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the chaser didn't save kpop, its an annoying song and infinite are nobodies even to this very day today :)

sorry i can’t hear you over the sounds of the best kpop song of all time

yep, still can’t quite make out what you’re trying to say

whoops, my finger slipped and i posted this video of them winning on MuBank

oh no, i really can’t read what you sent me, too busy crying real tears over how perfect this performance of the chaser (the best kpop song ever) is

when will your faves ever? ( legit freaking orchestra??? amazing)

buh-bye now

@dril tweets for the Vampire Chronicles
  • Lestat: I shoudl not be expected to put my knee on the ground to propose to a woman, the same ground where the animals shit,
  • Louis: see this watch? i got it by Crying. my car? Crying. my beautiful wife? Crying. my perfect teeth? Crying. now get the fuck out of my office
  • Armand: interseting. it appears "emotions" were basically just rrage faces that people did in real life, before online existed,
  • Marius: stonehenge actually sucks and i hope someone pushes those rocks the hell over real soon
  • Daniel: im pretty sure the neighbors can hear my keyboard clicking at 4am and thats why they throw chemicals at me
  • Claudia: ive never heard of this "europe" but it sounds like a big bunch of shit to me
  • Akasha: Blocked. Blocked. Blocked. You are all blocked. None of you are free of sin
  • Gabrielle: "This Whole Thing Smacks Of Gender," i holler as i overturn my uncle's barbeque grill and turn the 4th of July into the 4th of Shit
  • Nicki: priest plugs my coffin in at the end of the funeral. "MILLERTIME" lights up in neon on the side, desecrating my corpse and sending me to hell
  • David: im seated down, and Ready to get pissed off.........
  • Antoine: i just looked up the stats and the number of meaningful relationships ive formed is less than the number of public restrooms ive Screamed in
  • Anne Rice: what happens when kirby swallows the qur'an and is granted its considerable power. my 81 chapter fanfic explores this issue -- and more

Title: Just the Three of Us (Part 7.)

CHAPTER TITLE: The End of the World

Part 1. - Part 2.  - Part 3. - Part 4. - Part 5. - Part 6.

Character(s): Reader (beginning of apocalypse)
After the altercation with Negan, the Reader goes back home only to be disturbed by the chaotic commotion.
Word Count: 1,586
Author’s Note: So, this does not include Negan or Simon, but I will leave a snippet on there whereabouts at the end. Buckle up, guys. Things have just changed for the three of them! Enjoy! :) 

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You couldn’t get the image of that woman being shot on live television out of your mind as you drove back home. You wondered if it was some sort of drug that she was on that resulted in her outburst.

Though, you couldn’t take your mind off Negan’s words.

We are nothing.

It wasn’t supposed to hurt as much as it did. He was right. You were nothing. He was nothing to you. You were nothing to him. You just assumed that you developed some sort of friendship with him, just like you did with Simon.

Apparently, you were wrong.

Finally, you parked your car in the designated spot and climbed out. It was nearing ten o’clock and it was eerily quiet around the complex. Usually, you had grown accustomed to hearing loud music from one of your neighbors, but not tonight.

It was just silence.

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For Closure, Carl Grimes.

A/N: After all of the amazing feedback I got on my first Carl imagine I decided to write this one last week. It isn’t as log as the other one but is still pretty lengthy. I hope you guys like it as much as the last one.

Summary: The reader and Carl have been close ever since they were at the Prison and now are much older. Starting of in the middle of the Negan line-up scene, the two are sent through a roller-coaster of their own emotions. From being left devastated from the incident from the line-up and their fear of getting closer with one another this covers the vulnerabilities tied into caring about someone else in a world with such high stakes.

Word Count: 16,354

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More Chris Evans/ Reader baby/ies fics?

Sleeping in has become a luxury since the baby arrived. She wakes up every morning around 4 to be fed. My body has become so accustomed to the schedule that I usually wake up a few minutes before she stirs. I gently untangle myself from Chris and take the baby from her bassinet before she cries and wakes him. Dodger follows us out to the kitchen and waits patiently while I make Mya’s bottle. I open the back door so Dodger can come and go as he pleases before I sit in the living room to feed Mya. She drinks her bottle quickly, fussing when I stop her to burp. After she’s finished and has burped a few times I sit sideways on the couch so I can lay back against the armrest. Mya coo’s at me for a while before her eyelids get heavy again. She fights sleep for a while, eventually crying out. I put her pacifier against her mouth in an attempt to sooth her. Her cries grow louder as she screams around the pacifier. I sigh gently before standing to rock her. I turn her into my chest and she falls asleep quickly once I get a good rock and sway motion for her. I try stopping a few times but she always wakes up and whines so I keep rocking.

I give up on keeping my eyes open after a while, continuing to rock her for a while longer before I try to put her down again. I feel large hands wrap around my waist and immediately lean back into Chris. He sways with my rhythm and presses kisses to my neck.

“Good morning” he mumbles with a squeeze. I hum my response, turning my head and puckering my lips as a request. He gives me a quick peck first, before leaning back in for a lingering kiss. Mya stirs gently in my arms and let’s out a small moan as she stretches.

“I can take her, you go back to sleep” I pass her over and kiss his cheek before going back to the bedroom.

I was convinced I wouldn’t be able to fall back asleep, but when I open my eyes again it’s 4 hours later. I hear Mya crying and Chris talking, trying to calm her.

“Did she eat?” I ask from the doorway to the kitchen, watching the way he he’s rocking her.

“Yeah she just finished but she won’t stop crying. I think she’s tired but she won’t let herself fall asleep”

“Hm sounds like her” he chuckle and take her in my arms, holding her so her head rests by my shoulder, and bounce her lightly. Her crying turns into little mumbles before she finally gives up and begins suckling on her pacifier. Her eyes close shortly after and once she’s out for a few minutes I lay her along the back of the couch with a blanket covering her.

