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One more little thing though tonight. I want to stop and adore this moment.

I love the whole comforting hug and the eyes and sadness and how you can see that Ravi cares so much for Liv and hurts because she is hurting.

But I want to talk about how Ravi touches the small of Liv’s back here. It’s not sexual. It’s not romantic. Ravi probably hasn’t even realized how he loves Liv yet, but even if he had, he would so not be taking advantage of Liv’s pain for an excuse to touch her. This moment is totally about comforting someone he cares about. 

However touching the small of her back is so much more intimate than touching the upper back or shoulder. He didn’t plan it. He’s not thinking “I’m going to touch the small of her back rather than her shoulder.” or anything. It’s subconscious. And yes people touch the lower back of people they are not romantically interested in (so yes, those of you who only see brotp/bffs can still share in this). But it is markedly more personal than an upper back pat/rub. It’s not like they have been super touchy-feely friends so far. Yet when Ravi goes to physically comfort Liv, he just naturally defaults to this personal, intimate touch.

This just shows to me how close and deep Ravi and Liv’s relationship is. And I love it.

50 Things I love about The Monkees - Part One

I’m joining in with the #50forMonkees50th thing, and this is a completely random list of songs, moments, episodes, stories - generally anything related to/involving the Monkees. This will be broken down to 5 “things” per post, and they will all be in a totally random order!!

1. Dolenzmith

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Let’s kick it off with the Ultimate. These two mega babes have chemistry that is second to none. The ULTIMATE BROMANCE. I could go on for approximately 7 and a half years about why I love these two together, but I’ll try to keep it brief because I’ve said so much of it before. These two together are SPECIAL. The way they’re so different and bounce off each other and just get in each other’s faces is just……I can’t. I can’t put it into words. This also makes it soooo easy to ship them together too, if you’re into that kind of thing. I wrote a literal essay about why they’re perfect together (you can read it here). You can also just look at my #dolenzmith tag on my blog for more Micky/Mike greatness :D They’re both gorgeous and funny, and the fact that they have always been pals makes my heart happy. There has never been any beef between these two because they’re SOUL MATES. There I said it. SOUL MATES. Bros4Life. BFFs. BAEs. My OTP. They also have so much respect for each other which is awesome. DOLENZMITH > everything else, sorry.

2. Davy’s Screen Test

I mean can we just stop for a second and appreciate how absolutely precious this boy was??? I’m not sure how it’s legal for anyone to be as adorable as Davy Jones was in his audition for The Monkees?????? He was only 19 here but looks even younger and he is so charming and precious and I’m feeling emotional today anyway but I just watched his screen test again and almost cried LOL, he is just too cute for this cold ugly world I can’t stand it. His laugh at the end makes my soul happy and he has the cutest face I have ever seen OMG. Everyone should just take a moment to watch this again because he was soooo special and he seems so pure in that clip. I can’t say anything coherent about this actually apart from, as someone who has always loved (and still loves) boybands, Davy is the Ultimate. There have been some massive cuties in boybands since the Monkees, but none compare to Davy Jones. Not your Nick Carters or Mark Owens or Justin Timberlakes or Harry Styles’ of this world. SOZ. You were all cute AF but you’re no Davy Jones. Sorry.

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I mean stab me with a pitchfork look at this precious angel. I’ll cry myself to sleep tonight thinking about how the world wasn’t pure enough for someone as adorable as him BYEEEEE

3. Headquarters and the Monkees taking control

I mean I know this has been spoken about 9248928 times, but to me it’s one of the greatest - if not THE greatest - story in pop history. Four boys in a manufactured band, not allowed to have any real control over the music they put out, not allowed to play their own instruments on their records even though they were more than capable, finally saying “FUCK YOU” to the Powers That Be and doing it themselves and releasing HEADQUARTERS which is basically a punk album in it’s DIY/FUCK YOU/REBEL mentality (lmao watch music snobs cry themselves to sleep over comments like that.) I know it was only for one album that they really did own it and do it all themselves, but what a great album it was too! I mean you all know the story. Here’s my review of the album itself if you want a gander - CLICK! :D

4. Monkees on Tour

This is one of my favourite episodes and I seriously wish they had’ve done more like this, or at least an extended episode showing more live/behind the scenes tour stuff. There isn’t enough footage of the Monkees playing live in their heyday…hardly anything at all, actually. I know it was a different era but I’d KILL to have uninterupted footage of them playing live, seeing that they were actually pretty damn good at what they did and capturing the energy of the audience. Honestly it’s a travesty that they didn’t release footage of an entire concert (I know we have the audio which is great, but I want to see it too.) HOWEVER, this episode is still awesome, if not a little cheesy in places (like when the boys are having their “alone time”…that’s slightly cringey but blesss). We also have gems like Davy playing with that swan (that is bigger than him, LOL), and Micky saying he wanted to ride a horse bareback while also in bare feet (what a twat). ALSO Peter getting angry at Micky for sleeping in (and Micky’s gorgeous little sleeping face omg). LOVE IT.

5. Daily Nightly

This song is so weird and amazing. It was definitely a grower for me; when I first heard it I was pretty indifferent about it, I didn’t dislike it but compared to how catchy and upbeat so many other Monkees tunes are, Daily Nightly wasn’t one that immediately grabbed me. Over time though, I realised it was one of their best ever songs. Micky sounds lovely (lol duh), and Mike’s lyrics are just…Mike. Odd. Brilliant. But I also love the video to this (I can’t really call it a romp as it’s just them sitting there!). The black and white looks awesome and they all look so pretty. Micky owns the camera, and I love that Davy and Peter are just being a little bit silly without taking anything away from the “performance” (Peter’s arm-ography though, lmaooo), and Mike…LOL. Mike does absolutely nothing but sit there in those shades looking at Micky like “Yes babe. Sing my song. WORK IT. I’ll just sit here being the silent genius that I am.” Amazing. Also Micky and the moog!!!! PSYCHEDELIC.

Stay tuned for part 2 of the 50 Things I Love about The Monkees :D