can you just imagine merlin on his knees in front of him

Imagine Being Kidnapped by Kingsman’s Old Enemies

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Warnings: Violence, kidnapping, swearing.

You woke up to hushed voices and a throbbing headache.

Prying your eyes open, you tried to reach up and rub them - only to find your hands tied behind your back, tight enough so you could feel the zip ties digging into your wrists.

“What the fuck?” You mumbled, voice still groggy from being unconscious. In the darkness, you could just make out the figures huddled in the corner of the room as they glanced over at your, still deep in conversation.

You felt a shiver of fear run through your body. These people were definitely not your friends; the guns in their hands and the pain in your head could attest to that. So who were they?

It was then that one of the silhouettes made their way out of the darkness. He was a tall, broad-shouldered man and he walked with the sharp posture of a soldier. There was a shotgun holstered on his thigh and he spun a knife between his fingers, the metal reflecting what little light there was in the room.

“Good. You’re awake.” he moved closer, kneeling in front of you, eyes locked on yours. You thought you recognised him; his voice and movements seemed familiar somehow.

“I see you’ve remembered me. I remember you, Emrys. You took down my organisation five years ago - you and Galahad, was it?” You knew exactly what he meant. Five years ago, when you’d only just joined Kingsman, you took your first mission with Agent Galahad. It was rough, and cold - three weeks in Russia in December, two of which were spent staking out the gang in an abandoned barn.

You recognised the man then. He was the ringleader of the operation that shipped drugs and body parts in an illegal trade network through Europe. Agent Galahad was new to Kingsman as well, so you worked well together, with him in the field and you hacking your way into the gang’s systems with ease.

Agent Galahad asked you out when you got back. You fell asleep on him in the cab, but he carried you inside and left a sticky note on your forehead with a time and a place.

(He did the same thing four years later when he proposed.)

“Yep, that was us. We fucked your operation right up, didn’t we?” You smirked at him, and he placed a calloused hand on your shoulder, making you flinch.

“You did indeed. But now -” He paused to look back at the others, two of whom were unlocking the cell door, “-you can help us fix it.” You rolled your eyes but felt fear gripping your core.

“How?” The man smiled, showing missing teeth and several gold fillings. You saw one of the others moving forwards, with a long chain that he quickly pulled around your ankles, tying you up completely. You tried to kick him, and hit his nose - he let out a long string of curses and the leader glared at you, raising a meaty fist that slapped your cheek.

“Time to go, Agent.” He grabbed you around the waist and threw you over his shoulder, and you screamed, wriggling and squirming but held still in his uncomfortable grasp.

They led you down a tunnel, standing close to the walls and walking in perfect formation. The man carrying you stood at the back, and as you moved your hands to maintain the feeling, you found that you could reach the wall. Bracing yourself, you dug your nails into the wooden wall and scratched four lines across it.
At least if Kingsman found this tunnel, they might guess where you were.

Blood gathered under your nails and splinters embedded themselves in your fingers, but you kept scratching, leaving a long trail down the wall.

The tunnel made a sudden turn, and the walls turned to stone. The group picked up their pace, walking towards a door at the end of the tunnel. When they pushed it open, you saw a room similar to your cell, but with a computer in front of a cast iron chair.

Dropping you unceremoniously into the chair, the leader stepped back and pressed a button. A set of steel cuffs wrapped around your ankles, and just as your hands were freed, they tied a rope tightly around your waist.

“You’re going to break into the secret service computer network. And you’ll implant a virus that can destroy their security, releasing the names of their undercover agents and any weapons plans they have. We’ll use them as leverage and your government will give us the resources we need. Understand?”

You looked at him, eyebrows raised. “You want me to hack into MI6?” He nodded, and his gang began to whisper together.

He held up a hand and the mumbling stopped. “That’s correct. Can you do it?” You bit back the temptation to roll your eyes and settled for breathing deeply.

“What if I don’t do it?” The leader smiled condescendingly, and spun his knife around between his fingers, dangerously close to your face.

“Then we’ll kill you, Agent. Slowly and painfully. Are you willing to take that chance?”

Panic began to build in your chest. You tried to compress it; you were an agent, a good one too. You squeezed your hands together, stroking your wedding ring and taking a breath.

“Try me.“


An hour later, and several more bruises later, you still wouldn’t crack. The gang leader (whose name was Sebastian) had tried all manner of methods to convince you help, but none of them had worked. You were still hoping that some other Kingsman agent would rush in to save you.

Somehow, Sebastian cottoned onto this. "They’re not coming for you Agent. They’ve given up on you. You might as well help us now because your Galahad’s clearly not coming to get you.”

Eggsy. Would he really give up on you? You’d both promised each other years before that you would always come for each other. When he saved you from Valentine, when you didn’t sleep for a week so you could watch over him on a dangerous mission - even when everyone else stopped hoping, you two had faith in each other.

“Alright,” You murmured, just loud enough for Sebastian to hear. “I’ll do it.”

“Good, agent. You did the right thing. Pity it took you so long,” He smirked at you, pushing the table with the computer closer to you. Fisting a hand in your hair, he yanked your head close to his.

“If you betray us, I will end you. You have two hours.”


The familiar feeling of a keyboard helped to calm you racing heartbeat. You saw that they’d already prepared the software - they just needed you to locate the MI6 system, get past the firewalls, and find the relevant information.

When you began to type, the code felt foreign to your hands. You had taught many agents how to input it, but you’d been waiting to use it for an emergency.

“C'mon, Eggsy, you have to learn this! What if you can’t get out of trouble some day?” Eggsy grinned at you, wiggling his eyebrows.

“I’ll wait for you to come ‘n find me. S'not like I’d let you get rid of me so easily,” You rolled your eyes dramatically; Eggsy leant across the desk, seemingly about to whisper in your ear. Until he pressed his lips to yours and grabbed your waist, pulling you closer.

You always felt butterflies when you thought of the emergency code. This time, it was because of the barrel of a gun you felt pressed into your head.

Merlin would know where you were. If you could just finish the code, it would be less than an hour until they found you. Then all you had to do was pretend to hack until Kingsman got you out.

Enter. All you had to do was wait. For once, you let yourself feel proud, for developing the code that had just sent your location and a distress signal to Kingsman headquarters.

Sebastian pressed the gun harder into your head. “What was that? Are you in?” You shook your head, typing in all the codes you could think of. You just had to bide your time.

“Not yet. It takes time, you know. They have some complex encryptions,” He huffed, but let you get back to work.

Come on, Eggsy. I need you.


Your two hours were almost up.

The gun against your head wasn’t pressed as hard; you could still feel the dull ache the pressure had left.

Sebastian was getting desperate.

“Have you done it yet? You have five minutes, agent, and then I will kill you,” You didn’t look back at him, typing even faster. You entered random codes, anything to make you look like you were working.


The gang members’ heads all turned to the door. What was that noise? It sounded like… a gunshot.

“What the hell was that?” Hissed Sebastian. Immediately, he took the safety off of his gun, and his cronies began to pull out weapons.

Come on Eggsy, you thought.

Grabbing your arm, Sebastian pressed something on the chair that released the cuffs on your ankles. He yanked you out of the chair, pulling you in front of him and pressing the gun against your temple.
“If this is your agency… I won’t hesitate, Emrys,” You felt hope building in your chest.

There were footsteps pounding the corridor outside. The sound of a gunshot reverberated through the room - please, let it be Eggsy. Suddenly a silence fell. Sebastian didn’t make a noise, and neither did the intruder on the other side of the door.

Until the door was kicked through, and a man in a smartly tailored suit stood there, holding a gun and an umbrella.

“I think you’ve got our hacker, bruv.” Sebastian jumped into action, firing two shots at Eggsy - who dove out of the way with a practised ease and kicked the legs of two other guys from underneath them. with Sebastian distracted, you saw your chance; you twisted his arm backwards and brought your knee to his stomach, sending him sprawling on the stone floor. You ripped the gun from his hands and kicked him, knocking him out.

“Y/N! Behind you!” Cried Eggsy, and you turned around just in time as a woman came up to you, a knife pointed straight at your throat. You threw a punch at her and she reeled backwards, where Eggsy threw her against the wall. There were only two people left, and they stood in the corner of the room, pointing their guns at you and Eggsy. The pair of you made eye contact and dove to the side as the pair shot at you.

You saw Eggsy’s umbrella lying near you, and grabbed it, pulling it towards the two of you. Opening it out, you felt the impact of the bullets and frantically pressed a button on the handle. It sent out a flash of light, and you flinched, but heard the sound of two bodies dropping to the ground.

Peering out from around the umbrella, you saw that the entire gang lay on the floor, dead or unconscious. Slumping against the wall, you looked up at Eggsy, who was staring at you.

“Glad you could make it Eggsy,” He shot you a smile, but the pair of you jumped as a sudden movement caught your eye. It was Sebastian and in his hand a remote. A cut was dripping blood down his face, but he looked you dead in the eyes and pressed a button.

“Security measure,” He whispered, before collapsing. Eggsy looked confused, and you felt the same; until the sound of ticking hit your ears.

Eggsy looked at you, panicked. “What the fuck is that?” Furrowing your brow in concentration, you tried to figure it out. Security measure? What would they have used -

“It’s a bomb! Fuck, Eggsy, we need to go,” Eyes wide, Eggsy grabbed your hand and sprinted out of the room, down the tunnel you had both come through. The ticking seemed to speed up - or maybe it was the blood pounding in your head as your pulse raced. There was a door up ahead, or at least the frame of a door that had clearly been kicked down.

The two of you ran faster still, the ticking reaching a crescendo and the door coming ever closer. Just a bit further, and you were safe -


The explosion could be heard from miles away.

It sent a fall of rocks down the mountain, and the entrance to the cave collapsed. No one inside could have survived - at least, that was what Merlin told the pair of you when you were sat safely in the plane, flying far away.

“And Emrys - good to know your code works. And well done on not letting those fuckers do anything awful. Galahad, good job too. But if you ever try and threaten me into saving your wife faster again, I will end you.” There was humour in his voice, and he rolled his eyes affectionately when Eggsy wrapped an arm around your shoulders.

You and Eggsy left the cockpit of the plane, ready to remove your dusty, blood-stained clothes.

“Glad you’re alright, babe. You were fuckin’ badass in there. How did you get ‘em to let you use a computer?” You told him the whole story and he listened intently. As you finished, a curious expression appeared on his face.

“So what did you do if you weren’t hackin’ into MI6?” You hummed, unsure. Trying to think back over the codes you used, you were hit with a sudden realisation.

Biting your lip, you replied, “I just used whatever codes I could think of. They just happened to be the ones I used when Roxy and I hacked Harry’s computer last month…” Eggsy looked shocked, but couldn’t hold in his laughter.

“Oh my God, babe. You mean you -” He was overcome with laughter, and you grinned in mock shame.

“Yeah. I linked all their servers to a porn website. Oh god.”

Eggsy pulled you down onto the seat next to him, kissing you deeply.

“I fuckin’ love you, Y/N,” You smiled into the kiss, reaching a hand up to stroke his cheek.

“Love you too, Eggsy.”


Draco doesn’t exactly sure about what was going on at the moment, but honestly, he hasn’t really certain about anything in his life since the war ended, so this could just be another weird thing in that pile of uncertain moment. A few minutes ago, he was just lounging in his bed, trying to solve his Transfiguration homework, while managing to steer clear from the now combined common room for the entire Eight Year students. Suddenly, Harry Potter, who somehow managed to become his roommate at the start of the year, noisily barges into the room and slams the door closes, making Draco jumps in his bed. Draco keeps his silent but not averting his focus from the raging boy in front of him. Potter seems livid, even though Draco doesn’t understand why, it’s not everyday people can see the savior of wizarding world openly fuming in anger, especially after the war. After a few minutes with Potter only facing the wall wile trying to even his breathing, Draco finally decides that it doesn’t worth his time, so he tries focusing in his homework. Well, that turns out to be a futile idea because Potter suddenly decides to punch the wall with an angry shout, which once again makes Draco jumps.

“Screw this.” Draco mutters before putting his homework aside and tries to assess the situation with his whole focus. He draws blank on what could possibly makes Potter furious before dinner even starts, but there he stands, basically oozing negativity out of his pores. Draco rolls his eyes, this must be some Gryffindor’s sensitivity nonsense. He gets irritated when once again Potter just channels out his anger by yelling out in anger. “Dammit, Potter, stop it! What makes you so bothered before dinner even started?!”

“Shut it, Malfoy.” Harry only mutters without any resentment in his voice, his shoulders suddenly hunch, his posture slumps down in a matter of second. He suddenly just flops down in the middle of the room, curling up with knees on his chest, glasses thrown away, and face hidden behind his palms. Draco is stunned. Never once in a million year he imagines he’ll witness something this bizarre. Harry bloody Potter is openly having a mental breakdown in front of his one and only arch enemy. So yeah, Draco is pretty baffled right now because one, this is not something he ever expects to happen, and two, he’s not even good with emotions. What on Earth he must do now?! He can’t just ask Potter to stop being weak and face his problem head on, can he? No, of course not, he would get hex before he can utter a single a word, but he can’t just stay here and do nothing, or worse leave him to weep alone?! Wait. Wait a second, yes he can, where the bloody hell on earth do these thoughts of comforting Potter even come from? He’s Draco Malfoy, he’s the enemy of Harry Potter, of course he can just get up and leave, it will be the most logical thing to expect from him anyway.

Draco is halfway across the room when suddenly there’s a sob echoing around the room, a loud and clear sob followed by a small whimper, and Draco’s feet stop by their own accord. He looks back at the boy he always thinks as a hero, the strong powerful young wizard who managed to single handedly defeat the most evil wizard of all time now seems small, defeated, and broken. And somehow it doesn’t feel right for Draco to leave the room, Draco believes that if there’s one person who deserves happiness after the war ended, it’s Harry Potter, at least for managing to save wizardkind, because Draco is certain that Potter was not obliged to search and kill Voldemort, he could just leave and hide so that Voldemort didn’t kill him, but instead he faced the evil wizard head on. Draco is forever in debt with the boy, even if he won’t admit it openly, not leaving the boy alone at his lowest point is the least he could do to pay him back.

So, Draco turns around and hesitantly walks toward Potter, trying to see him from the eyes of one’s acquaintance instead of a predator. Potter hasn’t made anymore sound but Draco can see how his breathing is rapid and uneven, how his shoulders move in jerky motion, Draco can see that whatever this is about, it’s really affecting Potter in a way Draco has never seen. Merlin, Draco doesn’t know what to do. Does he have to touch, Potter? What if he violates Potter’s personal space? Does he just stay? How the bloody hell Potter can understand that Draco is here? He just needs the man to understand that he is not alone; that Draco is willing to be a company even though they never have the best of history; that if he wants to let it go, then he can because Draco is not going to judge him. Everyone knows that Draco is never good at social interaction, why do you think he always bullies Potter in his young age instead of gaining his attention in a normal way? Yeah, that part hasn’t changed; Draco still sucks at social interaction. So, he tries to remember what his mom used to do when he was young and upset. Draco smiles at the memory, Mother always hugs him, and that’s the sole reason that he sits down cautiously in front of Potter in a very close distance.

