can you imagine just walking into your house

I'm sorry || justin bieber imagine

[summary: justin and you have an argument and in the heat of the moment he yells at your daughter you have with him]

your pov

“what the hell justin??!” you yelled at justin when he walked in the house at 3 a.m. again.

“y/n calm the hell down just shut the fuck up” justin yelled back at you.

you yelled back absentminded to the fact your 3 year old daughter was in the next room “no i will not shut up, i can’t deal with this. i might just have to take shayla and leave.”

so the screaming match went on not noticing the little girl creeping her way in the room.

“you cannot take my daughter away from me y/n” justin said reaching his boiling point.

“daddy-” shayla whispered, scared for what’s going on.

“why are you out of bed, go!” justin said in the loudest voice, scaring your little girl. she burst into tears then ran back to her room.

“now look what you’ve done” you said annoyed.

all of the color from justin’s face drained as he looked at you apologetically.

you went to shayla’s room. “baby are you okay?” you saw her under her covers crying to herself. she must’ve been really hurt. she was always a daddy’s girl.

“oh baby come here.” you said walking over to her bed and cuddling her.

“mommy, does daddy not love me anymore?” she said, once she finished she cried even more. that made you want to cry.

you looked towards the door and saw justin standing there crying.

“baby, of course i love you with all of my heart. you and mommy. i just was having a stressful day and took it out on you, daddy’s sorry” he said picking your daughter up kissing her tears.

“lets go sleep as a family in our bed, you want that princess?” he said to your daughter who nodded her head eagerly.

you all feel asleep with justin on the left, shayla in the middle and you on the right.

Can you imagine how cute it would be if you were allowed to bring dogs as a pet to Hogwarts?

  •  Lil puppies runnin around and having the time of their life on the grounds
  • Passing dogs on your way to class and then turning around to follow you there
  • Professor McGonagall in the middle of a lesson when someone’s german shepherd just walks into the class and sits by his owner
  • There being a lil common room for all the dogs where the house elves feed them and make lil collars for them with their owners name just in case
  • Going to/from Hogwarts on the train and having your lil dog sitting by the window watching everything go past
  • Dogs playing with the giant squid in the black lake
The Bet

“Oi, good morning Shebly’s.” You sang as you opened the door of the betting house early in the morning, ready for work.

“Morning Y/N.” They all said unanimously as you hung up your coat and walked into the hustle and bustle of everything. You’ve been friends with the Shelby’s as long as you can remember, they were basically a second family to you ever since your father died. Aunt Poll was like your mother, and you trusted her advice very much, and all the Shelby brothers were just that to you, or so it felt. And then there was John…who held a special place in your heart whether he knew it or not.

As you ready your cash box for the money sure to be brought in by the betters, you notice for the first time John sat over the books, scratching his head. You furrow your brows as you realize he didn’t say hi to you this morning and he wasn’t his usual charming self.

You walked over to him, planting yourself on the table, forcing him to look up from the books. He was taken aback to see you, and his face slowly grew red as he smiled.

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@caitie-lu said: Mycroft as a father please?

“Mycroft!” You exclaimed as your husband walked through the door to your house. You rushed over to him.

“Oh dear,” He said looking you up and down.

“Why can’t Eleanor be a sophisticated eater?”

“She’s a toddler, Y/N. I do believe that children at her age eat very messily and cannot eat as neatly as you or I.”

“Can you please take over from here? I’m exhausted, need a shower, and just need a break.” Your hair was messy and greasy as you had not had time to wash it. Your shirt was covered in baby food. You loved your little girl however it was hard work.

“I have work to attend to…”


Mycroft sighed. “Anything for you, my love.”

“Thank you.” You went into the bathroom to take a hot shower and wash your hair. Mycroft would never do anything for anyone but you came into his life and everything changed. He would do anything for you and his child. Mycroft entered the kitchen which was were Eleanor was. She was sat in her highchair and had food all around her mouth and on her clothes. It was all up the walls and on the floor. Surprisingly, there was food still in her bowl. Mycroft took off his blazer and rolled up the sleeves of his shirt. He got a spoonful of food.

“Now, Eleanor,” He said even though she’d completely ignore him. “Eat this.” He held the spoon in front of her mouth but she refused to eat. He tried so many tactics to get her to eat; including the ‘here come the aeroplane’ method. She was stubborn like her father. A temper tantrum later, Eleanor had finally finished her dinner but more of it was on the floor than in her little stomach. He looked at the state his daughter was in and laughed. It’d take a lot of cleaning up but she looked adorable. Mycroft took a picture on his phone. He usually wouldn’t take pictures as he used his phone for work purposes. However, he’d changed so much that this wasn’t queried. “You need a bath,” He stated. “Your mother is in bed now so we need to keep quiet.”



