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TAZ Lady Week, Day 6: Fluff !

Hurley and Sloane mackin it after some sweet-ass race. You bet those smoke clouds are from some battle wagons they blew up the fuck. You bet that’s a giant mounted crossbow on the back of that car. You bet there are crossbow bolt holes in their car. This is the most romantic thing I can think of, basically, please just let these girls be happy. 

Submitting bc this idea has been building for a while, after reading your comic. I hope this isn’t presumptuous.

There are some places on the campus where space… folds.

If you step through this arch at midnight on a new moon when only starlight creates shadows you’ll step from the neatly-paved courtyard to the paired stones outside Tara. Thankfully the Good Neighbours there are used to it, and will tell you how to get back, though it might cost you the shirt off your back. Apparently they’re making a super-quilt.

There’s the small grove just at the edge of campus and in the middle of summer when the dragonflies drone and pollen spirals through shafts of sunlight like flakes of gold you really need to avoid the ring of Fly Agaric that sprung up after the stump of the old felled white oak rotted away. If you don’t, make sure you have some milk, or some cream, or a sack of really high quality charcoal. The Huldrekin at the other end might just send you back if you come bearing gifts, though if they especially like you they may keep you and send back a changeling instead.

There’s a twisting void in the stretching pond (and if you look at it through the trees of the grove it looks like it’s far larger than it is, a lake, not a pond) and yes, there’s the Nixies you know, and the melting sun-shy Asrai, the leather-capped Merrows, and the sealy Selkies you’ve come to recognise - they’re almost open about things, and if you’ve ever let one take you to bed you can see them all, waving at you. They’re probably the only ones which let you see, and won’t curse you for it.

(The seal-like teeth had freaked you out at first, but there is a reason Selkie lovers are reputed to help with heartbreak.)

(You remember that week fondly, and you still go down with pieces of unusual fish after there’s the market in town. It doesn’t hurt to maintain a good relationship with your ex, and especially not when they’re of the Good Neighbours.)

Generally, though, you won’t see the Sjora or the Havsra, the single, lone wish-granting Ceasg, the small amphibious Kallran, unless you are very polite. Usually your ex will introduce them for you and then, maybe, you’ll be allowed to See through, see the kelp-green hair or the needle-sharp teeth, or the wide-and-watching fishlike eyes. Sometimes, if the magics begun to permeate even you, you can smell the fish they’ve been eating.

There’s a cupboard in the cafeteria, affectionately called Narnia, and two Student Halls which everyone is reasonably certain are secretly entrances to an eternal party held by the Good Neighbours - it’s either that or, somehow, every year, the vapers and drinkers and party-ers all end up in these two halls, and end up rolling into their lectures 10 minutes late and with cups of Good Neighbour-made hangover cure. They’re tightlipped about what happened, but, well. Everyone assumes that’s the price of entry.

The science labs are free of these odd little folds, probably because of the iron, but the Law building is filled with them, as are the Arts departments. History has two doors in the East corridor that lead… elsewhen. Not elsewhere, elsewhen. Some of the students use them for history papers and cultural studies essays, but they have to be very careful if they ever intend to come back.

Twice now the budding archaeology department have done a practice dig only to find century-old bones that definitely show evidence of modern braces. And no one talks about the three-hundred year old FitBit.

(“You have walked 19,967 steps today!” It had shown in a pretty and definitely non-standard cursive when a … maybe changeling student had picked it up and wiped off the years. “You have 10% battery left. Please give me more magic!”)

(Now the techs are trying desperately to see if they can power their computers with magic. This would be easier if their building had less iron, but they aren’t about to move.)

(Not like the budget is going to let them.)


Prompt List

Here’s a masterlist of all the prompts we’ve received so far. 

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We want to thank everyone who’s taken the time to come up with an idea and send it our way. Your prompts are the heart of the Exchange. Without them our lovely authors wouldn’t get to write all those beautiful fics. So, please, keep them coming!

