can you guys tell if his eyes are green or~~

  • it is february 1980 when they meet at a funeral
  • they are two red-haired women, one pureblood and one muggleborn, but neither of them care because blood does not matter
  • (except that it does. except that this whole stupid war is about blood)
  • they are two red-haired women with the future of the wizarding world growing in their bellies
  • and this is how it goes
  • gideon and fabian prewett go into the ground that day
  • molly, the last remaining prewett, feels like she’s drowning
  • (and although she is now a weasley, she will always be a prewett)
  • arthur’s hand in hers reminds her that she is not alone (far from it, in fact), but it does not ease the pain, the grief of losing all that was left of her family in one fell swoop
  • there is a stream of endless platitudes and consolations, so repetitive and meaningless that they blend into one another
  • (and she feels awful for the ones she has offered in the past)
  • (sometimes words mean so little)
  • she tries to tune it all out. sometimes she mutters, ‘thank you,’ towards her feet, but mostly she is silent
  • ‘when are you due?’
  • it is the only question that cuts through because it is so thoroughly unexpected, especially at a funeral
  • looking up, she meets a pair of brilliant green eyes, softened with sympathy in this moment
  • (but she knows just by looking at her that this woman can be hard, so hard and strong when she wants to be)
  • (and behind the woman stands a tall, bespectacled man with black hair, wilder and messier than hair really has a right to be, and she knows immediately that they are lily and james potter, who gideon and fabian talked about because of how bright and brave and in love they are)
  • when she does not answer, lily tries again, ‘you are pregnant, right? this isn’t some awful, social faux pas where i’ve asked a woman if she’s pregnant when she’s not, right?’
  • james sniggers and lily elbows him in the stomach
  • (and she wonders about these two, clearly so young, too young, for war and for a baby and for merlin knows what else might be coming)
  • (but she sees the way he holds her hand reverently, and the way she looks up at him reproachfully, her eyes betraying her amusement and embarrassment, and how he smiles and she smiles back and molly may as well not be there because they are so in love and damn the war)
  • ‘march,’ she eventually answers and the anxiety in lily’s face melts away
  • then molly casts her eyes downwards and smiles
  • ‘and you?’
  • ‘august,’ she answers, glowing like only a woman who is creating life can
  • lily’s hand skims across her stomach, the instinctual action of a woman whose belly is full of baby
  • (and molly would know, she has patted her own belly too many times to count)
  • ‘well, i guess our children will be going to hogwarts together, then,’ molly muses aloud
  • ‘maybe they’ll be best friends,’ lily smirks
  • and, for a moment, molly feels lighter because it is so reassuring to talk about the future in this way, to think about her children growing up in a world where they’re safe and happy and blood doesn’t matter and they can be whatever they choose to be
  • ‘potter and weasley,’ james is staring dreamily at the sky before dropping his gaze back down and grinning widely
  • ‘hogwarts won’t know what hit it.’
  • she never sees them again
  • her hands shake when she reads about them in the daily prophet
  • and she cries when she thinks about how they were bright and brave and so young
  • (too young and so in love)
  • (and now gone too soon)
  • she never forgets, but the memory does fade, the memory of meeting a vivacious couple on one of the worst days of her life and how they gave her hope for a future when the word future felt like taboo
  • and it doesn’t happen the way any of them had predicted, but it happens
  • because ron writes home in september 1991, talking about how he made friends with harry potter and how he stuffed himself silly on the hogwarts express because harry was generous and cool and being friends with him was easy and natural
  • so she thinks of lily and how she rubbed her belly, green eyes alight with hope
  • and she thinks of james and his cheeky grin and what he said that day
  • ‘potter and weasley. hogwarts won’t know what hit it.’
  • and she smiles

Vegas | Tease | Oops | D | Game | Mistake

Series: Vegas

Note: The moment you all have been waiting for… Hold onto your caps, people, because this one is a roller coaster.

Word Count: 3586

Warnings: Language, angst…no smut in this one, guys. 😳

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You knew you’d fucked up.

The second those words flew out of your mouth, your eyes shot open and your breath caught in your throat. You were quickly shaken from the spell Daveed had placed you under, and as reality settled in, you began to panic.

Without delay, you pushed Daveed off you and clambered off the bed. He was silent and you didn’t know if it was because he was in shock or because he was still coming down from his high, but either way, you knew you had to get out of there before he started speaking.

You were pulling your jeans on hastily when you finally spoke up. “I uh…I-I gotta go.” You said, trying to hide the fact that you were on the verge of tears. “It’s really late and I think I forgot to do something back home.”

“Y/N…” Daveed breathed softly, pushing himself up on his elbows to look at you.

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The Preacher’s Daughter

Author: @stilinski-jpeg

A/N: This collab is so funny because I literally had this idea and Camile was like “I’m already writing one.” Nia and Camile strike again. This is going to be a series, so buckle up babes it’s going to be a hell of a ride. I have to thank @minhosmeanhoe (Camile) for pushing me to do this when my motivation was lacking and always being there for me when I get stuck. She also proofread and edited this because she’s literally the best. Okay, without further ado.

Paring: ReaderxMitchfuckingRapp

Warnings: Is it a stilinski-jpeg/minhosmeanhoe fic without smut?? Otherwise, no warnings.

Word Count: 4682

Camile’s version: here

Song: Good Kid by Former Vandal

Originally posted by dylanobrienbr

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Space Cowboys and Walkmans (StarkQuill)

“So look, if you push this button here, it locks your screen so you dont accidentally hit anything while you’re out doing… whatever it is you do.”

“While I’m out guarding the galaxy.”

Tony’s lips twitched into a smile. “Sure, Star Lord. While you are out guarding the galaxy.”

“Do I detect some jealousy?”

“Definitely.” Tony shook his head with a little smile. “Space terrifies me. Want to be a spaceman, stuck on earth being a cowboy.

“Cowboys are cool.” Peter shrugged. “Besides, no need to worry about space when I’ll keep you warm and safe.” Peter winked at him and Tony looked away, flushing a little.

“Anyway, this little button here will keep your song playing steadily no matter what you’re doing.”

“You know, my Walkman did that too? No fancy technology required.” Peter argued, then he looked sad. “Miss my Walkman.”

Tony stared at him for a full minute. “So you aren’t grateful for this insanely expensive Stark Phone that I personally loaded over a thousand songs that I thought you would enjoy onto it? Is that what I’m hearing right now?”

“No.” Peter tried not to laugh at the horribly offended look on Tony’s face. “No. I appreciate it. It’s amazing.”

“But you miss your piece of shit Walkman.”

“Nostalgia man!” Peter argued. “Aren’t you nostalgic about anything?”

“Suck it, Space man.” Tony huffed and gathered up everything he’d brought to show off and turned and stomped out of the room.

“Nice goin.” Rocket snarked, baring his pointy teeth in a little smile. “Richest, most powerful guy on earth and you insult him when he gives you a present. Smart, StarTwat. Smart.”

“It is not Peter’s fault he is so foolishly attached to items from his childhood that he pushes away all attempts from the Iron Man to give him new things.” Drax interjected. “Just because it is stupid does not mean he doesn’t have the right to be nostalgic.”

“Um, thanks.” Peter sent Drax a look, knowing the guy was just trying to be comforting in that awkward, over literal, blunt way of his.

“I think you should stop flirting with him, and just get our gear fixed so we can leave.” Gamora said shortly, barely looking up from her book.

“I am Groot?”

“Tell me about it.” Rocket narrowed his eyes at the green woman. “Don’t be a hypocrite, Gamora. We all saw you flirting with that scary redhead. Don’t be mad at Peter for chasing some tail.”

“I am Groot.”

“No. No that’s not what chasing tail– I don’t mean Peter literally has a tail to chase.”

“I am–”

“That’s enough.” Peter sighed and ran his hands through his hair miserably. “I hope Stark isn’t too upset. We were having a good time.”

“And you think he is attractive and want to see him naked.” Drax pointed out.

“Thanks buddy.”

“As long as he keeps fixing our gear, I don’t care what you and he do. Just don’t do it here.”

“Thanks for that Gamora. You know, there are two types of people in this world. People who–”

The woman got up and walked out of the room and Peter stared after her.

“That was rude. Wasn’t that rude?”

“I am Groot.”

“Yeah, I’m tired of hearing him bitch too. Let’s go twig.” The rest of the team filed out, leaving Peter alone on the couch, kicking himself for driving the brilliant hottie known as Tony Stark away.

