can you imagine just walking into your house

Ethan and Grayson as Boyfriends Would Include


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✰ Being the “low key couple”

✰Ethan not being big on PDA outside of the house, but when it’s just the both of you, he can’t keep his hands off of you

✰Don’t get me wrong he’ll still grab your ass in public though

✰ Him being super protective over you

✰Playing video games together

✰ Him occasionally letting you win

✰ Playfully insulting each other

✰ Butterfly kisses

✰ Long makeout sessions

✰Roasting people together

✰Generally just being savages

✰wheezing at his shitty jokes

✰ pulling allnighters together constantly

✰Late night “adventure walks”

✰Little surprise dates

✰ Him teaching you how to skateboard

✰ Spoiling you as well

✰ Playing with his hair all of the time

✰ Forcing him to grow his hair long again

✰Long roadtrips, with just the both of you

✰Hiking together

✰Embarrassing him all the time

✰Ethan attempting to cook for you, and end up burning the entire house down

✰Going to grocery stores together and being the loudest people in the building

✰ Piggyback rides

✰ Lazy days would consist of finishing entire tv series together

✰ Playing with his hands

✰Musical jam sessions together

✰Hugging him from behind

✰Him resting his head and cuddling into your boobs

✰ Cute couple instagram and snapchat pictures

✰Stealing all of his hoodies because they smelled like him

✰Making his baby picture your homescreen

✰Rap battles

✰Going to themeparks together

✰ Being his entire world


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✰Being the “Clingy Couple”

✰Literally Grayson would not want to leave your side, ever

✰ Working out together 

✰ Him getting jealous over literally everything that isn’t him

✰”Baby he’s gonna steal you from me!”

✰”Gray, he’s five that’s illegal.”

✰Surfing dates all the time

✰Little surprise beach picnics

✰Ethan third wheeling you constantly

✰I feel like Graysons more of the romantic one all the way around

✰ little surprise gifts

✰ spoiling you all of the time, even though you tell him not to

✰ dad jokes

✰Getting matching tattoos together

✰Him always kissing your cheek

✰Hoding doors open for you

✰“ If you were a vegetable you’d be a cute cumber”


✰ cooking together, ending up in a food fight every time

✰ grilling “hotdogs” together

✰ him being completely whipped

✰ Like he’d drop everything for you, example if you were walking

✰Gray falling asleep on your lap

✰ You being his homescreen

✰ Him “serenading you” with a bad rendition of your favorite song

✰Cuddling all of the time

✰Long hugs

✰Him spinning you around

✰Being on his insta/snap story nearly daily

✰Showing you off to literally anyone he meets.

✰Wearing his shirts

✰And him occasionally stealing yours

✰Him treating you like an absolute queen 

✰ or the way Ned from try guys treats his wife same thing

Being Negan's daughter and dating Carl would include :

(Woooo more prompts! Wooo Carl :3 Hope it is as requested and you all like it :3 Gif not mine/found it on google/credit to the original owner.)

-Carl not knowing who your father is at first until he gets to the Sanctuary and sees you there, only for your dad to explain who you are, but nonetheless he gets over it soon as he just loves you

-You usually sneaking out to go meet up with Carl to go on dates and even Alexandria as you feel more comfortable with him around

-Carl always kissing you deeply whenever you have to leave and get back to your home just to show you that he worries over

-Your dad asking you about as to where you have been, making you get quiet and just trying to avoid him, only for him to feel like he knows the answer

-You and Carl always smiling at each other whenever you would lock eyes, only for your dad to finally catch on and making a big joke about how you are into future serial killers and how cute you both kinda are

-Negan telling Rick all about it and all the times he caught you for sure and just getting in his face about being in-laws from now on, making you both embarrassed

-Your dad just finding that you both look super badass together and having you both do impressive work together that he knows you can all handle

-You knowing how to comfort Carl after your dad had picked on him over his eye, making him feel better about it and just holding onto you as you hug him

-Your dad having interrupted the both of you on accident and on purpose as well with a terrible joke whenever you were both about to get it on, making you sneak out to go to Carl’s house instead

-Carl growing more and more confident with you and not caring anymore if anyone sees you both walking hand in hand or kissing

sudden realization || j. jk

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Summary: ‘Because god forbid Jeon Jungkook to fall in love. Especially not with the arrogant little shit that was Y/N.’

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Angst, Smut, Fluff

Words: 1641

A/N: Requested!!Okay this was a little easier for me to write now that I have had practicec in smut writing lmao.

part 1 part 2

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Boyfriend! Im Youngmin

  • my lil alpaca
  • y'all met in preschool or some time around them
  • smol you and smol Youngmin absolutely clicked together when you guys first met
  • he saw your pink alpaca plushie that matched his red one and knew that you guys would become best friends forever
  • approached you with a smile on his face in the most cutest way
  • ‘my alpaca wanted to meet yours’
  • you’re shook
  • everyone usually thought your alpaca was a llama
  • and you give him a huge smile
  • ‘well my alpaca wanted to meet yours too’
  • and that kids is how you start a friendship
  • every since then you guys were like bffs that would not separate
  • from then you guys were always in the same class
  • your alpacas became best buddies too
  • lil 5 year old you was happy playing with lil 5 year old Youngmin and it’s been that way ever since
  • oh and also you guys found out you were only a few blocks apart too
  • fate must really want you guys to be together
  • but can you just imagine a tiny Youngmin holding his stuffed alpaca in one hand and your tiny toddler hand in the other while walking to the playground because he didn’t want you to get lost
  • as you grew older you stopped bringing the alpacas with you everywhere
  • but you still hung out a lot
  • you’ve slept over at his house and vice versa
  • your parents trusted you guys since you’ve known each other for so long and im youngmin is such a sweetheart like istg
  • time skip to when he became a trainee
  • he told you and you guys had a mini celebration
  • you’re sad af when he has to leave Busan for Seoul but you’re also happy cause your best friend can finally fulfill his dream
  • plus his rapping is pretty lit and on point
  • he promised to keep in contact with you and actually kept it
  • secret: you actually liked youngmin since you first met him
  • like he has always been your crush but like every other cliche you thought it was one sided and didn’t want to ruin your amazing friendship
  • he actually likes you too but same thing with him
  • it wasn’t til you actually visited him in Seoul one weekend and someone just had to spill the beans
  • @ daehwi 👀
  • tbh you’re thankful he did because if he didn’t than you might just have never told each other
  • like he was gonna introduce you to the boys and suddenly this kid is like
  • ‘hyung, isn’t she the girl you like and won’t ever stop talking about’
  • everyone just freezes and looks at Daehwi
  • ‘oops’
  • the you break the silence
  • ‘actually I kinda like him a lot too’
  • even more shocked faces
  • Donghyun and Woojin were about to go get popcorn to see who confesses next
  • ‘wait this isn’t a prank right?’
  • you nod
  • ‘so let me re introduce her. this is y/n aka my girlfriend so back off’
  • now onto actual boyfriend youngmin
  • smiles for days
  • you’re literally dating a smile ray of sunshine
  • especially when he hangs out with Donghyun
  • the you’ll be blessed with two smiles
  • he is insecure sometimes but you’re always there to cheer him up bcus yeah
  • lovestagran
  • maybe more pics than even Hyunbin
  • you take photos everywhere you go but since Youngmin is popular and all you make sure not to get his face in the photo
  • and that your account is on private and all that stuff
  • 'what do you want to eat Youngmin’
  • 'you’
  • ’…’
  • 'wait that came out wrong’
  • you still have your stuffed alpacas from kindergarten and now they just are always with each other
  • like sometimes they’re both with Youngmin and sometimes they’re both with you 
  • they alpacas never separate
  • trying to listen to his Seoul accent is painful
  • you try to help him practice but you’re not any better
  • so it’s just the two of you guys laughing at each other the whole time
  • Daehwi looking at you guys like 'wtf, they’re becoming worst than me and Seonho’
  • roasting him on his voice crack during the center thing during the center videos
  • 'shush, I can sing better than you’
  • 'I’m leaving’
  • pda with Youngmin doesn’t really exist
  • he’ll hold your hand and that’s it
  • that’s only bcus he doesn’t want to lose you like last time but he still gets all sha sha sha when he does it
  • storytimes
  • so can you just imagine Youngmin sleeping over at your house for the first time after you guys started dating
  • like your parents still trust him and all 
  • it’s just you two were kind of awkward
  • like painfully awkward
  • even your alpacas could feel it and they weren’t even alive
  • you guys are too shy to initiate anything
  • so you just kind of end up on the couch watching Wonder Women
  • it starts off with you two on opposite ends
  • some how you got closer and closer
  • movie ends with you cuddling with Youngmin
  • his arm is all around you and you’re laying your head on his chest while you’re in his lap
  • cue more awkwardness
  • ’…’
  • ’…’
  • 'we could still do all the stuff we used to do’
  • 'you right’
  • so you guys raid the kitchen and you end up throwing popcorn and other foods at each other
  • you’re a giggling mess and tbh he is too
  • and you’re like
  • 'dating is the same as being best friends with him but with kisses and more affection’
  • inside your head of course
  • after making a mess of your kitchen, you guys retreat to your room
  • where you end up cuddling and just talking
  • bcus talking to Youngmin is nice
  • you make out a bit too
  • nothing more since you guys are definitely responsible
  • 'night, i love you’
  • 'I love you too’
  • Pls love and support Youngmin
Nine To Five (Part 14)

Pairing: Stiles x Reader

A/N: Guys, get the tissues, get the baths running because you will ache.

Part 13 | Part 14 | Part 15

3 Years Later

It felt strange; to be staring at your own reflection and look absolutely nothing like yourself. That’s how you felt, when your hand trailed down the white lace that coated your skin, and you blinked with these large eyelashes that you really hoped weren’t off a horse, but you couldn’t deny that they made your eyes pop.

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Auston Matthews #4


Anonymous said: Pls write more Auston Matthews! I live for it! 😊

Anonymous said: Can you please do more Auston Matthews imagines. Your writing is THE best!!