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Prompt List:

  • Prompt 1: I’d like an AU with Peeta as a single dad with a kid who’s always getting in trouble. Katniss is the kid’s teacher. Love follows :) [submitted by Anonymous]
  • Prompt 2: Before the Quarter Quell. The victors decide to include Katniss and Peeta in their plans for the rebellion. [submitted by Anonymous]
  • Prompt 3: Historical everlark (Georgian or Victorian era) and with Peeta as a ‘reformed rake’ and a jealous Katniss at one point… an E rating would be the icing on the cake(!) thank you so much for what you do!❤️ [submitted by Anonymous]

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hi! i really need some easy co being awesome squad in modern times headcanon. do you have some? pretty please.

alright modern times awesome squad includes

  • Lipton basically is the mom friend this is canon forever and always and nothing can change this fact ever and the boys are always up to some shenanigans that always resulted in them being locked up.
  • I mean, Lip doesn’t know how it happened and honestly the less he knows the better but Webster being arrested alongside Hoobler and Christenson are really something surprising because they are the good boys but apparently good boys help each other out by vandalising the aquarium’s billboard about sharks show.
  • and apart from that, Lip also has to make sure that George and Perco don’t end up having alcohol poisoning after a night out drinking their weight so he always ends up spending his Saturday making sure these drunkards are properly taken care of by making them chicken soup and sometime Ron would come help him by eyebrowing the boys to drink 2L of water.
  • Buck totally organizes weekend activities for them; sometimes it’s friendly baseball game that turns into fistyfight between Lieb and Bill, sometimes Buck drags them to go hiking which resulted in Muck, Malark, and Penk getting lost because they went off the trail so there’s that one memorable search and rescue mission that everyone politely doesn’t discuss about.
  • Nix and Dick hosting dinner night every month so the boys chip in money to buy stuff to do proper cook-out and Ron is always the grill master with Chuck and Tab as his assistants.
  • Toye and Babe hosting poker night which instead of betting money, they bet for the loser to do the most ridiculous things ever for example that one time when Babe lost and George dared him to tell Roe that he has a crush on the Doc which Babe did so now he and Gene are happily dating so thanks George.
  • whenever there is Trouble, the boys always discuss on which parental unit they will go to ask help from and unanimously they appointed Tab to go talk to Dick and Nix while Chuck is always the go to man when they want Ron and Lip to know about something.
  • if they are too scared to tell the two primary parental unit, the boys will always end up going to Bull and Johnny because yes, while Johnny will glare them to death, Bull will always help them
    out because Bull is their mountain dad.
  • also Gene specifically has different bandaids for the guys for example Web gets sharks bandaid, while Lieb gets Superman bandaid, and Babe gets Ariel bandaid and Bill and Perco receive Garfield bandaid because the cat loves lasagna.
  • the guys make it their mission to woo Kitty much to Harry’s annoyance lmao like if they go out club hopping, they always end up stealing Kitty away to dance while Harry is fuming and pouting by the bar with Ron laughing at him.
  • every Wednesday is movie night at one of the boys’ place and you can see them cramming inside Lieb and Web’s small living room with George throwing popcorn at Muck who has his mouth open to catch it and Toye snuggling George closer and Babe and Gene and Bill cuddling Web’s huge shark plushie and Ron and Lip are at the patio, just necking and keeping their eyes at the boys and when the opening of Jaws is played every one groans and throws popcorns at Webster.

Hello everyone! (”I’m J-hope…”) Okay, kidding aside. Hi, our dear readers! It’s our pleasure to announce that Robin (@yoonminist​) and I are working on a joint project/collaboration!

We present to you, A.D.I.D.A.S. (All Day I Dream About Sujim), a collection of drabbles/fics focused on YoonMin’s…sex life. And we kid you not! It’s going to be a collection of drabbles/fics about all the types/kinds of sex and it will revolve around YoonMin. Sound good? Alright. Here are some reminders!

1. This is a joint work/collaboration between Sam (minsugar) (@suga-beagle) and Robin (86sr) (@yoonminist) :) We’re going to take turns writing every chapter, and we will indicate who wrote that chapter!

2. These are set mostly in AUs (alternative universe), but of course we will indicate if it’s canon, so don’t worry!

3. This can be: Yoongi/Jimin, fem!Jimin/Yoongi, fem!Yoongi/Jimin, or fem!Yoongi/fem!Jimin. We will be indicating that as well for those of you who doesn’t like feminization :)

4. Tags/warnings are to be added as well. We got u fam.

5. If you guys have any concerns with this, please let us know.

6. This is going to be 40 chapters, more or less, because we’ve listed a lot! (to be updated frequently!)

7. Send us a message if there’s something that concerns you about this project!

8. It is an AO3 ( project so I’m afraid that you would only be able to read it there and not here on Tumblr. If you want, you can make an account, if not, you can read it without signing up too.