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•  You just were keeping company to him at rehearsal
• Dance rehearsal
• You really loved dance rehearsals because Zen was just… amazing at dancing
• All those sweaty muscles and fast moves
• You loved watching him
• And actually… it really turned you on
• So by the time you both got home, you were only thinking about taking off all his clothes
• And he was just clueless about your intentions
• So you just got to make him know
• “Zenny~” You whisper to his ear
• You caressed his arms up to his neck
• “Is the beast here? I need to talk to him”
• Your voice was so needy and seductive, so he just lost it
• He hold your hands between his and looked at you straight in the eyes
• Desire filling his own eyes
• “Is my baby needy right now?” he asked while he touched you with his other hand
• You bite your lip and nod
• His hands knowing your weak spots and making you more excited
• “Then the Beast is here…”


• You were cuddling on his couch
• One thing leads to another, so now you were on his lap kissing him so hard
• His hands were on your hips, holding you hard and close
• “Daddy… Please touch me” you started begging
• He was a little surprised
• It was the first time you called him like that and actually
• It kind of turned him on?
• “Like this babygirl?” He whisper at your ear with a low voice
• You moved your hips still on his lap, and he just bit his lip while he looked at you
• He loved to have you on his lap like this
• “Tell me what you need babygirl, and daddy will give it to you”
• You could feel him through his pants
• Getting bigger every single moment
• “Daddy, I need you to fuck me until we woke up the neighbors”
• He smiled with hunger in his eyes
• “You’re going to need crutches when I’m done fucking you”


• She was so stressed with work
• You could notice by the way her arms tensed and by the look in her face
• So you decided to relaxed her a little
• A massage on her shoulders to relieve the stress
• “Rest a little, honey” you whispered softly
• She was slowly getting relax under your touch
• “I need to finish this, MC” she muttered with her eyes closed
• “Later, please~” you started kissing her shoulders, causing her shivers
• She sigh and surrender at you
• She could never say no to you
• And that was good
• “You look like a sexy little angel, baby” you whispered to her
• She looked at you with a blushing face
• You took her hand and guide her to the bed
• “Uhm… MC…”
• “ Relax… just lie back and let me make you cum”


• This man’s dominant, he knows exactly how to please your body, where to hit to have you crying out his name, and where to touch to make you putty in his hands
• So you decided to pay him back for the hickies scattered across your back and shoulders, especially the big ones on your neck
• You dressed in his favourite shirt and a pair of his boxers and walked into the living room where he was located with Elizabeth the 3rd
• You drop down into his lap whilst he was working, he paid no mind to you, his focus completely on the papers in front of him
• You lean close to his ear and start nibbling on it, purring softly at him
• You can feel his arms wrap themselves around your body and shift you into a more comfortable position, aligning your hips with his perfectly
• You grind down softly, and continue purring in his ear
• “Daddy, I miss you, I miss your hands running themselves down my body, I miss your lips covering my body, but most of all, I miss the way you feel inside of me, dominating me until the only thing I remember is your name.”
• You can feel him tense up underneath you
• You play with his tie as you continue telling him what you love about your passionate moments
• Suddenly you’re whimpering and fidgeting against his hips as you tell him some of your fantasies of him
• You ask him if he’s ever wanted to try a few things, silently unbuttoning his shirt on your body
• You can hear his soft growls and groans as he tells you that he can’t because of his work
• That was before his breathing hitched as you take his hands and slide them up your body, telling him what parts of you that you love him touching the most
• You start to softly tell him all the things you love about him when you two have sex, how sexy he looks when he’s dominating you, how much you adore his grunts and growls as he ruins you
• Soon enough you’re pushed face down on the couch with a growling Jumin above you, tying your hands behind your back
• His growls get harsher as he tells you that he hopes you weren’t hoping on moving for a few days before he’s biting, sucking and licking all over your body, marking you as his
• He demands that you tell him more about what you fantasize about, about what you like the most when you have sex
• He ravages you until you can’t talk anymore, nor can you move anymore, and you got a bigger collection of hickies now, making it difficult to wear dresses or skirts again for the next few months
• You plan on doing it for your wedding anniversary


• You were needy
• Seven was working a lot lately, and not paying attention to anything beyond the computer
• You didn’t want to bother him, so you decided to play by yourself
• It was late but you were still on the bed
• Your hands caress your own body, turning you on even more
• Seven had just finished his work, so he was ready to check on you
• So when he entered the room and saw you with your hand inside your underwear and in underwear
• Something inside his just started burning
• “MC, what are you doing?”
• “I’m sorry… It’s just that Daddy was busy…” you said in a innocent tone
• His eyes got darker and he closed the door behind him
• He was looking at you from head to toe while he got closer
• “My babygirl needed his daddy? I’m sorry, but my babygirl needs a punishment for playing by herself”
• You bit your lip at his answer
• “I need punishment, daddy”
• He took you by your hips and pulled you closer to him
• He was already getting undressed when his eyes glinted with desire
• “Now babygirl, don’t make a sound until I tell you to… and if you do, I’m going to pause and wait until you can be quiet again, like a good babygirl”


• The alarm sounded on the morning, waking you and Saeran up
• He complaint by your side
• You both were going on a date, so you decided to prepare yourself early in the morning
• So you went to the bathroom to get ready, while he get dressed
• “Babe, we have a problem” he had called you from the other side of the bathroom door
• “What’s wrong babe?” you asked, coming out from the bathroom
• “It’s raining”
• Amazing. Simply amazing.
• It was your first day in months! And you were all excited by it
• You just sat down on the bed while looking at the rain ruin your whole day
• “It’s not fair” you muttered
• He was looking at you, feeling bad because of your sad eyes
• “Don’t worry babygirl, we can do other things here inside” he whispered to you, while he kissed your neck from behind
• You felt shivers going down through your back
• “I need daddy to make me feel better” You whispered back
• You both were used to dirty talking
• He smiled at you
• “Come and sit in Daddy’s lap, babygirl”


• Wearing one of his shirts, you feel like teasing your little (cinamonroll) boyfriend
• You climb onto his lap and settle against his chest whilst he fiddles with his camera
• Softly you’d read out sexy pick up lines from your phone, laughing softly at them
• You decide to try them out
• You make him laugh with you as you attempt to tell him the lines
• You successfully distract him from his camera and make his attention focus on you completely
• You turn around in his lap and start whispering in his ear
• You start telling him all the things you love about him, trailing your fingers down his body
• You watch his face as his cheeks get a light dusting of pink as your fingers get lower and your comments get more… impure
• Softly you nibble his ear and start telling him all the things you love that he does to you
• Shifting your hips closer to his and wriggling slightly, you can feel his hands grip your thighs tighter, leaving slight marks
• Softly you start telling him all the things you want him to do to you
• You tell him some of your fantasies that you have of him
• You guys don’t hide anything from each other, so you start asking him if he’d like to try a few
• Next thing you know, you’re upside down on his shoulder, staring at his gorgeous ass as he starts moving towards the bedroom
• When he finally throws you on the bed, you see his darkened green eyes filled with hunger and hear his low, deep voice telling you that he’s going to show you that your fantasies weren’t even close to the real thing
• You guys didn’t leave the house for three days, the only times you both leave the bedroom, is when you’re bathroom having sex in the shower and in the kitchen, teasing each other before it gets too much and both of you are at it again

stydiariarkle  asked:

