can you imagine how proud of my tie i was

Jaspar Headcanon

okay guys, so remember this moment:


So I realize that jaspar probably had professionals dress them and button them up and all for the premiere but I have this headcanon that Caspar needed Joe’s help buttoning up his sleeves and tying his bow-tie like can you imagine how adorable that would be

Caspar: Joe, can you um…?? *holds out unbuttoned sleeve and giggles like the cute kid he is*

Joe: You idiot… *sighs and smiles fondly*

Caspar: Joe, can you also um…?? *lifts chin and points to untied bow-tie while giggling sheepishly*

Joe: *ties Caspar’s bow-tie lovingly while Caspar looks fondly down at Joe*

bonus: let’s say this was canon… I mean look at how proud Joe looks of how Caspar is dressed