Draco hesitantly tries to tap Potter’s shoulder before putting his hand in it, he is not sure how Potter will react if Draco suddenly invades his personal space in this situation, so he makes sure to put a few moments before actually putting his hand on Potter’s shoulder, letting Potter flinches away, letting Potter reacts the way he needs to, but most importantly letting Potter knows that Draco is here and he’s gonna touch him in a few moment. Potter finally lifts his face to look at him, green eyes are welling with tears, the rims are red and swollen, cheeks wet with fallen tears –honestly, Potter looks like a mess, but his eyes look so confused and somehow that makes Draco smiles a little. He only opens his arms, inviting Potter in on his own accord. Potter only looks cautiously between Draco’s face and his open arms, he seems to try to understand what the hell does Draco thinks he’s doing, whether this is just a prank, whether the thing that’s happening in front of him is real, but after a few long minutes of self debate he finally scoots closer, letting himself inside the circle of Draco’s hands, putting some respective distance between them. Draco only wraps his arm around the broken boy, letting him hiding his face in Draco’s shoulder, one hand instinctively holding the back of Harry’s head gently, sliding between the strands of surprisingly soft dark locks, the other wraps itself around Harry’s figure, making him moves closer inside the embrace, shielding him from the rest of the world. A broken sob finally cuts the heavy silent, which makes Draco held the boy tighter.

“It’s okay…” Draco says softly, awkwardly, which draws another choking sound from Potter, Draco’s fingers stroke the black hair in what he hopes as a soothing motion. “No one else is here, just let it go.” Draco finally whispers genuinely. And only then, Harry actually breaks down in heart breaking sobs and tears. Draco doesn’t do anything else for the rest of the night besides settling Harry in his embrace, letting him lashes out all of his pent up emotions in the form of tears, tightening his embrace when needed, whispering nonsense that he thinks might help when the sobs turn to painful heaving, trying his hardest to convey the secure feelings he always gets whenever his mother hugs him, but most importantly staying even when dinner already started. At that moment, Draco understands one thing in his life, he will try his hardest to be less of the git that he was to Potter, he might not know the boy at all, but he knows the man in his embrace already has a hard life without Draco being an annoying little shit to him, this is the least he could do to repay his debt to Potter.

Dinner has already finished when Potter finally calms down, his breathing has evened out, his body is heavy in Draco’s arm, and even though he hasn’t lifted his face from Draco’s shoulder, Draco knows he must be exhausted. It’s okay though, at least some of the weight in his shoulder would be lifted after letting it all out. Draco doesn’t stop stroking Potter’s hair in a slow pace. After another long moments of silent, Harry finally speaks, his voice cracks in odd places and it feels like there’s a lump that hasn’t completely gone in his throat.

“I’m sorry…” Harry says with scratchy voice without lifting his face.

“Don’t apologize, you make no mistake.” Draco says softly beside the boy’s ear, this suddenly feels like the most normal thing he has ever done in his life. It somehow feels so right –to hold Potter in his embrace, to stroke his hair, to support him when he’s at his lowest point- but Circe, does that make Draco scared shitless.

“Don’t you dare pity me, Malfoy, I know you’re probably thinking along the lines of how the chosen one is all alone and broken.” Harry says with as much irritation he can muster in his voice. Draco doesn’t push him away, for once in his life, Draco doesn’t push Harry Potter away, and instead he tightens the arm around the boy’s figure. They can fight any other day, tonight just doesn’t seem right.

“I don’t think that you’re alone, Potter. You might be broken, but you’re never alone.”

“This day just felt lonely enough for me to have a bloody mental breakdown.” Harry scoffs, face still hiding in Draco’s shoulder, voice sounds so exhausted, Draco thinks he’s only a few seconds away from blacking out.

“You’re not alone, Potter, you’re never alone.” Draco once again says with as much conviction he can out in his tone.

“Do you see anyone else in here?” Harry finally snaps sarcastically, probably not even thinking the effect of his sentence.

“I’m here, aren’t I? I might not be enough, but you’re never alone. I’ll make sure of that.” For the first time, Harry finally moves, he wraps his arm around Draco’s neck and shoulder, enveloping Draco in a hug.

“I’m sorry. Thank you for being here.” Draco can feel the way Potter once again hide his face in the crook of Draco’s neck. And so, Draco melts inside the hug, feeling Potter’s scent enveloping his being, letting it be embedded inside his brain.

“You got me now.” Harry hears Draco whispers in his ears before finally giving up to the exhaustion inside his body and letting the warmth and this weird feeling of security blankets him as he falls into a deep pit of darkness.


#103 Gary “Eggsy” Unwin - Mission*


You got told that you have a mission with Eggsy. You first didn’t want to go on a mission with him, but it’s your job and you don’t really have a choice anyway. So starting with the preparation for the mission to the plane ride, you avoid him as much as possible and just do your job. When you finally land, you load your gun and leave the airplane. Eggsy does the same and stays close to you as you get into the building. “Why are you ignoring me?” He asks all of the sudden.

“Do you really think that now is the time to talk about that?” You ask back and stay close to the wall.

“So you’re not denying it.” Eggsy says as you shoot a camera. He quickly shoots the other camera and then you turn right.

“I’m not confirming it either.” You say and stop to walk. Eggsy takes a step but you stretch your arm out and hinder him to go further. You hear a group of men walk into a room and then the door close. You give him a sign to walk ahead and he does.

“But why do you hate me.” Eggy asks as you get closer and closer to the door.

“Look, not now alright?!” You say and push the door open. You and Eggsy start to shoot people in their knees, making them fall and kick their guns away as you walk pass them to the computers. You take a seat and start to stop the system while Eggsy collects the guns and puts handcuffs on everyone. When you finally manage to stop and destroy the system on the computer, you head Merlin through your ear pieces.

“Goos job, (Y/N) and Eggsy, you can come back now. The others will take care of the people.”

“Okay.” You say and get up again. You walk straight pass Eggsy out of the room, but he’s quick and takes your hand, spinning you around once you’re through the door.

“Tell me why do you hate me.” He says and pushes you against a wall.

“I don’t hate you.” You say and get your hand out of his grip, but you both got the same training and he’s quick to grab your hand again. He pins your hands to the side of your body and his head comes closer to yours.

“Listen, alright? I like you and I get fucking frustrated every time I see you.” He says. His voice is deeper than usual and you like it. You like that he takes control.

“Why?” You want to know and he just chuckles.

“Isn’t it obvious?” Eggsy asks and makes a pause. “Because you’re fucking hot.” He groans and presses his lips against yours. You kiss and when you pull apart, you take a deep breath but before you can say anything, he starts to drag you behind him. Eggsy pushes doors open as, wanting to find a place to show you what you do to him.

“Finally.” He then says and leads you inside. He closes the door of an office and leads you over to one of the couches that it’s the room. Eggsy gives you sign to sit down as he goes around and closes the curtains. When he’s back, in front of you, he kneels down on the floor and pulls down your jeans. You are speechless. Eggsy takes your jacket off and then your shit, leaving you in your matching underwear. He takes his shirt off and his pants, before he lays you down on the couch. He hovers himself above you and you start to make out. You put your arms around him and play with the hair on the back of his head as he takes your panties off before taking your legs and wrapping them around his hips. He quickly takes his boxers off with one hand and then pushes into you. You legs instantly spread further apart and you back lifts up from the couch. Eggsy puts his hand behind your back and unclasps your bra with just one hand. Before throwing them on the floor. He cuts your boob with the other hand, while he keeps the other one of your back. Eggsy starts to thrusts in and out of you fast and hard.

“Every time I see you I just want to fuck you.” He groans into your ear before kissing your neck. “I want to fuck you in the office, in the airplane, in the car, in a bathroom stall. I don’t care as long as I can fuck you well.”

“Shit Eggsy.” You moan, getting wetter and wetter from his words.

“You don’t even want to know how many times I already jacked off after seeing you in the office.” Eggsy mumbles and pushes your legs further up, hitting you deeper.

“Seeing you bend over to pick someone up… or seeing your lick your lip when you concentrate… or fucking seeing you work out in your tight leggings and only a shorts bra.” He has been waiting so long to tell you all this.

“Fuck Eggsy.” You are a moaning mess as the whole couch starts to move. Eggsy speeds up his thrusts as he massages your boob with one hand. “Fu-fuck!” You exclaim and bite your lip to not scream.

“Just the though of you makes me hard (Y/N).” He admits and kisses you passionately and hard. “Fucking your little tight cunt was my goal ever since I first saw you.” He groans.

“Faster Eggsy.” You moan and dig your nails into his back. He fucks you faster and starts to hit your g-spot when he puts one of your legs over his shoulder.

“You’re so fucking tight.” He moans and you’re both are breathing heavily as your hearts are racing.

“Ahhh!” You scream and hold your breath as you reach your climax.

“Shit.” Eggsy groans and you feel him cum in you. He rides you through your orgasms before he collapses on top of you. You breath in again and stroke his head.

“Great mission by the way.” Eggsy chuckles and kisses your boob.

“Thank you, you weren’t bad either.” You smile and know that this is the start of something great.


The Pickett Ring

Pairing: Newt Scamander X Reader

Requested: Yes

Anon: Omgosh can you write an imagine where newt proposes to the reader??

A/N: I wrote this at two in the morning cause I couldn’t sleep :P Enjoy!


“Newt, we’ve been here for an hour, just choose a ring.” Jacob mumbles, totally bummed out. But he had reason to be this unenthusiastic, Newt had dragged him all the way to the centre of New York to find the best jewelry store in town, at five in the morning. They could’ve just went to the closest one but Newt was afraid of the chandelier after the last incident…

Jacob yawned and leaned against one of the glass displays being careful not to accidentally smash anything. He looked to Newt who’s eyes flash, shaking his head furiously, making his soft curls bounce like crazy.

“No, this is (Y/N) we’re talking about, she doesn’t deserve just any ring. She deserves the perfect ring, and I’m going to find it.” his eye suddenly widen as he sees a gleam out of the corner of his eye and he quickly runs to it, gasping when he sees what produced the beautiful glow.

“This is the one! It’s perfect!” Newt cries happily, clapping his hands together like an excited child on their birthday.

Jacob strolls over and takes a peek over Newt’s shoulder, straining as he tried to look over the tall man’s figure.

“Gee, it is perfect! It’s gorgeous, yet simple. I bet she’ll love it!”

“But she has to accept it for it to mean anything…” Newt trails off, trying to picture the look on your face when he goes down on one knee…

“Hey man, stop it. She loves you, why would she decline?” Jacob lightly punches his shoulder and Newt topples a bit closer towards the perfect ring they had been eyeing. “If it makes you feel any better, I would totally marry you if I were her - but don’t tell Queenie I said that.”

“I’m afraid I can’t make any promises.” Newt says, chuckling.

Jacob laughs too, before saying, “Well, what are you waiting for? Go get it!”

Newt nods happily and calls a clerk over, pointing to the ring.

“I’d like this one please.”

The clerk names an outrageous price and Newt feels himself getting weak in the knees.

“That is preposterous!” he exclaims, nervous sweat starting to trickle down his forehead.

“That’s the price mister, you take it or leave it.” the clerk replied, walking away and leaving Newt standing there in shock.

“Jacob, what am I going to do? I will never be able to afford this, never in a life time!”

“Hey, it’s alright, we can find a solution.” Jacob murmurs, gently trying to comfort the now shaking man.

“But it was perfect…”

“I know man, but there has to be another way, we’ll make something work. I promise.”



Jacob jumps, turning around to find the source of the noise, only to find Newt with his head on his desk, muttering in emotional and physical pain.

“Come on man, lighten up. We’ll find a cheaper ring that’s even better than the one you originally found.” Jacob says, desperately trying to lift the spirits of a usually optimistic Newt.

Newt raises his head, his face covered with a mask of despair. He shakes his head sadly, his green eyes sparkling sadly before his head went crashing back on to the desk.

“You don’t understand, I can’t afford even the cheapest ring and besides, you can’t find one just as nice as the first one for such a low price.” his voice is muffled and depressing. Pickett, who was in Newt’s front pocket for the entire time, crawls out and moves with Bowtruckle grace across his arms to his hand, gently giving one of his fingers a hug. Newt wasn’t sure if this was a sign of affection and pity or him just having attachment issues again. Maybe both.

“Oh,” Jacob mumbles, his spirits also lowering. “Couldn’t you just magic a ring? Transform something into one!”

“How meaningful.” Newt says dully. “"Hey (Y/N), you know that ring that’s on your finger? Well I didn’t tell you this, but it’s actually a cup, sorry.”“

“Okay, point proven. But you can’t just postpone the proposal! Knowing (Y/N), I know she will agree to marry you without a ring, she loves you no matter what Newt.”

“Exactly, what have I ever done to deserve her? She perfect and I need a ring that has meaning, something perfect…” Newt trails off as he raises his head, only to see Pickett entwining himself with Newt’s finger, looking majestic as he did so.

Newt blinked and smiled suddenly, an idea starting to form.


“Newt? Jacob said you needed me?” you called, skipping down into the case, landing gracefully into his shed. You smile, remembering the first time you were in there. Let’s just say that you didn’t land as gracefully as you had now.

He wasn’t in the shack so you decide to walk out to the beautiful world that was filled with creatures.
Sure enough, you see Newt, standing in the mist of it all, anxiously fidgeting with his bow tie. Your face bursts into a smile and you run towards him, giving him a kiss on the cheek.

“(Y/N),” he breaths, holding your hands. You look at him quizzically, tilting your head slightly to the side.

“I love you, I have loved you ever since I laid my eyes on you. You keep me sane when work piles up, you make me happy, you make me laugh. You radiate confidence, so much that you’ve transferred some of that to me. But most of all, you make my heart flutter like a Billywig whenever I’m near you. You’re perfect and I want this relationship to be something more…” he takes a deep breath and kneels on one knee, pulling out a rather large, velvet box. Your eyes widen.

“(Y/N), love. Will you marry me?”

“Yes!” you say happily without hesitation, before he even got to open the box.

You pull him to his feet and hug him tightly, then kiss him on the lips, your lips fitting together like two pieces of a puzzle.

“Thank Merlin, I was afraid you were going to say no.” Newt says, smiling and pulling you even closer.

“Now why would I do that? You’re the most amazing person I’ve ever met and I love you.”

He smiles and lifts up the box that was now shaking.

“You were so excited that I didn’t even have time to present you this,” he says, smiling nervously. He opens the box and inside was Pickett. He crawled on to your hand and intertwined himself with your fingers and Newt’s, bringing them close together.

You start to say something but he cuts you off before you even get a word out.

“Please let me explain. (Y/N), I have attachment issues, to you. You are the key, the only key, to unlocking my heart and I love you as much, no, more than all of the creatures in the world and this is why I present to you a Bowtruckle. You are worth more than just a precious metal for you, are priceless just like the lives of these creatures and I would never trade you to some goblin or anything for the world.”

He closes his eyes, expecting a back lash but when he hesitantly opened them, all he saw was a beaming smile.

“Newt, I was about to say thank you earlier. This means so much more than a tiny ring. It’s the perfect ring.” you smile, gently moving your fingers against his.

