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Is it bad that I Miss Him? : Jughead Jones

request: Please do something comforting with jughead!:) 

 requested by: anonymous

A/N:  I love jughead so much! So anon, I hope you enjoy this little jughead imagine. xx aubree

pairing: Jughead Jones x Lodge!reader

warnings: absolutely nothing

word count: 827

(gif not mine)


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Moving to Riverdale was definitely a culture shock, to say the least. You, your sister, Veronica, and your mother just moved here from New York to escape the embezzlement case your father was caught up in.

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alright ,, i promise i was working on a huge follow forever and it was going to be very sappy and gross but i literally have no time to finish it :(( but i did want to do something for 1k since im still freakin out and can’t really believe one t h o u s a n d (almost 1.2 now whoops) people have followed this mess of a blog! so i thought id do some blogrates to commemorate my appreciation n love for all y'all :) thank you guys so so so much for 1k !!


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Gifts for Iain and Elizabeth

By some miracle in my schedule, I’m able to attend C2E2 in April and will be meeting Iain and Elizabeth! I know a lot of people in the FitzSimmons fandom would love to go, but are unable to attend, so I wanted to organize something special for the fandom. 

Inspired by @jemmasimmonsy​‘s book for Luke Mitchell, I want to make a book of personalized messages from FitzSimmons fans for both Iain and Elizabeth. I plan to make two books (they’ll be nearly identical) so they can each have one. 

Messages can either be addressed to just Iain or Elizabeth, or you can address a general message to both of them (those will appear in both books). 


If you would like a message included in the book(s), please send me a message or an ask. To make things simple, use the following format:

To Elizabeth/Iain/Both: 



Please clearly state how you would like your message signed (your first name, username, nickname, etc.). You can also choose to not include a name. 

I’m sure a lot of you have some wonderful things to say to our favorite duo, but please refrain from writing a novel so there is enough space for everyone (but a lengthy paragraph is fine!) You are more than welcome to send more than one if you like, especially if you would like to send a general one plus personalized ones for Iain and/or Elizabeth. I’ll keep you guys updated with my progress, but please let me know if you have any questions! 

♥ Melissa

anonymous asked:

what are your feelings on snails and slugs?? (i know they're different creatures completely but i wanna know your thoughts on both)

Slugs are effectively just naked snails, and I find their nudity offensive and gross. Snails are pretty cool, though. I find cone snails (marine, tropical) particularly interesting - their shells are very common as decorations, but while living, cone snails possess barbed ‘harpoons’ with which they can deliver extremely potent venom - larger species are capable of killing humans with a sting, while smaller species are pretty mild. You’ve seen their shells before:

I first learned about them when I was nine, at a marine biology camp in Florida. I picked one up and an instructor shouted a warning at me to drop it (though it was not a deadly species). I was kind of humiliated, because I prided myself on being The Guy With an Encyclopedic Knowledge of All Things Cool and was the top ‘pupil’ of the camp, but I’d never heard of cone snails! Everyone else at the camp was local and already knew about cone snails, so it really stung my ego to know that all the other campers who were NOT zoology savants - or even interested in science - knew something I didn’t. So… cone snails have kind of become a weird personal symbol of humility to me, if that makes sense. 

Sea slugs, however, take the cake. It’s an imprecise and unscientific label, and many are more closely related to terrestrial snails than slugs. But goddamn - they’re THE most breathtakingly beautiful creatures in existence! I ADORE nudibranchs. Like, holy shit, they’re so fucking COOL. I would wear jewelry made to look like nudibranchs! Everyone would! They look like aliens, and some are so colorful that I want to write a personal letter to The Creator to thank it for my rods and cones and visual cortex just so I can behold the beauty of a nudibranch.

