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The Signs Getting Told Their Outfit Is Ugly

Aries : *turns to random person* “I think this person is talking to you???”

Taurus : *grabs the person’s hand* “I think we need to get you to the eye doctors asap”

Gemini : “HAHA, nice joke tell me another one”

Cancer : *raises their eyebrow* *looks them up and down slowly* “Are you sure you can judge?”

Leo : “Yeah and your outfit looks so nice!… wait is it not opposite day?”

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The Signs getting told their outfit is ugly.

 Aries : *turns to random person* “I think this person is talking to you???”

Taurus : *grabs the person’s hand* “I think we need to get you to the eye doctors asap”

Gemini : “HAHA, nice joke tell me another one”

Cancer : *raises their eyebrow* *looks them up and down slowly* “Are you sure you can judge?”

Leo : “Yeah and your outfit looks so nice!… wait is it not opposite day?”

Virgo : *gets really confused because they can’t comprehend the idea that they look anything other than incredible*

Libra : “honey please, this outfit costs more than you are worth”

Scorpio : *calmly explains to the person that they are just projecting their insecurities onto other people and then walks away while the person sits there falling apart*

Sagittarius : *laughs hysterically* *walks over to their friends and tells them what happened* *all collectively points and laughs at the person*

Capricorn : *throws whatever their holding at the person then acts like nothing happened* 

Aquarius : “yeah you’re probably right but i chose to look like this, what’s your excuse?”

Pisces : “… and yours isn’t?”

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"please, please, i'll do anything just talk to me" from the angst prompts? im rEadYY

Hajime closes his eyes, leaning his forehead against the closed door of the bathroom.

His head’s spinning. Everything hurts. How did he not know- how did he not see? He fucked up, fucked up hard, fuck-

His heart is racing in his chest, thrumming so loudly that he can feel it in his fingertips. He closes one hand into a fist, feeling the prick of each of his fingernails against his palm, desperate to calm down his racing heart.

But it’s not working.

He can’t get upset now. He can’t panic.

“Tooru,” he says, again, a desperate plea. He opens his eyes, staring at the door in front of him. The panic is rising more quickly than usual. When was the last time he heard from him? Was it really this morning, at breakfast?

The silence that greets him makes his stomach drop.

Tooru’s words from this morning are banging around inside of his head.

I think I need some time, he’d said, pushing around the eggs on his plate, not eating. I don’t know about… all of this.

Hajime had played it off - yeah, things had been tough lately, but this?

Okay… it’s been hard. They can’t be together as often as they’d like. They’re both busy, and Hajime has his responsibilities, not to mention their families-

Fuck, what a mess this is.

It’ll be fine, it’s always fine-

It has to be-

He loves Tooru so, so much. He’s not just his boyfriend, he’s not just his best friend, he’s a part of him. Their lives are so intricately intertwined that he really can’t even fathom a world without Tooru in it. Even just the thought hurts, shakes him down to his core. He can’t let that happen- he won’t let that happen.

“Please, please, Tooru, I’ll do anything, just talk to me.” Hajime bites his lip, leaning his body weight against the door. His body feels so fucking heavy. He needs to hear his voice, needs to feel his warmth, touch his skin, make sure all of this is real.

Hajime falls quiet, leaning against the door and listening. It’s quiet, so quiet that it hurts, until…

He hears shifting from the other side of the door.

Straightening up, Hajime strains to listen. He breathes in, air inflating his lungs again at this small confirmation - Tooru’s in there, he’s okay, he’s alive, fuck-

“Tooru?” Has Hajime’s voice always been so small? “Tooru, baby…” his voice catches in his throat, it’s all coming down on him too fast. He’s overwhelmed, tears pricking at the corners of his eyes. Why won’t he talk to me-

There’s more shifting, and a press against the door. Hajime’s stomach is in knots by this point. He tries to take a slow breath, tries to calm his racing heart because it’s so loud that even Tooru must be able to hear it by now.

Another breath in, and then out.

His heart rate slows, just a little. But it’s enough. Enough to calm his body, enough to focus, to try and reign in all of these feelings.

The doorknob turns, and Hajime watches as the door is pulled open. So slowly, so tentative. It only opens halfway before he sees Tooru standing inside.

He looks so defeated.