A/N: Honestly I just can’t stop writing Auston imagines and I’m not even sorry.. But also I swear I’m getting to everyones requests!! But yeah, thank you guys!! Hope you liked this :)

Word Count: 1,275

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“I can’t believe I’m letting you drag me to this stupid thing,” you grumbled while walking up the driveway with Steph by your side. After hours of trying to get out of being here, here is exactly where you ended up - here being Connor Brown’s house where a handful of people were enjoying some drinks by the fire.

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Imagine Hannah seeing you at a party

“Hannah, I love your shirt.”

You said as you made your way over, holding a cup of beer.

“Oh this, uh no yours looks way better even if it’s wet.” She smiled while turning her head and looking down before looking back at you.

“Yeah, Zach Dempsey just spilled his drink on me, and by the smell it’s vodka. If I take my shirt off and ring it out we might get a buzz.” You laughed while pulling at the end of your shirt.

Hannah laughed and took a drink of her luke warm beer.

“Hannah, you wouldn’t maybe wanna ditch this party and go back to my place, my mom’s not home and my dad kinda wants me to be a rebellious daughter for once.”

“Oh sweet bra (y/n)!”

“Fuck off Bryce!” You hollered after Bryce as he make a quick turn around the corner.

“So Hannah what’d ya say? You can crash at my place if you want.”

“Uh, yeah. Sure why not. Wait how much did you have to drink?”

“Absolutely nothing I was just holding this so I looked cooler to you. Anyway I didn’t drive, I walked because I didn’t know if I was gonna drink or not.”

“Okay, cool” Hannah smiled as you both left your cups on the window seal and began your way to your house.

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Write It Out

Request: *chanting* LONGER FICS, LONGER FICS (just cause i never want ur fics to end, they’re so cute) also since requests are open - can we get writer!reader who has writer’s block & is struggling to write a romantic scene. peter tries to help her get creative & fluff ensues!

Word Count: 1,269

A/N: hello hello! I’m sorry for the delay with this one, my summer has been a bit insane so far with camps and moving and things like that but I was so eager to return to this writing. Hope you enjoy!! -Claire xx

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You sighed, pressing the palm of your hand into your cheek. The coffee shop bustled with life around you, but somehow you still managed to feel like you were in the middle of a dead zone, like you were in the most drab and boring place imaginable- all because of some writer’s block.

You knew you had to get out of your bedroom after several hours of pounding away at the keyboard and finding nothing to write besides the gibberish that resulted, finally packing up your laptop and notes and heading to a nearby coffee shop for fresher surroundings.

You sighed, deleting yet another failed sentence. You were more frustrated with this piece than you could remember being with any other. But this scene was also more important than any other- your protagonist was falling desperately in love with the tall boy with the magic dimples and the quick laugh and this was the moment, the moment in which she looked at him while they were sitting on the roof at midnight, or swinging on a playground that was far too small for them, or driving aimlessly around the neighborhood, the moment in which she realized she was falling for him.

Your only issue was figuring out how it happened; you had run through every option you could think of.

At first, they had been sitting in her basement and he had swung his head into her lap and her hand fell into his hair and it was the way he smiled at her- wrong.

Then, you had tried to write about the bonfire party in the neighborhood, as she watched from afar while he swung little kids by their shoulders and played as if he was a child too- nope.

The next attempt had involved something about a state fair and the top of a Ferris wheel, but you’d deleted it before it could go too far.

You were jolted from your reverie by the scraping of the chair in front of you sliding away from the table. “Mind if I join you?”

Your eyes trailed upwards, soon lighting on a familiar face.

“Peter!” You sat up, your smile instantaneous. “Hi, what are you doing here?”

“You’ve been avoiding me.” You sighed, thinking guiltily about your powered off phone at the bottom of your bag.

“Sorry for not texting you back, I’m having some really bad writer’s block right now.”

“Writer’s block? I am the ultimate writer’s block crusher!” His boyish smile seemed as if it could light up the room. “Let me be your muse, dahling.” His face took on a serious charm as he started drawling out his words, looking up at you from beneath his eyelashes.

Despite your feelings of dread about writing, this was enough to crack through a little. “I don’t think that’s how this works.”
His expression dropped. “Well, have you ever tried it?”
You pinched your mouth to the side. “I guess not.”
You barely had time to move your fingers away from the keyboard before he was pressing the lid to your laptop down. Grabbing your coffee and his, he grinned at you. “We’re doing this then. Gather your things, chop chop.”

It took you a minute to reconnect with him outside, where he had his phone out for directions. “You’re coming with me.” His voice retained a joking huskiness as he handed you your coffee.

The path he set out for took you through many familiar streets, although you had no idea where he could be taking you. When you asked, he had just laughed and looped his arm through yours, clearly not willing to say a peep.

You ended up in front of a building you had looked at many a time but never actually entered- one of the only literary centers in New York. “When the words won’t come to you, you come to the words,” Peter told you.

It didn’t take long for the two of you to get lost amongst the shelves, joking around and pulling out the most amusing titles you could find. You almost lost it with laughter when Peter somehow discovered a book called “What’s Your Poo Telling You?”

At some point in your expedition, his hand found yours, tentatively curling his fingers around yours until you flipped your hand and fully intertwined them, offering him a reassuring smile at the contact.

By the time the two of you left the literary center, it was almost dinnertime. You decided to split a milkshake at the closest burger joint.

“So, what are you trying to write exactly?” Peter asked, swirling a fry in ketchup.

“It’s supposed to be this grand romantic scene, with, like, the whole shebang. You know, fireworks and sparks and lovey dovey stuff like that. Cassie’s going to realize she’s in love with Trevor. Trevor’s going to realize he’s in love with Cassie. My only issue is finding out where exactly you go to find love with someone.”
You looked up and find Peter staring at you more intently than you expected. “Well, isn’t that an easy one?”

You frowned. “Obviously not, considering it’s taken me days to figure it out. I have to have it finished by this weekend and I have nothing.”

Peter’s smile began to grow. “What about a burger place?”

Your stomach dropped as your eyes fixed on his. “What kind of burger place?”

He looked around. “The kind of burger place where two kids can go to split a milkshake and some fries and maybe one of them will get the nerve to kiss the other one.”
Your heart was beating faster and faster. Peter looked unfairly calm. “Well, this sounds like your story now. Does he ever get up the nerve?”
“I’ll let you know,” he smiled, that same earth-shattering smile that drove you crazy.

Your own smile began to grow like crazy as you felt yourself flush.

It could have been just your imagination, but the conversation felt like a live wire all through the rest of the milkshake, and paying the bill, and the walk back to your house. You had almost forgotten all about your writing deadline until your eyes fixed on your front door.

“Now it’s time to actually buckle down and write something.” You smiled softly, brushing your knuckles against his like Morse code. “Thank you for today. You were a great muse.”
His smile was like a wildfire. “What about one last piece of inspiration?” Suddenly he was close, so close, too close, as his hand pressed flat along your spine. You felt like your eyelashes should be tangling with his at this distance.

“I wouldn’t be opposed to one lasting image.”

When he kissed you, it was like every late night drive, every trip to the fair, every roof at midnight, every shared milkshake rolled into one. It was everything you could have wanted. It was everything you could have imagined.

You kissed and kissed until you felt senseless, until you were pressed against the front door.

“Peter,” you paused, pressing your hands against his toned shoulders.
“I know, you have to write.” He pressed a few more kisses to your cheeks and even one chaste one to your neck before he backed away. “I’ll leave you to it.”

“I’ll call you the second I finish,” you promised. He pressed one last kiss to your waiting smile before you fumbled to open the door, feeling like you were seconds from exploding. You dashed up the stairs and to your desk, opening your laptop immediately.

You began to type immediately, finding that you have all too much to say.



When your parents doesn’t approve them

Anonymous : Reaction where y/n’s parents don’t approve of them?


Namjoon is sad. Family is really important to him. When things got really serious between you two, he wanted you to meet his mother and father almost immediately. It’s essential for him to respect and do whatever his family wants, so he expects the same from your family. Well, if his family accepts you, it’s not the same with yours. Your mother is really reluctant. It doesn’t matter how kind, polite and mature he acts when you’re all skyping together, your mama doesn’t like him. She thinks he’s cold, arrogant and just want to have fun with a foreigner. To top it all, he’s a rapper ! You had to send her his lyrics so she can actually see how poetic he is. It helped a bit, but she still doesn’t want you to date an idol. One day, Namjoon calls her and asks for a real conversation with both of your parents. He wants them to know him better, and learn to trust him. « I don’t care about fame, I don’t act like a thug and I try to do something important with my music. Y/N is my other half so she knows me. And if you know your daughter, you know how smart and intuitive she is. What we got is the most important thing in my life, and I’ll always fight for it. I just hope one day you’ll see me as family… »


The fact that your parents doesn’t approve your relationship upsets him. He understood them at first, knowing how difficult it can be to see beyond the idol, but it’s been months now and they still doesn’t like him. Taehyung feels really sad and does everything he can to be liked by your family. You know it’s important for him so you keep telling them how mature, kind, unique and honest he is. Taehyung can’t stand the fact that they think he just wants to have fun. He’s young but he loves you and can easily imagine you in a wedding dress. He always thinks about a way to convince your parents and sometimes, he’s way too dramatic… « Let’s all go to a trip to my childhood town ! I’ll show them my old house, where my grandma lived… We could walk along the fields, go fishing and spend the nights around the fire… They’ll see how I grew up, they’ll see how humble I am… » You pass your arms around his neck and smile, your voice kinda shaky « I wish they could see you the way I see you… And I’m sure this day will come soon. »


Jin sighs as he sits on the couch. You sit next to him and pass your hand on his shoulders, overwhelmed by his genuine sadness. You just had dinner with your parents who came to Seoul but it didn’t went like you wanted. Of course, your mom was amazed by his good manners and the way he took care of you during dinner, and she couldn’t stop telling him how beautiful he was (And that was embarrassing…). But your father was not really easy going. He kept asking about his career and projects when « all of this will be over in a few years ». If looks could kill, your eyes would’ve be the last thing your dad would’ve see. Now that you’re home, Jin can whine about everything he wants, and you let him unwind everything ‘till he’s tired enough. You stroke his cheek and smile « You’ve worked so hard baby, and tonight you worked even harder to impress my parents. I love you so much Jin, I’m so thankful to you. Let’s just forget them, okay ? I’m sure one day everything will be alright. Let’s enjoy each other first… »


