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Yoon Jisung || Fuckboi

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I’m seriously thinking about writing the other members fuckbois (excluding jihoon and Daehwis but that the same time I wanna start some other series like when they like you but you like someone else but idkkkk)

•Honesty how can this caring mother be a fuckboi…

•But is the type of fuckboi that makes girls think they’re the only one and that he only loves them but he doesn’t genuinely

•Like Jisung is naturally a really nice, caring and supportive person but only means it when you’re his friend

•Has once dated 3 girls at the exact same time

•Girl honestly only want to get with him because he’s literally one of the best boyfriend’s ever, rumored by girls that dated him for a week.

•Like he’s literally so squishy when he’s dating them and nicely breaks up with to avoid any salty ex’s

•So literally the next day after one of his recent breaks up he’s looking for his next girl when his eyes land upon you

•You looked like his typical type so only naturally he’s drawn towards you

• When he introduced himself to you he was his natural friendly self with his adorable smile

•He’d be a little surprised at your lack of shyness because literally every girl always melts

•But he’d try again in try to get a reactions from you

•“So what class do you have now? Mind if I walk with you?”

•“Actually my class is right here but nice try.” He’d be a little shook with how easily you’d brushed him off and rejected him

•However that wasn’t the end of him trying actually he’d even take the time to observe you because he wasn’t about to let his heartbreak slip through his fingers

•He’d notice you’re mostly quiet and pretty serious despite your looks and he’d make it his literal mission to crack your serious facade

•So one day during science class he sat next to you and honestly you even forgot about that Jisung incident and that he even existed Rip lmfao

•That was till he spoke to you…

•“Hey why don’t you a smile a lot, you look nice when you smile.” he said that expecting you to feel at the least flustered by his sudden compliment considering not a lot of the girl’s he messed around with were confident with their smiles.

•But he got a completely different reaction.

•“Did I ask?”

•“Aish come on you don’t have to be so harsh.”

•“I’m not being harsh I’m just being honest.”

•Jisung didn’t quite understand why you didn’t like him but you unknowingly could see right though his fuckboi antics and was not about to be played like nuh uh honey

•But little did you know Jisung has two ways in handling girls, his cute and almost utterly perfect boyfriend way and the I’m going to make it seem like I don’t like you and attempt to make you fall for me

•He uses the first one more cause obviously the second one fails him 90% of the time

•Literally the next day, as if the Gods wanted this relationship to happen you’re paired up with Jisung for a world history project and you’re literally hating the world.

•You were expecting having to do all the work, or have Jisung try to swoon you with his greasy pick up lines or failed attempts at flirting

•But in all honesty you were surprised at how hands on he was during the project

•During lunch he sat next to you and discussed how the project could be split up amongst you two, asked about the topic and even wrote notes but not once did he try to flirt with you

•You honestly were starting to think he wasn’t going to be that bad.

•And he wasn’t, he genuinely was trying hard in this project but you still kept your guard up because once a fuckboi always a fuckboi

•Still not once did Jisung ever try to flirt with you because this was how his whole plan was supposed to be.

•One day he ask you to met him at a cafe for meeting for the project to see where the both of you were at in terms of progress.

•You took the offer because you felt like Jisung wasn’t going to try to make this into a date and seriously take this as a “meeting” for the project

•Once you arrived at the cafe it wasn’t hard to spot Jisung who was by the way typing away furiously at his laptop top occasionally taking quick breaks to look at what was writing in the textbook or drink from his coffee.

•“Hey mr. speedy how’s the progress going.”

•It was honestly the first time Jisung saw you being semi playful so he had to look up to make sure it was you

•“Great! I bought you a drink too. I wasn’t sure if you’d like it or not though.” somehow jisung magically knew what your favorite drink was, jk the snake of a fairy daehwi told him lolz because he’s totally in for that opposite attracts

•“Thanks.” You were getting ready to pay him back but he quickly shook his hand no saying it was on him since it was his idea to met up at the cafe.

•The working session turned out be a lot funnier because Jisung showed you more of his funny goofy side and you couldn’t help but smile and joke along with him

•Honestly at this point Jisung actually forgot about his mission of getting you to fall in love with him he was genuinely having fun with a girl

•Time goes by hella quick for the both of you and before you know it’s like 6 and it’s fall so it’s already getting dark so Jisung overs to walk you home

•You take the offer cause as much as you’d hate to admit it Jisung was actually starting to grow on you within those three hours

•One the way to your house it gets super cold so Jisung ends up offeri- no offering is more of an understatement more like offered you his jacket and just put it on you with waiting for a response.

•Both of you bid goodbye and the rest of the days leading up the presentation you guys go significantly closer

•You actually became more comfortable around Jisung to the point you smile a lot more with him

•the school is like what the hell is going on here…

•But no one cares what the school thinks because you lowkey are falling for Jisung and your hating yourself for it

•You thought about lessening your interactions with Jisung to stop the growing feeling but part of you didn’t wanna miss the moments you shared rip I know the feeling reader ㅠㅠ

•In the nearing the presentation day your grandma gets really sick so you slowly start to intentionally distance yourself from Jisung

•Does Jisung notice


•Why because Jisung took you as the type to skip school lolz good for you Jisung

•Anyways the day of the presentation comes up and you don’t show up leaving Jisung to internally freakout

•Not because he’s worried for his grade lmfao he doesn’t even have to study to get grades (Jisung teach me your ways)

•He then concludes you think that he was just playing with you (don’t ask how his thoughts got there…) and starts blowing up your phone asking where you are and are you okay

•Cause obvious he’s not just gonna straight confess

•When it’s nearly his time to present he books it straight out of the classroom saying he doesn’t feel good

•In reality as soon as he tells the front desk he’s going home because he’s not feeling well he’s running straight to your house

•When he violently knocks at your door he starts getting more antsy with each passing second because he believes you won’t open the door for him

•When you do you’re literally pulled into a bone crushing hug

•And you’re like “wtf did i miss here?”

•Jisung is deadass about to confess when your grandma starts coughing up a storm

•He instantly connects the two dots and decides to just invite himself in

•“So…what are you doing here.” You were honestly just trying to break the awkward silence while comfortingly rubbing your grandmother’s back

•“I was worried cause you haven’t shown up at school in a while.” Honestly you’re shook because you think it’s absolutely adorable he was worried about you

•But at the same time you’re too busy worrying about your grandma to express it

•In the end Jisung ends up helping you take care of your grandma

•You honestly can’t help but have the look Jisung in admiration as he takes care of your grandma

•This didn’t go unnoticed by your grandma

•Wanna guess what your grandma said allowed without any shame

•“(Y/n) quickly get married to him so I can have great grandchildren.”


•You both turn into blushing little children

•Later in the night when your grandma is sleeping the both of you would be hanging out in your room when Jisung finally decided to grow a pair confess

•“(y/n) I have to tell you something.”


•“I’m sorry for the way I acted when I originally met you but please forgive me…. I can now say that I truly have fallen for you and I hope you can accept my feelings”

•You honestly couldn’t hide the huge smile that was growing on your face but at the same time you were having an internal fight with you because you couldn’t tell if he just go better with his words

•He noticed how unsure you looked and was quick to reassure you by holding you close, his hands on your cheeks

•“I know the rep I had back then was bad I don’t blame you for not trusting me, but honestly (your full last name) I don’t think I’ve every found a girl that truly makes my heart pound everytime I see her.”

•Before you could even respond Jisung would kiss you deeply as if he was afraid you’d slip away from him if he didn’t take advantage of his moment

•Honestly he’d be too into his emotions he’ll start crying as soon as he’d pull away and only then you’d know he was being genuine

•“Yah why are you cry.” You’d say cheekily while patting his tears dry with his sleeves

•He’d be to choked up on his tears he couldn’t reply please protect this cutie at all cost

•“I love you pabo.”

•That made him cry even more and all you could was peck his forehead as he brought you closer resting his head on your chest

•And that’s how y'all beautiful people came to be.

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Omg that brother kacchan scenario was so cute! What if the guys did get a crush on his sister? How would that end between them and bakugou?

First of all, thank you so, so much! I kept giggling to myself the whole time I was writing it because I can just picture Bakugou getting made fun of in crazy quantities by the whole class. The difference in his personality was so much!

Okay, now for the real stuff.

Honestly, don’t even get me started on what would happen between Bakugou and the guys if they got a crush on his sister. In general, I think he would be aggressively angry and just want to beat the shit out of them, but I think it would change slightly depending on the person. Therefore, I’m gonna do some of the guys in class 1-A individually!