Eyes red from crying, skin pale, expression pained. He’s looking down at the floor, his gaze slowly shifting upwards until his eyes meet Hajime’s. He rubs his arm with a hand, looking uncomfortable under Hajime’s fixed stare.


“Can we do this?” Tooru asks. His lower lip is trembling. “I can’t- I need- I just don’t-” he squeezes his eyes shut, trying to hold back tears. “Hajime-”

So many words bubble up in Hajime’s throat. Yes, repeatedly, we can; choruses of I need you and please don’t leave me. But he can’t just make empty promises. It’s now or never - he knows that if he lets Tooru walk out, he won’t be walking back into his life again.

“Yes,” Hajime nods hurriedly, reaching out to grab Tooru’s shoulders. “Yes, yes, yes, we can. We will, okay? Nothing- nothing else matters.” He takes a step closer, and Tooru doesn’t push him away. He’s shaking hard now. “I love you. That’s what matters.”

Tooru meets his eye, gaze teary. “Can we have this? Can we make it work?”

Hajime’s heart feels like it’s about to burst out of his chest. Can they? They have to. Have to.

Instead of answer again, Hajime pulls Tooru into a long, tight hug.

The kind of hug that can glue back broken pieces.

Tooru squeezes him back, voice heavy with emotion. “I love you too, Hajime.”

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Chronic illness grieving has been getting the best of me lately.. no one I talk to understands. I just can't seem to let go of the life I once lived. I don't want to do anything anymore, not even get out of bed most days. At this point I just hate my life. I'm so tired of being sick and in pain and knowing that my future holds more pain and sickness. Any advice you could give? Please? I just need some shred of hope right now because I feel like my world is crumbling. TIA.

aw anon I’m so sorry you’re going through this <3 

When you lose your old way of living, you experience real grief for what you have lost. It’s difficult to accept that your old goals and expectations aren’t going to pan out, and to not be able to do the things that used to make you happy. And so it can be hard for a long time – I think that’s the thing with grief, it just takes time, and even then it can sneak up on you occasionally. That doesn’t mean you can’t find a place of acceptance and find a new life you are happy with though, and I do think that overall it gets easier with time. 

This post might give you a little bit of hope, or at least some things to think about Things to consider if you’re overwhelmed by the thought of being sick or in pain the rest of your life

& I have some other about things I did that helped me accept and even enjoy my life with chronic illness here. (Disclaimer: life worth living is a DBT term that just means a life that you personally find “worth it”, it’s not supposed to imply that other lives are not worth living! I didn’t realize how people would see this term when I made the post!) 

I also recommend reaching out to other people with chronic illness. There are lots of communities online, on basically every platform. It is really helpful to be able to talk to people who understand! You also get some really nice perspective from interacting with other people with chronic illness. For example, some have been sick their whole life and so they never experienced loss, and it can be really helpful to learn from how they think about creating a life that works for them. Talking to people who are both more and less sick than you are, or differently sick is also helpful. And so on. I also pay extra attention to anyone with a chronic illness account where they have the kind of attitude towards their illness that I want to have. When I find people like this I tend to read through a bunch of their posts and follow and I’ve learned SO much about how to be happy and how to handle chronic illness from these awesome people

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@ and ✉ for Bakugou and todoroki please, I want all the drama/angst >:3

@ +   ✉  = Scared + Message Never Sent

To: [Y/N]

From: Shouto

Y/N, I promise you that I’m nothing like my father. I never wanted to be him in the first place… please just believe me, I know… I’m not good with emotions… but I can promise you love… I swear. I’m afraid of losing you. Please let me show you another whole world. I love you, very much…

[ Message never sent ]

To: Shouto

From: [Y/N]

( Insert your message here )

[ Message Delivered ]

[ Message Read ] 

[ Shouto is typing… ] 

To: [Y/N]

From: Shouto

Oh…….. this wasn’t suppose to be how it goes… let’s talk this through, Y/n. It was my intention to ignore you.

“We’re sorry. The contact you are trying to reach is unavailable or no longer your contact” ]

To: [Y/N]

From: Bakugou

No, no. Y/n, it wasn’t fucking like that at all!! Fuck. Believe me already, I would never do anything to you. FUCKING NEVER! Just please, let’s sort this out already, alright? You can yell at me, I don’t care. Hit me. Just… text me… I’ll wait for you.”

