive.

It’s up to you though in the end, my words are nothing, the choice is yours. I know that you have Targaryen blood in your veins but I beg you to not forget us.

If you go South and decide to rule, do not forget the North, your family, me. As we will never forget you.

I lov


Jon held the piece of parchment in his hand, he stood up once again pacing her solar for what seemed like the tenth time. He looked down at the bed and saw the other parchments littered with Sansa’s handwriting. It wasn’t his fault that he found them, truly. It was laying on her desk, half-covered with a book, but he still saw his name and curiosity peaked in him.

The door finally opened and he saw the woman that he was looking for. She still hasn’t noticed him and he was torn between berating her for not seeing there was an intruder in the room, and looking at her.

It seemed like the last time they were alone and he could really speak to her was before he went South. After that, she disappeared whenever he was near and his heart clenched whenever he didn’t see her comforting presence.

“Jon.” Sansa turned around and was surprised at Jon standing in the middle of her solar, a small parchment in his hand.

“I received your letter,” he mumbled.

Sansa nodded, “I can see that.” She moved forward towards her window.

“There was never a choice to make.” He needed to put that out there. How could she ever think that he would choose anything over the North, his pack, her?

She gave him a brief glance, “You never know. People change and so do their opinions.”

“The North is a part of me,” Jon walked up to where Sansa was. He stood next to her, and looked out the window. “I would never leave the North unless I have to.” I would never leave you unless I have to. How much he wanted to utter those words but he knew that he couldn’t right now. Sansa looked at him and he knew right then that she somehow heard the unspoken words.

“If there’s one thing I know in this world for certain, is that I would never choose anything over our family. Nothing in this world can do that. Not for a crown, not even legitimizing me. Do you understand that?” He gently turned her so Sansa could look at him. “Sansa.”

She nodded, “I do.”

Jon took a deep breath, it was now or never. “I need you to understand another thing as well.” She tilted her head a fraction imploring him to go on. “There is no woman that could ever compare to you. There is no woman that I would choose over you. There is no other love I would choose than yours.”

He looked at her and surely he saw her walls crumbling down. He finally saw the eyes that he loved, the eyes that held the warmth and love whenever he looked into them. Gone was his Queen of Ice, here now was his Sansa.

“I never thought,” Sansa started. For once she was at lost for words and for once Jon seems that he has the perfect words.

“I know, my love,” he removed the space between, now holding her as close as he can. As the King and Queen of the North looked out onto the now melting snow of Winterfell, they can briefly see four large Direwolves. The largest looked straight on at Jon and Sansa.

She quickly turned to Jon, a familiar tug in her heart. “Jon, it’s them.”

Jon looked at the Direwolves, the alpha nodded once and then howled. The rest followed, “Aye, it is.” He knew who they were and it was no consequence that he and Sansa should see them after they’ve talked. “It seems like Father’s gave us his blessing.”

Lesbian/Questioning Lesbian Discord! [CLOSED]

hey! i’m making a discord server for lesbians so that we can all be a little less lonely and make some lesbian friends.

who’s this open to?

lesbians! questioning lesbians and trans/nb lesbians are welcome! but if you aren’t a lesbian or questioning, please do not ask to join. you can rb this to signal boost, though!

what’s this for?

for meeting other lesbians, mostly! there will be certain channels for things like getting advice or venting, but it’ll mostly just be a place to make some lesbian friends.

how do i get in?

send me a pm on my blog, @wayhaughtie , and i’ll give you an invite link! i’ll probably close it at 10-20 people or so that it doesn’t get out of control, but i might have it larger if enough people want to join!


“Do i just have the face of an eager hungee boy?“

aka “Comfortable Being the Good Time Guy”


(please don’t repost or use without my permission!)

here is a bw/greyscale Remy so you can actually see him


Hi Everyone!  ✨
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Please let me know if there’s anything you’d like to see or any requests!
Thanks for your support and I’m so glad we can all share in the magic of food.
Lots of love and light 💫

BTS reacting to their crush being a translator or interpreter at Big Hit.