Lydia telling Stiles she's pregnant

  • It takes her two weeks to do it. By that time, pretty much everyone in the pack knows it, bc they can smell hormones and Lydia can’t hide it very well that she’s absolutely freaking out about it.
  • Scott is the first one to know and he’s just so happy about it and can’t wait to congratulate Stiles but when she tells him that her hubby doesn’t know yet, he’s like ‘Lydia, you need to tell him!’ but she has no idea on how to tell him that she’s about to become a mom and that it freaks her out so much bc she doesn’t know how to be a mom.
    • Of course our beautiful Alpha calms her down and assures her that she’d do great. But first, she needs to tell Stiles.
  • She asks Scott to help her figure it out something clever to tell him because it needs to be special. So they spend the next three days planning and avoiding Stiles (which it’s not that hard because his dad really needs his help with something at the station so he only calls three times each day and when gets home she’s amazing at pretending that nothing major is going on)
  • When he gets home that evening, everything’s normal. Lydia is on the couch reading a book, there’s no food around because she can’t cook for the hell of it and Stiles always brings something for them to eat and Lydia is basically chill. They eat diner, talk about their day and she tells him that Scott gave her a video for them to watch together
  • So she puts on the movie and sits next to him and press play. It’s a homemade video of their friends over the years talking about Stydia. It’s very similar to the one that plays at their wedding party so Stiles is really confused because ‘Lyds, didn’t we watched this already?’ but she tells him to wait because Scott told her that there’s a twist in the end.
  • And she refuses to put forward because it’s nice seeing Allison smile while telling Stiles he’s going to the dance with Lydia and then she and Lydia together smiling and talking and she really wishes Allison could be there to meet her child. The video is almost ending and then there’s new footage of the pack talking about the Stydia future. Most of it is them talking how Lydia will rule the world and Stiles is going to be the best FBI agent there ever was, but then Scott is there and tells that they’re going to be the best parents in the world. 
  • He still is oblivious about it but he loves it because it’s nice to see their friends making that tribute to them. The last footage is from Lydia. She’s in their home, sitting in their bed and he can hear Scott behind the camera talking to her.
  • “Okay, you can go now.” “Are you sure this is on? Last time it wasn’t” “Yeah, the light is green, you can go now.” 
  • “Wait, did you guys did this today?” Stiles asked looking at his wife, but she just points to the TV. 
  • And TV Lydia smiles, the smile she only gives to Stiles, and starts telling him how great he is, how she loves him and Stiles is freaking out a little bc what anniversary did he forgot????
  • She finishes her speech and her eyes are watering and her voice is trembling then she says: “I can’t wait for us to go in this new journey together. I love you.”
  • Stiles is like  w h a t  
  • He turns to Lydia, who is holding a present and he knows he’s forgetting something but what the hell did we do in February? Not first kiss, not first time, not wedding date, no Valentine’s day… 
  • Lydia… um… Not that I forgot because I totally didn’t…. but what this present is for?”
  • “Just open it.”
  • He does it. Inside there’s a little light saber, a black onesie written “Future Jedi” and then a picture of her ultrasound and there’s just a tiny little spot with no form of a baby yet, but it’s ‘holding’ a red light saber.
  • Stiles just stares at it. For like, 30 seconds, just staring at it. Then he looks at Lydia and she’s with her eyes all watered and he’s just so… shocked. He keeps looking at her and back to the gift and then it clicks. Lydia is pregnant.
  • He starts to cry and she does too and he keeps asking “Really? Is this for real?” and she nods, smiling and there’s more crying and he holds her and keeps kissing her face and then her belly. Because I’m going to be a dad!!!!!!
  • This keeps going for like a half hour and then he calls his dad and Scott and of course they already know but Stiles is so excited that he doesn’t even care because: I’M GOING TO BE A DAD SCOTTY! ME! LYDIA IS HAVING MY BABY!!!!!
  • *I’m not crying, you are*
I’d Be Lying: Thomas x Reader (Part 1)

 Pairing: Thomas x Reader 

Warnings: Angst, smutty smut smut, and fluff 

Word count: 11,219 (idek what happened)

A/N: I originally planned this to be more tragic, but my heart is too fragile for that. I’m also going by scenes from the movie that I obviously had to change up a bit. This is what our dear reader is wearing (just cause I like it and it makes her look bad ass). Forgive me if i have any grammar and/or spelling mistakes as it is midnight and I am very tired. So enjoy and be prepared for part 2!


Being the only girl in the maze did have it’s cons. Like being babied by the boys, them being timid around her whenever they start “rough housing”. 

“Be careful, or you might hit Y/N!” 

“Alby will kill us if anything happens to her!” 

“Oh no, Y/N are you okay?” 

She knew they meant well. But she wanted to have fun just as much as they did. At some point she had to sit them all down and explain to them. She was not a dame. And she proved it. She wanted to be a runner, and she was good at it too. But for Alby’s sake, she stuck with Newt and Chuck at the crops. 

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A Pear In The Rocks II

Author: AvengeSuperWhoLock

Word Count: 1488

Pairing: LokixReader

Summary: A family dinner with the Avengers. Loki will still only talk to you. Tony is intent on getting as drunk as possible. Natasha is hoping for it all to burn to the ground. Bruce and Steve are just trying to keep their heads down. Clint is hoping the food is good. And Thor makes a surprise appearance. Meanwhile, you’re the one that has to keep everything from falling apart - what could go wrong?

A/N: I had been so kindly asked for a sequel to A Pearl In The Rocks by the beautiful @fairytalesexistxx. Unfortunately, there wasn’t really anywhere for the story to go, so this kind of just spewed out onto my keyboard. So … enjoy?

Part 1 / Part 3 / Part 4 / Part 5 / Part 6

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Not Letting You Win

Request: Can you do a Jamie Benn imagine where he’s your husband and you have 4 kids ages 6 months, 2 years, 4 years, and a 6-year-old. You decide to surprise Jamie at the NHL media day with your kids. Super fluff and sweet and then once he’s finished he brings his family out for pizza and icecream.

A/N: IDK, man. I think it’s fluffy?

Word Count: 1204

Warnings: None. (I think.)

You tried to keep all the boys together. Tired being the key word. Because as soon as you walked into the building. JT was the first to find someone he’d rather be with and run. Of course, you trusted Tyler, who was JT’s favourite, but you brought the kids to surprise Jamie.

Jaxon was next. At only 4, he already decided he wanted to be a goalie. Ben, who was traded to Dallas in 2017, adored the boy and didn’t mind him following him around.

Roussel was the next to borrow a child. Jeremy was 2 and quickly became fond of the Frenchman who would make funny faces for him.

You shrugged. You weren’t going to complain about having the majority of your children being looked after. Not when you had a 6-month-old baby to look after. Jace was the most recent addition to your family. A happy accident. You transferred him to the other hip and began the search for your husband.

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[Why I Love] - Chpt. 1

I’m Negan 

Negan x Addison

[Summary: Addison finally meets the man who killed her friends, and he has an offer that she can’t refuse.] 

A/N: Hi guys :3 so  this is chapter 1 of a story I’ve been working. I’ve never posted any of my writing before, but hey there’s a first time for everything right? Hope you like it ^.^ ** chapter 2 has a lot more of Negan :) 

|| Masterlist ||

Originally posted by grungedaddykinks

Nothing is the same, not anymore. The people of Alexandria were going about their daily activities but there is no denying the fear in their eyes. Those bastards, they did an excellent job rattling our cage and now we were vulnerable. I hated that we were vulnerable. Losing both Glenn and Abraham put everyone in a grey area. We’re all so disconnected with each other, it’s like everything we’ve been trying so hard to fight for just slipped from our reach.

“Hey” Daryl appeared by side as I made my way back to the house. “You look like you need this” He handed me a chocolate bar, my stomach grumbled at the sight of the purple colored wrapper.

“Thanks” I took it from his hand. A shock ran through my system as I fed my hunger. “Not much luck on the run I heard”

“Nah…but I’m headin’ back out myself. Hopefully I’ll be able to find what ya need” His voice sounded hoarse. I know he must be tired.  

“Take a breather before you do anything ok?”

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The Serpent Or Me - Part 5 (Bughead/Serpent!Jughead x Serpent!Reader)

Jughead has never cared about fitting in, as long as he has Betty and the gang he knows he has his place in Riverdale. However, Southside High has brought him an odd comfort and new friends very easily. The serpents have taken him under their wing, one in particular y/n has started to show him how things work in the gang. Jughead starts to grow a fondness for y/n that feels uneasy, he’s stuck between two worlds. Where or who should he choose?

Part 1    Part 2     Part 3     Part 4

Characters/Pairings: Bughead, Serpent!Reader x Serpent!Jughead.

Warnings: Kissing.

Word Count: 2507.

Notes: Slightly longer part this week but lots of action as promised.I’m away on holiday next week but I’ve scheduled part 6 to be published on 14/7/17. Enjoy!


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Y/n’s POV

So much for being some scary gang member. I was a soppy teenage girl who had fallen for her once ‘work’ colleague turned best friend Jughead Jones. There was no denying it now. We’d started hanging out a lot more outside of school and Serpent jobs, we’d go on late night drives and just talk. I could listen to his words for hours. There was so much to him, it was practically impossible not to crush on him.

And now I’d agreed to meet his girlfriend. What was I thinking?

For the remainder of the week, I decided it was best to avoid Jughead as much as I could. It was bound to be the amount of time we spent together that made me like him so much. It was going to be tricky however, since I had almost every class with him. I could do this though, I was a badass Serpent after all. Or at least that’s what I told myself.

‘Did you do the homework y/n/n?’ I could hear Jug whispering to me in biology. I pretended to not hear him, keeping my eyes on the teacher up front.

‘Hello? Y/n?’ He wasn’t going to stop.

‘Jug, I’m trying to listen.’ I snapped back. My heart clenched as he scowled at me.