“No! Eleanor cried as she splashed the water sending it all over Mycroft.

He sighed. "Eleanor dear,” He said. “It would be lovely if you could possibly keep it down-”

“No! No! No!” She hated bath time. He was smarter than you for many things considering that he was arguably one of the smartest men in the world. However, you were better than him with children and you could quickly calm down your child. Mycroft was quite capable but you were just better.

“What would you like?” She pointed to the towel.

“No. You can’t get out. You need a proper wash and you’ve only just got in.” Tears brimmed in her eyes. “Eleanor…” The tantrum continued. She could be a delight at times but some days she could be a little devil. “Now what does your mum do…” He scanned the bathroom until he noticed a yellow rubber duck on the side. It was new and he remembered that you had been shopping earlier today. He took the duck and handed it to Eleanor. She instantly calmed down as she began to play with it. Mycroft gave a sigh of relief as he could finally give her a proper wash. After all that was over, he went to pick Eleanor up to take her out of the bath but she wanted to stay in. “Typical,” He rolled his eyes. Twenty minutes later, Eleanor wanted to come out so he lifted her out of the bathtub and wrapped her in a white fluffy towel. Mission complete.

Dallas Introducing You to the Gang (Headcanons)

-He’ll either make a big deal out of this or no deal at all

-Like he’ll just walk in with his arm around you and if the guys look at him he’ll just smirk and say “this is Y/N” in a real proud voice and kiss your cheek

-OR he will make sure everyone’s at the house and introduce you in a v cheesy way

-(Either way) you can bet that his arm will be around your waist the whole time too

-“This is Y/N and they’re the sweetest damned thing I’ve ever saw”

-He’ll turn to you with a grin and try flustering you in front of the whole gang after that

-“I knew I just had to have you,” he’d say and then kiss you

-After he sat down he’d be free to any questions and probably tell everyone like 50 times on how you guys met

Dallas Winston Imagine

This was requested, hope you enjoy! X

Dallas Winston Imagine:

You were absolutely exhausted and had just experienced possibly the worst day of your entire life at school, and having work directly after didn’t exactly help matters. You kicked an old coke can that had been lying around on the ground as you made your way home. The walk was long but somewhat calming, you needed it in order to clear your mind. As you arrived at the house you noticed Dallas’ car was parked in the driveway, you smiled to yourself at the thought of him coming to visit you, but you weren’t exactly sure if you were in the mood for company at the moment.

You stepped inside and kicked your shoes off, dropping your bag and plopping down on the sofa, a loud sigh escaped your lips as you leaned your head back and closed your eyes. Dallas was standing in the doorway of the kitchen, watching you with a small grin.

“Rough day, huh?” He asked, slowly approaching the sofa and taking a seat next to you.

“Mhm. I don’t want to talk about it.” You mumbled, crossing one leg over the other and opening your eyes slightly. Dallas chuckled and copied your leg motion, mocking you by letting out a loud sigh and leaning his head back on the sofa.

“Dallas this isn’t funny. Why do you have to turn everything into a joke?” You rolled your eyes, getting irritated at his childish behaviour.

“(Y/n) this isn’t funny, why do you have to turn everything into a joke?” He chuckled once again, rolling his eyes and crossing his arms over his chest. “I think I do a pretty good impression of you, doll.” He grinned.

“You’re ridiculous.” You stated, trying not to smile at his comment. You were in an extremely irritable mood and even though Dallas knows exactly how to get you going, he also knows exactly how to make you smile. He was well aware of that also.

“And you’re ridiculously hot, even though your attitude ruins it.” He joked, wrapping his arms around you and forcefully pulling you into his chest. “I don’t want to hear another word come out of your mouth until you’ve cooled off and you’re ready to speak to me nicely.” He smirked. You laughed softly, playfully punching his arm as you attempted to get out of his grasp, causing him to tighten his grip on you.

“Dally, let me go. I wanna go shower.” You whined, pushing on his chest.

“Not yet, I haven’t seen you all day. Now shut it and just relax, because no matter how much you whine you aren’t going anywhere.” He stated, the grin still evident on his lips. You sighed in defeat and just gave in. There was no point in arguing because Dallas always got what he wanted, no matter what. You were content enough to just lay in his arms for a bit anyway, even if he did boil your blood at times.

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“This is gonna be a long night.” (Ethan)

Requested by anonymous: “can you do an imagine where you and E hate each other and had an awkward hook up a few months ago then end up accidentally getting locked out on a balcony at a party after everyone else is passed out or left?”


“Are you kidding me? Fucking Ethan is here.” You said. You had just walked into a house party with a friend of yours and you already wanted to leave. 