Seokjin: “How do you say -would you like to come on a date with me- in Spanish, Y/N?” “Te gustaria venir a una cita conmigo?” “Yes, I would like that, I’ll pick you up tomorrow at 5pm.” ~walks away smirking~

Yoongi: “I wan-wanted to add a phrase in Japanese in my rapping part of this song, can you help me with that, please?”

Hoseok: Writes badly his parts of the things you have to translate on purpose so he has to help you with that. Giggles at you pouting from where you’re working. You’re so cute when you get frustrated.

Namjoon: Would probably ask you to teach him. “Can you teach me how to speak/read/write Chinese? I want to be able to comunicate better with our fans there, so we won’t need a translator.” “Are you trying to get me fired Namjoon?” “W-what? Of course not, Y/N!” “I was just joking Joon-ah” “Oh…”

Jimin: Tries to impress you with other lenguages words and promptly getting them wrong. He’ll probably end mispronuncing something and accidentally call you something offensive. He’ll get flustered but you’ll forgive him (you wouldn’t be able to be angry at this mochi in the first place tbh), he’s just too cute trying to get your attention!

Taehyung: “Help me translate this letter? A fan gave it to me and I have no idea what it says.” “Sure thing, Taetae.” ~smiles softly at you~ (honestly, you’re so fucked)

Jungkook: Secretly learning a new lenguage to surprise/impress you. He’d be happy to see your starstruck expression after he’s asked you how your day was going in Thai. He’s on the good path to conquer your heart.

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Can bepis do the peace sign fade out thing to avoid awkward conversations?

y e s

Aizawa actually teaching math for once: Ben can you please do number 12

Bepis: nah son *fades the fuck out*

Bepis fading  in 2 feet from where he was: shit

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Grear!! Can i request rfa + saeran having accidents, they are fine but they forget MC- they forget their feelings for her too??? I hope for happy endings ^^. OvO Can you write this?? Please do it O-O Please OvO

N/A: Sure thing but sadly I can’t make this really angst except V’s, especially when all my ideas consist of memes, trolling, and other happy-related stories for Mysme. 


  • Say hello to friend zone, MC!
  • Still hangs out with MC sometimes, out of obligation. Ouch.
  • Being with amnesiac Zen isn’t that bad, but MC still feels the ache.
  • One day, he wakes up really early and hears a strangely familiar and beautiful voice coming from the kitchen.
  • At the time, MC dramatically reads a major role from one of his old scripts and apparently that role despite not being his own, he is secretly really fond of the character.
  • And dayum, MC does it so professionally to a certain point that the handsome actor starts sobbing to himself.
  • Only wants to practice with MC outside his acting practices since then. Will use his charms to make MC give in.
  • Eagerly wants to hang out with MC on his weekends and free time.
  • Zen on-guard duty is back. Will glare at any potential man coming near MC. MC Protection Squad where you at?
  • After sometime, he confesses to her and finds the shocking news of them already dating. Still happy as hell tho.


  • You know what you’d expect if Yoosung forgets MC. MC is Rika!
  • Has really high expectations of MC as RFA’s coordinator and hides his disappointment if MC doesn’t do it like Rika.
  • Tired MC is trying so hard! Poor MC, she’s going through the same phase again.
  • The whole RFA (including Saeran) is tired of this phase as well.
  • Thankfully, realization slaps Yoosung in the face when he starts seeing the differences between them.
  • He apologizes by asking the others about her favorite dishes and makes them. Surprisingly, he knows how to make them well.
  • Starts spoiling her with food and gets her into gaming. Wait, how did MC beat him in her first time?!
  • Yoosung becomes really affectionately clingy. Will use his begging puppy eyes to get her to pay more attention to him.
  • Thinks he’s still in university until MC shows him to his workplace as a veterinarian.
  • Guessing that they were/are currently dating, and MC gives him the face.