PS: it was Robin who came up with the title! #genius


I wanted to be sure that you guys know, so you don’t get confused. Posts put in #theories are not more or less canon than any other theory. They’re just a collection for you guys to peruse so you can make your own theories or read theories from other people. I wanted to be able to bring you together and have your ideas in one place more or less. But please keep in mind, its just an archive.

Shipping Drama?

Whether you prefer it or not, shipping can be a beautiful thing. You should totally be encouraged to support ships you like. However it’s awful to see people bash others just because they don’t happen to support a ship.

Personally, as a shipper myself, I understand that crushing feeling in your heart when you see your NOTP. It just doesn’t look right. It’s like betrayal.

“No!” You shout incredulously at the screen portraying a horrifying image of two lovebirds that have no right to be lovebirds. “You’re supposed to be dating [insert character here]. You have so much more chemistry!”


It’s okay. 

Take a deep breath…

Now, go search all the fan art and read all the fan fiction of your personal OTP to heal your wounded soul.

Feel better?

Now, do you realize how fortunate we all are?

Canon or not, your pairing exists. People are out there putting in their sweat and tears into developing whole new worlds where the two characters you ship are together! That’s what I love about fandoms, they get so involved creating wonderful stories and works of art. People are able to express themselves, entertain and help others feel less alone with so many different relationships one can create with the variety of characters available to us. It’s just so uplifting to see people in love with the idea of love!

So please, sail ships. Don’t sink them. No one deserves to be stranded in the oceans of fandom. If you don’t like a ship, you have no obligation to board it. 

Kakashi: “Call us when it’s our turn again, boss.”

Sakura: “See ya in the next episodes of Naruto!” <3

The last Shippuuden episodes were like:

Director: “Cut!”


Director: “Kakashi’s and Sakura’s scenes are over for now, thanks for the hard work, you two! Your footages were awesome, guys! Tumblr had gone crazy with you! Fuck, men, I got all chocked up! So much feels, holy cow!”

Kakashi: “Is that so?”

Sakura: *laughs*

Make up artist: “You two were amazing! Gosh, that cheek brush was… waaah! You looked like a real couple! I definitely ship you! <3”

Kakashi: *grins*

Sakura: *blushes*

SJ Editor: “But they are not canon, we should film them again with less touchy-”

Camera Operator 1: “Sorry, I already sent the scene for editing.”

Boom Operator: “If you have all this time to fuck around, man, go change that script. It sucks, really. We know what you did, there, with Kishimoto. It’s totally nonsense.”

*points the fishpole against the editor* 

Director: “You can rest, guys. Now let’s film the fight: Naruto, Sasuke, please on screen! Do you remember your lines?”

Naruto: “Uhm… it was… SAS’KEEEEEEH! …ttebayo?”


Director: “Exactly. A piece of cake, literally. Mid-air fight. Scream and stay still: operators will move you towards each other. Please, don’t fuck anything up as you always do. No unnecessary touching. It’s not an amateur porn, guys.”

It has gone like this. You know it, I know it. 

RAW panel of a short funny comic.  

I’m laughing my head off. Men, I need mental treatment.

Who Keeps Your Flame

//So because I am a glutton for pain, I have written a little thing. More than drabble, less than a short story. The events of this thing are not canon in any of my ‘verses (it will be placed in my crack!verse, even though it is anything but crack), but an AU of sorts. A what-if. A worst-case scenario. 

The only trigger warning for this piece is death, but since this is a story about grief, about the fallout of the worst things in life, please read with caution. 

You can read the story here.