“Okay, and? Whatever happened between the two of you was months ago. It’s in the past.” She said.

“Yeah, but it still happened.” You whined. 

A few months ago, at someone else’s house party, you and Ethan both got really drunk, and ended up sleeping together. And you hated that memory. He was the biggest womanizer you knew and you were mad at yourself for ever falling into his trap.

“C’mon, (Y/N). Everything will be fine.” Your friend said. She was lucky she drove or else you would have already left. A few hours had gone by and there had been no run-ins with Ethan. Until now.

“Hey, (Y/N).” You heard a voice whisper in your ear. You turned around and looked up at Ethan, his six-foot body towering over you.

“Hi.” You said sternly. You turned back to the counter and continued mixing your drink.

“Awe, come ooon. Don’t blow me off like that. Not after that night we had together.” He said, moving to stand next to you.

“You mean the drunk sex we had? Yeah, how romantic.” You said as you walked off, Ethan following close behind you.

“Please, you know you liked it.” He pestered.

“I don’t remember anything, because, y’know, I was drunk.” You reiterated.

“How about we jog your memory tonight.” He said with a smirk.

“Oh please. That’s the last thing I want.” You said as you pushed him away.

“I’ll bet you’ll change your mind by the end of the night.” Ethan called after you as you got up to leave. You rolled your eyes and walked out onto the balcony. You wanted nothing more than to be alone at home, but being alone on the balcony would have to do for now. You sat out there for a bit, enjoying the fresh air, marveling at the lights, and just enjoying the alone time. You closed your eyes and began to fall asleep, but were woken up as the door opened.

“Oh, hey. I didn’t know you were out here.” A voice said. You looked up and saw Ethan standing above.

“Fuck off, yes you did. You saw me walk out here.” You said.

“No, I swear. I really didn’t.” He said.

“Well, I have to pee.” You said. “Awe, fuck.” You said as you tried to open the door. “It’s locked.

“What? Are you serious?” Ethan asked.

“You did this on purpose, didn’t you? So you could get me out here and convince me to sleep you again.” You spat.

“What? No. I swear, I didn’t lock the door. Like I said, I didn’t even know you were out here.” He said. You started banging on the door to try and get someone to come and open it.

“Ugh, who am I kidding. They’re not gonna hear this over the music.” You said. You slid down the wall and sat on the ground. “We’re gonna be stuck out here all night. Or at least someone notices that we’re not inside anywhere.”

“At least we’re not alone.” Ethan said.

“I guess.” You said. After a few hours, it had started to get cold and you were balled up on the ground, trying to keep warm.

“Come here.” Ethan said, holding his arms out towards you.

“I’m perfectly fine keeping myself warm, thank you.” You said, turning away from him.

“Okay, (Y/N), listen. I know we don’t like each other, and are far from ever being friends. But I’m not that big of an asshole. I’m not going to let you sit out here and freeze.” He said. You sighed and moved closer to him. He wrapped his arms around you, draped his jacket over the two of you like a blanket, and held you tight.

“This is going to be a long night.” You said to yourself. “At least his cologne smells good.” You thought as you forced yourself to try and sleep.


🔅I just love your imagines!!! Could you do a Daryl x reader where they are fighting about Daryl being overprotective of her and they don’t know their feelings for each other just yet and during the fight Daryl ends up suddenly kissing her passionately… you can add anything else, hope u like it 😘 thank you!! 💗🔅

 I hope you like it! 💕 

-Ugh! I hate it when you do that! —you slammed the door open and walked inside the house. You threw your backpack in anger to the floor. —Why do you always have to follow me when I go out these walls?
-You’d be dead if I didn’t. —Daryl said simply. You couldn’t help but feel a little offended by his words.
-Excuse me? —you took a hand to your chest. —I can take care of myself!
-Didn’t look like it back there. —he told you. You had gone beyond the walls because you wanted to be alone, everything was going just fine until you came across a bunch of hungry walkers. You started to kill them, but they were too many and you only had a small knife. Suddenly, they all started to fall to the ground as arrows stabbed their heads. Instead of feeling relief, you rolled your eyes and sighed loudly. Daryl saved your ass, and it wasn’t even the first time, that’s what was pissing you off. Every time you left the community, Daryl followed you and watched over you, and it annoyed the hell out of you.
-You’re not my father, you’re not my boyfriend, I’m not your responsibility, so stop following me around! —you yelled at him and walked out of the house.
You felt the anger still running through your veins, you glared at the gates and a soft grin twitched in your lips. Purely out of spite you wanted to leave to community, to make sure Daryl wouldn’t follow you and let him worry his ass off; you were like a kid throwing a temper tantrum.
-Are you authorized to leave? —an Alexandrian asked once you reached the gates. She leaned on the gates and crossed her arms, waiting for your answer with an eyebrow up.
-Authorized? —you almost laughed at her question. She nodded but kept her straight face. You rolled your eyes and turned around. So now you had an alibi. If Daryl went to the guard and asked her if you left the community, she would say that you wanted to but she refused to let you go. Daryl wouldn’t even know where to start looking for you.

