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Requested imagine 22 • Jeff

Can you do a Jeff Atkins one-shot where the reader is his girlfriend and leaves the party before he goes on the beer run and gets in the accident and Clay finds him and he’s still alive but needs to go to the hospital and Clay calls her and she goes to the hospital and Clay stays for a while and then leaves and Jeff wakes up and sees her sleeping on the chair in his room? There’s cute couple stuff when Jeff returns to school. No smut. The reader isn’t on the tapes.

You lay on your bed feeling a little light headed, you’d had a couple of drinks but nothing much. “Hope you enjoy the rest of the night xxx” you text your boyfriend Jeff, he instantly replies “just going for a beer run, sleep well sweetie xxx” you smile at his cute words and send a quick reply “drive safe babe xxx” before dozing off to sleep.

You woke up to buzzing, your phone on the edge of your bed, Clay, it read. Confused you answered, even though it was 2am “hello?” You groggily say hoping he butt dialled you, “y/n you gotta get the the hospital, it’s Jeff he crashed and he’s in a bad way and I don’t know what’s going to happen” he rambled on, you could feel the blood rushing to your ears, getting out of bed you rush to put on some clothes and dash to your car driving as fast as you can to the hospital.

“CLAY” you shout running toward him “y/n! I’m sorry to have woken you I didn’t know who else to call” he sobbed, you give him a hug then walk slowly to the room jeff is in, you squeeze your eyes shut when you see him laying there with cuts on his face and hear the beeping of machines, sitting on the seat next to his bed he slept so peacefully. You gently held his hand and kissed it “wake up baby” you whisper looking at him. “Clay you look exhausted, you should go, I’ll call you if anything happens” you tell him and he nods, walking out the door.

Jeff woke up with a pounding headache, he opened his eyes slowly to a room he didn’t recognise, confused he looked around him noticing little accessories that told him he was hospitalised, he turned his head to see you sitting on a chair sleeping, while holding his hand, he smiled slightly falling asleep again.

You were woken by a nurse at 6am “you’ll have to leave, this patients family is here now” she said sternly scooting you out of the door, you passed Jeffs parents in the ward who rushed past you not noticing you. You sighed and went home, for the rest of the night you tried calling the hospital for updates but they wouldn’t tell you anything.

A week had passed and you were out of your mind with worry, no one would tell you anything and you had practically banned from entering the hospital again. You stood by your locker at school aimlessly throwing books in and daydreaming, suddenly you heard lots of chattering and well wishes, spinning on your heels you see Jeff limping into school with a cast on one arm, your heart almost explodes at the sight of him, he’s saying hello to everyone and finally his gaze meets yours and his face turns into a massive grin, he hobbles over and hugs you as hard as he can, you practically collapse into his arms “I missed you so much baby” he whispers into your ear, “I’m sorry I couldn’t get in, the hospital wouldn’t let me see you but I was there that night I promise!” You say and he chuckles “I know baby I saw you, I woke up for a second and saw you sleeping. I’m sorry I haven’t been in touch, my parents took my phone from me and made me study while I recovered” he said rolling his eyes, you laughed and kissed him hard. Jeff kissed you back and laced your fingers together, guiding you to the cafeteria, hardly a romantic venue but you had a lot to catch up on.

Jeff began telling you the story, you’d stopped him “I don’t want to know, it’s been painful enough not knowing how you were I don’t want to know what could have happened” you whisper and his face falls “I’m so sorry princess, I never ever want you to go through anything like this again, as beautiful as you are, you look like shit” he joked as he could visibly see you hadnt been coping well, not taking pride in your appearance “you’re the one who looks like shit!” You laughed at him, “cmon I have a good excuse! I couldn’t walk to the shower with my bad leg!” He protested “well I couldn’t shower incase you called and I missed it” you mumbled looking at your hands “again, I’m so sorry, I should have tried harder to message you” he said looking deflated “what matters is you’re okay and I love you” you reply and he grins at you “and I love you, so fucking much” he says kissing you deeply.

Hope this is what you wanted 💜

Mini Musings: Guardians and their Memories

Recently I had a talk with @yourspunkpunk over Guardians and whether they remember their past lives, and I know that this is a prevalent issue within the community itself. 

Now I don’t know whether this is a writing oversight from Bungie or just a way to underline that every Guardian’s experience is unique (as an optimist who likes to reconcile all contradictory lore I personally prefer the latter option) so let’s just bring up the different perspectives on this. 

1. Guardians have no memory at all of their past lives. 

Example: Fenchurch Everis.

Fenchurch was resurrected by his Ghost, Neville, on the wastelands of Mars. He woke up utterly alone in the sand, except for one Silver coin with a digital signature. Said digital signature matched one of Tess Everis’s Silver coins, thus leading to the conclusion that he was one of her long lost relatives. He woke up with no memory of his past life, and spent years searching the solar system for whatever clues could lead him to discover who he was before he became a Guardian.

2. Guardians have a jumbled memory of their past lives. 

Example: Cayde-6.

Cayde has a journal, detailing his experiences living in the Golden Age, before he became a Guardian and before he even became an Exo. He even mentions Maya Sundaresh by name and describes her physique explicitly. However, the memories of the Golden Age are interspersed with information that’s definitely post-Collapse: Hive targets, being a Guardian, hiding in a cave with a camouflage cloak wrapped around himself, lending credence to the idea that his memories are jumbled and lumped together after an entire brain reset.