Original request that anon mentions can be found here

Midoriya Izuku

  • Honestly, he probably wouldn’t ever get a crush on her just because he’s known her forever and she just feels like a little sister to him
  • But if in some off-chance Izuku does start to like her and Bakugou found out… I think he might finally follow through on his exclamations about killing him.

Todoroki Shouto

  • He’s not used to these kinds of feelings, so it takes him about 2 years to finally notice that he likes her. At that point Bakugou’s sister has joined them at U.A. (let’s be honest, any sibling of Bakugou’s is gonna be just as powerful as him) and they’re spending a lot of time together
  • That little crush that Bakugou’s sister has on Todoroki definitely does not go away and Bakugou begins to notice. He goes and yells at Todoroki, telling him to stay away from her
  • Todoroki says he has feelings for his sister and Bakugou nearly blows up his desk. Probably ends in a fight later that day.

Kirishima EIjirou

  • Definitely the most likely to be accepted by Bakugou, however it takes a lot of time.
  • Bakugou’s sister comes to visit Bakugou a few times and Kirishima flirts with her just to mess with Bakugou. She starts to get flustered, but after a few times gets used to it. Bakugou always curses Kirishima out afterwards
  • Kiri lets it slip one time that he likes Bakugou’s sister. Bakugou gave him a bloody nose. He told his sister not to come near the school afterwards, which she quickly ignored.

Kaminari Denki

  • This boy is way too dumb for her by both Bakugou and his sister’s standards. Sorry baby.
  • He probably gets a puppy-love crush on her, just because she’s so cute and outspoken, but Bakugou doesn’t even notice because he doesn’t view Kaminari as enough of a threat
  • Goes for the not-so-subtle flirting which usually results in some laughs from Bakugou’s sister even when he was trying to be serious. Oh well.

Iida Tenya

  • He suppresses his crush a lot, thinking it is inappropriate, as she is younger than him, but easily gets flustered whenever she is around
  • As for Bakugou’s reaction? He probably barely notices this extra. Iida is just a little too far outside his field of view to be worried about in any way, shape, or form
  • Which probably makes him one of the most likely candidates to start dating Bakugou’s sister when she gets into U.A. without Bakugou’s realization. That, is, if she started to like him.
  • Bakugou would find out about the relationship from her and would be shut down before he could get angry.
  • Wouldn’t stop him from going into Rage Mode™ whenever she’s not around though

As for why Bakugou is only nice to his sister and not everyone else, I would say it’s probably because he sees her as kind of an extension of himself. He thinks she’s awesome and could conquer the world (I mean, not as easily as he could, obviously, but still). But, he also has this need to protect her because he’s known her since she was a baby and she was just so. Damn. Small. Obviously something that tiny needs him. And the last reason is that he repeatedly got yelled at by Mama Bakugou to not make noise around the sleeping baby one too many times, so he just got used to being quiet. Mama Bakugou is really the only person who can shut him up. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Seventeen as the Mafia + How He Met You

||| Requested by @dreamiedragon |||

S.Coups/Choi Seungcheol

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  • That type of leader that doesn’t take shit from anyone, except his members because he can’t fight them all at once. 
  • Gets to know and observes people for a long time before recruiting them
  • He’s very stressed lately as they are a relatively new gang and there are a lot of fights going on with others for territories.

He met you in one these fights when you tried to make a distraction for your gang. You were about to go upstairs to the roof when you bumped into him

“Who the hell are you?” he asked immediately taking his gun out and pointing it at you.

“The same goes for you. You’re not from my gang so I’m here to kill you.”

“Oh really.” he asked smacking the gun from your hand and getting them behind your back. “You chose the wrong member. You see I’m the boss and now I can use you as a hostage.”

Yoon Jeonghan

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  • Looks like an angel and he actually is but in reality he’s the one you should be afraid of the most.
  • Nobody has seen him kill anybody because his methods are too cruel to do them in public.
  • Apparently has some beef with EXO’s Sehun. No one dares ask him but it has something to do with Sehun mistaking him for somebody.

By accident you got involved in a weapon dealing incident with him and he has been planing on killing you ever since. You were good at hiding your tracks but he saw you one day in the city and decided to get rid of you just there in the street but then realized that this fight would probably end up in a blood bath so instead he approached you in secret.

“You have to keep quite and come with me, if you don’t want to die here.” he said pressing his gun to your back.

Joshua/Hong Jisoo

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  • Nobody knows why he’s in the gang as he was never invited.
  • When Seungcheol first noticed Jisoo he thought he’s a spy or something (as he appeared out of nowhere) and was about to kill him when he promised that he’s good at at least something
  • And he was, to everyone’s surprise Jisoo’s aim and accuracy is the best out of all of them that’s why he prefers snipers.

He was told to get rid of you silently but you noticed him at the last second and he missed the shot causing a massive panic in the street. You used this opportunity to escape which made Jisoo even more angry. He hasn’t missed a shot in a long time and was determined to get you for that. But whenever he thought he got you cornered he somehow managed to miss and after a while he started to enjoy this little game of yours and soon realized that he doesn’t even want to kill you anymore.

Jun/Wen Junhui

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  • Pro at hand to hand combat.
  • Trains all the members and teaches them different fighting techniques just in case.
  • His training routine is no joke and everyone is practically dead after it.

He met you before he joined the gang. You were jogging at the same park every morning. As it was really early and not a lot of people were out it became like a habit for him to greet you before he ran past. Eventually he wanted to engage in not only small talk and find out more about you and he started slowing down every single day till he was running at the same pace as you.

“Finally decided to slow down?” you asked.

“Only for you.” he winked.

Hoshi/Kwon Soonyoung

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  • Experimented a lot and finally came up with his own method to make drugs.
  • They were incredibly popular and so he quickly went up the ranks and now whenever there is deal going on it has to go through him first.
  • His first idea was to make poison but he somehow made drugs so nowadays he likes mixing different ingredients to try to create a new deadly weapon.

You had the audacity to attempt to take his throne as the king of drug dealing. You were stubborn and despite a lot of orders to report what you’re doing, you made your way around and stole half of his clients. He had enough and thought that the easiest way to fix this problem would be to get rid of you. But he had no idea you thought the same thing and somehow got his whole warehouse blown up. He caught you outside.

“You little shit, now you will have to take responsibility and I’m not letting you go any time soon.”

Jeon Wonwoo

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  • Likes money. A lot. And doesn’t like sharing. At all.
  • Easiest way for him to get rich was cards that’s why he started gambling at a really young age and now is a pro at it and is amazing at bluffing.
  • Enjoys tricking his own gang members and actually gets the most money out of them.

Played poker with him once. He lost. Now he wants his money back but you keep denying his challenge. He usually shows up at the most random places just to ask you. You got into your car and almost spilled your coffee when you noticed him sitting in the back seat.

“Wonwoo what the fuck?”

“Come on Y/N, let’s play.”

“Can you get over that already? Get the hell out of my car.”

“I guess I have to take some more drastic measures.” he said taking his gun out. “We’re going to my place.” [x]

Kim Mingyu

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  • Can smuggle anything in and out starting from stolen cars and ending with guns.
  • Doesn’t stay in the city for too long as he always has deals all around the country.
  • But when he comes back everyone is extremely happy to see him as he’s mostly chill and just being near him calms the others down.

He met you when he was away on a trip. You asked him for help when your car broke down and he fell in love at first sight. He stayed in the city for more than two months just to keep seeing you and you eventually became good friends when Seungcheol was done with him ignoring his orders and went to get him back himself. Well Mingyu obviously didn’t want to leave you but you didn’t want to go to another city either so he decided to be blunt.

“Y/N I don’t know how you feel about me but love you so I’m sorry but you have only two choices, you either go with me on your own free will or I take you by force.”


Woozi/Lee Jihoon

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  • Somehow the ones who look the most innocent are the most dangerous in this gang. The same goes for Woozi. But he only uses violence when it’s necessary.
  • His specialty - torture. Favourite methods - teeth and fingernails pulling.
  • He charms his targets with his cute appearance and then gets every last bit of information they can muster.

You were unfortunate enough to be his target. You were screaming in pain for at least and hour, swearing that you don’t know anything when Seungcheol came in and told him that they got the wrong person. He set his tools aside and stood in silence for a few minutes.

“Fuck!” he shouted shoving everything from the table. You just watched in horror not knowing what’s going to happen next. He turned around and untied you. He was ashamed of himself and couldn’t look you in the eyes.

“At least let me treat you your wounds.”

DK/Lee Seokmin

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  • Is responsible for looking after the gang territories and making sure they don’t get taken over.
  • Usually doesn’t think twice when someone trespasses and just shoots them on the spot.
  • But still has incredibly good and friendly relationships with the residence of the areas he’s taking care of.