Hobi is really sad since he has done everything to please them but your parents still doesn’t like him. They’re sure he’s gonna break your heart because of his busy schedule. Not to mention that he’s an idol so he must be full of lies just to please his fans. Tonight, Hoseok invited them to see BTS live for the first time and you’re praying all the Gods for your parents to open their eyes. During the show, you keep looking at them from the corner of your eye. As much as they want to hide it, they’re enjoying it. Your heart is filled with hope (hue hue, see what I did there?) as you guide them to the backstages. You jump to hug him, giving him kisses all over his tired face. You turn around to see what your parents are gonna say to him but they just thank Hoseok and wish you both good night. Hobi is simply discouraged, his jaw clenched hard as sadness invades him. As they begin to walk away, you shout « I can’t believe you ! Do you guys really have nothing to say about him ? Did you see him or did you even avoided him on stage ? » Your mother turn around, her finger on your father’s wrist. They share a look before they both look at hobi « You’re a talented young man… Please, give us some time. » They walk away but this time you don’t want to stop them. You feel Hobi’s arm around your neck and smile as he whispers « I love you Y/N… »


Yoongi knows this feeling too well. How could he blame your parents when his own family didn’t believe in him at first ? This situation brings back some dark memories. Even if you never give up on trying to convince them he’s honest and genuine, Yoongi doesn’t want you to insist. Maybe someday they’ll accept him ? Or maybe they’re right… Maybe he doesn’t deserves you. Yoongi tries to hide the fact that it breaks his heart but it’s getting harder when he sees how much you struggle. One day, as he’s searching for your earphones in your bedroom, he finds a letter with your handwriting on it. He sits on the bed and begins to read. Quickly, he finds it hard to read due to his teary eyes. It’s a letter for your parents. You tell them about him, how you fell in love with him, how he changed your life. You talk about his past, his struggles and the way he went from the darkest place to where he’s now. Your words are perfectly chosen and you don’t tell too much. Just enough to make him feel loved, understood and respected.


Jimin gets out the bathroom, shaking a towel on his wet hair. He knows you’re on the phone with your mother but something feels different. He gets closer to your bedroom and his heart stops when he hears your voice. You’re crying. Jimin wants to come in but it seems that you have a really important conversation with your mother. He hates when you’re upset but he doesn’t want to interrupt you. Without a sound, he leans on the wall and waits ‘till you’re done. Unfortunately, he hears everything. « How could you know if he’s able to protect me ? You don’t want to know him ! You avoid him every time he wants to say hi ! » You’re sobbing, your anger boiling in your veins. Jimin clenches his fists, feeling even more angry than you. He hates it when you’re in pain. « Well, thank you for worrying for nothing but I’m perfectly happy, mom. I’m in love, and I’m lucky enough to be loved back by this amazing man. If you don’t want to see the effect he has on your daughter, that’s fine. » You hang up and begin to cry even louder, head on your folded arms. Jimin gets on the bed and puts his arms around you, kissing your head. You look at him and cry even more when you see the tears in his eyes.


« I don’t understand… Did I do something wrong, babe ? » Jungkook is really shocked when you tell him about your parents’ disapproval. He has the right to be. Your parents have no real reasons to act the way they do. They keep warning you about his fame, his young age and all those girls around him. Actually, they don’t even know him, judging him just because he’s an idol. Jungkook wants to talk to them but he’s too nervous. He wants to tell them so many things but he’s afraid of getting too shy and ending not saying what he wants. « I want to tell them my story… Maybe if they know how much I’ve worked to be there… I want them to know I’m not a player. I fought for what I’ve got and I’ve fought for you. You’re my girl, I’m here to protect you, not to hurt you. If I tell them that maybe they’ll see I’m a good man… »

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It was dark outside but it felt darker in my mind.
I sat outside looking up into the sky, I became jealous of the twinkling light from the stars amongst the black background. I wished that’s what it was like, I wished that’s what it felt like in my mind, that even through all the darkness there were specs of light.
I pressed the home button on my phone checking the time, 2am.
I let out a heavy sigh and made my way back inside the apartment and back into bed. Bringing the blankets up to my chin and my knees curled to my chest, I close my eyes and try my best to fall asleep knowing I have to be up in four hours to start the day. 

I groan as my alarm blares from the bedside, I grab my phone and snooze it. I roll on my back, rub my burning eyes and lay there until your alarm sounds five minutes later.
I bring my feet to the cold tile and proceed to the bathroom in order to start getting ready for the day. I throw my hair in a bun and apply a little amount of makeup before heading out the door in black jeans and a black t-shirt.

I pulled up to the coffee shop I worked at and headed inside, I get behind the counter and throw on an apron. The store doesn’t open for another thirty minutes but I let a few special customers in early to beat the crowd, paparazzi and fans.
The knock on the front door is my cue and I go unlock the front door and let the two men in, wearing sweatshirts and sunglasses like always. 

“Good morning Shannon, Jared.” I lock the door once they are in. 

“Morning.” Shannon’s tired voice is deep and he yawns right after he speaks. 

“Good morning.” Jared is a little more awake as he pulls the sweatshirt off and tucks his sunglasses in his pocket. 

I get back behind the counter and start their usual order, the old manager used to do this for them and she let me in on the secret once she moved and left me in charge.
Jared comes and leans on the ‘pick up’ counter while Shannon takes a seat at one of the tables close by. 

“You didn’t sleep again, huh?” Jared keeps his voice low. 

I roll your eyes at him, “You look nice today too, Jared.“ 

He pats his hand against the counter softly to get my attention, “You know I didn’t mean it like that, you always look nice but I can see it in your eyes.“ 

“Here you go Shannon.” I place the drink next to Jared’s arm ignoring his comments but I can feel his eyes on my every move. 

Jared picks up the coffee and takes it to Shannon who gives me a nod with a smile.
Jared makes his way back to the counter and leans forward on it again. 

“Why didn’t you call? I told you it doesn’t matter what time of the morning or night.” He lets out a sigh as I give him the look to drop it. 

“Here.” I set his cup down a little harder than usual. 

“Look, I didn’t mean…” I cut him off. 

I move so I can lean against the counter as well lean close enough so he can hear me whisper, “I know, but you have to stop this. I can’t run to you when things are bad, you won’t be here forever.“ 

I come back around the counter and Shannon gets up and follows me to the front door, he pulls me into a quick hug and says thanks for the coffee, he starts walking up the street. Jared stops at the door and pushes it closed, I can feel his stare as he is waiting for me to look up at him.
I break my stubbornness and meet his icy eyes. 

“Everything will be fine, whatever is going on up there.” He uses his pointer finger to gently tap my temple, “Will be just fine." 

He goes and catches up with Shannon and I leave the door unlocked for the day.


I had just met with my manager and she had told me she was promoting me because she was moving, I was excited about the position and the new income but she mentioned a few special customers that come in a few times a week before hours and she wanted to introduce us before she left. 

"OK, so they are big time and they love the our coffee big time. It’s usually two of them, they are brothers but occasionally the older one comes in alone and vice versa.” Kerri, my manager, tells me to sit at the table with her using her hands to motion the open seat. 

“Oh, ok. So what, what do I do?” I can feel the anxiety start to spike inside me. 

“Just treat them like regulars, they are regular people and we have created a really good relationship and I don’t want to lose that. You know 30 Seconds To Mars, yeah?” A grin appears on her face probably in response to my own facial expression. 

“You’re kidding?” My mouth is hung open and I can’t configure another sentence. 

“No, I’m not sweetie. For the next month I’ll have you come here early and I’ll let you make their drinks and meet them. They come, they get coffee and sometimes talk and then they go before we open to avoid the crowds.” She hands me a set of keys for the coffee shop, “It’s yours now. You’ll do great, ok? Everything will be just fine." 

We both stand and she pulls me in for a hug.
I’ve been working for Kerri for almost two years and we have grown to become close friends. This move wasn’t just hard on the business, it was hand on me personally.

The next week the Leto brothers come in everyday, the first day I was a nervous mess and thankfully they were extremely kind about it. They stayed longer than usual to talk and get to know me a little bit and to make me feel at ease.
They both were pretty quiet about themselves which is understandable.
The next few days go by and it definitely got easier to be around them but not necessarily easier to look at them.
Jared with the long ombré hair and bright blue eyes, even first thing in the morning they were brighter than the sky.
Shannon with his darker demeanor and hazel eyes that are much more piercing in person than in pictures. 

The month passes and things are going just fine between me and my new customers. They come in pretty constantly but they both gave me their number just in case they decide not to come in so I could sleep in if I wanted, little do they know sleep is an enemy of mine.
My personal spiral started after the first month, once Kerri left, I noticed it but I pushed it aside because really there wasn’t much I could do.
I slept a lot less or didn’t sleep at all, went to work came home and sat in my bed till the sun was visible again.
I added more and more makeup to hide the bags under my eyes, I hated taking sleeping pills but I needed it.
Three times a week I would take one as soon as I got home and the other four nights were restless.
This night was far worse, nothing would calm the voices and a pill didn’t even dull me.
I got up and threw on a sweatshirt, my body ached with every movement. I barely remember driving to the coffee shop, I don’t even remember unlocking the door or going inside. When my mind finally let me remember it was me tucked behind the counter. I sat there with my knees to my chest, my forehead pressed against them and my fingers linked together on the back side of my head.
I was sniffling, my eyes were shut tight and I could feel the ache in my chest start to become unbearable. I take a deep breath in and it’s shaky, I hear the front door open and I freeze hoping whoever it is will leave. 

“Hello?” Jared’s voice rang out.

I curl my arms around myself hoping he won’t see me, I hear his steps getting closer and he leans over the counter.
I hear him gasp and he quickly jumps over the counter, he crouches down next to me and his arm drapes over my shoulder pulling me close to him.