3. Guardians have enough memory of their past lives to assemble an identity. (This is the one least likely to be true and barely has any evidence for it.)

Examples: Pod #10201 (Master Chief?).

Upon scanning Pod #10201, Ghost states that he tried to resurrect him before you, but the person inside still preferred to stay dead, claiming that the “last war was enough for a thousand lifetimes.” Aside from implying that Ghosts can talk to dead people and ask them for consent to becoming Guardians (which is a topic for another time) this also carries the implication that dead people can still have memories post, well, you know, dying. It is really strange, and I have an idea as to how, but I need to do more research on it.

(Canon lore ends here.) 

Now, what do I think? 

I believe, that because Ghosts can scan things down to the quantum state (a mechanic required to understand the inner workings of Hive magic and Vex technology), that they can recreate people down to that resolution. Therefore, if there are electrical and neurotransmitter signals still running around the brain at the time, they would carry over, and so would their corresponding neural pathways. 

However, because said memories and neural pathways only work if constantly reinforced, these latent memories would be practically obliterated due to the mountain of information Guardians have to process within seconds of waking up. It’s disorienting enough to play the videogame if you’ve never played it before.
I can only imagine it would be much more so to actually wake up in it. 

If a Guardian was resurrected in a therapy chair and asked to try and remember their past lives instead of being immediately forced to survive beyond the Walls, then maybe we’d have a Guardian with full knowledge of who they were before they died. But who knows?

This post is not meant to destroy anyone’s headcanons or argue against them, it’s only meant to give evidence to all three points. 

Thank you for reading, and happy hunting, Guardians. 

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Can you write a poem about a girl and a guy that had a relationship, but broke up and still secretly love each other and think about each other? I love your poetry, it's beautiful.

Every morning I open my eyes
I turn to the spot you used to lay
I imagine you saying good morning 
in your cute just waking up voice 
and it kills me that there’s no longer an us 
because I think about you all the time
if i’m honest i’m still completely in love with you 
and I wish there was something I could do 
to bring us back together 
because I see the way you still look at me 
it’s the same look you gave me 
the night you told me you loved me 
i’m waiting for you 
to come home

- kenzie lawson

Stay with me

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Cheryl x reader

Request summary: Can I request a Cheryl x reader set on July 4th. when the reader finds out about what happened she rushes over to thorn hill but something tragic happens (gets run over by a car or like suddenly faints idk) and Cher witnesses the whole thing, she goes ballistic until the reader wakes up again

When word broke out about Jason Blossom you hurried to Thorn Hill to be with Cheryl.

The entrance was crowded with news reporters trying to get the scoop on the soon to be front page news.

She was outside the manor with her parents telling Sheriff Keller what happened.

She was crying, you had never seen Cheryl cry before.

Driving past you turned your head to look at her and you saw a sigh of relief on her face as she noticed you were there.

You looked back at the road with intent of finding somewhere to park but instead you were met with the front of another car and blacked out.

Cheryl yelled your name and ran to your car.

She opened your car door and pushed the air-bag aside to see a gash on your head,

“Y/N! Somebody get help!,” she yelled to the others just standing back watching.

She cradled your head against her chest, “stay with me Y/N, please wake up, please be okay.”

When you awoke you were in a hospital bed surrounded by machines.

Cheryl noticed you waking up, “oh my God Y/N you’re awake.”

She yelled out for a nurse before turning back to you, “don’t ever do that to me again Y/N, I can’t lose you and JJ.”

Then you remembered the whole reason you went to see her in the first place, “Jason. Are you okay Cheryl-”

The nurse arrived before Cheryl had a chance to speak.

You were left answering an endless amount of questions by her and the doctor before they finally let you speak to Cheryl again.

“Cheryl, I heard about what happened at the river, I’m so sorry about Jason.”

She grabbed your hand, “Don’t worry about me Y/N, you’re alright and that’s the first good thing to happen today.”

“Have you been here the whole time?” you asked.

“I haven’t left your side since it happened and I won’t leave until they let you out of this place. You should get some rest.” She told you calmly.

You couldn’t believe what was happening in Riverdale this July 4th but things would only get more twisted later on as the truth started to come out.

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Can you imagine the heartwrenching drama if Abby wakes up, is pissed off because Kane didn't listen to her, only to find he used the list, Clarke didn't include him, and he's OUTSIDE THE BUNKER?! And just as she runs out to demand he be let in (or she be let out) Octavia meets her at the closed door and reveals that Clarke, Raven and Bellamy aren't making it back and they need to bring three more people in.... Drama! Emotion! I NEEDS IT!


I feel like I could buy Clarke, Bellamy and Raven maybe giving over their spots to Kane, Dad Miller and someone else.  I’d like it to be Clarke who gives Kane her spot to make up for, ya know, LEAVING HIM TO DIE THAT OTHER TIME

But yeah like what if Kane is outside trying to keep the about-to-die people from panicking by like leading them in prayer or something like his mom taught him, or being like the serene martyr Kane he was with Lincoln and Sinclair (”we don’t break. we don’t show fear. death can be an act of unity too. the people will remember”) and just in general being the purest most beautiful leader of all, and then at the LAST SECOND they have three spots left and someone from the crowd of people outside the door turns to Kane and tells him to go back inside, their people need him, and he deserves to live, and then he opens the door and Abby’s there crying and they kiss and hug and then the airlock door closes and they hold each other as praimfaya hits I’M GONNA NEED TO WRITE THIS FIC NOW AREN’T I, SON OF A BITCH