“How did you do that?” he whispers.

“Sometimes she likes to be upright, you just have to try different things positions if something’s not working” I chuckle. He nods his understanding and sits next to me on the couch. “So, how much of last night do you remember?” last night was the premiere party for his latest movie and Lisa had watched Mya so that Chris and I could go. I still can’t drink alcohol because of breastfeeding, but Chris may have gone past his usual limit.

“I remember a good amount” he says confidently.

“Do you remember what happened when you caught me showing some people pictures of Mya?” he thinks for a few minutes but just looks at me in confusion. I can’t help but laughing loudly at the memory, he covers my mouth and points to Mya to try to hush me quickly. I continue giggling against his hand, thankful that she didn’t wake up.

“What did I do?” he asks, cringing slightly.

“You started crying” I say proudly.

“I did not”

“You did, I told you before we left that you were going to get really drunk and cry about how Mya. I was right” I say smugly before adding “I should’ve bet you on it” as an afterthought.

He buries his face in his hands to hide his laughter, he wipes away the tears that have built up from laughing before speaking. “I can’t believe I cried over her”

“They were happy tears, and it’s not like it’s the first time” I remind him.

“Yeah but usually it’s just around you” he’s quiet for a few moments before continuing “She’s just so perfect, (y/n), how did we get so lucky with her?” his eyes a welling up again and I can’t help but feel tears coming on too.

“I don’t know, babe. Maybe someone or something out there knew that you were meant to be an amazing dad and they decided that you deserved an amazing daughter. Or maybe we’re just really lucky”

“Maybe I’m just really lucky. I have a job that I love, a family that’s amazing, and then I got to add you plus this amazing little girl. I don’t know what I did you deserve all this, but I’m so thankful” I nuzzle into his neck and kiss along his collarbone while he’s talking. He gently pulls me onto his lap while we continue talking and crying about our perfect baby girl.

A/N: So I did this today instead of writing Private Lessons, oops. But guys I LOVE Chris with babies. Also, the whole crying because you love your child is a real thing, and I hope everyone experiences it.

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Nessian 18 and 16, for the prompt thing please?!

Hi nonnie, here they are…!

Prompts: “it’s ok to cry” and “I’ll kick his ass if you want me to”


Nesta had never felt so idiotic. There were many things she could deal with. Knowing that Feyre had been taken by some High Fae. Knowing that her father was sitting at home whittling figurines that would bring in a pittance when sold to travelers. Being taken from her home in the middle of the night and Made.

But this… this was too much. Sometimes, the straw that broke the camel’s back was less straw-like and more shaped like a bitter little lesser fae who thought he could take advantage of someone who hadn’t lived in Prythian for very long by treating them however he wanted. And while Nesta knew it was small, and petty, and hardly worth her time, she still wanted to punch something soft and sensitive.

“Are you ok?” Cassian knew it was Nesta’s least-favorite question, but often there was little else he could say. So he took the direct route, knowing that anything subtle or that didn’t get straight to the point would be easily deflected by her sarcasm.

“Of course. It was a simple mistake,” she answered, pacing the floor in front of their bed. Who could have known that the song she had been humming to herself while shopping had been written during the war, by humans, and was incredibly vulgar? And who could have known that her off-key rendition would have been the real reason the denizens of the Rainbow would start yelling at her to please, for the love of the Mother and the Cauldron, please shut up?

She didn’t know the words. She didn’t realize their implications. And so when the small man with pale blue skin and black eyes had come up to her with his hands on his hips, she had sized him up and asked what he was doing blocking her path.

“It’s ok to cry,” Cassian said.

“I know that,” she snapped. And of course she immediately regretted it. There were few people in the world whom she might take the time to treat in a certain fashion, and Cassian was one of them. Not that he needed to know that. At least, not yet. So she wiped away the beginnings of a tear and turned towards him in a sign of peace, one he recognized well enough.

“I’ll kick his ass if you want me to,” he continued, non-plussed by her retort. If there was anything he had learned from the past few months with Nesta, it was that her initial reaction rarely indicated her true feelings, and given how upset she was, there was probably something very, very trivial at the root of it. He’d seen her face the King of Hybern, the mortal queens, creatures that had struck fear into some of his most fearless warriors. But sometimes, the smallest things were just the perfect size for getting under one’s skin and doing the most damage.

“I can do that on my own, thank you.” She crossed her arms and strode towards him, knowing that if she approached him she would do something she regretted, but caring very little.

“What did he say to you?”

“It doesn’t matter.”

“Sure it does. I need to know why I’m going down there to kill someone half my size. I need a good reason.”

Nesta sighed and crossed her arms. “He said I sounded like a hyena in heat.”

Cassian’s eyebrows furrowed. “What’s that?”

“I don’t know!” With that Nesta finally burst into tears, angry with herself, angry with Cassian for seeing it, and wanting nothing more than to bury her face in his chest. She covered her face with her hands and he pulled her in close, wrapping his arms around her.

He gave her a few minutes to cry, rubbing his hand over her hair. When the sounds of her sobs slowed, “Ness?”

“Yeah?” She didn’t want to lift her head from his chest, preferring to wait until her face didn’t look so miserable. But that would mean they’d be standing like this for much longer than she felt comfortable with, so she looked up at him.

“Can I hear you sing?”

“Screw you, Cassian.”