  • There must be a misunderstanding; Jaehee clearly remembers not having a roommate.
  • Wait, when did she start wearing contacts and her hair being long?! Mr. Han will be pissed!
  • Damn it, Jumin is this close to having Ms. Kang back as his assistant! Still suffering from his new annoying assistant. RIP Mr.Trustfundkid.
  • Mostly ignores MC unless it was a necessity to give her short formal conversations.
  • MC helps Jaehee with maintaining cleanliness in her/their apartment and Jaehee is impressed.
  • Turns out MC is her employee and she clearly loves MC brewing good coffee for her.
  • First sees MC as a friend whom she can freely talk and ask advice to.
  • Finally someone whom she can watch movies (of Zen) with!
  • She gets this feeling that were once a couple (still is) based on recurring yet quick flashbacks and tries to rebuild their relationship.
  • MC is happy to help her but takes it slow.


  • Wait, there’s a new maid? Why is he not notified of this?
  • Consists of a full thorough investigation and a confused MC thinking of Jumin who’s better off as a investigator.
  • How come this maid knows where he likes to keep things and take good care of Elizabeth the 3rd?
  • OMG, is she a permanent maid now? Kinky MC does not mind (but still wants to rebuild their relationship.)
  • Best friend Jaehee is so ready to burst through his penthouse like a boss and explain the whole truth but the whole RFA is holding her back.
  • Pretty much ignores MC after getting used to her presence, hang in there MC.
  • One day after looking through his things, Jumin finds hidden photos & letters of him and MC, and a suspicious-looking ring. Confused Jumin needs to know the truth. NOW.
  • Gets into a frighteningly serious discussion, but not an argument because MC has the patience of a goddess and Jumin is trying to be rational.
  • After their discussion, he realizes what this weird feelings were (developing lately) and pretty much apologizes to her while bowing down on his knees for a thousand of times during the whole week.  
  • Will make a fool out of himself and have his dignity destroyed as MC is his first priority. Imagine this dude putting up embarrassing-looking posters.


  • Let’s go back to when Seven was pushing MC away without the whole there’s-a-bomb-in-Rika’s-apartment ordeal. He’s dangerous, that’s why!
  • Pfft, as if the Great 606 will be defeated. Prepare to have your walls broken down, Defender of Justice!
  • Clearly surprised that MC not only cleans his usually pigsty place but places them where he want it to be. Be free of your burden, Vanderwood!
  • Knows how to evade his antics, but MC does it with swag.  
  • Tsundere Seven is struggling with his clashing emotions and persistent MC is getting better at handling him.
  • Rarely gets missions that has to do with infiltrating and installing CCTV in a big-shot opposing company.
  • MC tags along to his annoyance but is secretly awed that he managed to pass through, all thanks to her being a distraction.
  • The effect didn’t last for long and they were being chased down. But for some reason, this very moment is so déjà vu…
  • During their escape, he did not once let go and is stuck to her like a leech.
  • After the mission, MC is greeted by Seven wearing a maid outfit in a sexy weird pose. Capture a perfect angle of him, MC!


  • Has forgotten that he no longer has feelings for Rika.
  • Imagine V pining for Rika who’s currently being treated and MC pining for a confused V.
  • Treats MC politely yet distantly and MC is struggling between her emotions and rationality.
  • Jumin comes to the rescue and brings down his hammer of realization onto V. His savege-ness has no boundaries and V is stunned.
  • V makes an effort to know MC once more.  
  • The rising feeling of nervousness, excitement, and longing is starting to unsettle him whenever he’s around MC.
  • MC, the master of comfort and reassurance is back.
  • Dude is feeling torn between MC and Rika.
  • Recovering Rika spits out some harsh truths to him that makes him realize of what he really wants.
  • Jihyun Kim is MC’s significant other™. Prepare to get melted, MC.