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hcs about the main 3 waking up one day and finding out their s/o passed away in their sleep the night prior? (can be out of the blue or because they were actually sick! i'd love to see your take on this! ps: maximum angst pls)

You DEVIL! I like you -smirks-


  • Waking up, turning around and smiling at your beautiful face was everything that made Yuuri’s day better. But today, he didn’t find a peaceful face. He found open cloudy eyes, a hanging jaw and a stiff body.
  • Yuuri instantly started yelling. This sight was not something the fainted hearted could see.
  • Tears started pouring out as Yuuri yelled your name. He was panicking and didn’t know what to do. After much deliberation he finally called the emergency line.
  • When the paramedics got to your and Yuuri’s home, they rushed in already expecting the worse since Yuuri’s description was basically that of a corpse. 
  • Yuuri was crying, clinging to one of the paramedics and begging him to save you.
  • “Please! Save her! PLEASE!”
  • “Sir! We will do everything we can!” Yuuri fell to his knees, losing all strength in his body. He saw as the paramedics started looking for signs of like, even trying to revive you even thought they knew it was too late. 
  • As soon as one of the paramedics draped the blanket on top of your face, Yuuri lost it. He cried his heart and soul out, yelling at the air, trying to get all of those pent up feelings out of his chest. But it was almost impossible.
  • When the paramedics started taking you away, Yuuri held onto the stretcher.
  • “Don’t take her! Don’t you DARE!” 
  • One of the paramedics tackled Yuuri to the ground, holding him until they put your corpse safely in the ambulance. 
  • As much as Yuuri struggled, he knew nothing could be done. This was it.
  • At your funeral Yuuri had to be taken away in the spot to a mental hospital. He had tried to hold your casket back, even going as far as to punch somebody who was lowering it onto the ground.
  • After much needed treatment and time healing the wounds little by little, Yuuri was able to visit your grave. He didn’t  say anything, he was even afraid of breathing thinking he would be able to smell your perfume. He put a Polaroid picture of the both of you in the grave, sat down in front of it and closed his eyes. He stayed there trying to imagine you by his side.


  • Every Friday Viktor would wake up earlier than usual to make you some breakfast in bed. But today was a very special day, he planned to to propose to you as soon as you woke up. He had put the engagement ring around a piece of bacon and hoped for the best.
  • As Viktor came into the room with the tray full of breakfast, he started calling out your name slowly. You were turned to the other side, your back facing him so he hadn’t noticed anything when he woke up.
  • He put the tray down on the floor for a second and sat beside you, shaking you a bit and calling out your name. He noticed that your skin felt cold and rigid. He observed you more and noticed that your chest wasn’t moving.
  • “Oh God, no…” He turned your body upside and when he saw your hanging jaw and partially closed eyes he stood up from the bed and ran towards the first phone he could find, calling the emergency line.
  • His hands were shaking, he was barely holding back his tears. He held onto himself, sort of giving himself a hug. He was in complete denial.
  • When the paramedics finally arrived, they did everything they could, but declared you dead.
  • “I’m sorry, but it seems she passed away some hours ago. We will proceed to take her to the hospital and check to see the cause” Even thought everything seemed chaotic in Viktor’s mind, he seemed rather calmed. He followed orders, went to the hospital, discovered the cause of death and even then did he not shed a single tear.
  • After the viewing took place, your body was cremated and your ashes were handed over to Viktor. He drove all the way to the place he took you when he asked you to be his girlfriend/boyfriend, a cliff that looked down on the sea. He took your ashes and the engagement ring he was supposed to give you that fateful morning and he threw them together to be washed away by the sea.
  • After throwing them he instantly regretted it and he just jumped onto the sea, without giving it a second thought. While he was falling he finally shed his first tear after everything that had happened and smiled. 
  • “Finally we will be able to be together…”


  • To say that Yurio was a wreck was an understatement. He was a complete disaster. It had been months since you had been in the hospital, your health getting worse as each day passed by. Yurio had even taken a break from skating to be with you every single day. So waking up to the sound of doctors and nurses trying to resurrect you and that damned straight beep noise that will forever haunt his mind wasn’t really the best sight in the world.
  • When the doctor told him that you had passed away, Yurio lost all logical thought and went on a rampage. He started throwing stuff around, unplugging your cords and trying to hold your body hostage, even threatening the doctors and nurses if they dared to touch you.
  • The hospital had already dealt with this type of people. They understood that a sudden death brought much grief, and more if it was someone like a lover. Yurio was sedated and put in a room allowing him to rest.
  • When he woke up he was much more calm, but he kept weeping quietly, hugging the pillow and closing his eyes trying to imagine it was you.
  • At the funeral Yurio couldn’t even look at the casket being lowered. He felt so broken that he even wanted to jump down with you. After everybody left he stayed there and sat in front of your grave and talked to you like if it was any other normal day with you by his side. 
  • He retired from ice skating, started to go to therapy, and would go almost everyday to your grave to talk to you.

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5 with Grayson

Grayson drabble #15

You were scrolling through Twitter when your bestfriends face popped up on the screen signaling he was trying to Facetime you.


“I’m sorry, did I wake you up?” He apologized which quickly made you shake your head.

It’s okay, I can’t sleep. What’s up with you?”

He shrugged, “Same, i’m also kinda hungry…”

You giggled, “It’s three am, of course you are. Pick me up and we can go to Ihop?”

Grayson nodded, “Yes! I knew I could count on your for a late night food run, be there in 10!”