“What happened? Are you ok?” He pulls me into him tighter. 

He smells good, like a warm day and he feels warm against my cold skin. As his arms wrap around me a sharp inhale leaves me, I press my face into his chest as I sink down into him. His hands are griping my arms and he hums a soft melody above my head. 
He doesn’t ask another question and he doesn’t let go.
He just stays there with me behind the counter until I shift in his grip minutes later. He releases my arms and I sit back with my head against the counter, I can feel his eyes on me but I keep mine closed. I wipe under my eyes with my hands and leave them covering my face until my breathing calms. 

“I’m fine.” I finally whisper.

He shifts closer to me and pulls my hands away from my face, “Do you expect me to believe that?” His eyes meet mine.

I feel like the tears are going to roll down my cheeks again as he stares at me, I pull my arm away from him gently and he lets go.

“Look, or, or don’t look at me but listen. I’m here, right here. I haven’t known you long but it feels like I have, and I can’t just leave you like this. Let me get someone to cover your shift and I’ll take you out for the day, clear your head. Is that ok?” His hand moves to rest it on mine but he stops himself and puts it back on the floor. 

I nod, that’s all I can do and let out a deep breath. He stands up next to me and he reaches his hand down to help me up, I take it and he pulls me to my feet.

“Who should I call?” He looks around for any kind of employees names or information. 

“I-I can text someone.” My voice is barley above a whisper.

He nods and walks around the counter and waits for me, I follow behind him and we both leave through the front door and I lock it behind us. 
We begin a silent walk to his place, he puts his hood up and sunglasses on and gives me a faint smile.
I return with a half smile myself, he seems so inviting all the time and his smile draws me in more. 
We don’t say a word during the walk but it doesn’t feel awkward, it feels nice. 
We get to his place and I try not to be blown away by the size as he holds the front door open for me. 

“I’m going to get a few things, I’ll be down in a minute. You can have a seat wherever or help yourself to anything, Shannon isn’t here so don’t be scared.” He lets out a bit of a laugh as he runs up the stairs.

I walk through the house a little bit but I still get the nervous feeling so I just sit on the couch until Jared comes back down the stairs.

“Ready?” He pops up around the corner.

I nod, “Your house is gorgeous.” 

“So are the things in it.” He smiles and opens the front door for us to walk out. 

“I’d love a tour someday.” I walk past him and wait to follow his next move.

“So would I.” He says in a low whisper.

He nods his head for me to follow him, we walk around the front of his house and he presses a button to unlock the black vehicle parked in the driveway. He open the car door for me and then closes it once I’m seated, he walks to the driver side and gets in. 

“So, talk to me. Tell me things about you. Where did you grow up? What are your dreams? Favorite desserts?” He laughs and smiles at me and I join him with a soft laugh.

The car ride is full of questions that we pass back and forth to each other, nothing too personal but it was nice getting to know some of the small details of him. He was even more interesting than he looks.
We pull up to a beach and it’s completely empty, he gets out of the car quickly and opens my door for me before getting into the trunk of his car and pulling out a bright red blanket.

“You like the beach?” He stops in front of me waiting for my response. 

I nod, again, and he grabs my hand and starts running towards the water, I stumble with the first few steps and laugh, Jared looks back at me with a grin on his face, before we hit the water he drops the blanket. 
He continues to run and the waves hit us, I let out a small scream from the water being colder than expected. Jared never lets go of my hand as we run into the waves till the ocean water hits my waist. 
We stop an stand there, my black shirt and pants soaked and my hair falling out of the bun I had this morning. Jared’s t-shirt clinging to him and his jeans falling lower from being so heavy. 
A smile spreading across my face as the waves hit us lightly and the sun hits my skin. I look over at Jared and his eyes were already on me, he gives me a nod to head back and with our hands still locked we turn around and fight the water to get back to the beach. 
I slip and fall and we laugh as he hold me up, his hand wraps around my waist and I try to ignore the sensation it sent through my body. 

Once we reach the beach I take my shoes and socks off and he does the same, he throws open the red blanket and we sit in the center of it, he grabs one side of it and I grab the other to wrap it over our shoulders. 

“Wanna talk about anything in particular?” He doesn’t look my way, we both stay watching the waves.

I take a deep breath, “Thank you.” 

He chuckles, “You’re welcome.” He puts his arm around my shoulder and I rest my head against him.

A few moments go by and I can’t keep my mouth sealed, “It doesn’t happen all the time, it just builds up and well, eventually I break and then start over again. Sometimes it can take months, other times it takes days. I’m a messy person.” I can feel the lump in my throat grow as I realize how much I just let out.

"You’re allowed to be messy. People find beauty in the mess and that’s everything you are. Beautiful.” He turns his head to look at me.

I try to keep my focus on the ocean in front of us but I can’t, I look at him and as soon as our eyes meet his lips are on mine. I don’t push in and I don’t pull away, instead I close my eyes. It’s a moment of bliss, my heart beating fast and my body feels like it’s somewhere else. He pulls away and I open my eyes to meet his again.

”I’m sorry.” He stutters out but doesn’t look away.

“It’s, uh, it’s fine. Really.” I try to find the right words.

He lets out a sigh and turns back to the waves. I’m thankful he left his shoulder around me because it was starting to get cold, he pulled the blankets closer around us once he noticed.
We stayed there in silence for a few moments until he finally broke it.

“Are you hungry?” He whispers. 

“A little bit.” I whisper back.

He stands up and reaches down for my hand, I grab onto it and he pulls me up. He picks up the blanket and holds it under his arm as we walk back to his car, he tosses it in the trunk and opens the door for me again, I get in and he follows to the driver side.
The car ride starts out quiet, nothing awkward, just peaceful. 

“I think everyone has their own mess. I’m a mess too, I hide it as well. I’m not trying to say that my problems are yours but I just want you to know that you’re not alone.” He pulls up to his house just as he finishes his sentence. 

“I. thank you Jared.” I whisper back.

And that was the start of it all. That was the start of me falling in love with someone so completely out of my league but also someone I still had to see almost every single day, someone who I would constantly have to push away. He always seems flirty, more caring but he’s like that with just about everyone, so again, I push him away.

I finish the day at the coffee shop and get in my car to head home, I have four missed calls from Jared once I check my phone and my heart sinks and I roll my eyes. I never know how to feel about him.
I quickly call him back.

"Jared? Everything ok?” I ask as soon as I hear him answer.

“I’m great actually! I wanted to ask you if you were busy Saturday night? Not like a date or anything, we have a small concert just doing a few songs and then I was thinking we’d all go get some dinner. If you’re free.” He clears his throats as he realizes how fast he was talking.

"Actually that sounds perfect! It’s been a while since I’ve seen you guys play and I could use a night out. Don’t get weird though.” I laugh.

“I’ll have a car pick you up!” He ends the call with a click so I can’t argue with him.

Saturday comes around and I dress is torn up black jeans and a blue faded t-shirt with black boots, I wear my hair down for the first time in a while and apply a thin winged liner and a nude lipstick.
I hear a knock on the door and I peep through window, it’s the driver. I open the door and he’s professional and walks me down to the limo out front. I laugh to myself and get in the back of the limo as the driver holds the door open for me. Once I’m seated I pull my phone out and text Jared.

“I said don’t be weird. And here I am sitting in a limo.” I put my phone in my pocket as I’m sure he is in rehearsal.

The limo comes to a stop and it’s the back of a building, a studio. I begin thinking just how small this gif is. The driver comes around and opens the door for me, he tells me to walk through the door he’s parked in front of and then take the second left. I thank him and walk inside and make the second left.
I walk in the small studio and there are about thirty chairs set out in front of the small recording area that has its set spots for Jared, Shannon and Tomo.
There are a few open seats and I take one of the ones left in the front. I smile at a few people around and then the lights get a little brighter, the three guys come and take their place and the crowd of thirty sounds like hundreds.
Jared makes a few announcements about the recording and the songs they are going to do, he asks people to stay quiet until the very end because they are doing a live recording, he makes some jokes and then they start to play.
About five songs in Jared stops and pulls his phone out, people laugh and he smiles and looks up at me, I know he just read my text.

“I always knew there was something about you. I just need you to listen to these words of this last song and then tell me what you feel.” He slides his phone in his pocket and stared at me.

I can feel his eye on me and I also feel my cheeks go red from his text, I nod towards him so he knows I got it and the show continues.
The music starts and I instantly know it’s one of their cover songs. My heart sinks once the first few words leave his mouth, my entire being feels like I’m having an out of body experience and I can feel my throats going dry from trying to hold back the tears.

“Stay” by Rihanna, that’s the song that he wants me to pay attention to and I do. I listen to every word that comes out of his mouth and with each moment it becomes harder and harder to hold myself together.
The words flow out of his mouth, his voice is soothing yet the words are breaking down all my walls. His eyes are closed as he sings and when it finally ends his eyes open up to me.
I can’t help it, I get up and walk toward him the guards try to push me back but Jared tells them to let me through. I run up to him, tears falling down my cheek, and kiss him.
My arms fall around his shoulders and his hands pull my waist into him. He kisses back harder, our lips pulling apart and meeting back together again. A smile comes over him during the kiss and he pulls away slightly.

“There is definitely something about you and I need you. I think about you everyday and I hope you’re ok every second I’m not with you. I don’t want to fix you, I just want to be there to hold the pieces of you till you’re ready to be put back together.” He whispers against my lips.

I kiss him again, “I’ve always felt this way about you. I just never knew, I didn’t know how..” I whisper back but he cuts me off.

“Lets get out of here baby.” He pecks me once more.

The small crowd is clapping and cheering, Jared walks by them and signs things for the fans but his one hand never leaves my waist.
We walk out of the small studio, his hand still on my waist.
My thoughts seem like a mess but beautiful things are found in messes.


Requested Imagine 23 Monty

can you do an imagine based on “say you won’t let go” by james arthur with monty? can the imagine be like monty has a very important game but the day before he and the reader had a really bad fight and he’s worried she wouldn’t be at the game, but she’s. and very fluffy at the end?? i love your imagines so much!!!!!!