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Trudging in one morning he props his head on the bar top, lost in a few thoughts, ones that have been plaguing him for quite some time.  “Mira,” he asks the bar-maid and resident matchmaker, “how do you know if you love someone?”

Mira puts down her rag and walks over, “Why Natsu, what seems to be bothering you.”

“I don’t know…  Every time I’m around her my heart starts to beat faster, I get mad when I see her around other guys, I just want to protect her from any harm.”

“Sounds like love to me,” she goes back to wiping a glass, “so why don’t you just tell her how you feel?”

Exhale, “I’m afraid she just sees me as a friend and teammate.  I wish I knew how she felt about me…”

“And who is this girl?” the barmaid asks even though she’s pretty sure she knows the answer.

“I think you know who I’m talking about.”

She puts the glass down, “Ah, I figured you’d say her.  Alright, give me a few minutes to think of something.”

“Thanks Mira.”

A few hours later, the resident Celestial mage walks in, heading straight for the bar and puts her head down.  Mira sets her up with a milkshake, “Lucy, you look bored today.”

“I am and I don’t know where Natsu is,” looking over to the mission flyers, “maybe I should just go on an easy mission; I could use the money.”

The barmaid leans in with a smile, “You know what you need?”


“A boyfriend,” the grin spreading across her face.

“Boyfriend!” Lucy waves her hands, “No that’s okay Mira, I, I’m fine, I have Natsu he keeps me company enough.”

“You know,” she leans back and moves some dirty dishes to the sink, “it doesn’t hurt to try dating,” turning back to the blonde, “come on there’s gotta be someone you have a crush on.  Just tell me and I’ll help you.”

Lucy blushes, “Well I do have a crush on a couple of guys….”

“And they are??”

Exhale, “Okay, I’ve had a crush on Natsu since I joined the guild but I don’t think he sees me in that way.  Then after the magic games when I met Sting well I’m attracted to him too.  He’s been flirting with me but I’ve hesitated because I still really care for Natsu.  So, I’m torn, I don’t know which way I should go…”

“I think I have an idea to help you figure that out.” She grins, “I’ll set you up on dates and you can decide for yourself if you truly care for Natsu, or your heart is open to another.”

‘Guess it couldn’t hurt…’   “Alright Mira, I’ll give it a shot.”

“Good!  Now come back in an hour dressed for a casual date.”

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“Hey! Let’s go get some drinks! It’ll be so much fun”, “ You deserve it, (y/n)!” You mimicked your friends as you were currently sitting at the bar, drinking a glass of water.

Your friends had dragged you here after a long and rough day, well since your boyfriend had just dumped you and well…you didn’t expect to see him here practically dry humping every single girl on the dance floor.

You didn’t really mind cause he was a total loser who plays video games all day in his mom’s basement. You sat back, looking at your surroundings. Your friends have left you to dance with some random guys but you didn’t mind, after all you liked to be alone.

After about 10 minutes of sitting there, trying to search for your friends, you decided to leave them a text message, saying you were leaving. As you were getting up, a certain guy had caught your eyes. Green hair, blue eyes, pale skin. Wtf is wrong with this guy? You start to chuckle at how weird but fascinating he looks. You look down at what you were wearing and sighed. A pair of ripped jeans and a sweatshirt. Hmm….could be worse.

After looking at the man, you wanted a change. Maybe dye your hair? What color? Should I make a hair appointment? As you kept starring at him, he suddenly stopped talking to whoever he was talking to and looked your way. He smirked when he caught your eye. He whispers something into a man’s ear then starts laughing. A crazy but unique laugh. You quickly looked away before grabbing your stuff and walking out of the club.

Halfway to the door, a hand tightly grips your arm. You spin around, ready to tell that person off but stopped when you had seen it was the man who was talking to green hair dude. You gave him a questionable look.

“Boss wants to meet you” Is all he said before pulling me to the v.i.p section.

Before I can question him, he pulled the beads out of the way and shoved me into a booth. The green haired guy sat with a crazed look in his eye and a grin so wide.

“Tell me your name” He demanded, his face growing serious.

“(Y/n)” was all you can manage to say.

He grins against before laughing.

“My, my, my. Couldn’t keep your eyes off of me huh, little girl?” He tormented me.

Little girl? Oh hell no.

“ Is that why you got your friend over there to bring me over here? Just for you to torment me? Well listen toots, I’m not in the mood. ” I said in the calmest manner.

His grin soon faded into a snarl.

“ I see little girl has a big mouth. Why doesn’t she come over here and use it for something useful instead of yapping. ” He growled.

“ I’ll bite your nose off, if that’s what you want, clown boy” I said with a sweet smile on my face.


Yeah….so…i wrote this about a year ago and i thought hey, why not post it? 

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HC for dally flirting with y/n and her playing hard to get please??? Also I love your account😇💓


- Dallas first sees you at like Ponys school or something like that
- his first thought is something along the lines of
‘This broads a real looker, she’ll be mine in no time man.’
- lol this fucker thought wrong
- he went to go talk to you and you could tell he was being real flirty and touchy feely and you weren’t gonna lie to urself he was real attractive but there’s no fun without a chase
- ‘Hey doll how bout you give me your number and I’ll give you the time of your life.’
- 'So if I give you my number you will leave me alone?’ You smirked at his shocked expression
- he was like waaaaaaa why she no want THE Dallas Tucker Winston
- but instead he’s like 'Ur real fiery ya know that? How bout we go see a movie tonight?’
- 'you wanna go to the movies?’
- 'ya.’
- 'ok have a real nice time while ur there and why don’t you tell me about it tomorrow?’
- he is honestly so frustrated but like so intrigued??????
- he gives up for the day and goes over to the Curtis’
- 'Hey Pone you know this girl that goes to ur school, looks like a grease has real nice, eh I would say shoulder length wavy brown hair, big green eyes and battered black and white chucks?’
- 'uh ya?’
- 'interesting. Aye kid uh how bout you tell me more about this girl?’
- okokokokokokok he is like so into you after the talk with Pony
- if he sees you he will just start thrown these flirty remarks at you left and right
- you guys kinda made it a game now where you both would flirt with each other and honestly Dallas loved your confidence and wittiness
- after he finds out you can fight?????
- he has to get you to be his girl
- ur still stubborn tho
- he would start doing nice things like opening doors for you, holding your stuff, taking to eat and small stuff like that
- you would tease the poor boy so much
- like you try and fluster him
- *heavy sigh and grunt*
'Whats wrong?’
'Oh nothin my neck and back just hurt.’
'Oh.’ *flusteredness but trying to act cool*
'Dallas you think you could rub my shoulders for me, please?’
'Ya sure, sure.’
- he will start flat out asking you out and always get a 'I’d rather date a patient man than a demanding boy.’ In return
- it kills him
- the gang teases him so much cause he is usually never this into a girl
- when you finally accept his date HE IS SOOOOOO GIDDY AND NERVOUS AND HAPPY
on the inside tho cause he’s a tough man

Mad with Grief

A prompt from and for @gdesertsand

Word Count: 2.780 (Oh god. This is so long, sorry)


Fog. Lance was sure there wasn’t any fog when he and the others had landed.
Not that Lance really cared if there was or wasn’t fog before in that moment.
He could never imagined that from a normal rescue mission he would found himself lost on a giant forest-like planet, fully immersed in the fog and without a single hint of where in the hell he was.
He continued walking, looking around him confused; the tall trees were all the same and not a single one could be picked as a reference point.

“Great” he told to himself “Not only I’ve been separated from the others, but now I’m even lost in a forest probably walking in circles!”

He sighed, looking down at the ground. He already tried to yell in case someone nearby had heard him, but all that he got was the echo of his own voice.

“Maybe if I keep walking I will arrive somewhere” he nodded, talking to himself, trying to convincing himself.

But after what it seems like hours, Lance started to lost his confidence and the anxiety grinds his stomach and all kind of thought started to come in his mind.

What if the others already leave without me? What if I will never been found? What if something else found me before my team do? What if…

His mind started to go completely blank like his vision, collapsing on the humid ground and covering his hears and shaking his head, trying to remove the thoughts from his brain, when a familiar voice calls out his name:


Lance opens his eyes wide to see the dark purple eyes of Keith looking at him with concern

“K-Keith…?” The Cuban boy asked,not sure if he was real or just an hallucination

“There you are, finally! You big idiot, I was searching for you everywhere!”

His tone was worried, something strange, since Lance had never see Keith showing this clearly his emotions.
But Lance didn’t care. He just wanted to go away. He was about to speak, but Keith’s hand catch him in anticipation, grabbing his wrist and dragging him away.