[ Message never sent ]

To: Bakugou

From: [Y/N]

( Insert your message here )

[ Message Delivered ]

[ Message Read ] 

[ Bakugou is typing… ]

To: [Y/N]

From: Bakugou

What the fuck…? I never sent this fucking message??? Y/n, no, it’’s not what it is dammit! Please text me back, my message wasn’t message. I can fucking prove it to you. I only love you with all my heart. Goddammit, please respond.

[ “We’re sorry. The contact you are trying to reach is unavailable or no longer your contact” ]

Get to know ya (Bucky Barnes and Steve Rogers)

Summary: You begin to flirt and fall for Steve after a bad breakup with Bucky, but bucky isn’t giving up so easily

Warnings:small mentions of drinking and mentions of spanking

“(Y/N), please can we just talk about this!?” Bucky yells after me. I can’t believe that he kissed her, after months of telling me that there was nothing going on between him and one of Tony’s temps at the tower, the truth finally comes out. Bucky stumbles after me and I’m almost thankful that he had been drinking or I wouldn’t have ever been able to outrun him. “Bucky please stop, please” I call back at him. I just wanted to crawl into a ball and never see him again, but my pleading is no use he catches me and grabs my wrist with his metal arm

“Bucky that hurts! Stop!” he pulls back immediately and I can see the hurt in his eyes but I don’t care. “(Y/N), just talk to me please I’m sorry I don’t wanna lose you”. I back away from him I can’t even bare to look in his eyes “Bucky you should have thought of that before, I can’t see myself with someone like you anymore”. The tears start to tug at my eyes but I wipe them away “You were the love of my life, but after this I think it’s best if we part ways” Bucky’s eyes grow wide and tears start to run down his stubbly cheeks. “But (Y/N) I still love you, I don’t wanna be without you, I can’t be.” He runs a hand through his mess of hair and tries to reach for me “Goodbye Bucky”

I don’t make it to my room fast enough before the tears start to fall, I try and muffle the sounds but it’s no use. I’m sure everyone can hear me but I don’t care I’m broken and the only person that I want to talk to is the reason for my tears. I plop down on the bed and sob I’ve never cried so hard in my life. The only interruption is a small knock at the door “Bucky please go away I don’t wanna see you” I get up and approach the door about to lock it until…“Um it’s me (Y/N), Steve, are you alright? I heard yelling and crying.” “ I’m okay Steve sorry I woke you up” I say making a small crack as I open the door. “ It’s okay I don’t sleep much I was just gonna watch a movie if you wanna join me?” I nod my head and follow him into the living room.

“So are you gonna tell me what’s going on?” Steve presses but I only manage to shake my head no “Okay you’re more the suffer in silence type, well let’s talk about dogs, you like dogs?” I nod my head and he continues on with his slew of questions “Steve can I ask you something?” I croak “Ah she speaks, by all means ask away” he scoots in close genuinely excited to hear what I have to say “Why were you so nice to me tonight?” He sits back for a moment before saying “No woman, especially one as beautiful as you,should be crying and what’s the harm with me getting to know you a little better while we’re at it” he smiles over at me “Sorry if that was a bit forward” I smile at him and scoot closer “It’s not, but thank you for being there”

3 weeks later

I lay in bed and stare up at the ceiling, laying was about all this bed was good for because without Bucky I didn’t sleep much. There’s is at knock at the door and before he says anything I know already who it is “ Uh (Y/N)?” “Steve I told you if the door is unlocked you can just come in” He peeps his head in first and makes sure I’m decent “I know what you said but I was raised in a time where a woman was entitled to her privacy and I will continue to respect those boundaries” I giggle at him and his innocence “Whatever you say grandpa, c'mon there’s some weights with our names on em in the training room”

“Stop calling me grandpa, I am older than you and as the rules state that gives me full privilege to reprimand you” Steve says as we enter the training room. “What’d you have in mind old man a time out?” He smiles at me and grabs my hand “With a mouth like yours I think a spanking will do just fine” Before I can respond I feel a pair of blue eyes burning into me “(Y/N) honest I didn’t know he was gonna be here.” I shake off his presence and turn my full attention to Steve “Don’t worry I don’t care about him now how about you spot me and we talk about those reprimands, Sound good?” I place my arms around Steve’s neck and he stares at me with hooded eyes and leads me to the weights.

