can you imagine how much i love this anime

Seriously, I love this intro for Franziska so much. It’s somehow both bossy (”I’ll teach you everything you need to know”), and also accepting of Miles into her life - yeah, she’s letting him know straight away that she’s in charge, but she’s also wanting to help him, in her own little Franziska way. 

And she’s all smiles and she looks happy that all of a sudden she’s got a new brother and that is such a joy to me. 

I’m laughing because this was literally a three second scene and hardly the most important scene in the episode that is meant to be about Miles’ bond with Nick, but whatever. BABY FRANZISKA. BEING WELCOMING AND SMILES AND ACCEPTING OF SAD LITTLE MILES.


Imagine a Claymore video game that’s super customizable, something like Skyrim. You start as a warrior, and the Organization sends you on missions, letting you slowly move up through the ranks. You can control how much yoma power you release, and you can choose to become an Awakened Being, but then warriors will come after you. You can ally with Riful or Isley or Luciela if you want, or just go it alone.

And there’s a vast world to explore, and you can wander around Rabona or visit all the little villages or go north, and it’s super vibrant and pretty.

I got the card together with the cartouche. I’m going to frame both and put them on my wall of Game because I’m already wearing Atemus cartouche I got when I was in Egypt☺️

You can’t imagine how much I love this card😄
Okay… no… I think… you can 😅

Sometimes I’m asking myself.. Why is there so much Anime hate out there? I mean every so often I read something like: The animation is so low.. that looks so ugly.. and you all know what? I don’t fucking care… I am so happy that my favorite Manga or games become an Anime and I can see my babys and love them even more.. You can’t imagine how happy I am that dmmd got an Anime and I can see Aoba, Noiz, Clear and all the others MOVING. Sometimes I just want to go out and shout: SHUT THE FUCK UP AND BE HAPPY ABOUT IT!