“Just get out!” Monty shouted at you, making you shake with fright at his booming voice, you picked up your bag and walked out of his house.  You’d just had a massive fight about your friendship with Jeff, Monty gets very protective and jealous when it comes to you and with you being friends with Jeff he gets at his worst, he has it in his head that you have feelings for Jeff and that you’re going to leave him for Jeff, all because you slept over at his, you slept in Jeff bed and he slept on the floor.  You told Monty all about it because you thought he trusted you but he blew his top and told you he never wanted to speak to you again.

You went home and texted Jeff, the only friend you had left.

Monty broke up with me – y/n

Are you serious!? Why!? – Jeff

Because I stayed over at yours last night, he says he hates me and never wants to see my again.  Just a heads up, he might kill you – y/n

I’m sorry y/n he can be such an ass! Don’t worry about me, I’ll talk to him – Jeff


You sighed, plopping your head on your pillow and crying yourself to sleep.  The next day you lay in bed all day, not answering anyone’s texts or calls.  You thought hard about the game tonight, it was the biggest game of the season, Monty had talked about it for weeks and how excited he was to see you in the crowd, although now you wondered if you should go.  You thought about it all day and decided not to go, just as your phone buzzed.

I don’t know how today’s game will go, Monty might just kill all the opposing team.  He’s already punched 4 lockers – Jeff


You sighed and decided you had to go, just to see if Jeff was exaggerating a little bit, he was desperately trying to get you both in the same room together, he felt guilty about your break up.  You got dressed and headed towards to playing field. “Y/N!” Jess shouted from the parking lot as you got out your car, you waved and walked over “What happened??” she asked gasping “Long story, Monty being a typical ass” you reply not wanting to go into details “seriously girl I don’t know why you put up with him” she said flippantly “Because I fucking love him” you say back in an offended tone, she snorted a laugh and walked away “you better let him know then” Zach said from behind you, turning round he gave you a small smile “seriously he’s a mess”.

Monty sat in the men’s bathroom getting more and more angry at himself “she’s not going to be here, I’m going to pay terribly and I’ll get kicked from the team” he thought to himself, he needed you to be watching to relax and play well.  “Dude we gotta go now!” Bryce shouted banging on the door, groaning Monty got up and reluctantly left the cubicle and out of the bathroom “forget about her for now man, we have to win” Bryce said hitting Monty’s back making him want to punch him endlessly.  He walked onto the field with his team mates, he zoned out most of the game not caring about how it played out if you weren’t there.  “Monty do something!” Bryce shouted across the field, but he didn’t care, he just kept thinking about how he told you he hated you, he hated himself now for saying it because he’d never told you he loved you he was too scared to let go of his freedom, you were a laid back girlfriend you see, he could party after games and hang out at Bryce’s for days on end and you hardly bothered him, you trusted him completely and knew when he needed space – and al you wanted was to hang out with your best friend in the most platonic way and he accused you of the worst.  

“Monty if you keep playing like this, you’re off for the game!” the coach shouted, you knew it would break his heart if he was benched, you weren’t sure if he wanted to see you but it was worth a try, you stood in your usual spot when he played so he could find you and turned on the torch on your phone, holding it up.  After around 5 minutes of switching arms because they were getting sore, Monty finally glanced up and his eyes locked with yours, smiling you put your arm back down and gave him a little wave, he gave you a nod and instantly focused deeply on the game, bringing himself back.  It was all he needed, some people need music to work out, and he needed you watching to play.  

The game finished and they won.  You rushed to the parking lot to wait by your car, knowing Monty wouldn’t take long in the showers.  “what happened dude, it’s like someone stuffed a firework up your ass!” Bryce joked at Monty he just shrugged, took off his kit and rushed out.  You say Monty walking towards you, he hadn’t even showered, your heart quickened as you worried he’d be angry you came but he marched right up to you and kissed you hard, pulling away you looked confused “I didn’t mean what I said, I can’t believe I said it” he told you holding his breath you just smiled, “I’ve been very good to you Montgomery, don’t treat me like that again, please” you reply looking at him smugly “Never! I know it doesn’t sound like much but I didn’t beat up Jeff?” he tried to think of a way he’d gotten better since being with you “and would that be because you needed him for the game?” you asked and he looked defeated “okay maybe but I still didn’t!” he protested making you laugh “I’m so in love with you, And I hope you know” he blurted out making you give him a shocked look “I love you too Monty, you know that” you replied “Yes I know, because you’re not a coward and actually show me love and affection but I’ve been a lousy boyfriend and never given you what you deserve” he told you “get in the car my love” you said smiling at him and he got in the passenger side as you drove him to your house.  “You left clothes here, you can shower and get ready for the party if you want?” you ask him walking into your house and he tightly wrapped his arm around your waist “I’m not going, im staying here with you” he said matter of fact making you smile “De La Cruz missing a party?” you joke and he laughs “Just say you won’t let go” he whispered pulling you closer to him “I won’t Monty, don’t let me go” you replied, he smiled whole heartedly at you and kissed you deeply. You spent the rest of the night cuddling and watching movies, you lost count the amount of times he said I love you, you had a feeling he wouldn’t stop now.

Have a good night ;) – Jeff.
You just laughed at his text, as he obviously noticed neither of you at the party.

Hope this is okay!

“It meant the world to me and you ruined it”

Request: Could you do a carl gallagher imagine based on the prompt “It meant the world to me and you ruined it.” pls!!!

Warnings: fluffy lil Carl, fight scene

Pairing: Carl Gallagher x Reader

Word Count: 695


It was boring Friday and you were at school in maths, it was the last class of the day but the class had seemed to be taking forever. It felt like you had been in this drab classroom for hours when in fact it had only been 30 minutes. 

You had been staring at the clock when you saw someone walk into the classroom and up to the teacher, the teacher called out for you “Y/N, to the office” You didn’t know what you had done to earn this but you got up, packed your stuff up and followed the boy down the hall. You decided that if it took you long enough to get to the office you wouldn’t have to go, so you began to walk as slow as you could possibly manage. 

The boy had noticed that you were walking slowly so he turned around and gripped onto your wrist.

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Hogwarts! Vernon

@hellonanibear requested: “hi loves :-) I was wondering if I could request a Hogwarts!AU with Vernon please?? I’m a real big Harry Potter fan (Ravenclaw Pride tbh) but I noticed you guys don’t have one for him yet and I’d like to request one please since your Hogwarts!AUs are some of the best I’ve read! ☺️💙”