“Keith- Wait a second! Where are we going?!”

Keith turned his head, looking confused at Lance’s blue eyes, now wide open

“What do you mean? You must hit your head, we’re going back to the castle”

“What?! And the rescue mission?!”

The extremely confused gaze of Keith made Lance open his mouth in disbelief.

How come forget of a mission?
Out of us two, the one who’s hit his head his him, not me! Okay, that’s strange… What in the hell is going on-

And again, Keith’s voice interrupted the train of thoughts in Lance’s head

“You don’t hear what Allura said? It was a fake signal from long long time ago. There’s no one anymore here…”

Lance touched his helmet, finding it strange that he hadn’t heard anything since his armor wasn’t damaged and the com was still working.
But he just didn’t care. In that moment all that he wanted was go away from there

“Ok. Let’s go take Blue-”

“That’s not necessary. Shiro and Hunk already took her to the Castle. Come we’ll go with Red”

Lance simply nodded, following Keith through the fog, ignoring the feeling that something is wrong that started at the bottom of his stomach


They returned to the castle in a few minutes, Keith just walked in the fog like he already knew where to go. And after arriving, the strange feeling started to become even stronger than before, after seeing his team reaction.
Lance was expected to receive a scold from Shiro or Allura for the separation from them that was his fault, to hear Pidge calling him stupid, a disappointed look from Coran, but that didn’t happens.
Instead, after getting out from the hangars, Pidge ran through the corridor to literally jump on Lance, making him really close to fall

“Lance! We found you! Oh shit I was thinking that you’ll never come back! Are you hurt? Keith told us that you might have hit you head, wanna go to the medical bay?”

“No I’m okay… Uhm, thanks Pidge?”

Pidge just nodded, giving him a bright Smile

“Oh if you are sure that’s ok! Oh come! Hunk is waiting for you in the kitchen, he was so worried, he’ll be happy to see you!”

Without warnings the girl grabbed the cuban wrist dragging him in the corridor and in the kitchen, when the two were welcoming with the usual smile that Hunk gave them, even more brighter when he come closer to Lance, hugging him tighter

“Lance! You’re here! Man, don’t make me get an heart attack ever again! I was worried sick for you! Are you feeling unwell?”

Lance laughed a bit looking at the big guy

“Nah man, I’m always fine, nothing can drag me down!”

Pidge rolled his eyes laughing a bit

“Yeah Yeah of course Lance you are. Let’s grab something to eat before going to Shiro, okay?”

Hunk finally let go of Lance, filling a plate with the green food goo before passing it to Lance, that took it a little insecure.

“Hey Buddy, you’re sure that is everything Ok?”

Lance didn’t want to see the concerned look over his best friend face, and he thinks that it wasn’t the case to tell them that something feels strange, however… He was at home, no?
The cuban just shaked his head, with a smile a little bit forced

“No no! I’m fine, I’m totally fine… It’s just… I’m not too much hungry, that’s all”

Hunk and Pidge exchange a concerned look before the little girl speaks again

“Umh… Lance you should eat anyways, you were out for like more than four hours! You need to eat at least a little!”

Lance looked at Hunk that just simply nodded, truly worried, and the other boy sighed smiling more genuinely this time

“Thank you guys… Seem like I need you for even remember to eat uh?”

The others just smile as they watched their friend eat, relieved to see his expression more relaxed
But Lance wasn’t relaxed, not for a little bit, he was thinking, completely lost.

I was out for four hour? I was pretty sure it was like an hour and half maybe two, but four…?

He shaked his head and finish his meal before standing up

“Alright guys! Shall we go now?”

Pidge instantly stand up, nodding

“Shiro is waiting for us in the other room, c’mon Let’s go!”

Then she rushed ahead of Lance, strangely happy, yelling at the two boys to hurry up.
And if Lance was confused before, he became even more confused after he entered the observatory deck.
Pidge hurried in, yelling happily and everyone in the room turn in Lance’s direction, smiling.
Shiro immediately got to him, reaching his shoulder with his human arm, smiling

“Lance! Finally… I was worried, we lost contact with you as we landed on the planet. I’m glad you aren’t hurt or anything. I’m sorry, it’s my fault if you get lost. I should’ve warned you of the fog before you separate from us…”

“Nah… Don’t worry Shiro. It’s also my fault, I separate myself from you guys… I know, I made a mess didn’t I? I just worried you all without a reason…”

Lance looked down expecting a scold from his leader, but instead he felt the harm of the man rubbing his hair gently

“Stop apologizing Lance. It’s not your fault, we know that you’re like this, it’s ok really! Don’t worry about that. And stop saying that you made a mess. I’ve already said that you don’t need to worry right now.”

“Just remember…” Keith’s voice interrupted Shiro’s voice, and one of the boy’s arms wrapped around Lance’s shoulders “Don’t you ever try to worry us like this ever again. You got that, you idiot?”

Lance grinned, looking right at Keith

“Of course Mullet. You’ll just miss my perfect and beautiful presence after all”

Keith rolled his eyes, like the others, before laughing at Keith constatation

“Of curse. Believe that, brat”

“Okay that’s enough paladins!”

Allura come across the room, with Coran right after her, greeting the Cuban boy with an hug and a smile that only a sister would give to his younger brother

“Welcome back Lance” she smile again “Fortunately the fog dissolve enough for me to finally trace you. I thought that you heard what I said, so I didn’t notice that you were still there. I’m sorry…”

Lance shacked his head looking right in the Princess’s eyes

“Allu- I mean… Princess, don’t apologize please. It’s not your fault…”

Allura smile sadly giving him a kiss on the forehead

“Please… Call me Allura. You don’t need to be formal with me” she giggles before continuing “You must be tired. Now, go get some rest. Tomorrow you’ll join us again at the training deck, okay?”

“Thanks… Allura. But I’m pretty fine right now. I really want to see how Blue is doing instead”

Everyone exchanged a worried look, like they’re insecure if tells him something
Lance opened his eyes wide looking at them

“G-Guys…? There’s something wrong with Blue…?!”

“Actually…” Coran takes a step looking at Lance “There were serious damages In the Blue Lion’s controls and generator. We are already at work to fix her but… It takes a little time, and actually we turn her offline, so the damages wouldn’t become even more serious… I’m sorry, But still! I promise that you’ll talk to your Lion very soon!”

Lance just nodded, looking at the floor.

How come? She was perfectly fine when we landed! We don’t even crash on the planet! Maybe the fog…? There was something in the fog that make her go in tilt?

And again, an hand reaches his shoulder and Lance looked up, now fully awake, to see Coran’s father-like look

“I’m sorry. Maybe I’ve should just tell you this tomorrow, maybe today was really too much. Lance you should go get some rest for real now…”

Everyone nodded and Pidge gently grab his arm

“C’mon Lance…! It’s not over! She’s fine, she just got some problems. Nothing that me and Hunk can’t resolve! So cheer up, we’ll work even faster than the light! Right Hunk?”

“Yeah faster than the lig- Wait no. Maybe not faster than the light, but we’ll work really really fast!”

Lance can’t help but giggle

“Thank you guys…”

They all smiled, wishing him for a good rest while he walk through the corridors and finally to his room.
He blocked the room and dropping himself on the bed, before looking at the ceiling.
He was hiding it, like he always hide his tears, but he was lost and confused, and the feeling of something strange going on, became a feeling of something wrong with the very atmosphere in the castle.

They’re not this kind to me usually. The most of the time I get scolded from Shiro because I always screw something up in the missions. And Allura never told me to call her nothing out from “Princess” and always looked disappointed at me. Even Keith and Pidge are… Strange. From when they’re so calm when I’m around them? They’re always so upset…
This… Feels strange… And wrong… There’s something that I don’t get here…

In fact, like they said, he was out for like four hours. Not a whole day. Not a month. Not a year. Just four hours. Why all this Attention? He wasn’t even hurt so why everyone was so happy to see him?
He sighed and buried his face in the pillow, closing his eyes

“I’ll think about it tomorrow…”


A week had passed and he could not talk to Blue yet
Everytime Lance asked about his girl, the others just avoided the question, telling him not to worry about it, or told him that they were still working on it.
And Lance started to be suspicious. Suspicious about the true entity of the damage, and suspicious about his teammates. He was sure that something was going on and they just don’t tell him what it was.
He just feel betrayed.
So one night He decided to go sees Blue himself.
He slinked from his room, being cautious on not making any Noise, making his way to the hangars; but when he reaches for Blue’s, it was close.

