can you imagine the first time he tried to get a sound out of it


— angst
— getting rejected is a possible event for soulmates who meets for the first time, but once that happens, no alternate gets exchanged. You only have one soulmate for life.

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He sighed heavily as he ended his words of hatred for you. The cafe was silent, besides the sounds of the coffee being made and orders getting taken. You stayed frozen in your seat, staring at the space in front of you as you tried your best to not shed a tear. You pursed your lips together, and suddenly, you find it hard to swallow your hurt feelings.

It took you a minute to try and refrain yourself from crying, before you took the courage to look up to Baekhyun. He still looked furious, and it shook you even more.

“I can’t even stay in here, being in your presence makes me sick. I don’t want anything to do with you.” He sneered, before turning around to walk out of the cafe.

You looked down to your necklace, the beam on the sphere slowly dimming; meaning once someone gets rejected, their sphere turns black and it will never turn white, unless you contact a certain witch.

You spoke up, halting him to a stop. “I didn’t know meeting your soulmate was a crime. I didn’t know this would happen, you know? I came here to read, not to cry. At first I wanted to experience what it was like to meet your soulmate for the very first time. Everyone around me seemed to found their significant other and I got jealous, but I never showed it, because I know that one day my significant other would meet me. I never thought this would happen, I had high expectations. I thought you’ll be happy to see your soulmate! I was happy too, until I saw you have a girlfriend.. I never thought this would hurt, getting rejected by your significant other was not on my bucket list.. Have a good day.” Tears streamed from your eyes and you couldn’t even wipe them yourself as the feeling he left you was all you could endure.

Slowly, your necklace’s sphere turned black, a sign that you don’t have a soulmate, neither does he too.

Baekhyun stayed in his spot, unmoving but felt ashamed. He couldn’t look at anyone in the eye, the whispers and glares came from people made him shrink in his spot.

You stood up, leaving your half-drank drink and stormed out of the cafe, your heart left in pieces.

Baekhyun stayed standing for a couple of minutes before he hesitantly walked out of the cafe, no word left his lips as he kept his head bowed in shame. He looked down at his necklace and sighed. It was now black as night.

He didn’t know what to do.

But he found himself sitting at the porch of his home, alone and sad. The soulmate rejecting was affecting him, and he didn’t doubt that you were probably crying.

Crying because of him.

“What the fuck is wrong with you, Baekhyun? You dumbass.” He muttered as his hands came up to tug hard at his own hair. He didn’t notice himself that a cry already left past his lips, then came the unstoppable tears that streamed from the corner of his eyes.

He knew she would be his significant other, the person he’d spend his whole life with, yet he did such a wrong thing.

Now he knows, he’ll be spending his whole life alone from now on.

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Virgin (Calum smut) DAY 18!


Word Count: 2.2k

Warnings: This is smut!

A/N: First time!Calum doesn’t seem to be around as much so I tried to do it as best I could! I hope you enjoy reading it! Check out Smutty September! 

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“My parents are out so I was thinking we could go back to mine and do something? Maybe watch a movie or order a pizza?” You suggest, rambling to your boyfriend as the both of you walk towards a car park.

“That sounds amazing, Y/N. When do they get back?”

With your hand laced into Calum’s warm palm, you’ve never felt so secure. 

The both of you met when you’d transferred into his school partway through the year. He was known as the quiet nerd with a small group of friends and not much of a social life whereas you’d developed a larger group of friends and got into the party scene. You’d been partnered together for a project and that was where it had all began, really.

“Tomorrow evening,” You say sweetly, leaning closer to his broad shoulders. Calum’s figure has always been something you’ve felt attracted to. It’s impossible not to, really. With his soft face, toned muscles and tall stature, it’s not hard for you to get lost in a world of fantasy, your dreams full of dirty thoughts.

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Imagine Vlad getting stuck in Russian, like he can’t figure out how to stop and every time he thinks he’s finally switched back to English nope still Russian

Imagine that it used to be a really common thing back in college and Jack found a way to help kick him out of it, like with tongue twisters and speak patterns that force Vlad to use non-Russian sounds.

Imagine sometime during season 3 Vlad get’s stuck int he language for the first time in twenty years and he just kind of pterodactyl screeches and tries for days to kick himself out of it but he fails.