Nembrotha Kubaryana

Felimare californiensis

Glaucus atlanticus (these guys eat Portugese man o’ wars and steal their venom, so they can deliver dangerous stings if you pick them up)

Cyerce nigricans (my personal favorite…)

Chromodoris kuniei

Janolus barberensis

Chromodoris bullocki

Dirona Nudibranch

Some Interesting Questions To Leave In My Ask

1. What was the last picture you took on your phone?

2. Do you know any big gossips?

3. Do you know your heritage?

4. What have you always wanted? Dd you get it?

5. What was the last lie you told?

6. Have you ever danced in the rain?

7. What’s your blood type?

8. Have you ever been in a car accident?

9. What was the weirdest prank call you’ve ever made?

10. Best compliment you’ve ever received?

11. Do you trust anyone in your life?

12. What is your greatest Strength/Weakness?

13. What’s your favorite pizza?

14. First thing you thought when you woke up this morning?

15. Ugly and live forever, Or beautiful and die in a year?

16. Would you be willing to lie to a court for a close friend in order to save them from jail time? why or why not?

17. Would you be willing to eat a bowl of insects for $40,000?

18. If you could be locked in a room with someone for a day.. who would it be?

19. If you could wake up as someone else tomorrow.. who would that be. why?

20. What age would you want to be and why?

21. Have you ever eaten a crayon or glue?

22. What is constantly on your mind?

23. Longest you’ve gone without sleep?

24. What did you get for your last birthday?

25. Of what religion are you?

26. Favorite holiday?

27. Favorite word? Least favorite word?

28. If you had a city, state, or country named after you, which one would you choose?

29. Who is your hero and why?

30. Have you ever tipped a cow?

31. What’s the sickest you’ve been?

32. What’s your favorite class?

33. Favorite teacher of all time?

34. Favorite celebrity?

35. Do you like Guacamole?

36. Favorite kind of food?

37. Ever been in love with 2 people at once?

38. Any relatives every been to jail?

39. Post a selfie

40. Turn ons

41. Turn offs

42. What are your talents?

44. Crowds, small groups, or “ Leave me alone I’m a loner”?

45. What famous person can you relate most to?

46. Favorite kind of music?

47. Favorite season?

48. Dream vacation?

49. Dream job?

50. Ideal type?

51. Are you okay?

52. What have you done today?

53. Do you like traveling?

54. Favorite language?

55. Is there someone you’d like to be with right now?

56. Random advice?

57. What is your favorite memory?

58. What were you like as a child?

59. What are your long term goals in life?

60. Ask me any question.

Alex x Reader

(A/N I decided to start with Alex, since she’s my favorite and i don’t really see any Alex x reader imagines. This is kinda short, shorter than i normally do, but I just wanted to get something up for you guys:) send me some requests so i can write more imagines!)

SUMMARY: It’s your first day working at the DEO and Alex helps you get settled in.

It was your first day at the DEO, and you were incredibly nervous. A guy who introduced himself as Hank Henshaw was showing you around and telling you what happened in each room. He stopped in the training room, where a girl with short brunette hair was punching and kicking a punching bag. Hank cleared his throat and the brunette stopped, looking in your direction. She walked towards you, throwing a towel around her neck.

“Director Henshaw.. is this the new recruit?” she asked, catching her breath.

He nodded, “This is Agent Y/L/N. Agent Y/L/N, this is Agent Danvers. She’ll be helping you out for the week until you get the hang of how things work here.”

“You can call me Alex.” She says, shaking your hand.

“And you can call me Y/N.” You say politely, smiling at her.

“We’d better get the day started. You up for some training?”

By the end of the day, you’d trained for 3 hours,
learned how to use some of the weapons in the armory, and trained some more. Alex said you had to do a week of training before you were allowed out on the field. You don’t think you’d ever been this tired.

“I’m going to change back into my civilian clothes… unless I’m still needed here?”

You looked up at Alex as you sat on a bench in the training room, toweling your face off.

“No, your free to go. It’s just…. would you maybe want to.. go out for a drink tonight?”
She played with the hem of her shirt, visibly nervous, but you found it adorable.

“Throw in some dinner, and I’m in, Danvers.”

You smile at her, before heading to the locker room to grab your keys and clothes. Your first day went way better than expected.

anonymous asked:

honey, paper, box office, cedar ☼

Honey - Do you have a nickname?

not really but @kyolren has 1000 for me

Paper - What is your favorite novel?