(Also it’s two in the morning and I only proofread it once so please ignore any typos that I may have made.)

man chikariko is my aqours otp and You is my best girl and I have absolutely no problems??? with that???? but there’s so many You fans in the tags being all salty after episode 10 

like yeah i ship chikayou too?? and youriko??? and yohariko for that matter?? and 2nd years OT3 and kanachika,, man i ship almost everything… but I never really got being salty about ships like this? and I’ve been happy about how little there was of that sort of stuff in the ll fandom until now so the recent mood in the tags is making me really sad…

of course i’m also really worried about You too?? she’s bound to feel sad about her best friend becoming a bit distant and having someone else in her life and I think in the next episode, Chika is going to be reminded of how important You is to her and there’s going to be so much crying (mostly by me lol;;;) 

but like,. even if chikariko gets to be the “pretty much canon” pair, it doesn’t mean You would be any less important to them? also you can still ignore canon and ship whatever you want???? (points to how much i passionately ship nozonico even tho i love nozoeli will insist the latter is canon) 

so please… no salty ship wars… don’t do that to such a lovely fandom…


Shining Armor: Cadance means a lot to me, and she knows that we’ll always have each other. I’m happy you chose to be with me, sweetheart. Happy Anniversary.

Mod: Happy Anniversary to my favourite power couple!

What you see here is yet another improvement on my vectors. Shining Armor’s off-side, two-eyed stallion head. Now he can wink and be less awkward looking doing it!

Also added to the links up above is the new “Meet The Ponies” page. The related characters in the show may differ in character and canon to the ones in EfCE. Discretion Advised!

Image board uploaders: Please use the Content Source Link when uploading! Thanks.

queenieqolclstein  asked:

Headcanon: Remus would drive himself into the ground studying until he was basically dead on his feet and he had to spend the weekend in the hospital wing. James lectures him. Peter will read to him. Sirius likes falling asleep in his bed next to Remus because platonic cuddling.

Remus is surrounded by Honeyduke’s chocolate and sweet wrappers, and the long limbs of Sirius Black, and, in any other moment, would probably be extremely happy with that position. Except, in this moment, James is sitting at the end of the bed lecturing him. 

“- it’s just irresponsible really, and not to mention, completely unnecessary, Moony. Doing this to yourself… it’s damaging and stupid and,” James pauses to run a hand through his hair for the billionth time, “it scares Sirius. It scares all of us. You know we’ve got you covered with notes. You’re not an idiot, the work’s not beyond you, you don’t need to do this. I just -” he continues and Remus zones in and out, wishing he could fall asleep like Sirius and Peter, who’s lying down on the neighbouring bed with a book he’d been in the middle of reading to Remus when James rushed in, have. James probably wouldn’t even notice if he fell asleep at this point. He’s too engrossed in his own lecture.

“- we’re all here for you -”

Honestly, Remus does feel guilty. But that’s his perpetual state of existence so emphasised guilt doesn’t really make a difference. It’s just that he knows James is right and doesn’t want to admit to it because he hates how much he relies on their help sometimes. Just once he wanted to prove he didn’t need them. And all he’d done was run himself into the ground. 

“ - it doesn’t make sense to do this, not when -”

Collapsing on the walk between Transfiguration and lunch definitely wasn’t the best way to prove his independence. Now he had to spend the weekend in the hospital wing and he would fall even further behind on homework. Madame Pomfrey had a strict rule about the wing being a non-work zone. She and James should get a drink sometime, they’d get on swell Remus reckons. 

“- you could have said something as well -”

Five minutes later and it’s just too much. 

“- didn’t think to tell anyone you were -”

Prongs.” James raises his eyebrows at Remus’ interruption, ready to jump up and grab Madame Pomfrey or whatever Remus needs. “You sound like your mother. Now could you shut the fuck up please, so I can go to sleep?”

For a second, James is startled, eyes wide like a deer caught in headlights. “I suppose you do need to rest.” He grumbles then, and moves from the end of the bed, settling instead on the chair nearby. Remus smiles benignly at him. “I’ll be here when you wake up though and I’m not done -”

“I wouldn’t expect anything less.” Remus says and closes his eyes. 


(Left: lightened; Right: darkened)
New character of mine I haven’t posted to DA yet
His name is Eric and he’s a retainer for a castle-less princess (who were both frozen in time until the events of my canon)
This is a bit unorthodox of me as my characters usually only come from one time but I’ve been in the mood to make an older character that has to adapt to a new society, (and fire emblem fates has been my fuel)
Please give me your opinions on him if you can

My problem with this ship and a bit of personal info:

(For all the blind bloggers out there who use tech to read posts to them, I’ll be writing out any words in pictures.)

Look. Here’s my thing about shipping Harley Quinn and the Joker.

I get it if you love them for what they could be.

I get it if you want to write them how you wish they’d be.