You went to a street of town in which the houses were not occupied yet, you climbed up the wall and landed on your feet at the other side. There was a little hole in the fence, you placed your eye there and saw that the street was still lonely.

You wandered about, breathing the fresh air and trying to be as silent as you could. There were many things running through your head, specially that fight with Daryl. He didn’t regret saving you or following you even when you were screaming at his face for it. He had remained so calm while you were yelling at him, as if he told you he would do it again just to keep you safe. You shook your head at that thought, he was just as stubborn as you, that’s what you chose to think instead. But why would he drop everything he was doing every time you went out, why would he risk his life when you were in trouble? Many questions popped in your head as you walked through the woods.
You were awaken from your thoughts with the sound of crushing leaves behind you. You turned around, grasping your knife tightly, expecting to find a walker but instead there was Daryl.
-You have to be kidding me! —you yelled at him as you rolled your eyes. He didn’t say anything. —Does it look like I’m in danger right now?
Daryl only raised his crossbow and shot it at a walker that was a few feet away from you. You sighed and turned back to Daryl.
-Great, a walker, I would have died without you, thank you. —you told him in a sarcastic tone. He went towards the walker and took his arrow back.
-Ain’t that hard to say ‘thank you’, is it? —he said as he walked past you back to the community and it only made the blood in your veins boil.
-I have never asked you to come save me! —your voice raising with every word you said. —In fact, I asked you to stop doing it!
-What if I don’t? —he turned around and look at you defiantly.
-You will. —you told him sternly. You saw him raise an eyebrow under dark strands of hair. He took a step closer to you.
-Or what? —he asked hoarsely, staring straight into your eyes. Your cheeks turned red.
-Or I-I will-
Before you could finish your sentence, Daryl grabbed you from the back of your head and kissed you fiercely. Your eyes widened at that, you had no idea what was going on but you liked it. You started to give in slowly, closing your eyes and placing your hands on his chest as kissed him back, tiptoeing so you could be closer to his mouth. His fingers tangled in your soft hair as he held you strongly.
He pulled away from you, breathing heavily.
-Or you will what? —he asked with a smirk, his lips were still red and slightly swollen. You bit your moist lower lip and chuckled as you rolled your eyes.
-Shut up. —your ordered and wrapped your arms around his neck, pulling him back to you. His lips danced smoothly with yours as your tongue entered his mouth hungrily. Daryl took your waist inside his hands and pulled you closer to him, getting rid of any space that existed between you.
You smiled faintly against his lips, “if every time he follows me around ends like this”, you thought, “then he should do it more often”.


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This is stupid” Damian muttered as you walked up to the first house.

“You won’t be saying that when we go back to the mansion with a ton a candy” you grinned.

"Father’s rich. He can just buy us candy”.

"But where’s the fun in that?”.

You knocked on the door and a man answered.
“Now what are you?” The owner of the house asked.

Damian who was just wearing his Robin suit raised an eyebrow.
“Isn’t it obvious?”.

"Are you supposed to be Robin?” Another kid snickered “your costume looks nothing like the real thing”.

You couldn’t help but laughed at the perplexed look that appeared on Damian’s face at that moment.

I wrote this next to an eleven year old girl on the plane. Whoops

Zach Mitchell imagine o__0
WARNING:contains smut😱🌚

“Zach can you hand me the soap?” You asked your boyfriend. You’re parents were on a date and asked you to clean the house. He walked over to where you were standing a handed you the soap with a smile on his face. “What are you so happy about?“you giggled. "Oh nothing.It’s just that your parents aren’t here and won’t be home for another three hours.” He laughed. “Zachary Mitchell!” I scoffed pretending to be surprised. He laughed with that smile you adored. You turned around and took a sponge from the bucket. You scrubbed a bit before turning around to see Zach holding a squirt bottle full of water. “Zach?” You questioned. He inched closer to you with an evil grin on his face. “Zach you better stop right now!” You screamed playfully. “Or what?” He said seductively. “Or I’ll make you.” You played along. He pulled the trigger and a bunch of water landed on you. “ZACH! I HAVE MY HAIR STRAIGHTENED!"you yelled. "Now it’s gonna be curly.” You fake cried. You buried your head in your hands and waited for him to come over. You felt his hand raise your chin so you were facing him. He looked deeply into your eyes and moved his face closer to yours. You closed your eyes anticipating the moment you had been waiting for all night. He crashed his lips into yours. A warm, tingly feeling ran through your whole body. You entered your tongue into his mouth earning a moan from him. He picked you up and you wrapped your legs around his waist. He carried you upstairs and laid you down on the bed.