Pride and Prejudice !! i had just seen the movie and liked the story but i recently read it too :))

Box office - What is your favorite film?

Legally Blonde bc im actually Elle

Cedar - What is your favorite season?

fall <3 i love the colors, lack of bugs, and that i can dress cozy and still be comfy standing outside

thanks for sending these !! :*

“Bareface” Xiumin/You Anon Request

this took me forever and i’m extremely sorry but here it is. 

scenario: being staff to exo is nothing like the fangirls’ probably expect. except yeah, kim minseok defies expectations. 

BOOM. rated for the bath scene (cuddly AND a lil’ smutty, I amaze myself) 

Usually it’s not too hard to see the boys simply as coworkers. Nice, fun coworkers, but coworkers all the same. So it’s usually not that big of a deal to detach those kinds of feelings if they happen to crop up. And if the specific ‘no fraternization’ clause in your contract doesn’t work, then eventually the boys themselves tend to do something to douse any kind of more-than-friendly affection. You’ve seen Chanyeol with his finger up his nose one too many times. You’re pretty sure both Jongin and Yixing have watched porn on your phone due to the suspiciously clear search histories after borrowing it.

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Send me songs!

As four am approaches and I tuck myself into bed, I find my mind wandering back to the songs you guys shared that relate to your thoughts about me. My mind then wandered further into thinking more about you guys and your favorite things.

I want to get to know you guys on a more personal level, I want to know the people who’re always there for me and constantly support me even through my times of inactivity (especially with writing). 

So I thought, to start out, why don’t you guys send me some asks (they can be on anon if you wish) that contain your favorite songs! I want to expand my horizons and broaden the range of music I listen to, too. 

I’ve got Spotify and Youtube ready to make playlists if any of you guys are interested! (By ready I mean I’m going to bed now and I’ll make the playlists later.) 

If some of you out there are thinking something like- “why make a post like this when you could just go ahead and write a drabble?” 

Music helps me write. When I’m stuck singing along to my music I don’t write. So, I need new music. Plus, I want to get to know my online friends.


Summary:  If you live to be a hundred, I want to live to be a hundred minus one day, so I never have to live without you.” - Winnie the Pooh; Phil takes some time to reflect on Dan’s birthday.

Genre: Fluff

Rating: PG-13

Word Count: 2858

A/N: our favorite memechild is 24 today and i’m an emotional wreck, so here have a birthday fic. ( i tried a new writing style - phil’s POV - that i’m not completely sure about, so i’d really appreciate it if you guys left me some feedback!)

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Update on the Sequel

Hellooooooooo my lovelies :D So today had been a complete whirlwind of a day. First of all, I want to thank all of you amazing people for showing my blog so much love like omg seriously? I did not expect the unknown child fic would do this well so it makes me really really happy :) BUT THE GOOD NEWS IS THAT THERE SHALL BE A SEQUEL >:D Bad news, I won’t be able to post it until Saturday the earliest… Ya know with finals and everything, ugh i hate school and might just drop out to become a stripper

But in the meantime, I want you guys to comment some names for the member’s children :D I am sure, I will have to incorporate them into the story and would love to see what you guys have for name ideas :D

SO PLEASE comment or private message me or send to me in my inbox, ideas for names :) I would prefer you to comment tho so everyone can see previously mentioned ideas though, but whatever floats your boat :D You all have until this Friday, and then I will make either a poll of my personal favorites and maybe do a poll to pick the final name :D

Character Breakdown:

Yoosung: 1 Daughter

Zen: 1 Son

Jumin: 1 Son and 1 Daughter (fraternal twins)

Saeyoung: 1 Son

V: 1 Son

Saeran: 2 Daughters (Identical Twins)

I’m really sorry I’m going to be MIA, but if you guys miss me then just go read some of my older posts to hold you over :D THANKS SO MUCH BABES MUAH XOXOXO

If you have no idea what I’m talking about, please read this 

Hello dears! It seems like there are a few writers interested in this, so if there is a page on your blog where your writing is kept (or a separate writing blog), please send me the link (through PMs) so I can reblog the fics you have there! 

