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Suho: Don’t they look so much like us? Hehe, and Jihoon has been holding onto Jisoo’s blanket since the nurses brought them to us. I just want to pinch their little cheeks!

Chen: You can do it when they’re awake later, Joonmyun. Just let them sleep for now. /sigh/ They’re so beautiful… Our little baby kittens… /sniffle/

Suho: And it’s all thanks to you, Jongdae. I’m so proud of you. /kisses Jongdae’s forehead/ I love you so much…

Chen: I love you too, Joonmyun…

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Omg yess!!! Part 2 to werewolves aren't real pls !!!!! :D

i’m a sucker for this kind of flattery; it’s happening ;A; HERE is part 1, if you haven’t read it yet~ Oh and some of EXO makes a cameo since I needed more characters… Hope you enjoy!!
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meaning behind madness

word count: 1746

“What if some venomous bug comes in our tent while we’re sleeping and bites us?” you ask with a contorted expression on your face. You reluctantly lie down on the thin mat on your side, resting your head on one end of the pillow. You tuck your wrist under your head.

Yoongi mumbles, “That’s not the most dangerous thing in the forest.”

“What was that?” you ask but you heard exactly what he said. You want to see if he’ll answer you; you’re still curious to get to the bottom of his strange behavior.

“Nothing,” and still, he isn’t too keen on letting you in on whatever is going on in his mind. He lies down on the mat behind you, mimicking your pose. He takes his free arm and drapes it against your waist, pulling you right against his body. He places his palm flat on your stomach, reaching into your thin cotton pajama top.

“Yoongi, not here,” you groan into the pillow.

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Chasing You -- Baekhyun

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There’s something oddly magical about wandering through the city at night.

The streets aren’t crowded like they are during the day, the amount of people walking around dwindling down from the high thousands to the low hundreds.  Neon lights dot the otherwise dark landscape, more and more businesses remaining open throughout the night to accommodate people like yourself who stay up late.  Coffee shops, convenience stores, and a smattering of restaurants are ready to welcome you with open arms, silently beckoning you with delicious smells and eye catching displays.

It’s a small cafe next to a laundromat that ends up reeling you in.

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When everyone is eating breakfast together, Joonmyun almost feels as if they’re normal people again. That’s why it doesn’t bother him to get up early and cook breakfast for nine, athletic twenty-somethings. Joonmyun used to spend time in the palace kitchens in Arborin— as a distant noble, he felt at home both in the royal district and in the marketplace. He would learn how the chefs cooked the king’s meals and practice at home in his own kitchen, perfecting recipes with only himself and his mother to serve. Though the ingredients can’t be the freshest when you’re on a plane in space, Joonmyun still takes pride in his cooking abilities. And nobody complains. The general consensus is that Joonmyun is an excellent space chef.

“I wonder if anyone aside from us has ever eaten this much—“ Chanyeol yawns as he rotates a container in the fridge so that the label faces out. “—astro pudding.”

“I wouldn’t condemn anyone to that fate. Astro pudding is fucking disgusting; which one of you still asks for that shit when we get food shipments?” Jongdae interjects.

“I like it,” Chanyeol protests, grabbing it out of the fridge. “You don’t have to be a dick.”

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At this point, your breathing is all shaky, breathing in sharply between your teeth and moaning quietly as you breathe out again. Each drip of wax that hits your skin makes you flinch, but when you turn your head to look up at Joonmyun, you can see he’s smiling as he watches you shiver at the burning sensation. In comparison, his hands are cool and soothing as he smooths them over your red, painful skin. When he leans down to kiss across your chest, you get a second shock, the ice in his mouth immediately makes your nipples perk up and your skin prickle with the mixture of intense temperatures, overwhelming your already hazy mind. His soft, cold tongue on your breasts is only making you shiver even harder, your nails raking over his sides as you try to bring him even closer in between your legs.

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EXO's reaction to being attracted to your twin brother that is basically a male version of you

xiumin:**questions his sexuality

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luhan: omg this can’t be happening I’m so confused..