admin note: Tysm lovely hope you enjoy! <3

  • so Hansol’s a second year Gryffindor
  • half-blood
  • he has a little sister too who he loves and tries showing her magic despite not knowing too much about it himself
  • was shook the whole time though
  • from buying his books and getting picked by his wand
  • and asks his mom everything she can remember about Hogwarts
  • so he can imagine it himself
  • sorted into Gryffindor
  • which can be entertaining
  • bc the guy gets scared of really weird and random things sometimes
  • would jump at the sound of his own laughter probably tbh
  • things like spiders and bugs //COUGH COUGH RONALD WEASLEY TYPE//
  • but don’t ever think he doesn’t have enough bravery to be in Gryffindor
  • he will take on anything and anyone for his friends
  • like how someone accidentally casted Seungkwan’s wand on the roof by a stray spell
  • dead af climbed hundreds of feet above
  • no broomstick or anything
  • just to get it back
  • his best friend is Seungkwan, second year hufflepuff of course
  • honestly what a duo they are
  • Vernon was sitting by himself in a carriage on the Hogwarts express his first year
  • minding his own business, looking out the windows in awe at the landscape speeding by
  • and Seungkwan runs into the carriage with his robes
  • bc boo diva thought he could show off some A+ magic to make some friends
  • at least he tried?
  • things didn’t go as planned obviously
  • and Hansol being the ever calm and collected person he was
  • wasn’t screaming or anything lmao
  • dumped his water bottle
  • no he dumped it on Seungkwan’s head
  • mostly by accident
  • and Joshua and Seungcheol see the smoke and run in on the two first years panicking and screaming
  • and they help put out the fire
  • and honestly find the kids endearing enough to invite them to sit with them
  • starting the iconic 13 member friend group that everyone in Hogwarts knows
  • and Verkwan’s friendship was literally born out of burnt robes ashes :,,,)) 
  • “So you got a name?” Seungkwan asked, sassy as always
  • “Hansol, but everyone calls me Vernon.”
  • “I’m Seungkwan.”
  • “Really I thought your name was ‘boy on fire’.”
  • “You’re funny, wanna be friends?”
  • “Sure.”
  • “You’re my puppy now.”
  • man these two started out the same height
  • but imagine how surprised Seungkwan got when throughout the year,
  • Hansol outgrew him by a few centimeters
  • were pretty devastated when they weren’t sorted into the same houses
  • “I’ll grab the talking hat you distract the teachers.”
  • “We can hang out in your dormitory every other day”
  • and so they hang out all the time
  • because if Hansol is left to wonder around, he might just walk off the castle grounds and get lost
  • would walk around thinking about stuff by himself
  • and fall into the lake or something
  • and everyone would be panicking EXCEPT FOR HIM
  • trying to figure out how to get him to swim back to shore
  • so he and Seungkwan walk together around a lot
  • claiming a corner of the campus for themselves
  • and all the prefects know Hansol by hair color or just general outline
  • and everyone in their friend group looks out for them because they’re the youngest
  • even Chan who’s younger than the both of them by a year
  • he takes care of the two of them too because he’s pretty mature
  • they get in trouble a lot when they’re together
  • detention for hexing papers to fly everywhere in charms
  • and when they found out Seungcheol and Joshua were their prefects after coming back from summer break
  • didn’t make things easier for them at all
  • “Whatchu going to do daaaaaad give me detention?”
  • “Yea.”
  • “Oh, sorry…? I love you? PLEASE I DON’T WANT DETENTION HYUNG!”
  • no one really calls him Hansol too much
  • except for his friend group
  • honestly this is so confusing to everyone when Seungkwan comes bounding up to him in the halls yelling in a singsongy voice “HAAAANNNSSSSOOOOLL~~~~”
  • “Why is he calling Vernon, Hansol?”
  • but that just shows who really knows him
  • even the teachers call him Vernon
  • Verkwan is such a troublesome friendship
  • always breaking the rules to sit together
  • but that whole group always does that
  • or sneaking out after curfew
  • and doing who knows what
  • there’s always a classroom that has all the desks bewitched to spout out confetti or glitter the next day but no one has solid evidence so Verkwan hasn’t been caught yet
  • can’t even split them up by separating them across the classroom
  • would end up sending notes back and forth
  • at some point the teachers gave up
  • and made the both of them announcers for quidditch matches
  • thinking that might calm them down when they’re together and using their energy towards something productive
  • honestly so biased though
  • each one will cheer for their friends only
  • Hansol rapping the scores for the whole stadium
  • and everyone either loves it
  • or doesn’t say anything unless you want 12 other guys coming after you
  • wands drawn
  • despite being a kid who causes a lot of trouble
  • and doesn’t seem to study whatsoever
  • he does pretty decently in most of his classes
  • best class is care of magical creatures
  • but tbh doesn’t really study
  • and again manages to pass stuff
  • but doesn’t enter the library unless he wants to bother Joshua, Wonwoo, or one of his other hyungs about something
  • really laid back and chill, doesn’t stress over schoolwork that much
  • he doesn’t mess up too often either MOSTLY
  • but when he does, he does it spectacularly
  • generally involving colorful explosions and fire
  • has a pet cat named Mr. Chwe
  • but Hansol just calls him Chewy
  • it’s the cutest fluffiest thing you’ve ever seen
  • besides Hansol of course
  • it’s silver fur is honestly so pretty and Hansol loves it to death
  • anyway
  • one day you were looking for your owl, Cara
  • because you wanted to send a letter home
  • when a silver kitty passed in front of you outside
  • “Hey there!” you bent down to stroke its fur for a bit and it purred while laying on the ground in front of you
  • “Chewy!” you looked up as surprise, surprise
  • Vernon ran up to Chewy
  • and basically stopped dead in his tracks
  • because you’re pretty DON’T DENY IT
  • and Vernon be shooketh
  • awkward human bean
  • someone protect him TT
  • and he kind of just stammers his introduction
  • which you think is really cute
  • “Hi, I-I-I’m Vernon.”
  • and he smiles because you laughing is really cute
  • “Chewy is it?” you smile asking him
  • “Yea!” and you watch as Vernon’s face basically lights up as he starts telling you about how he got his cat
  • and you find out he’s in the same year as you
  • which is surprising because you’re familiar with his friend group
  • everyone at Hogwarts knows them
  • and you always kind of thought he was older than you
  • you’re a ravenclaw yourself so you run into Chan sometimes
  • and Vernon goes on really excitedly telling you about Chewy’s life story
  • how Chewy had basically eaten some chocolate Vernon had dropped in diagon alley
  • and how it got sick
  • and Vernon felt awful and just had to figure out how to make it feel better
  • until he found out the heartbreaking news of Chewy not having a family
  • and he basically begged his parents for days to keep Chewy will secretly hiding Chewy in his trunk
  • no one really knows how he did it though don’t ask one of the older kids they’ll claim to know no magic that can fix that cough cough liars they had to help Hansol ok? no one could say no
  • and you stand there just taking it all in
  • how Vernon was willing to go on and on about his pet to some stranger
  • and you were all for it tbh
  • and perfect timing
  • right as Vernon finishes his story, your owl Cara flies down from her roost to land on your shoulders
  • Cara is a beautiful amber color and you smile as Vernon kind of just stares at Cara in awe
  • “It is,” you laugh, “Cara and I go way back.”
  • and he just stares at you waiting for you to explain the story
  • and so you tell him and you both laugh at the varying adventures that you tell each other about your pets
  • and you both also realize you had care of magical creatures together
  • and you both really love animals and just never talked before
  • and Cara and Chewy are just following you and Vernon
  • Chewy following Cara with his eyes
  • and Cara being like “Have you never seen an owl before, you cat?”
  • and when you both leave
  • you feel all warm inside because you made a friend
  • or someone you really liked who knows
  • the next few weeks really zoom by
  • you talk to Vernon in care of magical creatures more now
  • and even Seungkwan can’t help but feel like you’re encroaching on his best friend
  • “Y/n, I know you might not know me, but since you’re friends with Hansol, you have to be friends with me.”
  • “Hansol?”
  • “Yea that’s his real name, did he not tell you?”
  • “Hmm, I guess not, he said his name is Vernon.”
  • and you’re kind of like ???
  • because did he not consider you a close enough friend to call him by his real name?
  • but also why does it bother you? Vernon was just a friend… right?
  • and so obviously
  • when feelings get confusing
  • you’re just like welp instead of working this confusion out I’m just going to pretend like they don’t exist
  • even if you stare at Hansol a bit too long during care of magical creatures
  • and he always comes up to talk to you about homework help and stuff since you’re in Ravenclaw
  • and in the same year
  • and all the hyungs take notice
  • “Hey you’re Hansol’s friend huh?”
  • “He usually doesn’t even try doing his homework but lately he’s actually been doing stuff.”
  • “Oh you’re that person that got Hansol doing his homework, wow thank you what did you promise him chocolate for life?”
  • and it’s overwhelming but you find yourself having twelve new friends
  • bc you’re friends with Hansol
  • and one day
  • “Hey Vernon! Do you wanna go work on that potions paper together?”
  • “Sure y/n! But uhhhh…. you can call me Hansol, it’s my real name haha.” he blushes but you don’t notice
  • “Why do you go by Vernon then?”
  • “It’s just what a lot of people know me as and I stopped correcting them, and only my really close friends call me that.”
  • you feel your heart swelling
  • “Ok,,,, Hansol.”
  • man the smile on his face when you said that
  • in the next few weeks you guys hang out more to do study sessions for upcoming exams
  • and one day when you’re sitting at the windowsill of an empty classroom
  • Cara flies in through the open window landing beside you
  • carrying papers in her claw
  • “Cara, are you stealing people’s notes again?” you laugh picking up the sheet to read it
  • and written at the top
  • “Vernon”
  • you’re almost screaming because wow what a coincidence
  • “Cara, this is Hansol’s” you frown
  • and you look at some of his doodles on the scroll of paper
  • and you see little heart doodles
  • around initials you can’t really read because the ink smeared
  • but the meaning seemed pretty clear
  • he must have a crush on someone
  • you found yourself a bit sad
  • since that was Hansol’s business and not really any of yours
  • but
  • you had to admit your feelings for him weren’t all that straight forward and clear cut as they seemed
  • you sighed but continued working
  • the least of your worries, a silly crush on a boy who didn’t like you
  • and the next few weeks, Cara kept bringing you Hansol’s stuff
  • once it was a chocolate frog
  • and another time it was a little folded paper star with his initials on one side and a little heart
  • it’s like your owl was trying to play matchmaker for you two
  • “He probably doesn’t like me” you giggle when Cara dropped another one of Hansol’s things in front of you
  • this one was a really pretty pale blue colored quill
  • “He might actually need this ya know.”
  • and eventually you have a whole shoebox of random stuff Cara stole from Vernon
  • and you’re like ‘I have to return them at some point’
  • until Cara drops a card I front of you
  • and you’re like ??? did you steal from Vernon again???
  • and on the card is a simple “Thanks to you I did pretty well on my exams, thanks for everything~ Hansol”
  • and you laugh as you read the post script
  • “PS I asked Cara to deliver it especially since she always hangs around my dormitory window”
  • “Awww Hansol, I’m sorry, Cara’s been taking your stuff.” you say to yourself laughing
  • “Cara, you’re such a troublemaker.” you gently pet her wing
  • and Cara sares at you like 'please just watch what happens’
  • and your amber owl is riiiiiiiigggghhhhhtttttttt
  • you gather up the shoebox with missing items to return to Hansol
  • and when he sees you he comes bounding right up with a huge smile on his face
  • until it sees the stuff in the box
  • and his face falls
  • “Hey Hansol.”
  • “Hey y/n”
  • “Cara kept taking your stuff, so I came to give it back.” you smile raising up the box
  • “About that…….” Hansol starts blushing
  • “You see, at first I noticed Cara taking my stuff” Hansol started not meeting your eyes
  • “but after a bit, I ended up just giving her stuff, thinking she’d give it to you.”
  • “Why would you do that?” you giggle blushing as well
  • “Well stuff like the chocolate frog, I wanted to share with you and I saw the quill in hogsmeade and it reminded me of you bc it was pretty and you’re really pretty….”
  • you freeze blushing like crazy
  • you’re standing shocked
  • “And so I gave it to Cara because I thought you’d like it. So all that stuff’s yours not mine, you can keep it.” he smiles at you and playfully ruffles your hair
  • his hand lingering on your head as he pushes a stray lock of your hair back behind your ear
  • “I mean, if you don’t like me that’s ok, I just didn’t want to lose one of my closest friends and best tutor ever” he smiled sheepishly
  • “No Hansol, I…”
  • his eyes met yours
  • “I like you lots too.” you giggle
  • and it’s that cute giggle that reminds his of when her first saw you
  • and he’s so relieved he finally told you
  • that he just gives you a hug right then and there
  • “Yeeeeeeeeeessssss be mine then.” he says not letting you go
  • “Haha of course.” and you feel your cheeks burning
  • and the moment is just too cute and perfect
  • until Seungkwan notices you two
  • and basically yells
  • and from then on it’s official
  • “Honestly, she’s such a good influence making him do his homework and stuff” proud prefect Seungcheol
  • you two are the cutest ever
  • walking around campus with Cara and Chewy
  • tbh Chewy and Cara are like the bestest friends
  • and Seungkwan just being lowkey jealous that you’re taking all Hansol’s attention
  • “He was my friend first!!!”
  • but he thinks you guys are hella cute too
  • how could he not
  • you and Vernon sitting together for meals, only having dessert and getting into food fights
  • bc how could you let whip cream just sit on top of your pumpkin pie without smearing some on his face
  • before he gets you back with the frosting off cupcakes
  • and it’s a big mess
  • and he grabs napkins and helps you wipe your face
  • one hand on your cheek as he leans down to kiss your cheek
  • “Hey!” you giggle
  • “Sorry not sorry!” Seungkwan making barfing gestures behind the two of you lmao forever third wheeling
  • him making you sit next to him when he wants to sit outside
  • just so he can lay his lead in your lap
  • and drift off while you’re reading a book for some assignment
  • and you get a bit distracted every time he moves because he’s so freaking adorable
  • and you end up just watching him nap
  • until he peeks open an eye surprising you
  • and quick as a cat
  • sits up to peck you on the cheek
  • “For a Ravenclaw, you aren’t fast enough to pick up when someone’s fake sleeping”
  • “Oh please Hansol, those snores from you were so real.” you laugh
  • “Maybe, maybe not”
  • and he takes your hand in his and looks you straight in before pressing his lips against yours
  • and you smile at how beautiful and surreal it all feels
  • “Don’t think I’ll ever get over how pretty you are.” he says tilting his face to the side a bit giving you a cute look
  • “Please Hansol lol.”
  • “I’m not joking though!”
  • he holds onto your arm as he lays back down on your lap and looks up at you
  • “You’re prettier than Chewy.” he grinned slyly