I get it if you want to fantasize what it would be like if Mr. J wasn’t a total abuser and asshole.

I am not fine with how people refuse to admit the toxic relationship that they are in. They are not “goals”. You should not be making excuses.

Yes. You should be able to ship what you want.

No. You should not be able to pretend that ship is not toxic and painful as hell for one of the people in it.

You should not be refusing to acknowledge the message it sends real people in such situations when you support the actions and wipe away the problems.

Because that’s not okay.

Own up to the fact Harley is a victim of Stockholm syndrome, manipulation, and abuse. It doesn’t matter that she’s a villain. That doesn’t mean you can gloss over the canonical fact, FACT, that she’s been used over and over and, yes, does keep going back because she’s been screwed over by a guy who’s on Hannibal’s level of mind manipulation. I’ve heard people say Suicide Squad made them feel better about shipping them, but why?He strapped her to a table and shocked her brain fried!

Look. She was a psychologist. As someone who loves psychoanalysis myself, the Joker is FASCINATING. He used that. He twisted her. He is not her love. He is her origin story.

He’s always been a abuser.

[Joker:I had your back, sweetie…among other things. Why don’t you make us both happy and come over here and let me out? I promise it’ll be worth it. I know how to make you feel like you again.]

Yes. She’s a fictional character. But she’s a fictional character who represents horrible stories of many real people. She does not ask for it, or want to feel pain. She’s always wanted to be accepted by this man, to feel worthwhile. She believes he loves her. She’s become so entangled in his act that she can’t see what countless other characters know. 

Real life abuse isn’t constant bruises and suffering. That’s not how it works. There are great moments with your abuser. Moments where they make you feel like the most special person in the world. Moments where you forget any pain they’ve made you feel. Moments that keep you there. The moments that make you think: Of course he’s not abusing me. Look at what he’s done! He loves me. Why else would he have cared enough to get me gifts, or stand up to that jerk when they said something horrible, etc.

[Harley: At what point did my life go Looney Toons? How did it happen? Who’s to blame?]

Consider this scene in Suicide Squad, when they were at a club:

The Joker tried to convince this guy to have sex with her, and said guy knew what the Joker was doing was messed up. She’d do whatever J told her too. She was the his girl. Here he was forcing her on this guy. When the dude refused J shot him in the head. This was a show of power, plain and simple. Not love. Power. But he made it look like he fired that shot because Mr. Dude over there didn’t think Harley was good enough. Joker made it seem like he shot that gun because he was defending Harley. That’s what she would have seen. Did anyone else catch that?

How about this when she was shown her greatest desire?

Notice that the relationship isn’t how it truly is. What she wants is a normal life with him. She wants him to love her. Look at that scene. This is what Enchantress tempted her with. Children. A home. A family. That’s what she saw. That’s what she wanted.

[Harley: My fault…I didn’t get the joke.]

Here’s a few other canon sources you might not know, like how it was revealed that Harley had a daughter with the Joker and hid her from him at her sister’s house in Injustice: Gods Among Us.

[Canary: What?

Harley: I’m picturing you in the third trimester, all fat but still wearing the fishnets.

C: Stop it.

H: I can’t. That image is seared forever into my brain.

C: Can we please get back to beating each other up? It’s far less painful.

H:Oh, don’t be stupid. I’m not going to fight you now that I know your pregnant. I remember how hard it is.]

[Harley: I have a daughter. Her name is Lucy. She lives with my sister. She’s four and she likes tutus and toy cars. She especially likes putting tutus on toy cars. She likes the idea of a ballerina car. I think that makes perfect sense. Mistah J didn’t know about her. I knew that wouldn’t…that he wouldn’t…his work was too important. He couldn’t have a daughter. I went away for almost a year. When I came back to my puddin’, he was so funny. He acted like he didn’t even notice I was gone.]

[Harley: Good Joke, huh? Gone a whole year and he pretends like he didn’t even care? It wouldn’t have worked. It’s better this way. Lucy’s better off. She’ll have a normal life filled with normal days and dancing cars.]

This is canon. 

Feel free to wish for what might have been, but for the love of all things good left in the world, do not excuse Joker’s actions. 

Do not say Harley brought this on herself. Do not send that message to countless survivors who may read those words, and see themselves in them.Do not brush away the fact that Harley Quinn is a victim, villain or not. It doesn’t matter that’s she’s fictional. It doesn’t matter that they’re both bad guys.