You were lowkey exhausted, but  you’d do anything for this boy.

Imagine J coming to you before he leaves after Derans stunt


“Hello?” You groaned into the speaker after being awoken by your phone’s vibrations.

“Did I wake you up? Shit. I didn’t realize how late it is. I’m sorry,” J rambled from the other end, sounding a little distraught.

“Don’t worry about it. What’s going on darling?” You asked sitting up and rubbing your eyes.

“Can I come see you?”

“My parents are asleep. Give me a few minutes and I’ll meet you somewhere,” you said hopping out of bed and throwing on some public worthy clothes.

“I’ll meet you outside of your house. I’m almost there now.” And he hung up.

You threw on some shoes and rushed out the door, sitting on the steps. A few minutes later you saw J turn onto your block. You jumped up and ran down to meet him. “What’s going on?”

He shook his head and started walking, you falling into step beside him. “Fucking Deran, he nearly fucking drowned me tonight.”

You stopped and grabbed his arm, “please tell me you’re exaggerating.” He shook his head. “What the hell! Are you okay?”

“I’m fine. But I’m not going back there.” Looking into his eyes you knew he was serious.

“Where are you going to go then?”

“I don’t know. Anywhere but here. I wanted to say goodbye.”

“No way in hell. I’m going with you.” You turned to walk towards your house to pack a bag.

“y/n I can’t ask you to do that,” he said grabbing your arm to stop you this time.

“You didn’t ask. And you don’t have a choice.” You walked back to your house and grabbed a bag of the essentials completely prepared to skip town with J. You walked to the station together, unsure of where you were going to go but knowing you’d be going together.

There will be another part to this

Whoo boy do I love Voltron fics, but as I’m writing my own, I keep encountering this enigma that are these healing pods. And the more I think about it, the scarier they are. I mean, think about it. These are kids in space. But they can’t be kids anymore, they have to protect the universe, and with that comes a degree of physical harm.

I mean, that in itself is pretty traumatic right there. Teenagers fighting a war will have incredible psychological impact. But then you throw the healing pods into the mix, and the story begins morphing into horror rather than science fiction.

On the surface, it seems fine. The healing pods are a blessing. Nobody dies or will have lasting permanent damage if they get in there soon enough. But think about the impact that this has on their young developing brains. A paladin gets his insides ripped open. Pop ‘em in the pod. And then they may have to face the monster that did that to them, because it’s their job. They don’t have time to recover.

You fell and broke your arm? Go to the pod. Good as new! Keep training. Shot while trying to protect innocent bystanders? That’s just your job. Get in the pod. do it again. 

I mean, this is going to have a lasting impact on how they view pain and injuries. Does it matter if you get hurt if you can just spend some time in the healing pods, and you’ll be good as new? If you never have to take into account your own injuries, then they start to feel insignificant.

The thing about this is, sometimes, getting hurt gives you time to rest. Think about it, these kids are fighting a war. And Shiro probably has a very double-edged relationship with the healing pods, because they weren’t an option for him when he was starving and bleeding and tortured. And they can’t undo old trauma.

Essentially the healing pods mean a state of hyper-mania. There’s never time to rest, to heal. You never get a few days to recover. You’re either fighting for your life or unconscious and healing and when you wake up, you have to do it all over again.

And then they’d start to lose a normal perception of pain tolerance. Like, with just one machine, your pain goes away. There’s no such thing as agony. Just a few uncomfortable moments before you are healed again. 

And there are two ways this works. Do the healing pods heal everything?  Can the paladins even get scars anymore? Are they just brought back to the state they were in before they got injured? That’s terrifying. Imagine Lance, looking at himself in a mirror. He’s been in space for almost two years, but the skin on his face and neck and chest, all smooth. Unmarred. He remembers nearly being disemboweled, but now he can’t remember if it was on the right or left side. He stares at his body, trying to imagine all the scars that should be there that aren’t and at this point he just can’t remember them all anymore.

And when the paladins finally, finally get to return home? Well, they look exactly the same as the day they left Earth. Lance’s younger siblings look older than him now. He hasn’t changed at all.

And all he can think is: is he even really human anymore?

But the alternative I think I prefer. The healing pods just accelerate the process, encourage the tissue to heal at an elevated pace. So they all have scars, too many scars. 

Hunk has to oil up his torso every night, because the scar tissue is getting too thick and it’s making it hard to move in some places. The tattoos he once imagined he’d get once he returned to earth are now just laughable dreams of his childhood. There’s no place to get them, no room to put them. His body is no longer a canvas, it’s a ripped sheet, held together after every tear by fraying thread. There’s no room for swirling images anymore. All that’s left are scars.

So many scars.

What are the lasting effects? Psychological trauma, for sure. But maybe physical, too. Stopping natural aging, or maybe nerve damage. After Keith got blown from the sky, his fingers constantly tingle, like his hand is perpetually asleep. Pidge can’t taste anything on the left side of her mouth. But it doesn’t matter, because there’s always another planet that needs saving, another injustice they need to fight. And if they get hurt, all they need is a quick tune-up before they’re back at it again.