He stopped his motions and looked into your eyes for permission. You nodded a quick ‘yes’ and pulled him down to your face and began again. Your heart beat started to quicken and your breathing became uneven. Zach swiftly pulled of your t shirt and leggings. You pulled up his shirt to reveal his toned chest. You suddenly felt self conscious of your own body. You weren’t exactly model skinny. You pulled away from the kiss and looked into his eyes. It was as if he immediately noticed. “You’re gorgeous Y/N.” He said and raked his eyes over your exposed body. He smiled at you and unbuckled the belt to his jeans. You couldn’t help but smile in anticipation.

He tugged off his pants revealing a bulge in his boxers. You pulled him down a smashed your lips into his and moaned into his mouth. He put his hand on your hip and slowly moved it up your body and stopped at your breast. He pulled you into an upright position and wrapped his arms around your back and unbuckled your bra. He slid it off you your shoulders with nimble fingers. You looked into his eyes that were filled with lust. He put his hands on both sides of you hips and slid them up you body so that they were touching your breasts. You leaned back into the bed and pulled him into a kiss making sure one of his hands was still on your chest. His hand started massaging it while his other hand was pulling down your underwear. You stopped kissing him for a second so you you could take off his boxers. He started kissing you again and positioned himself at your entrance. He slowly entered you making sure not to hurt you. He started to thrust in and out. You whined rather loudly against his lips. He started to do go harder and faster. You felt pleasure rise in your whole body. He pulled away from the kiss and bit his lip to keep from moaning too loud. When you both finished he pulled out and collapsed next to you panting. You turned your head so you were facing him. He looked at you and smiled. “I love you” Zach spoke softly. “I love you too.” I answered. He pulled the covers on top of us and closed his eyes. “WHAT ARE YOU DOING!” I heard my dad yell. “Oh shit.” You whispered to Zach. You both started hysterically laughing.


You walk up to Scott’s front door looking for Stiles and you find that it’s wide open.
In confusion you run up to it and glance inside only to find the pair on the floor intertwined like they had been playing twister.

“Yeah, I can’t-I’m just not even-bye"you shook your head and turnt around retreating from the Mccall house in fear that you might wet yourself with laughter .

"It’s not what it looks like"Stiles shouted after you.

"Still weird"you called back as you got into your car.

Imagine Request - Acting Strangely

can u do an imagine where y/n listens when justin calls her clingy and she gets sad and starts to acc different around him??? btw sorry for my bad english

Walking inside of the house, gratefully greeted by the warmth of the house after being pushed over by the late January chill on your way home, you kicked off your shoes. You looked forward to spending the rest of the day with Justin, cuddling whilst watching movies.

Yeah, everthing’s going good, it’s just,” You heard Justin’s melodic voice followed by a sigh. “She can be really clingy, you know? It’s alright when I’m feeling it, but when I’m not, it’s kinda annoying.” He muttered, making you frown.

There’s no one he could be talking about other than you which made you deflate. Your only option was to walk in and act as though you hadn’t heard anything.

No, Za, I can’t just tell her. That’ll hurt her and I don’t wanna be the one that does that to her.” Little did he know, he was too late.

You made sure to make noise as you walked into the living room, making Justin jumped. You refrained from rolling your eyes. “I gotta go, I’ll call you later.” He ended the call and stood up. “Hi, baby.” He smiled widely, engulfing you in his arms.

“Hey.” You smiled simply. “I, uh, I’ve got some work to do, so I’ll be upstairs, okay?” You smiled up at him but avoided complete eye contact, patting his chest you headed upstairs. Justin frowned deeply.

That Night

“[Y/N].” Justin mumbled, leaving a trail of open mouthed kisses down your neck, making you moan. “You’re so hot.” His hand ran up and down your thigh from under the covers.

Before you get too into the moment, Justin’s words rang through your ears. “Justin.” You groaned, shoving him off you lightly.

“Come on, babygirl. I bet I can make you cum nice and hard, just like you like.” He smirked as he talked dirty to you in your ear in attempt to get you in the mood, but you were too distracted and self conscious.

“Justin, no.” You spat lightly, making him go quiet. He stopped for a moment, before sighing deeply and rolling over, not saying another word. You didn’t feel guilty though; this was his doing.

The Next Day

You sat quietly on the couch as you ate your cereal next to Justin, neither of you had spoken since last night when you snapped at him.

