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A Return to the Isles

How long had it been? These ruins, while decrepit and decayed, still seemed fresh. No, it was her memories, those were the ones that were fresh, it had nothing to do with the place. Things she would never forget, engraved into her mind, like they had happened yesterday.

Gently, her hand glided across smooth marble. A wealth of feelings rumbled forth, causing her to stop, hand resting on the magnificent pillar. With a soft breathe, her hand moved, the slight rustle of silken strands before the gentle noise of fabric gliding into the ground. Two amethyst gems scanned the forgotten ruins, yet they did not seem out of place. Like two long lost treasures hidden by the small Isle. Yes, this really was where she was meant to be. Her mind flashed to Sakura, her Master, her reason. Silently, she wished the woman could be here with her, yet knew such a thing would only be more trouble for the girl.

A timeless breeze pushed against her bosom, purple strands swaying freely, hugged by their long lost friend, as she pressed further into the Shapeless Isles. The empty abode welcomed her sweet voice as she hummed aloud an old Greek melody…

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Have you ever wanted to have a boxed theme? Or graphics for promos, bias lists or anything?

         Well look no further!

Hi, I’m Oreki and I love making graphics, editing codes and more. I enjoy these things and I’m extremely passionate about them. They help me cope with depression and honestly, I’d love to help other people other than just myself with what I have.

So if you’re interested, just hit me up through IM and we can talk about it! The rules are below and samples of my work are here. I’m doing this for free.

Please reblog if you can!

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i most likely wont be reblogging as much stuff tomorrow as i usually do, so forgive me. tomorrow, will be. a bit more of a struggle for me. so if anyone could tag me in stuff like space or dogs or maybe even just memes, thatd be more than great, and i would appreciate it very much.

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listen i appreciate that people may want to ask about twgkyn but please its literally in my ask title not to ask about it and anything to know about it is in my updates page please please please dont ask me about it i delete 99% of the asks about when im going to update it i know you dont mean badly but it just really stresses me out 

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Yeol oppa! Hello *blush* I just wanted to tell you that you are really special and talented. I adore that you're so hard working yet you can be funny and full of jokes and smiles. I like your hands, as well *blush* Would you mind if I hug you? It's okay if you don't want... I don't want to make you uncomfortable :o3

*can’t stop smiling, because of what you said*

Stop talking you little cutie do you want me to melt? Come to my arms~

*whispers while he cuddles you* I love you so much Y/N… Please stay the same and never forget that you are beautiful, talented ans special too. Really you’re perfect. …and your hands are so cute~ *laughs*

Ofc gifs are not mine

It’s Valentine’s day ! Ask box is open to talk with Puppyeol~!

Ok, guys. So, I’m doing a couple things to clean up the blog. The biggest change of all is that I’ve set up a network for all things related to my WIP and erstwhile TRC next generation fic, Moonage Daydream. Joining the network might be a great deal for you if you have enjoyed seeing such Moonage related things as…

  • Moonage jams and music recs
  • headcanons
  • aesthetics
  • fashion
  • nonbinary/queer things
  • extra content
  • chapter teasers
  • facecasts
  • fanart
  • poetry/incorrect quotes

This isn’t just about me cleaning up the blog. It’s also a chance to get all the readers in one place, where we can chat and share content without plugging up the feed for everyone else. I want to get to know you guys and be able to talk in our own little subfandom corner of tumblr, so please let me know if you want to join and I will add you to the list!!! :D :D :D 

*banner by me, artwork by @where-is-my-wood <3

@shippers and survivors

okay so i know there’s a lot of bullshit going on with like every “problematic” ship so i really wanted to put it out there that if any of you want to vent about it or rant with someone about it i’m all ears. hell you guys can even message me about your ships even if i don’t ship it i’d still love to geek out with you guys. you’re all really amazing and don’t deserve the shit you’re given. please come to me if you ever need help with anything wether it be just someone to talk to or if you want me to personally respond to a hurtful anti because you can’t. i am now your mother and i will protect you.

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This might be a completely idiotic question so forgive me if so haha but...when vegans talk about the importance of getting blood tests, what kind of blood test do you mean exactly? Like, do I just go to my doctor and say "please test my blood levels of...everything?" Hahaha sorry I just want to figure out how my body is doing and I'm confused where to start!