Trying to bypass through his territories was a big mistake. He noticed you’re not a local and decided to find out what you’re doing here. 

“Hey you!” he called you over but you just looked at him and started running. 

“What the heck?!” he thought as he started chasing you. You didn’t know the streets well and ended up in a dead end.

“I got you cornered. Now you’re going to tell me what you’re doing here or I will have to use violence.”

The8/Xu Minghao

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  • He’s great at annoying and pissing everybody off easily but it’s hard to catch him as he’s incredibly fast.
  • That’s why they send him when their is a need to infiltrate, spy or track anybody.
  •  That doesn’t always work out as he likes to make either a grand entrance or exit and by doing that he attracts the attention of anybody nearby.

He was following you to get some information when he lost you. Suddenly he felt a knife press into his back.

“Why are you after me? Who hired you?”

He tried to take you by surprise by turning around and taking the knife out of your hands but he lost his balance and fell on top of you.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing?” you asked.

“Well this is quite the unfortunate situation you got yourself in.” he smirked. “If you promise not to make a scene our meeting won’t take long.”

Boo Seungkwan

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*Jun shows up out of nowhere*

  • One of the first members who joined and everybody is thankful for that every single day because they wouldn’t have got where they are without him.
  • The missions he plans have a 99% chance of success.
  • Failure is not an option for him so he makes detailed strategies for all type of possible scenarios.

What a surprise You showed up at the wrong place at the wrong time and ruined all his perfect planing. The members haven’t seen him this pissed in a long time when he grabbed you and almost dragged you to one of the rooms. He roughly pushed you inside and you almost tripped on your own legs but his gentleman side couldn’t let a lady fall in front of him even when he was angry so he caught you midair and watched how confused you became by the second.

“Sit.” he said pulling you up and pointing you to the chair. “We have to talk.” [x]

Hansol Vernon

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  • Knows anything and everything and the others should learn from him how to get verified information as fast as he gets.
  • Good with electronics that’s why he never goes anywhere without his trusted computer.
  • Despite some members protests he tends to sell the rarest info for big amounts of money to the other gangs.

He find out about you when he wanted to sell some info but the gang told him they already have what they need. Surprised that somebody besides him found it, he was determined to track you down. He was even more shocked when he saw that you’re a woman as there was not a lot of them in the industry.

“What? You think only men can do this type of work?”

“No but I find the women who do incredibly sexy.”

Dino/Lee Chan

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  • Despite being the youngest he knew about the mafia world the most.
  • His father had a gang and was killed during a deal so he asked Seungcheol for help to someday avenge him.
  • Takes all advice given to him very seriously and tries his best to help.

Some trusted former members of his father gang were asked to take care of him so that’s why you followed him and also joined this gang. He found this annoying as he wanted to escape his past and always treated you harshly but when he noticed that you’re not around anymore he got kind of sad. But to his delight you came back after a few weeks after taking care of business.

“Missed me?” You smirked.

“Please don’t ever do that again.” he said, giving you a surprise hug.

A/N: I wonder if I should make a masterlist but I’m so lazyyy… Anyhow, feel free to request more scenarios, reactions etc. I keep up with a lot of groups, both male and female!! 😄

Free The Animal

Word Count: 6k

Genre: Smut, Angst (will I ever stop being emo?)

Author’s Note: You ever forget that you’re a fanfic writer then you write a fic so bad you remember how much of a hack you are? Yeah welcome to my fic :’D

dom!jungkook- fuckboi!jungkook- fuckbuddy relationship- dirty talk- thigh riding mention because damn even I am not immune to his thighs- inspired by Sia’s song and part of the song drabble game. You can find links to the rest of them on my masterlist

Loving You To Death (Sequel)

There he was with his hands up some girl’s skirt, grinding on her like he was trying to fuck her through their clothes, the fucking pig. You huff and turn to your friend who gives you an exasperated look, “___, just go and grab him by the dick and tell him he can’t fucking do that.”

“He can do whatever the fuck he wants to do, even if that is a bleach blonde bitch with a tan that makes her look like an Oompa Loompa.” That was pretty low, you admit. It wasn’t the girl’s fault that Jungkook had chosen her for the night. But seriously, there was a limit to tanning, this was just harmful to the eyes.

“No, he can’t because you’re together.” Your friend, Hwasa, sounds pretty fed up with you.

“No, we’re not. We’re just fuck buddies and we agreed that we’re not exclusive right from the start.” Why wasn’t she understanding this? You’d explained it to her a thousand times.

“I don’t care what bullshit you told each other. All I care about is what I see, and that is two idiots constantly doing all they can to piss each other off because they can’t communicate like adults.”

“What are you even talking about? Jungkook is not trying to piss me off. He’s just being himself. Which is admittedly annoying in and of itself but you know…”

“Then why did he do nothing the past three days but play video games while you were off galavanting with Jin, only to start making out with some girl the minute you make an appearance?”

“He did?” You asked surprised, only to check yourself back and shrug it off. “I don’t know, he must have just not felt like it.”

“Oh my god, save me from these two idiots.” Hwasa cries then takes you by the shoulder and starts shaking you, “He’s fucking jealous because you took Jin to meet your family and not him so he’s trying to piss you off. Why? Because he likes you. And you’re pissed off. Why? Because you like him. Now can you get that through your thick skull or do I have to beat it into you?”

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anon said: Hi! If your request are still open… can I request a jimin bad boy smut where her father’s friend son ( jimin) is living with them for a few years and the tension is just building up. Thank you! I love your writings!💕💕

Summary: Throughout high school you’ve hated Park Jimin. That doesn’t change when he begins living with you… or does it? 

Warnings: language, oral sex (unprotected) 

Word Count: 10.7k+ 

A/N: The gif is mine. 

When you were two years old you’d met Park Jimin. He wasn’t even a year older than you and your father’s best friend’s son. That was beyond confusing for your two year old mind so he was simply referred to as a family friend’s son. You never had a problem with Park Jimin until your freshman year of high school when everything changed. He’d cut off all ties with you and began hanging out with a group of six other boys. He had a different girl hanging onto his arm each week and it was no secret that he and his friends often bet each other to ask girls out just for kicks.

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The Tenth Floor pt 1

Min Yoongi had gone through 34 secretaries in the past 24 months, and each one of them left in tears. This fact alone should have warned you against taking the job, but the pay was too good to pass up. Surely you could put up with a billionaires temper-tantrums, right?

Reader x Yoongi

Genre: Fluff, humor, probably some angst

Warnings: Strong language at times

You certainly looked the part. Dress slacks, light-blue blouse, a blazer with the sleeves rolled up once. You were even wearing heels, much to your distaste. You had bought your slacks at a consignment store cheap, and they fit other than the length. You planned to either have them hemmed or buy new ones as soon as you got your first pay check, but for now you would have to survive without practical shoes.

The elevator you were standing in was basically a box of mirrors, and everywhere you looked you saw yourself. It was a little disconcerting, so you tried to focus on your phone. You felt the elevator stop, and you glanced up at the numbers on the wall. You were only on the fifth floor, so you guessed someone else must be going up as well.

You were right, and watched as two young men stepped into the elevator with you. The taller of the two gave you a smile as the other almost pressed the button for the tenth floor, noticed it was already lit up, and dropped his hand.

“You must be the new secretary.” He commented, and you raised your eyebrows.

“Yeah, how did you—“

“We know everyone on the tenth floor.” The taller man replied. “My name’s Seokjin, by the way.” He held out his hand for you to shake.

“Nice to meet you.” You said, giving them both a smile. “I look forward to getting to know you both.”

“Don’t count on it.” The second man snorted.

Seokjin shot the other man a look, and hit his arm lightly. “Jimin, don’t scare the girl off on her first day.” Jimin shrugged, unperturbed.

“What do you mean, ‘don’t count on it’?” You asked, and Jimin smiled.

“I mean, you won’t be around long enough to get to know us.” He looked over to Seokjin. “I’d give her a week, tops.”

Seokjin sighed. “Such a pessimist.” He chided before sizing you up. “She’ll last a month.”

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Bless the amazing leader that is Kim Namjoon of BTS. Just a moment of silence. Then have that silence be SHATTERED by loud and appreciative love for this boy for those in the back who can’t seem to HEAR THE RAPMON STANS

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I mean look at him, he manages to be so soft  APPRECIATE HIS DIMPLES PLEASE 

His dimples make my days better 

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When it comes to his looks, he’s very good looking. Have you seen those dimples because damn. I still can’t believer there are people who say he’s ugly and it’s just so terrible. Espescially because he believes them?? Like no, this boy is beautiful on the inside and outside. Like all the members of bts, Rapmon is more than a pretty face. You’re doing amazing, sweetie. 