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kris: eh i can work with this

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suho: WOAH THERE joonmyun. you have a girlfriend yeah remember Her?? Small,adorable, beautiful, FEMALE

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lay: this is so trippy…

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baekhyun: waitwaitwait. so am i attracted to y/n looking like a guy or just a guy that looks like y/n??

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chen: **mentally unstable

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chanyeol:im not sure whats going on or what i feel anymore but im lovin it

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Kyungsoo:come on kyungsoo this is completely normal! i mean your attracted to y/n and if y/n had short hair and a dick, this is what she would be like!

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tao:by these simple logistics, i can conclude that I’m as straight as a circle

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kai: dating a twin will be fun they said….

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sehun:OF COURSE the first person i’ve dated in a long itme manages to make me question my sexuality

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it was literally 1:50 when i finished this request. 

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Hi there♥ Can I request Kai scenario based on "Overdose" or "Baby dont cry"? You can choose what you like. Hihi thankyou♡

Overdose feat. Kai

“Where’s Jongin?” You held up the gift bag, indicating your reason for wanting to see him.

Not that you didn’t want to see him because most of the people in this room knew that you really did, but you were his Secret Santa and you had a present for him.

Sehun shrugged, tossing his own present from one hand to the other and trying to figure out what it was. “I don’t know. Probably locked himself in his apartment?”

“Why?” you wrinkled your nose in confusion. “It’s Christmas.”

“Exactly, it’s Christmas.”

Your body visibly deflated as you realized what that meant. “It’s been two years,” you said to nobody in particular.

Baekhyun was the only one who seemed to hear you. “You can’t blame him. He was practically in love with her.”

He was in love with her, and that was the saddest part if you could admit it. Their entire group of friends could see that he had spent every living minute in those six months devoting his time to Yunji, the girl who had transferred to their high school and snagged Jongin’s heart with her two-second introduction.

It made you jealous, but you had no say in it. He looked happy when they finally got together after three months of Jongin’s chasing, but three months later, he was like a stranger to them.

Then, on December 25th, after he had cancelled plans to have a holiday party, Yunji had apparently cheated on him with an older guy. Nobody knew the details, only what they heard when Jongin came barrelling into the holiday party, seething and asking for a willing person to get into a fight with him.

It was the one time you had ever seen the ever-calm Jongin act so violent. At that moment, you realized he really was in love and really was hurt. And at that moment, you had decided to simply be a good friend instead of a pouting girl watching their relationship unfold on the sidelines.

But right now, your patience was being tested. Holiday shopping was always a chore for you, and it always happened at the very last minute. You couldn’t find the perfect present for him, but you hoped to make up for it by buying him a box of fried chicken.

Who knew so many fried chicken shops were closed on Christmas?

If you didn’t find him soon, he would have to settle for cold chicken.

You swore under your breath and put your boots back on.

“Where are you going?” Sehun asked though he didn’t look very interested in an answer.

“To look for Jongin.”

He snickered. “Do you have a bag full of mistletoes or something?”

You considered throwing her mediocre gift at him. “No. I need to give him his present before it gets cold.”

“You’d better go before Joonmyun gets here and lectures you on the proper way to talk to Jongin,” said Baekhyun from the couches as he put away a few of the guys’ coats.

With your heart heavy, you wished Joonmyun was here to give a few pointers. You sure as hell didn’t know how to console a man who was nursing a broken heart that was two years old.

But when you got to Jongin’s apartment one floor above, nobody answered the door.

“This kid,” you muttered under your breath as you pulled out your phone. Dialling his number, you almost swore again except he answered on the second ring. “Hey,” you said, not so gently. You were tired of being gentle, especially after a bunch of holiday shoppers trampled over your toes today.

He didn’t say anything.

“Where are you?”

There was a pause. “Not home.”

“I can see that,” you said with a humourless laugh. You waited, hoping he would answer you.

Surprisingly, he did. “I’m on the rooftop.”

Your eyes bulged but your voice lowered as you walked down the halls to the staircase. “It’s freezing outside, Jongin.” There wasn’t only the risk of frostbite, but she didn’t want to think about other risks associated with being on a rooftop.

“Yeah. It is.”

With a mental sigh, you climbed the stairs two at a time. Fear was running through your veins but so was pain. He couldn’t do this to himself.