Steve was so sweet after every thing that had happened with Bucky, it felt nice to have someone there for you when it really counts. It was crazy to think ,but the more time I spent with him the more I feel myself falling for him. We laugh and joke as Steve practically lifts the barbell for me “You think I could do a little of the work big guy?” I look up at him batting my eyelashes “I thought you were,I’m sorry (Y/N)” I laugh as Steve lets up on the bar “You should laugh more often (Y/N) you have such a beautiful laugh.” Steve states never taking his eyes off mine “I smile up at him and he stares at me like it’s his first time seeing me "I could spend all day just thinking of ways to make you laugh, which is saying something because I’m a pretty funny guy” he smiles his biggest grin showing all his teeth and before I know it he puts the barbell on its rest and his lips are only inches from mine

I sit up and notice that Bucky is now standing with his fists balled up and his jaw clenched, shooting daggers through Steve. “Steve, maybe we should go get some air” he takes my hand and leads me to the elevator Bucky follows us out and down to the elevator before it closes Bucky puts his foot in the way. The ride down to the parking garage is quiet, but my thoughts are wild. When we reach the garage, Steve pulls out the keys to one of Tony’s cars and sets out to find it. Before I can follow him out of the elevator Bucky pulls me in and presses a bunch of the elevator floors. “Now that we have time to talk” Bucky pulls me closer and presses his soft lips against mine leaving me breathless “There’s no way I’m gonna let him have you”

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why is hoseok the best actor in bts?

I mean, at least in my opinion he is. haha It’s part of my job and I’ve worked as an assistant for an awesome acting director and he taught me a lot, so. It’s something that I can’t help but do, to keep on judging how people act even if it’s just for an interview (and it’s a fun exercise when talking about kpop because idols act a lot). Hoseok knows how to hide his own feelings quite well when he wants to, and it’s even more impressive since he’s a very expressive guy. He knows how to live the character and completely change his quirks according to it, and also can change his mood completely with the blink of an eye. He’s very skilled when it comes to reading people and in his case it’s something that he takes to his posture when acting as well - he knows how to read people’s ways and humor so he applies it to his acting. I’ve already talked about how he’s the one that is the least himself on camera most of the time. Watch this and tell me what you think because I honestly think it was brilliant, as short as it was. It shows great potential that I’m afraid won’t be properly explored. :(

Originally posted by omojinyounghobi

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I’m going to spend some time today cleaning out my blog. I’m going to unfollow those who have been inactive for a month or longer, and unfollow anyone who is underage. I know not everyone has their age on their page, but to be honest I’ll be 27 next Tuesday and I feel awkward following anyone under 18. Truth be told, I feel weird following anyone under 21, but I can deal with that a bit better.

That being said, if you follow me and you are not yet 18, can you please unfollow me? It has nothing to do with you, it’s just I want my blog to be more to what I want, and some things I post/talk about/reblog may not be appropriate for underage Tumblrs. 

If you know that I’m following you and you’re under 18, please message me off anon so I can unfollow your blog. 

Thanks for understanding. I’m going to post something on my sidebar/header thing on my blog to follow only if 18+. 

  • Reyes: Ves, could you please get me a glass of water and another blanket? I'm freezing.
  • Ves: You have just a bit of fever, you're not dying Reyes. I'm busy.
  • Reyes: How can you say that? And if it's a new alien infection? Maybe I'll die today! You will deny me a warm blanket and some water?
  • Ves: *snorting and getting up* Maybe if I ever give birth to a baby, I will experience all the pain a man suffer with the fever.
  • Reyes: Please, don't be a drama queen...
  • Ves: Look who's talking!!!

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Hi! We kinda talk a lot already, and idk if it's still fic author appreciation day, but I just wanted to say how much your writing means to me! Your prose is so good, very specific without being in one's way. Your dialogue is fantastic; I can always hear the voices of the characters perfectly. The way you tackle difficult topics and complicated situations and emotions so clearly and delicately is a serious inspiration to me. Please never stop writing!!! <3

Aaaaaa thank you! ♥

(this is me being showered by your praise)

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I was on your main and you said you don't support "adopt don't shop" can you elaborate on that? Its not that I disagree, I just don't understand

Alright. I might get some heat for this. Before I get started, I do want to say that I have a lot of experience with shelter dogs. My current dog, Bindi is a shelter mutt and I volunteer at an animal shelter. Basically, I know what I’m talking about. If you disagree with me, that’s fine, but please at least listen to what I have to say.