“Don’t you mean it’s the Pickett ring?” he says with a smile.

To a Wonder, From a Fool

Request: YOU ARE A HORRIBLE PERSON AND I HOPE YOU ASCEND TO HEAVEN AND LIVE WITH ALL THE BROKEN SOULS YOUVE BROKEN WITH YOUR FANFICS …On the other hand, i love you so much and literally live for your writings. PART 5 OF To Newt, With Love PLEASE!!!

Word Count: 2,530

Pairing: Newt x Reader

Part 1   |   Part 2   |   Part 3   |   Part 4

Tag List: @red-roses-and-stories @caseoffics @dont-give-a-bother @myrtus-amongst-the-stars @ryeosomnia @fangirlingandcrying @ly–canthrope @heneed-somemilk @gemininomad @adellyhatter-blog @trying-to-benormal @akacheelz @unculturedswines

The evening ends lonely, as it always does. The sun sets in a bath of a million colors, from vivid blues that are deeper than the ocean to pastel greens that remind you of a set of eyes you haven’t seen for a long time.

Too long.

You bite your lip and step onto the walk leading up to your house. It’s a thin trail of concrete that offers little protection from the mud on either side, but, as of a week ago, it’s yours. You follow it up to your new beige front door. After fumbling with the keys, a set of three for the three ways in, you push open the door to a silent house.

You step inside with a sigh, letting the door swing shut behind you as you contemplate the long hours of restlessness that lay ahead. You haven’t been sleeping well since the move. There’s a tree branch outside your bedroom window that screeches against the pane if the wind hits it just right, and the floorboards here make no noise, quite unlike the ones at your old house that would warn you if anyone was passing them. There are no mice running through the walls, but there’s also no lone owl that sits outside your window and sings. There are no char marks on the kitchen wall, no memories of dancing in the main room, no remnants of anything.

A clean slate, or, at least, that’s what Evelyn calls it. “You need a clean slate, a fresh start, and this is it.”

You follow the wide hallway to your kitchen, eyeing the blank walls and trying to imagine what might look good hanging from them. Your frames sit in a box somewhere in the main room, waiting to be unpacked like nearly everything else you own. You’ve only bothered to take out the essentials so far: clothes, some dishes, and a black box you’d promised Evelyn you’d toss.

It sits where it did in your old house: under your bed, pressing up against the wall. That’s where it belongs.

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“Scared, Potter?”

“You wish.” Draco grins as Harry answers with as much confident that he has, even though it’s crystal clear that the Chosen One is quite nervous.

“Then kiss me.”

Harry settles gingerly on Draco’s lap, face basically two inches from the blond boy, his knees digging into the sofa as Draco’s hands move to circle Harry’s waist. The grey orbs, once again, captivate the green, not challenging, for once Draco strives for reassuring. Harry can’t quite move his gaze from the boy in front tof him –the sharp jaw, the high cheekbones, the pointy chin, the slender long pale throat, sharp grey eyes, pink lucious lips –they are just another feature to add to his good look, another thing that sharpen his beauty. Harry sighs softly, his breath warming Draco’s cupid bow. Draco looks gorgeous from the close distance.

“Are you sure?” Harry asks quietly, wanting to make sure Draco knows what he’s doing, and yet at the same time wanting to pull himself out of this awkward, embarassing situation. Harry drops his gaze to Draco’s chest, refusing to look at him as he can feel his cheeks and ears redden immensely. Suddenly he can feel fingers on his chin, forcing him to once again stare at Draco.

“I have never been more certain about anything in my life.” Draco says just as quiet. “You’re the one in control. Kiss me.” He closes his eyes, relaxing his body into the sofa, giving Harry the complete control of his vulnerable state. Harry can leave, of course, but then, Harry can also stay and kiss Draco like he has been imagining for quite a long time. Merlin, help him. This is his first kiss, Draco’s the one that’s supposed to teach him on what to do, right? Oh Merlin’s tits, screw it, let’s just do this.

And so Harry lets his eyes flutter shut as he leans forward slowly, cautiously.

Wait. No, this won’t do. What if he leans and he can’t capture Draco’s lips? What if he closes his eyes and kisses Draco’s nose instead? Oh God, he’s going to be sick. Fuck, he can’t do this, not on his own. Draco can feel how the body above him goes so tense and rigid, and so he pops his left eye open.

“You okay?” Draco asks, a tinge of concern colors his voice. “We can stop, you know. It’s okay if you’re not ready.” Draco’s fingers that stays on Potter’s waist start making a soothing, calming circle.

“No, no, it’s okay. I’m fine. I can do this.” Draco rolls his eyes with a small smile.

“Ever the Gryffindor, Potter.” then he goes back to his relax stance, eyes closed, hands slotting home at Harry’s back.

This time Harry puts both of his palms on Draco, covering his jaw, neck, and some part of his cheeks. His thumb instinctively caressing Draco’s cheek softly, trying to convince himself that this will turn out not so badly. He wants to kiss him, this is his chance. He leans forward once again, letting his lips ghost over Draco’s lips for a few moment, collecting all the courage that he got in his body, until finally he closes his eyes and leans forward a little bit more, covering the lips of the other boy with his own. Harry kisses him gently, softly, cautiously. Draco’s lips move to kiss him back, just as soft, just as sweet.

Harry can feel what Draco wants him to understand. This is Draco Malfoy, as vulnerable as he can be, lying bare under the control of Harry Potter’s lips.
Harry can feel Draco’s heartbeats gradually speeding up under his palm, he can feel how soft Draco’s blond locks sliding between his fingers, he can feel the fuzzy warmth blooming from the pit of his stomach, slowly wrapping him inside this warm cocoon that make him tingles from head to toe. The kiss is gentle, almost heart wrenchingly sweet as Draco’s lips moves leissurely under Harry’s, pliant as ever.

He can feel the smile blooming on Draco’s lips.
He can taste the residue of firewhiskey just beneath his lips.
He can feel the way their body melts into each other, just simply existing, just two souls simply imploring each other for something more.

But then suddenly he moves.

And then suddenly Draco moves, and so Harry’s world tilts on it’s axis, forcing Harry to understand that it was never gravity that holds him to his world.

The kiss suddenly take a sharp halt and then the table is turnt.

It is consuming. It feels like there’s a fire consuming Harry’s body, and Draco’s the only relief he can get from the heat. It feels like the world is fading into blurred lights, rapidly changing and yet the time never moves forward. It feels like being onslaught, rapidly assaulted by emotions that Harry might combust. It’s so overwhelming that Harry feels like he might not survive from the kiss and every emotions that attacks him right now. It feels like suddenly nothing else matter beside kissing Draco’s lips –not even breathing, Draco is his oxygen. Harry can feel Draco’s hands trapping his jaw, his fingers settling at the nape of Harry’s neck. His glasses fogs up and squeezes deep into his face, until suddenly it’s gone, being thrown somewhere on the floor. Harry can feel Draco’s lucious lips beneath his–demanding, coaxing, teasing, relentlessly taking everything that Harry can give and at the same time giving more than what Harry can take. Draco kisses like he flies –firm, strong, elegant. He’s graceful, he’s relentless, he’s free as a bird when he flies. That’s what kissing Draco feels like –free. So free that Harry can no longer differentiate reality as Draco’s kisses keep blurring the edge of Harry’s pheripheral vision, making Draco as the only concrete object for Harry to hold on.

The heady feelings, the divine taste of Draco’s lips, the shy pleads from his tongue, the warmth he emanates from his body just completely consume Harry as he tries to cling to reality, as he tries to not lose himself under the mere spell of Draco’s lips. And yet, little did he knows that Draco is not in a different situation. They are both consumed by their passion, they are both just a mere particle that will combust into nothingness in each other hand, a collateral beauty, a sight to behold as they collide and dissolve in raw passion. And so they try their hardest not to lose themselves under the wrap of each other fingers.

But the world just keeps spinning faster.

And time keeps fading into an abstract concept.

And so Harry, for once, gives in to the boy underneath him.


And again.

And again.

Until The Slytherin Prince becomes the death of The Boy Who Lived Twice.

Marry your daughter

Request ;  can you please do sirius x reader whete the reader is james sister? but based on the song marry your daughter by brian mcknight and she a slytherin? and he sings that song on jily’s wedding day? (he sings for the reader ofc) thank you sm and i know this is a long request:)

Pairings ; Sirius Black x Slytherin!Reader

Warnings ; My english, language, cuteness overload. 

A/N ; If you find mistakes feel free to correct me because you’re learning from your mistakes and i want to improve my english because they suck.Hope you like it love, I tried my best.

Word Count ; 1266

It was your brother’s James wedding day. You were at Lily’s house getting her ready while your boyfriend Sirius and your brother were at yours. Sirius and you were together for three years. Basically you were something like the complete opposites. He was a Gryffindor while his whole family was Slytherin and you were a Slytherin while your whole family was Gryffindor despite that fact your parents and brother didn’t have a problem with that. Well, maybe your brother at first because he didn’t like Slytherins at all but Sirius persuade him that you were his sister and being sorted in another house wouldn’t mean anything because you were still the Y/N he always knew. Since then you got really close with Sirius and even closer with James.

They were going to do it with muggle way and Lily wanted to keep the muggle tradition that the wife is being late. You thought that it was stupid but because James didn’t know he would be terrified and that you found it hilarious. Sirius would walk her down the aisle.

When you finally reached the church Sirius was astonished from both you and Lily. He kissed you gentle.

“You’re the most beautiful bride I’ve ever seen.” He told her and gave her his arm. He was so happy to be their best man.

The ceremony was quite beautiful and you didn’t expect that. When it was done you gone to your house for the feast, it was pretty much the same as the marriages in the wizarding world. Your parents with your help and Sirius had emptied the back yard and it was full of big and small tables. In the centre it was empty and in the corner was the setting for the band.

The first dance was the father-daughter dance but because Lily’s parents weren’t there your dad danced with her. It was an amazing slow ballad. When other couples started to join Lily began to dance with Sirius because he was the one who gave her to James and you were dancing with your father.


You were sitting with James and Lily and you were searching for Sirius but you couldn’t find him anywhere. Suddenly the lights closed and you spotted Sirius getting on the band’s set.

“Y/N what the hell is he doing?”

“I have no idea Jamie. I would ask the same thing.”

A bright lighted and him. He was so handsome with his black suit. He smiled at you and he grabbed the microphone. What was he doing anyway? Music started playing on the background.

“Sir, I’m a bit nervous

‘Bout being here today

Still not real sure what I’m going to say

So bare with me please

If I take up too much of your time,”

He stopped for a while and his eyes went from your father to you and the to James.

“See in this box is a ring for your oldest

She’s my everything and all that I know is.”

“She’s not the oldest.” he literally shouted to Sirius

“Shut up James.” both Lily and you said in harmony. But Sirius continued like James didn’t even spoke.

“It would be such a relief if I knew that we were on the same side

'Cause very soon I’m hoping that I…”

Merlin he was singing. He was singing to you. You started crying and you put your hands on your face. A bright was now on you. You looked at him.

“Can marry your daughter

And make her my wife

I want her to be the only girl that I’ll love for the rest of my life

And give her the best of me 'til the day that I die, yeah”

Damn he was proposing to you! He was proposing to you throughout a song. He knew that you would love if someone asked you to marry him this way. And he did it.

“I’m gonna marry your princess

And make her my queen

She’ll be the most beautiful bride that I’ve ever seen

I can’t wait to smile

When she walks down the aisle

On the arm of her father

On the day that I marry your daughter.”

He continued singing with his eyes on you and with his smile not living his face. He knew that you were going to love it this way. He had everything planned. His voice was ringing on your head, it was so beautiful.

“She’s been here every steps

Since the day that we met (I’m scared to death to think of what would happen if she ever left)

So don’t you ever worry about me ever treating her bad

I’ve got most of my vows done so far (so bring on the better or worse)

And 'til death do us part

There’s no doubt in my mind

It’s time

I’m ready to start

I swear to you with all of my heart.”

The song that he chose was describing everything he wanted to say but he didn’t knew hut to put it up with the words.

I’m gonna marry your daughter

And make her my wife

I want her to be the only girl that I’ll love for the rest of my life - And give her the best of me 'til the day that I die, yeah - I’m gonna marry your princess - And make her my queen - She’ll be the most beautiful bride that I’ve ever seen - I can’t wait to smile - As she walks down the aisle - On the arm of her father - On the day that I marry your daughter

He started singing the chorus once again. He started walking down the set’s stairs. A member of the band gave him something but you didn’t understand what it was.

“The first time I saw her

I swear I knew that I’d say “I do”

I’m gonna marry your daughter

And make her my wife

I want her to be the only girl that I’ll love for the rest of my life

And give her the best of me 'til the day that I die” He was coming to you. On the last lyrics he fell down on his knees.

“I’m gonna marry your princess

And make her my queen

She’ll be the most beautiful bride that I’ve ever seen

I can’t wait to smile

As she walks down the aisle

On the arm of her father

On the day that I marry your daughter.”

He finished the song. He was right in front of you. Your eyes were full of happy tears. He focused on you. He put on his right hand a little red box.

“As I said before in this box is a ring for you. So Y/N Y/S/N Potter, will you made me this honor and marry me? Would you stay with me and be the love of my life?”

You wanted to scream at him ‘I DO’ but you couldn’t you just whispered it to him. He was the only one who heard it. And you hugged him like your life depending on this. He spoke at the microphone because everyone was wondering what your answer was.

“She said I do.” And he threw it.

You kissed him so passionately without caring that everyone was watching you. He was going to be yours and yours only.

It was exactly as you dreamed it. And he did it that way because he knew how much you wanted it.

Every damn thing he did it was for you.

Because he couldn’t wait to make you his queen.



Hello little peanuts. I have returned with a gift for you.

What if everyone knew about Draco’s crush on Harry (and Harry’s crush on Draco) and Pansy decides, with the help of one Hermione Granger, to come up with passwords each week that will torture one of them into admitting it.

Inspired by this post


  • The beginning of eighth year was weary for everyone
  • Back from a war, back from a summer of healing
  • But it seemed as though the atmosphere at Hogwarts had never shifted
  • Sure it was a battleground newly refurbished
  • A site of memories many didn’t want to be having
  • But it took no more than one large crate of firewhiskey graciously donated
  • And an unknown number of hours with every single eighth year student sprawled out, drunk and slobbering on their common room floor to bring them into a hazy yet comfortable year
  • It wasn’t all tear stained cheeks
  • Many more lip locks, many new friendships, even more laughter
  • It seemed … it felt much better than the year they had prepared for

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Stormy Love (A Drarry Oneshot)

He hated storms with a passion.

He hated them.

They made his heart skip a beat, his eyes widen, his legs want to start running.

It might’ve had something to do with how they made him clean the gutters while it was storming.

It might’ve had something to do with how they locked him in his cupboard, and he could hear the house shaking, his small walls shaking around him.

Harry Potter hated storms. Positively hated them. If they didn’t occur, he’d be a lot more happier.

As of that moment, he was huddled under his covers in his dormitory, shaking a bit and trying to calm himself down.

He hated this. He hated storms. He hated having to hide that he was afraid from his friends.