The silver lining was that he hadn’t hung up when she opened the door to the roof.

“Jongin, where are you?”

He let out a sigh on the other end. “I don’t know.”

You looked down and followed his footprints to the railing on the side behind the door. He was staring down, his arm bracing his body as he hung his head. The only thing that sat beside him was a bottle of wine.


He let out a light chuckle. “What happened to Nini?”

He hated the name that you called him, but you couldn’t stop after teasing him with it for a week back in junior year. Now, though, the man standing in front of you didn’t look like a Nini.

You hung up the phone and watched him stare at it for a second before stuffing it in his pocket. Then he turned back to staring over the edge, his back rising and falling with a deep breath.

You tried to sneakily walk up beside him, but it was difficult when the snow was crunching with every step of your boots. Still, he didn’t acknowledge your presence until you were standing right beside him. There, you could grab him in case he tried anything.

“It’s pretty tonight, isn’t it?”

It was also frostbite weather, but you sighed out to the horizon nonetheless. “Yeah,” you said on a breath.

“What brings you up here?”

Really, it was a miracle that he hadn’t smelled the fried chicken already, but maybe it was because of the cold. Your nose was already going numb standing out here. “You,” you replied without hesitation. “You?” you added when he only laughed.

“You shouldn’t come up here just for me.”

With a shrug to hide the way you were starting to shiver, you searched for something else to say. “What’s the wine for? It’s possible to get drunk in the warmth of your apartment, you know.”

He laughed again, which was good. “Did Joonmyun send you up here?”

“I can give good advice without the help of trusty Kim Joonmyun.”

Jongin nodded and looked to the city again, taking another breath. There was a comfortable silence between the two of you, one that you often shared as friends. But then he broke it. “The wine’s from two years back.”

You held your tongue that wanted to ask him why he had been drinking wine when he wasn’t legal yet.

“Remember the Christmas where there was no snow at all? Yunji and I were supposed to have a rooftop dinner that night.” His shoulders slumped. “I wanted to surprise her, but apparently there was a reason why she didn’t like surprises. And why she didn’t like me going to her house unannounced.”

You swallowed the bitter taste in your mouth. The story had a bad ending, you already knew that. But you didn’t want Jongin to relive it if it brought him so much pain.

“Sometimes, I ask myself if I’m surprised by the fact that she was cheating on me. But then there were so many signs and I can’t understand how I missed them.”

In a whisper, you tried to console him. “You cared for her. It wouldn’t have been right for you to think badly of her.”

“But you all did,” he said, though the words held no accusation. It was simply a fact. Jongin’s group of friends had disapproved of Yunji since the beginning, but nobody could do anything about it. “You guys should have tied me up and told me. Love’s an addiction, and her love was the only thing I wanted.”

“She did love you.” But the words sounded weak to your own ears.

Jongin sighed. “She had a lot of fun with me, but I don’t think she ever loved me. I had a fantasy of a good relationship ever since I started pursuing her, and it became harder to control as time went by. My fantasies got mixed with what I thought was reality.”

You didn’t know what to say so you stayed quiet.

“I’m sorry I’m telling you all this.” He hesitated, but not enough for you to reply. “And I’m also sorry for crashing your party that year. It was stupid. I ruined your Christmas.”

“You didn’t.”

He gave you a wry look. “I punched Sehun and then scared everybody off. Then I cried to you for hours. How did I not ruin your Christmas?”

But you shook your head, still staring at the beautiful skyline. “My Christmas would have been ruined if I knew you were alone. You know I only let you skip the party because I knew you had Yunji with you, right?”

“You let me skip the party at Baekhyun’s place last year.”

You shrugged. “I didn’t think you wanted to talk that time.”

“What made you think I wanted to talk this year?”

Holding up the bags in your hands, you turned to him innocently. “I’m your Secret Santa.”

He rolled his eyes but smiled, the first genuine smile that you’d seen on his face since you came up here. “And here I thought you were here to be my therapist.”

“I’m not a doctor.” Then you peered into one of the plastic bags. “But this chicken is going to get cold if you don’t eat it soon,” she added, hoping he would get the message that it was way too chilly out here.

