can you guys signal boost with your followers please

guys, i need more blogs to follow bc my dash is dead, dead, dead. if you guys want, reblog/like this if you post any of the following:

  • sebastian stan
  • stevebucky
  • bucky barnes
  • colin farrell
  • chris pine
  • rami malek (mr. robot)
  • f.r.i.e.n.d.s
  • daredevil
  • luke cage
  • movies
  • quinnshot (suicide squad)

also other things i look for are:

  • tagged posts
  • discourse free
  • not a multishipper
  • being active
  • clean theme

it doesnt matter but if you make gifs or edits it is a plus. if you do any of the above i’ll check out your blog :)

ok this might seem a lil weird but please reblog this post if you

  • are a trans guy / trans masc
  • are at least 17 yrs old & ok with a 20 yr old following you
  • post mainly video games (bonus for bioware & borderlands but other stuff is good too)
  • tag triggers and fandoms (bonus if you tag characters but not necessary)

and i’ll check out your blog.

(also ok to reblog to signal boost & i’d appreciate that really, just say so in the tags please!)

if you want to u can put in the tags which games you reblog the most!

i’m mostly just looking to have more trans masc / trans guy mutuals but even if you dont follow me i’ll check out your blog


If you know of a gay couple in Texas who has been REFUSED A MARRIAGE LICENSE, they should remain at the clerk’s window and make two phone calls: call the Houston FBI office to report that a public official is acting in defiance of established law. That number is (713) 693-5000. Also call the ACLU Hotline at 1.888.503.6838. If you know your county has not been issuing licenses, also call your personal attorney or your local Legal Aid BEFORE you go to let them know what you are doing. Time to step up and demand that those who are sworn to follow the law of the land actually do it! Please share this on your social media pages! THIS IS SUPER IMPORTANT AS MANY TEXAS CITIZENS ARE BEING REFUSED MARRIAGE LICENSES DESPITE THE COURT RULING!

Tumblr, we need your help.

Clexa is far behind Shoot at the E!online poll and you all know that the girls will be receiving awards if we win. 

This is probably our last big poll and everyone is very invested and dedicated to win so we need to signal boost some information and awareness.

Chinese big Power Hours are between:

2pm to 7pm CEST

8am to 1pm EDT

5am to 10am PT

But in the meantime they vote just as strong. We need you to vote as much as you can! Please don’t stop, ask your friends, your girlfriends and boyfriends. KEEP VOTING! 

For more info about power hours and the polls follow us on twitter!

Can you guys signal boost this?? @everybodyhatesjroth @elizajanesface @natblida @lexacares @damneliza @dictatorblaze

Mayors In Need Program

To some of you, this might sound familiar  ♥
Since so many of you have been so kind and giving to me, I’ve started this to help out others, like you guys have helped (and still helping!) me. Things like;

-Paying off home loans and public works projects
-Giving another opinion on your town, or helping out planning and or landscaping
-Getting certain items for you**

* = Just ask if your looking for stuff. I might have it  ♥

Please signal boost! I want to help as much people as I can!
Also; depending how popular this is, I might ask a few of my trusted followers to help me out!

Les Gens, je cherche un/e psy LGBT+ friendly sur Strasbourg et ses environs, c'est assez important… Vous connaissez quelqu'un ??
Reblog s'il vous plaît, peut-être que l'un de vos followers connaît quelqu'un !

Guys, I’m looking for a LGBT+ friendly psychologist near to Strasbourg (France), do you know someone ?? Please, reblog or signal boost, even if you’re not in France, maybe one of your follower can help !!