can you imagine thranduil with a bow * *

Choice and consequence

Based on “Imagine being best friends with Tauriel and secretly courting Thranduil, it only coming out when Tauriel threatens him towards the end of the battle and you step in to protect him” from ImaginexHobbit


Your expression was troubled as you stood just outside your tent, overlooking the camp of war that had spread like a creeping vine across the valley in the shadow of the Lonely Mountain. The bustling activity of the day had waned as darkness fell, and now only the occasional silhouette flitted black across the glow of campfires and lantern-lit tents. Most of your fellow Eldar had retired to their shelters, awaiting dawn and the order to attack the small but tenacious company of dwarves in their stronghold.

Movement caught your eye, and you looked to see him walking toward you, the drape of his dark robe appearing shroudlike, his pale blond hair silvery in the light of the moon. Wordlessly, you turned to enter your tent again, letting him catch its flap as it made to fall closed behind you, and he followed you inside. Though he stood close to you, he made no move to touch you, and you faced each other in a heavy, appraising silence.

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About Kiliel in BoFA
Okay okay so yakisobaru and I were talking about Kiliel in bofa and she persuaded me into writing something for it like a review or something so here be my ramblings on the movie and Kiliel so yeah. 

This is super spoilery so be warned, okay? the first part is very much a recollection of DoS, but to know how that played in BoFA. Also I have only seen the movie (bofa) once so I may be missing some things and I may come to edit this once I watch it 45 more times thoroughly again. 

Under the cut a long review about Kiliel and how much BoFA explored it.

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