Finally, Jongin froze. “Chicken?”

You nodded with an enticing smile. “Fried chicken.”

In his excitement, he grabbed your hand without warning and you gasped, rocking on your heels as the world went dizzy. Your fingers dug into his sleeve as you dropped his other present on the snow. You could hardly feel the rest of your limbs.

He bent down and peered at you from under your bangs. Then realization hit his eyes. “It’s okay,” he whispered as he led you away from the railing. “You’re not going to fall.”

You let out a nervous laugh, something to keep your mind off the fact that you had been nearly standing on the edge of a building for ten minutes straight. “I’m okay.”

“God, you’re freezing cold. Why didn’t you stay inside?”

When you were beside the door, it seemed safe enough to look up at him. “I know you find it annoying, but I couldn’t leave you alone out here. Especially not on Christmas.”

His eyes softened and then he was suddenly leaning in. You stayed still as your name was uttered in a breath on his lips, and then those same lips were on your mouth. Stroking, caressing. Warming you straight to the core.

You felt every inch where he touched you. His hair that tickled your forehead, his fingertips that shielded yours from the cold. And his mouth. His lush mouth that pressed on until you moaned out loud in the dark silence of the rooftop.

You broke away in a gasp, gulping for air. His chest, too, was rising and falling. It was the only thing that showed he hadn’t been unaffected.

“Nini,” you whispered in a small voice against the wool of his overcoat.

“Hmm?” He had leaned in again, holding you softly against his chest as if you were made of fragile glass.

Then, maybe because you were still reeling from the kiss, or maybe because you simply wanted to, you murmured, “I want you.”

Suddenly, you were tugged tighter into his embrace. To him, you were no longer glass that would shatter and make him bleed if he held too hard. You were solid—a person he could lean on without falling. “You’ve got me.” There was relief in his words, as if he’d been waiting to say them forever. “You’ve helped me like a true doctor, like a true friend.”

You looked up and saw that he had a smile on his cold, rosy cheeks. All you could do was smile back. “I won’t hurt you.”

He shivered and kissed your hair. “Even if I could, I wouldn’t change what had happened. It was torture, and I thought I wouldn’t be able to live another day.” You could hear his heart pounding through the fabric of his clothes. “But then I realized that my heart still worked.”

Your head tilted to the side, not understanding what he meant.

His voice dropped to a whisper. “I hadn’t given my heart to her, but I think I want to give it now.” His lips pressed to yours again, gently, before he pulled away. “If you’ll have it?”

You drew him in and kissed him full on the mouth, hard, because you were done with being gentle. It gave the right message because he was suddenly pulling your through the rooftop door.


When you opened your eyes, you saw that his were dark with intent. “I’d love to kiss you all night out there, but you’re going to freeze to death. My apartment, now.”


Wow, I think I might be the last person on earth to write a Overdose inspired story but it’s never too late to hop on a bandwagon :) I got this request today and wrote it because I had a couple of hours of no Internet :’( Also, would you guys do me a favour and and click here to check out our cover of Red Velvet’s Be Natural please? I’d really appreciate it if we could rack up our views, thank you very much!

((Did I mention I was going to make this an R rated one-shot with a tragic ending ^_____________^ But it’s Christmas so I couldn’t bring myself to do it hehehe))

Merry Christmas, everybody!



here is the thing! it’s kinda long. and sorry in advance for the bad writing and lack of capitalization (capitalization is not my style)

the realization hit chanyeol like a freight train.

not really. it felt more like the feeling he got whenever he dreamt that he was falling. freight train or not though, it was still frightening. his thoughts ran at a million miles a minute. he wondered what people would think of him. would they call him a freak? would he be accepted? what would his parents say? what would his sister say? what about the others? they would take it well if he told them, right? they were all understanding and accepting when zitao came out. (not that it was a surprise to anyone really.) but surely they would accept him whether or not he had kris to stand over his shoulder silently threatening anyone to say something. chanyeol ultimately decided to keep to himself for a few days while he tried to figure things out. unfortunately for chanyeol his unusually quiet demeanor did not go unnoticed. it was two days after his life changing discovery and self imposed silence when joonmyun approached him.