Justin leaned over and placed his unfinished cereal on the table in front of you both. “Alright,” He spoke up, his voice like music to your ears as you realised you’d somehow missed it over the short amount of time he hadn’t spoke. “What’s going on?”

“What are you talking about?” You played dumb in attempt to get him to move on.

“Don’t play dumb with me, [Y/N]. Something’s wrong, you’re not telling me something and I wanna know.” He gazed at you as he leaned back comfortably.

“What makes you think there’s something wrong?” You avoided eye contact as you stared at your cereal bowl.

“We’ve hardly spoken in the last 24 hours, you keep pushing me away whenever I as so much initiate sex, and I just feel like I’m missing you, even though you’re right here.” He sent you a worried look that matched his concerned tone.

“You should’ve thought about that before you called me clingy.” You muttered, not really thinking about what you were saying.

He paused. “Shit.” He whispered, his head falling to his hands. “You heard that?” He cringed.

“Mhm.” You nodded. “Thanks, by the way.” You spoke sarcastically.

“[Y/N], I’m so sorry. I shouldn’t have said it, or I should’ve spoke to you about it.” His hand landed on your thigh. “I’m realising how much I actually like your affection. I need it, I crave it.”

“Yeah.” You sighed, looking down at your fingers.

“Please, baby. I like when you touch me constantly, I like when you kiss my neck to distract me when I’m working, I like when you try and turn me on in awkward places by running your hand up and down my thigh. It’s all things I take advantage of, but they’re things I realise I love you for.” He almost pleaded, looking at you for forgiveness.

“Fine, but call me clingy again and I won’t talk to you for a month.” You pointed your finger at him warningly.

“Damn, I could never.” He chuckled, pulling you close.

“Now come here, I wanna smother you with kisses.”

valentine's date w/ seokjin

- picking you up from your house and trying to keep calm while seeing you look ABSOLUTELY STUNNING

- cautiously putting his hand on your waist while the two of you walk to the restaurant

- “what can I get for the Mr. and the Mrs.” “wait..we’re not married” “oh I’m SO sorry–you two just looked–sorry sorry”

- cutting the steak and food for you and giving you the food that’s already cut into small pieces before eating

- kissing your forehead before sending you back home and your parents giving him an approving look

- eating very little entrees but eating a ton of cakes, ice creams, and macaroons for dessert bc he knows of your sweet tooth


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You weren’t very popular in your community for not hating the greasers but you didn’t really care. Pony was your best friend and you weren’t going to give him up just because a bunch of your fellow rich kids didn’t like it.

“You should come to my house after school so we can study” you grinned as you walked through the halls with Ponyboy.

He frowned “you sure? I don’t think your neighbours would appreciate that”.

You scoffed “who cares. I don’t care what they think Pony. Your my best friend and they can’t change that”.

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Imagine you just got your wisdom teeth taken out, you’re slightly delirious and loopy and your boyfriend Bucky has the pleasure of looking after you for the day. 

“And out the car, we go, carefully, out the car” Bucky sighs as he holds your forearm, gently pulling you to stand and holding you up straight as he shuts the door closed. He watches as you lazily walk to the front door of the house, chuckling as you can’t open the door. 

He helps you sit on the sofa, cotton pads in your mouth making your slightly swollen cheeks a little puffier, he kisses your hair as he goes to get you a bowl of ice-cream. Returning he see’s you sitting on the sofa waiting for him in silence, normally you are louder than him, happy and forever laughing at anything and everything; this was… odd. 

“You okay?” Bucky asks sitting beside you, you turn your head to look at him (E/C) eyes meeting his grey ones and you have a frown furrowed in your eyebrows as you take in his features “(Y/N)? Are you okay, doll?” he asked gently. 

“You…” Bucky nodded lightly “have the most incredible speaking voice ever” Bucky raised his eyebrows and sighed gently, he was told the medication would take a few hours to wear off, he smiled and passed the bowl to you and helped take the cotton from your mouth “are-are we boyfriend and girlfriend?” you asked suddenly, Bucky turned his head from the television and nodded.

“You’re also extremely hot” you tell him, Bucky flushed at the compliment and you went back to eating some ice cream, he tried to form a coherent sentence to that but decided instead to answer your question and ignore this… till tomorrow when the ‘normal’ (Y/N) would be back. 

“We’ve been together for almost five years” he confirmed, you stared at him, cheeks still were swollen and you didn’t seem to be in much pain, which was a bonus for Bucky because he hated knowing you could be hurt “this is our home, we brought it together almost one year ago” he chuckled as you looked around in awe at this place “I think maybe that’s enough ice-cream and maybe a nap is in order?” hr asked, chuckling as you made grabby hands for him. 