Healing pods are scary.

voltron characters and how they sleep

lance: like sleeping beauty, straight as a rod, face turned up, hands folded perfectly so he doesnt ruin his nightly face mask. He silently snores but will deny it. the first time hunk ever saw him sleep, he swore it was like watching the sleeping beauty scene from th emovie, he even swore that lance was sparkling… but that might have just been his imagination. He also is one heavy sleeper, nothing can wake him up, unless you slap him. But lance is generally an easrly riser, always the first one up unless of course pidge just never went to bed. This is due to the fact that he had to get up really early in his house hold to get all the chores done

keith: he sleeps all curled up ina smol ball with his hand under his pillow, he’s got a knife under there…just in case. He is a very loud snorer, also a very light sleeper, the slightest sound will wake him up… except for his own loud ass snoring. Usually the second or thrid one up in the morning, generally greeted with lance’s face waking him up because “god mullet head, its 10:30 already get up!” 2 words BED HEAD keith has the worst bed head known to anyone, his hair is sticking up all over the place and it’s basically untamable until he showers.

Shiro: he just collapses in his bed, sprawled out like a damn starfish. The poor dude is fucking exhausted from running this choatic space family. jyst let the poor guy sleep. He is also a really loud snorer and a hella heavy sleeper. usually he doesnt even get the chance to crawl under the covers, he just flops onto the bed and is out. Shiro often shifts in his sleep and has nightmares, bc of the whole “champion” ordeal, it really gets to him. He is usually the 2nd one up in the morning and has some nice bonding moments with lance

pidge:  they dont sleep at all, like they’re up 24/7 in the science lab thingy. Sometimes they’ll fall alseep and Lance will find them early in the morning and bring them to bed. Pidge knows this but doesn’t say anything, neither does lance. And if Lance doesn’t physically take them to bed, pidge will just stay up, they run on coffee and science. Sometimes Lance will stay with them early in the morning just so they have company, pidge will never admit it but they enjoy it. But when they do happen to sleep, its for like 4 hours and they too are sprawled out

coran:  sleeps in the weirdest positions. you can find him upside down, curled in a ball. for quiznaks sake Allura once found him standing up dead asleep. He doesnt snore.. too loud and he doesnt drool either. But he’s a sleepwalker/singer/talker. He just basically does everything asleep. Allura has gotten used to is, but it freaks the fuck out of pidge and lance at like 3am in the morning when they’re up and suddenly coran pops out from no where. The paladins are slowly trying to get used to it. 

Hunk:  he lays on his side all curled up, like ahuge soft teddy bear. Suprising to most, hunk doesnt snore at all. Always the ;last one to get up but no one scolds him bc how can you be mad at an angel. Hunk does drool in his sleep, its actually kind of nasty. Lance found that out the hard way when hunk fell asleep on him in the garrison and found a pool of drool on his shoulder. Hunk aften tosses and moves around in his sleep, always trying to find the most comfy position. He also sleeps under a nest of blankets and pillows, he gets really cold in his sleep

allura: she sleeps like a literal princess cause she is one. She’s flawless while asleep and awake. She is the loudest snorer and drools as well. She doesn’t fall asleep easily but when she does shes out. but like pidge, she doesnt sleep very much, maybe like 4-6 hours. and sometimes allura doesnt sleep for a solid 36 hours. its not good for her but some days when she’s really tired she and lance will have a spa day to relax and take the edge off.

Witchy Morning Routine Ideas!

Being organized is a wonderful way to find success and just enjoy life more in general. Having a morning routine can start your day off right and keep you running on a full tank of energy. Quite a few of you probably do have an established morning routine, or at least a list of things you do every morning. Regardless of how your morning goes, there are always a few little things you can do to witch-ify your morning. 

1. Choose your breakfast based on your intent for the day! Whatever you’re hoping for that day-whether it be for your crush to say hello or a phone call confirming that you got the job-basing your first meal off of your intentions can help bring a little good luck your way. If you’re hoping for something passionate or frustrating or romantic, choose red (make a strawberry smoothie or some toast with strawberry jam). Get creative! Find a way to get in the color black or pink or yellow. 

2. Start the day off with a glass of water, then the best part, tea. I say drink water first because that’s extremely important and utterly refreshing. After all of that is taken care of, drink some tea. Try to aim for some more caffeinated tea if you can (to give you an extra shot of energy and productivity). Add in some honey and stir clockwise for a little extra magic. Anything to incorporate some telltale mysticism!

3. Meditate when you get up. Many individuals choose to meditate in the morning. This calms them and helps them focus on what they need to get done that day. It will relieve any stress and anxiety you’re feeling, and most importantly, it’s a very popular Witchcraft tradition. Meditating is known to help with astral projection, as well as seeing auras and getting in touch with your chakras. It doesn’t matter if you only do it for five minutes, as long as you’re getting in some me time.

4. Pop a good ole’ crystal in your purse or pocket! This is one of my favorites. Not only are the options so endless (depending on what you’re hoping for that day), it’s easy and takes no time at all to do. If you’re hurried and in a rush one morning, take the time to just throw a little crystal in with your things. Bonus points if you set it on your phone while it’s charging to cleanse it. 

5. Eat your breakfast outside. Getting in some fresh air before your day begins is a super good idea. It will clear your mind and refresh your senses, which will also help with your Witchcraft. Nothing beats listening to the birds while there’s still a bit of mist in the air. Plus, you have food! Good job if the food you’re eating is based on your intent for the day. If you don’t have the time to physically walk outside and sit out there without multitasking for five or more minutes, no worries. Simply pop open a couple of windows and sit by them for a more toned-down experience.

6. Draw sigils on your face with cleanser, lotion, or makeup. Rub them in to activate. This is a really good hack for glamours, as well as just making you look good. However, your sigil doesn’t have to be for your physical appearance. It can pretty much be any sigil at all. As long as you sufficiently activate it and are confident in your workings, things should go smoothly. The best thing about this hack is that you don’t have to wear makeup to do it. Just use your cleanser or some serum. Even water will do! 