  • Let’s welcome back angsty kid, Saeran!
  • This girl with no eyes (her bangs are just covering it!) is suspicious to him!
  • MC knows how to deal with his outbursts and tantrums like it’s no big deal.
  • Unsure of how to interact with her so he straight up ignores her, but MC know how to twist this back into her favor.
  • He secretly appreciates how she’s not treating him as if he’s made of porcelain like everyone else. He’s amnesiac not broken for goodness sake.
  • Also thankful that she’s not Rika and helps him whenever he seeks for it.
  • Falls in love all over again as they get closer.
  • Unlike Tsundere Seven, he’s unsure what to do with his feelings so he dwells into the virtual world of romance because this noob lover-boy needs to learn.
  • Seriously takes notes as if he’s studying for finals and applies it to his life but fails because MC can come up with a better pickup line. Come on MC, give this pitiful trying-so-hard-to-impress-you kid a chance!
  • Despite his inexperience in dating, these two make fast progress in their relationship.


  • This girl is obviously a spy.
  • MC ain’t a clingy girlfriend nor a coward.
  • Is stunned at the fact he found a person who doesn’t irritate him.
  • Will defend the poor guy from Seven’s antics.
  • What Vanderwood wants he gets, despite being reluctant about it.
  • Finds comfort in MC as he full-blown rants about Seven and his bizarre cough adventures.
  • MC knows how to deal with his criticism and be better at what she’s terrible at through practice.
  • One time when they were surrounded by enemies, Badass MC beats them up with a Gucci purse. Vanderwood is impressed.
  • Sometime later, he finds out about their relationship from his confidential files and still pretends he doesn’t remember.
  • He still won’t admit he loves her but him being overprotective is getting out of hand. No one can touch his woman.
Sometimes It’s Hurtful

Brett Talbot X Reader

Word Count: 762

Requested: Anon

Request: can you please do a brett talbot x reader where brett and you are having a big fight and then he accidentally says somr hurtful things? fluffy ending please

Originally posted by teenwolf--imagines

You and Brett had been together for months and despite the fact that he could be volatile sometimes and quite demanding, you worked well together there were times when you fought but it was never anything too big but your first fight was literally around the corner and it all stemmed from a Lacrosse game.

You were sitting on the bleacher before the game with a textbook in your lap and a highlighter in the other, you were highlighting all the proper information for the upcoming test because you knew the Brett wasn’t going to do it for himself. You heard someone coming up the steps and assumed that it was going to be Brett but when you looked up you saw that it was Liam. “Hey, Liam.” You smiled and he smiled sitting next to you.
“What are you doing?” He asked.
“Oh me and Brett have a test in a few weeks just preparing him for his late night cramming the night before.” You answered.
“What test?” He asked.
“Oh Chem.” You answered as you continued highlighting everything that he needed.
“I wish Hayden would do that for me.” He mumbled.
“Unfortunately for the both of you, your aways out chasing the shadows out of this town.” You answered and he nodded in agreement.
“Well, I got to go see ya.” He waved and you nodded giving him a wave before going back t the book.

It was after the game the problem arose because Brett hadn’t spoken to you since he left the pitch, you thought it was because he lost and so you left him to his brooding but when you walked into the house you found that it was something very different. “You’re really not going to say something?” He asked and you looked at him.
“What?” You asked.
“About what you said to Liam?” He asked.
“What are you talking about?” You asked.
“Doesn’t matter, if you want to push yourself around do what you want.” He glared and your eyes widened.
“Push myself around?” You asked.
“I know that you like him, even when he went to Devenford,” Brett explained and you shook your head.
“Nothing happened.” You glared.
“That’s exactly what he said, did you guys figure this out before he walked away?” Brett asked.
“What?” You asked the tears now falling down your face. “So you’re accusing me of cheating?” You asked and he looked at you. “Okay… Well, I guess I should leave then.” Brett reached out for you realising his mistake as soon as the prospect of you leaving hit him but you were far too quick, you climbed into your car and drove away before he could get a word in.

Brett didn’t see you for the next few days and that worried him, the only thing that he had was the textbook that you had left for him that day. It was in the back of his car with a little note.

I know you’ll leave it till the last minute
I love you, baby.

Brett hated what he had said to you, he was only angry because of the Lacrosse game and needed somewhere to put it but that should never have been you.  "You know that you are going to have to fix this,“ Lori said from the door of his bedroom.
"What?” He asked.
“I can’t take you moping around anymore… Go fix it,” Lori ordered.