Bucky helped you change, trying not to laugh when you told him to turn around, only failing when he peaked and you threw a pillow at him. He tucked you in, laughing as you, again, made grabby hands for him and told him to cuddle you; you are very demanding when poorly. He climbed in on his side, you shuffled over and rested your head on his stomach as he leant against the headboard. 

You drifted to sleep as Bucky ran his fingers through your hair, he was going to have the best day tomorrow telling you about everything you had said and done. He ran his hand gently across your cheek, smiling lightly as you smiled, it was slightly lopsided but it still made his heart do the fluttering thing inside his rib cage. 

( @ohmybabybuck Good luck Hollie, love you and this is a short lil’ something to either ease the nerves or help you through recovery when you are out. Remember you can request; imagines, headcanons and one shots by myself and Angie. - Rosalee)

Crazy - Jonathan Byers Fluff

REQUESTED: Yes! Requested by another lovely anon<3

Hi can I request an imagine? Idk, you can do your own lil spin on it but could you write something along the lines of you and Jonathan fighting because you think Joy’s crazy and the Upside Down isnt real and he’s saying it is bc him and Nancy have seen it and that makes it worse bc you know he used to like Nancy so you’re mad and he says something wicked rude and you just walk off and then eventually he comes over to your house and its basically just apologetic fluffy kisses and shit like that:)

WARNINGS: Slight swearing

SUMMARY: You think your boyfriend Jonathan’s mother is crazy, because she keeps going on about a place called the Upside Down, but Jonathan tries to convince you otherwise, as him and Nancy went there. You have a massive argument and storm out, but will you ever reunite?

NOTES: I started back at school today, and even though I only had two lessons, I am still so incredibly tired :(((

There’s only 4 of us in my Drama Class, and once I finish this imagine I need to email one of the girls some stuff about Berkoff and then try and write up my work from today for Creative Writing (which there is only 5 of us in).

Anywho, hope you enjoy!

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#Angie just wanted to live next door #to her stunning and supportive best friend #while Peggy had to decline #because she cared for Angie too much #and didn’t want her to end up like Colleen #and then 7 episodes later #they’re living together #this is too much

I Don't Want To

Simon X Reader
Summary: Simon no likey suits.

“Simon, just try it on, please.” You’d been trying to get him in suits for several hours. You were going to start crying if that’s what it took.
“But I don’t want to wear it. What’s wrong with sweats?”
“It’s Nick’s wedding, Simon. You can’t wear sweats.”
“I could.”
“No one would let you out of the house in sweats.”
“But I don’t want to!”
“Simon, you’re 23, not 5, act like it.” You walked outside and pulled out your phone, dialing Nick’s number.
“I can’t even get him to try one on.”
“Okay, I’ll make you a deal.”
“I’m up for anything. Whatcha got.”
“We’ve been thinking about having the groomsmen wear black dress shirts and skinny jeans because you know how she is.”
“I might be able to pull that off. I’ll call you back in a little while.” You walked briskly back into the store. Simon was sitting on the floor in the dressing room.
“Okay, I might be able to make you a deal.”
“No, but you won’t have to wear a suit.”
“What would I have to wear?”
“A black dress shirt and black skinny jeans.”
“Joggers are really close to skinny jeans.”
“It’s skinny jeans or no deal.”
*Three Months Later*
The day of the wedding had finally come. You hadn’t been able to make sure Simon kept his promise of wearing skinny jeans because you were a bridesmaid and had to help the lovely bride. Everyone was lining up in the hallway and the first glimpse you got of Simon was from a distance.
He was, in fact, wearing skinny jeans and he was rolling up the sleeves of his black shirt. It made you catch your breath for a minute, seeing him dressed up for once.
“You look stunning, love.”
“You don’t look too bad yourself, Mr. Minter.”
“Don’t get too formal on me. Nick is Mr. Minter today.”
“Hm, make me.” He smiled and leaned down to kiss you softly.
“Aye, it’s not your wedding day, mug off.” You giggled as Nick scolded the two of you.
“I could make it my wedding day real quick, Nick.” Everyone kind of froze for a minute as Simon’s words reverberated down the hall. He wasn’t the type to settle down. Everyone knew that. “Oi, why’d everyone get quiet. It’s true. I’d settle down with Y/N. No doubt in my mind I would.”
A chorus of “aw"s came from the bridesmaids and bride, making you blush. Simon brushed some of the curls away from your face and tilted your chin up.
“This will be us. And soon, I promise you.”