I mean, he composed and wrote a lot of music. Not just for his own group, but for other artist. That takes a lot of talent. I mean, I have tried to write music but that’s super hard. And then to see this boy do it with such class is amazing. diD yOu hEaR his sOnG Reflection?! I have to admit it was kind of hard for me to get into at first. bUT once I did, oh boy. Did I grow more attachted. I loved the message of his song and how candid it felt after looking up the translation. Appreciate how honest he is in his music please. Also how he wrote the lyrics of one of their best songs (and a personal favorite of mine), Spring Day. 

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His voice and rapping solos are very distinct. I mean, I know a good portion of fans who instantly noticed his voice the best out of all the boys when they start out. ONe of his best moments could be when he wrapped What am I to you live

CAn we also talk about how great of a leader he is??? I mean, he knows english and I feel like it makes international business a bit easier for them as the other boys adapt more to english. He’s so caring to the other members and looks out for everyone. I know for a fact he helped Jungkook write his song Begin for the wings album, and that just warmed my heart. There are tons of more examples of his great leadership and that’s just the beginning of all the perfect examples.NOT TO MENTION THE BOYS’ HAVE A WONDERFUL BOND WHICH IS WONDERFUL AND A PART OF TAHT AMAZING BOND IS THEIR AMAZING LEADER  im sorry i have strong feelings  

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Namjoon is also very, very I repeat V E R Y intelligent and philosophical. I mean, he has an IQ of 148 for starters. But beyond a number, his intelligence speaks beyond what words can describe. He SELF TAUGHT himself English is a great example and he’s well on his way of learning Japanese. It also takes a lot of musical intellect to accomplish all the work he’s done within the industry. He was the top of his class, I believe during his high school career?? Rapmon also has all those deep thoughts about life which is a wonderful trait of his personality. I know this is a gif of our world wide handsome, but just a recap of that conversation Namjoon and Seokjin had during Bon Voyage. 

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Back to Rapmonster, he’s got amazing fashion sense. If you say otherwise, YOU ARE LYING TO YOURSELF. I kid.. mostly

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Oh yeah, I’ll also never forget how the “big and tough” rapping leader of BTS has an obsession of the Ryan bear from Line. He appreciates the finer things in life, let’s be honest here. 

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I’m still pretty new to the fandom but I have heard that he’s been through some tough times himself. I don’t know for sure but look at him now. Leadermon has made a name for himself in something he’s passionate about. I also love how he really puts himself and his personal stories into his artform.

Rapmonster is a great leader to lead BTS. He has a gift when it comes to song writing. Amazingly intelligent and thoughtful. He’s honest. He deserves love from the fans he and the others have shown great appreciation for. You can have a bias for one member but please respect them. Honestly, he’s one of my bias in the group but I have a fondness for the others as well. You don’t have to stan him, but at least show and treat them with respect through all platforms. 

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Just read through your masterlist and goodness gracious! the feels!! Awesome writing 👏🏻 Sooo how about an imagine, where RFA+V & Saeran come across MC somewhere without recognizing her? And maybe developing a lil crush on her? (Let's assume her avatar is a pony lol and she's can go out of the flat to live her life) Hope it's possible to do. Thank you so so much :)

This was so cute! We changed it up a little for Saeran, just because of the whole Mint Eye thing, but hope you like them!

General Scenario: The RFA party is planned much later than one week after MC joins. MC knows who the RFA are because of their profile pics, etc. But overthinks security reasons so doesn’t say anything.


  • You got a side job in a grocery store since you were tired of being cooped up in the apartment
  • Also, you thought you could use the extra bucks since RFA wasn’t paying
  • Only you didn’t realize it was the store near Zen’s house
  • He’s buying a pack of cigs and you’re his cashier
  • “Aww, you wouldn’t want to smoke too much and ruin that voice of yours,” you say casually
  • He chuckles at the comment thinking you’re just a concerned fan and goes on his way
  • But for some reason your words stick with him…no, maybe it was your voice? Your face?
  • He bumps into you several times at the store
  • He even finds himself trying to get you as a cashier
  • You notice too…but you’re kind of enjoying it
  • A  few weeks later, he buys a candy bar just because he was having a rough day
  • And he realized it was an excuse because he just wanted to see you
  • He kind of accidentally admits in the process that you’re one of the only people who can make him shy
  • Lowkey realizes his crush on you then
  • Then the party rolls around
  • He sees you he thinks you’re one of the guests until you reveal yourself
  • He gets a little more bold in his advances after that


  • You’re in the coffee club with him
  • You’re partnered up one week and you him to taste your coffee before the professor found the final batch
  • He really likes it but more than that you got really up in his face when you gave the mug to him
  • His heart does a little thing
  • He denies that he likes you at first when some of his friends ask why he keeps requesting to be partnered with you for group activities
  • He does come to terms with it after awhile
  • The admission makes him both bold and flustered
  • He tries to be more forward with you but he keeps messing up
  • He even texts you in the chatroom (but he doesn’t realize it’s you) and asks for advice
  • You’re blushing but you try your best to give him “advice” to woo you
  • You have to keep yourself from laughing because he always subtly messes it up oh no this is only making you like him more
  • Then all of a sudden, he stops coming to the club
  • Worried, you ask him subtly what happened with his crush
  • He says that he gave up because he didn’t think she was interested because he kept goofing up
  • You feel so horrible
  • When it gets to the party and he finally realizes who you are, saying that you like him is the first thing that flies out of your mouth


  • She had been stressed with all the new projects at work
  • So she visits a coffee shop in town
  • You happen to be the new barista there at the same time she visits daily
  • It’s not a very busy time, so you two always end up talking a little
  • After some time, she just kind of blurts out her struggles and insecurities
  • You set some time aside from your shift to listen and give your advice
  • You already know her job situation, but you try to give some vague advice about her passions and following her dreams
  • In that moment, she knows she really admires you
  • She finds she’s stopping by more frequently and staying longer
  • One day, the cafe is about to close early but there’s no customers but her
  • You invite her behind the counter and ask if she wants to learn some things
  • She realizes she’s never had this much fun in her life…nor met someone like you
  • She starts crying right then and there, both from being touched and realizing her own unhappiness in her situation
  • You almost revealed yourself in this moment, because you just felt so bad and knew everything going on behind the scenes and wanted to give her a hug
  • Still you manage to comfort her without saying too much
  • When the party comes, she sees you there and she’s in shock
  • Uncharacteristically, she nearly tackles you in a hug
  • She didn’t expect that the two most supportive people in her life were the same person


  • Work had been stressful again, so what does he do? 
  • He goes to the newest pet store in town to hand pick some new toys for Elizabeth the 3rd
  • It also happens to be the pet store you work at
  • When you saw him enter the store, there was no mistaking it was none other than Han Jumin
  • So, you ask politely if he needs help
  • Jumin is kind of stunned at first when he sees you…and he doesn’t know why
  • He ignores the feeling and continues shopping with some of your suggestions
  • You’re actually pick out the best things for Elizabeth…also, he enjoys even the small talk
  • After a few more weeks, he finds that this attraction doesn’t go away
  • He keeps on visiting, trying to figure out his own feelings
  • His time is limited because how many cat toys can he buy
  • Meanwhile, you’re dying to let him know who you are, especially when things with his father get a bit rough in the background
  • You drop subtle hints of who you might be
  • It works, and he puts the pieces together
  • He stops by one day, not to buy anything, but to ask if you two can talk when your shift is over
  • You think it’s just casual, but next thing you know he’s confessing his feelings and asking if he can personally escort you to the next RFA party
  • Of course, you say some confessions of your own and agree


  • He’s on another undercover mission which requires him to “work” at a restaurant as a server
  • You work there too, as it happens
  • You were so excited to see him there, so you just go up to him and start chatting him up
  • As it so happened, the background check he did on you was weeks ago…and with everything that happened at work, he sort of had forgotten what you looked like and where you worked
  • So, he just thinks you’re just a random co-worker who happens to be extra bold
  • But he finds you get his jokes, and even will play along when he does some stupid prank on the other serves
  • He realizes he’s forgetting this is a mission and he’s actually enjoying working with you
  • He catches himself glancing at you too often, staring too long, and wanting to be with you when work is over
  • When he realizes he might actually like you, he panics and finishes up his work as quickly as possible tsundere mode activated
  • One day, you’re told he quit, but you still talked to him in the chatroom so it was okay
  • But you couldn’t help but notice he was more mellow and seemed to beat himself up a lot
  • Turns out he was guilty, because being so open with you on the last mission could’ve put you in danger
  • The party drew closer and the security system gets hacked, etc.
  • When he runs over to protect you, he finally realizes who you are when he sees your face
  • This only makes the next few days at the apartment even worse
  • But of course, everything works out in the end, and you two even joke about it
  • “I can never forget a face like yours!”
  • “As I remember, Saeyoung, you did…”
  • “….It was one time.”