I think there are pros and cons to both animal shelters and breeders.

For instance, my animal shelter, like many, is overrun with bully breed mixes. Bullies are awesome dogs. Look at my url and icon. Clearly I’m a fan of them. However, they are not for everyone. Yes, they’re extremely friendly towards people, they’re also very intelligent and genuinely fun dogs, but they’re also extremely powerful (I almost got dragged to the ground by a 40 lb bully breed mix) and they often aren’t very good with other animals. I can’t tell you how many times we’ve had people return bully breed mixes within a day or two because the dog wouldn’t stop chasing the neighbor’s chihuahua or whatever. They’re great dogs, but they really aren’t for everyone.

Another thing with shelters is that you genuinely don’t know what you’re gonna get. Yes, we do our best to evaluate the dog’s temperament, but it’s not a guarantee. Many dogs act completely different once they’re out of the shelter. Shelter dogs often have baggage due to either bad experiences with people or just shitty genetics. My girl, Bindi is an amazing dog, I love her to death, but she is without a doubt one of the most neurotic dogs I’ve ever handled. She’s just…very nervous all the time.

Some people want something very specific in a dog and chances are, a shelter isn’t gonna have what they’re looking for.

With that said, if you do decide to go with a breeder, you should be extremely careful to choose a responsible breeder who health tests their dogs and doesn’t inbreed.

Never EVER buy from a puppy store. No matter what they tell you, those dogs are all from puppy mills.

If a shelter dog is a good fit for you, then by all means, go for it! There are plenty of great dogs in shelters who need homes, but I don’t think buying from a responsible breeder makes you a bad person either.

There’s definitely more I could’ve said here, it’s a complicated issue, but I’ve already created a massive wall of text, so I’m gonna shut up now lol


Little chatterbox Seung Jae

you wanna talk about stress? you wanna talk about stress? i’ve just stumbled onto a major company conspiracy, mac. how’s that for stress? this company is being bled like a stuck pig, mac, and i got a paper trail to prove it. check this out. take a look at this. that right there is the mail, now, let’s talk about the mail. can we talk about the mail? please, mac? i’ve been dying to talk about the mail with you all day, okay? pepe silvia. this name keeps coming up over and over again. every day, pepe’s mail is getting sent back to me. i look in the mail. this whole box is pepe silvia. so i say to myself, i gotta find this guy. i gotta go up to his office. i gotta put the guy’s mail in the guy’s god damn hands, otherwise he’s never gonna get it. it’s gonna keep coming back down here. so i go up to pepe’s office, and what. do. i. find. out? what do i find out? there is no pepe silvia. the man does not exist. so i decide, ohhh shit, buddy, i gotta dig a little deeper. there’s no pepe silvia? you gotta be kidding me? i got boxes full of pepe! all right, so i start marching my way down to carol in HR, and knock on her door and i say Caaaaaaaarol, Caaaaaaaarol, i gotta talk to you about pepe! and when i open the door, what do i find? there’s not a single goddamn desk in that office there is. no. carol. in. h. r. mac, half the employees in this building have been made up. this office is a goddamn ghost town.

@kinfirms​ tagged me in a post talking about how internet “mom” culture is toxic, (I saw your tags, dont worry <3) and wanted to talk about it a little, but without the queer phobic language it was giving off.

For the most part, I fully and readily agreed with parts of the post detailing how adults can and do behave inappropriately in online spaces towards minors, and how the parental name thing can be a power move. 

I grew up with a lot of fandom “mom” types, who with hindsight, turned out to be rather toxic and predatory. One of them actually took great joy in being a “corrupting” force, and would make lewd jokes and inappropriate comments towards us. And us being vulnerable kids who wanted to fit in and belong went along with it, because it made us feel special to be talked to like we were fellow adults. 

Except we weren’t fellow adults and nor were we being treated as such. We were impressionable youths being treated like toys to stroke an older person’s ego, and that was 110% not okay, and those adults should have known better not to engage with us on those topics.  

I’m hyper aware of being an older person in certain groups now, and try to act accordingly. I try to distance myself while managing to remain encouraging and supportive and hopefully, a positive signifier that people like me can and do grow up into happy (semi-)functional adults. I know there were times growing up when I feared I would not.