“Uh…? Why this is closed…?!” He whispers, biting his tongue, suffocating his anger yell.

If only his hangar was closed, there was something going on for sure.
He looked around before sitting right where he was closing his eyes.

C’mon girl… C’mon… Answer…

A few minutes passed, and Lance was about to leave, his mood down, when he finally hear Blue’s purrs

“Blue…! Finally! Girl I was worried, are you o-”

Lance you need to go out from here

“Uh? Blue what’s wrong why-”

I’m not your Blue, Lance. And you’re not my paladin.

The communication was unstable and the constant static sound makes the Cuban ever more confused and worried

“Blue, my girl, what are you saying? It’s still me Lance, don’t you recognize me?”

This is not your place. You don’t belong here with us.

“I don’t understand Blue… I don’t understand what are you saying…”

We’re in another dimension Lance. Different… From yours. When you were on the planet, they set the wormhole between our dimensions, and using the fog to hide it. Then they make you separate from your real team to take you here with us. And after that they tried to modify my memory, so I couldn’t tell you the trut. There… Is dangerous.

Lance grit his teeth even more confused, and angry

“But if this is another dimension… Doesn’t that mean that there are two of me? Where the othe-”

He’s dead. He died long time ago during a mission. He tried to protect the other, getting in exchange a shoot right in the head. He died few minutes after. There was nothing for us to do…

“That’s… That’s…” Lance was speechless. Another dimension? His other self died? Corrupting memories? What the hell was going on there?! But after all that happens, the extreme affection, their always avoiding to talk about Blue… All the suspicious he felt just explodes in his brain and in that moment, the only one he could trust was Blue; even if she wasn’t his Blue.
Blue started to talk again

Listen Lance. When they lost you, they pass through a very difficult time.They’re mad with grief, and they’ll try everything to keep you with them. Be careful, it’s dangerous. They are dangerous. I’ll help you return home. I promise. When it’s time to go I’ll call you. In the meantime be very careful and take care of yourself

“But Blue I have so much questions!”

We don’t have time! If they found out that you talked to me you’re in trouble! You need to go! Someone is arriving. Go!

Lance opens instantly his eyes, getting up as much faster as he could before a familiar, but no more welcoming, voice came from his back

“Lance? What are you doing here?”

Lance turns to him. It was Keith. His eyebrows were frowned in suspicious as he walk past him

“Nothing Keith. Nothing really.”

He said after disappearing in the corridors.
Maybe Blue was wrong, and everything was just a big mistake. But he wasn’t so sure anymore on who he should trust.

“I’ll trust anyone anymore from now on. We’ll see what happens” he said softly to himself after finally go back to his room, locking the door, before let himself drop on the bed, closing his eyes to finally sleep.


Keith reaches Allura that night, in the observatory. Both of them were concerned, most of the two were Allura.
The Princess looked at the Korean, worry painted in her eyes


Keith was worried but now he was extremely cold

“I think he suspect us now. He was near the hangars. If he was able to talk to Blue… There might be the possibility that we got caught”

Allura looked down at the floor, thinking.

“… We already lost him once”

“I know that Princess…”

After seconds of silence, something got one of the control panels that lights up a bit: Allura just hitted it with the panic and the anger in her eyes, while two solitary tracks of tears had marked her cheeks

“I don’t care what it will cost. Don’t let him go, whatever happens!”

Keith nodded, a little afraid of the gaze of the Princess, a gaze that Keith hadn’t see for a long time

“Copy that. Princess”

~ I had a lot of fun writing this! Thank you for letting me write this ^^ Is my first attempt and I’m not too good at English so… Please forgive every mistake I do please ^^“
Let me know if you liked it! Thanks Again! Bye! ^^ ~

Three is Better Than Two

@larvesta Hope that you had a wonderful birthday! I really love all of the amazing art that you create, and I especially appreciate how you create such soft and sweet images with the rarest pairs. Thank you for being such a lovely part of the ML fandom.

This fic was inspired by your piece here!

AO3 Link

Each start of the new year began just like this. Marinette would wake up, close her eyes, and hope. The first day of school meant new students and new chances to meet her soulmate. Plus, it also meant a chance to finally have a class without Chloe Bourgeois. At this point, she wasn’t sure which would be better.

By the end of the day, she not only hadn’t found her soulmate, but she was also still in Chloe’s class. On the bright side, she’d made a new friend who was willing to stand up to Chloe, and instead of a soulmate, she’d gotten a kwami and the chance to be a hero.

Still, Marinette stared down at her wrist and frowned, rubbing her thumb over the bare skin, wishing as she always did, that tomorrow would be the day she’d gain a mark.

Marinette knew it was dangerous to fall in love with someone who wasn’t her soulmate. Despite the sparks between her and Adrien when he handed her his umbrella, there was no mistaking the blank wrists after their fingers brushed across each other. He wasn’t her soulmate. She had to accept that.

That didn’t stop her from tripping over her words and her own two feet every time she got close to him. That didn’t mean she didn’t silently daydream about him during class, wondering what his soulmate mark would look like. That didn’t keep her from imagining a lovely golden sun blooming over her wrist and wishing for the impossible.

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Requested by anon:  “I met you last night when you were drunkenly patting my dog in my backyard at 3 in the morning and when i asked you what the hell you were doing you slurred something about dogs being great and then you threw up on my feet and then fifteen minutes later you were passed out on my couch so that’s why you’re here right now also what the fuck is your name and why were you patting a dog in a stranger’s backyard in the middle of the night”

Taking a steadying breath, Dean steps outside, into his darkened backyard.

“What the hell are you doing here?” he shouts, his grip on the baseball bat tightening.

His German Shepard Zepe barks at him in a way of greeting, waggling her tail happily as the stranger keeps stroking her ears. A guard dog my ass Dean thinks as he takes a few more steps forward.

The guy kneeling on the grass looks innocent, burying his face in Zepe’s soft fur, but he’s still a stranger petting Dean’s dog in the middle of the night, so he lowers the bat, but stays alerted.

“Hey, dude, seriously, what the hell?”

The stranger finally looks at him, one cheek still pressed to the dog’s back. As the light coming from the open back door illuminates his face, Dean can see he’s approximately his age. His eyes are blue and a bit glassy.

“S’ry, needed to,” he slurs, hugging Zepe tightly and the dumb dog climbs into his lap, looking at Dean like she’s asking him to join the cuddling session.

Dean sighs when the guy mutters something about dogs being great. The guy is obviously harmless, but it’s late and Dean wants to sleep.

He grabs his shoulder, startling Zepe who jumps away.

“Look, man, you should really-”

Before he finishes, the guy doubles over and barfs, hitting Dean’s shoes.

“Son of a bitch,” Dean sighs.

“‘m sorry, so sorry,” the guy keeps mumbling as Dean drags him inside. He can’t even really be mad. The guy is drunk out of his mind and in no state to go home. God knows Dean’s been there many times and he’s still grateful to all the people, strangers or friends, who kept an eye on him.

He settles the guy on his couch and wraps a blanket around him, he’s been outside in just a shirt for god knows how long and he’s shivering. He’ll be lucky if beside a killer of a hangover he won’t wake up with a cold.

Looking at the guy’s looping eyelids, Dean decides it’s safe to leave him alone for a minute. He returns with a glass of water and some Advil and gives it to the guy.

“Thank you,” he whispers and washes the pills down with the water. He tries to place the empty glass on the coffee table, but wobbles and would fall on his face if not for Dean catching him.

“Easy there,” Dean soothes him, sitting down beside him and taking the glass from his hand.

“Whoa!” the guy gasps, his eyes suddenly wide open and fixed on Dean’s face.

“What?” Dean asks with a chuckle, he can’t help himself, this is just too surreal.

“You’re pretty pretty,” the drunk bastard says, his eyes roaming over Dean’s face. Dean huffs out a laugh.

“Stow it, Casanova.”

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#65 bbrae

Disclaimer: Don’t own Teen Titans. Not making a profit.

One Hundred Ways to Say ‘I Love You’ #65: “I’ll help you study.”

A/N: I do NOT speak the language used in the story. I used a translator app, so my apologies if any of it is incorrect.

“You’re cute.”

The empath froze, looking up from the book nestled in her lap. A strand of hair wrapped around her finger thoughtfully. She was dressed in one of his old t-shirts sitting crossed legged on his bed. “You’re delusional.” Raven replied, blandly.

Changeling chuckled, leaning against his closed door holding a glass of soy milk. He watched as she twirled a strand of hair around her finger. “I know cute, babe.” He walked to the bed, taking a seat across from her. “And it’s definitely you.”