They probably wouldn’t laugh at him. They were his friends. But word might get around to a certain blonde Slytherin.

And Harry certainly didn’t want that.


He hated storms. Absolutely hated them, no doubt about it.

Maybe it had to do with the fact that he had told him that ‘Malfoys weren’t afraid of anything’, and he needed to 'get over himself already’.

His father didn’t want him breaking down in tears every time a particularly loud rumble of thunder echoed in the skies. So he did it in private, in his room.

Draco Malfoy despised storms with a passion. One of his least favorite things in the world.

But they seemed to affect him worse than everyone else.

They, his housemates, thought storms were just 'bloody brilliant’, like they were the best things to hit their world since Butterbeer.

Draco definitely didn’t feel the same way.

But he couldn’t really let it get out that he was currently squished against a wall in this dormitory, knees hugged to his chest and eyes wide. That he was afraid of itty bitty thunderstorms.

Word might get around to a certain raven-haired Gryffindor. He’d be a laughingstock.

And Draco definitely didn’t want that.


Harry couldn’t take it anymore. He needed to get out of there, he could actually see the storm coming from a mile away.

He climbed out from under his covers, pulling on a red jumper over his tshirt and tying up his sneakers.

He needed to escape, so he couldn’t hear the storm anymore. And he knew just where to go.

“Mate? Where are you off to?” Ron asked, turning away from the window as Harry came downstairs.

Ron loved watching the storms, as he was doing so at the moment. He and Hermione were sitting together on the windowsill, cuddled up with a blanket.

“Oh, um…just off to wander.” Harry replied, stuffing his Cloak in his back pocket. “I’ll be back in a little while.”

“You sure you’re okay?” Hermione asked worriedly. “You seem a bit…tense.”

“I’m fine.” Harry said annoyedly, walking out of the common room.

It was nice that Hermione cared. But sometimes she could be a bit overbearing.

He quickly checked the Map, to make sure there wasn’t anyone else around.

Good. He wouldn’t be bothered.

Then he made his way up to the seventh floor, pacing in front of the blank wall there.

The Room of Requirement. Harry hadn’t been here in so long. Not since the war.

A door appeared, and he twisted the knob.

The Room looked nice tonight. Plushy sofas and armchairs, crackling fireplace, a large bed, and…a huge window?

The storm was raging outside, lightning flashing and thunder rumbling.

But, it seemed that the Room was soundproof, thank Merlin.

Harry walked over to one of the couches to sit down, but to his surprise, someone was already there.



Draco wasn’t expecting anyone else to come here. He thought it was his spot, and his alone.

And he certainly didn’t expect Potter. Not Potter, never Potter.

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Wavering Heaven

Request: “I’ve just read Coffee Shopes and Scars and could you do a part 2?? It was just so cute and wonderful!!!”

Word Count: 3,767

Pairing: Newt x Reader

Part 1

Tag List: @dont-give-a-bother @caseoffics @red-roses-and-stories @myrtus-amongst-the-stars @ly–canthrope @benniesgalaxy

Sunbeams strike your husband’s face. The golden light outlines the soft freckles dotting his face. His lips are parted, taking in and letting out deep breaths. His chest rises and fall in the same peaceful rhythm as his breaths, casting a shadow on your arm over and over. The sight brings a smile to your face as you run a thumb over his cheekbone and down a small scar on his cheek courtesy of your own clumsiness when dealing with a murtlap. You don’t feel too guilty given the amount of scars crawling up and down your arms that Newt caused before you met him.

The coffee shop where you first met Newt earns your business at least once a year, sometimes more if the two of you happen to stay in town for any amount of time. The sweet little shop hasn’t grown or changed much, aside from investing in more durable vases. Newt had proposed there six months after you first fell for him, then brought you back the past three years for your anniversary.

You trace shapes with his freckles as you contemplate your marriage and how you ended up somewhere so vastly different from anywhere you’d ever even dreamed of. Newt is heaven. He’s a blessing that has only ever proved the existence of soulmates, that the universe didn’t mess up when it brought the two of you together.

A tide of peaceful joy swells in your chest when Newt shifts, murmuring nonsense as he wakes up.

“Good morning, darling.” You say, pulling your hand back to your side.

He blinks his green eyes open, smiling when he sees you. “Morning, love.” He mumbles.

His sleepy smile warms you. “You must have slept well.”

“Quite well.”

“I didn’t see you come to bed.”

He stretches, revealing a strip of skin on his stomach that you run your fingers over. “Pickett wanted to talk. He wouldn’t stop ‘til I let him sleep in my vest pocket.”

That explains why the vest is so nicely hung on the coat rack in the corner. “I guess I should just be happy you made it to bed at all.”

His cheeks tinge pink as he slides out of bed and changes the subject, heading to the dresser. “You’re shopping today, right?”

You step next to him, giggling at his expression when he notices his jade sweater grazing the middle of your thighs. “That was the plan. Need something?”

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Request: Could you do a Newt imagine where the reader is hurt by one of his creatures and Newt has to take care of her and falls in love with her?

⇢  A Newt x Reader work with a bucket of fluff and a sprinkle of Christmas.

(Can I have a pocket-sized Newt to bring with me everywhere?)

(n.) luck that takes the form of finding pleasant things that are not looked for

If someone were to tell you your Christmas Eve would be spent chasing a fidgety Niffler around, your response would have been to grab your wand and Apparate right out of New York.

Alas, there was no warning and you were left to weave through the bustling metropolis in search of a furry thief. Stealing your silver keys was one thing–the perks of being a witch included the nifty unlocking spell–but your grandfather’s wedding ring was a different matter.

It was his parting gift when you left to New York to work for MACUSA and the last present anyone received before he passed. You wore it on a chain around your neck as a makeshift necklace.

“Give me back my ring, you Niffler!” you groaned, wondering how crazy you must appear to the passersby. As the time you spent chasing a creature around the city increased, your frustration grew as well. Then–

“Aha! There you are.” You grinned, thinking you finally cornered him. Amidst the tortuous streets, you spotted the little thief in front of a quaint house.

Almost teasingly, the Niffler stood stock-still, dangling your ring over a worn suitcase. Slightly unnerved, you tried a different approach; you tiptoed toward the said creature.

“Alright, Mister, the fun’s over. Now give it here, please,” you coaxed, placing your hands up in surrender. Once you were a step away, your hands darted out to catch the Niffler and your belongings, only to realize he wasn’t in your grasp. In fact, he was no where to be seen. He escaped. Into the suitcase. “What on earth–”

You peered into the suitcase. Then at your feet. Then at the suitcase again. Then your feet.

After mulling it over for a full five seconds, you decided you’ve done crazier. You follow the Niffler’s lead, stepping into the enchanted suitcase and questioning how your life came to this.

You ascended the ladder only to notice the Niffler, along with your ring, was no where to be found. Instead, you exited the little shelter to find a never-ending sky. For a moment, you forgot why you were down here, or that you were in a suitcase at all, for that matter. The beauty of your surroundings occupied your thoughts.

Letting your feet control your movement, you wandered past the different climates, stopping near a tropical forest. There, you were drawn to a plain chest; it looked out of place compared to the colorful habitat. You opened it to examine little, serpentine creatures gathered around a silver egg.

As you reached out to touch it, you heard a deafening screech and felt a sharp pain in your side. And another one. You looked down to see the color crimson darkening around your wounds. Lightheaded, you walked as far away from the creatures as you could manage and fell on your knees.

Episkey can’t fix this one,” you muttered, attempting to stand back up on your feet.

As you half-walked, half-dragged yourself to the shelter, you heard something that made your spine stiffen.

“Who are you and what is your purpose here?”

You turned around to see a tall, freckled wizard with his wand at the ready, the pesky Niffler scuttling around his feet.

You groaned, applying pressure to your side, the pain becoming unbearable. “Just my luck.”

(n.) an unexpected meeting with someone

Though the suitcase was open, Newt did not expect another person to enter. Much less a witch. A pretty one, at that. And one that so happened to suddenly fall on the ground with a sharp cry.

Dropping his guard, Newt ran over to you. Without question, he guided you to a cushioned divan, lying you down. His eyes wander to your abdomen, stopping at the bleeding bite wounds.

“Oh, Merlin…Don’t move. You’ll be fine–Just fine,” comforted Newt, though he was certain his voice conveyed anything but a soothing timbre.

He paced around, stopping near a table filled with plants and potions. “I’ll just whip something up…”

Vulnera Sanen–” 

“No!” You almost dropped your wand. Newt looked embarrassed by his outburst. “Sorry. It’s just…We don’t know the severity of the wounds. It’d be safest if you didn’t…”

Meekly, you nodded. He went back to creating his simple concoction. “Do tell, do you know what harmed you?”

“Yes. It was–They were…Snake…birds?”

Newt muttered an oath under his breath. “Occamy.”


He gave you a look from his workbench, his head tilting sideways. “Occamys. They’re choranaptyxic creatures from the Far East. Extremely protective of their–”

Newt stopped abruptly when he heard a sharp intake of breath. There you were, attempting to sit, despite his clear warning.

“Pardon me, Miss…” he trailed off. With a flick of his wand, he summoned a damp towel and headed over to you, potion in hand. He glanced at your bloodied shirt. “May I–erm–lift your shirt up?”

Newt took the small squeak you released as a yes. Flushing, he separated your shirt from your sticky wounds, feeling your cool skin against his warm hands.

As he bandaged you, he wondered, “I hate to ask, but, why are you here to begin with?”

Met with no response, Newt glanced at your face to find you sleeping soundly. He wiped the sweat off your forehead and pushed your hair aside.

“Happy Christmas Eve,” he whispered, a small smile on his face, thinking,

Of all the magical suitcases, in all the towns, in all the world, she climbs into mine…

(n.) forces beyond a person’s control that make things happen

The worst part of the day was getting up.

What was even worse was that the instant you sat up, you felt stiff and sore all over.

And then, add the fact that when you wandered out to the unfamiliar kitchen, you saw a shirtless man holding a pan and humming.

Dear Lord, how could I let this happen?

You silently scolded yourself, but continued to examine the man. Or, more specifically, his back. His very shirtless, very freckled, very toned back. You decided you could’ve picked worse.

“You’re awake! Do you feel better?“

Your eyes snapped up to his. “Yeah–I feel alright. I mean…How far did we–Was it–” Recognition dawned on you and you shut up. He was the person who healed your Occamy bites, not a clingy Casanova.

“Pardon?” he asked.

“Nothing. I’m sorry–my brain doesn’t function well until at least an hour of being awake.”

He smiled in amusement and gestured for you to have a seat, setting up two plates of pancakes and fruit. “I made us some breakfast. Or supper. Actually–it’s almost midnight, so I’m not sure what this meal would be classified as. Anyway, I figured you’d wake up any second. Wouldn’t want you to be hungry.”

“Thank you, Mister…” Your voice wavered. You didn’t even know his name.

“Scamander. Newt Scamander,” said he. “Please, call me Newt.”

“Well, Mister Newt Scamander, I’m Y/N Y/L/N,” you greeted. “And this place, though very lovely, doesn’t look much like your suitcase. Where are we?”

Newt shrugged his shoulders dismissively. “A flat.”


After a moment’s worth of silence, Newt put his fork down and cleared his throat. “If you don’t mind me asking…Why were you in my case, anyway?”

“Oh!” On instinct, you hand shot up to fiddle with the ring around your neck, only to find that is still wasn’t there. “Your Niffler. He took my grandfather’s ring.” You bit your lip, taking a sudden interest in the table. “I needed to get it back.”

“That’s what this is!” Newt interjected, pulling something out of his pant pocket. The chain was hanging off of his index finger, the ring still intact. “Just as I was about to bring you here, Niffler gave this to me. He’s very drawn to shiny things, that one. It’s very unusual for him to willingly give something up.”

He held it out for you to grab.

“Niffler must really fancy you,” said Newt, beaming.

You were overjoyed. “Thank you so much. I don’t know what I would have done without it,” you said, rubbing the ring between your fingers. You clasped the chain around your neck. “And you healed those bites of mine. Really–How can I repay you?”

“There’s no need. It was no problem, really,” he assured.

“Well, then I must thank that little creature for returning it to me.” You paused. “Though, he did cause me quite a lot of trouble.”

“Trouble?” questioned Newt. “Oh–yes. I’m sorry about that. But, the Occamy are just very protective; they mean no harm. Really. They’re quite friendly once you get to know them. I know they are very sorry–”

“Newt,” you interrupted, “it’s fine. It was my fault, anyway.” You pushed a strawberry around your plate with the end of your fork. “Tell me, Newt, is it really almost Christmas Day?”

“I presume it is actually Christmas Day,” he said. “I guess–Would you like to stay for a cup of tea?”

You gave him a strange look.

“I mean…only if you want,” Newt bumbled. “I know it’s probably abnormal; we just met and you probably have plans–Of course you do. It’s Christmas Day. You’re a pretty lady. You’re probably swamped with plans…But if you’d like to, you could stay. Or not–You don’t have to–”

You laughed. “Newt, I’d love to stay.” You placed your hand on his arm to silence him. “But I have one objection.”

He glanced up at you, nervously.

“A cup of tea?” You shook your head. “It’s Christmas, Mister Scamander! We drink hot chocolate.”

“Blasphemy!” he claimed, though he did look relieved that you agreed to stay. “Tea is the drink of the Holidays. Besides, I’m not much of a hot chocolate fan.”

“How disgraceful,” you tsked. “How in the world did I end up in the house of someone who doesn’t like the Christmas drink?”

“Maybe I just haven’t tried the best hot chocolate.”

“Obviously. You’ve never had mine.”

You looked up from your plate of food to catch a certain wizard staring at you. Newt looked down in an instant, cheeks coloring.

You hummed. “Fate has a funny way of bringing people together.”

Still red, he peeked at you, a smile playing on his face. “Fate. Or a small, mischievous creature.”

Newt gathered the plates and placed them in the sink. As he pulled out the ingredients for hot chocolate, your mind wandered.



“Seeing as it’s Christmas…What’s your favorite holiday moment?”

Now it was his turn to catch you staring. You, however, didn’t look away.

“Difficult question,“ Newt said, hiding a smile. “But this one’s climbing the charts.”

“It was like, in that moment, the whole Universe existed to bring us together.”

Also, yes, my friends, Newt was shirtless throughout the whole last third of the imagine. Because apparently, our little cinnamon roll is a stud muffin. (But really, it’s because I forgot I made him shirtless at all and therefore never clothed him…My bad.)

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The Red String of Fate

Prompt: Soulmate AU Familiar with Japanese’s folklore about the red rope of fate? Yeah, it’s real. (Warning OOC Draco)

The first time Draco Malfoy asked Narcissa Malfoy about the red rope in her pinky finger, she can only tell him that there’s no red rope on her fingers. He kept seeing those long red ropes on people fingers though. The first time he asked Lucius was when he was 8 years old. Lucius had narrowed his eyes and punished him for saying nonsense. Draco Malfoy stopped asking.


The first time he stumbled over the story was when he was 10. He was reading about magical myth inside the Manor’s library. The red rope is supposed to connect two people over a soulmate. He learned that his father and mother’s red rope doesn’t connect with each other. He doesn’t have any red ropes on his finger.