So then Vlad’s standing so irritably at the Fenton’s door, and when Maddie opens up Vlad just grimaces and asks for Jack. and she stares at him and just starts laughing because she knows

So Vlad’s just sitting in the Fenton home like a petulant child with Jack trying so hard to get unstuck from his language issues with Maddie trying and failing to stifle her uncontrollable cackles. he makes all these rude nasty remarks and basically vents his frustrations while no one can understand him.

And then in walks Danny.

And Vlad just shuts up. Dead silence. Lips have be glued together. Maddie tries to get him to make remarks and respond because Danny’s just staring at them all like they’re crazy but Vlad absolutely refuses to speak. He will not have this being used as fodder in their witty banter. Until something happens, like he stubs his toe trying to walk around or Jack does something or what, and he swears and then its just like a cascade of vulgarities and self loathing comments and Danny’s just fucking rolling on the ground laughing through the tears

Eventually Vlad manages to get unstuck, but before he leaves the house Jack just walks over and comments, in Russian, on something Vlad had said, and Vlad just goes fucking white.

A Little Scare Never Hurt Anyone.

Summary: Imagine watching a horror movie with gabriel and he tries to comfort you when you get scared.

Characters: Gabriel x Reader

Word count: 547

(This is my first Imagine post ive ever made i hope you like i hope you like it because i stayed up till almost 6am to finish it lol) 

It was halloween night and, you were all by yourself in the bunker. Sam and dean were taking care of a poltergeist out of town. After circling the bunker for what felt like the fiftieth time you walked to your room and let yourself drop on your back. With your bed catching you. You felt bored out of your mind. “ It’s halloween night.. and i can’t believe i’m stuck here doing. nothing.” you said to yourself quietly.

“well ya know.. we could watch some movies..” Gabriel said.

and at the sound of his voice you jumped straight up. He stood in your doorway holding some movies in his hands. you sighed “ horror movies .. really?? .. my job is practically a horror movie why would I want to watch those?”

“aww come on (Y/N) ! It’s Halloween!.. I even got candy.” Gabriel beged.

“you always have candy.” you said with a grin

“ yeah true, but this time I’ll share” He grinned back and gave a wink.

Coming from Gabriel that was basically a complement you thought to yourself. you stood up on your feet and made your way to the door. “Fine.. I’ll go make some popcorn, you put in the movie” you said walking past him.

You made your way to the kitchen and checked the cupboards for popcorn. There wasn’t a whole lot left. you used the last pack knowing how pissed dean would be for using the last one. other than eating pie he had a special place in his heart for popcorn. “ oh well, he’ll survive” you told yourself and, put the popcorn in. While you waited for it to stop popping you thought it was a little odd that the angel showed up tonight. You guys were very close friends but, you had to admit you have developed some feelings for him over the years.But you didn’t know if he felt the same way.You started to feel a nervous.

“ oh god-”

*bep bep beeep*

The microwave went off. You put the popcorn in a bowl and carried it away. Gabriel laid back on the couch and threw his feet on the coffee table. You sat next to him and pulled a blanket around yourself. “ready?” you said and looked over to him. “ Hell yeah, play it.” he replied

About 1 hour into blood, screaming and, killer clowns. You were holding your knees into a hug and never letting go. You can handle anything else in the world but clowns were just a big no.

“( Y/N), are you ok?.. you seem scared.” Gabriel asked

“nope, I’m perfectly fine..” you said which was a total lie.

sitting on a couch in a dark room not knowing what’s behind you. Movies like this always found a way to make you feel so paranoid. Gabriel noticed you were still holding your knees and never reached for the popcorn. which obviously said something, considering how much you love popcorn. The Angel sat up and scooted toward you and put his arm around you, and at the same time you could feel his warm, soft wing brush against your back. Even in the dark you were worried he might be able to see how red your face was glowing.

“I can tell when you’re lying.” he whispered.

Can we imagine for a second

Lydia’s having another one of her breakdowns this season, where she feels like she just can’t do it. She’s so lost and confused, and even though Scott believes her/believes in her, she is getting overwhelmed with the fact that this boy’s own father doesn’t even remember him. 

There’s tears prickling her eyes as she sits on her bed and stares at the wall and tries to figure out if she’s crazy, and that’s when she hears it– this unfamiliar voice in the back of her head: “You’ve been right every time something like this has happened. So don’t start doubting yourself now.” 

She sits up ramrod straight and fights back a smile; fights back a laugh, because it’s the first time she’s heard his voice since he was taken or even known what it has sounded like. And that’s so, so tangible. 

Lydia lets out this long breath, pulls herself together, and gets back to looking for Stiles.