Hehe you go to a doctor and just ask for a blood test! They will ask you what specifically you want tested. You can get iron, B12, folate, cholesterol, etc in a free test or you can pay to have all your other nutrient levels checked (not always but some doctors do make you pay) x

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Hey Chris! I just wanted to ask you, do you ever feel lonely even when you have friends around you? I always feel an overwhelming sense of loneliness and I don't understand why. I have friends, and my family cares about me. My best friend is always there for me. But I can't seem to get by a single day without feeling lonely. Some days I'm close to tears thinking about how lonely I am. I just don't understand why I am the way I am.

Hmmmm I’m not sure. Could this be a symptom of depression? Please talk to someone you trust about this and get the help that you need! You don’t have to feel like this for the rest of your life!

My roommate came back way too drunk and threw up all over the room and I just want to sleep but I need to stay up so the custodians can come clean it…

Anyway PLEASE be safe if/when you drink. Getting this drunk isn’t fun for anyone involved


Normally I don’t do this, but… well, desperate times call for desperate measures.


Who out there watched/is watching “Graceland”? Who wants to talk about THAT ENDING with me? And about Undercover Agent Mike Warren and the house family and how badass Charlie is and ships and just everything about this show? (If you haven’t finished it yet, we can talk about whatever you have watched and I won’t spoil you.)

Please come be my friend! Even though I don’t know you - I want to meet you! Please come talk about “Graceland” with me! 

(I am nice I promise)

Just want to put out there that if anyone needs support , you can talk to me. I will be here to talk to you whether you are depressed or anxious about anything or if you just need to talk to someone or even just for conversation. Please do not be scared to talk to me or anyone else In the boosh community because they are all great , good luck with whatever you are going through, we love you.

Jane’s Aroma

Jane’s favorite season was winter and she only wore light clothes

She washed 3 times a day

At home or away

To clean her foul feet and toes

She bought flowers, glycerine, and oils, of only her favorite scent

To make soaps and perfumes

That masked her toxic fumes

And sold them to pay off her rent

She was looking to date a tall handsome man, who could stop her from feeling so frantic

She talked well on the phone

But men left her alone

Because just a spill on her shirt and shed panic

“Let me take you out to a little place I know, It’s Italian,” is what Tony said

She lotioned her neck and face

Then walked to the place

But was greeted with garlic bread

“Um, I can’t eat that,” she said as an excuse, “its not apart of my diet”

“I’ll take a salad, please”

But it was arugula and blue cheese

And she had already made Tony buy it

She removed her fleece, and wiped her brow, as she felt herself work up a sweat

It was not her intention

To create this first impression

Smelling of B.O. around this man she just met

“I’m sorry! I’m sorry! I can’t stand this anymore. Just tell me already I stink!”

She stood up from her chair

Screaming, choking on air

Leaving Tony hardly able to think

He was bad around women, he couldn’t hold a fork, and yes, he was far from perfection

But still in his seat

His words made her heart skip a beat

“Calm down Jane, I have a sinus infection.”

Leslie Odom Jr. needs a Tony not JUST for “this man will not make an orphan of my daughter” but also-

• I’m the damn fool that shot him
• talk less, smile more
• your perfume smells like your daddy’s got money
• Alexander, please
• the moment you’ve been waiting for!
•the pride of Mount Vernon!
• we’re reliable with the LADIES
• he can keep all of Georgia, Theodosia she’s mine
• my mother was a genius… My father commander respect… When they died they left no instructions… Just a legacy to protect
• basically ALL of wait for it
• when you smile, you knock me out I fall apart
• all of dear Theodosia too
•maaaan the man is non-stop
• Hamilton sit down
• that one “okay” during non stop
• there’s trouble in the air you can smell it
• and all he had to do was die
• how the sausage gets made
• the pieces that are sacrificed in every game of chessssss
• ladies, tell your husbands vote for Burr
• honestly it’s kind of draining
• somehow endorse Thomas Jefferson, HIS ENEMY, just to keep me from winning
• sweet Jesus
• weehawken dawn. Guns. Drawn
• why? If not to take deadly aim
• this man will not make an orphan of my daughter
• wait!
• I survived… But I paid for it
• now I’m the villain in your history
• the world was wide enough for both Hamilton and me


#15 Missing (Harry Styles)

This is different, maybe? Tell me if you like it?