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Ice Cream and Nudists

Prompt: What about Dick or Jason fighting awfully with his S/O screaming and stuff and their son/daughter listening to it all and crying so Tim or Damian get in the middle of this and get the kid out carrying him then takes him to some ice cream or to sleep at their house or manor or something?

Words: 451

Fandom: DC

You just sit there and stare at the door. You feel the couch dip beside you, and you smile as Jason pulls you in a bit closer. You lean your head on his shoulder and say, “He’s never seen us fight before.”

          Jason kisses the side of your head. “No, he hasn’t, but it had to happen at some point.”

          You raise an eyebrow in question and ask, “Did it?”

          He shrugs and says, “Well no, I suppose we could have kept our emotions bottled up until he finally moved out, then exploded at each other, gotten divorced, and then had separate holidays forcing him to choose where to take the grandkids for Christmas.”

          You just groan. “He’s only six, don’t go bringing up grandkids quite yet.”

          Jason just smiles. “An empty house, where we can walk around naked, just imagine it.”

          You just laugh and playfully swat his chest. “When in the world did we ever walk around naked?”

          Jason shrugs. “We didn’t, but Alec’s birth kind of took away that option. Unless, you want to move away and become nudists?”

          You shake your head and say, “You know I prefer Gotham. Plus, I hear, there isn’t much crime to fight in nudist parks.”

          Jason nods and says, “Yeah, not my best idea.” There’s a pause before he says, “My best idea was marrying you.”

          You lean in and kiss him, and whisper, “Smooth talker.”

          The sound of the door opening pulls you two apart. A moment later Tim steps into the room guiding a rather messy Alec. You smile and open your arms and Alec runs right into them. Jason smiles as wipes the chocolate ice cream off of Alec’s face. “Did you actually eat any of the ice cream little man?”

          Your son just smiles and says ,“I ate two, daddy!”

          You smile. “So no need for dinner then?”

          Tim winks at the two of you and says, “Figured I’d save you two the trouble. We also had a little talk about your guys’ fight.”

          You raise an eyebrow at that, but before you can say anything Alec says, “Uncle Tim says that you guys very much, and one little fight doesn’t change that. And he said that no matter what you guys would always love me.”

          You lean forward and kiss is forehead, “That is absolutely true.”

          Jason ruffles his hair and says, “One-hundred percent.”

          You hug Alec a bit closer and say, “Thanks for taking him out, Tim.”

          He just winks and says, “Anything for my favorite nephew.”

          Alec grins and says, “I’m your only nephew.”

          You grin as Jason and Alec walk Tim to the door. You truly do have the best family in the world.


Request: “Hi, can i have an imagine of the scene where Eddie gets his cast signed ‘loser’ and he’s upset. But instead of him changing it to ‘lover’, he goes to the reader who is one of his best friends, and she changes it to 'lover’ while comforting him. And just have it with pure fluff and cuteness. Please and thank you.”

Pairing: Eddie Kaspbrak x Reader

“Y/N look what Greta did!” 

Your best friend Eddie shouted as he walked into your house, thankfully your parents weren’t home so Eddie wouldn’t get in trouble for raising his voice. 

“Hello to you too.” You said sarcastically.

“I’m sorry for just barging in like that, it’s just. Look.” Unable to speak Eddie showed you his cast.

It had only one signature on it and that belonged to Greta it read, “Loser” in big black bold letters. You furrowed your eyebrows angrily noticing that Eddie was upset.

You got up from the couch and marched to the kitchen. You opened the wooden cabinet and pulled out a red permanent marker. Once you went back to the living room and sat next to Eddie he looked at you confused. 

“What are you doing?” He asked.

“The right thing.” You replied.

You smiled at your “work” although the S wasn’t covered entirely it was now blocked by a big red V. Eddie’s cast now read “Lover” instead of “Loser.”

Eddie smiled as he looked at his cast, “You changed it thank you so much Y/N!” He shouted happily as he gave you a hug.

“No problem Eds I’m glad you liked it. Now please for the love of god next time hopefully there isn’t a next time.” You stopped as you realized you never wanted Eddie to get his arm broken again because that was just horrible.

You continued, “Come to me so that I can sign your cast instead of that ugly troll.” 

“Okay I will.” Eddie smiled.

“Just so you know Greta doesn’t know what she’s talking about Eds. You’re not a loser you’re the most amazing boy I’ve ever met and I’m glad to call you my best friend.”

Eddie didn’t say anything he just jumped into your arms. You smiled hugging the small and young boy that meant everything to you. Whatever you had to do you would always protect him from anyone and anything. 

Request: Hi could you please write a jack lowden x reader imagine please, a first meeting type thing Thanks


Sometimes you really wondered why you were friends with the people around you. All they ever wanted to do was go out drinking and partying. Sometimes you were able to use work as an excuse to stay home. But other times, like tonight, you didn’t really have a choice in the matter.

Which is why you found yourself walking up to the local pub, Mulligan’s, at midnight with your already drunk friends.

“Ay! Shots all around!” Your buddy, Marcus, cheered as he stumbled up to the bar. The bartender recognized the group, after all they did visit at least twice a week. He immediately got to work making the usual shots, and you fell into conversation with some other locals.

An hour later found you exhaustedly plopping into a seat at the bar, already done with your friends antics. You were so used to being the responsible one of the group, the one who chased their friends around to make sure they didn’t do something too stupid. But tonight you just wanted to get away from it all.

“Ev'rything alright over there?” A soft voice spoke as you rubbed your temples tiredly.

“Just peachy.” You grumbled back, not glancing up towards the stranger.

“Your friends are ahh, quite a handful eh?” The voice spoke again, and you glanced over towards the fellow. Instantly, your eyes connected with a startling blue pair, leaving you breathless.

“You could say tha.” You breathed out, discretely checking him out. Blonde hair, strong facial structure, lean muscles. This man was quite handsome.

“I figured, mine are too.” He said, glancing over at a group of rowdy guys in the corner. When he turned back to you, he had a smile on his face. “Think I can buy you a drink?” He questioned, scooting his stool slightly closer to you.

“I wouldn’t say no to a shot o whiskey.” You told him, a smile forming on your lips finally. He seemed surprised for a moment, before smiling wider.

“A whiskey girl, eh? I like it.” He said, before turning to the bartender. “Hey lad! Can you get me a shot o whiskey for the lass and I?” He questioned, and then turned back to you. “I’m Jack.” He spoke, holding out a hand.

“Y/N.” You responded, taking his hand. He pulled your hand to his lips, pressing a slight kiss to your knuckles.

“Beautiful name.” He whispered as he pulled away, and you felt a blush rising to your cheeks. You breathed a sigh of relief when the bartender came back, taking that time to rid of your blush.

Jack handed you one of the shots, and then held his up for a toast.

“To stupid friends.” He joked, his eyes glistening slightly. You laughed as you clinked your glass against his, then downing it all in one go.


“Aye! Y/N, let’s head to Kevs house! His da’s got some ale.”

That night, when 3am rolled around and the bar closed, it wasn’t you dragging your friends out of the bar for once. You had sat at the bar all night, chatting with the handsome man who for once helped you enjoy being at the pub.

You talked about loads of things; favorite music, books, lifelong dreams. You talked about your dream job, and he in turn told you about being an actor. He told you about his new film, Dunkirk, and you promised him you would go and see it.

You honestly didn’t want to leave the pub, you had enjoyed yourself so much while talking to him. It seemed he felt the same way.

“If you wouldn’t mind, I’d like ta walk miss Y/N home tonight.” He told your friend, before turning to look at you with a wink. “If Y/N here agrees.”

“I’d like tha.” You smiled, taking his offered hand as you both stood up.

“Someone alert the presses! Y/N’s going home with a lad!” Your friend screamed, making you redden instantly. Instantly all your friends began drunkenly cheering, irritating you further.

“Aye you bloody tossers! Shove it.” You started toward them angrily, before Jack tugged you towards the door.

“Don’t worry darlin’, they’re jus havin’ a laugh.” He chuckled as he removed his hand from yours, only to wrap it around your shoulders as you moved out into the chilly night. “Lead the way.”

“You really don’ have ta walk me home. I’m right around the corner.” You told him, but he just shook his head.

“I know, but I wan’ to.” He replied, pulling you closer to his body to keep you warm. “Besides, what kind o gentleman would I be ta let a gorgeous lass like yourself walk home alone.”

“Gentleman? I don’t see any gentlemen around.” You joked, trying to force down yet another blush. Jack let out a wholehearted laugh, squeezing your shoulder.

“Aren’ you just a funny one.” He laughed, letting go of you as you turned up the walkway towards your apartment. You fumbled in your pockets for the key, before pulling it out triumphantly. You turned towards him when you got to the door, a gentle smile on your face.