“is everything alright, chanyeol?” always the responsible leader joonmyun was. chanyeol could hear the worry in his voice and it made him feel bad.

“joonmyun…” the tone of chanyeol’s voice caught joonmyun’s attention (so did the lack of an honorific, but there were more pressing matters at hand.)

“i need to tell you something.” joonmyun absolutely hated the way chanyeol’s voice wavered and how he refused to make eye contact.

“what is it chanyeol?” chanyeol knew that this moment of truth would change everything forever. he needed a few seconds to gather his courage. uncertainties still niggled at the back of his mind. what if joonmyun didn’t accept him? this wasn’t something he could just pretend was a joke and laugh off. this was serious. chanyeol was serious. chanyeol was rarely serious.

 “joonmyun… i’m  uhm. i’m a uh…i-” joonmyun placed a warm hand on chanyeol’s shoulder. chanyeol looked at his leader and friend with frustrated tears clinging to his lashes. joonmyun smiled encouragingly.

“it’s okay. take your time.” joonmyun caught the unshed tears on his thumb as chanyeol took deep breaths. he could do this.

“joonmyun, i’m a girl.” chanyeol averted his gaze and the silence stretched on for at least a few hours. “oh? okay.”

okay. okay? joonmyun must have misunderstood. “no really, i’m serious.”

joonmyun lifted chanyeol’s chin and looked directly into his eyes. “i know. it’s okay.”

the sincerity in joonmyun’s voice put chanyeol’s heart at ease. “how did you want to tell the others?” 

chanyeol hadn’t really put much thought into it. he– she didn’t want to call a group meeting and possibly overwhelm them. “i was thinking about telling baekhyun first or maybe tao or kris. i mean, baekhyun’s my best friend. he deserves to be one of the first people to know. and tao was in a similar situation last year. and kris was really supportive of tao when he came out too.” 

“definitely tell baekhyun first. he’ll be pissed if he’s not the first to know. if you don’t, you’ll be giving him the biggest get out of jail free card.” they both chuckled at the thought. chanyeol couldn’t begin to imagine the kinds of things baekhyun would make her do if she didn’t tell him first.

“yea, i think i’ll definitely tell him first. and then maybe tell the others in small groups or kinda just let them figure it out. i mean, once i tell baek it stops being a secret so…”

“i think that would be for the best. just do things at your own pace.” with that said, joonmyun brought chanyeol into a comforting hug before making his way to the door.

“joonmyun wait! do you think that… i could maybe… i don’t know… call you oppa or something?” chanyeol looked at joonmyun with a hopeful expression on her face.

“of course you can chanyeol.” joonmyun smiled warmly at her.

“ thanks hy- oppa.” chanyeol chuckled. so did joonmyun.

“i’ll need some time to get used to you calling me that.”

“it feels weird actually saying it. but it feels right at the same time.”

“if you’re happy then i’m happy.”

chanyeol told the rest of the members with minimal difficulties. jongin was the only person that had a hard time with the revelation but he came around after talking about it with chanyeol. tao declared himself her official GBF because in his words ‘every girl needs a gay best friend.’ kris was really supportive just like she thought he would be. he even helped her tell sehun after he heard her call kris oppa. baekhyun was excited and ended up telling jongdae and kyungsoo before she could. jongdae teased her a little bit, demanding to be called oppa. kyungsoo flat out refused to call her noona and chanyeol was okay with that. minseok, luhan and yixing all took it in stride, saying that they were happy for her and keeping their question to a minimum. luhan even offered to braid her hair if she ever had the chance to grow it out again and paint her nails until she could do it on her own. yixing had even taken to calling her meimei. every time he did so, she couldn’t help the blush that spread over her cheeks. she was so happy that everyone accepted her.

later that week, after swindling money from kris and begging chanyeol, tao took her shopping to pick out a cute outfit. it wasn’t like chanyeol had a choice in he matter. a determined tao is a dangerous tao. besides, how could she resist when he got all ‘puhleeease jiejie~” and ‘friends don’t let friends be fashion terrorists’ on her. feeling mildly insulted, chanyeol decided fighting wasn’t in her best interest. tao dragged her into this little boutique. “you have a relatively small waist. it shouldn’t be too hard to find something to fit you.”

 after almost a half hour of looking through the racks, chanyeol found a cute denim skirt that she absolutely loved. “tao, i really like this skirt.”