Brett found himself in front of your house much sooner than expected, he knew that your parents were out of town so the only person that was home was you, he knocked on the door and waited for you to answer. “What?” You asked as you opened the door.
“(Y/N) I’m sorry.” He said.
“For what?” You asked.
“For accusing you of cheating, for calling you a liar and for lowering your standards.” He said the last part with a small smirk on his face and you opened the door a little wider and he saw that you were wearing one of his shirts, that he had left there.
“Come in.” You stepped to the side and he walked through you closed the door but when you turned around he was really close.
“I missed you.” He said softly lifting his hands to rest on your waist moving one up to your face.
“I was scared that you weren’t.” You whispered and he shook his.
“I will always miss you.” He said pressing you against the door lowering his head to yours. “Always.” He said before connecting your lips.

Requests and general question!

This is your casual monthly reminder that you’re following an autistic person right now, and if you aren’t willing to explain in detail to me what things I’ve said that were rude/ came off wrong and WHY neurotypical people feel that way about what I’ve said then you can please not follow me.

I adapt literally everything I do in social situations every waking moment of my life to NTs. It takes an insurmountable amount of energy for me to keep up with NT social and communication rules.

I word things bluntly sometimes and I need to be explained why certain things come off in a bad way…. but you calling me arrogant, rude, etc is actually a common way for NT people to invalidate autistic manners of communication and it’s low key ableist.

I’m just saying. The cost of following an autistic person who’s obsessed enough to chronicle images they’ve studied hundreds of times over and make in depth metas is that sometimes I say things forwardly and openly don’t shy away from disagreement with others. I do tend to respond with tact as long as people aren’t being malicious.

So yeah. Bout time I made this disclaimer to new followers… and perhaps reminded old ones.

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Hey Em..! It's me, LiL! I had to deactivate unfortunately... BUT! I came to say Happy Birthday!! I made you a gift, but I can't give it yet.. But as soon as I get my Tumblr again, I'll post it first thing!! I hope you have the BEST birthday EVER. You deserve it, pal! I LOVE everything you do; your art is beautiful, you're funny and approachable, and overal, you're a great person! I really REALLY wish I could give you my gift, but I can't.. But you WILL get it next week or so! Love ya!! ❤❤

AW LIL!! I can’t tell ya how happy it makes me to hear from you!!!

ahh jeez im having trouble even thinking of words im just so glad you’re okay over there. 

Thank you so much tho golllyyyy we all miss you and hope your time away is restful!!! I’m so happy to hear from you darling, thank you so much ❤❤❤

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Hey Evie. You think you wanna be friends with me? Like I want to be friends with you, because I want to make sure I be good friend of you. And because your very great at sketches Evie. Like you do really good at it. Like I want to learn a few advices from then and their from artists time to time. But I at least wanna be helpful at times with you on that. Mainly I sometimes have bad crap at times and I might have few mistakes at times. Let me know if you want to message me.Your call -Darker4life

Please understand, I am more than happy to talk to you about things that are troubling you. And try to offer any advice for art or anything else,  and kindness I can. But please, please don’t use my art as an excuse to become friends with me. 

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jungkook is someone who suits androgyny without even trying. he is strong and powerful but also delicate and pretty. it's one of the things i like about him though? he manages to pull off both feminine and masculine tied traits/styles. he's like, a beautiful person idk any other way to describe it lmao.

now i’m sitting here thinking about how wonderful jungkook is in every way sigh,, the loml 😭😭

If people think jungkook has feminine features, that’s whatever to me. My thing personally is when people infantilize him. I can’t stand that. It’s one thing to call him your baby bun and a whole other when you treat and see him as only this dainty little maknae who can’t do shit for himself. Like he’s a male adult who has passions, responsibilities, etc etc just like anyone else. Please stop treating him otherwise. I feel they strip him down of who he is to fit the way they want him to be.

tbh jungkook will probably be 35 and there will still be people in the fandom that think he’s a baby i mean. some people still actually think that he’s scared of girls like ok,,,, but then again i can’t say i’m not guilty of doing this sometimes bc i do call him baby a lot and i do want to protect him and stroke his hair despite jungkook being three years older than me and probably a lot more capable than i will ever be lmao 

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You said ask you any time about Dary's Carol voice... so here it is! PLEASE talk to me about the way he changes his voice for her and her alone. It's as if it's his real voice, open and honest. Carol responds to it too in a way you never see her do with any other character. Sure you have numerous examples mod! - Oh and I'm with you on today's new hug too :)

Of course I will :)

The funny thing is I can’t use screencaps or gifs because we are talking about sound of voice and tone and those just don’t cover it so I’ll do my best without those because it’s almost a purely audio thing.

