can you guys send me some of your favorites

Hello dears! It seems like there are a few writers interested in this, so if there is a page on your blog where your writing is kept (or a separate writing blog), please send me the link (through PMs) so I can reblog the fics you have there! 

And don’t forget to send in some love to your favorite writer(s)! 

If you guys could reblog this and maybe tag some writers so they can send in a link that would be a great help. I just don’t want the blog to filled with the same 4-6 writers and the same 4 ships. Thank you all for the support so far! 

✨ blogrates and moodboards

hi i’m bored and i need to follow more people!! so like i’m checking out blogs and practicing on ps because i need to and also i wanna chat with you guys so hey

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  • also talk to me!! tell me about your day or what your favorite emoji is or your favorite pokemon or book/music recs or whatever you feel like!! just come chat!! (this is optional but also please)
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Summary:  If you live to be a hundred, I want to live to be a hundred minus one day, so I never have to live without you.” - Winnie the Pooh; Phil takes some time to reflect on Dan’s birthday.

Genre: Fluff

Rating: PG-13

Word Count: 2858

A/N: our favorite memechild is 24 today and i’m an emotional wreck, so here have a birthday fic. ( i tried a new writing style - phil’s POV - that i’m not completely sure about, so i’d really appreciate it if you guys left me some feedback!)

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liznotlizzy ’s top 10 favorite CS moments

Send me your top 10 favorite moments to get your own gif set :) (x)

if you guys don’t mind, would you mind either replying to this post or sending me a message with some of your favorite underused fcs that have little to no resources ? i, unfortunately, can’t make resources myself, but i’m in the process of making a masterlist of fcs 15 and up that don’t have very many or any at all, so that they can be exposed to the rp community and hopefully have resources made for them in the future. i’d really appreciate it !

fc directory update

i’ve reached my goal, and my fc directory officially now holds 514 unique (or cliche) faceclaims for you to choose from, for your muses, fc help, rps and more. my new goal? over 1000 faceclaims, diverse in both ethnicity and gender. that’s where the remainder of the rpc, i hope, will come in. this would be so much easier, and much more effective, if you guys out there help me out. send me in some of your favorite fcs; whether they be middle eastern, transgender or have some whacky hairstyle. i want to fill up all the categories in the sidebar as much as possible. just send through the name and the ethnicity (so i don’t get it wrong), and i’ll figure out the rest from there. also, just a nice ask that if any of my images look overcolored and whitewashing, please message me and i’ll change it. this is not what i want!!

i hope together we can make this community more diverse in the faces it uses. that is, after all, why i started this page and why i choose to continue it without giving up. i hope, one day, we can give in to a bit of change - use someone new, someone you never thought you would before. someone of a race you’re not used to or a gender you want to learn more about. with this, you’ll aid in not only bringing awareness towards these people into the rpc, but in finding a bunch of attractive new celebrities we can all love down together.

lots of love, margo xx.

Hello Friendlings!

I have recently decided to make a favorite/good books to read page. I would really love if you guys could send in some of your favorite books (or all of them)! 


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You send me a message with 

  • Your name (idc if it’s your preferred name, full name, or your full name).
  • A list of the books you like with the authors name(s). 

When I decide that this post has enough notes, I will make the page. You can always keep messaging me with new books you’ve read that you like and I will continue to add them to the page. I will put the books on there in alphabetical order and put the name and URL of the person who submitted it. If more than one person submits the same book I will put both of their names on the book. 

I am SO EXCITED for this! Thank you in advance!

Also, if someone who knows how to make those fan sign things, that’d be really rad cause idk how to make one but I want one for this post. lol.

As some of you know, I’ve recently moved into a house of my own and am a little low on money, so I thought I would open up commissions to see if I could get caught up a little. 

So… If you would like your own vector portrait of your favorite character or OC, please send me an email or a message! 

There are a few things I need for an effective Vector portrait:

A high resolution Screenshot of the character
One that has lighting that shows true color and shadows

(I can also vector pets and people)

Thank you everyone!! <3<3<3

Cute Couples’ Commissions! [Limited Time]

Hi guys,

I’m a little short this month for expenses, nothing too serious, but I’d like to raise some extra money if I can. So for the next week, I am offering $25 bust commissions of your OCs or favorite fandom couples. They’ll all be black and white inked, drawn similarly to these guys:

To Get One:

1) Please email me what you would like and please include some reference pics or a very detailed description! I’ll write back and confirm or ask questions if I’m unclear, and once that’s settled–

2) Please paypal me the full amount! paypal is also

3) Please give me at least 5 business days to do your commission and send it over. I will let you know if I need longer. Unfortunately at this time I can’t do prints or hard copies, but you get a nice high-res digital copy! 

Commissions will be filled on a first-come, first served basis. Right now, there is no cap– I might cap it, depending on how many folks are interested. But if you want one, feel free to email me anytime within the next week.

Thanks so much for your continued support and love of my work!


Audio Ask Meme!

Send me a number and I will reply with an audio recording~

1) Tell me about your otp

2) Talk about a trip you’ve been on, good or bad

3) Read your favorite poem or a poem of my choice

4) Tell me about your pets (if no pets, tell me if you want any or not)

5) Read the third paragraph on the 51st page of the book nearest to you

6) Explain the meaning behind your url

7) Sing your favorite line from one of your favorite songs

8) Impersonate an animal of my choice

9) Talk about your favorite movie

10) List your top five favorite characters, each from a different fandom. Tell why they’re your favorite

11) Tell me a funny story

12) Recite a quote of my choosing

13) Tell your favorite word

14) What is your favorite book and why is it your favorite

15) Tell the last thing you googled

16) Describe your dream job

17) If Peter Pan showed up at your window tonight, would you go with him to Neverland

18) List five things you like about yourself

19) Do an obnoxious laugh

20) When is your birthday and what is your favorite birthday memory

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so it’s been a month or so since i became a harry potter blog and i reached my second goal just a few minutes ago!!! this is my second blogrates post (i deleted the first one) but now i’ll add some profiling to celebrate


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hey can you guys send me some suggestions for movies to watch when you’re alone at midnight sitting in bed with all the lights off and having an existential crisis? thx


This is the end of my Tumblr Takeover. I thought I’d wrap up a great day with my favorite Tumblr comic ever. 


I can’t find the original post but it was originally done by Jo Scribbles. She’s done a ton of gorgeous comics and illustrations. It’s been saved on my Desktop as HATER.jpg.

BUT I’LL BE BACK THURSDAY for an exclusive Tumblr Comics Q+A sesh with questions from YOU GUYS so send in some questions now!

Thanks to Marlene and everyone at Tumblr for letting me play on their awesome blog, I had a blast. Thanks to Ryan, Adri, Joe, and Xander at Marvel for their support!

Don’t forget: GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY. X-MEN. BLACK VORTEX: ALPHA. Tomorrow! At your favorite comic book store or online!

Thanks for all the love today! See you Thurs!


Yes, Jungkookie. That’s right~ I still have commissions open!!! My dad currently has cancer (Glioblastoma specifically), and in between driving him to appointments, I’m trying to save up for something special and I’m in need of some pocket change and gas money. If you guys would like any drawings or anything, please message me and let me know! Here’s the google form and prices and examples of my work! I really hope you guys can help me out with this!! It really means a lot.

Please message me if you send a response in the google form, otherwise it’s almost impossible for me to know you entered one. ♥ I draw all types of things from KPOP to anime, and even things from your favorite shows, yourself, your OCs and other characters or real people (the best I can)♥

Even if you can’t buy one, please reblog this to get the word out. Thank you so much!!