“Thanks for walking me home, and for makin’ tonight more bearable.” You said, pulling him into a hug.

“For once I’m actually glad my friends are annoyin’, I might’ve never met you otherwise.” He said as he pulled away, placing a kiss to your check as he did so. “I was thinkin’-”

“Well that’s not a good sign.” You cheeked, laughing as he pretended to be offended.

“Fine than, I’ll just leave.” He sighed, turning and taking a step away.

“Alright you little diva.” You laughed, grabbing his arm. “What were you thinkin’?”

“Well, maybe I can take you to lunch tomorrow?” He asked, sounding hopeful.

“I’d like tha.” You responded, smiling when he breathed a sigh of relief.

“Great! So I’ll pick you up at 11:30?” He questioned, beginning to walk away.

“I’ll be waiting.” With that, you disappeared into your apartment, back leaning against the door as you smiled.

Just this once you were happy to have been dragged out of the house by your friends.

Cocoa and Draco

If u can could u please write one with Draco where u are having a boy talk with the girls and then the girls mention Draco as you two are dating n you say something and Draco overhears it and get very mad at you. Fluff. Thankyou

Draco Malfoy x reader (any house) imagine

Word Count: 1189

Warnings: none

You warmed yourself up by the fire after a chilly walk outside. You rubbed your hands together trying to get warm, but questioning if this method actually worked? You and Draco had just took a walk together around the outside grounds. His warm hands kept your tiny, cold ones toasty. You pictured his black trapper hat covering his white hair. His pale cheeks had turned pink and his breath was visible as he talked. Little snowflakes were twinkling down from the sky and falling into your hair. You secretly loved the way it made your hair look. He kissed you on that walk. It made your face warm up and you smiled to yourself just thinking about it. He made you promise not to tell anyone that he was falling for you.

The fire crackled bringing you back to reality. You pulled your cozy blanket around you.

“I’ve just gotten us some hot chocolate from the kitchen!” Emilia slowly walked in carrying four mugs, two in each hand.

Emilia was one of your best friends and roommates. She had a bob cut and brown hair that was perfectly straightened every time you saw her. Her hazel eyes fit perfectly with her pale skin.

You jumped up to help her and took two out of her hands.

“Where are the others?” She asked.

You shrugged your shoulders not sure of their whereabouts because you had not seen them since you returned from your stroll.

“Library. Heard them giggling about love potions. Said they were trying to find a book about them.” Tommy said looking up from his book.

Tommy pushed back his black hair and smiled. His teeth were so white and straight. He pushed up his sleeves revealing more of his tan skin.

“Thanks, Tommy.” Emilia batted her eyes smiling greatly.

You stifled your giggle and said, “Let’s try and find them?”

Emilia nodded and followed you out of the common room, through the corridors, and into the library. You sipped your hot chocolate as you two searched for your two other best friends and roommates. Other students were still in the library either to chat or search for books to finish up last minute homework. You heard familiar giggles around the corner.

You turned to see Evelyn and Millie whispering as they stared at the book Mille was holding. Millie’s long, curly red hair was falling down her shoulders into the book.

“Why don’t you just put it back?” Evelyn giggled pushing her hair to the side.

Evelyn had her dark hair pulled back into a braid.

“Guys!” Emilia jumped towards them.

She handed them their hot chocolate, forcing Millie to put the book down onto the table next to her.

“What are you doing?” You asked taking another sip of cocoa.

“Just looking up love potions. How did you find us?” Millie said brushing her hair out of her face.

“Tommy told us.” Emilia smiled.

“Bet you’d like to slip him a love potion…” Evelyn snorted making the rest of you laugh.

“Oh shut it! There’s people around.” Emilia turned red reminding you of your walk with Draco.

He was so captivating. You were thinking of how kind he was to you and how he cared for you so much. He talked about wanting to take you on a real date someday.

“Alright, pick one person you’d like to like to give a love potion to.” Emilia dared.

“Ollie Days!” Millie practically yelled.

Ollie Days was a tall, lanky boy with the whitest hair but the darkest eyes. Millie had always fancied him and they could always be found talking about really anything.

You all laughed at her eagerness to answer.

“That was a bit fast.” Evelyn laughed. “I’d have to say Jamie Krow. Real cutie, that one.”

Jamie Krow was a tiny girl in your year whom was incredibly smart. She had thick, straight dark brown hair that was just the perfect length. She always wore boxy glasses that slowly slid down her nose.

“What about you?” Emilia asked you.

“Oh, um.” You stuttered.

Your immediate thought was Draco, of course, but you couldn’t say anything about him to anyone.

“I saw you with Draco Malfoy earlier, what about him?” Millie smiled.

Your face went red, “No! Shush!”

“Draco Malfoy? Are you two?” Evelyn almost spit out her cocoa.

“I bet they are. Saw them holding hands.” Millie grinned.

You sighed, there was no point in lying considering that Millie had seen you together.

“You cannot tell anyone! You have to promise!” You tried to quiet them down.

“How long?” Emilia tried to whisper.

“About four months. No one is supposed to know! You can’t tell anyone! Ever.” You said.

“Oh my gosh. I can’t believe it.” Evelyn giggled.

“I don’t think she has to worry about slipping him a love potion though, the way he looks at her.” Millie said.

Your cheeks turned red again. He really did look at you lovingly, didn’t he?

“What’s he like?” Emilia asked.

“He’s lovely, so handsome. He’s so sweet to me. He said he’s falling far me. But you can’t tell anyone! Draco doesn’t want anyone to know.” You said.

“What do I not want anyone to know?” You heard his familiar voice ask.

You turned to see him standing behind you looking agitated.

“Draco, they saw us. I can’t lie to my best friends.” You tried to not upset him anymore.

“Can I talk to you, just us.” It was more of demand rather than a question.

You set your mug on a bookshelf and followed Draco a few rows down before going into one. He ran his hands through his hair as he turned to face you at end of the bookshelves. He looked up at you and shrugged his shoulders.

“How did this even come up?” He asked.

“They were talking about who they’d like to slip a love potion to and then they asked me but I said I didn’t know. Millie said she saw us holding hands earlier during our walk. There’s no way I could have denied that, no lie would cover that up.” You said walking towards him.

He sighed.

“They can’t know, no one can.” He said.

“Draco, I understand that but they saw us. We can’t change that. No one is going to care that we’re together.” You replied.

“I don’t want anyone using this as leverage to hate you. Who knows what they all think of me. I don’t need you going through that.” He said getting a little angrier.

“Draco, I don’t care what happens. I like you a lot and I want to be with you no matter who knows or whatever anyone thinks.” You said.

He didn’t say anything back. You could tell he was thinking about what to do.

“Thick and thin, I’ll stand by you.” You reassured him.

He looked at you, unsure of what to say.

“Oh come on, you know I’m crazy about you.” You giggled.

He smiled and kissed your forehead. It felt so comforting.

“Alright, alright.” He pulled you in to hug you. “I guess I can live with a few people knowing.”

anonymous asked:

Tadashi headcanons please! I beg of you! (I love your writing by the way ahh)

dont touch me im still not over this cinnamon roll.
here are some pre-relationship headcanons aaa

-Imagine Tadashi having slight difficulty admitting to himself that he’s falling for you. He’s afraid because ‘what if the feelings aren’t returned?’ and ‘What will Hiro think…?’. He’s also afraid of running what he does have with you, considering you’d been good friends ever since freshman year in High School.

-Imagine Hiro constantly teasing his older brother because he’s aware that Tadashi likes you. Tadashi has to bribe him(usually with money, sometimes gummy bears), on occasion so Hiro doesn’t tell you.

-Imagine Hiro purposefully inviting you over to his house so he can help you on your project, but in reality, he’s just doing it so he can try and get you with his brother.

-Imagine Tadashi buying you small things, like bookmarks that he thinks you’d like, pens because he knows you lose them like crazy, books, etc.

-Imagine Tadashi seeing you on the streets, trying to push back a blush and his surprise of seeing you outside of school,  as he walks up to you with a bright smile. “Hey, (Name)!” He’d say, his voice cracking near the end.

-Imagine Tadashi bringing you a cup of coffee every morning, because he’s memorized what you like. He does this because he knows it makes you happy, and he wants that. He wants to make you happy.

-Imagine him getting slightly jealous at the mere sight of you talking to another male student. He knows he shouldn’t get jealous, because you’re not in a relationship with him, but he can’t help himself.

-Imagine him staring at you for too long while you’re talking about your project, and he doesn’t realize he’s staring until you bump into him playfully, asking, “What do you think?” and in that moment, Tadashi has to scavenge his brain for an an answer because you nearly knocked the wind out of him.

-Imagine Tadashi looking at you from inside his lab without realizing he’s doing so. He snaps back into reality, and he has to pep talk himself back into his own work, so he doesn’t watch you all day.

-Imagine him giving you his jacket to wear during the day when the heater goes out in the lab(thanks to GoGo and Honey who were experimenting a new project).

-Imagine an umbrella coming over your head, and Tadashi giving you a warm smile, asking, “Did you forget yours at home?” Blushing, you only nod and he snuggles himself beside you so his umbrella was shielding both of you. “I’ll walk you home then, so you don’t get soaked.”

-Imagine walking in on him testing Baymax, and he admits his feelings for you to the robot, unaware that you were actually at the door, listening to the entire thing.

-Imagine the look on his face when he finally does notice you standing in the door way, and with a jolt, he’s quick to defend himself, while rubbing the back of his neck, “Y-you didn’t hear any of that did you?” Tadashi mumbles softly, as you nod. He murmurs something under his breath, but you can’t hear it, and before you can say anything to him, he’s looking up at you with dark, brown eyes, “Guess there’s no point in trying to defend myself here… I-I really, really like you… I mean, I have for years but you’ve always been the one thing I could never see myself actually having because you’re so…” He swallows softly,” you’re so beautiful… And funny, and cute… and-and…”

-Imagine slowly shutting the door to his lab with a crooked smile, your heart beat increasing at his previous words as you laugh slightly, “I wish you’d have told me all this sooner. I’ve… I’ve really liked you, ever since High School.”