  • Just because he’s plotting the demise of the RFA doesn’t mean he doesn’t stop for some froyo
  • It was also your favorite ice cream place, so you visited often when things got stressful in the RFA
  • He recognized you immediately, but you still had never met him
  • He was really curious about how you acted on normal days, since he only ever knew by how much Seven seemed to hack more or less
  • He stayed in the back and watched as you did whatever you were doing
  • As time passed, he found your presence calming
  • He didn’t seem frazzled or worried or angry
  • Your presence became an addiction
  • He stopped by day and after day, getting a little disgruntled if you didn’t show
  • There were some points he even felt guilty for using someone like you for his plan
  • Then one day, he finds you plop yourself right in front of him
  • You had noticed he also seemed to visit every day, so you thought you two could get acquainted
  • For the first time in his life, he was stumbling over his words and what was this heat in his face?
  • He thought it was a one time thing, but you started doing it every day
  • You were actually talking to him, and he was finding out parts of you he couldn’t just see from a distance
  • He both loved it and hated it
  • The part of you he found so peacable was now tearing at his conscience, making him more aware of his deeds and his own brokenness
  • Finally, he just felt too guilty to face you again
  • So, he satisfied himself to just watching you from a distance once more from the CCTV


  • You were the secretary for one of his new clients
  • He arrives at the place for a photoshoot one day, but your boss is running late
  • He dismisses it politely and just waits
  • He seems familiar to you, but you’re unsure of he’s the same V from the RFA so you say nothing
  • He takes the time to talk to you a little
  • He’s surprised at some of the statements you make which are sometimes very deep or introspective
  • He’s actually glad when the client asks for a long term contract
  • He arrives to work earlier, and he even brings you a coffee
  • Whenever he talks to you, he can’t stop smiling for the next few hours
  • He knows exactly what’s happening when his heart flutters after you call his name one morning
  • He’s very hesitant in proceeding, because he’s still recovering from the last relationship
  • But then he recognizes your voice at the party, and you explain who you are
  • He smiles and believes it’s a sign from God or something
  • So he asks you on a date after the party 

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For all my fellow smut wrtiters out there:

I wasnt going to post this, but i think is kind of necesary. I’ve read a vast variety of smut in all my years of internet citizen and i realized that the problematic stuff we writers decide to include is always the same. Maybe because it is believed as something hot, maybe because of the misinformation. 

Believe it or not, what we write is absorbed as sexual information for those that arent experienced or do not know much about sex in general. This is why it is important to avoid dangerous topics, because if we write about them as if they were completly normal in a sexual exchange, we are contributing to their normalization.

Here’s a little list i came up with:

  1. Unprotected sex is not hot. Is very dangerous. Not only because you can get pregnant, but because of the posibility of getting an STD. If you write about unprotected sex make sure to state that the characters are either in an stable relationship or they know very well their partner and are very sure of their health status. In the case of a female character,also make sure to state that she is taking the pill or any similar measurements.
  2. Angry sex  seems very appealing. But it is extreamly important to make sure that this angry exchange is something decided in mutual agreement and that this angry temper DOESNT LEAVE THE BEDROOM. Realisticly this type of behaviour leads (most of the times) to an abusive relatiosnhip.
  3. Jealousy sex seems appealing as well. But please remember that jealousy is a very toxic thing and if your partner is being this way they don’t love u, they are just trying to control and manipulate you. I dont care if it is jealousy of how you were dressed or from other people.
  4. Anything that it’s forced, is not consensual, and, therefore, wrong. We wouldn’t like being forced to do anything in real life. The fact that the situation is in an imagine/scenario with your bias shouldn’t change that fact.
  5. Kinks and rough sex are completley valid, but when writting about them it’s esential that we search info, that we eduate ourselves in that area. Otherwise the readers might think that what we wrote is the right way of doing that and could hurt themselves or lead themselves into a problematic situation.
  6. In any case, if you still are determinated to write about all these things, please remember to tag all of them in the description as trigger warnings, so the readers can be aware.

We influence people with our writing, all the time. And even tho it’s true that we are not a sexual education source, the least we could do is to be careful and a little helpful.

~From Sour to Sweet~

When you find a new friend in the strangest way.

cat hybrid!yoongi/reader

Word Count: 5,704

What were you thinking?

You don’t know what possessed you to go to a hybrid adoption facility and want to pick out a hybrid of your own. You felt bad that you could only choose one of the many hybrids presented before you. All were of various species accentuated with different colors, shapes, and sizes.

“You can go in if you want.” The employee next to you responds, having spotted you looking at the hybrids through the glass window.

The room was pretty spacious but you were afraid that if you went inside you would try and take them all home with you. It looked like a cross between a playground and recreational room. There were beds for them to sleep, a TV off to the side, and lots of blankets and pillows.

“If there’s one you want to interact with personally, we have rooms available for you, if you’re not comfortable going inside with all of them. It can get overwhelming sometimes.”

You watched all the hybrids for a bit. There were a couple of rabbits running around in a game of chase, bounding through the other hybrids as well as hopping over stray toys and scattered furniture pieces. The foxes were playing with a soccer ball, rolling it back and forth and a few of them even went to mess with the other hybrids nearby. Literally all of the dog hybrids were play wrestling each other and you could see tufts of fur flying through the air. Most of the cats were either asleep or lazily tossing balls of yarn here and there.

You notice a small white cat hybrid tucked away from everyone else, including the other cats, curled up in a ball high on top of one of the shelves. He wasn’t sleeping, rather he was lying there and observing all the other hybrids with a smidge of boredom adorning his features, white tail flicking lazily back and forth like a pendulum. His white ears contrasted the black locks of his hair as they twitched to each of the sounds. You noticed that he looked…lonely, yet there was a hint of sadness somewhat hidden in his eyes, and your heart ached at the sight.

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BTS reaction to them being jealous of their s/o hanging out with guys


Jin would try his best to hide the fact that he was really jealous. He would get really quiet when you would bring up your other guy friends and every time you would plan to hang out with them. He would finally bring it up to you, but he would feel just really sad this happened. “I know you have guy friends, but it hurts my feelings you always hang out with them…I want to be the most important man in your life" 

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 Yoongi would be really up front about it. He would tell you as soon as he started feeling jealous. He would stand in front of the door before you left and just tell you. "Look. I don’t like that you always hang out with these other guys. You’re my girl… why don’t you stay home with me tonight?” He led you away from the door, and kissed your neck. “Next time, make sure you tell them who your boyfriend is.”

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 Hobi was having a nice night on the town when he saw you hanging out with some other guys in a café. As soon as he saw, he hurried into the café and put his arm around you. He would give his small irritated smile at the other men and kiss your cheek. “Baby! You never introduced me to your friends~!” He would smile at them and hold out his hand. “I’m Jung Hoseok.” he paused a minute and then firmly saidHer boyfriend.

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 Namjoon would deal with his jealousy in a really mature way. He would let it go at first. He didn’t want you to feel like you couldn’t have male friends, but it kept getting to him. Finally he sat you down and told you how he felt about it. “Baby girl, I know you can be friends with whoever you want. I just want them to know their boundaries. I trust you, but not them.” Namjoon would pause and look into your eyes softly. “Can all of us hang out together rather than it just being you alone?" 

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Jimin would be feeling a million emotions at one time the moment he saw you laughing with another guy. He would storm over to you, his cheeks puffed out slightly and take your hand. "Princess! Who are these other guys!?” Jimin would give them a glare and put his fists out in front of himself angerly. “Listen up. This is my girl. My princess. You better not try anything on her or else you’ll be dealing with me.” He would continue to yell until you finally calmed him down and gave him more attention than your friend that was just confused about the whole situation.

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Tae would be pretty upset and try to ignore it all at first. He would ignore everything out said about your guy friends and give you a cold icy silence. He would always have a sad or angry look on his face when you went out with them. “Jagi… Why are you alywas with other guys? Am i not good enough or something…?” Tae would finally ask, a deep huskiness in his voice. 

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Jungkook would not like other guys being so close to you at all. He would be worried that you’d like them better or that they had something he was lacking. He’d always ask you a million questions about them and be super overprotective with you. When he finally met them, he gave them his tough guy act and would not let you out of his sight. None of them could even try to lay a hand on you. “No one else is allowed to touch my baby. No one else can have you but me.”

