can you imagine how much i love this anime

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Pssssttttt...I am sorry but I love you too much to leave. You wrote my Diamante stuffssss so can I request Ideo pegging scenario? You are like a drug that I cannot say no to! And I love it!

Oh anon, you make me blush! Thank you and I hope you enjoy this one too :)

NSFW warning


This was something Ideo would have never thought of. Just imaging the idea of it didn’t come to him. He couldn’t even imagine how it would feel but hey, it won’t hurt to try, right?

That was when his partner shoved it in and he takes that back– it hurts like hell. Ideo felt the stretch getting bigger and tighter. Is this how it felt when (Name) was getting his dick? Probably, most likely. His grip on the bed sheets clenched tighter and the skin of his knuckles was stark white. He groaned and moaned, grunted at each pressure being pushed. His partner actually suggested the idea and at first, he didn’t know what pegging meant so by his mistake, he simply nodded in agreeing to do it. His mind went blank, Ideo’s partner kept pushing it harder and harder, it was becoming unbearable but at the same time he’s gotten used to it– just a little. His breath became heavier, it wasn’t in sync with his significant other. He was a bit breathy and more sexually aroused. His partner on the other hand, well, Ideo wouldn’t know cause he was too occupied absorbing their rough thrusts. The man counted in his head, how long would this last? How long will he be able to bear it? It was extremely painful for him since it was his first, he should’ve told them to take it easy. On the next course, they changed positions but his anal was still being entered numerous times but at least the change of formation was comfortable than before. Ideo yelled at that last kick, he was at his climax along with (Name) and for the first, their screams were in sync. The man’s white goo was splattered all over the place and his partner’s was lying on the bed in defeat. The extreme feeling knocked them, the pleasure was overwhelming but it was well worth it. Ideo turned his side over to his partner and looked at them, their sweat was dripping on each other and theirs felt hot on his skin. He held them in his arms and whispered his love. They smiled at him, giving him a kiss on the nose and complimenting the man for going through that rough ride– wonderfully.