Because this “relationship goals” thing is trash and a relationship like theirs should NEVER be considered healthy. Again. Feel free to imagine what could be, but never romanticize what is. There is none of that “But it’s my ship” junk. There are COUNTLESS other relationships between villains, but this one was made from the very start to be completely toxic. It is not something that you should think is romantic. That should never be “relationship goals”. Do not get a guy like the Joker. If you have a guy like the Joker, get help. If you are a guy like the Joker? Honey. I hope you get what you deserve, because he is not someone you want to be.

[Joker: This is a special place for me. It’s where I was born. What happened here…fixed me. And it can fix you, too.]

[Joker: hahaha! How about a quick dip first?

Harley: No, help me!

J: You’re welcome! I know it stings a little bit now, but…are you paying attention?

H, changed: Hello? Is this…real?

J: Nope. And that’s why you’re allowed to do whatever you like, Harley.

H: Harley? I like that.

J: Yeah. I thought it had a certain Je Ne Sais to it.

H: That it does. Now c’here, puddin’.]

Also, does that remind anyone of a certain scene in the Suicide Squad movie??? Here’s a hint. The pic was at the top of this post.

I don’t think I’ve ever revealed why this matters so much to me. I mean, I’ve never been in one of these relationships. However, my mother was before the jerk got his head shot in because he went off and decided to sleep with his best friend’s girl. The only reason she left at all was because she got pregnant with me. I’ll repeat again.

This is not just a ship. What could be here is not what is. Don’t excuse his actions. He does not love her. Feel free to enjoy the characters, but it’s not okay to approve of how he treats her. It’s not romantic. It is abuse.

You know someone you could go for???

[Ivy: Harley and I are still on the naughty list]

[Ivy: I can’t believe you’re still mooning over that psychotic creep. You wanna be some wacko’s victim for the rest of your life?]

Now that’s villain relationship goals. And before anyone points out that picture where Ivy attacks Harley, may I remind that Ivy was, you know, dying and had no idea what was going on? Yeah. They match. You could see it from their first meeting. As much as Ivy might get irritated, time and again she’s been there for Harley. Like Harley, her origin story revolved around getting screwed over by a man. They connect. She sees that in Harley and constantly tries to keep her away from the Joker, because she knows what’s going on.

Harley and Joker are not a good couple. 

Week #10 - Top 10 Fanartists

Who are your favourite fanartists?

Dear Merlin/Merthur artists,

I really am not a fan of choosing only some of you, because literally ALL of you are amazing. You make my day and life better, everytime I log in & see your wonderful creations. You are so important to me, your fanarts, edits, videos, gifsets, fanfictions or head canons are always so lovely and there is not a single day I wouldn’t cherish your work you’re willing to share for us. It’s admirable & this is my thank you. Yes, there are so many angsty things, I often cry a lot but that is a part of your charm, you go and please, never stop. I couldn’t choose a better fandom, seriously. I’ll list some of you (those I can remember from the top of my head), but if you do not find yourself in the list, do not feel any less important. You are not. And Remember that, please. You are everything. EVERYTHING. Thank you for keeping this fandom alive. Thank you so much, I can’t begin to say how thankful I am.♥

@brolinskeep, @ofkingsandlionhearts, @brolin-truelove, @cawlinmorgan, @iceicebradley, @naomi024, @rosheen27, @scinscire@lilybells, @tracionn, @thepolomonkey, @acelaurens@fuckyoutooemrys, @saltyemrys, @nooowestayandgetcaught, @maryluis, @louisloveslittlespoon, @sexgenius, @katiemcgrath and SO MANY MORE ♥

I don’t want you to change. I want you to always be you.

Cordially yours,

Merm xx

anonymous asked:

How would you suggest doing a ryuko matoi gender bend?

See above.

You can look to fanart and masculine equivalents of her clothes for inspiration. Such as swapping her sailor skirt for a uniform blazer/dress shirt and her skirt for pants. For her transformation … less is more, since the show’s canon is that her kamui was designed for minimal skin contact. 