I will also never insist that anyone call me “mom”. It’s not a name I picked for myself. It’s an honorific deserving of great respect and mindfulness towards those who gave it to me, not the other way around. People can use it if they want to, and I will respond to it if people use it, but it’s not a role or title or sign of authority, and it’s 100% up to others if they want to use it or not, I don’t mind either way. And just for the record, I also respond to Aunt, Sister, Cousin, Bib, or even my rarely used actual name, Joy :)

I work very hard to respect the boundaries of others, and adhere to my own rules of interaction. I don’t follow back anyone under the age of 18 (with very few exceptions), and I always try to ensure the age of someone when they start talking to me about certain things. 

Most of the people calling me “mom”? Seem to be in their early 20s, chronically ill or queer like me, and or at college age and going through that weird panicked stage of “help, I need an adultier adult how the heck do you make a food budget” so it’s not too much of a problem, but I still take those extra steps anyway. 

I tag my work, I put it under cuts and generally make it known that I don’t want anyone under the age of 18 to read my 18+ work, because it’s the responsible adult thing to do—and it’s my responsibility to lay down those terms. Not the minor. 

If a minor ignores my requests, my tags and the numerous other steps I put in the way to keep my NSFW work hidden? That’s on them, and I can only hope they find it positive and maybe possibly affirming as well—just don’t tell me about it. (I speak from experience, as a minor who went onto 18+ forums looking for something that would show I wasn’t alone with my thoughts and feelings. I found acceptance in queer fanfic that society and family otherwise denied. I wasn’t awful for liking both Superman and Louise Lane, I wasn’t awful and wrong or alone for not being sure if I wanted to be Princess Leia or be with her. And that was very important for 15 year old me, even if it would take another 15 years for me to feel safe enough to tell others.)

When people started calling me “mom” of their own volition, I had a real internal debate over how I felt over using that same moniker others had used before me, and done so in a harmful manner. I wasn’t too keen on it at first, it felt weird, but when people kept on using it without me prompting them to, I came to the decision that hey, it’s just a fun nickname poking fun at my personality, so I just kinda rolled with it. But I also made the conscious decision that if I was going to allow for that nickname, I would strive very hard to be worthy of it and be the adult I needed as a young person, and not like the people I had known.

But that all said? Not all adults take this mindset, and do not behave appropriately towards teenagers and young adults, and you should absolutely be wary of anyone who puts themselves in that position of authority.* It makes me extremely uncomfortable when I see other adults talk about younger people as their “minions” or pets. 

They are not. 

They are people who are deserving of your fundamental respect and often looking for some sort of help or guidance from a role model they lack in real life, or even just want friendly people to talk to about the things they love. They are not there to prop up your ego. Don’t do that shit. Reflect on your own behavior and say “if this was my child, would I be happy about the way I am interacting with them?” 

If the answer is “no” or “I’m not sure”, that’s also a no, and you need to back the fuck off and reevaluate how you interact with others as a whole.

If you are in a fandom or online forum space where the adults are not behaving mindfully of your age, undermine you, or insist on inserting themselves in your life as an authoritarian parental figure? Go with your gut instinct and get the fuck out of dodge. 

You are no one’s minion. You are you, with your own boundaries and levels of comfort. Don’t let anyone try to take them from you or make you feel bad for being uncomfortable with their behavior. That’s a common tactic used by abusers, and if you say to someone “what you are doing makes me uncomfortable” and their response isn’t “I’m sorry, how can I change that?”, but defensive anger or guilt tripping you? Fuck ‘em. There are other groups, other people to talk to. Make your own if you have to. Block anyone that makes you feel uncomfortable. You don’t have to put up with that bullshit to prove your own maturity or worth.

*And just because I feel this is important to say: please question me. Challenge me, point out when I say or do something that makes you feel uncomfortable. I won’t be mad or offended. I welcome corrective feedback. Tell me if I use an out dated term or if I word something poorly so I can apologize, reevaluate my behavior and try to change for the better. I’m human and therefore always learning and making mistakes, but they come from a place of ignorance, never malice. Take care of yourselves out there <333

{internet friend!tom headcanons}

for my girls over at spiderjizz, especially ruby who came up with this and let me steal the idea for this, larb you rubs!
tags: @grant-valdes-holland @sunrisehunny @spideyboys @lil-spidey @peterletmebeanavengerparker @captainswriting @quacksoff @spideryr00s @spideyyss @tomhollandisthicc @underoosie @marvelsdaughter @ladysnowren @spideyyparker @rooyeun @focused-on-holland @toms-spidey