7. Make some fruit water the night before. Fruit water is especially good for color magic because you can find fruit in basically any color imaginable, even black if you’re willing to search hard enough (blueberries are close enough if you don’t have any other options). The brilliant practicality of fruit water is pretty obvious. It’s wonderfully hydrating, flavorful, healthy, and best of all, magical. Plus, it won’t take up any of your morning time because it’s pre-made. 

8. If you have any deities, pray to them when you wake up. Although I personally have no deities, it’s a great idea for those of you who do. It doesn’t even have to be a fancy exchange. Maybe just say good morning or a quick, respectful hello. Or if you’re a fan of multitasking, just have a nice chat with them while doing whatever you need to do. Anything is suitable as long as it isn’t downright rude.

9. Light some candles. Your house will smell good all throughout the day, and it will definitely help to magic-ify the atmosphere. You can also burn incense if that suits your fancy. Whatever smelly-ma-bobber you want to use works fine. It’s quick and easy so it won’t be a hassle, and you’ll leave your home smelling like heaven. Bonus points if you wave a candle or some sage around to clear away any negative energies.

10. Put some dried flowers on your breakfast. My personal favorite is dried lavender, but you can use whatever you prefer. You can pick flowers for any number of purposes, as long as they’re perfectly edible. They can be sprinkled on a smoothie bowl, scattered over some toast with peanut butter and honey, or if you’re up for a challenge, add them to savory foods. The choice is yours!

I hope you guys enjoyed these ideas and if you want more, please just ask! Questions, requests, and suggestions (plus a simple hello) are all welcome. In the meantime, have fun and happy bewitching!

imagine vampire yoongi.

Originally posted by myloveseokjin

  • just when you thought he couldn’t get any grumpier, min yoongi is cursed to walk the earth for all eternity.
  • yikes.
  • so done with the world’s shit by now, honestly he stopped caring a long, long, looooong time ago and if anyone expects him to give a flying fuck about a hashtag or the panda’s dying they can think again.
  • political scandal? “is that a new band?”
  • global warming? “good, it’s kinda drafty here.”
  • the sun will one day grow to encompass the earth? “great, i’ll be waiting.”
  • whenever he gets bored or impatient with everything he’ll just go to ground and hibernate. 
  • by which i mean he will literally dig himself a hole and go to sleep in the earth for anything from a week to a century (ok that was one time.)
  • and he’s cold all. the. time. like, yeah i know he’s technically dead but he actually feels the cold all the time, because he lowkey starves himself.
  • so he’s always very bundled up, and doesn’t really notice the temperature shift from inside/outside or winter/summer.
  • and yoongi is old, okay, he doesn’t need much blood to keep him going. 
  • he’s got a short list of donors he can have a few sips from during the week, and that way nobody has to die because of him.
  • because ugh slaughter is such a pain to clean up.
  • so, not only is he technically dead, but he looks kinda malnourished, a little sick, and like he hasn’t slept. ever. 
  • and yet he’s very pretty, flawless, stoic, and distractingly magnetic.
  • because he’s so old however, he’s not weak, just lethargic af.
  • there’s just one thing he cares about. wanna take a wild guess?
  • music.
  • the only reason he hasn’t sunk to the bottom of the ocean, flung himself into a volcano, or walked into the sunset by now.
  • and when you don’t need to eat, sleep, or pee, you get through a lot of music so yoongi has pretty much heard it all.
  • these days he just kinda hibernates and wanders around while he’s waiting for new releases.
  • and you work in a record shop. wow isn’t that a nice coinkydink.
  • his usual place shuts down and he has to find a new shop that’ll let him sit around and listen to music in the evenings. 
  • and your place of work is exactly one such place.
  • he comes in late, depending on the season, just when the sun has gone down, during the last few hours of your work day.  
  • he doesn’t say anything, just sits and listens until you have to lock up.
  • and you just assume he works all day and this is the only time he has to go browse, although you notice eventually that he rarely buys anything, but you decide to leave him alone because he looks like he’s had one hell of a day.
  • anyway it’s nice not to be alone in the shop at the end of the day when it gets dark and all.
  • you tried to offer him coffee once, because you got some for yourself and he always looks like he just got in from a snowstorm. but he just shook his head no.
  • and at first he would stop by the shop once a month or every two weeks.
  • but one night, when you play something over the speakers that he hasn’t heard in decades, he suddenly feels???? nostalgic ????
  • and with wide eyes he asks you the name of the artist and you trip all over yourself and your words trying to tell him because you don’t think you’ve ever heard him speak and wow is that what his voice sounds like
  • and after that he starts coming every night to rediscover all the old stuff he hasn’t listened to in ages, because somehow in all his grump he had completely forgotten he could do that???? 
  • and he’s lowkey very grateful that he rediscovered his love of music through you, so whenever you try to make polite conversation with him after that he doesn’t just grunt or shake his head, he gives you actual answers, and you start learning more about him.
  • you let him stay after closing time, just a little while until you have to go, making small talk whenever he’s not absorbed in the music.
  • that way you learn so, sO much about music, everything from little technical details to great historical context, and you don’t understand how one man can have such a large range of knowledge.
  • and then you start playing whichever album he chooses over the speakers so that you can both listen and talk about the music together.
  • and stay around longer so he can finish whichever album he’s listening to that evening.
  • and he begins to walk you home because that way you can continue your conversations, and also it’s late and dark and he knows exactly what kind of monsters lurk in these shadows.
  • and by that time you’re already head over heels for him, but he’s very careful about keeping his distance, so you just assume he’s not attracted to you and that’s fine as long as he keeps keeping you company.
  • yoongi has probably mentioned he’s a vampire.
  • like at least twice he’s proclaimed to be dead and you just assumed you didn’t get the joke.
  • but the real joke is he’s dead, he doesn’t care who knows, and it’s not like anyone will believe him anyway.
  • “you’re too thin, when was the last time you ate something, yoongi?”
  • “a couple centuries probably, what year is it again?”
  • and
  • “you’re so pale, yoongi, you should get more sun.”
  • “i’m already dead, a little sun isn’t gonna help.”
  • or
  • “you look tired, yoongi, do you get enough sleep?”
  • “i took a ten year nap before this, don’t worry.”
  • or
  • “hey, yoongi, how are you today?”
  • “dead. could be worse, i guess.”
  • lmao rip.
  • and then, you go and get a dang paper cut.
  • before you can so much as bring it to your lips yoongi is already at your side, pressing a tissue (where did that even come from?) to the cut so firmly it cuts off circulation to the entire finger anyway.
  • and he’s so,,,,, close. 
  • you’ve never seen him so close, and all you can do is stare at him like an idiot and wonder how many people have specks of red in their eyes, because you’ve never seen that on anyone before.
  • and he doesn’t even breathe. he can’t.
  • and that’s when you realise “yoongi, you’re so cold!”
  • “i’m dead. i told you, i’m a vampire.”
  • and you’re like hha,,, hah,,,ha? w-what? 
  • so he takes your other hand, and holds it to the side of his neck and he’s completely cold and there’s no pulse.
  • and now the cat is out of the bag so he may as well lean in and sniff you because life’s too short amirite.
  • “you smell……….. incredible.”
  • that’s when you see his lil fangs.
  • and at first you’re freaking out because hol ?? ?y STHIT???
  • but then you realise, this is yoongi, who’s walked you home for months now, he’s had every opportunity to drain you dry and he hasn’t and you’re desperately in love with him.
  • so you just kinda,,,,, chill.
  • and yoongi looks surprised, expecting you to kick and scream, and asks why your heart rate suddenly slowed again and you tell him it’s because you trust him.
  • so, he asks “but what if i bit you?”
  • and you say “you wouldn’t.”
  • “then,,,,,,,, what if i kissed you?”
  • your heart damn near beats right out of your chest.
  • and in response he gives you the smuggest grin, fangs and all.
  • anyway, nsfw under the cut.