“oh my god.” tao glared at her through his sunglasses.

“what? it’s cute!” chanyeol felt slightly offended because the skirt was totally cute.

“it’s denim. god, you are hopeless.” what did tao know about fashion? (definitely a lot more than her, but whatever. she was getting that skirt!)

“i don’t care what you say, i’m still getting it.” tao let her get the skirt and he picked out a peach shirt for her, saying something about the undertones in her skin.

when they got home, chanyeol was excited to try her new outfit on. luhan even painted her nails a magenta color with golden sparkles in it. chanyeol felt so pretty even though she had to improve on some things like he leg situation. baekhyun offered to style her short hair and do some light makeup.

“so have you thought about changing your name?” baekhyun applied a light blush to her cheek.

“i did think about it. but i don’t think i will. i like my name. it’s cute like me.” baekhyun tapped her on the head and laughed.

“well what about girl stuff?”

“what do you mean?”  chanyeol could tell where this conversation was going.

“i mean, girls have…boo-bies, right? so like what about, you know, bras and… stuff?” baekhyun tried not to be awkward because this was still chanyeol his best friend. he just happens to be a she now. he just wants to support her the best he can.

“first, please never ever say boobies again. you sound 13. and i’ll probably get my sister to explain it to me.”  baekhyun let out a sigh of relief.

“good. i don’t know what i would do if you ever asked me to go bra shopping with you.” they both laughed heartily.

“no need to worry. tao called dibs on all of my future shopping endeavors.” baekhyun finished with her makeup.

“so how do you want your hair?”

“uhm well, jonginnie got me these really pretty pastel butterfly clips. can you use those?”

“yea no problem.” baekhyun ran his fingers through chanyeol’s short locks. he did his hair similar to the time when chanyeol crossdressed in that beauty pageant thing.

“you look super cute.” baekhyun looked at chanyeol nervously.


“you make a really cute girl. like, if you weren’t so damn tall i might want to date you?” chanyeol guffawed. there were almost tears in her eyes.

“hey! stop laughing. i’m being sincere.”

“no, you’re being awkward. stop it baek. it’s just me. i’m still chanyeol. i’m always going to be chanyeol.” baekhyun whined in the back of his throat.

“i know but you’re a girl now yeol. i don’t know how to act around girls.” chanyeol tried to hold in her giggles.

“i still your best friend even though i’m a girl. we can still play videos games and pull pranks. we can still make poop jokes. nothing’s changed, okay?”

“yea, okay.” baekhyun hugged chanyeol tight. “sorry for being awkward.”

“it’s okay. i know it’s a bit much.”

“come out when your ready so everyone can see you.”

chanyeol smiled at baekhyun as he left the room then she turned to look at herself in the mirror. she felt an overwhelming sense of completeness. happy tears welled in her eyes but she didn’t cry. she got herself together and walked out to the common room where the others were waiting for her. when she rounded the corner, she was met with supportive gazes and happy smiles of all her friends. the tears came back just as quickly as they left. she couldn’t help the smile that spread across her glossed lips. jongin started a round of applause for her and everyone joined in.

“spin for us noona.” sehun smiled brightly at her. jongdae whistled as chanyeol spun. she blushed. when she stopped twirling, everyone gave her hugs and told her how pretty she was. she finally let the tears fall. the pressure was completely off her chest and chanyeol felt more lore like herself than she had in a long time. it felt good.

CONGRATULATIONS!!! you made it to the end *fireworks and glitter and stuff* i hope you enjoyed it. again i’m really sorry. lol. i was thinking about doing a few installments of this. what do you think?

oooooooooooo my god i am crying this is amazing

i had no idea you would tie in my transyeol answer so directly!! this is really really touching and i am so glad that you sent it to me

i’m legitimately crying lol i hope that you continue with this!! it’s so great!!! <3