And don’t forget to send in some love to your favorite writer(s)! 

If you guys could reblog this and maybe tag some writers so they can send in a link that would be a great help. I just don’t want the blog to filled with the same 4-6 writers and the same 4 ships. Thank you all for the support so far! 

Copy right

Ok guys heres the deal not 100% of the pictures of are ours, some are submissions, and some are from our favorite sites. I have seen a lot of porn on a lot of different website so if you send me a message or even email saying this is your personal picture and you can not prove it and I’ve seen it on another website you will be reported and banned. I do not take thia lightly do not claim something is yours when indeed i know its not.


Hi you guys, recently due some personal reasons, I’m having a very very big trouble about my money situation (and a little debt needed to be resolved at the end of this month). Thus I decided to open commissions, hope you guys would order me :)


- I only accept $.

- Paypal only, payment upfront, please also pay the PayPal fee.

-Describe your inquiries as specific as possible, must include references as images/character sheets (for OCs).

- When you commission me, you may share the image anywhere you’d like, but if you do so I ask that you credit me by linking back to my Facebook/Tumblr page.

- Please do not remove my signature from the image.

- You are absolutely NOT permitted to resell my work in any form. Commissions made for you are for your personal use alone.

- I have the right to decline the commissions if I don’t feel like doing it/cannot do it.

What I will draw

-Fanart of any series

-Fanart of your favorite Kpop group members or your favorite singers (but I will consider this term)

-OCs/OCs x characters of any series.

-Only Digital Art, Only simple background (i’m still not confident at background)

-Light smut is okay! (like some nude scene with no sex-related activities)

What I will consider to draw (there are 50/50 chance I will take this commission or not, depend on how comfortable I feel about these type of commissions)

-Fanart of live-action series

-Fanart of your favorite Kpop group members or your favorite singers

-Art based from real people (like your relatives, friends)

-Yaoi NSFW (Soft yaoi or light BDSM)

-Furry of some specific species (cat, dogs, fox, wolf, rabbit)

What I won’t draw

-Designing OCs

-Other furry species which is not included above (sorry guys)

-NSFW with Yuri or Hentai contain (Maybe in the future I’ll take these, but not now)


-Realistic art (human and landscape etc…)

How I Work

When the commissions are available/opened, you can send me email to this address: describing what you want me to draw. You can contact me through the email, because tumblr ask box may eat your message by chance.

-Please provide as much info as possible about the character(s) looks, personality, and what sort of pose/theme you want.

-Please also provide high quality reference images, especially with detailed requirement.

-After I’ve agreed with your requirement, you whether send the money yourself or I will send you an invoice via Paypal (a bill), no due date but the drawing process only starts after I’ve got the payment.

-I’ll send you the sketch before go to the line work & coloring step so if you want to change anything, please make clear at this step.

-After we’ve settled down the sketch, I’ll start working on the rest of the process and send it to you after it’s all finished.

-Tell me if you want me to work for a certain deadline before paying me so -I’ll know if I can follow the given date or not. If not, I’ll have to turn down the deal.

-If something happen that I have to drop our deal in the middle of the process, I will return all the payment as well as reserve you the first slot for my next commission batch if you still want to commission me next time.

- I do accept tips. Invoices do not allow for extra payment to be added, but if when the work is done you’d like to tip me, feel free. Thank you!

Thank you very much for supporting my artwork.