Your scolding
Sounds like jazz—
As you simultaneously
Wave hello and goodbye
With the same hand.
Speak softly
So we can listen
To the saxophone
I hear it all alone
As it’s being played out
By the band.
Your justifications
Sound like Gods
I’m losing you
Over futile odds.
Hear me cry
Quiet me down—
Remind me
You hate to see
My frown.
How is it physically
Having someone
And losing someone
It’s so awful.
—  Over Futile Odds; C.D.
Is Love Enough (part 2)

Words: 1.6k

Summary: After running from Castiel, he and the Winchesters find you.

Warnings: Nothing really, some angst, mostly fluff

A/N: Master tag list at the end; let me know if you’d like to be added.


You sat on a dusty couch in an old safe house you used to use. It was a run down cabin tucked away deep into the woods; it looked straight out of a horror movie. Definitely not ideal for your current state, but it would do for a few nights.

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Horror Time - Chapter I

Based in @softlogic ‘s Horror AU.

Warnings: horror themes (?), future torture.


While Thomas knew he had several sides (the four main ones he usually talked to and some others… switched versions…), there were a few things he still didn’t know about himself.

He had talked to all the sixteen sides before, and even though he still focused on the main four, they were all fun. A few more… peculiar than others, but still very much Thomas-ish.

And all of that made him confused. After all, all those sides were… well… not mean. Even the other Prince wasn’t truly evil, he was just sarcastic and mean.

Which made him think ‘who the hell has control of my evil side?’

Thomas was no psychopath, but everyone had a darker side, right?

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Title: Ruined


Summary: I’m not right for anyone. I will screw this up, just like I always do.

Request:3.“Sorry I hung up on you, I didn’t mean to answer the call”, 16.“I’m not going to leave you”

Originally posted by porkdo-bi

I lay in my bed staring at the wall. I close my eyes wanting to cry, but I can’t I’m all cried out. The last few days have passed in a blur of heartache and loneliness.

But it’s fine because I always do best on my own, I have to. I’m always alone.

I hear my phone ring on the other side of the empty bed, reaching over without looking I grab it. I don’t look at the number before answering it. I put the phone to my ear “hello?” my voice sounds foreign to me, scratchy and hoarse. I hear a deep breath on the other end of the line before another voice speaks out “thank god you answered” immediately I pull the phone from my ear hanging up on the voice. The voice I know so well, the voice that has followed me around for 2 years.

A second later my phone buzzes with a text message

Chanyeol: why did you hang up?

Chanyeol: Please answer me

I take a deep breath before responding, letting my fingers drift over the keypad.

Me:Sorry I hung up on you, I didn’t mean to answer the call

I go to put my phone down on the dresser before it rings again. I pick it up know it’s going to be him again. I put the phone back to my ear again, clearing my throat. “Please just leave me alone Chanyeol” I say sounding desperate into the phone. “Not till you tell me why you broke up with me, you can’t just leave a note and go.” he says. I choke out, my voice cracking “because I’m falling apart again! And I won’t drag you down with me. I ruined this just like I do with everything” I cry out. “Stay on the phone I’m coming over” he says. I don’t want him to, but we both need the closure. “Ok the doors unlocked.”

I hear the door open downstairs. I hang up my phone and set it down on the pillow, burying my head in the pillows. I hear him enter my room, stopping in the doorway. “Y/N, is it alright if I come closer?” I hear him ask, I nod my head. I hear him approach and crouch next to my bedside. “Y/N you will never drag me down I will always be here when you need me” I look up at him with teary eyes “I’m sorry” he leans forward wrapping his arms around me. “Shh you have nothing to be sorry for, I’m sorry for not making you feel wanted. I’m not going to leave you.”

Mistakes- Andre Burakovsky

Word count: 2,474

A/N/ this is a sequel to Little Black Dress


[Mistake (noun)- an action or judgement that is misguided or wrong]

Everyone makes mistakes.

Mistakes are a part of life. They make you stronger. They teach you something. When you make a mistake, you learn something about yourself that you never could have guessed.

Some people make many mistakes, some few. Some mistakes are large and unforgivable, some minuscule and gone the next day, and some are somewhere in between.

Some people see their mistakes and some are completely blind. Some just don’t want to face their mistakes. Or the people they effect.

I made a mistake.

I know that now. I’ve known since that night. Since the moans began to fade into the terrified silence of regret. Since our bare skin rubbing against each other became an awkward space between us, much like a barrier. Since the smell of intimacy turned into the smell of betrayal.

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You’re Welcome

Fandom: BBC Merlin

Word count: 1821

Characters: Arthur x reader, Gaius, Merlin

Warnings: Death of a parent, fighting, injury to reader

Summary: Arthur is determined to make sure you’re okay after you save his life.

It started out like any ordinary day.

You woke up in your little hut in the woods, the same place you’d lived in for your whole life. For most of that time, you had had your father with you. But six months ago, whilst out cutting firewood, he had been killed by bandits. You had been on your own ever since, apart from occasional trips into town to barter for goods.

It was getting a little easier to bear with every passing day. At first, knowing that he wouldn’t be there to greet you, it had been hard for you to get out of bed in the mornings. The grief had been too heavy to bear. But you had to survive. And to do that, you had to hunt. Thank god your father had taught you how to.

That wasn’t to say that it didn’t hurt. It did. It hurt every time you caught a whiff of his scent- still lingering around the hut –or found something of his you’d forgotten. But by and large, you could almost live with it.

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Spock Imagine: The Ultimate Sacrifice

Sacrifice: to give up for the sake of other’s considerations. Sacrifice is the ultimate definition of love, and boy did you love your space family. When the ship went under attack, you knew you would do anything and everything to keep those you love safe. 