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daleks-are-my-mates  asked:

Hi mom, today is my 18th birthday, and i was wondering if you would write literally ANY fantasy based au for Mingyu?? I know how much you like to write them and i get sad that no one asks for them... So here i am !!! Love u

ahhh happy birthday!!!! i can’t believe my first thought with mingyu was to write a lost wolfboy au,,,,,,,it’s p playful so i hope u like it!!!

  • you first start noticing the vegetables in your garden go missing when you go out to check on your cabbages and all of them have bite marks in them,,,,,,
  • half the carrots have been uprooted from the ground, and your poor pumpkin patch is a mess
  • nothing hurts a young farmer more than knowing there’s a night thief up to work in their town so instead of sitting around in the dirt pouting, you hatch a plan for a stake-out
  • and tbh,,,,you thought it would be easier
  • sitting on your porch overlooking your garden, a good book at your side as well as a pair of old binoculars you found rummaging through your attic
  • whatever neighborhood troublemaker thought they would get away with trespassing one more time wasn’t going to have it coming - even though you weren’t so sure what you would do if you actually caught them
  • but the thought was pushed out of your mind, you just wanted to know who was doing this!
  • at half past 2 am, with the crescent moon sparkling in the sky and your eyes threatening to give up on you - you hear a nose that spooked you from your sleep
  • quickly, you groped around for the binoculars and once you had them you looked toward the side of your garden where the urgent rustling was coming from
  • there he was - a body hunched over your patch of cabbages
  • for a moment you thought there was something else with them,,,some kind of animal??? it kept swishing back and forth,,,,,a dogs tail???
  • either way, you crept around the side of the patch until jumping up from your position with a “THIEF!” loudly echoing through the night 
  • the person stopped digging, looking up at you with widened eyes and you almost choked on your surprise,,,,,
  • gazing curiously back at you was most definitely a boy,,,,,,a human boy
  • with a human face, hands, and bare chest,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,yet two dog like ears were high at alert in his mess of hair
  • and that swishing wasn’t a small animal,,,,it was this boys,,,,tail?!?!?!?!
  • you dropped the binoculars you were holding and his eyes darted from them back up to you
  • even in the dark, you could see his mouth was open, hairy hands clamped tight around a cabbage head
  • his teeth were glittering white with two sharp fangs, longer than the rest of his teeth, shone 
  • “,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,woof?”
  • he gave a shrug of his shoulder in an attempt to copy the noise of a household dog
  • but you just stared at him because,,,, woof??????? woof wasn’t going to cut it no no not when whatever he was,,,,,,,,,,had just been caught red handed with YOUR food
  • “w,,,why are you st-stealing my vegetables?!??!?”
  • you finally managed to push out, even though the real question you wanted to ask was “are you,,,,half dog? wolf? what are you?”
  • the boy’s nose twitched
  • “because yours are the best ones?”
  • wincing, the boy dropped the cabbage in his hand and stood
  • while he was crouched down you couldn’t tell, but at his full stance he was now much taller ,,,,,,,,,,, and much scarier than before
  • his bare chest was tan and toned, arms muscular and intimidating. his eyes briefly flashed yellow within the turns of brown and you could see the long nails of his fingers
  • “im hungry, the forest is far.”
  • his voice is flat, but you can see that there is a stress on ‘forest’,,,,,,,,,,that’s where he must be from
  • but then again,,,,,what was he - wasn’t the forest full of actual wolves not,,,,half-wolf people,,,,,
  • you didn’t dare question it, rather just furrow your eyebrows and realize one) you should have thought this through two) let’s not get mauled by those nails three) he’s got a cute face for a vegetable-robber-wolf-boy ,,,,,,,,,,,,wait what
  • instead you chose to strike up peace, “i can give you some food from inside, you know, instead of you pulling up my half-ripe cabbages.”
  • his ears perked up immediately, a smile forming on his face that further more showed off his impressive fangs
  • “food?!”
  • he took a step forward and leaned his head down, pressing it to yours
  • in fear - you jumped back and a look of confusion coated his momentarily happy expression
  • “im,,, not the food,,,” you said in a shaky voice and his expression turned back into laughter
  • “i know!! i don’t eat humans. i like vegetables and ,,,, chicken?”
  • he smiled again and this time that thought about him being cute drifted back into your head
  • “ok, i have both of that c–c–come inside,,,”
  • happily trailing behind you like a wanderlust puppy, the boy came into your home and immediately dropped back to all fours
  • it startled you but he just looked eagerly around
  • “do i have to catch the chicken?” he pondered, on high alert for any animals inside your kitchen
  • “n-no, i have some already just ,,, just stay there.”
  • quickly, you made a mess of a plate of left over chicken legs and tossed salad you had from your dinner
  • you set it onto a plate, but realized that might not be the viable option
  • so without further ado you threw it all together into a cooking pot and carefully, oh so carefully, set it in front of the boy
  • in your life, you had never ever seen someone eat so fast
  • it was actually rather impressive to watch, and when he was done he licked at his face with his tongue, much in the way dogs do
  • you stiffed a giggle and reached for a napkin from the table
  • “here” you put it out and curiously, he sniffed it
  • “i can’t eat that.” he stated and you rolled your eyes at yourself,,,,,,,,werewolves don’t know what napkins are
  • “you use it to clean see?” you rubbed the napkin against your cheek but the boy only tilted his head, ears flopping a bit to the side
  • “ok ok come here”
  • you were only half surprised when the command worked and he made his way over, gently you rubbed at the spot beside his lip till the reminisce of chicken was gone
  • “all full?”
  • you asked and he nodded
  • “listen, ill leave some food out for you at night from now on. please stop uprooting my hard-work ok?”
  • you asked,,,,seeing the slightly dejected look overcome the boy but then he perked up once again
  • “im mingyu, who are you?”
  • you were surprised to hear his name, but told him your own
  • repeating it aloud, mingyu looked into your eyes - the yellow swimming through his iris
  • “you’re,,,, a good human”
  • “i am?” you asked almost dryly, but mingyu’s vigorous nod made you smile too
  • “ok, this good human needs to sleep now - so go back to,,,,,,the forest? and if you want some food feel free to knock on the back porch door”
  • you pointed to it and mingyu turned to look over his shoulder before looking at you and , more slowly this time, pushing his head to yours
  • this time you didn’t jerk back,,,perhaps this was a wolf boys way of saying thanks?
  • you stayed like that for a minute or so, your cheeks getting hot under the intense gaze
  • till mingyu pulled back, getting up off your floor and heading to the door
  • you were about to indulge in the image of your rugged, wolf boy leaving you for the forest when you realized he couldn’t get the back door open
  • with a laugh, you got up and helped him and before running off into the night mingyu leaned in again
  • and this time gave what you assumed was a small lick to the side of your lips
  • he said your name and then ran off, at some point you thought his entire body had shifted into that of a wolves, but you touched the wet spot on your cheek and gave out a sigh
  • a lick on the cheek was definitely grosser than a kiss, but who could blame a poor garden-robbing-cute-wolfboy for not knowing the difference LOL 
EXO Mafia Reaction: When you get kidnapped

||| Anon asked:  Exo mafia reaction when you were kidnapped |||

Park Chanyeol

Originally posted by prince-chanyeol

When He heard the news, he stood up and went to the window.

“Gather everyone, we’re going on a hunt,” he said, clenching his fists.

Xiumin/Kim Minseok

Originally posted by dazzlingkai

He was already out the door, going to his car.

“I swear if you guys don’t get ready in two minutes, I will get her back myself.”

Chen/Kim Jongdae

Originally posted by baekjongdae

He had trouble understanding how can someone even come up with such stupid ideas.

“If they as much as touch her…”

D.O/Do Kyungsoo

Originally posted by tokyo-inn

He would try to stay calm and control his anger, coming up with a plan first.

“We take her back tonight. Leave no survivors.”

Kris/Wu Yifan

Originally posted by galaxychen

Tables were flipped and things got broken before he finally calmed down.

“Those assholes will pay.”

Tao/Huang Zitao

Originally posted by hanichul

He armed himself up.

“I guess I have some lessons to teach today…”

Kai/Kim Jongin

Originally posted by jonginssoo

He was already imagining how he was going to torture your kidnappers.

“I will make sure they die a slow and painful death.”

Byun Baekhyun

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A satisfied smirk would appear on his face.

“It’s been a while since I got a chance to murder someone…”


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He just shook his head and sighed.

“I thought we got rid of all the idiots who would try anything like this.”

Lay/Zhang Yixing

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He wasted no time and was soon on his way to get you back.

“I will show them what a real killer looks like.”

Suho/Kim Junmyeon

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He was so pissed, he would have killed the first person that walked in to the room.