When he woke up on his birthday, there was a loop of red ropes on his pinky finger. He smiled so big that day. On July 31st, he found the end of his rope, and it felt like his heart was wrenching for a split second because his rope doesn’t connect with anyone. It ended on a loose end, it still does. That day he understood that he doesn’t have any soulmate.


Draco Malfoy does not meddle with people’s business, but he understands that even sometimes fate needs a little push and time to work. He maybe doesn’t have any soulmate, but others have rights to be happy with people that they belong to. He does that little nudge and push in secret as long as he’s in Hogwarts. He plays Cupid because he also learns that when he touches people’s red string, it gives him the exact time they supposed to meet their soulmate. He helps because once you miss that time you may have no other chance to meet them.


Draco is not a good person, at least for the Wizarding World, he’s not. He is jealous with Harry Potter, the Golden Boy, the Chosen One, and the Boy Who Lived. And then he made the greatest mistake in his life; he let the Dark Lord marked him so that he can feel to be the Chosen One. He bears that vile tattoo on his left arm. He has to kill his Headmaster. He’s wrong, being the Chosen One is not a good thing; being the chosen one means losing his sanity. He sympathizes with Harry Potter. He pities himself. He’s not strong enough, but he needs to be or else his parents’ lives will be gone.

He cries that evening. He cries like a lost pathetic boy inside a girl bathroom that evening because his only friend is a ghost. His glamour is off. His cheeks are sunken and his eyes have bags for not having any sleep. He hates himself for letting himself be something like this; someone that is not even in control of his life. He hates the Dark Mark. He sees the loose red string in his finger and sobs even harder. Maybe this is why he has no soulmate; he’ll die anyway because he has no intention to kill his headmaster. Then he sees the unruly jet black hair from his mirror. He hates Harry Potter. He hates that Potter rejected his hand that first day in Madam Malkin’s. He hates that Potter won’t be friend with him. He hates that Potter cannot trust him as a person –not that he has done anything trustworthy. He hates that Potter keeps stalking him since the start of the year. He hates that he will never be a better person than Harry Potter. He hates him so much; he makes the second big mistakes in his life. He almost Crucio-ed Potter. Thank Merlin he misses, but then pain lances through him, and in the next second he’s bleeding on the bathroom floor, seconds away from his death.

He hates Potter for not actually killing him.


Draco is standing in front of Hermione Granger, Ronald Weasley, and Harry Potter inside the Malfoy Manor.  Father was just asking him, if the swollen face boy in front of him is Harry Potter. Yes, yes of course, it’s Harry Potter, whom else has eyes with those shade of green.

“Come on, Draco, look at him. LOOK AT HIM!” Bellatrix yells at him, his knees have almost given up from fear.

“Is it? Is it him, Draco?” Lucius asks him eagerly.

“No… I don’t know… I’m not sure.” Draco decides to answer with uncertainty; it will help more than clear answer. At least all of them will be afraid that it might not be him and none will call Voldemort. Right at that moment Draco decides that he’s certain of one thing. Harry Potter needs to get out of here alive or else there will be no Wizarding World. He will not stand on the side as people fight a lunatic with great power only to lose their lives if he could fight with them. He’s done being controlled by a mad man, at least this time he’ll die with a control over his life. He fixates his eyes on the floor before seeing at his pinky finger. His string glows and elongates, he is transfixed as he witness his string connects itself with the string on Harry Potter’s finger. It solidifies before his own eyes, and when he touches the string, it vibrates and the quiver ends on Harry Potter’s loop.

Of course, fate must bond him with the only Harry Potter. How can he be surprised when he knows that fate hates him?


He cries silently that night, thinking of what has happened, of what will happen if there’s no Voldemort in his life. He regrets the thing that will be lost before it even begins; things like Harry Potter and the lost cause of their soulmate bond. Well, at least he’s on the right side of the war now, he has made a different –or at least his wand is making a difference.


Huh, he’s gonna die, that is not even a little bit surprising. It’s okay at least this time he’ll actually die. He finally knew whose he belongs to in life. It’s better this way. He’ll die in peace.

The next thing he knows, Harry Potter is holding his hand, pulls him up to his broom, and save his life. He is not gonna die today. Harry Potter comes back and saves Draco Malfoy. He holds Potter very tightly; it might be his last chance to actually hold his soulmate, right? He heart is beating a tattoo on his chest and Draco won’t forget how nice that feels.


Sometimes he really needs to stop his mouth before anyone granted his wish. He feels it. He is just helping inside the Great Hall, when suddenly something snaps and breaks inside of him. No. Fuck no! Not like this! He stops whatever he’s doing and goes outside. He waits for all Voldemort’s camaraderie to arrive. He’s crying; he knows he’s crying. His eyes won’t stop producing tears. Then he sees Hagrid with a very lifeless Harry on his hands, as limp as a rag doll. He wants to screams in sorrow because his heart wrenches oh so painfully, but he stays silent as Voldemort laughs and talks. Then Neville starts talking and Draco is just having enough of all this pain, so he moves forward and cuts Neville fiery long talks.

“Longbottom, do shut up.” He bites sarcastically, and surprisingly he does shut up only to gauge at Draco’s hand on his shoulder.

“Ah, Draco, dear boy, you know where you belong. Come here, boy.” Voldemort smiles widely. Disgusting. He does walk closer though. Nagini slithers around his master freely coming towards him. He hates snakes. He stops two steps before the Dark Lord himself, and in less than one second he casts Avada Kedavra towards the snake. He doesn’t miss. He never misses, precision is his strongest suit. The Horcrux dies, and Voldemort falls to his knees in front of Draco, screaming in pain.

“That’s for killing my soulmate.” He says towards Voldemort. After that all chaos breaks lose as suddenly Harry Potter is up and very much alive.

Harry Potter is alive.


After the war is finished, Hogwarts is being rebuilt. The next year almost all of us go back to finish our study and to take our NEWT. Draco avoids many people, in fact Draco avoids everyone. They live their lives, he lives his. Harry Potter is safe and sound, back inside Hogwarts, trying to finish one finally normal school year. Draco doesn’t see him. He sets his timetable to be in different class with the Boy Who Lived Twice. He also doesn’t show up in the Great Hall. He basically close himself inside an invisible wall; it’s lonely but at least it’s safe. He finally has the control he longed for.

He still plays Cupid sometimes. Draco often plays with his own string, elongates it and lets it go just to see it quivers, imagining that the quivers will ends on Harry’s loop; imagining that one day he’ll feel it and search for Draco. He knows how stupid he’s being; fool old Draco. Harry Potter hates Draco Malfoy; that fact won’t change just because he killed Nagini, just because Harry saved him, or just because Draco didn’t admit that it was Harry Potter in his Manor.


NEWT is done. Eight Years is almost done. They all will go back to the outside world in three days. It’s time for breakfast and Draco is lounging inside the library, eating an apple as he looks at the Quidditch pitch. He misses Quidditch. This year is calm, very very calm and peaceful, domestic even. Surprisingly, Draco kind of likes it. That’s when a weak quiver is suddenly being reverberated into his being. He feels it again; stronger this time. Draco sets his eyes on the red string looping his finger. Oh Merlin, it is a quiver! But the other end is… so how could he possibly– The train of thoughts stop when it is no longer a quiver but a tug, a strong tug at that. The string is being pulled strongly and so does Draco’s body. He reluctantly follows the pull just so that he doesn’t dislodge any shoulder. Draco freezes when he ends up inside the Great Hall. Everyone is there, some eating, some blatantly witnessing what is currently happening. He fixes his eyes toward the victim, blatantly glaring at Potter, but Potter only grins and keeps tugging until the tips of their shoes are bumping. Fuck, this is a very close proximity. The air gets stuck in Draco’s throat. Harry Potter is grinning wildly in the middle of the Great Hall, standing two centimeters before his very own soulmate.

“What are you doing, Potter?” Draco says confusedly, no sneer, no bite, just blatant confusedness. He tries to step back, but Harry doesn’t let him.

That’s for killing my soulmate?” he repeats my statement that day incredulously. Draco nods, confirming the statement with certainty. Grey eyes are challenging the green orbs, but those orbs suddenly reveal a huge amount of sorrow “Where have you been this whole year, Draco?” he asks with raw pain in his eyes.

“Harry Potter hates Draco Malfoy, does he not?” Draco shrugs, playing the nonchalant feature. “Second rejection doesn’t seem too appealing for me. Anyway, how do you even manage to do this?” he move his hand between their close proximity, motioning to the string like it’s the most incredulous thing he has ever witness.

“Later… It took me an entire year to do this perfectly.” Harry says earnestly. “You’re my soulmate?” he asks again, voice tinges with hope.

“You’re the one holding the string.”

“You’re not ashamed of me?” he has lost his mind, hasn’t he?

“I would have stepped back and run out if I am, wouldn’t I?” that brings a soft smile on Harry’s lips.

“No, Harry Potter doesn’t hate Draco Malfoy.” He says certainly and leans in. “Kiss me?” Only then Draco allows himself to grin, to hope.

“With pleasure.”

Bright Lights

Pairing: Fred x Reader

A/N: The request ends is basically a spoiler to how the Imagine will end, fair warning!

Request: Can you do an imagine where, after the reader finds out Fred dies, has her moment to deal with it she goes on this rampage with George and once everything is over they return to his body and he is alive? It’s all super fluffy.

Squicks: Fred dies… Or does he?! I got a little bit sad while writing this I will admit, I refuse to accept Fred’s death in my Imagines!

The deafening sounds of loud booms, screams and crashes are the only things you can hear in the castle. You were sprinting through the halls trying to find someone to team up with, since you didn’t want to be alone against Voldemort’s Death Eaters. What would be preferable would be being with Fred and George, your two closest friends, but they were nowhere to be found. You got separated when a giant pillar came crashing down, narrowly missing you and the twins. Since then you hadn’t seen them at all, and were beginning to get more and more fearful without them.

You ran around the huge castle that was slowly crumbling down around you, being sure to step in and help any student who was battling it out with a Death Eater.

“Sectumsempra!” you shouted as red sparks shot out of your wand, hitting the Augustus Rockwood, a Death Eater fighting a young Ravenclaw boy, and causing him to fall to the ground with a disturbing amount of blood appearing.

The boy thanked you repeatedly before you set off again in search of Fred and George — or anyone, really.

You ran around the corner, looking around frantically when a bright blue light grabbed your attention,

You look ahead to see Fred being thrown back across the room, when George begins to scream.

You can’t take your eyes away from Fred’s boy lying on the ground, motionless. It was as if all the deafening noises that were happening all around you were now all muffled and virtually silent. All of your attention, focus and worry was on Fred.

You felt helpless, standing there frozen; until another bright blue spark flashed.

Your head quickly snaps over to where George was now, also lying on the ground, however he was getting up, meaning he dodged the Expulso blast.

You were suddenly filled with anger and bloodlust, as you charged down the hallway, your wand held in front of you.

“Confringo!” you shout, as the orange flash beamed from your wand. There was a loud explosion, causing more rubble to fall from the ceiling, but more importantly, the Death Eater was no more.

“Y/n…” George said quietly, covered in cuts and dried blood.

You look at him, but without saying a word, the two of you immediately sprint towards where Fred was still lying.

“No…” you hear George’s voice crack, as he falls to his knees beside his brother, breaking down into a fit of tears.

Obviously, you were heartbroken. Fred was lying motionless and covered in blood, with no signs of life whatsoever. You couldn’t show how you were feeling, because this was George’s twin brother, you didn’t have the same connection as he did. Fred was your best friend… Maybe even more to you.

You placed a hand on George’s back as he sobbed loudly, while you remained silent letting the tears roll down your cheeks, the severity of the situation slowly becoming more real to you.

“Y/N, GEORGE, MOVE!” Mr. Weasley shouted as more sparks of brightly coloured light flashed all around you. Four or five Death Eaters had found you, and if it hadn’t been for Mr. Weasley, you’d be suffering the same fate as Fred.

You and George jump up immediately, brandishing your wands in front of you, shouting any curse that would come to mind, your vision blurred from the constant flow of tears streaming down your face.





The three of you successfully knocked out the Death Eaters in front of you, with no serious injuries to any of you.

“Y/N!” George shouted, and as you turned around, Bellatrix Lestrage was standing no more than ten meters away, a curse already flying towards you in a matter of brightly lit sparks.

“Protego!” Fred shouted, leaping in front of you just in time to block the curse.

Mrs. Weasley quickly cast the Avada Kedavra curse at Bellatrix before any more spells could come from her want, resulting in her falling straight to the ground, eyes wide and empty of life.

FRED!” you scream with a sense of overwhelming delight, as he falls onto you. George runs over too and engulfs his brother in an impossibly tight hug, before Mr. Weasley demands that everyone give him room, however Fred held onto your hand.

“Oh my god, you’re alright,” you say breathlessly as you sit on the ground with Fred, his face smiling slightly through the pain.

After about an hour of everyone crying with relief and assessing the damage done to Fred (nothing more serious than a broken leg and deep cuts), you and George were free to hug the hell out of him.

After Fred let the two of you fuss over him and continuously thank Merlin that he wasn’t dead, he finally spoke to you,

“Y/n…” Fred says with great difficulty, the shock of the blast still having winded him, “I don’t… want to lose.. you… again” he wheezes, taking hold of your hand again.

“We thought you were dead for the past half hour and the first thing you do is tell Y/n you fancy her, honestly I—“

“Shut up George!” you interrupt loudly swatting in his direction, “let him profess his undying love for me!”

Fred laughs, and then immediately regrets it when the pain shoots through his body, causing a series of groans and swear words.

“Look what you’ve done George…” you say quietly, giving George a teasing smile.

“Y/n I do… Love you…” Fred says quietly.

“You look down at him, your brow slightly furrowed, “you what?”

Fred tries to repeat himself, but he ends up coughing violently instead, followed by more swearing and coughing,

“Don’t make me repeat it,” he says almost inaudibly fast, “Just accept… it… and maybe.. kiss me… it’s up… to you…”

For the second time, you were practically frozen, not knowing how to react.

“This is exactly what you wanted, just kiss him for God’s sake we all know you want—“

“yES thank you George,” you say loudly with a smile of mock-annoyance,

“Fine, I’ll.. do it… Christ…” Fred says as he slowly lifts himself onto one shoulder, his other hand shakily rests on the back of your head as he pulls you down towards him, and kisses you.

“Oh, yep, I’m going to.. I’m going to go over here now,” George mumbles as he goes over to stand with his Mum and Dad.

You two finally pull away, a smile on both of your faces,

“I don’t want to lose you again either, Freddie,” you say, tears rolling down your face from what has been quite possibly the most intense amount of emotions anyone could ever have in the space of no more than two hours.

A/N: aw :) also, I’m really overwhelmed by the amount of notes some of my Imagines have gotten of late, my first ever Imagine from back in 2015 received OVER A THOUSAND NOTES?!?!?!? I am in utter shock honestly, thank you all so very much!