You run around the dark hallways, sparks flying about freely. People are frantically running around trying to find their escape pods, but you had other plans in mind. Snaking down to the control room, you can hear the intruder messing with a computer. Light footsteps are heading your direction from behind your back. As Spock and Kirk come into view, you hold a finger up to your lips to tell them to be quiet. 

You tiptoe into the room, knowing that the only way everyone can escape is if you isolate the enemy. As you work on the panel, Spock is fending off the the enemy with his phaser. You give him one last look, knowing what you are about to do could well mean the last time you see him. Pushing that red button, an ear piercing alarm sounds and the doors separate yourself from the rest of the crew. Spock and Kirk stand in the window watching in horror as you drift away next to the intruder. 

“What have you done!” he cries. 

“Saving my crew.” you say. 

He shakes his head walks over to the manual drive. Once you land on his planet, you are shoved out of the craft with a gun pointed to your head. The barrel is cool against your skin as you walk. He guides you to a dark cave, where large rocks hang from the ceiling. The air is thick and humid, it swirls around you as you continue down the stairs. 

This is the kind of place where reality is altered. You can no longer tell day from night, hot from cold. He shoves you against the ground and you hit the dusty dirt floor. Letting out an ominous bellow, he picks up a pair of rusty cuffs and tightens them around your wrists. Only then is it that you feel the blood dripping down your face, matting in your long hair. Pain works in funny ways and how your body reacts to it is to pretend it’s not there. 

“They will come back for me.” you spit at him

 "For their sake you better home the don’t.“ 

 He saunters away from you, leaving you bound to the wall and helpless. With Every attempt you give to release your hands from the shackles, you can feel the jagged metal dig further into your skin. Dehydration is setting in at this point, your vision decreasing. Sharp lines are no longer distinct but blurred together into an array of dull colors. 

 As the placid moon starts to rise, exhaustion takes over your body. You feel sluggish like you can no longer hold up your own head. The fight within you has waned, but you know you can’t give up. Your eyelids grow heavy, you can no longer hold them up. Just as you are about to give in, blurry figures are rushing toward your side.

 "Oh (y/n). We need to get her out of these things." 

 Unable to distinguish who is kneeling next to you, you reach out blindly for a hand. Panic presses against your chest as you flail around. Then it happens. A familiar hand grabs yours. It feels warm, but not the clammy warm when someone is nervous. The kind of warm you want to cuddle up next to forever and never let go. 

 "Spock.” You rasp out. 

 The other person at your side, presumably Captain Kirk, is able to break off the cuffs from around your wrists. They help you stand, only to have your knees give out from under you. 

 "We need to get her to bones.“ Kirk states.

Off in the distance, guards are rushing toward the scene. Kirk and Spock exchange glances, knowing one of them is going to have to stay behind. 

“Spock, take her and go. I can handle them.” 

“Captain, you know the whereabouts of the ship making you more fit for the task at hand.”

“Are you sure?”

“Get her to safety.” 

Captain kirk takes you into his arms, and you safe again. Curling up into his shoulder, you rely on him to get you back to the ship. Usually you are strong willed and slow to accept help, so when you comply without a fuss he knows that you are hurt. As you are running away from the scene, you realize that your boyfriend is no longer with you. 

“Spock.” you cry. 

“He’s okay.” kirk reminds. 

A light feeling takes over your body as you are beamed back into the ship. A stretcher is waiting for you when you arrive. Kirk sets you down just as Spock beams back into the ship. You can hear him call your name, a hint of worry laced in his words. Unable to distinguish right from left, you let yourself drift as you are pushed down the hall towards Sickbay. 

“Don’t give out on my now kid.” 

The sound of Dr. McCoy’s voice is the last thing you can remember. When you come to again, you hear beeping, endless beeping and the muffled whispers of two people talking. Once you open your eyes, you expect to see Spock, but rather Kirk is sitting in the chair next to you. He looks tired, with sunken eyes and a patchy five o’clock shadow. 

“Hey.” he smiles at you. 

You attempt to sit up, but Kirk gently guides you back to the bed. 

“Take it easy there tiger.” he half laughs. 

Anxious to see our boyfriend, you look around the room until you spot him. He is standing in a corner, propped up against the wall. He looks as if he was dragged through hell and back, but without any scratches. His lips no longer turn up at the corners, as if he is on the verge of a smile. Instead they turn down, just shy of a frown. 

“Spock, come here.” you gesture out with your hand. 

He reluctantly takes a few steps toward you. Unable to understand why he is acting so odd, you pat the bed next to you. Kirk smooths out your hair and steps out for a minute. Now standing at the side of your bed, Spock can only concentrate on the discoloration on your face. 

“Earth to Spock?” you say patting the bed once more. 

Sitting down next to you, you can heel his warmth again. The familiar in a time of distress is the only thing you need. Your hand slowly reaches out for his, fingertips entwining. He makes sure to hold on lightly, avoiding the thick bandages that dress your wounds. You want nothing more than to hold on tight and never let go. 

“I’m okay.” you breathe. 

“Why did you sacrifice yourself like that?” 

“Wouldn’t have you done the same Spock?” 

“I am a commander, it is my duty to provide for the crew.”

“Commander or not, it’s my job too. It’s everyone’s job. “

“You risked your life.”

“Aren’t you the one who told me the fear of death is illogical?” 

“You seem to misdirect my intentions (y/n).”

“Look I’m okay. C’mere.” 

He scoots closer, still hesitant. You knew that he was hurting just as much as you are, but in a different way. Pushing yourself back up off the bed before Spock could interject, you bring your lips up to his for a moment. This action, although brief, grounds him. He knows it will be a long journey, and that sometime we have to make sacrifices for the ones we love. He just never thought it would be the one he cares for the most whose life was on the line. 