  • okay so to start you had no idea it was tom to begin with
    • his username was “marvels-biggest-fanboyxx”
    • and he obviously didn’t go by tom but by his middle name stanley instead
    • there was never really a tip-off that it was tom
  • you just knew whoever was behind this screen made some badass edits
    • seriously they were some of the best gif edits you had seen
  • you also knew he posted some photos and videos of tom that no one had really seen before
    • “where’d you get that picture of tom? i’ve never seen it before?”
    • “oh i got it from a friend.”
    • “i’ve never seen that video before, where’d you find it?”
    • “i had to search through a lot of youtube videos”
  • anyways, you messaged whoever this stanley was because he seemed cool and you were really just looking for friends
  • you would have been building this friendship for months
    • he had basically become your best friend on this website
    • you send “stanley” pictures of tom all. the. time.
    • “snslsnsos did you see tom’s hair in his latest ig story like stab me in the fAcE”
    • “ahahahahah yeah same”
    • “tom had such a nice ass i wonder what it feels like”
    • and tom is laughing at this, thinking “real nice. it feels real nice.”
    • but you just get “i bet it feels really nice” in response
  • aside from him being your best friend, you don’t know much about him personally
  • and you totally respect his privacy about that
  • and one day “stanley” finally asks if you wanted to skype
  • and you of course jump at the opportunity because you had become so close to each other
    • you told him practically everything
    • he told you everything he could without giving away the fact that he was actually tom
  • you swap skype users and very soon after you call him
  • and you’re sitting there waiting for it to connect and wondering why the hell you’re so nervous about this
    • he’s one of your best friends for crying out loud
  • anyways it connects and you don’t see his face instead you see Tessa
  • at first you’re thinking “stanley what the hell”
  • and then it clicks like “wait a minute, i know that dog” and your eyes widen and the only thought in your brain is “no way, this must be a joke”
  • tom them pops onto the screen, holding tessa all “hello darling!”
    • mainly because he knows how much you love it when he says that
    • and you definitely ranted to him about how badly you wanted him to call you that
  • you just kind of sit there somewhat in shock going on and on about how “this is a joke. this is seriously a joke. there is no way i am on a skype call with tom holland”
  • and tom just laughs and says “it’s not a joke, darling, it’s actually me”
  • and you’re feeling so flustered and slightly embarrassed because you had basically talked about him all the time to him
  • lots and lots of blushing from you
    • tom finds it completely adorable
  • after your first initial call you guys become skype buddies
    • you’d try to call nearly everyday when you could
    • it took you ages for you to stop blushing at the SIGHT of him
  • it took a while for you to be calm around him and not blush every time he looked at you
    • tom found this absolutely adorable
  • you soon realize you don’t really have much to talk about
  • mainly because all you did was talk about him with him
  • so you talk about spider-man and all the other avengers because he’s such a marvel nerd
  • you take quizzes online to see who’s better and smarter with their avengers trivia
    • there’s lots of teasing afterwards from the winning party
  • after a while, tom gives you his phone number which is a huge step for him
  • just so he can call you and have late night calls over the phone
    • you always want to talk but you don’t want your phone bill to be absolutely insane
    • “tom i really wanna talk but my phONE BILL”
    • “pfft i’ll pay for it now please just stay on the phone with me, i wanna talk to you”
  • you guys fall asleep on the phone quite frequently because neither of you want to hang up
  • okay and hear me on this
  • tom would definitely be the type to surprise you by paying a visit to your hometown
  • and not telling you a single thing about it
  • he just sits and waits for you to figure it out
  • you’d be sitting at home in your pajamas having only woken up a few hours ago
  • and tom would skype you while he’s walking around your city/town
  • and you’re just casually talking until “hey wait a second I KNOW THAT THE CAFE”
  • he just laughs at you and probably winks
  • you’re in a slight bit of denial and don’t think twice about it before running out on the streets in your pajamas
    • which typically consist of spandex shorts and a hoodie most nights
    • it didn’t matter if it was two miles away you ran the whole entire way there
  • and your first real life meeting you run into him, knocking him backwards because you had been running so fast
  • you just stand there in front of him in your pajamas, red in the face and out of breath with your hands on your knees
    • “i just ran…two miles…to see if you…were actually here”
    • he laughs because there’s his adorable girl in front of him in her pjs who ran into town just to see him
    • he feel pretty flattered
  • it’s a little awkward though
    • he goes for a hug and you go for a handshake
    • you both kind of awkwardly laugh and switch the roles
    • more awkward laughing ensues because we’re good friends but we’ve never actually met in person before oH nO
    • but he just pulls you into a tight hug and your cheeks flush and you realize that he smells really good
  • tom offers to talk you out to breakfast in your pajamas
    • it’s pretty adorable to say the least
    • he definitely makes a comment about them
    • “by the way i love the outfit darling”
    • you just sit there pretty mortified
    • “alaodjsosnSHUT UP TOM”
  • and after he takes you to breakfast he begs you to show him around
    • “please y/n i really wanna see where you grew up”
    • “tom”
    • “please please please”
    • “tom i’m iN mY pAJAMaS”
    • “i don’t care, cmon please”
    • “!!!no i’m at least going back home to get actual pants”
  • and toms pretty confused and he’s like “what am i supposed to do then?”
  • “you come with me doofus”
  • he’s pretty shook because he actually gets to see where you live
    • even if it is for two seconds while you change
  • you get to your house and go to change completely forgetting about the old baby, school, and family photos hanging on the walls
  • he’s completely enthralled by them all
    • “aw y/n look at you! you’re so cute and tiny”
    • “jsksl thOMAS NO STOP”
  • you’re completely mortified because all of  those are the worst photos of your entire existence
  • and when you actually change you have to physically drag him out of the house
    • “aw but i wanted to see more pictures”
    • “you can see more later”
    • that’s a lie you don’t ever want him seeing old pictures of you again
  • the whole time you’re showing him around he never stops smiling
  • because you’re actually glowing when you explain things and tell him your different childhood stories
  • and then you suddenly remember that time you talked about how nice his ass is
    • you just stop in the middle of the sidewalk and tom’s looking at you so confused
    • he just sits there and laughs at you
    • “it’s okay love i promise”
    • you’re still mortified by it
  • so!! much!! blushing!!
    • not just from you but from him too
  • overall you spend the entire day together creating so many new memories and inside jokes
    • you take lots of silly pictures together
    • and of each other
  • you’re pretty bummed when he has to leave to go back home
    • “do you have to leave?”
    • “unfortunately love”
    • “i’ll miss you this was fun, next time warn me though”
    • and he laughs and nods and promises he will
  • “i’m serious though i’m really going to miss you”
  • “i know darling i’ll miss you too”
  • and wow i need tom as my internet friend right now