Walking Sticks of Fate

Anonymous: Hi,if this hasn’t been done before,can you do a thing where the reader hasn’t met Matt but she keeps finding his walking canes strewn around and collects them and when they finally meet its like"so you’re the dude who keeps tossing away these sticks"

Don’t do this at home, kids. Seriously tho please don’t invite strangers to your house even if they look exactly like Charlie cox ITS JUST FOR THE STORY OK this is where it led me so this is what I wrote lol

Also it’s been a day and I am still laughing at the joke I made in this

1033 words. Enjoy xx

Your ride home from work everyday was complicated. From your office, you rode the subway(disgusting, but necessary), walked a few blocks east, and took a few shortcuts through backroads and alleys to your tall apartment building. From there, you usually had to climb six flights of stairs because the elevators never seemed to work.

So on your long journeys home, you’ve seen your fair share of odd things in New York. You weren’t sure why, but twilight seemed to be a really strange time for city dwellers.

But the weirdest thing you’ve encountered had to have been the dozen walking sticks you’ve found in the same back alley near your apartment. You had quite a collection at the moment. The funny thing was that they were all identical.

While walking home one night, you were thinking about anything and everything except for the canes. You had a report to hand in to your boss in two days. Your coworker’s birthday was also next week. Problem was, you really didn’t like them that much. Was a card enough? Too much? You could just leave it in their mailbox-

You paused suddenly, standing in the middle of the alleyway at eight o'clock at night, staring at a man who walked past. He was tall with messy brown hair, and wore a suit and glasses. He was pretty attractive, but that wasn’t what caught your attention.

You ran out of the alley and to the right where the man had gone. Seeing him up ahead, you ran faster. He seemed to stop in his tracks, tilting his head back towards you. When you caught up, you stared down, and laughed.

“So you’re the dude who keeps tossing away those sticks,” you said.

He opened his mouth and then closed it. Then, “Excuse me?”

You pointed down, and then mentally face palmed. The glasses, the walking sticks. He was blind. “Your, uh, your walking sticks. I’ve been finding them in that alley you just passed. They’re yours, aren’t they? They’re the same one as that one.”

Some emotion crossed over the man’s face before he chuckled, bringing a hand up to run it through his hair. “Well, yeah, I do lose them a lot. You’ve found them?”

You nodded out of habit. “Yeah, I go through that alley every day coming home from work.”

The man rested both his hands on the cane and stood in a more relaxed stance. It was then that you noticed how, well, how pretty this man was. His hair was messed up in just the right way, his stubble not too long, his crooked smile lighting up his face in a way that the street light above you simply could not. Something about him was calm, inviting, and trustworthy. “That’s not really the safest thing for someone to be doing this late at night.”

You shrugged, feeling your ears turning pink, but you weren’t quite sure why. “Well, it gets me home quicker.” You both stood still for a second. “I-well, you probably want your other walking sticks back. I have them all in my apartment…?”

It was an invitation, both of you knew it. You don’t know why you invited a stranger to your apartment but, after picking up after him for so long, you felt like you knew some part of him. Like you’d been just waiting to meet him for a long time. And you weren’t going to let him just walk away.

He nodded, smiling a little. “It’s safer to travel at night with someone else, anyway.”

You linked your arm with his, leading you both back to your apartment. “Oh sorry, what’s your name?” You asked.

“Matt. What’s yours?”


You eventually made it to your building, and thankfully, the elevator was working for once. You led him inside and pressed the button up.

You got to your door and opened it, reaching inside quickly and grabbing the sticks from right next to the door. There had to have been ten of them.

“Just so you know,” you started, placing them in his outstretched arm, “losing this many sticks is crazy. You should really keep track of them. You could get hurt doing stuff like this.”

“Thank you,” he said with a small laugh. “I know. People tell me I’m quite the daredevil.”

“Would you like me to walk you back downstairs?” You asked.

He shook his head. “It’s quite alright. I’ll be fine. Thank you, Y/n. Have a good night.” He leaned forward and kissed your cheek before walking back into the elevator and leaving you speechless. You put a hand on your cheek where he kissed you, thinking only about how sweet he was and not about how he managed to kiss you perfectly on the cheek while he was blind.

The next day, all you could think about was Matt. You didn’t even know how he managed to lose even one walking stick in the first place, since he needed them to walk around, but after seeing him smile at you gratefully, you decided you didn’t really need to know. Not yet, anyway. All you knew was that you wanted to meet him again.

You took your normal trip home, walking through that fateful alleyway. You saw something glint in the fading sunlight, and paused, letting out a breathy laugh. “No way.” You bent down, picking up a familiar walking stick. Except this one had a little something that the others didn’t. You read the small note that was attached:

Would you like to go on a date with me?
Meet me at the Piccolo Cafe down the block, tomorrow night at 8.
Really hope to see you there.

Your smile grew, and you laughed again, tucking the stick under your arm as you put the note in your pocket carefully. You knew, somehow, that this was right. You walked back home, an extra pep in your step, ready to see what fate had in store for you.