Raven waved a dismissive hand to him, eyes returning to her book.  Her lips moved slowly as she practiced the unfamiliar language under her breath.

The green teen took a sip of his milk, eyes darting between the empath and the book in her lap. “Vipi?” Changeling asked, casually taking another gulp of milk.

The empath froze, slowly looking up at the green teen. “What?”


Raven blinked, trying to process what he was saying.

“What’s up?” He innocently asked again, in English this time.

She stared.

“Vipi is “What’s Up?” in Swahili.” Changeling spoke slowly.

The empath was silent.

“The language you’re trying to learn.” He gestured toward the book.

Raven paused, looking at her boyfriend strangely. “You speak Swahili?”


“That phrase wasn’t in the book.”

“Probably because it was a vernacular phrase.” He reasoned, slowly nodding his head. “The book will probably only teach you the formal language, I guess.”

Who was this, and where was her boyfriend? “You know Swahili?!”

“Ndiyo. Mimi ni fasaha.” He replied easily, placing his glass on the floor and resting back on his hands..

Raven’s eyes narrowed in confusion, her head tilting.

“Yes, I’m fluent.”

She knew that her boyfriend was full of surprises.She expected to learn a lot about when they started dating, but she never would have guessed he spoke another language. “Since when, Garfield?”

She only called him Garfield when she was really outraged. “Since I spent a good chunk of my childhood in Africa.”

“And you didn’t think to tell us this because…?” Raven trailed off.

The green teen shrugged. “Nobody asked.”

Only her boyfriend would neglect to tell them when they needed it. The empath closed the book, growling.

“Wait, wait…” He stopped her.

“What?” Raven questioned. “You know Swahili. You can interview the guy at the embassy for us.”

“Yea, but,” He nodded, feeling a smile grow on his face. “I can teach you the language.”

She raised eyebrow.

“Oh come on!” Changeling begged, his eyes sparking. “I’ll help you study.”

“Seriously?” She couldn’t help smiling at his excitement.

“Definitely.” He grinned, pulling her in his lap. “It’ll be nice to have someone to speak it to again. I’m honestly surprised I haven’t lost a lot of it.”

Raven relaxed in his arms with a sigh. “Alright.” It wasn’t everyday he got to teach her something.


(also on ao3)


Levi’s phone pinged and he dug it out of his pocket, tapped at the notification and opened his email. It was an e-vite to Erwin’s birthday party. Hange already knew Levi was coming -  he had helped them book the hotel for the occasion just a few days prior - but he supposed this was his official invitation. He replied with a Of course I’m coming, you shitstain, then scrolled to the bottom in search of the most important information.

What the fuck to take.

He had asked Hange to list some ideas so he could attempt to get a decent present for once - he was abysmal at gift giving, tending to go for things that were boring and practical over exciting and inventive.

Levi stopped scrolling when he saw “gift ideas” and pursed his lips in disappointment when he read the message:

Bring something nice! :)

How unspecific and unhelpful.

Levi sighed and put his phone away. He had a few weeks. That was plenty of time to think of something.

Not that he did.

The party was only a couple of hours away and Levi had nothing but a rising sense of urgency to find something, anything that could pass as an acceptable gift.

Think, you idiot, think, he reprimanded himself. What did Erwin like? Too much sugar in his tea. Those super fuzzy socks with rubber on the bottom to keep you from slipping on floors. Mike’s butt.

Levi sighed. If nothing else, he supposed he could get Erwin a gift card. He hated doing that, though. It felt like the easy way out, like he hadn’t put any thought into it. Which he hadn’t really, but he wanted to make it look like he did.

Eventually he pulled into the parking lot of Barnes and Nobles. Erwin liked books. Levi just had stumble upon one he didn’t happen to have yet, so he beelined for the table of new releases as soon as he walked in, thinking his best bet would be to get something from there. He picked up the one closest to him and skimmed the back. It sounded kind of boring to Levi, but maybe Erwin would like it? He put it back and picked up the one next to it, read the summary on this one as well. Or maybe this was good? He put it back down and went to the next one.

He repeated this until he had gone through every book, only realizing what he had done once he read a summary that sounded strangely familiar and noticed that it was the first book again.

“Fuck,” he whispered. He still didn’t know which one to choose.

“Sir? Can I…help you?” a voice asked.

Levi turned his head to find an employee - judging from the tacky green apron and nametag reading “Armin” - standing a few feet from him. He had blonde hair tied into a loose bun at the top of his head and two sky blue eyes framed by a pair of round reading glasses. He was taller than Levi - rarely was there a person who wasn’t - but not by much. Levi didn’t have to crane his neck to look at him anyway. He liked this guy already.

“I need a book,” Levi answered.

Armin chuckled. “Then I’m happy to tell you that you’re in the right place.”

Levi snorted. He had Levi there.

“Do you have a specific genre you’re looking for?”

Levi shrugged. Erwin read just about anything as far as he knew.

“Hm…” Armin circled the table, fingers tapping at his chin. “Try this one,” he said, holding up a paperback with a pair of white wings surrounded by barbed wire on the cover.

“Wings and war?” Levi asked as he read the title. He didn’t remember the summary for that one.

“It’s historical fiction based on events in the Great War and the use of homing pigeons. It’s cooler than it sounds,” he added when Levi gave him a skeptical look. “Oh! Like in one of the chapters–”

And he was off, talking rapidly, hands gesturing wildly as he spoke. Levi wasn’t really following what he was saying, too busy marveling at how Armin’s face lit up, his eyes shining with excitement. It was kind of endearing. Levi found himself wishing he could go back so he actually could listen.

Armin must have noticed Levi staring because he trailed off and cleared his throat.

“Sorry. I get carried away sometimes.”

“It’s fine. You made it sound good.”


Levi hummed. Armin’s enthusiasm was all the convincing he needed. Plus, now that he thought about it, Erwin was a history buff.

“Thanks.” Levi took the book, looked at it a few moments, then looked back at Armin. “Hey.”


“Do you…want to go to a party later?”

“A party?” Armin tilted his head.

“Yeah. For a friend’s birthday. The invitation said to bring something nice. You seem nice. And cute.”

The words had come out of his mouth before he had really thought about them, and Levi felt his face turn red. Fuck.

“Sorry,” Levi blurted quickly, shoving the book at Armin. He backpedaled and turned, practically running out of the store and across the parking lot to his car. He flopped into the driver’s seat and groaned, leaning forward and smacking his forehead on the steering wheel.

“Idiot,” he grumbled. “Well, I can never go back to that bookstore again.” And he had left before buying the book, so he was back to square one with Erwin’s gift.

It was not his day.

A knock at his window made him jump and Levi looked up to find Armin standing there. Levi rolled down his window.

“You forgot this.” Armin held up the book.

“You…bought it for me?”

Armin nodded.

“You really are nice. Thank you,” he said quietly, taking it from Armin’s hands.

“Pick me up at seven?”


“That’s when my shift ends. Or is that too late? For the party?”

Levi blinked at him in surprise. “…You want to go?”

“I do. That was one of the most embarrassingly sweet ways anyone has ever asked me out. How can I say no?”

Levi felt his face heat up again and he scowled. “I take it back, you’re not nice at all.”

Armin pushed out his bottom lip in an exaggerated frown.

“Still cute, though,” Levi mumbled.

“I’ll take it. So, seven?”


“Great. I’ll see you then…?”

“Oh. Levi.”

Armin gave him a crooked smile. “I’ll see you then, Levi.”