Lily Evans looked at herself in the mirror in front of her. She was only 18 and in a wedding dress about to say “I do” to James Potter. Her hair was braided into a basic crown and her dress was as simple as can be. She looked down at her right hand where James’ mother’s ring shone, something old. McGonagall brought her a golden necklace as a gift. Lily insisted she couldn’t accept, that it was an honour enough to have her give Lily away but woman wouldn’t take no as an answer, something new. Mary gave Lily her favourite earrings for the wedding, something borrowed. She had blue flowers in her braid, something blue.

If she had to say “no” to one more person who asked her if she was pregnant, she was going to hex that unlucky person. Aside from that small annoyance, her knees were shaking but not from cold feet, she was excited and scared. She was excited because having a family with Potter made so much sense to her but there was a war going on outside, she couldn’t see past that. All the precautions they had to take just for a wedding was alone nerve wrecking. She knew that all the bridesmaids and the Marauders had their wands hidden somewhere in their dress robes, she insisted she could have her wand as well but Dorcas looked at her like she would kill her, so she gave up.

She felt the heaviness of not having anyone from her blood family as a guest. She knew Petunia wouldn’t have bothered and her parents… Well her parents were gone, weren’t they? She hoped they watched her from up above. She slowly set down to the old blue armchair in her room, looking up so the tears wouldn’t ruin her make-up, Marlene would kill her. Please don’t fall, please don’t fall. She slowly closed her eyes to make sure the tears don’t leave her emerald eyes and took a deep breath to calm herself.

Lily was dancing with James Potter in the Gryffindor common room. It was dark, the only light in the room came from the window and the fireplace. She looked at James, they were in their 7th year. Lily remembered that night vividly. She had drank a little too much Firewhiskey, she had decided to talk to Potter about her feelings which were very unexpected for Lily, because she would have expected to fall for anyone but Potter. So she was panicking a little. James twirled her around and she put her head on his chest, her head was spinning but she couldn’t tell if it was the Firewhiskey in her blood or the way James looked at her behind his glasses, like she was some kind of a miracle.

She calmed herself down by thinking about how James looked at her that night. She imagined it would get even better while she was walking down the aisle. Then the girls came in, there wasn’t much time left and they were just as excited as Lily was.

James Potter walked up and down in his room while waiting for the moment he would finally say “I do” to Lily Evans, the girl with the emerald eyes and aflame hair. He was way too much in love to get cold feet. He dreamt about this day since the day he met her. It took some hexes and insults but finally, he was with her. Lily Evans soon to be Lily Potter. All the boys were out dealing with some issues and his parents were greeting the guests, it was the first time he had sometime to himself. This was really happening, he was going to marry Lily Evans. James stopped in front of the window looking at the garden where there was an arch made of white lilies, I should thank Remus for that idea James said to himself. Then he shut his eyes as he felt a small breeze in his hair, which wasn’t tidy even on his wedding day.

James was dancing with Lily in the Gryffindor common room, he wouldn’t have cared if the world outside was burning down to ashes, Lily’s head was on his chest, she smelled like flowers. Lily had a little bit too much Firewhiskey and was looking him right in the eyes, James felt her insides melt. She looked a little drowsy and she had a scared look on her face. 

“Oh no you don’t Evans” warned James.

“Sorry Potter, shouldn’t have given me that last–”

James summoned a bucket just in time because she never finished that sentence. 

“Lily? Are you alright? Do you want anything?” asked James while holding her hair back, it felt like silk, he never wanted to let go. 

Then she looked over her shoulder and as she wiped her mouth with a napkin she found, she smiled at James. 

“I am very sorry Potter, you didn’t have to see that.” apologised Lily as she turned a new shade of red. James felt like a train hit him and all the Firewhiskey suddenly went away, he was seeing clearer than before.

“The times I cleaned up after Sirius, you are very cute compared to him, don’t worry” assured James, she was even a darker shade of red. Then James summoned some water and mints from his dorm and Lily looked a lot better than she did ten minutes ago. 

James sat down on the couch by the fire and he felt like something had changed. Lily came and sat down next to him, she still looked very apologetic.

“Stop already, It’s not like you tried to killed me Evans, don’t worry so much. Do you want to lay down a little? I promise you will feel better.” suggested James and Lily put her head on his knees without a word. 

James could tell there was something on her mind.

“Come on Lily, tell me whatever you are thinking about. I can see that you are stressing over something.”

“No– I– I’m not stressing over anything. I just- I- James can I stay with you tonight?” asked Lily. James felt his fingers go numb, he never felt his heart beating like that before. He was looking at Lily’s face with utter disbelief which took Lily by surprise.

“Never mind, I- Forget I ever asked.” stuttered Lily, she looked embarrassed and disappointed.

“No,no! Not that I would mind but you should get some rest Lils. Merlin knows I would love that but– You should sleep properly tonight, Firewhiskey hangovers are not fun.” replied James.

Lily nodded and kept laying down until it was 4 am as James played with her hair and James suggested they went to bed, so she did. She gave a shy smile as she climbed the stairs to her dorm.

When James reached his bed, he was dumbstruck. He always thought his love for Lily was unrequited. Was that really Lily talking just an hour ago or was it the Firewhiskey? James had contented himself with just being Lily’s friend for the past year and now this was happening? He had settled for friendship because he thought that was the only way to keep her green eyes in his sight. He was thinking way too fast and he knew he wouldn’t get a minute of sleep that night. What would tomorrow be like, would she remember? If Lily wasn’t drunk, he would have said yes in a heart beat, he would have stayed with her until they were grey and old but as always he did what he thought was the right thing to do. He smelled his sweatshirt, he smelled like flowers, he smelled like her. Then he fell asleep to her smell.

James jumped to the knock on the door.

“I’m sorry if I startled you. It’s about time Prongs” said Peter as he grinned widely and made his way out.

James walked out of the room and went slowly down stairs, Sirius was grinning so wide he couldn’t help but return it.

“Mate, I am the one who’s getting married what are you so happy about?” asked James.

“What? Can’t I be happy that my brother is getting married?” demanded Sirius.

James felt like he was flying, they both called Euphemia “mum” but this was the first time Sirius referred to him as his brother. James never wanted to fill Regulus’ shoes but damn it felt good.

“Now let’s go Prongs, Lily-kins is about to come down, you can’t see her.” said Sirius and pulled James by his arm.

James was standing in front of the arch with Sirius by his side. Remus and Peter were just behind Sirius, he felt weightless. Then he heard the music and the rest was just complete euphoria. 

The moment Lily stepped out of the small house just across the arch, James felt his breath get stuck in his stomach. She was so beautiful, she had an embarrassed smile on her face but Merlin, she was like an angel. 

James had always appreciated Lily’s dark red hair and emerald green eyes but this was different than before, what he was feeling as Lily made her way down the aisle with McGonagall by her side, James felt tears stinging his eyes. How did she even agree to be with him? She hated him four years ago, this must be a dream.

James found himself standing in the middle of a hallway with a breakfast tray in his hands, he took a few steps forward to find a older but beautifully pregnant Lily in the bed, smiling at him. She was still breathtaking. James put the tray in front of Lily and gave her a kiss on the head. She smelled like flowers. Then he made his way downstairs again to have a boy and a girl jump on him. Kids, they had kids and there was another one on the way. The boy was older and had Lily’s eyes, the girl had her hair, they were perfect. James made his way to the door and waved the kids goodbye. They decided it was better for them to have Muggle education, too. 

Then he made his way upstairs again to lay next to Lily and listen to the small sounds that came from her huge belly. After Lily finished eating, they went downstairs and into the kitchen. James felt happy as she twirled Lily around, she was laughing like a child. She had her head on James’ chest, just like that day.

She whispered “I love you” to James’ heart and he felt alive. She had no idea how much he loved her back, he couldn’t put it into words, so he contended himself with “I love you, too”. He would have given anything just so they would stay like that forever. James then checked his watch and realised he had to go to work.

“Please stay today, say you are feeling ill or something” begged Lily as she was kissing her husband’s lips slowly at each word.

James hated saying no to her green eyes but he had to go. He wanted to stay with her until she had whites among those red hair and he had wrinkles around his eyes, he wanted to stay like that with her, as they were.

He came back to his senses as McGonagall lead Lily towards James, he reached out a hand to Lily, she was so warm. James saw his father give him a reassuring nod as he smiled holding Euphemia’s hand. Euphemia had her napkin ready, she was already on the verge of crying. James kissed Lily on the cheek and now they were face to face. Lily’s eyes were shining with tears, she was as happy as James was. She turned around and gave her bouquet to Marlene who was smiling widely, she turned back to James and looked him right in the eyes, James forgot there were other people around them. The only thing that mattered was her. 

They got through the necessities, we are gathered here today to celebrate the union of two souls, pretty fast or so it felt like, it was time for their vows. James had spent so much time thinking on it, and he looked Lily in the eyes and took a deep breath and took Lily’s warm hands in his cold ones.

I won’t lie I have dreamt about this for many times before, standing in front of Lily Evans in a white dress as beautiful as ever but I always dreamt about it, it never crossed my mind that it would one day come true for obvious reasons. I know I annoyed you more than enough for a lifetime Evans but I want to keep annoying you until the world ends. I want to keep looking into your green eyes and see what I am seeing right now until my lungs give out. I want to be your knight in a shining armour and your shoulder to cry on, I want to grow old with you but also stay kids forever at the same time. I want to do the impossible with you, I want to live forever if you are by my side.

I will do anything to protect you and I promise to be there for you when things get hard. I know things aren’t as good as you want them to be Lils but I am going to find ways to make sure you are as happy as you are right now. I assure you, we will make your parents proud. Also Mr. and Mrs. Evans I promise you I will take care of your daughter to the best of my capabilities and I promise I will try and love her as much as you did. 

Lily Evans, I am glad I became a worthy man for you because I can’t imagine anyone else standing in front of me today. I am glad you accepted a mere human like me to be your husband. No matter what other people tell you, to me you are perfect. I love you to the moon and back and I will never let you go.

Lily was in tears long before James finished but James didn’t let go of her hands until he was done, then slowly he reached to wipe away the tears from her cheeks. Lily mouthed an “I love you” as he did that. James could see Marlene looking up to make sure no one saw her cry.

It was now Lily’s turn to take deep breaths. She looked nervous. Remus winked at her and she tried to focus only on James and shut everyone else out.

Firstly I want everyone to know that, I hated James the moment I laid my eyes on him, I know that’s not something one would say at her wedding but believe me it’s very important that long before we were together, I hexed him every chance I got.

You never gave up on me Jamie, it was tiring I will admit that. Even though you knew I would never be nice to you, you still stood up for me. You and that pure gold heart of yours were a part of me although I didn’t want it to be. I am glad we both changed, I am glad I was around to see you grow up to be an incredible person and beyond all I am glad you didn’t give up. 

I admire how you are always trying to make sure I’m happy and how you always put me first. I would have never gotten through my parents’ death if it wasn’t for you. I wouldn’t have been standing here if you didn’t stay up with the for three days straight making sure I ate or I wasn’t feeling alone. I fell in even more love with you because you were there when I needed you the most, when most people thought we were too young to get married I knew there was no point in waiting because I knew that I could never love someone else like I love you.

We are unstoppable and inevitable James Potter, don’t you forget that. 

I promise I will be there for you whenever you need me, I promise I will be everything you need me to be and more. I will be your best friend, your lover, your wife. I promise I won’t try to fix your hair because I adore the way it is free like you are. I promise I will keep stealing your sweatshirts because you smell like home. I promise I will never stop looking at you because your eyes are my favourite colour. I promise I will put up with Sirius, Remus and Peter because I know they make you who you are and who you are is flawless. I promise I will never let you go because you are all I’ve ever wanted. I love you more than I can put into words and I am proud to be the person standing here in front of you.

James’ eyes were looking at the Lily like he did after Lily first kissed him, she knew exactly what he was feeling, she knew him like the back of her hand. 

“Do you, James Fleamont Potter, take Lily Evans to be your lawfully wedded wife?” asked the officiant.

“I do.” answered James. He heard few whistles.

Once they settled the officiant turned to Lily. “Do you, Lily Evans, take James Fleamont Potter to be your lawfully wedded husband?”

“I do” replied Lily while looking into James’ eyes. 

“Very well then, I declare you bonded for life, you may kiss the bride”

James was barely holding himself as the got the permission to kiss Lily. He hold her from her back and twirled her around while kissing her. The guests broke into an applause and Sirius was jumping up and down while whistling. When James opened his eyes, the first thing he saw was his mother and McGonagall crying and holding each others hands. It was real, he really was married to Lily Evans, no, Potter. Now, she was a Potter.

*The story was inspired from Say You Won’t Let Go by James Arthur

** The idea of using a song for a story was given to me by @gryffinbros so thank you love for that

Truth or dare

Originally posted by marauderseraimagines

Characters: The Marauders, Lily, Alice, Reader
Warnings: None really, apart from it gets quite cheesy and dramatic lol

Word count: 2405

Hope it’s ok for you! It took a while as I lost inspiration and had to wing it. xo

It was an early Friday morning and students were spilling into the Great Hall for breakfast. Today, the enchanted ceiling was blue and cloudless.
‘Pass me over some toast please, Pads, I’m starving,’ James yawned as he joined his friends at the Gryffindor table. As he looked over, he realised something looked out of place with Sirius.
‘Since when do you read the paper?’ he asked him.
'I don’t. It’s just, Peter’s face was bothering me and I needed something to block the view,’ Sirius smirked.
'Oi, don’t be harsh,’ piped up Remus.
'I’m only joking! You know I’m joking, don’t you, mate?’ Sirius said, ruffling Peter’s hair.
“Course I do,’ he said, rolling his eyes, grinning.
'I’m not a complete asshole, you know.’
'I beg to differ,’ Remus muttered into his Goblet.
'Sod off!’ Sirius replied as they all laughed.
'So, Pad, anyfig interestig in der dismornig?’ James said with a mouthful of toast.
'Na, not really. Er, someone in the department of Magical Law Enforcement has got a promotion; something about Centaur versus human Divination; a big number of Grindylows are moving around European waters; a new magical plant has been discovered; and today is the hottest day of the year, apparently. Papers are pointless. I mean, why would you want to read more if it tells you all you need to know on the front page? Well, if this is the stuff you need to know, then -’ Sirius pointed at the cover of the paper and raised his shoulders and arms in an I-have-no-idea kind of way. James laughed as Remus rolled his eyes.
'Well if you actually tried opening the paper, you’d find there’s a lot more to read about. It can be quite interesting.’
'Yeah, you would say that, Moony. But plants aren’t exactly my idea of an interesting read.’
James smirked.
'Padfoot, you never read,’ Remus said.
Sirius paused in thought for a moment. 'Touché.’
Remus shook his head, grinning.
'Hey, we’ve all got a free period at the end of the day, right? What should we do?’ James asked, eyeing up more food.
'Prank Snivellus!’ Sirius said almost instantly.
'No, we won’t.’
'Don’t be boring, Moony.’
Remus gave a stern look at Sirius.
'Fine! What do you suggest then, Dad?’
'We should hang out near the lake. Because, you know, it’s a nice day and the paper tells us it’s the hottest day of the year so far, right, Sirius?’
'Sounds like a plan,’ Peter smiled.
'We should invite the girls. Make it more fun. They’re off this afternoon, too.’
'Yeah, nice one, lover boy,’ Sirius laughed, chucking an apple core at James.
'You’re one to talk!’ James retorted, chucking it back. 'All you do is try to chat up Y/L/N,’ he teased.
'Do not! … Alright, maybe, but you’re the same with Evans.’
'Either way, the more the merrier.’
'Speaking of whom …’ Remus pointed towards the doors to the Great Hall.
'Evans!’ James shouted, waving Lily over who was looking curiously at them. She looked at Alice and Y/N who was stood next to her, and they made their way over to the group.
'Yes?’ she asked.
'How do you three fancy hanging out with us later at the lake? We’ve all got a free period last thing, right?’
'James, those times are best for studying.’
'Come on, it’s just for an hour or so. What do you say?’ James said looking up at her with puppy eyes. She looked at the two girls on her left as they shrugged their shoulders in response.
'Why not?’ Y/N said smiling. Alice nodded.
'There we go! Evans?’ Sirius prompted.
'Fine! But I’m bringing my books,’ Lily said, starting to walk further down the table. Alice followed.
'She’s not bringing her books,’ Y/N said quietly to the group, winking before she joined her friends.
James whistled as he caught Sirius watching Y/N smiling and chatting away to her friends.
'Piss off, Prongs,’ grinned Sirius.