“Where can I find her? Hello? Hello?” I screamed on the phone. I had been screaming on the phone for so long with no information coming from anyone. It was like she never existed. I tried all the numbers in my contact list which could lead me to her, “Hello Rachel? This is Harry, hey! How are you?”

“If you’re asking me about Airy, I don’t know where she is…”

“Please Rachel, it’s been a week. She couldn’t stay without talking to me for a few hours: it’s been a week now! I can’t find her anywhere!” I cried on the phone.

“Harry, just forget her. She wasn’t worth you anyway…”

“You know what? If you find out something, let me know. Thank you,” I cut the call. I didn’t want anybody telling me to stop looking for her. I went through her stuff at my house, trying to find an address, a phone number, anything that will connect me to her.  

What have I done? She could be sitting between my legs right now, in my arms; her back leaned on my chest, reading a book. It could have all been fine but, I had to go and ruin it. I tried her number again.

The number you are dialling has been switched off. Please leave a voice message or try again later.

“FUCKING HELL!” I threw my phone. I picked up her t-shirt holding it close, just wondering where it all went wrong.

“Harry! Harry! Look I’ve had enough, I’m not asking for too much,” Aria screamed pushing the door open.

“Why don’t you understand a simple thing, I have to go for this!” Harry screamed back. That’s all they did these days.

“Why today? Like any other day would do, I need you today!” She cried.

“Oh for god sake, get over it. You aren’t a little girl anymore!” He was so annoyed at her. He knew that her dog died last year, today. He had been with her for 14 years, and Aria was incredibly attached to him. This party was important to Harry. He had already paid for it. “You can’t mop around for your dog your whole life!” He screamed at her.

She shut up after that. Left the room and sat in a corner. This seemed to annoy him more, and he banged the main door before leaving the house.

“Do you think Maria would like this?” Aria asked for the tenth time. She was shopping for his family. Meeting them after so long, she wanted to buy something for everyone.

“Yes.” He replied and went back to texting on his phone. Aria often wondered who she did this for. She had no family, and she valued his so much. The last four years with him, she remembered every birthday, reminded him of every date, she knew how important family was. After her mother had passed away a few years ago, she was left alone, and she attached herself to Harry’s family, thinking someone would care if she went missing. But, recently, Harry had been so distracted. Annoyed, irritated, angry and she didn’t know why.

“I think, we should finalise this watch for Matthew and that one for John,” She asked him.

“Whatever, yeah sure,” Harry spoke, irritated as his attention was constantly shifting from the interesting conversation he was having on his phone.

Aria sighed and asked the cashier to pack everything.

Harry huffed picking up all the things from the car and then dumped them on the sofa. Little actions were breaking her heart, and she didn’t know what it was that she was doing wrong. Over dinner, she explained all the gifts to Harry; he was being hardly interested. “You know, I was wondering why don’t you go alone, this time. I have some work to handle here, and you know, all the gifts so…”

“Wait, so we wasted three hours shopping for the gifts which you won’t be giving yourself? Like what the hell!” Harry stared at her; disgust laced in his voice and his eyes.

“I was saying…”

“You know, it’s fine! Don’t come. Nobody likes you and your horrible gifts there anyway.” He got up from the table and dumped his plate in the dishwasher.

Aria could never ask if he meant what he said that day. All she knew was it broke her heart into tiny pieces, and he walked all over it.

It wasn’t always bad in their relationship. There were days when he would kiss like she was his world and hug her like he’ll never let her go. Sex was amazing too. He was so loving to her that all he did just vanished and the love she felt for him remained.

But, those days were scarce now. She sat near the window as he texted her about their cancelled dinners and late nights. About parties where she never went to and friends now, she didn’t know: she was a stranger in the person’s life she considered her family and she didn’t know what to do. She loved talking to him, texted him almost every few hours. She loved talking in general. She thought he loved that about her. He loved how she could make an interesting story about everything and how she told him everything. Now, she wondered if all she thought was wrong.

“I don’t want to know about it, Aria!” He screamed. Why was he screaming? She was just telling him about the old lady she met on the way, just like she told him about other things. “Can’t you see I’m texting? Can’t you see that I have more things to do in my life than listen to you!” He was so mean. Why was he so mean?

It had gotten worse after the last Saturday party they went to: She had slapped his friend. She was making fun of her. She was taking it in good humor but, she went too far. She took it too far, and Aria couldn’t control herself, “Do you think all your family is dead because of how intolerable you are,” She had laughed.  What sort of humor was this? She didn’t understand it. Harry had called her an embarrassment that night.