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concept: you wake up next to your bias, your head comfortably snugged in the crook of their neck and your arm over their chest, pulling them closer. They end up turning to your side, their leg in between and under yours, the arm that was once across their chest now rest to their lower back, your lips a few centimeters apart, and they’re so close that you can even count the small freckles/beauty marks on their face.

Then your bias wrecker/s kicks the door down and pulls you out of bed (rudely waking up your bias) and pulls you into their arms screaming how you should have slept in their bed for the night, then maybe they could have had that moment too

Yuma: I’m late again! Why didn’t you wake me up, Astral?!

Astral: *Sounding completely tired of his life and Yuma’s bullshit* For an hour I said, “Yuma, wake up.”


I was innocently scrolling through amazon, looking for Sidney Crosby related wares as you do, when I stumbled upon this action figure

Pretty cool! Totally normal for a pro athlete, but then I accidentally zoomed in and–

Uhhhhhhhh Sidney



And right then, as I contemplated how they managed to create a Sidney Crosby face mold that sucks the soul right out of your eyeball sockets, I realized that multi-millionaire, face of the NHL, Sidney Crosby must have many many toys on the market that boast his face. This can’t be the only one. I furthered my research. I was not disappointed.

And so I present to you below the cut:


*rated by me*

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Mother’s Day

REQUEST: Can you write like a super fluffy blurb where it’s mother’s day and Harry and your kids just wake you up with cuddles and kisses and (like your other one-shot My Love, My Life My Always) he shares a pic of you and your kids cuddling and laughing and its pure fluuuffffff

A few of you have also been asking for fluff recently, so here it is! Sending so much love to you all. x

“C’mon, bugs…nice an’ quiet now.”

“We know Daddy, yeh don’t have to keep remindin’ us,” your little boy explained, causing you to giggle quietly from your place in bed.

Usually you would be up and out of bed already, preparing breakfast with Harry before you needed to go wake your twins up for the day. But Harry had made a huge fuss the night before about you getting the chance to sleep in—however, your sleep schedule had been to synced to your children and your morning routine that you had been laying in bed awake for a half an hour now.

You closed your eyes and tried to stay as still as possible when you heard your bedroom door open slowly. Harry’s steps were paired with another set of quicker ones, and it took everything you had in you not to flip over and look at your loves.

“Daddy, can we wake her up now?” Your son whispered as quietly as he could manage, which was still pretty loud.

“Yes, go wake her, loves.”

You waited a few seconds, hyperaware of your breathing and whether or not it would be fast or slow enough.

Suddenly, you heard two pairs of little feet pattering against the floor as your babies ran into your bedroom.


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GOT7 - You sneaking in their bed at night.