Imagine meeting the Originals-Part 6

Hi, hello, bonjour :)

Part 6

Please, note that I am French so there might be some mistakes here and there :)

Please, let me know what you think :) Enjoy !

(Takes place in 2x15)

Originally posted by thebestof-thevampirediaries

Originally posted by gthestoryilove

You were one of the best students Professor Salztman had. He knew you were passioned about history and when he learnt that you knew about pretty much everything he asked you to help him do some research about the town. You knew that Jenna was supposed to meet Elijah at the former Fell’s property and you followed your professor there. You were anxious about meeting him again. Professors Salztman asked you to call him Alaric, like Elena did.

You get out of the car and you walked toward the red-headed woman and the thousand years old vampire. Elijah was staring at you, smiling, he obviously didn’t expect to see you here. You smile at him politely. The way he looks at you makes you blush and you look away. Jenna seems surprised by both yours and Alaric’s presence. 

“Uh, Elijah this is my friend, Alaric Saltzman”

“Yeah, I got your message about walking Elijah through the property lines. I thought I would tag along. You know, being a history buff and all…”

Jenna looks at you curiously.

“Oh and, uh, Y/N is my most brilliant student, she’s helping me with some research" 

"Really?” Elijah says, his eyes piercing yours. You blush even more and stare at the ground.

“Where to next ? Alaric’s asks.

"I’m pretty curious about the freed slave property owners. Some say the descendants of the skates are the true keepers of American history.” He says, still looking at you. It seems like he can’t keep his eyes off of you and your cheeks are just getting more red. Jenna says she needs to go get something from her car. Alaric watches her walk away.

“Alaric Saltzman.” Says Elijah finally moving his eyes from you to your history professor. 

“You’re one of those people on Elena’s list of loved ones to protect”

“Yeah, so is Jenna” Alaric says, probably threatened by the vampire.

“You don’t have to be jealous.” He says, moving his eyes back at you. This time you lock your eyes with his. “I rarely pursue younger woman” he finishes, smiling at Alaric.

An awkward silence follows.

“It’s a joke, Ric. Lighten up” he says, looking at you one more time before walking away.

“You’re funny” is Alaric’s only answer.

Once Elijah’s far enough, Alaric asks you “what was that about ?

"You look up at him, confused."What?”

He sees your confusion and say “be careful, okay. Stay away from him”

You give him a weird look but nod anyway. You know he’s right. Elijah was dangerous. You should stay away from him.

Later in the day Alaric drops you off to the Mystic Grill where he was supposed to meet Damon and you were supposed to meet Bonnie. You sat down at a table and talk about last night.

“Last night was pretty intense” you say

“Yeah…"She was obviously thinking about something

"What’s wrong ?” You ask her"

You mean, aside from Elena being sacrificed ?“

You don’t answer that. You felt stupid. But she takes your hand and laughs.Jeremy interrupts you. He smiles politely at you for a split second before sitting down next you, facing Bonnie.

"Hey, what are you doing?” he says.

“Thinking about last night” she answers

“Yeah, yeah, uh, me too”

They weren’t talking about the same thing. He was thinking about the kiss, she wasn’t. 

“You know, it was a tough spell. I could feel it draining me” she says. You take her hand for support and give Jeremy a sympathetic look when you saw his smile drop from his face.

“I need practice” she says

Jeremy ask her to come over to his house tonight “to practice”, she says yes. You’re amused by her obliviousness.

“Ah, incoming” Jeremy sighs

Bonnie and you look up to see an angry Luka walking his way to your table.

“Wanna tell me what the hell happened yesterday?”

Bonnie fakes it “Sorry?”

“Don’t play dumb. You were all here and…"Jeremy cuts him off 


 "And that’s all I remember" he was getting angrier.“One minute I’m playing pool and the next, I’m waking up in a bathroom stall!”

“Sorry, Luka, but everything seemed normal yesterday. I mean. I brought you a coffee and we played pool.”

“See… I think you’re lying”

Suddenly Jeremy jumps off of his sit and push Luka away. “And I think you need to back off!” Luka looks at all of you before turning around, leaving the Grill. Jeremy excuses himself and said he’d be right back.

You see Jenna entered the Grill, followed by Elijah. They walk their way to Alaric, Damon and the woman he was with.You were relieved he didn’t see you. You point him to Bonnie and tell her about what happened this morning

.“I told you he likes you” she says.You shake your head no, you couldn’t believe it. And the idea actually scared you.You look up to see him staring at you, smiling.You hoped he didn’t hear what Bonnie said with his “vampire hearing”

You clear your throat. You see Alaric get up of his sit.You try to change the subject.“You know tonight’s a date right ?”

She looks at you with wild eyes, like you’re crazy.“What?”

“Jeremy didn’t invite you over to practice magic. It’s a date!” You assure her.

“No!…”she says very loudly. “You think?” She asks, now getting anxious.You both laughed. 

“Yeah I’m pretty sure…He’s still Elena’s brother” you decide to remind her.

“I know” she sighs. “What do you think Elena would think about it ?”

“How would I know? I don’t know her at all” you answer.

“Right…” You smile at each other.“I have to go grocery shopping before my stepfather comes home from his business trip tonight”

“I’ll tell you about the date tonight”

“Please do !” You laugh.

You can feel Elijah’s eyes on you and you see him looking at you when you turn your head out of paranoia. Damon sees the exchange and frowns. Who were you and how did you know Elijah?

You had filled the shelves and the fridge with groceries. You had cleaned up the entire house, changed the bed sheets and do the laundry.You were getting out of the shower when you received a text from Bonnie.


You smile.


You had definitely taken some confidence. You had made good friends with Bonnie and Caroline and Jeremy wasn’t surprised to see you around anymore. You sat in your couch and decided to watch a movie. About an hour later you hear your phone ring. You don’t recognize the number but pick up anyway.