“Hello? This is Harry Styles. I was wondering if you’ve any information on Aria?” I called her office again.

“No Sir. We have no information on her,” The person replied.

He didn’t know where to look now. In the last week and a half now, he had looked all the places she could go too. Aria was connected to small things, to little things she found a memory in, and Harry made a list of everything. He was a mess; he knew he had been rude to her, mean, horrible but, he didn’t expect to come to an empty house. It was so eerie as he stepped inside. The entire apartment was clean, everything was in its place, even her study which was always covered in books was organised. His clothes, her clothes were stacked properly, the washrooms, the kitchen, it was all clean, and when he called out for her, her voice never came.

It didn’t come in the next few hours either. He got worried, he called everywhere, her office mentioned she was on leave for the next few weeks, and that was it. Her friends, few as they were, had no information about her. He quickly realized how connected her life was to his. She considered his friends hers, they shared the house; she connected herself with his family, she had nobody else.

“Harry, you should eat something,” Alexia kept a plate in front him. “You have to eat now; it’s not healthy otherwise.

“Eat your dinner, Harry! This irregular routine of yours is not healthy at all!” She used to scold him when he worked too late and forgot to eat. She used to make especially something fresh, his favorite mostly and feed him.

“I can’t find her anywhere…” I mumbled to Alexia.

“We’ll find her, eat now,” She said.

“You think, we should file a missing person report? You’re an officer, tell me?” I asked, my voice made the desperation evident.

“It won’t work, Harry. She has taken leave from her office. They can say; she wanted to be away from you and not consider it. I can’t track her phone cause it’s switched off but, as soon as it comes online again, we’ll find her,” She explained.

“But, she can’t remain without…”

“Talking to you, yes I know, Harry,” Alexia sighed. I kept dialling her number again and again, till my eyes were closed.

Why was he so mean to her? Harry couldn’t explain it. They were always around each other and somehow, he got annoyed by her presence. He loved her, yes he did but, he didn’t know what he was expecting from her, either. She was perfect for him, they moved with each other, synchronised and he didn’t like it anymore. He was now, liking those girls he talked to on his phone who had no care in the world. How could he not like the care she had for him? It was a phase; he wasn’t taking it too well.

For Aria, every rude comment, every time he was mean to her, crushed her heart. It was piling up, and she was cursing herself as her mind looked for options which didn’t include Harry. Her dog was special to her; it was her family. She thought Harry understood this aspect. She kept thinking it was a phase but, it got too much for her. Her dad wasn’t like this to her mom. He had loved her till he closed his eyes. Her mom had loved her too. She didn’t understand this sort of love.

Aria kept thinking if she gave her best to him, he would come around. She had nothing without him. It was stupid of her, but she had religiously made her life around him. He disappeared for days, came back giving her no explanation, just asking her to give him space. Space, what was space? She wasn’t on his head. They led different lives at work. He forgot anniversaries, promised dates, her birthday, her moms birthday, and all this while she gulped her tears and cut the cake alone. He will come around.

It was until a co-worker advised her to take a holiday without him. Like he did to her, just disappear, and she took the advice. Didn’t go a holiday but, shifted to a hotel. For the first three days, nothing happened. He didn’t even try to contact her. She followed him and found him living at his friend’s house for a while. That girl was beautiful and, couldn’t help feel heartbroken and jealous. But, she knew Harry wouldn’t cheat on her. He wouldn’t do the same what happened to his Mom. But, it was too much pressure on her heart, and she walked away, taking a break.

I jumped up straight when my phone rang, “Hello?”

“Hello, is this Harry?” A squeaky male voice spoke from the other end.

“Yes, this is he,” I replied.

“Mr. Harry, I’m the owner of Princely Motels, and we found a girl’s body in one of our room. She is a guest here but, she was unconscious,” He spoke.

“WHERE IS SHE?” I shouted, pulling my hair.