(If you know the cosplayers please let me know their names so I can credit)
Left is Meidocafe

The next time I start rambling about how bagginshield is canon can someone please remind me to include Bilbo stealing the Arkenstone as that piece of glittering doom was
a.) heart of the mountain, meaning that Bilbo stole Thorin’s heart him being King and all
b.) the King’s jewel, which can totally be a less noble metaphor for what’s in Thorin’s pants

anonymous asked:

Can I please have Oikawa, Bokuto, and Kuroo head canons for a relationship with a really tiny person (like 150cm or less). Thanks! Good luck with school!

Thanks sweetie B’)


  • He doesn’t make a big deal about his partner’s height. It wouldn’t matter even if they were taller than him, as long as they were still themselves he wouldn’t care.
  • Oikawa is that person in a relationship who wants matching shirts. Especially the kind that says “If lost, return to ____”. (Honestly he’d want to have matching anything but not go too far you know?)
  • Lots of hand holding! Oikawa’s somewhat worried that he might lose his partner in large crowds, so he wants them as close as possible.
  • He likes being the little spoon when they’re cuddling. Being held by his smaller partner is super adorable to him.
  • Once in a while, Oikawa would insist that they have sleepovers and loans his partner one of his night shirts that wind up going down to thighs/knees.
  • Whenever they meet up, Oikawa likes to take his partner by the hand and twirl them slowly (his partner finds it embarrassing because he compliments them while he does it but it’s so sweet that his partner lets it slide).


  • Bokuto constantly points out his partner’s height, but does so in a way that’s never deemed as mean or insensitive (just in case, he always reassures them that they’re perfect no matter how tall they are).
  • One of the things he does is text his partner a picture of a small animal, followed by something along the lines of “You may be small, but at least you’re bigger than this!”
  • In return  his partner manages to find large animals they can take selfies with and sends them to Bokuto with no context and laugh at his response (“HOW DID YOU FIND SOMETHING THAT HUGE THERE’S NO WAY [animal name] CAN GET THAT BIG”).
  • For a typical greeting, if there’s enough space to do it, his partner will run and leap into Bokuto’s arms. Otherwise it’s just a simple bear hug.
  • A reason why he tells his partner they’re the perfect height: he can easily play with their hair. Or even do their hair for them (we got headcanons that Bokuto’s got at least two little sisters so he knows a thing or two about doing hair).
  • He looks for every excuse in the book to do that one thing where somebody would carry their partner with one arm (if you know what I’m talking about then kudos to you because I tried finding a picture AND I JUST CAN’T).


  • Unfortunately for his partner, Kuroo has a tendency to make them work for a kiss because he thinks they’re adorable when they try to reach his face.
  • He also uses his partner’s head as an armrest as a joke. He makes up for it with a quick smooch though.
  • He never makes verbal jokes about his partner’s height, mainly because he doesn’t want to sound mean to them.
  • Kuroo likes it if his partner lies on top of him while they’re sleeping, watching a movie, or just doing whatever.
  • At the same time, he thinks it’s funny if he tries to switch it up once in a while (where he lays on his partner).
  • They do a lot of playful wrestling (whether they’re in public or not), but Kuroo takes note not to get too rough with his partner. Even so, his partner never wins unless they fight dirty (I’ll leave that to your imagination ;^) ).
413 Follower Art Request Thing

holy shit, 413 followers!!! pfft, when i made this blog i doubted i would even get ten followers tbh. thank you all so much!!!

in honor of reaching this number i am going to hold an art request thing!!! i really don’t know what else to call it, haha. the rules are as follows:

-both likes and reblogs count. reblog as many times as you like, but don’t go insane; no one wants to see this on their dash fifteen times in a row.

-you can only win if you are following me. this is for my followers, after all! (don’t follow for the giveaway and unfollow right after; that’s just straight up rude)

-don’t be a dick if you don’t win. complaints will get you no where, and the selection is going to be random. i’m not favoring anyone over anyone else

-winners will be chosen on may first, which is this friday. likes/reblogs after that day will not be counted

-your request can be any human or humanoid thing. i can’t draw animals at all, so don’t even ask about those. i am okay with canon characters/fan characters for any fandom, and OCs (please send a reference!). i will NOT do NSFW art

“WHAT EXACTLY DO I WIN?!?!” you are all asking me excitedly. well, there will be three winners chosen and each will have their choice of two prizes.

option 1: 1 fully-colored detailed drawing my me, either traditional or digital. an example of this is shown below. it will probably be less sketchy + generally better than this one though.

option 2: 2 fully colored chibis, also either traditional or digital. it can be two separate chibis or two together (like a ship or something); your choice! an example is below (or for more digital examples you could just look at most of the answers on this blog)

i’ll do simple backgrounds or take pictures from google if you want. also, you can message me if you want examples of the traditional art! the only reason i don’t have more examples is because i don’t want this post to be any longer than it already is. all art will be sent to the winners via a submission

so to sum it up: 3 randomly selected winners will each get either 2 chibis or 1 fully colored detailed drawing. you will have until may 1st to get votes in via likes/reblogs!!!!

thank you, and good luck!