Y/N, it’s Jeremy!” He sounded terrible.

“What’s wrong?” You quickly ask, worried.

“Luka’s dad just attacked us. He took Bonnie’s magic! Can you come over? We’re at my house.”

You couldn’t believe what he was telling you. Taken Bonnie’s magic ? Was that even possible ? 

 “I’ll be right here, but Jeremy…” You pause “I don’t know where you live…”

He gives you his address and you jump in your car. You knock hard on the front door until it opens and you see Jeremy. He invites you in and you see Bonnie crying on the couch.

“Oh my God, Bonnie, I’m so sorry!” You do something you wouldn’t have done a week before and hug her. She cries in your shoulder.

“My magic… It’s gone…" 


A Snowbaz fanfic in which Baz hears Simon crying one night

(This is my first Fanfiction that I’ve ever shared publicly, so please let me know what you think. I hope you enjoy!!!)


It’s late when I get back to our room (I was rat hunting). 2 AM, or just past. I’ve done this a million times, I know how Simon sleeps, I know when he has nightmares, how to get rid of them without waking him up, and I know how to move about the room without him noticing I’ve even come in. I know. Tonight it’s different. I noticed almost immediately: he’s lying too still, and his breathing is irregular. He’s awake. He doesn’t turn to look. I get into bed, pretending not to notice. I usually fall asleep to the sound of his breathing, but I can’t concentrate when I know he’s still conscious. I hear his breathing stop, and suddenly a low sob. It wrenches my heart right out of my chest. Simon Snow doesn’t cry. He’s the chosen one, the Savior of the Mages. Simon Snow can’t cry. He eats sour cherry scones, and talks to Penelope, and kisses his perfect girlfriend with his perfect lips. I’m lying here in the dark, aching to hold him, because Simon Snow doesn’t cry. I should go help him…He doesn’t want my help.

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Me This Week as told by Hyun

(AKA why I haven’t been around for a while)

cramming for finals:

going through hell finals:

after  finals:

And with that, my university life’s over! That’s five years of my life I’ll never get back…hey, no more studying at least!

just kidding i still have 6 months of reviewing for the board exam can you hear that that’s the sound of my brain crying

I hope the other tortured souls out there did well in their exams and came out okay!

The Incredibly Difficult and Irritatingly Longwinded Process of Choosing a Movie to Watch [Zach Mitchell x Reader]

Author’s Note: That title makes me laugh so much omf wtf is wrong with me. It was either something really short and boring or… that. Whatever it is. I hope it makes you laugh or at least smile because I have no idea where the fuck it came from lol. I promise it’s relevant to this though.

Word Count: 2,122

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fishingclocks  asked:

my soft h/c: victor's favorite thing to say, no matter the occasion, is 'my husband, yuuri...' as if someone in the WORLD could be unaware of their marriage.

((😭😭😭 im dead, bye,,,,,, @fishingclocks))

After the wedding, Victor is unstoppable.

Even when reporters don’t actually want to speak to him, people mention Yuuri in passing, and Victor pulls up his hand. “Yeah?? You want to know about my husband, Yuuri? He’s incredible, and astounding, and he won a gold medal this season, you know?”

It gets to the point that news anchors learn to avoid saying Katsuki’s name too loudly. (Or rather, he’s technically Katsuki-Nikiforov now, but that’s a mouthful, and saying that would definitely catch Victor’s attention.)

Victor is so deliriously enamored with telling anyone close enough to hear him about his marriage that he sounds like a lovesick fool. To Yakov, he waxes poetic, “Did you know, my husband - that is to say, my darling Yuuri - woke up this morning and made breakfast?”

He gloats to Georgi, who is still crying over another bad date: “My husband wouldn’t treat me like this! Get my Yuuri to share tips for a successful date with you, and maybe one day, you’ll find true love, like us!”

Before he can bother Yuri Plisetsky, the blonde shoves his middle finger over Victor’s mouth.

“Victor,” Yuri growls, looking exhausted and furious. He casts a glance over at Victor’s husband, who’s just rolling his eyes and skating - like a decent human being. “The whole world knows you’re married to the dude. Now shut up about it.”

As a shock to everyone, Victor does exactly the opposite. Halfway through practice, Victor goes to the sound room and broadcasts his news to the entire rink. “Yuuri is my husband who I love very much, please and thank you!!”

Yuri Plisetsky just groans. Yakov grumbles.

When they finally get to asking Yuuri how he feels about the whole thing, the olive-skinned man just says, “Well, the only way I could get him to shut up about it at home was to let him talk about it outside. Sorry.”

Everyone at Yakov’s rink doesn’t know whether they should congratulate his sharp thinking or hate him for thinking of the idea first.

anonymous asked:

Hey, I know it's a sort of weird ship, but do you have any headcanons for Darry X Tim? 😊

No!! This is good!!! I support them in their gay endeavors 100000%

-they constantly tease each other about their little brothers

-before they started dating, they had almost a kind of rivalry, and worked together for business reasons only

-tim is so awful??? Like??? Sexual humor ALL the time??? Shut up???

-darry wants to kick his ass

- “dont u EVER mention my dick in front of my kid brothers eveR again. you hear that? that’s the sound of ponyboy CRYING.”

-darry makes tim eat REAL food, and makes him bring curly and angela over so that they can get the same treatment

-it took forever for darry to let tim take him out, because of his big brother responsibilities

-modern au?? where tim is the school punk and darry is the star football player, and they’re very secretive until they get caught making out under the bleachers

I hope these are okay, thank you for introducing me to this ship!