“Well, Mr. Harry we found her unconscious, so we transferred her to the hospital. You see, my maids found it fishy when no one walked out of her room for days, and we broke in. She is in the hosp-“ He gave me the address, and I rushed out of my house to reach my baby.




the signs as stuff my dad has said to me
  • Aries:"See that horizon? WALK TOWARDS IT."
  • Taurus:"All problems can be solved thanks to ingenuity and douchebaggery"
  • Gemini:"you're a perfect person. Just don't talk, or you'll ruin it."
  • Cancer:"can't remember what you wanted to say? That's what bitchin does to ya"
  • Leo:"Just realize everybody hates you. Then you won't be disappointed!"
  • Virgo:"I'll steal an idea so quick, you won't even know you had it!"
  • Libra:"you knew what you were getting into when you decided to have me as a father"
  • Scorpio:"everything you hate about me is you"
  • Sagittarius:"If you don't think I'm amazing, that just proves you don't know me."
  • Capricorn:"shhhhh shhhhhhhh shhhhhhhhh... just let me neglect you..."
  • Aquarius:"it would really suck to get a parking ticket right now, after ALL the laws I've broken"
  • Pisces:"my soul just barfed. But you can't see it. Because you can't see souls. Because souls don't exist"

Jensen Ackles Fluff- Don’t Hold Anything Back

Prompt- Anon- “Can you do a fluffy Jensen one where he’s at a con and someone asks him about the reader and he gets all blushy and scratches the back of his neck and laughs and says “it’s weird waking up next to her- cause I had a crush on her forever and now she’s my wife and it feels like I still have a crush and can’t talk to her sometimes and I wake up and she’s just there and it makes me feel all giddy- almost like a dream,” (you can change that just something like that) please. No rush, baby doll<3″

A/N- So, i’ll be posting new then old then new requests. So you’ll see your request whether or not its old or new. Today was actually the first good day ive had in a while, and my birthday is on monday, so i mean ;) I will have my phone by the end of the week, so this will go 99999999 times faster. I love you guys so much <3

        Sitting on stage, Jared answered a question about the Supernatural set. Watching, and just listening, Jensen nodded with what he said, adding to it. “Actually, being on set isn’t as bad as I think people make it out to be.” The conversation seemed to drag on, as all he could think about was going home and getting wrapped up in you . 

    “This one is for Jensen,” a fan began to say, catching him out of his daze. The girl appeared to be about 17, blond hair and green eyes. “Tell us about Y/N, nobody has asked today.” Smiling, Jensen looked at the floor, scratching the back of his neck. 

      “She’s perfect,” He began, getting up to pace the stage, “she deals with me. When I’m on set, she doesn’t freak out or anything, which is a relief. She really shows love physically. If I’m sore in anyway- she has hands of a god, those massages .” Jensen shook his head at the floor, groaning,  his light-up-a-town smile showing. “But in reality, nothing is perfect, really. We all have our flaws, and when she counts hers, I really don’t understand what she’s talking about.” The crowd awed, yelling “Y/N” . Shrugging, he sat back down. “That was cheesy. Dripping cheddar.”  Chuckling, he smiled, but in a different way. “No, please continue, don’t hold back.” The girl practically begged. 

     “Alright, well, waking up to her is a new thing. Okay, not new, but every morning I’m stunned. In our room, we have a window right across from the bed, so when the sun comes in, it hits her face in a way that takes my breath away.” The crowd starting screaming, Jensen’s mind wandering back to you.            

nohonorandnochoice asked:

can we please talk about that tiny smile of Lexa when Clarke comes to see her and then when she says "Me too". It's more with her eyes tho, and just a tiny little with her lips but you can see she didn't expect that when she said "I'm glad you came" maybe she expected a nod but not that look (hearteyes full force) & not those words. SHE IS ABOUT TO GO ON BATTLE TO MAYBE DIE AND SHE SMILES! I cant even. I am dead already I give up

My experience with the companions (so far)

Piper: please stop giving me bubblegum I’m 1lbs away from being overencumbered

Preston: NICE SHOT but please dont shoot only once every 30 seconds

Hancock: how are you killing more enemies than me

Dogmeat: GO DOGMEAT whoever hurts you I will FUCKING RIP THEIR ARMS OFF

MacCready: hey nice shot but?? where the fuck are you????? are you lost??? hiding???? who knows

Nick: please stop walking into the other room when I’m trying to talk to you. also please stop setting off traps before I can disarm them.

Strong: strong please just HIT THE GUY PLEASE JUST D O SOME D A M A G E

Cait: will you please stop being such a BITCH I JUST WANT TO BE FRIENDS

Deacon: please stop changing outfits in the middle of battle I keep mistaking you for the enemy and trying to kill you