'No, you need to chuck it on more of an angle. Look -’ James threw a flattened rock so it skimmed across the sparkling water several times, before sinking. 'Ha, see?’ he said with a nod, looking out at where the rock just disappeared. Peter looked up at him with admiration, before trying again. He picked one up from the edge of the lake, positioned his arm behind him, and chucked it. It sunk straight away with a big splash. Sirius, who was watching silently from the tree behind them, snorted.
'Nice, Wormtail, nice.’
Remus - sitting next to him - hit him in the arm.
'Keep practising, mate, you’ll get it eventually,’ James said, patting Peter’s shoulder. He moved away to sit back down in the shade of the big tree.
'So, when are you going to ask Y/L/N out then, Pads?’ James said, watching Peter’s attempts.
'I - I’m not …’
'Come off it, mate, we’re not stupid.’
'I - I, er …’
'Well, this is a first! Is the great Sirius Black actually losing his cool over a girl?’ Remus teased.
'No!’ Sirius tutted. 'Bugger off.’
James and Remus chuckled.
'We know you’ve liked her for ages. Can you really hold it in for any longer? When are you going to ask her?’ James questioned.
'I don’t know,’ he said seriously, looking in Peter’s direction. 'You’re saying this to me, but don’t you think you’d better get a move on with Lily?’ His mouth curled up slightly.
James decided not to say anymore. The three of them sat watching Peter attempt to make a rock skim the water at least two times before he promptly gave up and joined them.
'You make it look easy, Prongs,’ Peter sighed. James chuckled.
'So, I’m missing out on a study session for rock throwing?’
The four boys turned their heads to see Lily with the arms of her cardigan tied loosely over her shoulders, Alice and Y/N walking towards them smirking.
'Ah, nice to see you can join us,’ James said, brushing his hair back and gesturing at the ground in front of him.
'Yeah, well, I almost didn’t come,’ Lily’s mouth curled up slightly, 'but these two here persuaded me,’ she added with a nod of her head, untying her cardigan. The girls sat down.
'Only because we agreed to buy you ice cream and new quills in Hogsmeade tomorrow,’ Y/N said, and they all laughed together. Y/N and Sirius looked at each other for a moment, until Remus’s sudden cough distracted them.
'Why I’m offended, Evans, that it takes ice cream and new quills for you to hang out with m-us …’ James tried to cover up quickly. Sirius rolled his eyes, shaking his head. James noticed this; clearing his throat, rolling up his sleeves and unbuttoning the top of his white shirt, he said 'It’s hot, isn’t it?’
'Well, how about you take a dip in the lake?’ Lily smirked, knowing he wouldn’t want to ruin his already messy hair.
'Maybe later, Evans. You could join me if you like,’ he winked.
'In your dreams, Potter.’
James stared at her, biting his lip slightly.
'Alright, how about a proper game of truth or dare?’ Y/N suggested.
'I like your thinking, Y/L/N,’ Sirius said, making her smile.
Peter and Alice were the only ones looking slightly nervous, as for the rest, excitement shown on their faces. Lily had forgotten all about studying now.
'Well, seeing as it was your great idea, how about you choose first?’ said James.
'OK … Alice!’ Y/N said, making her friend jump, 'truth or dare?’
'Oh, Merlin, er … truth.’
'Is it true that you and Frank have a thing for each other?’ Y/N asked with a grin.
There was a pause; all eyes were on Alice as her face was growing rosy pink.
'Yes! We do, alright?’
Whistling came from James and Sirius as Lily and Y/N screeched with excitement.
'We know! We just wanted to hear you say it out loud!’ Y/N laughed as they hugged. Remus grinned at the sight. Alice covered her reddening face in her hands.
'Your turn, Al!’ Lily said.
'Er, OK … James, truth or dare?’
This went on for quite a while, so long, in fact, the sun was glistening beautifully now onto the Great Lake.
'Right, Sirius, it’s your turn again,’ Remus said.
He instantly grinned, turning his attention to Y/N, who had conjured a fan to cool herself down. She was glowing. Sirius had lost himself for a moment, then James clicked his fingers near his face to snap him out of it. He jumped.
'Hey, Y/L/N, truth or dare?’ Sirius said quickly.
'Hm, I’m feeling daring, so let’s go with that,’ she replied, still attempting to cool herself. That’s when he remembered what Lily had said to James earlier. His mouth curled upwards.
'I dare you to jump in the Lake.’
Y/N smiled, got up, took her shoes, socks and cardigan of so she was left in her top and knee length shorts, and strolled over to the dock as if it were nothing.
'Wow, Y/N, you’re eager!’ Lily shouted to her.
'Not a dare, really. I’ll enjoy this!’ She shouted back.
They watched as she ran to the end of the wooden platform and did a cannon ball.
They all whooped and laughed as she resurfaced.
'This is amazing!’ she shouted, then proceeded to swim around gracefully on her back. The sun was making the water gold. Sirius couldn’t keep his eyes off of her. All he could think about was how beautiful she looked. James and Remus looked at each other, smirking, then back at Sirius.
'We’ll let him have his moment,’ James muttered.
'I heard that.’
Everyone was watching between Y/N and Sirius now, not needing a game of truth or dare to keep them entertained.
'Come on, Sirius, I wouldn’t want you to miss this! I dare you!’
'You’ve got to be kid- I’m good, thanks, Y/L/N!’ he shouted back.
'Go on, she dared you,’ Lily said, encouraging him.
'Oh, alright, alright!’
Sirius got up and started walking to the platform. Y/N was slowly swimming towards him, smiling, but as Sirius was about to take off his shirt, however, there became a gasp and a splash from the water. She was gone.
'Very funny, Y/L/N, stop pissing about!’ Sirius shouted. But she did not resurface.
Y/N?’ Lily shouted. They all ran over.
'This better not be a prank …’ James said.
Worry started to set in. There came bubbles before a splash again as Y/N came back up, coughing.
Help!’ she screamed. It was then they knew it was no prank; she sounded terrified. Other students were now starting to look over at the commotion.
'Something’s pulling me un-’ She was gone again as quickly as before.
Y/N!’ Sirius yelled, panicking. 'I’ve got to grab her-’ He was ready to jump. Lily crouched as she noticed something in the water … multiple of them, in fact …
'Grindylows! They’re Grindylows!’ she shouted.
'Sirius, don’t, or they’ll only grab you too!’ Peter said, holding his arm.
'What the hell am I supposed to do then? Let them drown her?’
Sirius was thinking furiously now. He saw more bubbles and a hand come above the water. Y/N was holding her wand up before disappearing yet again. Sirius made a grab for his own, then shouted the first incantation that came to him.
The water seemed to calm again almost instantly. The Gindylows seem to have been scared off, for now. Lily cried as James hugged her tightly. They were all looking at the water with anxiety, waiting.
'Come on, Y/N, come on …’ Sirius whispered.
Still nothing. So he dove. The water was cloudy, but the sun rays acted like a giant torch, helping him find his way to Y/N’s body. He saw movement in the distance behind them; the Grindylows. They were coming back. He grabbed her around the waste, mouthed 'Ascendio!’ hoping it would work from under water. He felt them rocketing out of the lake, landing meters away from the platform and back on the grass. Y/N was unmoving. The others bolted to their drenched friends. When they reached her, they saw that her lips were slightly grey, her skin paling with red suction marks over her face, legs and arms.
'She- she’s not moving!’ Lily panicked. They all looked at her in shock.
Y/N? Y/N, wake up!’ Sirius said angrily as he held her cheeks.
'She’s breathed in water.’ Remus knelt down on the other side of her unconscious body. Sirius panicked.
'What do I do?’ he cried, gripping his hair. ’Argh, what’s that fucking spell?! … Rennervate!’ he yelled, pointing at her chest. Y/N suddenly spluttered out water, rolling to her side slightly, coughing and inhaling air harshly. Sirius brushed her hair from her face as Remus patted and rubbed her back.
'Oh thank goodness,’ Lily exhaled.
Y/N?’ Remus said. Y/N was breathing heavily as if she had run up the grand staircase.
'I’m never doing that again,’ she panted. Sirius pulled her into his chest, hugging her tightly.
'I’m sorry,’ he said.
'What? You - you weren’t to know, Sirius.’ She looked at his dripping wet body, then into his grey eyes and paused for a moment. 'Thank you,’ she whispered, squeezing his hand.
'You don’t need to thank me.’ Then he realised. 'The paper this morning, it said Grindylows were - bloody hell,’ he sighed.
'Well, apart from those little bastards, it was a pleasant swim.’
'Come on, you’re tired. Let’s get you inside, shall we? Get you checked over,’ Lily said to Y/N. She nodded, and Sirius helped her up, guiding her back inside with the others.
'Wait - you read the paper today?’
'Don’t look so surprised, Y/L/N, it can happen,’ Sirius smiled.
'Well I am, a bit,’ she grinned back softly.

Well, that escalated quickly haha! Hope you somewhat enjoyed. Thanks for reading xo


Request: “Hello! I’m so in love with your imagines! I was wondering if you could write one with young newt x reader when the reader is also a hufflepuff and they’re best friends and she has a crush on him but he gets expelled from school because he took the blame for Leta’s experiment or whatever it was? 🙈 or just something when he gets used by Leta? Thank you 💕”

Word Count: 1,321

Pairing: Newt x Reader

Tag List: @dont-give-a-bother @red-roses-and-stories @caseoffics @myrtus-amongst-the-stars @ly–canthrope @whatinbenaddiction @studyforthreehands @thosefantasticbeast2 @benniesgalaxy

For the first time in a long time, it’s quiet in the Hufflepuff common room. The crackle of the gentle fire burning away in the fireplace brings a peaceful feel to the room, as does the sound of bugs chirruping outside the low windows. Stars blink lazily in the sky outside, hardly paying you and your best friend any attention. You both sit with your backs against the wood of the mantelpiece, thighs pressed together, a shared patchwork quilt draped over both your shoulders.

“I’m not sure it’s a good idea.” You keep your voice low, quiet, hesitant to break the peace that’s built in the room hours after everyone else left for the night.

“I have to.”

You watch Newt unravel two strands from the corner of the quilt, fingers quickly tugging the ends apart. “She’ll still like you even if you don’t.”

The firelight dances across Newt’s nose, highlighting the faint freckles that cross the bridge of his face and splatter over his ruddy cheeks. “Do you think so?”

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Small but deadly.

Anonymous: thank you for writing for us, your fanfics are so much fun to read! can you write one where the reader is in the bau, and y/n seems really tiny and innocent, but when they’re dealing with a case she handles an unsub really well and everyone’s surprised that she’s a badass and Reid is surprised and impressed and ends up having a crush on her?

A/N: when you said “handles an unsub well” I took that in as interrogating the unsub, I hope that’s okay!

Originally posted by ametraven99

Y/N stood forward, interrupting her bickering team as they fought over who would interrogate the vicious suspect.

“I’ll do it.” She whimpered, small voice halting everyone’s discussions, Derek smirked at her determined figure.

“You sure you can handle him, tiny?” His silly nickname make her frown slightly, her gaze wandered off to Aaron who smiled at her, witnessing her unpredicted interrogating skills himself.

“Oh, I can do it.” Y/N spoke happily, a joyous grin on her innocent face.

“No offence little one, but we should have someone in there who can intimidate him?” Derek continued, confusion piercing him due to Aaron’s smile.

“Y/N, you want to do it?” Aaron interrupted, eyes soft on her excited form as she nodded eagerly.

“Fine by me,” Aaron responded, handing her images of the victims to taunt the suspect with. Derek furrowed his eyebrows, along with the rest of the confused team.

“Merlin Hancock,” Y/N addressed, shuffling into the interrogation room, intrigued eyes burning into her through the mirrored glass where the team stood.

“You the one that’s supposed to scare me? Because I really don’t think hat’s going to work, sunshine.” Merlin growled, dull eyes falling to the table, bowing is head.

“He’s right,” Derek muttered to Aaron, “We need someone in there who can scare the answers out of him.” But Derek was quickly silenced by Aaron’s glare.

“Wait,” Aaron mumbled, returning his eyes to the small woman. 

Y/N stroke over to the man’s side, smirking up at the mirror, knowing the team was watching her. She cleared her throat, eyes immediately going dark as she slapped her hands on the table beside Merlin, she stance changing immediately. Merlin hesitantly looked up at the woman who hovered over him, blinking back the shocked expression that threatened to show on his rough face.

“I’m not here to scare you, sunshine.” Y/N mocked, confidently striding to the mans other side, leaning over with her eyes glued to his.

“I’m here for answers. And I can guarantee if you don’t give me the answers I want now, you’ll be sharing them with the police officers when you’re pleading to leave your cell. Have I made myself clear, Hancock?” Y/N instructed, glaring at the man for an answer.

“Crystal.” He gruffly replied, dropping his gaze from hers in defeat.

“Now, can you tell me who this woman in?” Y/N questioned, throwing an image of the first victim in front of the seated man.

“No.” He insisted, eyes burning into the picture. Y/N scoffed,

“I thought I made myself clear, Hancock. Who is this woman?” Y/N barked, taking a seat opposite Merlin to catch his eye contact.

“I don’t know her.” He assured, eyes avoiding her harsh ones.

“People like you make my job really easy.” Y/N boasted, slouching in the chair.

“We can be here all day. With my knowledge you are the one who mutilated these women, now make this simple for the both of us. Who. Is. the woman?” Y/N continued, sighing at the tense man.

“I haven’t even seen her before,” Merlin stammered, pushing away the image.

“Lack of eye contact, quick and shallow breathing, controlled knee shaking.” Y/N listed, walking close to the man again.

“W-what?” He stumbled on his words, hands clenching to halt his actions.”

“Oh nothing, doll. Just listing off what you’re doing to prove you are lying. Well, that and these images.” Y/N muttered behind him, leaning over the man, placing images down of Merlin with the victim on the desk.