“How do they even dare do something like this?”

Oh Sehun

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He was practically speechless when he heard the news.

“Can somebody explain to me how the fuck did you let this happen in the first place?”


Zombie Invasion with Monsta X

Lyly’s note: You guys can’t possibly know how much I’m enjoying doing those Halloween Click N’ Drag haha! I hope you like those as much as me! As usual write what story you got in your tags if you reblog! (I really do read all of them lol)

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Hallo! could you do an reaction bts to their lover singing 'hurts like hell' by Fleurie? I really love everything you do and you are so talented omg


( a song about thinking back on loving someone after a breakup )


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“How did you lose me, I’m right here.”

He’d be emotional as his mind would jump to the conclusion that you were singing this about him, you were singing mindlessly writing up an essay and he wondered why you felt this way. He would sit down next to you and remind you that he would be by your side for a long time to come.


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“Are you breaking up with me?”

Wondering if it was a hidden message Yoongi would barge into you showering to ask if you were breaking up with him via song. He’s be confused by the message of the song and probably be quiet until you cuddled up with him.


“I love your singing but don’t scare me like that again.”

Hoseok would love hearing you sing at first and then as he listened to the lyrics he would become progressively worried about if this applied to how you felt about him. He wouldn’t say anything to you, worried he would embarrass you but when you questioned why he was quiet, he would tell you before burying his head in your chest when you told him it was just a song.


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“You do know what these lyrics mean right?”

Namjoon would be surprised by your song choice, listening with a slight frown as he waited for you to finish. And when he did, after complimenting your voice he would make sure you still loved him.


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“It shouldn’t hurt since I’m still here and still madly in love with you.”

Jimin would stop you singing by hugging you, whining that you were being overly dramatic and to never sing the song again. He would definitely have tears in his eyes at the idea of losing you and you would have to be super nice to him for a long time as an. apology.


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“Are you trying to upset me, babe?”

Taehyung would find it upsetting and the lyrics of the song would be playing on his mind for a long time. However, when you were singing it he wouldn’t show you how upset he was, smiling and even clapping when you finished. But in the following days, he would be a bit more clingy and eventually you would realise.


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“You should sing a happier song next time.”

He’d be obviously annoyed that one of the few times you decided to sing it was about a breakup. Any time the song came on your playlist again he would lunge for your phone to turn it off but you could tell it was a partial joke and you liked to be reminded of how much he loves you.


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A/N: there have been lots of reaction requests and they are being completed as soon as I can finish them. but i’m super busy so sorry for the definite delay.

midnight luxe {part 6}

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pairing: jungkook x reader

genre: angst, fashion designer au

wordcount: 4k

summary: Your life was nothing but a drag until you met Jeon Jungkook, the alluringly beautiful fashion design student who asked you to model for his upcoming runway show. Soon you find yourself pulled into his eccentric group of friends and their enticing world of fashion, sex and music, a world that may ultimately leave your heart in pieces.

(part 1) (part 2) (part 3) (part 4) (part 5)

“Okay, now hold on to me and try not to fall,” he said softly, his hand was hovering nearby, an invitation for you to grab hold of it. You reached out and squeezed it tightly as if that would somehow aid your balance.

“I can’t do this,” you murmured. You furrowed your brows and squeezed his hand just a little too hard out of frustration. His skin was soft and his fingers were beautifully decorated with an assortment of rings that perfectly matched the baby blue colour of his nail varnish, as if he’d coordinated it all. Knowing Jimin, he probably had.

“Yes you can, it just takes a bit of practice, that’s all,” he reassured again. You were sure he must be getting sick of this by now, but he didn’t complain once. You didn’t think you’d ever met anyone as gentle as him, his patience seemed to be infinite.

“These heels are so high, how is any normal human meant to walk in them?” you asked as you stumbled across the floor, leaning on him to try and balance yourself, “Can’t I just wear flats for the fashion show?”

Immediately, he gave you a look that clearly said absolutely not. It had been a long shot of course, but worth a try. Your legs felt shaky and awkward, like a newborn deer, you knew there was nothing elegant or model-like about the way you helplessly clung onto Jimin’s clothing as you attempted to walk. As stupid as it sounded, you hadn’t properly considered the technicalities of doing a runway walk. Needless to say, reality had definitely slapped you hard in the face today. You were starting from square one.

When you finally made it across the room, you let go of him and allowed your body to slowly fall to the floor. You stared down at your shoes. They were black,  had a large platform and heels that added an impressive amount of inches to your height.

“Well, you’ve certainly got the diva aspect of being a model right,” Jimin said with a giggle. He crouched down so that he was level with you. You appreciated his efforts to raise your spirits, “Y/N, the first step of being a real model is learning how to walk like one. After that it’s easy.”

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✨BTS Texts: Fuckboy! Taehyung✨

Anonymous said:(☕️)Can you do a Fuckboy!Taehyung? Text or a scenario? Thanks, I love your writing❤️

A/N: Admin Mochachim was kind enough to let me do this request since I liked it so much (thank you girl oh my goddd) I hope you like these, cause honestly I had so much fun writing them!!

~Admin Vanillakookie🍪

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omg pls do mermaid¡bts i love your writing so much

i have one!!! yoongi’s got deleted tho,,,,but im in the mood to write some namjoon since it was his bday!!! 
find others: hoseok 

  • is a deep sea mermaid,,,,,,literally he has the ability to come up for air like all other mermaids but he doesn’t see the point in it 
  • has silver underlying his gills and in the darkness of the water, you can see flashes of them like little sparks
  • his ribs are marked with pretty scales and his jaw is accented by the same glittery effect  
  • keeps his hair clipped to the side with pins his mother made for him out of corals 
  • enjoys swimming among sunken ships and reading any of the old parchments or books he finds
  • the pages get ruined in the water though,,,,,and he absolutely despises seeing a good book ruined
  • which is why it’s the only reason he e v e r comes up to land
  • he’s got this one spot - secluded by rocks and shallow pools of ocean water
  • where he’ll emerge and lay on the beach, the tide tickling his tail when it comes in, reading whatever he’s found among wrecks or that has been dropped from boats
  • and you,,,,,,,know namjoon. 
  • how? you’ve seen him, numerous times
  • and at first you couldn’t believe your eyes,,,,,,,,,you’d thought a large dolphin or something had washed up on shore
  • but to your amazement it was a person,,,,,,,well,,,,,,,,,a mermaid
  • perched on the other end of the rocks,  you’d wanted to take a photo, call out, do anything to prove that it was real,,,,,,,,
  • but for some reason you couldn’t do any of that - because when the mermaid turned his face to the side
  • you were frozen,,,,,,,
  • a sharp jaw, only made more handsome by the silvery textures on his skin
  • you had almost stopped breathing when you saw him, and then - there was the book
  • on the sand, was a wet-wrinkled book. but the mermaid was eagerly turning it’s soaked pages
  • you wondered quietly to yourself,,,wouldn’t a wet book be impossible to read. wouldn’t the ink be bloated? pages torn out?
  • the mermaid didn’t stay long, he hid the book behind one of the smaller rocks and disappeared with the incoming wave
  • not being able to help yourself,,,you’d rushed down to the spot you’d just seen him in, taking the book out between the wedged rocks and gasping,,,,,,
  • it was a book you knew,,,,,,a book you loved
  • in fact,,,,,,you had a copy of it back home.
  • without a second thought, you rushed back to your house. pulling the book off the shelf and grabbing some rope with you and a plastic bag
  • strategically, you tied the rope and the bag around the rocks, safely placing your copy within the bag so if a tide came over it - it would still be dry
  • and with that,,,,,every day,,,,,,you came to watch the spot and waited
  • and the mermaid,,,,,,,showed up
  • namjoon was perplexed by the bag hanging on the rope, but even more so where the book he’d hidden away had gone. for a while,,,he didn’t think to look in the bag
  • but when he’d stuck his hand in - he was surprised to feel the hard cover of a book
  • pulling it out, it was the same book he’d been reading - but this one was in better condition
  • the words weren’t smeared, pages weren’t missing, he didn’t have to handle it with the utmost care in case something would tear or the back of the book would break
  • he was,,,,,,in love,,,,,,,,,,
  • the weight of the book, the beautiful cover drawing, the thick ink
  • it was amazing,,,,,,,,,,,,,he was sure he’d been blessed
  • when suddenly he looked up and there you were
  • perched on the same rock as where the bag had been tied
  • “you can borrow my copy, it’s a limited edition.”
  • namjoon’s shoulders slightly twitched,,,,redness crawling up into his cheeks by your sudden appearance
  • and by the fact that you were smiling down at him,,,,,,,in a way he wasn’t used to be smiled at
  • “how far along are you?”
  • still silent, namjoon’s hand gripped the book slightly
  • “,,,,,,,chapter 6,,,,,,,,”
  • clapping your hands you exclaimed that that’s one of the best ones! excitedly you asked who was namjoon’s favorite character and what did he make of the drama in chapter 4
  • namjoon,,,,,,,still shocked by your arrival didn’t answer either of those questions but went 
  • “are you a human?”
  • “yep!”
  • you introduced yourself and namjoon barely stuttered out his
  • “i didn’t know mermaids liked reading, but i assume you guys have books of your own?”
  • namjoon shook his head
  • “mermaids upkeep an oral tradition of story telling, books can’t survive in water,,,,,,”
  • you tilted your head,,,,,,saying that that was true - so what then was namjoon’s favorite mermaid story
  • he hesitated,,,mumbling that humans weren’t supposed to know and that he’d spent too much time at land - his trip back would take long and would alert his friends
  • you nodded in understatement, namjoon lifting the book back toward you
  • “oh no, im letting you borrow it!! also here-” 
  • you shuffled around in your pocket, pulling out a slightly bent bookmark
  • “this helps you keep your page, like this.”
  • you took the book, putting the mark on where namjoon had been keeping his finger
  • dropping it back in the bag with a smile you went
  • “you can keep it in the bag, safe from the water. whenever you’re done just let me know and ill bring you another one.”
  • his eyes light up,,,,,,,,,,, “another book?”
  • “yeah, i have tons!!! i even have more from this author!!”
  • namjoon’s eyes were now shining, looking upon you like you had just told him the best news of his life
  • the tide was coming in high,,,,and the sky was turning dark
  • and namjoon said again he had to go
  • but before disappearing into the water, he pulled the coral clip from his hair
  • bangs falling into his face, but he pushed them back with one hand
  • “here, a trade”
  • he dropped the coral into your hand and you looked at it
  • “i can’t take this, im letting you borrow my book it’s noth-”
  • but namjoon’s cheeks burnt red again
  • “n-no,,,,you can borrow it,,,,,,,while i borrow the book. that way it’s fair.”
  • you weren’t so sure, but namjoon sounded almost like he was pleading so with a shrug you smiled and thank him
  • clipping it right into your hair you giggled and went “does it look cute?”
  • namjoon’s blush was really seeping into his skin now
  • “yes,,,,,,” 
  • giggling again you thanked him, waving as the tide came closer to take him away
  • “ill see you again!”
  • you shouted, just before namjoon was gone in the waves
  • as he swam deeper and deeper into the water he smiled to himself, ill see you again too 
Monsta X React: Their S/O Putting Their Hands Under Their Shirt