DON’T MESSAGE ME MEMES I FORGOT.  I REALLY CANT DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT. It fills up my inbox and is just really bothersome.
YES I’m gonna do one for 2017 because I have no self respect and too much time on my hands
in no particular order, the memes of 2016

  • jennifer lawrence being a huge jerk to the person on their phone cuz they wwre trying to translate somethint
  • cumslutscootaloo
  • me: why are aliens destroying the earth??? aliens: [x]
  • me: thats fair i understand
  • you fucked up a perfectly good monkey is what you did! look at it! its got anxiety!
  • mercrury retrograde
  • the boys are back in town
  • chungy
  • congratulations you played yourself
  • tag yourselves im the x
  • mario 64 HALF A PRESS
  • squidward dabbing
  • the fine bros copyrighting react videos
  • that one photo of marge simpson
  • waste his time (what it started out as was pretty shitty but then it got fuckijg funny)
  • bernie or hillary?  be informed. compare them on the issues that matter
  • jean stuff
  • is dabbing a meme or a trend
  • i heard that kylo ren has an 8 pack. that kylo ren is shredded.
  • that blond kid with the kazoo and the youre my special friend i dont know who he is but??? hes a meme
  • daaaaaaaaaamn daniel
  • ted cruz is the zodiac killer
  • jeb bush got bullied outta the election
  • pokemon sun pokemon moon
  • its time to stop
  • kanye wests cover art for his album
  • the death of the leonardo di caprio not getting an oscar memes was a meme itself
  • when the sun hits the x just right 👌🏻
  • i wondered why this movie was so visually pleasing (golden ratio used wrong everywhere)
  • let lesbians live (The 100 killed off another lesbian cuz god forbid we let the queer women live)
  • [glass him]
  • the snapchat face swap feature
  • a photographer took photos before and after tellijg people they were beautiful
  • who are you? im you but stronger
  • #memehistory
  • need me a freak like that
  • history of japan (that video was fuckin art)
  • •christian memes tbh that shit is wild 
  • sausage party
  • get a man who can do both
  • that one photo of mr krabs and everything is turning
  • this is descision 2016 (tumblrs april fools joke once again)
  • “can we listen to something other than ___”
  • breaking news
  • be careful who you call ugly in middle school
  • vaporwave
  • tumor toileta
  • I did nAUGHTt! Mister Electic send him to the principal's office and have him EXpelLed!
  • that one photo of skai jackson
  • that one photo of beyonce
  • the skai jackson photo beingg used with the beyonce photo and the kobe photo (the oned where they are silently like passive aggressivley exsisting)
  • power puff girls reboot???? might count as a meme??? just general hate for it its terrible
  • dark [x] show me the [thing that is hard to find with that x]
  • nanalan
  • the photo of squidwards eyes closed and they stay closed
  • LEMONADE and honestly wverything about that album was eventually a meme to some degree
  • the image of a finger pressing a key on a keyboard and its blue and it says something
  • chaotic good
  • dog or muffin?
  • youre on our radar!
  • dat boi (oh shit waddup)
  • to be continued/roundabout
  • boof
  • we are all
  • obi juan whoever the fuck you are… youre my only ho
  • honk if you love x
  • me.       my mutuals. 
  • dover
  • anything involving pokwmon sun and moon ESPECIALLY the starter pokemon
  • captain america civil war came out and thus became a meme again 
  • art vs artist 
  • please disconnect from the bluetooth speaker.  we need to talk. come downstairs
  • mutuals do this it’s really fun
  • the pic of caveman spongebob
  • x has been found dead in miami
  • that one thing of captin anerican saying “hail hydra” became a meme cuz i guess ppl were so mad they didnt know what else to do.  basically you drew a character saying something theyd NEVER in a million years say
  • alright tommy im leaving the house to do some errands see you in a bit
  • tthose photos of like “apple [a character u think is a bottom] jeans”
  • *inhale* you can be in the LGBTQA+ community and-
  • are you a or b? c or d? e or f? (cat person or dog person? day person or night person? things like that)
  • the cursed child plot became a meme itd SO BAD 
  • we are gamers
  • cracking ur knuckles and then writing crazy fast
  • britian left the european union
  • i would literally die if a boy did this to me (image of somehtig that would kill u)
  • old friends senior dog sanctuary facebook page
  • another spongebob one! using spongebob screencaps to represent similar things (ie each game in a series, characters in a series)
  • matpat gave undertale to the pope
  • that one image od the guy running towards where a green sign is pointing like hes middair 
  • clap 👏🏻 between 👏🏻 every 👏🏻 word 👏🏻 in 👏🏻 a 👏🏻 sentence 👏🏻 or 👏🏻 something 👏🏻
  • a submeme is dont call yourself an x if you havent y with the hands between each word
  • does pokemon go count? we had that meme that was like “but ms! theres a (pokemon) in (place the pokemon would likely be in our world)” but now the game came out and theres just pokemon go shit EVERYWHERE 
  • mighty number nine
  • that one picture of squidward lying in bed hella fucking terrified and spongebob outside his window (a lot of spongebob memes this year)
  • wholesome memes? like memes that r normally made at the expense of others being turned around to be nice to othwrs
  • taylor swift is a snake/rat
  • snake emoji
  • *inhales* BOI
  • north korea declaring war on the us
  • arthurs clenched fist 
  • photo of two guys waving at each other"same ___! same ___!“
  • “oh now this! this is beautiful”
  • michael phelps game face
  • how deep is this pool
  • IM RICK HARRISON AND THIS IS MY PAWN SHOP I work here with my dad and my son, Big Hoss. Everything here has a story, and a price. If there’s one thing I learned after 20 years, you never know WHAT is gonna come through That door.
  • i like dropping hints that im ___. im ____.
  • roses are red (weird headline or phrase)
  • #dicksoutforharambe
  • “the pupil of your eye can expand as much as 55% while looking at something you love”
  • 100 layers of x
  • we out here
  • ghat huy in a green body suit saying “im gay”
  • 🐍
  • nut
  • hooty hoo
  • does bruno mars is gay
  • “are you sure about that”
  • iphone 7 not having a headphone jack 
  • u vs the guy she tells u not to worry about
  • steven hawkings first post
  • the jackson hole live stream webcam thing
  • date a terf who… posts
  • stranger things titlecard
  • “this user [blank]” userboxes
  • cursed image
  • that photo of tom from tom and jerry coming out of a door with a hat on
  • me, an intellectual:
  • zoo wee mama
  • those amazon button press things
  • his hair? wack. me? tight as fuck
  • that one image of that black guy mid whip
  • hand slamming the blue button
  • 2016 presidential debate
  • wow try this! close one eye, tilt your phone, and look at this from the charger hole!
  • the water bottle flip trick
  • the naming ur kid after things u like but its like a tv show
  • pulling the lever to make the train kill one oerson instead if five people
  • how to start a conversation with a girl “hi” WRONG
  • idk if this is a meme persay, but there were a fuck ton of creepy clowns in the USA in October.  like.  that was a thing that happened.
  • owo whats this?
  • remember the psat memes from a year or two ago? that happened again this year
  • my longest “yea boi” ever
  • friendship ended with x now y is my new best friend
  • cryptid
  • name a more x …..ill wait
  • nintendo switch
  • “what  he listening to?”
  • vine being shut down (2016 was a bad year guys)
  • i arrive at the x
  • y: z (z is a state of being and y is a noun)
  • dick: out
  • i am forcibley escourted out of the x
  • i voted banner edits
  • [person] is real and they sucked my dick behind [chain store]
  • “theyre okay but they died”
  • 2016 election memes
  • can’t relate
  • me to me: that one picture of kermit the frog and another kermit who’s mouth is a tiny bit open and who has a black cloak on
  • anything from lazy town, specifically we are number one
  • joe biden and obama memes
  • had it not been for the laws of this land i would have slaughtered you
  • lightning mcqueen dies
  • the definition of perfection but its fuzzy, a thing of glasses being wiped, and then a character who you love
  • the mannequin challenge isnt a meme persay but i feel it has a place on this list
  • bode
  • name a more iconic duo…. ill wait….
  • no x we y like men
  • this bitch empty. YEET
  • x but y.  this meme had several subsets:
  • x but every time y happens z happens. (especially with replacing it with other things.) this was extra popular with the bee movie and we are number one from lazy town
  • x but every time y happens it gets faster
  • x but it keeps getting faster
  • the thing of one dude passing a sheet of paper to anoher dude and something dumb js in it
  • bone app the teeth
  • bee movie kinda made a comeback witht he whole the bee movie but
  • 25 miles <-  ¼ mile ->
  • If This Guy👦🙏 AINT Under My Tree🚷🌲On Christmas Morning🍆👌IM GON B PISSED🐸🍷Santa🎅👋Dont Come If U AINT Bringing Him 😏💦💯
  • take a fucking sip babes
  • youtubers exaggerating wildly in video titles
  • three images with the same content but they get more and more badly drawn and the descriptions get more ans more overly specific (increasigly verbose meme?)
  • example
  • nutshack theme
  • pinkest pink vs blackest black artists pettiness
  • removing the middle two panels of ctrl+alt+del strips
  • pinkest pink vs blackest black
  • me at the beginning of 2016 and me at the end of 2016
  • send nudes

also i guess tumblr cant fucking bullet images so here’s the images that i had originally spread throught the list but fuck me i guess

  • what he listening to?

• that thing where the drawing gets worse and worse and the words get more and more extra descriptive (it was originally here but tumblr hates me i guess? anyways)

happy new year everyone. i hope 2016 is writhing in it’s grave