Feel free to ask me!

fc directory update

i’ve reached my goal, and my fc directory officially now holds 514 unique (or cliche) faceclaims for you to choose from, for your muses, fc help, rps and more. my new goal? over 1000 faceclaims, diverse in both ethnicity and gender. that’s where the remainder of the rpc, i hope, will come in. this would be so much easier, and much more effective, if you guys out there help me out. send me in some of your favorite fcs; whether they be middle eastern, transgender or have some whacky hairstyle. i want to fill up all the categories in the sidebar as much as possible. just send through the name and the ethnicity (so i don’t get it wrong), and i’ll figure out the rest from there. also, just a nice ask that if any of my images look overcolored and whitewashing, please message me and i’ll change it. this is not what i want!!

i hope together we can make this community more diverse in the faces it uses. that is, after all, why i started this page and why i choose to continue it without giving up. i hope, one day, we can give in to a bit of change - use someone new, someone you never thought you would before. someone of a race you’re not used to or a gender you want to learn more about. with this, you’ll aid in not only bringing awareness towards these people into the rpc, but in finding a bunch of attractive new celebrities we can all love down together.

lots of love, margo xx.

illbeholdingontoyouu  asked:

whats your favorite candy?? and can i send you some? 😋

(( OOC: I’m not much of a candy person… I’m more of a cookie/pie person. ;) 

Also, I’ve had a few people ask if they can send me stuff so I’ll respond to all of those right now.

It’s so sweet of you guys to want to send me gifts. However, I’d prefer it if you guys didn’t spend your hard-earned money on me when you could be buying awesome stuff for yourselves. 

Thank you for the thought though! <3 )) 


liznotlizzy ’s top 10 favorite CS moments

Send me your top 10 favorite moments to get your own gif set :) (x)

Okay so here’s the deal: I always want to make a new theme. Like always. I’ll be sitting at lunch with my friends and be thinking “I think I’m gonna start on a new theme when I get home.” So then I go home, get my work space set up, y'know, clear off my desk, boot up my computer, and whip out some post-it notes and graph paper, and then it hits me: “What do I wanna do this time?”

See, it takes me forever to come up with an idea for a theme, and when I do, I make a sketch of it and get to work. And then once I get started, I change my mind and wind up doing something completely different.

So pretty much, I need a way to have an idea and stick to it, and the first solution that came to my mind was to do a custom theme/page thingy!

Here's how it'll work:

Okay so what’ll happen is, you guys will reblog this post to enter, and then I will (randomly) choose 8 winners, 5 of which will get a custom page (like an about, navigation, or faq page), and 3 of which will get a custom-made theme.

If you win, I’ll make a post congratulating you as well as send you a message asking for what you want. I want all the details you can give me. That means any specific features, post size, container vs. normal, header vs. sidebar, pic vs. no pic, customization options, the works. Maybe even send me links to some of your favorite themes/websites, so I can get a better idea of the style you’re looking for. Go crazy!


  • You have to be following either my main blog or my theme blog (I’d prefer if you’re following my theme blog, but if you’re really against that for some reason, that’s okay)
  • Reblog this post (you can like to bookmark it, but that will not count as entry)
  • Please, please get this post to 70 notes (although I’d really rather it reach a good bit more than that)

Other Info:

  • You can enter until March 1st
  • I’ll announce the winners within a few days
  • 5 winners get pages, and 3 get custom-made themes
  • If you have any questions, you can contact me here or here

Keep in mind that at times, I can get pretty busy with school and work. Because of this, your theme or page may or may not be done within a few days of deciding on a design, but I promise it will not take more than 6 weeks. If I take more than, 6 weeks, feel free to slap me!

Don’t forget to check out my themes/pages here to make sure this is something you’re interested in; if you don’t like my themes, don’t enter!

Alright, if you read that entire thing, thanks so much, and get to reblogging, babes!!

Hello Friendlings!

I have recently decided to make a favorite/good books to read page. I would really love if you guys could send in some of your favorite books (or all of them)! 


- Must be following me!

- You gotta reblog this, man. 


You send me a message with 

  • Your name (idc if it’s your preferred name, full name, or your full name).
  • A list of the books you like with the authors name(s). 

When I decide that this post has enough notes, I will make the page. You can always keep messaging me with new books you’ve read that you like and I will continue to add them to the page. I will put the books on there in alphabetical order and put the name and URL of the person who submitted it. If more than one person submits the same book I will put both of their names on the book. 

I am SO EXCITED for this! Thank you in advance!

Also, if someone who knows how to make those fan sign things, that’d be really rad cause idk how to make one but I want one for this post. lol.