Hero’s in the Half Shell Part 3

Warning’s: Swearing, needles, and smut

Here you go @pink-ink-slinger

The children were splashing around the crystal blue lake. White pines, red maples, and Mulberry trees rimmed the picturesque lake. The setting sun casting an ethereal glow on everything it touched including you and Raph.

“You know I was thinking about favorites….” Raph trailed off, kissing your ear before he made a beeline for your sweet spot.

“Oh really?” Your question punctuated by an intake of breath. Fingers skimming his large thighs from knee to hip, kneading slightly.

“Someone’s feelin a bit frisky. Same as the night you got pregnant with Vinchenzo……”


“Raphael, I love you,  our second child is NOT going to be called Vin Diesel.” Eleven month old Malikai was asleep in your arms, a bag of groceries on the other. Your blue tooth blinking out that obnoxious neon light as you headed to your car.

The air cold enough to be seen passing through your lips.

“Raph. The pizza’s going to be late.” You said pulling Malikai closer to your breast. The bag sliding from your forearm into your hand. The light on your blue tooth turning purple.

“You’re coming with me.. Your husband has made my boss VERY angry.” The man in the black ski mask said. The grocery store light’s flickering to save power. Raphael’s threats and encouragements giving you strength. His thick New York accent telling you he was on his way.

“Well you see he really means well. I’m afraid he just has a bit of a temper. Perhaps a heartfelt apology instead?” Malikai started to stir at the sound of new voice’s; he didn’t like strangers.

“He’ll take both after he sends him your finger.” The masked man lunged at you. His serrated knife spinning towards your head. Your heel shooting out to catch him in the knee. His black clad knee hitting the asphalt of New York City. An audible popping noise accompanied by his groans of pain.

Your feet moving quickly to get behind him. The bag you are carrying hefted above your head to knock him out.

Before you can bring it down he swings back with a closed fist. The impact slamming your back into your car door. Your fingers dropping the bag to clutch Malikai to your chest.

“Now now, you little bitch, that wasn’t very nice. I can see why he want’s your husband dead.” The man wobbled over, his knee popped back into place un-precisely. The empty parking lot becoming eerily quiet by the second.

Malikai screaming his indignation at being shoved while you caught your breath. Just as he got within range of you a beeping sound emitted from your Bluetooth.

“Look you can take me in, no problem, just let me leave my son.” The man smiled dementedly, an evil glimmer entering his eye’s. Raphael picking up speed. His heavy breathing saturating your hearing.

“Oh this will get me promoted for sure. Now. make. the. brat. stop. crying.” His hands pulling out a syringe. The closer he got the more your rage was tapped. The cold, calculated rage of a mother who’s son was going to toddle away. Even if she couldn’t.

“I’ll kill you.” It was the only thing worth saying. Other than I love you, to your son, but he felt it. In the way you smoothed his hair, large green eye’s staring up at you.

When he lunged, you squatted down sliding Malikai over to the lamp post on his shell. His screams heartbreaking but at least he was alive.

The loaded syringe came careening towards your neck. Your fist popping out to hit his adams apple, only to meet his block. While the other blocked his arm.

“Looks like the bitch know’s a few move’s.” The sound of silence causing you to smile.

“What ar-”

“That goddess is my wife.” You could see his eye’s widen underneath the mask. His breathing erratic as he processed THE enemies presence.

Then that familiar jingle permeated the air. A massive garbage truck pulling up just behind your car.

In your relaxed state you hardly noticed the man’s shift in weight. Your body whipping around until you were front to back, a syringe at your throat.

“Raph! Get our son out of here!” You commanded the large turtle. The brothers creating a circle around the situation.

“Look I ain’t leavin without ya. I’ll make you a deal.” Curiosity slipping into the villains eye’s causing the panic to recede.

“I’ll go with you if ya if you let my wife and son go.” When you attempted to respond your would be kidnapper jammed the needle into your neck.

“If you try any funny business I’ll send enough of this shit into her neck to OD the bitch. Come quiet or she leave’s silent.” Your eye’s watering at the pain in your neck, refusing to give him the satisfaction of a scream.

“Raphael, Baby, get out of here. Please.” Voice trailing off into a whisper.  Mouthing I love you to the big red turtle. His eye’s giving you all the response you needed. He looked down on his son seeing his whole world in his arms. You were an amazing mom, he knew that much. Gently kissing his forehead his son stared confused at the emotion’s he was feeling from the big man.

“Hey no cryin champ. You gotta watch for ya mom.” The shaking in your shoulder hurt like hell but this couldn’t be the end.

Raphael walked towards the small man causing him to jerk you around in panic.

“Watch the good’s chump.” A growl came emitting from his throat, green eye’s sparking.

“Put the kid down. Kneel in front of me.” A disgusting sound of satisfaction dropping from his words like diseased honey.

At Raphael’s compliance your lips began to shake. The needle being jerked from your neck not helping. When he shoved you to the ground Raph lost it. For once you were faster.

Grabbing Donnie’s staff from his hands you turned releasing the full reserve of electricity. The man jerking violently, sounds of bones breaking audible. When he finally stopped he only twitched before he lost consciousness.

Your fingers releasing the staff with a jerk.  You rushed over to your son with Raphael. Malikai’s crying a relief to both parent’s. The boy pressed between the two of you as Donnie got the criminal an ambulance for a street over..

“Y/N-” Raph attempted before you grabbed his plastron. Your lips latching onto his pulling him into you. Thigh’s hopping up to his waist. Raph’s adrenaline so high that his erection was almost instant.

“Should we?” Mikey attempted to ask his older brother’s.

“No.” Leo and Donnie said in unison.

“Besides I’ve, uh, sound proofed the back.” Donnie blushed.