See I think its not just the voice its the whole demeanor and tone he has with her in general. It’s like you said, it may be more of his natural voice, but without the angry edge and bravado he puts into it most of the time. He is himself, what he really is, when he’s around her, because well, he can’t front with her anymore than she can with him.

The soft tone and the gentleness is something that’s exclusively with her. Its almost like he dosen’t want to be too harsh, or even raise his voice for that mater. I mean the few times he’s done it since ‘Triggerfinger’ were both in Consumed, one was born out of hurt over the fact she wanted to leave and the other was resdidual worry and anger over her almost being killed. They were spontaneous reactions to situations, not a general tone.

See we know (as does Carol) that Daryl’s blustery is a front in a lot of ways to hide his fear and insecurities behind. So if he’s talking and acting like a shithead that’s usually why. He’s on the defensive in other words. He dosen’t have to be that way with Carol so he isn’t. That’s one part of it.

The other part is to me that Daryl just does not want to be harsh with her period. His own personal experiences and knowing hers he knows hers factor in a subconcious level. Both of them lived among loud and harsh words along with terribly painful actions, and the words are just as bad, if not worse, than the physical wounds. So he rarely has an angry tone with her when he talks as a result. Anyone can tell you that a tone of voice, not whats being said, will influence your reaction to someone. It makes a huge difference in how you feel.

Daryl knows perfectly well how much of an asshole he is capable of being to others so I think one thing is perfectly clear here. Carol is the one person he never hurt or cause any kind of pain to, even with his words so he tempers himself there and always keeps his voice down around her as well.

And remember Daryl was using this tone with her from the get-go

(gif by @dixonscarol)

That was pretty early on too, before they were really bonded. He instintively knew to take that kind of tone with her and has carried it on ever since.

Love, understanding, comfort, trust these things are translated through soft tones and its what Daryl feels around Carol and vice-versa. There’s no fear and little anger so there is no need for the the anger or sarcasm as a result. They are real and honest and it brings out the softeness in all kinds of ways.

When you think about the violence and they’ve lived in for a good part of their lives the soft talking is remarkable and very important because it belies that level of trust and comfort they have around each other.

I mean when he asks her ‘You good?” with a soft tone and a soft touch to go with it how do you not respond to that?

And think about it, it was exactly that kind of softness that Carol utilized in their very first physical interaction as well. A kiss on the forhead and a soft tone will work every time.

In short Daryl’s soft tone with Carol is because he loves her and really dosen’t need to be any other way with her and I love that so much.

Things I Want in a Friend/Things I Want My Friends to Do
  • take random pictures of me when I’m not paying attention. like those really good candid photos that I can post on instagram pls
  • steal my phone and post random shit on snapchat (idk I just like the idea of someone stealing my phone while Im doing something stupid and posting a vid on my story)
  • record cute or funny moments of us on our phones because I want to make those really white people edits with all my friends
  • actually text fucking often even the most random shit at like 3 am is okay I like never text my friends unless we’re making plans I want to talk to you (also RESPOND GODDAMMIT)
  • hold my hand it makes me feel loved
  • roast each other constantly
  • but also be rlly rlly supportive of each other always
  • but also roast each other
  • “you look so hot rn and those heels goddamn but if I say any more your short little legs are going to snap under the pressure of your massive ego”
  • instagram photos of each other
  • i just want more pics of my friends on my phone so i can post them and share them to the world becuz i luv them
  • just all that basic shit that seems really stupid I want that where is it