Request:  Hello 💕💕 ( I hope you are well btw 😍😍😘😘) can I request a got7 reaction to you sneaking in their bed at night because you had a bad dream?? Thank you love 💕💕💗💗😘😘  


He felt someone lying on the bed next to him, he turned around and saw you. “Hey … what are you doing here?” “I had a nightmare, can I stay?” “Of course you can.” He smiled. He was dying inside, he was in love with you, sleeping with you was a dream. “Thank you, Jae.” “Anything for you.” He smiled shy.


He wouldn’t mind too much, he’d be too sleepy. “Hmm, can I sleep with you?” You said, already lying down. “Of course.” He said and gave a little smile. When you woke up, he was holding you close to him.


You were dating, but no one knew. It was a secret. You were sleeping in the dorm with the boys, but you were in the guest room. In the middle of the night, you decided to go to bed with Mark because you couldn’t sleep alone. “Hey ….” He said when he saw you. “Hi. Can I sleep here with you?” “Yes! Of course you can, my love.”


He would be so happy. “Jackson … I had a nightmare. Can I sleep with you?” “Yes, please. Lie down here, I’ll make you sleep.” You lay down next to him and he hugged you. “You know … My bed is pretty big, you can come sleep here whenever you want.” “Oh, really? I’ll always come to sleep with you.” You laughed. “Feel free.” He smiled and kissed your cheek.


“Hey …” You woke him up. “Hey, is everything okay?” He said sleepy. “I had a nightmare and I can’t sleep …” “Come here with me.Let’s sleep together.” He smiled. “But what if the boys ..” “No! They will not mind. Don’t worry.” He smiled and pulled you into bed with him.


You went to his bed and slept instantly without saying anything. In the morning, when you woke up, he was looking at you. “Good Morning.” He laughed. “May I ask when you came here?” “Well … I had a nightmare and I couldn’t sleep. So I came to sleep with you, sorry.” “No need to apologize.Why didn’t you wake me up? I could cuddle you.” He laughed. “Oh, stop!”


You woke him up, and he was worry instantly. “Are you okay? What happened?” “Nothing … Can I sleep here?” “Of course, baby.” He hugged you. “Is really everthing fine?” “Yeah … I just had a bad dream.” “Okay, wake me up if you need anything.” “Okay.”

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Sweater Weather

Jughead x Reader

Wordcount: 2.2k

Request: Can you do an imagine where Jughead breaks up with the reader and she doesn’t go  to school for a couple of days and when she returns she’s a mess wearing joggers and something of Jugheads.

Warnings: none/fluff/possible swearing

Summary: Based on the Neighbourhood Sweater Weather, Jughead breaks the readers heart, she’s a mess and when he sees what he’s done he realises it was a mistake.

Originally posted by juptern

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-I feel like you have to be a mix of Betty and Veronica

-Like nice and caring but at the same time kick-ass

-Cuz you’ll need to take care of him when he’s being sensitive

-But also slap some sense into him when he’s having an Archie Pity Party

-You’ve known him almost as long as Betty

-But you don’t hang around him too much

-You actually get closer to Archie after him and Jughead break up, and spend the summer with him

-You keep him away from the pedophile Hoe Ms.Grundy

-You literally have to tie the bitch down because he’s convinced they love each other

-”Archie, you’re a sophmore in highschool! The only thing you should be in love with is candy and skipping school!”

-He gets butthurt when you say that, because HE JUST WANTS TO BE LOVED

-So you make him a deal: if he stays away from Ms. Grundy, you help him with his music and with his dad’s business

-He agrees because he knows you’d give him hell otherwise

-On July 4th you’re the one by the river with him, and he’s singing a song he made for you when you kiss him

-and then the gunshot

-From then on you two are inseparable

-(More like he refuses to leave you alone)

-Archie’s a puppydog when it comes to you

-He either can’t or won’t say no to what you want

-It’s just physically hard for him to deny you

-Both of you are fans of PDA

-You like showing girls that the new hottie is yours

-He just likes kissing you, holding you touching you

-Archie’s a little horndog

-He tries to deny it but he gets one look at your body and it’s like BAM

-You have to slap the horniness out of him most of the times

-But the other times you’re perfectly fine with it

-He’s super protective, especially when he sees Reggie

-He puffs out his chest and tries to seem bigger than he is

-”Put your chest down superman.”

-You call him Arch, Archina, Superman, Horndog

-He calls you Princess, Cupcake, Sunshine, Queen, and other things he tries out

-The nicknames make you wanna gag 95% of the time

-He’s the clingy one in public

-You’re the clingy one in private

-It’s what makes your relationship work so well

-When you get insecure, Archie gets super sad because he wants you to see yourself as the goddess he knows you are

-So he wraps you up in a blanket like a sushi roll, and lays your head in his lap on the couch so you can binge watch The Simpsons

-His Dad adores you

-You’re constantly over his house for dinner because his dad already thinks of you as family

-His Dad also always takes your side during arguments

-”Archie, honey, you’re being stupid. Now go get my future daughter-in-law back please.”

-Archie gets mesmerized by you a lot, even if your sleeping

-He’s a creeper when he wakes up earlier than you, all he does is watch you breathe

-He also loves seeing his marks on you, makes him even more aroused

-The little shit hides your concealer so that people can see it

-”Princess, it’s because you don’t need make up.”

-”Archie I SWEAR TO GOD–”

-He can’t sleep without you, and vice versa

-Y’all are each other’s ride-or-die

-You’re the one always giving him a ride

-He’s the one that’d actually die without you


-He can’t do anything himself

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