“Where is all of this coming from,” JJ pointed out, lips parted at the innocent girl’s fierce stance. Spencer gulped, eye’s stuck to the intimidating girl.

“I told you, she may be small but she get’s the job done.” Aaron smiled.

Merlin coward at her closeness, anger bubbling in his throat at the happy memories.

“I did not shoot her.” The man yelled, cuffed hands banging against the table as he flailed in his seat. However, Y/N didn’t yell back.

“Shoot her? Mr. Hancock, I never said anything about the way they she died.” A smirk coated her face as she glanced back at the double sided mirror. His eyes grew wide and he cursed himself.

“I d-didn’t do a-anything.” Merlin stumbled on his words, voice evidently shaking.

“I’m sure your prison mates will think the same.” Y/N smiled at the man, collecting the images from the table before striding out of the room.

“Woah.” Derek gasped as her, innocent, introverted self dawdled into the room, his comment causing her to blush slightly.

“I said I could do it,” Y/N mumbled, playing with her fingers without for.

“You sure did,” Aaron replied, grinning at her before leaving the room with the others. But Spencer stayed, intrigued at her changed demeanour.

“You okay, doctor?” Y/N questioned, profiling his dilated eyes and parted lips.

“I, uh, I-Yeah. Yeah.” Spencer murmured, pink painting his cheeks as Y/N laughed softly. She strided out of the room, hips swaying as Spencer shook his head slightly to himself, whispering,



All is Well, All is Done.

Prompt: Teddy got into a fight with Harry while it might be his last day.

“You what?!” Harry explodes inside McGonagall office. He was just finishing dinner inside his house when Minerva urgently firecalls him, so that he immediately get to Hogwarts. He was summoned only to find that apparently Teddy is in a big trouble. Minerva personally glares at Teddy and asks him to explain himself to Harry.

“I curse one of my classmates.” Teddy said quietly.

“You curse someone, as in using the curse spell, or you curse someone, as in using the dirty words?” Apparently Harry’s brain can’t digest this small piece of information because right now Minerva is glaring at the both of them. Teddy is currently looking like a kicked puppy.

“I curse someone as in using three curse spells.” Teddy knows not to evoke Harry’s anger with smartarse comment.

“Three almost lethal curse spell, Mr. Lupin.” McGonagall reprimands Teddy in a very scary voice. Harry sighs before putting off his glasses and pinching the bridge of his nose, eyes shuts tightly.

“And why exactly did you do something like that?” Harry asks before witnessing Teddy’s posture becomes rigid, his eyes only show anger.

“He mocks me.” Teddy answers curtly which only makes Harry’s anger implodes.

“Teddy, you can’t go around cursing people that mocks you! What are you? Five years old? You don’t throw a tantrum in a form of a curse, Teddy Lupin! What- Are you-” Harry takes a very deep breath because it seems like the words have vanished from his brain “Did I fail completely on teaching you about magic?”

“I’m sorry; can we please just forget this? I was wrong, and I am sorry; I won’t do that again. Please?” Teddy begs, but it only makes Harry looks constipated.

“No, Teddy, we certainly can’t just forget whatever this is! You don’t walk around cursing people as you wish, not mild curses, and certainly not lethal curses. What were you thinking?!” Teddy laughs bitterly at that. “Teddy, the person you curse today could have died! Believe me, you don’t want that on your conscience.”

“I am sorry, okay? Professor, I am sorry for causing this unnecessary problem. I am sorry that Harry has to dash here in an instance, I’m sorry that I have casted three lethal curses on someone who apparently thinks that Harry Potter is an obnoxious fame whore. I should have let it slide that he said Harry sodding Potter is a moron who has a hero complex, or that it is good those lot of Order of whatsoever bird were currently buried six feet under ground, or that people should understand that Harry bloody Potter was hanging on a sheer dumb luck while defeating the Dark Lord and those buried so called heroes corpses were the concrete prove of that! I am truly sorry; I should have hexed him into oblivion instead of casting lethal curses.” Both adults in the room are stunned with shock. With that, Teddy excuses himself from McGonagall’s room, but Harry forbids him.

“Teddy, you’re doing something very rude, right now.” His voice is somehow choked in his throat.

“You know what, Harry? I don’t care that I’m doing something rude right now. You need to remember that you are not my father, so stop trying to be one!” Teddy says with fierce strides to where Harry is standing, challenging the green orbs with his own brown eyes. “And for the record? Yes, you did fail to teach me.” He spits the words out of his mouth, Teddy knows how untrue his words are, how meaningless, and how he only said it because he is very angry right now. Teddy knows how guilty he will be later, but for now he’ll say whatever crosses his mind. Later turns out to be sooner, much sooner. The sheer pain in Harry’s eyes is so strong, it almost knocks Teddy to his knees, begging for forgiveness, but the things that happens next is worse, far worse.

Harry’s feet take an unconscious step back as he lets Teddy’s words fog his mind like a plague. He fails. He’s not enough. He takes another step back as he feels the bile rise in his throat. The next thing he knows, he is vomiting on McGonagall’s expensive rug, but more importantly he’s vomiting blood. The last thing he hears is McGonagall’s panic voice, calling his name. Teddy is frozen on his feet as he stares at the amount of blood coming from Harry’s –everywhere– ear, eyes, nose, but especially his mouth. Harry is vomiting –no, oozing blood everywhere, and Teddy is frozen, staring like an idiot while McGonagall’s panic voice fills the room.

“Mr. Potter! Mr. Potter!” McGonagall’s voice brings him back from his stupor. “Merlin! Harry, hang in there, dear boy, hang in there. Mr. Lupin, I’m guessing you’re already capable to Apparate?” McGonagall’s voice can only means business.

“Yes, Professor.”

“Go outside, Apparate to St. Mungo at once, alert them I’m coming with Harry. I need to alert other people first.”

“With all due respect Professor, but there’s no time. I’ll Apparate the both of us to St. Mungo, you can alert other people.” Teddy says with every ounce of patience in his being.

“Alright then, go, now!” With that, Teddy levitates Harry’s unconscious body in a hurry and brings him outside, before he knows it, he already arrived inside St. Mungo. He immediately runs to the counter.

“Help me, please.”

“What’s the patient name?” The girl asks too cheerily.

“Are you blind? He’s Harry fucking Potter, and he needs help. So, if you want your bloody saviour to survive, I suggest you to fetch him a healer, now.” The girl gasps at Teddy’s obvious irritation.

“Go to the fifth floor, there should be someone already waiting for you. Please come back here later to finish all the documents.” Teddy ignores the necessities and goes straight to the elevator. When the elevator door opens, people are already buzzing, ready to take Harry’s unconscious, floating body.

“Please tell me you can save him.” He asks vulnerably to the kind face woman that takes Harry to a room. She smiles at him.

“Don’t worry, he’s the best we have. If anyone can save Harry Potter, it’s him.” They finally get settled inside a room. Harry is free of blood for the moment, but Teddy can see some red liquid is already oozing from his nose again. His face is strikingly pale; the same goes to Teddy’s face from everyone’s point of view. Teddy is currently in a weird haze right now, his mind is screaming in fear, but his face only shows a mask of calculated look with pale skin. He most probably will faint out of fear or a heart attack as his heart is stubbornly beating a tattoo on his chest.

“Good evening, what do we have here?” A voice startles him as he doesn’t hear the door opens. Teddy’s shock only grows bigger when he sees who is speaking.

“Cousin.” He says quietly. Draco Malfoy is looking at the paper in his hand when he slowly looks at someone who is currently speaking. His grey eyes are suddenly flitted with so many emotions –recognition, shock, confusion, realization, fear, and finally settle in panic.

“Teddy…” he answers as quiet, but his eyes dart in panic at the person on the hospital bed, before striding and start poking at Harry’s unconscious body. In ten seconds –Teddy counts- Draco is successfully putting his professional mask. His eyes are dark, calculating. His face doesn’t show any vulnerability. His voice doesn’t even wobble. Teddy doesn’t get fooled though; he knows how scared Draco is right now. “What happened to him?” At that question, Teddy falters. He cannot conjure a full sentence. “Be strong, Teddy, I need your help. Help me, Teddy.” Draco shows his weakness as the last word cracks on his throat. Teddy takes a deep breath before explaining.

“He was needed at school just 10 minutes ago. One second he was fine, the next he was stepping back and suddenly vomiting on the floor. The only thing that came out is blood. He was oozing blood.” Teddy feels quite proud that he can bring himself almost to the professional mask Draco is putting.

“What do you mean by oozing blood?” Draco is now pointing his wand at Harry’s body. The tip changes colour from blue to purple to red.

“I mean the blood came out from his eyes, ears, nose, and mouth. It was scary.”

“Hm, I can imagine.” He says coldly.

“Can you help him, Cousin? Will you?” Teddy’s voice finally crumbles. Draco looks at him sharply.

“I will do whatever I can to help him, Teddy. We both won’t lose him, not like this, not today.” Teddy nods gratefully then slips out of the room.


Teddy waits in front of the room, trusting Harry’s life in Draco’s hand. Some people will definitely say it’s stupid, giving Harry Potter’s life in a silver plate to a Death Eater. Teddy believes in good, the perks of growing up with Harry Potter as a role model, he believes that Draco Malfoy is the best healer St. Mungo has, and if anyone can save his Godfather, it’s Draco Malfoy, but Teddy also knows that the last thing he had said to his God father could be that he had failed on growing Teddy to be the best version he can be. A few moments later, Draco comes out from the room.

“How is he?” Draco looks weary.

“Should be good now that he has stabilized.” Teddy feels something so strong knocks his chest that he falls to his feet. He sits on the floor with his back on the wall.

“Thank Merlin, for one moment I thought he was gonna die.”

“Not on my watch, kiddo.” Draco says and sits beside Teddy. Only then Teddy lets his emotions consume his entire being. Only then Teddy lets himself cry. “Hey, shh, it’s okay, he’s okay. It was some kind of poison, lethal enough to kill, not too strong so the person will die slowly. I was able to get most of it out of his system, and his immune system should be able to fight the leftovers.”

“We were fighting, Draco, and right before he started vomiting blood, I had said some horrible things. I thought I lost him. I thought the last thing he would hear from me before he die was those mean things. I am a horrible person.” A sob rips from Teddy’s throat. Draco puts his arm around the smaller boy’s shoulder and tries to soothe him.

“What were you fighting over? Why was he needed in Hogwarts?”

“I cursed someone today. He said some mean things about Harry and you all. I just couldn’t take it. The curses were drawn from my wand before I could think of what I should do. Harry didn’t know the reasons. He got very mad, and I got very embarrassed that I didn’t want him to know. And then I got mad which made everything worse… Oh my God, Draco, I told him that he’s not my father. I told him to stop acting like one. I told him that he failed on being a role model. Draco, it was so horrible. Why did I say such things?!”

“Because you’re an angry fifteen years old, Teddy. Harry said some pretty mean things too when he was fifteen. Oh, he was so full of anger on his fifth year. I, too, did cruel things when I was fifteen. The point is it’s a common knowledge that fifteen years old teenagers are just full of pent up anger that mistakes are bound to happen. Be strong, Teddy. Don’t walk around with curse on the tip of your tongue. Don’t make a mistake I made. Be strong as Harry when he was fifteen.”

“What if he doesn’t forgive me? I saw how hurt he was over my words, Draco. It feels like his world is crumbling down just from a mere lie from an angry fifteen years old.”

“That is because he loves you too much. Apologize, Teddy, he will forgive you, unless we’re talking about a different Harry here.” That actually brings a smile toward Teddy’s face. Draco grins at him before getting up to leave. “Go in there, he’ll probably wake up in a few minutes.”


Teddy was holding Harry’s hand in a tight grip when Harry finally moans as he wakes up. His eyelash flutters as he struggles to open his eyes. After a few minutes his eyes fixes on Teddy.

“Teddy?” his voice is weak. Teddy smiles weakly.

“Hey, Harry.” He says softly before tightening his grip on Harry’s hands. “There are many people asking for you outside. You made them quite worry.” Harry seems to have remembered their last conversation because he cannot look Teddy right in the eye. “I have made a lot of mistake, Harry. None of them compared to how guilty I feel right now. I am sorry. I am very sorry; yes you’re not my dad, Harry. You’re the person who makes sure I have food on my stomach everyday and I have roof above my head since I can remember. I hate myself for saying any of that. Please act like you’re my dad. Without you, I won’t even understand half of the things that are going around in this world. No, Harry, you did not fail on being my role model. You’re the only person I have idolized for as long as I can even think. Forgive me. I have no idea that it would hurt you that much, I thought I would lose you, please that can’t be the last thing you heard from me. I’m sorry I cursed that boy, I just got so mad that he insulted you. I love you, I’m sorry.” Teddy is now clutching at Harry’s hospital gown while crying openly on the hand he clasps between his palms. Harry’s free hand stroke Teddy’s blue hair softly while shushing the crying boy.

“It’s okay, Teddy. Hey, it’s alright yeah, don’t worry, I forgive you. And I’m not leaving, I’m not going anywhere. I love you too, please don’t cry, it’s okay, I’m okay…” Once they are calm enough, Draco makes his entrance. Teddy’s hair turns strikingly blond in a second.

“Hello again, Teddy, all’s well?” Teddy nods happily. “Good. How are you feeling, Potter?” Teddy only rolls his eyes, it’s their little secret that his cousin once removed is bloody infatuated with his Godfather.

“Quite good, yeah. You’re the one in charge for me, Malfoy?”

“Oh stop with the awkward politeness. Just an hour ago, you almost popped your eyes in panic seeing his unconscious state, Cousin. And yes, Harry, he’s the one that just save your life. All life debts are paid. You’ve grown up since seven years of petty animosity, yes? All is well, all is done, now he likes you, you like him, please get this simply done and make out. I’m tired of hearing you both whining about each other.” Draco’s eyes widens comically, while Harry splutters the water he’s drinking. “Don’t forget there are others that want to know your condition, Harry. Cousin, use protection.” Teddy winks, smiles widely, and then goes outside happily. All is well. All is done.

Imagine you, a Slytherin Seer, unknowingly predicting Draco’s task to him...

The serpent wound up your bedpost and over your legs. It’s muscled body cranked on yours until you could barely breathe. “Y/N,” it hissed, “have you no loyalty?” its voice was icy as it slithered up towards your throat. “To whom?” you demanded, roughly struggling for air. “Your family…You could be great, you know. Powerful. The others would look on you with admiration, they’d long to be you…Everybody would know your name, you could have anything you wanted…” It hissed in your ear, you leaned away. Though you started to feel some part of you warm up to it’s charms. The part of you that you knew best was resisting still. 

“No!” you struggled and it reared back in a great fit of anger and lurched for your throat. A shriek erupted from you and you thrashed away. It’s knifelike fang grazed your neck and you sucked in a painful breath through your teeth. 

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Run and Hide- James Potter

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Pairing: James Potter x Sister!Reader, Mentions of Remus Lupin x Reader, James Potter x Lily Evans

Characters: James Potter

Warnings: N/A

Request: Wattpad- “Run and don’t ever look back.”

Word Count: 942

Author: Charlotte

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