“You, hey where are…uh maybe we should drop him off?” Donnie stared in confusion until he heard the garbage truck door slam shut.

“Yup we’re walking home.” Leo hoisting the man in a Donnie approved position.


Once you were inside you placed your son in the crib Donnie added. Sometime’s you just couldn’t leave the tott’s at home.


“Shhhhh….” Finger’s working your button’s down while you pushed Raph into a chair. Your slowly exposed flesh making his mouth water.

Raph knew words were useless at this point. When he moved to unbutton his pant’s you stopped him. Kneeling down in front of him breast’s exposed along with the slowly forming bruise. His hand gently caressing the spot until he felt your warm mouth on his head.

Your tongue swirling, finger’s working his base. His head leaned back while his finger’s gripped the chair. Your head head bobbing until your breast enveloped him. In which his hips started bucking in time with his churr’s.

“Y/N, I love you.” His fingers grabbing your hair guiding you to standing. When you attempted to unzip your pant’s he covered your pussy with his empty hand. The warmth of his hand seeping into you. Your hips shamelessly grinding into his hand. HIs fingers cupping and kneading your pussy through your pant’s.

“Raph.” You whispered breathlessly. Torso leaning over to lock lips once more. Hands trailing down his plastron and over broad shoulders.

His finger’s working your pants over your hips. Once you were panty clad you stepping out of them and into his lap. Raph’s hands sliding inside your panties to rake across flush skin.

Your whimpers fueling him on. His hands nudging you towards him.

“No, I want to impale myself onto you.” Raph churred at the statement. When your lips began the descent down his thick shaft he had to correct his breathing. His teeth running over his lips while he took in your focus.

Eye’s locked onto each other when he was halfway inside. HIs hands sliding from your thigh’s back up to your ass. Raph slightly using the leverage to help you move down his length. Your breathing unified, forehead’s leaning together. Your panting getting louder as you got closer to the edge. The pace you had set increasing until you were biting your lip hard enough to draw blood.

“Fuck me. Please, oh please fuck!” Your voice slightly shrill at the end.

Raph stood up using his impressive strength to move you up and down. Your head falling back as your breast bounced in an impressive display. Nimble finger’s coming up to massage your own breast.

“Huuuuh, Raphael, fuuuuuck.” Raphael smiled, got it, G-spot acquired. He laid you onto the empty panel in the front. Leg’s in the air while he plowed away.Your eye’s locked the entire time.

Raph leaned his hip forward using his scales and hip bone to rub your clit. You breathed deeply thrusting your hand against the window behind you. Your eye’s rolling back into your head while your orgasm wracked your body in all the right ways.

When you were a panting mess on his dick he moved back to the chair. His large arms cradling you to him.

“Love ya.” He said stroking your hair, placing kisses to your temple.

“Your turn, love.” Raphael supporting you on shaky leg’s. Your ass sliding down his plastron until you were reversed cowgirl on his dick. HIs hands lifting you part of the way as your leg’s were still weak.

“Raph, raph, of fuck. Cum in me. Feel’s so good.” Finger’s gripping his knees while you took him in rapidly. The coolness of his skin even engorged by blood still made your toes curl. His scales had a texture that was out of this world. When Raph started to come he pulled you against his chest. Arm’s encasing you in warmth, safety, and protection. That’s when you came unglued together. Raph holding you so he was sheathed in you entirely. His finger’s rubbing your clit tirelessly to maximise your pleasure.

Both of you panting until the sound of Malikai’s crying broke your revere. Your tired laughter mingling together.

Raphael placing you gently in the seat. His large form arched over your son’s crib. When you attempted to get up Raph brought him over.

“There’s your momma, champ.Ain’t she perfect?” Raph asked with a tired smile, placing him gently to your breast. Your child latching on to feed since no other nutrition was available.

“You know at this rate I’ll end breast feeding Malikai just as Vinchenzo is born.” Raph startled by the name but not entirely turned off.

“All right. I’ll bite what’s it mean?” He asked leaning naked against the door frame of the truck.

“Conqueror.” You said with a smile while Malikai sucked away. Raph nodding his agreement to the name.

“Vin can still be his nickname….” Raph nodded contentedly.

“Good boy.” HIs eye’s getting droopy once more, full stomach and warm environment lulling him to sleep.

Raphael and you walking him back to his crib in the back. While you stroked his hair Raph moved to start the truck.

Five minutes later you were dressed and seated next your husband; who was neither.

“Donnie said not to sit naked in his chair?” You asked placing a hand on his.

“Ya.” Raph smiled cockily. While you trailed a friendly hand up his thigh.

Raphael sitting down to give you better access to the rest of him.


“God’s that was a long night.” You said grasping his hand to slide down your waist. Eye’s watching it disappear until it reached exactly where it needed it be. Your eyelids fluttering shut until children’s laughter broke your silence.

“Mom, we’re hungry.” Malikai proclaimed with a voice crack. His face bright red untl his little sister walked up to grasp his hand.

“Dinner’s in the crock pot, but I believe we have a cake to bake!” The children yelling excitedly as tiny feet ran inside.

“That was a good trick.” Raphael said with a grumble his hands caressing your waist. His lips kissing a path down your neck.

“When your brother’s get here we’re going to take a break. I’m going to ride you into the mattress.” He closed his eye’s and groaned, head falling back as you cupped him. Your finger’s trailing deftly as you walked away.

“Donnie, hurry up.” Raph said into his intercom. Before following you inside his shoulder leaning against the door. A large smile breaking out on his face at the sight of his four children and wife in his home.

“This is my favorite. Who’s making dad a cake?!?” A chorus of voices was heard in reply. Maybe this was the best part.