The Magician’s Apprentice Impressions

(I did actually write this out about 30 hours ago after watching it for the second time, but Chrome crashed as I was near finishing off and I’ve been busy since) 

I absolutely loved it, frankly. It was the dog’s unmentionables. Fresh, entertaining, ballsy television. I said after watching the episode the first time that this could be the Dalek story to finally beat Remembrance. I completely stand by that. There’s a long way to go, but everyone who’s seen TWF is of the opinion that it’s the better half and builds on this well. The building blocks are in place, all that needs to be done is assemble them. This was probably the most Davies-y episode since the Giant Welshman himself, playing out like a cross between The Pandorica Opens and The Stolen Earth, and it works. Every note the episode went for landed for me. If there’s a slight flaw in the episode it’s probably that the ‘axe battle’ scene goes on a couple of minutes too long and tension almost fizzles out, but the episode is mostly carried through this by the propulsion from first act. 

Moffat is on fire, churning out ideas and gags that could easily be used as the basis for whole episodes on their own, but they don’t feel wasted. That said, there are two key ideas that form the basis of the episode. First, the decision to bring the Doctor’s revulsion of Daleks and his need to save crying children that underscored the Matt Smith era into direct conflict, with fascinating results. Second, actually enacting the trolley problem from one of the show’s most iconic moments in Genesis of the Daleks, which could go absolutely anywhere. 

Other thoughts: 

  • It’s a great ep in terms of POC representation: 3 characters have significant speaking roles, with 10 or more lines each. Two of these are Kaled soldier Kanzo (who has also showed up dodgy attitudes to race on Gallifrey Base) and Jac, the UNIT scientist lady. But by far and away the winner is Missy (yes, Michelle Gomez is a WOC), with 73, only 5 less than Clara. Short of firing the lead cast (pointless when one is departing anyway), this is about the best the show can do on this front at the moment. 
  • From a quick check, the Bechdel test is passed…on at least 5 seperate occasions. Smashed it. 
  • BI CLARA IS CANON (fight me). Now can we see her kiss a woman on screen this series, please and thank you? I did love how Jenna played that scene, almost as though she went weak at the knees remembering. 
  • Capaldi has now come into his own as the  Doctor. It’s clear he now knows what he wants to do with the part, and it feels clearly his own and unlike any past Doctor. This is summed up by the guitar performance, it just feels like it wouldn’t belong for any other Doctor
  • Twelve wins best entrance of all time. Guitar playing on a tank, doesn’t get much better than that. 
  • Michelle Gomez was utterly brilliant and cemented Missy as my fave Master incarnation. The way she dialed up the Glaswegian for ‘Nooo, ah’ve not “turned good”!’ was both unsettling and hilarious.  She’s also sort of become everything I aspire to in terms of attitude (without the evil, I hasten to add)
  • Julian Bleach puts in a phenomenal performance as Davros, aided by Moffat’s superb dialogue. 'Let this be my final victory Doctor, let me hear you say it, just once: Compassion. Is. Wrong.‘  is so much better than 'THE DESTRUCTION! OF REALITY! ITSELF!’, in acting terms especially. Hamming it up is easy. that quiet tone of victory is not.
  • On that note ‘See how they play with her. See how they toy. They want her to run. They need her to run. Do you feel their need, Doctor? Their blood is screaming kill, kill, kill! Hunter and prey, held in the ecstasy of crisis. Is this not life at its purest?’ is one of the best Davros monologues ever.
  • Classic Daleks! Special Weapons Dalek! Time War Dalek Supreme! 
  • That was one of the best cliffhangers of the revival
  • Sarff is slang for ‘a red haired penis so large it can fuck two women at once’. Thanks, Urban Dictionary.