Some back story first: I ran a campaign where I’d switch off with some PC’s and some players would switch out with other players. It worked out for us… until DM inconsistency started to crumble and I was made base DM. Leaving my character, Nye (a male dragonborn reincarnated as a female human), as an NPC. Now, Nye was a first gen. character from the original DM’s sessions (one of 2 who ‘survived’ that long) so he was up to the gils in backstory, became the Lord of the land, and stayed in touch with the PCs. This session, the party had just finished revealing the big bad’s plan and they needed an artifact in a palace on a floating mountain (<-spell plague).

*Barges into palace*

NPC Small Female/Halfling: Sorry, we’re not open today, please come back later. 

PC F/Elf: It’s okay, we’re not tourists. We just need something.

NPC: Eh- sorry. NO. 

PC M/Gnome: It’s okay, Nye sent us. *shows document*

NPC: I don’t care if who sent yuh! And I’ll seND YOU RIGHT BACK! 

PC M/Teifling: Look lady, Nye owns this entire region including this mountian, so step aside.

Gnome: Besides, he owns this place.

NPC: Bullshit!

Party: what??

NPC: Iown this place. Nye can answer to ME. And if he doesn’t like it, I’ll tell em to go F*CK HIMSELF

Gnome: How dare you talk about him like that!

NPC: I’ll talk about him whatever way I want.

Tiefling: Who do you think you are??

NPC: Oh I donno, the person who sucks his dick at night!

Elf: *gasp* scandalous.

NPC: *glaring* I mean, I’m his WIFE.


Tiefling: NYE HAS A DICK???

Elf: I think it’s pronounced, cloaca.

Me: *facepalm*