Request: Can I request a monsta x reaction where you always put your hand in/up their top when you’re tired because warmth and shit xx

thIsS is rlly cute !!W1 but i changed it up a little so that it’s a scenario where u see what happens when you do this oNCE

Im sry this ended up being trash


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While you flattened your palm against his abdomen with a quiet sigh of contentment, Hyunwoo was hiding his face in your fluffy hair. His mouth would form into a bashful smile as you then wrapped your arm around his torso, the pads of your fingers digging into his skin while your leg soon curled over his hips. Your head was tucked into the crook of his neck once his rhythmic breathing slowly lulled you to sleep. Hyunwoo felt like his heart was swelling 10x more when you sleepily pressed the tip of your nose against his pulse, your arm absentmindedly tightening around his bare waist. His eyes crinkled when he smiled down at you in a fond way, and he leaned down to print a gentle kiss to the top of your head, wrapping his large hand around your arm to pull it tighter around him; feeling secure with you so close.


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He asked you what you were doing when he felt your hands creeping up and under the hem of sweatshirt, giggling when you touched a ticklish spot on his body. Squirming in your arms, you let out a grumpy whine and rest your cheek on his shoulder, a pout on your face. “Stop moving, you bum.” you had scolded him softly, burying your face against the spot where his shoulder and neck met. Snugly, you wrapped your arms around his waist, under his sweatshirt, your legs sprawled across his lap. Minhyuk didn’t seem to mind this; completely comfortable with you touching his bare skin. As you rested against him, one of his hands came up to brush away the hair from your face, gazing at you with a loving smile. He held you closer once you gave him a small kiss on the side of his neck, the smile on his face growing bigger.


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“No, stop it.” he groaned. You had crawled into bed while Jooheon was taking a nap and had suddenly lifted his hoodie up. Grumbling in protest, he tried pushing your hand away, only to have your arms curled around him the next moment. “I like cuddling you like this.” you said; meek. Once you said that, the annoyed expression on his face left and he let his head fall back onto his pillow with a quiet sigh, his hand moving up to push his fingers through your hair. A smile was forming on your lips when he relaxed underneath you while you pat his bare chest, your eyelids fluttering closed. “It’s a good thing I love you.” he muttered playfully, grinning when you flicked his skin. He held the back of your head with his palm and peppered the crown of your head with kisses, laughing as he squeezed you tight.


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This boy was not impressed. When he felt your hands going up his shirt, he laughed sarcastically, wiggling away from you with his fingers forming an ‘L’ on his forehead. He, wildly, then wagged his finger at you with a grin, watching you sulk. Kihyun admired the way your lips formed into a pout and sympathetically, he pulled you back into his embrace with an eye crinkling smile, cradling your head to his chest. You were too cute when you were tired. Playfully, he kissed the top of your head over and over again until you whacked him to stop. “You’re so silly.” he coos, removing his arms from around you. He guides your hands underneath his shirt to comfort you and his smile grows fonder when you curl your hands into fists against the arch of his back. He ruffles your hair, “Cutie.”


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Hoseok was cooking ramen when you trudged down the stairs sleepily. You had woken up from your nap to the sound of the kitchen fan turning on, and so you went and checked on your boyfriend to see what he was up to. Rubbing your eye with your sleeve, you watched Hoseok hum a song to himself as he began to pour the noodles into the bowl of steaming soup. A smile creeped on your face as the smell of the ramen wafted in your direction and you began walking towards Wonho, humming to yourself. You pressed yourself against his back and slid your hands underneath his white t-shirt, your fingertips lazily trailing over his abdomen before your hands linked together over his torso. Out of surprise, his body arched against your touch, and he put his chopsticks down on his bowl with a curious noise. Looking behind him, he rest his hands on yours, a little smile on his face. “Why hello, sleepy head,” he sings while turning around so he could kiss your forehead, his hands forcing your arms to tighten around his body while he brushed his knuckles against your cheek, “care to join me for lunch?”


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“No thank you.” he says kindly, his hands nudging your arms away from him. Hyungwon wouldn’t be very comfortable with you touching his bare skin when it came to your hands touching his back or his chest; he felt very embarrassed whenever you did that. You let out a groan when he started to shuffle away from you and you grumbled to yourself, rubbing your face. He responded with a sympathetic smile and rubbed the back of his neck before turning around to continue whatever he was doing. He opened the fridge to take out a juice box and you watched him; helpless. You huffed to yourself and went against the thoughts in your head that were telling you not to bug him anymore. Jumping into his back, your hands immediately wandered underneath his sweater; Hyungwon responding by squirming at the touch of your cold skin on his. Biting down the straw of his juice box, he exhaled through his nose and turned around to pet the back of your hand, an awkward smile on his face. He booped the tip of his nose against your forehead and dragged his fingers through your hair, finishing his juice box. “Please just ask next time.”


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Changkyun immediately began to coo when you buried your face against the centre of his chest, your hands slipping under his hoodie so that you could rest your palms on the cool surface of his back. Bashfully, he would hook his chin on the top of your head while wrapping an arm around your shoulders, his other hand rubbing your hip. “I love you too, you butt.” he would say teasingly, only to have you respond by tilting your head to unforgivingly bite his collarbone. That action resulted in him biting you back, a pout on his face. With a grumble, you trailed your fingertips down his spine, your head resting in the crook of his neck. Petting your head, he watched you adoringly, loving the way your eyelashes cast shadows on your cheekbones. “You can touch my abs too.” he wiggled his eyebrows once you looked at him and you smiled, your eyes a little bleary from closing them. “You wish.” you stuck your tongue out at him and he gasped, kissing your forehead with a laugh when you moved your hand to his chest, dragging your palm down his skin playfully. He pinched your hip, “Silly girl.”

Imagine walking into hacker!Woozi’s room and finding him asleep on his chair with his head rested on his messy desk. You pick up his jacket that was mindlessly thrown to the floor a few hours ago and carefully drape it over his slumped torso. Before quietly making your exit, you place a gentle kiss on the top of his head, making sure to not wake him up whilst doing so.